Guest View: Evilest Elites Destroyed Raniere; Dr. Roberts was Collateral Damage

Dr. Danielle Roberts said the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct revoked her license because of “their own prejudices and opinions based on media gossip and slander. This is not justice, this is hate.”

An anonymous commenter, who may be none other than Lafeyette R. Hugibert, but possibly not, believes Roberts is just a pawn in a much bigger, shall we say “historic,” plot to destroy Raniere.

Hugibert wrote to Danielle:

Danielle. It’s not about you or your lifestyle. It’s not about hate. It’s about stopping a potential threat to the status quo. And it is “justice.”

I believe Keith Raniere was taken down because he made a NUISANCE of himself on the international stage. His activities threatened the reputation and political power of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, European Royalty, and a religious man standing against 1.3 billion communists.

Frank has never done a post on the political or international implications of Raniere’s actions, which had the potential to be far-reaching and severe. I wish he would.

Politicians are jealous of their power.

It’s hard to hold the moral high ground at the UN when the media reports your country permits branding females, sex trafficking, fuck toys, etc.

My best guess is that Raniere was being watched for years, but purchased protection. When Catherine drew international attention to the political threat, the three letter agencies started to act, and that protection was no longer sufficient.

And it seems clear they took him down with a counter intelligence operation evinced by the steel trap nature of the consequences, and the inability of anyone connected with KR to fight the narrative or extricate themselves, no matter how honest or well intended. Like you.

And while evidence contrary to the narrative on some aspect of the case might float to the surface, it won’t matter. KR’s present circumstances are the containment of the ongoing threats he presented and “justice” in the purest sense of the word. The fault was his for not seeing the far-reaching effect of his actions.

And while he may not appreciate prison, I suspect he’s enjoying the chance to demonstrate his sexual prowess, intelligence and power through the channels still available, including the continued mental domination and devotion of remaining followers.

I believe you are a victim and collateral damage of something bigger than yourself, and don’t know it.

Frank’s Response

Raniere did have political aspirations. He groomed Emiliano Salinas to run for president of Mexico. He had Basit Igtet try for the takeover of Libya. He planned to buy an island in the Gulf of Mexico to start his own country. And had control of an island in Fiji.

His stated goal for DOS was to swing elections with the secret society of slaves. And place slaves in high places.

But it all backfired. Branding stories published in Frank Report, then the New York Times, got in the way.

But Raniere had a different story. He said the Illuminati had been after him for years to take him down. It had nothing to do with DOS.

Here is, more or less, Raniere’s version of how he came to a tragic end, with some writer’s embellishments:

NXIVM was changing people for the better at a pace that threatened to speed up human evolution. The Illuminati watched Raniere for years with concern.

They worried about his life-altering patent-pending tech. They told the US Patent Office not to grant him the patents.

Still, his teachings spread.

They ordered Forbes and the Albany Times Union to call his group a cult.

But Raniere was too good. NXIVM continued to grow.

If he was not stopped, all the plans for the New World Order might fail.

His brain waves caused radar detectors to go off and snow storms in February. This could prevent the implanting of chips inside vaccines they planned to introduce with a pandemic they intended to create.

There was an informal meeting. Illuminati leaders discussed how to outsmart the world’s smartest man.

They planned to order their minions in the deep state at the US government to arrest Raniere. But first, they had to trump up charges. Even if it meant changing the laws.

The Illuminati conducted a secret Illuminati trial [AKA Illuminaminimabachinalanimus]. Raniere was tried in absentia. They convicted him [Illuminaminamamamaximamania.]

The governing committee convened to formalize their decision before the Pontifex Grand High Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 33rd Degree.

They would officially order the US government to charge [Illuminaminimamaximaminimaminutia] and prosecute Raniere [Illuminaminminimaminisculemaximadiminimusminnisminy]. 

Their puppet leaders in the US and Mexican governments quickly obeyed their decision.

You know the rest of the story.


Keith Raniere

Captured in Mexico on March 25, 2018.

Tried in Brooklyn on May 7, 2019.

Convicted June 19, 2019.

Illuminati introduces COVID February 2020

Sentenced Raniere October 20, 2020.

Illuminati introduced COVID vaccines with micro brain implants January 20, 2021

Moved Raniere to USP Tucscon January 21, 2021.




Just in case….




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  • To Anonymous Author,

    Re Evilest Elites Destroyed Raniere:

    Wow! I was wondering what kind of crazy penpals Keith has outside of prison. LMAO @ U!

    The only “counter intelligence” is your lack of intelligence. So that’s counter intelligence. Meaning you’re a moron. LOL

    Why’d you pick Kieth, Jarod Fogle’s foot long is to intimidating? Or is it because Kieth used his super powers to contact you? LOL

    I’m sorry for laughing at you, but you’re defending a pedophile rapist, so you’re “fair game”.

    BTW: The “Elites” like your assistant manager at McDonalds isn’t elite.

  • Why was Warner Brothers employing teenagers like Kevin as a PA and then having them memorize dick picks?

    Like, so much so that a decade out from the job Kevin can recite every single angle of each cock?

    Someone should reach out to Warner Brothers about this unprofessional and possibly criminal behavior on set.

    The unions should be notified. Producers of Smallville. Maybe the police.

    Like WTF actually went on during production of that show?

  • If you haven’t yet read the patent application “how to rehabilitate a luciferian” I highly recommend you try and give it a read. Another good one is something like “method of blindly resolving an issue”.

    Keith for sure believed he was a world expert in mind control.

  • ex-Dr Roberts should verify which would guide your practice of medicine: her Vow to Vanguard or the Hippocratic Oath?

  • It makes perfect sense about the Elites and KR. I have been studying the Oligarchs for years. The Oligarchs wouldn’t stand for a KR to exist. They knew about him. Besides he and NS made demonstrations to several corporations; there are only 6 or so corporations although they have corporations under them. Such as Unilever where I used to work. Unilever has pedo symbols within their “U”

    I have always said that “The Vow” left out important information about KR.

    • The elites couldn’t give two shits about KR. He’s an emotionally stunted man child who poses zero threat to them.

  • “I believe Keith Raniere was taken down because he made a NUISANCE of himself on the international stage. His activities threatened the reputation and political power of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, European Royalty, and a religious man standing against 1.3 billion communists.”

    The author seems to have swallowed wholesale the propaganda of KR and bought into the grandiose pronouncements of a narcissist: ‘they hate me because I am so great. I threatened world peace.’

    Now that KR is no longer available to save the world, maybe he can switch adherence to the new grandiose narcissist on the block?

    Meghan Markle is also on a mission to save the world. After all, she’s as venerated as Nelson Mandela and the whole of South Africa celebrated in the streets like never before when she married a white prince. After all, she has to set an example, because little girls need a ‘real life Princess’ in their lives.

    ‘By merely existing’, she disturbed the very hierarchical fabric of a 1000 year old institution which must be modernised – she’s just the gal to do it. She was an achiever from childhood: aged 11, she wrote a letter which changed society for the better. Anyone who can’t see her fabulousness and questions her pithy pronouncements is a hater (and a racist: pity KR couldn’t have used the r-card, he must rue the day his mother/father wasn’t a poc – think of the mileage that could have been extracted from that). Oh, and let’s not overlook all the lawsuits…

  • Ask Suneel C for details: didn’t he also buy into the ‘evil powers’ out to get KR theory? Unfortunately, despite several requests, nobody has ‘enlightened’ us as to who those ‘powers’ might be.
    Besides, did Suneel & co not also tell us ad nauseam that KR was just a regular guy (well, maybe not ‘regular’ – he was a genius/judo expert/concert pianist/nobel prize winning mathematician/humblest person ever walking on water) – just a guy peacefully teaching self-help?
    In the meantime, over at CDAN (admittedly a gossip site), the rumours persist that the would-be leader of a country and his heiress wife now living in Portugal are (allegedly) still involved with recruiting children. Maybe Suneel can use his investigative talents to shed a ‘blue light’ on this?

  • My best guess is that Raniere is a criminal dipshit who pushed it too far and his luck ran out in the form of Squeaky Clyne posting his fleeing America location on Instagram

    Which continues to delight years later.

  • “I believe Keith Raniere was taken down because he made a NUISANCE of himself on the international stage. His activities threatened the reputation and political power of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, European Royalty, and a religious man standing against 1.3 billion communists.”–
    – Who is the religious man standing against 1.3 billion communists?
    – If this is true, why did they wait for a report from Catherine Oxenberg to take him out?

  • The Illuminati just wanted him to stop making jokes about goats

    If he’d only have kept his glasses on
    None of this would have happened

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