Kevin: Feel My Pain – I Am a Fake NXIVM Victim

Kevin may not be the most popular guy on Frank Report but he does have an opinion. Let’s hear it.

By Kevin

I have a confession. I’ve been running an illegal pyramid scheme, similar to NXIVM, but without the sex and cold showers and paddles and other stuff.

But I have a plan. I’m going to go to the media, break the whole story open, and expose the evils of the organization. You see, it was my low-ranking, unpaid sales assistant who was behind it all!

Yes, she’s the one you want. I’m just the victim. Feel my pain. Feed me with adoration and attention. Love me! Love my spouse, love our upscale Vancouver home that we can easily afford even though our TV show isn’t paying us anything (wink wink…what a bunch of marks…).

I’ll start with a book, then move on to a nine-part documentary on a big cable station. Then a civil lawsuit against the organization I ran to include defendants who worked for my group but had no power or executive authority. Who were never paid. Who actually lost money, and who I, as an owner, actually made money off of.

Oh, and getting off the hook and escaping prosecution and accountability, that’s not enough. I’ll need a season 2 and then 10 more seasons. Do you want to know a secret? I hope the people I recruited into this, I hope they stay in and stay loyal because then the gravy train keeps on trucking for me.

MK10ART’s painting of Raniere supporters.

If they recovered, healed, moved on with their lives, found love, and never had anything to do with this again, gasp, I might have to do something else.

Throw in a free mug and a story about my associate’s spouse sleeping on the hard floor as punishment for forgetting to put the ice cream back in the freezer.

This is literally what is happening and what most of you are supporting.

I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve never heard of a legal case where a business owner/manager/executive sued low ranking people in that business for things that the business itself had them do.

It doesn’t excuse the criminal behavior of the low-ranking person if they committed a crime. Still, it doesn’t make the organization’s proprietor a victim.

Am I getting on your nerves yet?

Does it bother you that “good guys vs bad guys” is a bogus narrative and that many of your beloved “good guys” were just as quick to blow the creep as everyone else?


Does it bother you that this guy had a reputation for hurting underage girls dating back to the 1980s, before many of us were born, and that no one did anything about it?..

But a couple of actresses freak out when they realize the guy they thought they were conning was actually conning them, and then, and only then, does the music stop.

That’s the story.

That India’s life has value, that Sarah’s life has value.

Still, the lives of the women and girls who either shot themselves or drowned, or God knows what else, their lives meant nothing to the authorities or the press, because they weren’t rich or famous or Vogue material.

MK10ART’s painting of Kristin Snyder kayaking

And if their lives had counted, not a single thing that everyone on this site bickers about, myself included, would have ever happened.

NYS is a trash state. The police, the schools, the bureaucrats, the people with inherited money and inherited occupations, who were all born on third, and act like they hit a grand slam every time they make contact with the ball are the worst of the worst.

And it’s off limits for discussion as if KR exists independently of the state he grew up in and isn’t a picture-perfect representation of that state.

Kirsten GIllibrand with her father, former NXIVM consultant Douglas Rutnik.

This blog reported that daddy Gillibrand was an NXIVM lobbyist who married his cousin to keep her away from KR? If this was a hillbilly family in a red state, everyone in the country would know about it and ridicule that backward family. But hey, it’s New York, and they have class, so off limits!

So nice of NYS royalty to let the guy run wild until a pair of the right kind of people got hurt.

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  • If Kevin stands so firmly behind Danielle and Alison then why not use his full real name? Then people can verify all the claims he’s made? If Kevin is proud of suggesting Sarah Edmondson’s children are in grave danger from their mother why not file a complaint with authorities and sign his full name to it? Kevin is a cowardly dead ender. Making ugly, spurious and baseless claims while hiding who “he” REALLY is. Typical Nxivm loyalist move.

  • Mystery Solved!!! charger426hemi1 was Kevin!

    Long time readers – do you all remember when Shadow kept posting about “charger426hemi1” and that there was some serious Allison Mack stalker out there that had an instagram page filled with hundreds of Allison Mack photos and everyone was like, wtf? In the only time Ice-nine has ever given credit to Shadow for anything, I think he may have been on to something he just didn’t realize it yet.

    If you read the comments on that article, an anonymous poster comes out of nowhere with the same stupid bullshit attacks just like Kevin has been doing, and trying to make the defense for Allison Mack. It’s the same fucking thing!

    Note 1: reading the comments from three years ago does make Ice-nine LOL. Pea Onyu please come back, whoever you are.

    Note 2: Ice-nine can’t view anything now on charger426hemi1 but three whacko posts. Perhaps it’s because Ice-nine does not follow charger426hemi1. Perhaps charger426hemi1 scrubbed the account. Who knows. Fortunately Frank captured the gist of it for us and preserved it for all eternity.

    • Another thing from that comment thread – Darth VanDouche is on there defending Kreuk. That must have been near the end of Darth VanDouche’s FR days. But Sultan of Six showed up around that time. And Sultan claimed on twitter that he is/was Darth VanDouche.

  • Kevin,

    Your vexation is palpable. I love the passive aggressive taunts and barbs directed at us all. However, we aren’t the true source of your ire.

    The source of your anger is one simple fact, which will never change.
    The fact: 57005-177 will never again relish a midnight stroll in Clifton Park.

    • NiceGuy, you’ve got Kevin all twisted. Kevin doesn’t give a shit about 57005-177. He’s trying to impress 90838-053. And part of all this is that he’s still miffed that Erica Durance got the Lois Lane gig.

      • Ice-Nine.

        Thanks for setting me straight!

        I actually never fully read any of Kevin’s comments. He’s like a dumb and ill mannered Sultan.

        • I’m just focused on receiving Emily’s peg into the inside of me.

          I love feeling it going into and out of me.

          Whatever any of you people say does not matter.

        • LOL totally. So hey NiceGuy, Kevin wants us to know that if we were posting nasty things on the Smallville message boards 15 years ago that the cast wasn’t paying any attention to it. 😂 😂 😂 . So was that you that was posting nasty things on the message boards? Because if it was, Kevin just wants you to know, you were wasting your time you fool! Allison and Kevin 4evah 👩 ❤ 👨

          Slap my heinie.

          • This is too funny! Where’s Aristotle when you need him? Didn’t he admit to infiltrating that Smallville message board world?

          • Ice-Nine

            The last place either of us would be is on that website 15 years ago!!!!!

            I swear I was not 69Kristen69Kreuk69

      • You guys actually have their prison IDs memorized?!? I don’t even know what to say about that.

        I liked Erica, she was nice too. They all were. I didn’t like her taking shots at Allison on the podcast recently, but otherwise, never caused trouble for anyone.

        Oh, and if you’re one of those people who used to go on message boards and say horrible things about the cast, know this; that they weren’t paying attention to it. That the network had people who monitored those boards to make sure the actors were safe. And that the cast got along, on set and off. There was never an Allison/Erica feud. Allison benefited from Erica being there, and vice versa.

        • “Oh, and if you’re one of those people who used to go on message boards and say horrible things about the cast, know this; that they weren’t paying attention to it. “


          Nope Kevin – I most certainly was
          not being a “meany”. The Frank Report is where I dwell. I’m a middle aged crank not freak. 😉

          Those actors make six figures a year attending ComicCons They’re the ones laughing – but at superfans…..

          FYI: The prison numbers are googled, I’ll give memorizing them a shot just for you.

          Something to think about:
          You love Mack and Sultan hates her – but she’s most likely to be killed by you. Quite the paradox, uh?

    • Fred(Bangkok),

      Lauren is banging NutJob. You missed the boat……

      ….And now NutJob is riding and driving that boat.

      “There he blows”, is no longer
      Moby Dick, It’s NutJob’s dick.

  • Frank
    You used the crime scene of Kris Snyder in this article – how disgusting – that has NO place here. Stop being arrogant -!!!!!!!!

  • Very insightful discussion of the word “cult” and how its use justifies cruelty, dehumanization, destruction of rights, and even violence against human beings who see and believe things differently from mainstream society.

    A new Dossier Project video.

    • Alanzo,

      You’re such the hypocrite.

      On several occasions you’ve said Judge Garaufis, the judge at Raniere’s trial, “gag-balled, hogged tied” and whipped.”

      Those were your own words you nutty fruitcake.

      How is that not inciting violence brutality and cruelty?

      Ordering Frank to curb my speech is the “destruction of my rights”.
      Remember the First Amendment?

      Last thing:

      You attacking Patriot God for diminishing the contribution to our Freedom is a joke. You took part in socialist/communist Kibbutz. Like you care about real patriots?!?LOL

      It’s really just your feeble attempt to get on Frank’s good side.

      • “You attacking Patriot God for diminishing the contribution to our Freedom is a joke. You took part in socialist/communist Kibbutz. Like you care about real patriots?!?LOL”

        AHA! I knew I smelled a kike in him!

        Good to know!

        I will be letting our friends, The Night Riders know about this and they can take him from there!


        ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

        • Nice Guy, I overheard a conversation between two Night Riders — Patriot God and Colonel Ludlow.

          May I present to you what they said? I pride myself on total recall. What I am about to relate to you is their exact conversation.

          Patriot God: I wanna know who mothafuckin’ representin’ in here tonight.

          Colonel: Hold on.

          Patriot God: I keep lettin’ you back in.

          Colonel: How can I explain myself?

          Patriot God: Get your mothafuckin’ roll on.

          Colonel: I know shorty, but I don’t want no slow song. YOu haven’t let that thing loose—.

          Patriot: You goin’ inside?

          Colonel: I’ve was peepin’ what you bringin’ to the table. Gotta hit them angles.

          Patriot: With your phone out, snappin’ like you Fabo. And you showin’ off?

          Colonel: It’s a short life, yeah.

          Patriot: You really pipin’ up on my crackers. You gotta be nice for my crackers.

          Colonel: You ain’t stressin’ off no lover in the past tense?

          Patriot: You already had him.

          Colonel: Gotta make yo ass jump.

          Patriot: Gotta hit them mothafuckin’ angles.

          Colonel: With your phone out, snappin’ like you Fabo?

          Patriot: And you showin’ off, but it’s alright.

          Then there was a series of indistinguishable noises. The only other words I could make out came from the Colonel.

          He said: Bend it over, lift it up, bend it over, lift it up.

          So Nice Guy, I did not understand what they were saying. I guess they were speaking in some kind of code. Can you mnke it out?

          • Dear stupid Ginzo,

            First of all, I am not a Night Rider (though it would be a high honor if I were). I am only friends with them and acknowledge that they do the Lord’s work!

            Second of all, they don’t talk like gay niggers! Once again, that’s your fantasy! NOT THE TRUTH! The truth is fair, but you have no truth in you!

            Third of all, that fictional stereotype is the not what the Jews want you to believe about them!

            Are there toothless mullet head or skin head meth-addicted idiots who have ruined and tarnished reputation of the KKK from their original glory?! Yes! Have the Jews sucked the blood dry out of that and continue to to this very day! YOU BET YOUR ASS!

            The original KKK were sophisticated, scholarly learned upper class, noble men and were HIGHLY REGARDED men of society that were loved by all Americans and then the Jews came and fucked it up! It used to be a high honor to be a part of the KKK and you were well respected for it and seen as a guardian and a patriotic angel of this country!

            The original and true KKK is nothing like you watch on “COPS” and other Jewish inspired TV shows!

            Learn your American history, Ginzo!

            I know niggers are illiterate in many things, but at least try to be humble about it and not boldly proclaim things that your tiny genetically inferior mind is too incompetent to understand! And don’t project your language and attitudes historical events! Lord knows, niggers have a problem with both of these things! But in this case it’s even worse because you’re blaspheming one of the greatest institutions that ever existed amongst our glorious race! That is severe blasphemy (which of course is no surprise that niggers also have a huge problem with also because they have no regard for the things that are greater than them or rightful authority)!

            But don’t worry! You’ll pay and bleed sincerely, EVEN WORSE NOW, in Nigger Hell for this!

            ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

            ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

          • I like hearing your unbridled racism. But if you were in the KKK or Night Riders – insofar as I am an Italian – would you lynch me or just run me out of town?

          • LMAO!

            The code is they’re obsessed with taking photos of each other‘s asses from different angles.

            They should hangout with Scott and Alonzo.

          • “I like hearing your unbridled racism.”

            That’s interesting that you say that and by doing so, once again contradict what you’ve said before! Seeing the fact of how much you’ve censored me! You are a barrel of contradictions, aren’t you, Ginzo?! This is excellent information to go in my research for your subspecies in Niggerology!

            You also really love saying that Jewish propaganda term, “racism” a lot as well! Funny how only European countries are the only ones accused of this! But when you’re in other countries like Israel or China who have ZERO TOLERANCE for other races and cultures dictating their politics and having “equal rights” with them, they aren’t met with the same word “racism” and all of its moral outrage, fire, and fury as we all are!

            It’s also funny how you shut your eyes to that and don’t acknowledge them as ACTUALLY LIVING IN PURE “unbridled racism”, by your false logic! Why not call them all “racists”, hmmmmm?! Are they “racists” too, Ginzo because they don’t want everybody and their grandma coming into their home like a 24/7 happy hour in Las Vegas and demanding to control their political policies, blending their cultures together like smearing shit in paint and then riot, loot, commit arson and murder, and destroy national monuments when they rightfully don’t get what they want because what they ask for is absurd because it is a perversion of justice?!

            Are you going to be fair, Ginzo?! For “the truth is ALWAYS fair”, right Ginzo?!

            I like you how you always demonstrate for me how honest I am and how you shit talk me relentlessly but when I give historical facts, you can’t refute them. All you do is retort with some stupid reply that you’ve deceived yourself through your narcissism how “clever” your reply is! I love how smart that you think are you are while you make yourself look an idiot! You are the true that Emperor is wearing no clothes!

            Your mind is nothing more than a retarded pig rolling around it’s own shit while it thinks it makes a work of art by making a shit angel!

            If I am so “bad”, then it should be very easy for you to demonstrate what I’ve said is wrong and debunk it line by line like I do with you. But you can’t! That’s why you hide behind this intellectual vomit that your genetically inferior mind incompetently deems as “comedy”!

            So with that being said, I love your unbridled stupidity! Keep it up and keep showing everybody the truth!

            “But if you were in the KKK or Night Riders – insofar as I am an Italian – would you lynch me or just run me out of town?”

            Again, false stereotype! They don’t necessarily go after a nigger for being a nigger unless there’s been something really fucked up shit the nigger has done like theft, rape, murder, kissing a white woman and/or mating with her, etc.

            But to answer your question, based on how you love overthrowing our 1st Amendment with a passion (AND I MEAN YOU LOVE IT! ON TOP OF THAT, YOU ARE SO FLIPPANT ABOUT IT THAT IT IS RIDICULOUS!), as you decry Orwellianism while you openly deceive our American public by claiming to “adamantly support” free speech while you have one of the most draconian Orwellian systems of censorship that I have ever seen follow the kike-ridden deep state agenda, constantly disrespect and blaspheme the glorious race that founded this country, refuse to hear the truth and mock it, encourage the overthrow of our country by supporting other niggers coming here to poisoning our culture and politics and use Frank Report to encourage it (a platform of press that you, a guido, shouldn’t even be able to have in this country that our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew niggers were being allowed to have that and the patriot Anglo-saxons who called it out were persecuted as “racists” and “Nazis”), along with just the pure repulsive, sleazy, hypocritical, lying, two-faced, con-man of a carpetbagger guido piece of shit that you are, I am elated to say, the only just retaliation for this would be for you to swing the end of a rope! ☠️💀☠️ 📿


            Does that answer your question now, Ginzo?!

            ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

            ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

          • I kissed a white woman once. She did not know I was colored and mistook me for a white man.

    • Alanzo, why is it that if you sympathize with these women, understand them, and agree with some of the points that they make, why is it that so many freak out and react so negatively?

      They seem more open to dialogue and discussion than a lot of the folks on the other side of the fence.

      • Yes.

        It’s the hypocrisy of anti-cultists.

        They suppress free speech, free thought, and the freedom to disagree WAY more than the “cultists” they attack.

        It’s why I’m not one of them any more.



        • —It’s the hypocrisy of anti-cultists.

          Alonzo you’re the epitome and quintessential example of hypocrisy.

          Nearly everyone on the Frank Report hates cults.

          We don’t hate former members or current members, unless they attack victims or attempt to recruit new victims.

          Get it?!?

    • Get off of YouTube and Go clean up the dog s*** you were bragging about having in your backyard you insult to humanity that lives in squalor.

    • No dummy, it’s not so black and white.

      Yes, a cult is typically a pejorative, but there are plenty of relatively harmless cults: the cult of celebrity, of athletics and sports, musicians, even of the major religions if a person has an aversion to meaning behind the term and prefers to (wrongfully) classify them as such.

      Then there are destructive cults like NXIVM/DOS/[cult of Raniere] that break the law, entrap women with blackmail, and attempt to traffic them to one man using deceit via the front of a female sorority.

    • Hey Alanzo, any idea when they’ll be discussing Roe??? That should make for a slightly more interesting spectacle, don’t you think? LOL

  • WHO renames two monkeypox variants, Congo Basin and West Africa, as Clade I and Clade II to avoid cultural insults.

          • Alanzo I was only joking. I thought I made it clear when I said the women saw a blue light. It was meant to get a laugh. Bangkok thought it was funny. Nutjob understood.

            You know – a joke – like as in Keith used to say his women would see a blue light. Get it?

            But really Alanzo, I get it. Your not up to joshing around. But all kidding aside, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, David Miscavege told me he really never liked you.

        • “I kissed a white woman once. She did not know I was colored and mistook me for a white man.”

          You’ll pay for that!



  • Diario De Tabasco

    [Legal Notice
    All materials contained in this site (including, but not limited to, text, logos, content, photographs, audio and video) are protected by copyright laws and other laws relating to International and United Mexican States. The use of images, fragments of videos, fragments of sporting events, programs and other material that is subject to copyright protection, will be exclusively for educational and informational purposes, and any other use such as profit, reproduction, editing or modification, will be prosecuted and sanctioned by the respective owner of the Copyright. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, broadcast, or in any way exploit any part of this service without the prior written permission of Grupo Bicentenario S. A. de C. V. However, you may download material to your personal computer for personal or educational and non-commercial use only, limited to one copy per page. You may not remove or alter any copyright or other proprietary notices from the copy. The website does not authorize the use of frames, logos or graphics. Generally you do not need to request permission to use a hypertext link only if the link takes you to in a separate window, and where the URL is clearly visible.]

    Escuela de Yoga, la secta del horror parecida a NXIVM descubierta en Argentina
    [ Yoga School, the NXIVM-like cult of horror discovered in Argentina]

  • Diario De Tabasco

    Yoga School, the NXIVM-like cult of horror discovered in Argentina


    Pablo Salum was 14 years old when he made the first complaint about the aberrations that were hidden behind the activity of the Buenos Aires Yoga School in Argentina, the sect disrupted over the weekend.
    Pablo Salum was 14 years old when he made the first complaint about the aberrations that were hidden behind the activity of the Buenos Aires Yoga School in Argentina, the sect disrupted over the weekend in a mega-operation that the Superintendence of Federal Investigations baptized “Sect Anonymous Society”. He knows who are many of the 19 arrested and the five who are under international arrest warrants as members of the organization based in Argentina, but which also operated in the United States.

    Federal Judge Ariel Lijo and prosecutor Alejandra Mangano are expected today to begin investigating Juan Percowicz, the leader of the sect, the 84-year-old man who called himself “Master” or “Angel”, the man who believed himself to be above the rest of mortals. The sect bears some resemblance to Nxivm, the organization dismantled in the United States with strong links to Mexico and whose leader, Keith Raniere, was sentenced to 120 years in prison.

    The Argentine organization is accused, among other crimes, of human trafficking with reduction to servitude through coercion. They recruited people with the argument that they had remedies for “the evils of AIDS and drugs” and that they worked for “the development of happiness”.

    Of course, they recruited the faithful, “students”, initiated them and charged them to give them access to the leader’s word, to the promise of happiness and well-being, to belong to the “circle”. They forced them to cut family ties, but also to give up goods and property, and even to pay by selling their bodies for money. Even children were co-opted and forced to awaken sexually in the hands of their own parents. That is what the accusations say; that is what the Justice tries to prove.

    As it is common in the activity of the sects: it is about building and accumulating power, and making money, a lot of money. This money captured by abject means was channeled into the legal circuit, for example, through local foundations and those created abroad.

    The story
    Today Salum is 44 years old and, in a conversation with La Nación, he assures that he is not only burdened with his own story, with having lost his family, who were co-opted by that organization, with having spent part of his childhood trapped in that network. “It is also the pain of seeing parents who lost their children there; many of the detainees were now children when they entered. Many parents died in the struggle, without being able to recover them. There is no worse pain than having a child stolen from you”.

    A year ago -with 30 years of struggle behind him- Salum made a new denunciation: “So many years have passed that this had to happen sometime, but for Justice I no longer exist. I provided testimonies, I added evidence, but I do not exist because that case has already been judged. I feel violated; I am one of the victims”. The case against Percowicz and the bosses of the Buenos Aires Yoga School that he filed when he managed to escape from their yoke, in 1993, was closed years ago.

    He was eight years old when his mother, due to a health problem, approached what was then a school of philosophy, yoga, New Age culture. It was the Yoga School of Buenos Aires (EYBA). Two clients of the family business told her about the entity and Carmen Graciela Alarcón went there. She took him to Pablo, who was the youngest of her three children, with whom, at the time, she lived in the neighborhood of Núñez.

    “They promised to heal him; science could not find an answer to my mother’s problems,” she says. He recalls that he was the first child to join. At the first meeting there were five people. The group grew quickly,” he continues. They added the family because they said that everyone had negative energy, that you had to follow the leader to cleanse yourself. Because if you didn’t you could get sick, have a bad time, die.”

    The family went from living in Núñez to living in an apartment of the organization. Andrea and Germán, Pablo’s older siblings, were also co-opted. He no longer has any relationship with his family. “They stayed there. They destroyed my family. Victims end up being victimizers,” he summarizes.

    He reviews that he himself came to have “students” and that his mother was “ascending” and also having other people in charge. “There were more than a thousand of us and the first ones went up the ranks”, in a perverse pyramid. Salum points out that Juan Percowicz, leader of the organization, called himself “the angel” and claimed that “he had been sent to add a thousand more angels to save humanity”.

    Percowicz told his mother that “instead of being” with her partner [Salum’s stepfather, who had also become a member of the EYBA] “she had to be with someone else”; that “she did not have to continue with her work because it was something minor and she was a ‘leader'”. And so began the disarticulation of the family; he even forced her to give away a pet she had had since she was very young.

    Money and sex
    Salum details that they were given “tasks”, such as “generating money”, and that, in addition, they were asked to set up the “geishado”, which implied adding other people, as in the coaching of pyramid schemes. To all this they added the “sexual chakra”, which implied going “against everything we had been taught on the outside”.

    “How did you realize that the situation was anomalous?” asks La Nación. “When pornographic material began to circulate; when we saw that there was sex. At that age, I was a kid, I rejected all that, it disgusted me.”

    “Everyone greeted each other with a kiss on the mouth; there was groping, they were forced to have orgies with pictures of the leader behind,” he details. “There were cases where children were ordered to have sex with their parents,” he adds. Friends Salum had told him that they had had to do this “homework.”

    “I saw my mom and my sister, who would have been about 22 years old, being sex slaves; my sister was used to seduce the older ones, the powerful ones,” he emphasizes. Nobody told me about it. I saw it firsthand. As I was the son of a ‘hierarchy’, the photos and videos passed through my house. Seeing them affected me a lot.

    Salum assures that Percowicz and his stepson Marcelo Guerra, added “well-known people, businessmen, politicians” from the early 90’s, the times of Menemism. But when he became a teenager, he got scared.

    “I was a kid, but I had a big life. I didn’t go to school,” he notes. “They started telling me that I was ‘rebellious’ because I didn’t want to accept the leader’s guidelines,” he adds. My family supported the punishments; they took away my food, they wouldn’t buy me clothes. I had no one to support me; I was alone”.

    In desperation, he stole one of the envelopes with money that the members of the sect were obliged to hand over. His mother told the leader, who asked her to take Salum to a meeting where he had to publicly confess what he had done. He was beaten in front of his mother and taken to work cleaning tiles at the organization’s headquarters, on the property at 4457 Estado de Israel.

    Faced with his refusal to return, his mother warned the leader. “They sent lawyers to tell me that they would take me to a boarding school; upon my refusal, the next day my brother, who was dark-skinned, dragged me to the building where the organization’s people lived so that I could work for free in the kitchen.” He escaped in an oversight; he ran ten blocks, as if escaping from hell. He called his father, who had started another family and lived in Lomas de Zamora. He took him to make the report.

    I was the first boy to go in and the first to escape and report it,” he recalls. They sent me to the hospital to check the beatings. I remember all that: the lack of training of those who listened to me… They laughed”.

    “Without political color”.
    In 1993, the Buenos Aires Yoga School began to be investigated. During six years, the case went through three judges: Mariano Bergés, who excused himself after the defendants filed for his impeachment, Roberto Murature, and Julio Corvalán de la Colina.

    The court held that there was no merit to prosecute or dismiss the defendants for the crimes of swindling, theft and abuse of adults for which they were investigated, although the case remained open for the crime of reduction to servitude.

    The case was reactivated in 1999, when Corvalán de la Colina admitted as plaintiffs the parents of two students of the Yoga School: María Verónica Cané and María Valeria Llamas. The judge had decreed the incapacity of the girls and gave new impetus to the investigation, which led to a redoubling of pressure on EYBA. However, the case did not move forward.

    After a process with many controversial alternatives – including a letter sent in May 1999 by a group of 28 U.S. congressmen to then President Carlos Menem to denounce alleged human rights violations and judicial harassment against Percowicz and other EYBA members – and a letter sent in 2002 to the U.S. Congress to denounce the alleged human rights violations and judicial harassment against Percowicz and other EYBA members, and a letter sent in 2002 to the government of former President Eduardo Duhalde by Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and other well-known figures of the Argentine human rights organizations, the case began to languish, despite the fact that the file treasured strong statements, such as, precisely, that of Pablo Salum.

    In his twitter @leyantisectas (that name also has its website and its Facebook and Instagram user), Salum -who dedicates his life to ask the State to advance in the fight against these organizations and works to unmask them from the organization Librementes, said in 2018 that Judge Berges “had never imagined meeting such powerful people linked to a pedophile sect: ministers of the national government, judges, trade unionists, all exposed”, and that “there the pressures began to circulate”.

    He added: “The #Secta moved its contacts in the United States, where it had powerful contacts, and managed to get the US Congress to send several congressmen to pressure them to close the case; even its president, Bill Clinton, sent a memo to Menem”.

    After an episode in which a group of victims’ relatives insulted and assaulted Percowicz and his wife in a restaurant in Belgrano, several human rights organizations mobilized to support him and ask for him.

    “Immediately afterwards, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Pérez Esquivel, called the police chief in desperation and went to the police station demanding the release of the pedophile “teacher”, the same one who ordered us to be abused”, added Salum in his Twitter thread.

    In dialogue with La Nación, Salum emphasized that his fight is “non-partisan; without political color”. “It is not intentional. I am a victim who was robbed of his family, of his life in a coercive organization. And that organization continued to operate with impunity with the complicity of the powerful; because they finance campaigns, because they lend places for meetings, because they make their followers vote.”

    “Alone, without means, I fought an unequal battle -he synthesizes-. I lost my family. The State must intervene, it must take responsibility for this struggle”.

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons

    BOP’s Response to Mitigate Monkeypox

    Protocols and practices are in place

    Updated 4:45 PM EDT, August 8, 2022

    (BOP) – The BOP has a well-established history of managing and responding to communicable disease outbreaks, like Ebola and influenza. As a result, the BOP has protocols and practices that can and will be implemented to mitigate against and, if necessary, respond to any outbreak in our environment, including monkeypox.

    The BOP’s Health Services Division has already provided information to Health Services Administrators and Clinical Directors nationally to alert clinical and administrative staff on the signs, symptoms, and testing for monkeypox. Clinical guidance is drafted and will be issued imminently. The BOP is working closely with the CDC and will continue to assess the risk to staff and inmates and respond as needed to any positive cases within our environment.

    Updated guidance and protocols will be published as needed in conjunction with recommendations from the CDC and other healthcare experts to keep BOP staff, the inmate population, and the public safe and healthy.

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        Now we all see the funny side of things!

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  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Seems pretty familiar to me in the comments section. I’ve often read about “goats and sheep” there, with the certain hints of what to do with them. There must be a reason for that. Are they referring to Raniere’s allusions and jokes about sheep and goats? But where do the commentators know them from. Did they hear them themselves from Raniere or do they know them from the trial or the trial transcripts or the reporting?
    Or does none of this have any Raniere reference? Haven’t taken all this crap seriously so far and only read it cursorily.


    Courthouse News Service

    Ex-NXIVM Member Says Leader Tried to ‘Break’ Women
    A former member of the purported self-help group NXIVM’s executive board testified Monday that its ex-leader Keith Raniere tried to “break” women in the organization by putting them on very stringent diets.

    AMANDA OTTAWAY / May 13, 2019

    [ … ]
    [ … ]
    [ … ]
    [ … ]

    A series of bizarre videos played for jurors Monday afternoon showed Raniere in his study, which NXIVM members called the “executive library,” posing for a photo shoot with Vicente and several others.

    The room has by now been searched by federal authorities, who say they found child pornography there and that Raniere essentially used it as a sex den for several of his slaves. It includes a set of stairs that led to a lofted bed with a hot tub underneath.

    The six videos depict a graying Raniere with the mannerisms of a prepubescent boy — giving the middle finger; telling the others he gets “sleepy or horny” when he takes his glasses off; pretending to answer his phone by saying “lick me”; referring to a “woman’s piggy,” which was not described; and making multiple jokes about bestiality with goats and sheep.

    Vicente also photographed Raniere frowning at a complex grouping of symbols and numbers on a whiteboard, presumably meant to be some kind of mathematical problem.

    Prosecutor Lesko is expected to wrap up his lengthy direct examination of Vicente on Tuesday, to be followed by cross-examination by the defense team.


    • — Vicente also photographed Raniere frowning at a complex grouping of symbols and numbers on a whiteboard, presumably meant to be some kind of mathematical problem.

      LOL. What a ‘tard. Pretending to be deep in thought concerning some non-existent, bogus “problem”, no doubt done to further reinforce his concocted false image of an intellectual philoso-scientist and sell to further recruits.

  • Kevin, you concern me if you are who you claim and I will base this comment on that and trust you have no vested interest. In the grand scheme of things, does this all really matter? Is this all important in your life? Just let it go, relax, take it easy. Go find some joy and forget about Sarah, Nippy, lawsuits. It’s not your fight. Do something fun and move on and enjoy life like you deserve to. These thoughts are not fun for you.

    • You’re right. I do need to get a life and make some new friends. I am living in a new, unfamiliar country (Japan) after having lived in another unfamiliar country for three years (Turkey). I need to get out more and spend less time posting here and driving people crazy.

      • Kevin, you are welcome here. You provide a different perspective and through different perspectives we get at the truth.

  • Frank
    The MK10 art on Kris Snyder is morbid and very uncalled for. There are “rights” of the victims and their families. This does NOT stand to That. Why was this allowed? How dare this person.
    Hopefully some one will see it and deal with it. How dare this person go after Sarah & the other victims.
    Why are YOU allowing this kind of morbidity on your blog ? Have you nothing better to do ? NO -?

    • To clarify, I have nothing to do with the artwork that appears here. And the purpose of what I wrote was to defend the initial victims from 30 and 40 years ago, to say that their lives had value, and that if NYS police had done it’s job, that nothing that came later would have happened.

      It’s a position that oddly is upsetting to both ESP detractors and supporters alike.

  • “Kevin” made outrageous and baseless claims that people should be worried about Sarah Edmondson’s children while they are in the care of their mother.

    That is vile. Kevin is a low-life. No decent human being brings innocent and very young children into the conversation just to take shots at an enemy.

    Frank is frequently posting about children being ripped from loving mother’s arms. Is that what Kevin wants? Sarah’s children taken from a caring home for a fake child protection investigation? What a scum bag.

    Frank says Sarah Edmondson is a mother who puts her children before anything or anyone. Frank also confirmed that no one was paid to appear in The Vow. Are you call8ng Frank a liar, Kevin?

    In season 2 of The Vow some of the Nxivm dead-enders will appear. So Kevin’s criticisms will now apply to them too.

    Cami is a “fake victim”? She was forced into child porn and raped as a minor. GTFO

    This is clearly a Keith loyalist. An objective person could make the same comments as “Kevin” without the very personal and dirty editorializing about the people who testified against and brought down Keith and Nxivm. It’s clearly personal for this pedophile appoligist and supporter of abusing young girls and women. Disgusting.

    • I will repeat – every encounter I had with Sarah showed me she is a mother first and everything else second. I mean she built her whole life around her child’s needs and edged in such things as taking down a cult in between.

      • Frank, this is your blog, and you’re obviously entitled to your opinion. You:ve spent time with the woman. I haven’t.

        She has no business pointing fingers at people who she outranked. If she wants KR, the Salzmans, the Bronfmans, fine.

        But she needs to leave these other women alone. She owes them an apology, not the other way around.

        • I agree that Sarah should probably not sue the women she recruited. It seems unfair to me.

          On the other hand, I have no problem with her suing Bronfman or Raniere.

          • Where does her vengeance end?
            Take it up with the Top people which is Raniere, Saltzman and Bronfmans.
            The others recruited by her and MV don’t belong in this mess. Ruining the careers and reputations wasnt enough for them?

        • You owe Sarah an appology, Kevin. You have no business pointing fingers at Sarah’s parenting.

          You’ve never spent time with Sarah yet make such serious public allegations about her fitness as a mother? And her children’s safety?

          Why don’t you worry about your own mistreatment of other people? Because your behavior is heinous.

        • Who’s rank shouldn’t matter. What was done should matter. Who was in the loop and who was in the dark should also matter.

    • When did I ever make a comment about Cami? Not once. I have no opinion of her, I have no knowledge of her, other than that KR is accused of having had a sexual relationship with her when she was a child.

      Danielle lost her medical license due to her association with this group. But someone who was in it longer than her and played a much bigger role is off limits for discussion? Whatever.

      You hate on these itty bitty little scapegoats, and then give a pass to a literal boss in the organization…you schmuck. You mark.

      SE and MV should serve five times what Allison ends up serving. They should be removed as plaintiffs and pay restitution to the others.

      And I should get SE’s HBO mug so I can take a giant dump in it.

      • Keith raped Camilla as a child and photographed her in explicit pornographic poses when she was a child. The photographs are court evidence and it’s not an allegation or an accusation, it is a fact that has been proven in a court of law. It’s very strange that you know so much about everything and yet are blissfully unaware of Keith’s conviction as a child predator. Well, now you know.

        • And that is for Camilla and Kieth to Hash out not innocent scapegoats who taught health and excersize classes

          • You think a child who was raped is supposed to quote hash it out with her attacker? You think victims of c**************** are meant to sit and hash it out with the pedophile who photographed them in sexually explicit ways? Are you f****** retarded? It’s for law enforcement to handle and they did. That’s why that child pornographer and Predator is in prison right now.

    • And how am I a “Keith loyalist?” I have no affiliation with the group. I’ve never taken a class. I wish Allison had never gotten involved in this, or Kristin either. Or Nicki, or Danielle, who both seem like nice people.

      I’ve said repeatedly that I think KR hurt girls dating back to before I was born, and that if NYS wasn’t such a trash place, that none of this would have happened.

      Learn to read.

      • To answer your question, Kevin…

        No idea “how” you are a Keith loyalist. Personally, couldn’t live with supporting a child pornographer.

        That’s good that you’re willing to admit that Keith has been hurting underage females for decades.

        What do you think are the odds that Keith ever stopped?

        Have you ever done research on pedophiles being able to stop being pedophiles?

        It’s not something that happens. So it’s fair to conclude that Keith continued to molest and exploit children sexually.

        Especially given that you accept the reality that Keith was a child molester from way back.

    • Bevin-

      I sincerely agree with you. Kevin is a disgusting animal.

      In addition Kevin is besotted with Allison Mack.

  • Not sure what the point of this article is. Is this an argument for Sarah and Nippy (and whoever else Kevin deems “getting off the hook”) drop out of the civil suit they have every right to be a part of? Is it that Sarah and Nippy should also have brought up on charges, along with all who were above them on the stripe path? Is it for people to… hold New York State accountable for not prosecuting KR years ago? Is Kevin calling for more arrests? Of whom, exactly? Regarding who the ‘world’ chooses to see as “victims” – I think almost everyone in NXIVM was a victim, ultimately, of KR. And now, finally, after way, way too long (this is bad) of people looking the other way and allowing more, escalating abuse to occur, KR was charged and convicted. This is good. So what if they’re the “right kind of people” for others to take notice? And why is it THEIR fault if the world seems them more “valuable” (which is a simplistic argument, to just say, “Everyone thinks Sarah and India are more valuable than ‘girls from the 1980s’ – who are the girls being referred to??)

    The scorn Kevin has for people like Sarah, Nippy, and India is bizarre. They contributed to ending years of really weird abuses of power – should have happened sooner, but at least it happened, and people like Camila and Sylvie and others all benefited because now they are FREE. Sarah, Nippy, Mark, India etc have every right to move forward with their lives however they choose, as do the NXIVM loyalists. The loyalists spend all this energy on swiping at Sarah, Nippy, Mark and India because they’ve done documentaries and podcasts and are possibly “making money” from talking about their experience. Even if they are, so what? What’s wrong with making money? Making money is an ESP value. The loyalists can do documentaries and podcasts also – what is stopping them? Why don’t they do a podcast or a documentary and “make money” as well?

  • What was the point of this? Stream of consciousness writing is rarely actually worth publishing in anything but a personal diary to never be seen.

  • Mr. Parlato,

    Still a lot of articles being published without any sight of Patriot God’s articles who finished his weeks ago! His should be top priority!

    Please stop posting other articles and post his articles next and honor your word!

    Thank you kindly.

  • Just to clarify, I do believe there are real victims, and that they deserve compensation for the things they went through, as long as they can prove themselves.

    When you have a couple of rascals posing as victims, who’ve positioned themselves as the lead plaintiffs, and they’re suing people who had no managerial authority in the organization, people who should be suing the plaintiffs, it waters down the case and diminishes those who were legitimately victimized.

    Anyone is welcome to hate me, to hate my comments, to say anything they want. And that’s fine. But I know a con when I see one. And so many of the commenters here have been completely conned by two of the worst people involved in this whole thing. Because they tell you what you want to hear, using the same ESP manipulation tactics that you claim to stand against.

    Also, what is 10C? It was bad when we knew that Allison and Nicki were involved. But when Nicki revealed that Sarah was also a part of 10C, and outranked the two other women, all of a sudden everyone forgot what 10C was. Interesting.

    • I don’t think you or your comments are important enough to anyone to have hatred. That seems really self-important.

      If you feel that you have proof of criminal activities that should be prosecuted then bring that forth.

      Complaining on a Blog because you want everyone to feel exactly like you do is not productive and you will never achieve your goal.

      You’ve complained a lot in previous comments that no one should have been practicing therapy without a license you’ve alleged that it is a crime. So put a case together and get every single person who ever performed an EM in Nxivm prosecuted

      Come on, Sunee- ehrm, uh, Kevin.

      Don’t just comment.

      Make it happen. Get the data.

      Don’t be a victim to mediahatebias

      • I’m not arguing that SE should be sued. I’m arguing that she has no business suing others for things that she herself did to the people she’s suing.

        It’s not that complicated.

        Both sides have an “us vs them,” “good guys vs bad guys” mindset. As someone not directly involved, I see good and bad people on both sides, with a lot of grey.

        • Well luckily Sarah’s business is none of your business.

          But why stop with just getting overly invested and involved in Sarah’s life?

          Maybe you should start a website where you judge the merit of all plantiff’s civil suits?

          It will have no bearing on their case but you can make libelous public statements about their fitness as parents and just run your mouth in a nasty way about strangers.

          Kevin ,it’s a perfect fit for your skill set!

    • As far as I’m aware, the doctors are being sued for their actions and Nicki Clyne, too, in so far as she was a member of the first line of DOS. I think it’s fair to say that all of the 1st line of DOS could have been brought up on charges because they all knew the truth about KR being the head of it, and lied about that while recruiting others. They held on to collateral/ blackmail. My thinking it was too hard to extradite all these women from Mexico and Nicki is still hanging around in the US – I don’t know how difficult it is to prosecute a Canadian citizen in the US. But why don’t you encourage the plaintiffs to countersue the “rascals” since you already seem to know them and think they have a good case, Kevin?

        • Can’t a person be “highly educated” and Mexican in your world view?

          Contact authorities with your criminal evidence. Get em all.

          You can do it!

          • Of course they can .
            Just weren’t in this case.
            Only the few who didn’t run back to Mexico must pay, thats all

    • “Anyone is welcome to hate me.”

      That right there could be in the dictionary as the definition of “passive-aggressive”.

      Such a whiny, bitchy way of arguing. So sad and ineffective. Boo hoo, everyone’s picking on me. This is the way 13 year old girls argue.

      It makes me laugh when a presumably adult man tries it!

      So ineffectual. So weak.

      It’s not an argument, it’s an attempt at emotional manipulation. And it’s been Kevin’s method from the beginning, when he was defending the felon Mack.

      Now in a bizarre reversal Kevin has turned on the rich and famous, of whom millionaire actress Mack is such a conspicuous example. Now Kevin is the champion of the poor and anonymous. Methinks Kevin is a troll.

      Try a fact based logically constructed argument for a change, if you actually want to convince anyone. Not the clumsy sarcasms above.

      Fact is, the civil lawsuit targets Raniere and the Bronfman billionaires who fund him. It’s a good thing, Glazer’s lawsuit.

      Mack might get drained of any wealth she still possesses if any, and future inheritances. Good. She ran DOS for Raniere and is an admitted racketeer.

      These people should pay damages to the people they harmed. Some like Clyne and Roberts and Porter don’t really have any assets to take. So this lawsuit will hang over them like a dark cloud, likely for decades. Too damn bad.

      Look, Vicente is a shifty asshole and Edmondson is a self-serving materialistic numbskull. I still hope they sue the pants off the Bronfmans. Not everybody deserving monetary damages is a shining example of rectitude.

      The world isn’t black or white.

      • Aristotle, I heard that Vince McMahon stepped down as the head of WWE. What are you going to do now that someone won’t be there to tell you who the good guys and bad guys are?

        Think for yourself? Use whatever critical thinking skills you have to make your own decisions about the nature of each performer’s character?

        Do you understand that SE and MV being plaintiffs in the lawsuit will either result in the lawsuit getting dismissed, or, if they win, all of the winnings going to them? Do you understand that no matter who wins, the other plaintiffs will lose?

    • “Anyone is welcome to hate me, to hate my comments, to say anything they want. And that’s fine. But I know a con when I see one. And so many of the commenters here have been completely conned by two of the worst people involved in this whole thing. Because they tell you what you want to hear, using the same ESP manipulation tactics that you claim to stand against.”

      Kevin makes very powerful, very important points, very clearly.

      I’m glad he’s here.


      • Dearest Sweetest Alanzo,

        One delusional nut quoting another equally delusional nut, not a virtuous point maketh.

        Best regards,

      • How does Kevin know so much about ESP manipulation tactics? But he also doesn’t even know about Camilla and the child pornography? Kevin’s full of s***. Who goes so hard to defend random strangers but also knows so very little about a court case? Kevin is not as slick as Kevin believes.

    • I find it weak of our government and reprehensible that the ones who ran away to Mexico and left a few scapegoats is fine with them.

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