CT Family Court Follies, Fraud and Falsehoods

Julia Donovan

Bradley Palmer of Greenwich is a wealthy financier. His wife, Hadley, is the daughter of a wealthy financier. During the divorce and custody battle, Bradley sought to search his wife’s social media and messaging records. He filed a motion in July for evidence of anyone she had been romantically or sexually involved with.

Hadley and Bradley Palmer of Greenwich, CT

They may have found more than anyone bargained for. Hadley was arrested in October for taking sexual videos of three minors at the couple’s $10 million mansion in Belle Haven, CT.

The Palmer’s Belle Haven home where videos were believed to be recorded.

Hadley, a mother of four, pleaded guilty to three counts of voyeurism and agreed to register as a sex offender.

She served 90 days in prison before being released on bail. She has yet to be sentenced.

Her husband seeks sole custody of their underage child.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher presides over the custody case. The trial is scheduled to begin on April 12, 2023, eight months from now.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher

The controversial issue is that the court sealed the case. This has been heavily criticized as favoring the affluent convict.

It doesn’t matter how quickly the trial and punishment would have been in 1950 or 1960. It’s now 2022, and Connecticut family courts now handle these delicate matters differently.

Besides, just look at all that money to be made!!!

Legal experts who question preferential treatment in Connecticut courts are considered crazy conspiracy theorists or scoundrels and thieves. If they’re lawyers in Connecticut who say there’s preferential treatment in Connecticut courtrooms, Judge Moukawsher will disbar them. Newshounds will attack them. Prosecutors will prosecute the ham sandwich, and Norm Pattis will misrepresent them.

The case raises questions about whether Hadley Palmer, the daughter of hedge fund pioneer Jerrold Fine, is receiving preferential treatment because of her extreme privilege.

Jerrord Fine, 77, a Wharton hedge fund pioneer.

Legal experts tell the Associated Press – whose reporters opposed the seal – that it was unusual for her file to be sealed immediately, and many say she did not even qualify for accelerated rehabilitation.

They are demanding to know why she has been able to hide from public view, when other defendants have not.

Self Serving Article

Triaging Family Court Services: The Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Family Civil Intake Screen was written by Peter Salem, Debra Kulak and Robin M. Deutsch***

The authors established, then ran Connecticut Family Court services agencies.

They wrote, “Connecticut’s family court service agencies have long been acknowledged as innovators and leaders in dispute resolution processes and in addressing the complex challenges of families involved in parenting disputes.”

Did no one writing or reading that title see how self-serving it is?

Did no one notice how inappropriate and laughable the phrase “Triaging Family Court Services” is in the context of lawyer-provoked disasters-for-profit?

Miriam-Webster’s definition of triage is:

  1. The sorting of and allocation of treatment to patients, and especially battle and disaster victims, according to a system of priorities designed to maximize the number of survivors.
  2. The sorting of patients (as in an emergency room) according to the urgency of their need for care.
  3. The assigning of priority order to projects on the basis of where funds and other resources can be best used, are most needed, or are most likely to achieve success.

Real-life medical providers who are proven to be as incompetent and criminal as Connecticut family court officers and providers lose their medical licenses.


Where was the accountability for all involved in the CT custody case of the little boy thrown off the bridge by his father in Middletown?

Tony Moreno decided to throw his seven month old son off a bridge, then jump off himself.

After throwing his son to his death, Moreno thought better of ending his own life. He is now serving 70 years in prison.

The lad was killed about a month after Judge Barry Pinkus declined to sign a restraining order, alleging the child was in danger of imminent harm by his violent and unstable father.


Where was the accountability for the disastrous (very profitable, though) Dulos case?

Jennifer Dulos, mother of five, with substantial wealth, disappeared and is believed to have been murdered during prolonged and lucrative litigation in CT family court.

Fotis underwent two court appointed psychological evaluations after his wife filed for divorce in 2017 and was deemed a “gregarious and confident person” with no psychopathic tendencies, according to motions filed in the custody dispute.

Fotis Dulos met with Dr. Stephen Herman, a court-appointed psychiatrist, with an office in New York City, 14 times over two years. Herman’s evaluations determined Fotis showed no elevations of several mental health concerns, including mania and paranoia.

Now that it’s too late, we see Mr. Dulos was unfaithful, cruel, calculating, homicidal and suicidal.

Did the DOJ in New York or Connecticut ever investigate Dr. Herman for medical fraud or negligence in family court cases? If not, why not? Is he above the law?

Michelle Troconis and her boyfriend Fotis Dulos.  Dulos committed suicide after being charged with the murder of his wife Jennifer.  Troconis was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, hindering prosecution, and evidence tampering. Her trial has yet to begin in Stamford CT courts.

There is no “triaging” in Connecticut family courts.

There’s simply a small group of horrible family court judges, lawyers, employees and vendors who have been racketeering across state lines for decades. They’re not “triaging”. They’re racketeering.

We usually don’t force victims of battles and survivors of disasters into purposely adversarial hospitals. We don’t hold survivors in contempt for late appointments.

Patients in urgent need of care usually receive the care they need from honest, well-meaning providers.

Any assigning of priority order case managers do in family court is usually on the basis of where family funds and other resources can be best exploited.

Someone needs to arrest those family court criminals.

Who can?

The New Haven, Connecticut FBI office announced a huge “public corruption investigation” in 2015. No word about what they found in family courts — just a rumor that they found so much corruption, so many people involved, and Connecticut courts were “too big to fail”.

A few judges stepped down from the bench, but no arrests were made. The corruption is untouchable, as long as no one does anything about it.


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Family court atrocities AG Tong
Family court atrocities AG Tong
1 year ago

AG Tong just promised to look into civil rights violations after the assistant principal at Cos Cob school made discriminatory statements.

Yet Tong allows our CT family court judges to violate the rights of children everyday- they have a right to be raised and have a relationship with both parents.

Tong allows judges to erase mothers and vilify the non-monied parent. When will AG Tong and Lamont step up to family court atrocities?

Racketeering - childhood destruction
Racketeering - childhood destruction
1 year ago

“Did no one notice how inappropriate and laughable the phrase “Triaging Family Court Services” is in the context of lawyer-provoked disasters-for-profit?”

This is CT family courts.

Mothers torn out of their children’s lives without any finding of unfitness. No interest by DCF. Just ct family court lawyers, gals and psychologists.

Let’s see if Hadley will have any access to her children.

Mothers like Susan Skipp, Kelly Grohs, Katherine Rookasin, Leanne Carey- all never saw their children again. This is against ct state law for both parents to be involved in the lives of their children. Against federal law as well yet it’s been permitted by AG and the governor of CT for decades.

Systematic, government endorsed child abuse for personal profit.

1 year ago

Next to the criminal racketeering context, add “Systematic, government endorsed child abuse for personal profit” in a hypothetical political scenario.

Which long-term political goal would “systematic, government endorsed child abuse for personal profit” serve right next to family law vendors’ short-term financial goals? What political group(s) would have as a goal: “To Destroy the Family”?

Strong families make strong nations; weak families make weak nations; and, all kinds of political groups want to weaken nations. Weak nations are easily controlled — just like weak families are easily controlled.

If a political group were to design family courts to purposely destroy families, they would design today’s family courts.

Do today’s family courts “disdain to conceal their views and aims”? Yes. Marx and Engles encouraged distain for those who concealed their views and aims. Communist revolutions don’t work if no one knows about them.

For-profit purposely adversarial “family court” cottage industries all over the world are open about their anti-child, anti-family goals. Family courts all over the Western world now openly declare: Their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social and moral conditions.

Here are a just a few examples of the specifics:

1. Sexually abused children MUST be “reunited” with the parents who sexually abused them.
2. Protective parents SHALL change their views about the sexualization of children, accepting new moral standards.
3. Children ARE COURT ORDERED to live with perverted parents.
4. Any and all disobedience of court orders is punishable TO THE FULL EXTENT of “family law”.

To find evidence of certain political connections to the ways in which family courts were organized and established to weaken families, it helps to know which individuals paid Dr. Richard Gardner to spread his quackery around the world in the 1980s. It helps to know who financed Mr. Gardner, Mr. Kinsey and all others spreading the poison that eventually soaked the Western world.

If there’s something about family courts mainstream media news should have told the entire world years ago, it looks like it’s too late, now. Let the ruling classes and everyone else tremble at the Communistic, globalist “Fourth Industrial” “World Economic Forum” revolution where families — and humans — are to be a thing of the past if Klaus Schwab and Karl Marx both have their way.

(For more information on those crazy phrases and idea up there, see: Marx, Karl, and Friedrich Engels. “Chapter IV.” Manifesto of the Communist Party, International Publishers, New York, 1990.)

1 year ago

Justice for Jennifer advocates have done everything within their collective power to hold Fotis and Michele Troconis accountable.

No surprise, it’s been three years and Troconis has yet to start trial. Instead she’s out and about enjoying her life as the pending litigation is continued and delayed. She’ll serve no time.

CT courts have already decided. If they want to take action for their benefit, they take it. If it’s not in their interest, they don’t.

The CT judicial system failed Jennifer Dulos and her children. The evaluation for Fotis was to give him partial custody and therefore Jennifer’s money. Jennifer would have fought – and money streams were to ensue. Greed rules in CT family court.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

“Justice for Jennifer advocates have done everything within their collective power to hold Fotis and Michele Troconis accountable.”

Who else should be held accountable? What if your town’s manager hires an arborist? What if that arborist tells your next-door neighbor that huge oak tree you’ve been worried about won’t ever fall onto your roof?

Then, the private contractor in your ophthalmologist’s office tells you the weird distance perception you’ve noticed lately is just your imagination. After lunch, the Cos Cob elementary school teacher gives your third-grader a train ticket to Washington DC, and tells your third-grader the train ticket is a special secret you shouldn’t know about.

What if the next day, the oak tree crushes your home and everyone in it … and you didn’t see the cliff you just drove over … and the Washington DC trip is the Million-Man Drag Queen StoryTime Pole-Dancing Weekend Extravaganza?

Should we use all of our efforts to hold the oak tree, the cliff and the train ticket accountable?

Dr. Herman’s court-ordered evaluation was supposed to fully assess and document actual reality and actual potential.

In which ways are Connecticut family court reform advocates fully assessing and documenting the reality and potential of Connecticut family courts?

Dave Puebula
Dave Puebula
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Dulos divorce was being controlled by Attorney Reuben Midler, who targeted Jen’s bank for over a million bucks. Judge Heller played along, as she was getting a cut. Heller never issued a case management plan, a trial management order or anything else, but just let Midler drag it out, Meehan too … the state will not take Traconis to trial on criminal matters as he defense is simply Judge Heller drove Fotis mad, Traconis had no idea what was going on, the judicial branch can’t deal with the exposure of Heller’s court of plunder, so the state does nothing. All a money game, now exposed, revealing the judges are in on it.

1 year ago

Once again CT no fault divorce has dragged on since June 2020. Wealthy families… the sharks are out and game to deplete family savings is underway!

And it’s with Judge Donna Heller, who works with evil GALs who abuse kids and mothers and deliver children to the monied father.

And Judge Moukhowsher is once again in the scene!

Judge Truglia has his hands full- all the fraud Caverly custody eval cases and nickola Cunha’s client are systematically being denied of their rights and punished with restraining orders by Judge Truglia!

Get out of CT if you can.

1 year ago
Reply to  Corrupticut.

Connecticut is not a safe state to live in. You have no rights. This is not just a problem for the wealthy. Doesn’t appear anything will be done any time soon. Things continue to happen. We can all pray that the few reporters are paving the way for change. I pray for anyone stepping in to Connecticut family court.

1 year ago

Hadley employed an underage person to engage in sex acts and attempted to pay another one.

If this were a man, the public would be outraged and he’d be locked up. End of story.

She’s served 90 days. It’ll be interesting to see how much jail time she’ll actually serve.

And the psychologist who know of it and didn’t report? Why isn’t his license revoked?

Why? Because Connecticut courts thrive on money- no laws apply. The innocent are threatened and defamed, and the monied have records concealed. Cases are dragged out and buried.

M. Novak
M. Novak
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The psychologist’s license wasn’t revoked because the Court approved his entry into an accelerated rehabilitation program on the misdemeanor charge, and prosecutors apparently supported the decision.

1 year ago
Reply to  M. Novak

There is a federal agency that over sees the state department of public health. Connecticut department of public health is sitting on complaints. Failing due diligence in investigating matters. Becoming negligent in protecting the general public. The last step is the American Board of psychology. They will be able to step in pull licenses if they see fit. Probably should.

Ken Gills
Ken Gills
1 year ago

Incredible reporting Frank!! Your work is opening eyes across the country. Thank you!! Ken

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