DOS Manual – Greatest Principles Lesson #8 Is Best Lesson in Word Salad

Frank’s introduction

No, I did not make this up.

Lesson #8 is straight from Grandmaster Keith Raniere’s endless fount of wisdom. And it is the best lesson in word salad I have ever read.

Of course, that is not his purpose. There is a deep meaning far beyond my carping criticism of the style. There is something called Raniere-deep.

The lesson is number #8. The content is from the glorious DOS manual.

DOS invites all women to become slaves in this all-female – except for one male- sorority. You will empower yourself by being a slave to a man, one Keith Alan Raniere.

Keith Raniere

End of my introduction; beginning of DOS Manual Lesson #8

Lesson 8 – Principle of Forming Principles

What does it mean to live a principled life?

One of the greatest principles of all is the principle of all principles.

There’s the principle of forming principles, and some people don’t understand that principle.

It’s not even important to them to understand what the principle is behind something. They go and they do different acts, and they don’t think, “How does this affect love? How does this affect human compassion? How does this affect the nature of what it is to be a woman? How does it affect..?”

All of these different things. They haven’t embodied the principle in terms of thinking in

But what is the greatest guiding principle in the external world that ultimately becomes internalized so that we understand all other principles and we can live a principled life?

It’s the Vow. That’s why someone takes the Vow.


Identify the most important principle you want to live by. Throughout your day, contemplate on how every decision affects this principle. How does it affect your capacity to care? How does it affect the nature of what it is to be a woman? How does this affect human compassion? How does this affect love?

End of Lesson #8 of DOS Manual

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Let us look at this with a sober eye. Let me rewrite Lesson #8 to make it clearer.

Grandmaster asks, “What does it mean to live a principled life?” Simple. Be a principled member of the highly-principled DOS.

Believe in principle, for that is the principle behind the principle of all other principles.

The principle of forming principles, and the principle behind the principle of forming principles, is to form principles with principles that make it a principle that the need to understand the principle, and the principle behind the principle, as well as the principle behind all principles, which is the principle of forming principles, is the most important principle.

Yet some women don’t understand that principle. How could they understand anything? They aren’t DOS slaves.

It’s not a principle for non-DOS slave women to understand what the principle is behind the principle. Non-slaves do not act on principle. They don’t think, “How does this affect love? How does this affect human compassion? How does this affect the nature of what it is to be a woman? How does it affect being Grandmaster Raniere’s slave?”

They haven’t the principles to principally embody the principle of thinking in principle of principles behind the principle or forming principles.

But Grandmaster Raniere brings all this deliberately incomprehensible unprincipled nonsense to a head with his principle conclusion, expressed in a question and answer presented in a word salad that any new age guru or bogus swami would gobble and appropriate as their own.

Grandmaster Raniere asks, “What is the greatest guiding principle in the external world that ultimately becomes internalized so that we understand all other principles and live a principled life?”

Grandmaster Raniere answers his own question: “It’s the Vow.” DOS. The Vow of being Keith Raniere’s lifelong slave, grand slave, or great grand slave.

That’s why someone takes the Vow.

He got it right.

Will you have the principle to form the principle to understand the principle behind the principle that he wants to enslave you and if he gets the chance, to control and ruin your life – while making you believe it’s all about principle?

His first principle is to enslave you.

Without a leaf of word salad, that is the principle behind DOS.

How highly principled he was when he branded women with his initials while telling his slaves to tell their slaves it was a symbol of the four elements.

To have a principle principled enough to understand the principles behind Grandmaster Raniere’s principle principles, you need to be well nourished on, principally, 800 calories per day.

Here are some of our principle portion-controlled dietary delights:

Fetid Mock-Duck Fritters with a wisp of Delicately Seasoned Banana Pasta

Cornmeal-crusted Shitaki Cubes topped with Siberian Chives and Oatmeal Water

Vegan Kielbasa atop Savory Tomato and Asparagus Fondue on Eritrian Seaweed Pita

Natural Arugula Three Ways tossed with Spiced Amaranth Jerky and Briney Pickled Blueberries

Grass Fed Tofu and Brie served with Clifton Park Chèvre Surprise

Ethically Sourced Vegan Sea Urchin Stew topped with Ethnically Cleansed Organic Parsley, energetically balanced with finely ground Tunisian Limberger Powder

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  • RE: Rhiannon vs Alonzo’s Lies:

    Alonzo says on Twitter Rhiannon is lying about being raped by
    Kieth Raniere. Quoting Alonzo:
    “The FBI payed Rhiannon off to destroy NXIVM.”

    Somebody should inform Alonzo that Raniere raped Rhiannon before starting NXIVM.

  • I have a confession. I’ve been running an illegal pyramid scheme, similar to NXIVM, but without the sex and cold showers and paddles and other stuff.

    But I have a plan. I’m going to go to the press and break the whole story open, and expose the evils of the organization. You see, it was my low ranking, unpaid sales assistant who was behind it all! Yes, she’s the one you want. I’m just the victim. Feel my pain. Feed me with adoration and attention. Love me! Love my spouse, love our upscale Vancouver home that we can easily afford even though our TV show isn’t paying us anything (wink wink…what a bunch of marks…).

    I’ll start with a book, then move on to a nine-part documentary on a big cable station. Then a civil lawsuit against the organization I ran, to include defendants who worked for my group but had no power or executive authority. Who were never paid. Who actually lost money, and who I, as an owner, actually made money off of.

    Oh, and getting off the hook and escaping prosecution and accountability, that’s not enough. I’ll need a season 2, and then 10 more seasons. You want to know a secret? I’m hoping that the people I recruited into this, I hope they stay in and stay loyal, because then the gravy train keeps on trucking for me. If they recovered, healed, moved on with their lives, found love and never had anything to do with this again, gasp, I might have to do something else.

    Throw in a free mug and a story about my associate’s spouse sleeping on the hard floor as punishment for forgetting to put the ice cream back in the freezer, and this is literally what is happening, and what most of you are supporting.

    I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve never heard of a legal case where a business owner/manager/executive sued low ranking people in that business for things that the business itself had them do. It doesn’t excuse the criminal behavior of the low ranking person, if they did commit a crime, but it doesn’t make the proprietor of the organization a victim, either.

    Am I getting on your nerves yet? Does it bother you that “good guys vs bad guys” is a bogus narrative, and that many of your beloved “good guys” were just as quick to blow the creep as everyone else?

    Does it bother you that this guy had a reputation for hurting underage girls dating back to the 1980s, before many of us were born, and that no one did anything about it? But a couple of actresses freak out when they realize the guy they thought they were conning was actually conning them, and then, and only then, does the music stop.

    That’s the story. That India’s life has value, that Sarah’s life has value, but the lives of the women and girls who either shot themselves or drowned or God knows what else, their lives meant nothing to the authorities or the press, because they weren’t rich or famous or Vogue material. And if their lives had counted, not a single thing that everyone on this site bickers about, myself included, would have ever happened.

    NYS is a trash state. The police, the schools, the bureaucrats, the people with inherited money and inherited occupations, who were all born on third and act like they hit a grand slam every time they make contact with the ball..the worst of the worst. And it’s off limits for discussion, as if KR exists independently of the state he grew up in and isn’t a picture perfect representation of that state.

    Was it this blog that reported that daddy Gillibrand was a NXIVM lobbyist who married his cousin to keep her away from KR? If this was a hillbilly family in a red state, everyone in the country would know about it and ridicule that backwards family. But hey, it’s New York, and they have class, so off limits! So nice of NYS royalty to let the guy run wild until a pair of the right kind of people got hurt.

    • Dear Kevin,

      I have as much interest in reading this verbose comment as I do wiping my ass with sandpaper. Your time would be better spent learning the fine craft of taxidermy from ShadowState. He makes the very best Cankle Bookends.

    • Suneel don’t try to be funny. It’s really not a gift that you possess.

      Also you are too wordy.

      Both are symptoms of your arrogance.

      Get an EM from an unlicensed therapist to work through your writing issues. STAT!

  • The DOS manual is all the evidence you need. Cult is written everywhere. Doesn’t even try to hide it.

    If they had half a brain they would have burned it all never to be seen again. Do the DOS women fail to see this?

    If so, they’re a true danger to society.

  • Hey Frank.

    If you’re gonna be a pussy and not approve my other posts from earlier (where I responded to your lame claim about Alonzo not being Claviger) —- then at least approve this post, to make it CLEAR that I never said Alonzo was Claviger, LOL.

    Alonzo and Claviger hate each other. Of course they are not the same person. lol.

    I was merely saying that I’m not sure if Alonzo realizes that Claviger is communicating here using a 2nd persona.

    If you wanna keep that persona hidden from other readers then so be it, but at least let me clarify what I meant. 🙂

      • Leave Bangkok alone Frank!

        Bangkok has “issues” like Kim and Heidi. It’s not funny to pick on the mentally ill. . Frank you’re not in middle school.

        I’m leaving the Frank Report! I’m changing my Email too!

        You’re a bully Frank!

        • If I promise not to insult Bangkok anymore. I had to reject his last comment anyway.

          It began: Have you ever noticed that it’s only ‘perfect’ people murdered or killed in horrific accidents?

          “He was the perfect son” or “She was the perfect daughter.”

          “Such a tragic accident, they were the perfect family.”

          “They died together, the perfect couple till the end.”

          Makes me glad I abuse my kids and beat up my wife.

  • All that blather about principles just to distract them from realizing a malicious jackass was the principal player in this farce. I still think the only classes that shoulda been required were spelling and reading comprehension – as in recognizing trash when you read it. Frank – your response was gold though! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Frank, I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out who KR Claviger is. LOL.

    He was an attorney, yes, but never a full time attorney (that’s what threw me off, since Claviger claimed to be a retired defense attorney, which he was lying about).

    It’s doubtful he was ever a ‘defense attorney’ for any length of time, before he retired. It certainly wasn’t his ‘main career’.

    I just wonder if Alonzo realizes who Claviger really is —– cuz I think he might be friendly with Claviger’s other (real) persona. LOL.

    Just end the charade, Frank.

    End the fake ‘Claviger’ persona —– and just have your buddy post under his real name only now, which he’s already doing anyway. 🙂

      • My best understanding of Claviger is that he is unlikely to be a he, but is probably a she, or possibly a they.

        • If you knew who she was, Bangkok would be mortified. But Claviger does not want Bangkok to know. It’s good he is on the wrong scent.

          Claviger’s direct comment to me was, “When I see Bangkok’s face, there is nothing I would change – except the direction I am walking in. Thank God he thinks I am Joe O’Hara.”

      • Of course he’s not Alonzo. The 2 of them hate each other. LOL.

        Frank loves using humor to deflect. LOL.

        Frank, you have one friend who matches ALL of these criteria:

        He’s retired now.
        He’s quite old.
        He was a lawyer.
        He graduated from Cornell way back when Blakey taught there.
        He’s the most rabidly liberal person on this site.

        Guess what? Only one person wrote a letter to Nancy’s judge which confirmed this data about his bio —– along with another comment that said Nancy’s breast cancer was ‘justice’ from a higher power (which confirms his identity 100%)

        In case you forgot, Claviger made a very similar comment about me —— by saying that if there’s any justice in the world, me and my family would be stricken with COVID (and presumably die, since there was no vaccine available at that time). LOL.

        Just tell Claviger to start adding his real name onto his Claviger moniker —- so that other people will finally know that he’s LYING about being a life-long defense attorney.

        I thought the TRUTH is always fair here. No?

        Nothing wrong with anonymity, but lying about his ‘main’ profession is kinda deceitful (especially when his legal opinions are trusted by many people here).

        Just tell people the truth. That Claviger was NEVER a life-long defense attorney and was never even a full-time attorney.

        Have a good day. 🙂

      • Stop deflecting, Frank.

        Redditors have already disclosed his real name anyway.

        That’s what led to me to read his letter to the court, which confirmed it 100% for me.

        Why bother hiding it?

        • I was told Claviger’s real name is Alfonso Toscano.

          He, Paulu Pasqualina, Pirtinaci ‘Wheels’ Di Salvo, Marco Vincenza, and Tommaso Orazio work together as a unit. They know where you live.

      • Stop deflecting, Frank.

        Alonzo and Claviger hate each other —- so it’s safe to say that Alonzo is not Claviger. LOL.

        Since Frank is deflecting here and trying to change the subject…

        Claviger has another persona on FrankReport using his real name.

        He’s a retired attorney but was NEVER a life-long defense attorney, nor was he even a full-time attorney.

        • Bangkok, you have been commenting on Frank Report for a long time. And I know you as one of the finest commentators. Besides that, I’m delighted you have all these comments that fill space, because you’re fresh, you’re funny. You’re great, and I want you to know something from my heart. I never liked you.

      • I have two questions about JJ O’Hara as “K.R. Claviger” which you know the answer to Frank, and you still seem willing to still lie about:

        1. Does JJ O’Hara speak or write Spanish?

        2. Does he live in the Seattle area?

        Thanks Buddy!

        I know you believe the truth is always fair.


        • Your use of the word “lie” is errant. What lie are you referring to?

          What I don’t understand is why are you asking me about O’Hara or Claviger? Ask them yourself.

          Now you know, I joke around a lot – and sometimes I think you don’t get that I am joking. So I will use a gag that Rudyard Kipling used — so you’ll know when I am not pulling your leg — “If I tell you something three times, then it’s true.”

          That’s a joke, Alanzo.

        • I speculate we are about to witness the miraculous FR return of Shivani. She’ll realize there is something to work with beyond the embarrassing game that Clav dealt. (Didn’t niceguy once say “Joe is the most handsome old-azz man whose ever caused me to send my fleshlight through the dishwasher.”)

    • You are observant young Bangkok-

      One is haughty and has a career and the other is pompous and has nothing.

  • Ahaha Frank ! Reminds me of the post about data you wrote a while ago 😄 We have to remember those ladies were probably not eating, not sleeping much and competing with each other for the blue light even before the formation of DOS. Its impossible for healthy minded people to take this seriously. Raniere is ugly, lazy, boring and can barely write. He does a copy and paste collage of several books / cults / religions and the result is just a vague mess.

  • Brilliant breakdown of Raniere’s true obfuscated objective.


    I hope Alonzo takes note.

    At the moment, Alonzo is defending the pedophile and rapist R. Kelly. Alonzo believes the FBI framed R. Kelly.

    ALONZO believes all women and children lie about being sexually abused! ALONZO is RAPIST defender.

    ALONZO Stainfield RAPE supporter:

    Read the whole post before Alonzo deletes it!!!

    • “ALONZO believes all women and children lie about being sexually abused! ALONZO is RAPIST defender.”

      [redacted] “Nice Guy” [redacted] is a stupid, drunk, rich white trash hysterical liar who is what?

      Married to Joe O’Hara???



  • Mr. Parlato,

    I have been asked by several people to inquire to you about why you are not posting Patriot God’s comments to people again?

    Shouldn’t you be respecting his first amendment?

    Also these people commented to him first. Isn’t is fair that he would be able to respond to the accusations set before him?

    Do you honestly think that it’s fair or moral to allow only a one-sided conversation about him and him not be able to respond?

    Must I remind you that’s why you made this site so that NXVIM couldn’t have a monologue about you and that you could defend yourself.

    With that being said, shouldn’t treat others the way that you want to be treated?

    I urge you to please stop pendulum swinging on allowing his right to free speech and just allow him his rights that noble men throughout this country’s history have shed their blood and sacrificed their opportunities for families, wellbeing, and happiness for him to have whether you like him or not. If you will not respect him, then at least have the morals to respect the soldiers who died to give him his free speech. For by not doing so, you blaspheme their deaths and spit in their graves.

    Thank you.


    • Readers, Mr. McBlack says no one else may respond to his comment other than me. I cannot prevent anyone from expressing their free speech, but it is possible that you may earn the wrath of the unhappy man who uses the moniker Patriot God.

      • “Readers, Mr. McBlack says no one else may respond to his comment other than me.”

        Yes I have requested that people don’t butt in when I’m trying to talk to another person that doesn’t concern them. Let’s not use this to evade the the main question at hand.

        “I cannot prevent anyone from expressing their free speech”

        Mr. Parlato, with all due respect, that is NOT TRUE. The whole reason that I’m inquiring of you right now is about why you are preventing Patriot God’s free speech, yet again?

        You DO prevent people’s free speech all the time.

        Let’s not get into this petty squabble about me asking other commenters trying to pick a fight with me not to harass me while you use that short note to evade my inquiry and just deal straight with me about what I asked you about and please stay on topic.

        Thank you kindly.

        • Mr. McBlack, can you confirm or deny the following story? It speaks to bias.

          When Patriot God was young, he identified with his assigned race. But one day he donned whiteface with some flour. He was proud and showed his mother.

          He expected praise when he said, “Look Momma, I’m a white boy.”

          His mother reacted the opposite of what he expected.

          She slapped him hard on the face and said, “Boy, go show your Daddy.”

          Little Patriot God went into the living room and said, “Look Daddy, I’m a white boy.” His Daddy slapped him on the face and said, “little Pat, show your grandmother what you’ve done.”

          So Patty God went to see his grandma and said, “Look Granny, I’m a white boy.”

          She slapped him on the face and sent him back to his mother.

          His mother said when she saw his white flour face marred with hand prints, “Well, did you learn something from all this?”

          Patriot God shook his head and said, “I sure did. I’ve only been a white boy for five minutes and I already hate you black people”.

          And this was what started Patriot God’s anti-black campaign.

          • Once again, Mr. Parlato, you’re playing games.

            I implore you to once again please deal straight about this issue.

            Thank you.

          • Hey George,

            I would like to apologize on behalf of all Frank Report to you.

            You are always very polite and Frank never treats you with the same mutual respect.

            You have to understand that Frank was born mentally retarded and has severe autism. As you can imagine this all heavily affects his socials skills and comprehension skills to your sound arguments.

            He also has Asperger’s Syndrome and ADD which you can see kicking in with his most recent comment to you.

            Hopefully after Frank takes his OWN medicine for once and gets some proper medical treatment for himself and grows up, he can finally reciprocate with you like a normal human being with the slightest amount of intelligence.

            Hopefully by then, Al-Fatso’s Mom will have gotten him more Ring Dings from the store for his room in her basement so he will be preoccupied and his pms finally be pacified and you won’t have to deal his bullshit anymore either when Frank can actually talk.

            Just keep in mind that you’re dealing with two very “special” people that are more “special” than Special K.

            Proceed with caution and don’t have high expectations with properly interacting with them.

    • “If you will not respect him, then at least have the morals to respect the soldiers who died to give him his free speech. For by not doing so, you blaspheme their deaths and spit in their graves.”

      An American soldier died so you and Patriot God could be cruel, intolerant, racist pieces of shit, denigrating your fellow American citizens with rhetoric designed to erode and nullify all our civil liberties?

      Which one?

      You blaspheme the deaths of American heroes by co-opting their noble sacrifice for your own pretended status.

      America is a mix of human beings from all cultures and races around the world. Your pin-headed intolerance for people who look and believe differently from you has way lower value to our country than others who are tolerant.

      I’m glad Frank doesn’t let Patriot God’s posts through.

      I sprinkle your victimy racist tears over the dog shit in my back yard.


      • Why do you have dog s*** in your backyard? Clean it up you disgusting filthy barbaric pedophile apologist

      • “An American soldier died so you and Patriot God could be cruel, intolerant, racist pieces of shit, denigrating your fellow American citizens with rhetoric designed to erode and nullify all our civil liberties?”

        Here we go again, Mr. Parlato! Because of your immaturity, now I have to deal with two dumbasses! ☝🏻Thanks a lot, Mr. Parlato! 🤦🏻‍♂️

        First of all Mr. Alanzo,

        I am not a part of his belief system! I am only a fly on the wall! But I will defend his free speech as I will defend yours despite you being so stupid that you don’t even know what you’re talking about!

        YES! Free speech MEANS FREE SPEECH! No matter how “cruel”, “racist”, “denigrating”, offensive, anger and outrage provoking it is! YES EVERYBODY STILL HAS FREE SPEECH! If you don’t like that, then you either ignore the person or win them over with debate in the battle of ideas! CENSORSHIP IS NEVER THE AMERICAN OPTION!!!!! EVER!!!

        So “which one”, you ask?! ALL FREE SPEECH!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

        “You blaspheme the deaths of American heroes by co-opting their noble sacrifice for your own pretended status.”

        Speak for yourself! You are the one who truly blasphemes their deaths by encouraging Mr. Parlato’s Orwellian System of “approved” speech!

        “America is a mix of human beings from all cultures and races around the world. Your pin-headed intolerance for people who look and believe differently from you has way lower value to our country than others who are tolerant.”

        I’m not here to debate that! All I will do accurately portray Patriot God’s political beliefs to you (because it isn’t rocket science to read and figure out what he believes, expect to you and Mr. Parlato).

        Patriot God believes that the founding fathers ONLY wanted white Anglo-Saxons here! NOBODY ELSE! He believes America was “never meant to be a 24/7 happy hour at Las Vegas do everybody” like he says.

        He believes that High Elite Marxist Jews (ZOG) are using immigration as a strategy and hatred of white people in media and accuse people of “racism” who want what the founding fathers originally wanted to bully the patriots into letting them overthrow all European countries by creating a melding pot of different ideas and cultures that would throw everybody into confusion and forsake the original vision of this country that the founding fathers established.

        He believes (which I do have to agree with this one as a historical fact) that all countries all throughout history were established by race and culture and had very strict rules about allowing immigrants in. All countries understood that it would destroy the country if races and cultures were not separated and only focused on their country as a priority and not other countries. And when ever tyrants wanted to overthrow a country, they would use hyper immigration to overthrow their political systems and values into chaos to weaken them.

        Now if you have a problem with what he believes, then go debate him (even it won’t be a fair fight anyways because all Mr. Parlato will do is censor and/or redact his replies so it’s only a monologue then hop on TV and claim to “adamantly support free speech” while his system is more draconian and Orwellian than Big Tech itself)! Don’t come crying to me who has ZERO opinions on this and is a bystander! The only thing I agree on is the last point because that is an actual historical fact. Whether you like it or not, that’s what all countries believed all throughout history!

        This “we gotta blend everybody together” mentality, is a very new idea that isn’t even a century old! Like or hate it, I don’t care! That’s the facts! Now you can not like that most countries believed that all throughout history, but that doesn’t make their beliefs historically false!

        We can debate political and ethical philosophy about this all you want, but that is the historically consistent worldview no matter if you love it or hate it! Sorry!

        This doesn’t mean that I side with Patriot God! I’m just objectively calling a spade a spade.

        “I’m glad Frank doesn’t let Patriot God’s posts through.”

        I’m sure you are because you’re an anti-U.S. Constitution piece of shit! You cry enough to him like little bitch about censorship constantly like the fucking pussy ass traitor because you can’t get your panties out of your ass! You’re fucking pathetic!

        I also know you all are too afraid to debate him because to be honest, even though I don’t agree with everything he says, I have to be honest, unlike you all, and admit that he is very intelligent and would kick all of your asses if he debated you!

        “I sprinkle your victimy racist tears over the dog shit in my back yard.”

        Even though I’m not “racist”, I’m sure you do “sprinkle tears over the dog shit in [your] backyard”, then you go sprinkle that on your Ring Dings to eat along the rest the bullshit you believe and try to shove it down the throats of others who don’t like you, you disgusting fat fuck!

        Even though a lot people don’t like Patriot God here, NOBODY likes you, Mr. Alanzo!

        So if you want to censor somebody because they’re obnoxious or a “piece of shit”, then start crying to Mr. Parlato about censoring you as the catalyst for “denigrating your fellow American citizens with rhetoric designed to erode and nullify all our civil liberties“, you stupid projector!

        Now I was talking to Mr. Parlato! NOT YOU!

        So if you will kindly please shut the fuck up and fuck off, I’d greatly appreciate it!

        Please and thank you!

          • “I am glad you got that out of your system, Mr. McBlack. I hope you feel better.”

            Mr. Parlato,

            I would “feel better” if you could act like an adult and answer what I’ve inquired about you and stop dragging this out while Alanzo is on a pms without his Ring Dings to cope with it!

            After you’ve taken your medication can you please try to answer what I’ve addressed to you like a man without any hint of evasion or cowardice?

            Please and thank you.

          • You’re right. Ring dings are round chocolate hand cakes with cream inside. Dipped in chocolate, these small cakes are a dream act come true. In fact, there’s something racially harmonic about finding your way through the black coating, to the brown cake, to the creamier white center. I hear Patriot God only eats the white center.

          • “You’re right. Ring dings are round chocolate hand cakes with cream inside. Dipped in chocolate, these small cakes are a dream act come true. In fact, there’s something racially harmonic about finding your way through the black coating, to the brown cake, to the creamier white center. I hear Patriot God only eats the white center.”

            Mr. Parlato,

            I have been very respectful to you. Why can’t you show the same respect to me when I inquire to you a simple question?! Can you please be serious and not keep abusing me like this?!

            Thank you,

          • You are right, Mr. McBlack. I did all the talking. I am deeply embarrassed.

            Let’s hear from you.

            Which do you like better Ring Dings or Ding Dongs?

          • “You are right, Mr. McBlack. I did all the talking. I am deeply embarrassed.

            Let’s hear from you.

            Which do you like better Ring Dings or Ding Dongs?”

            I want you to answer MY questions and stop mocking this situation and stop being disrespectful!

          • Mr. Alanzo,

            You cannot even spell my name right but continue to argue with me.

            Love how you use Wikipedia in an argument!

            Karl Popper is a foreigner and therefore has no say on U.S. Constitution.

            Very funny how you continue to use outsiders and defend outsiders on dictating on how this country should be!

            Whether you love or hate Patriot God (which believe me! I know you hate him and cry about him constantly!), at least he refers to what the founding fathers say and not somebody who tries to redefine the American Vision by creating a hodgepodge of Conservatism, Liberalism, and Libertarianism! His Frankenstein of a political philosophy would have our founding fathers rolling over in their graves if it were truly adhered to!

            That is your error and why YOU are the true “idiot”!

            You are clueless about what country YOU live in! That’s why you have to run to somebody like Karl Popper to justify your malarkey!

            Now, like I said before! Please leave me alone! All you’re doing is making even more of an idiot out of yourself than everybody knows that you are here on Frank Report!

            Go have some Ring Dings and mind your own business!

            Thank you kindly!

          • Alonzo still trying to post gay bondage pics?

            LMAO @ you!

            I doubt the Frank Report editors will let that fly.

            I’ve never been to one of those websites — apparently you’re a aficionado. It must of taken you a millennia to find the right pic. I bet it was a labor of love.

          • My lying has come to and end…

            LMAO @ U!

            Yah took down your posts wacko!

            Alonzo I can’t decide if your duplicitous or delusional. Pickup your medication from CVS.



    From heiress to criminal: How Clare Bronfman financed a cult
    Heiress spent nearly $150 million on the group NXIVM, whose members have been charged with sex trafficking, fraud, and extortion
    Will Yakowicz, August 13, 2022

    It was 4 p.m. on Good Friday 2019 and Clare Bronfman stood before a judge in a federal courtroom in Brooklyn already knowing her fate.

    She had cut a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to criminal charges related to her role as an executive board member of the NXIVM group, a cult that federal prosecutors describe as a deeply manipulative pyramid scheme that forced slavery-like conditions on some members. Others were allegedly coerced into having sex with NXIVM founder Keith Raniere.

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    But Bronfman, who turned 40 a few days earlier, often looked perplexed during the hearings, wearing a white and blue scarf as she cast glances at reporters and other onlookers who entered the courtroom. It is as if she asked herself the same question that most people who attended the trial asked themselves: how did an heiress to the multi-billion dollar fortune of the Canadian Seagram group become the centerpiece of a group that became known as a sex cult?

    Bronfman, who declined to speak to Forbes, agreed to pay $6 million to the U.S. federal government and plead guilty to criminal charges of harboring an illegal alien and defrauding the identity of a deceased person. Had she gone to trial, she could have been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

    Many observers saw the deal as a good deal, considering that she has invested approximately $150 million in NXIVM since 2002. In 2020, she was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison.

    As she addressed the judge, her voice, modulated by a typical British accent, was almost inaudible. The gallery of journalists leaned in, lifting their ears to listen.

    “Your Honor, I have received a great gift from my grandfather and my father,” Bronfman said. “With the gift comes an immense privilege and, more importantly, a tremendous responsibility. It doesn’t come the ability to break the law; it comes with a greater responsibility to uphold the law. I have failed to uphold the laws set forth by this country and for that I am truly sorry.”

    But it was this “great gift,” their enormous wealth, that made the Bronfman sisters irresistible targets for the group’s rising guru, Keith Raniere, who has been tried on seven criminal charges that include conspiracy to extort, sex trafficking, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

    Raniere, who was contacted through his lawyer, did not respond to our questions. The guru was sentenced on June 19, 2019. The sum of the sentences, handed down in September 2020, is 120 years in prison.

    The Billionaire’s Daughters
    Clare and Sara are the two youngest daughters of the late billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr. who retired from his positions as president and CEO of the Seagram Company in 1994. Edgar Sr. died in 2013 and had five children, including Edgar Bronfman Jr. from his first marriage, who took over his father’s company.

    After Edgar Sr. and his third wife, Rita “Georgiana” Webb divorced (for the second time) in the 1990s, the girls spent their childhood in England studying in boarding schools and visiting their mother, who lived in Kenya, during vacations.

    When Clare was a sophomore in high school, she moved to boarding school in Connecticut, but dropped out the following year to live with her father in Virginia. She never finished high school, but became a talented rider.

    In 2002, Sara, who was not charged with involvement in the crimes allegedly committed by NXIVM members, began taking classes at the headquarters of a self-improvement group near Albany, New York.

    Founded by Raniere and a nurse named Nancy Salzman in 1998, the center offered coaching classes mixed with some neurolinguistic programming and group therapy techniques. Beginners usually took a five-day intensive course.

    The students called Raniere “Vanguard” or “Grandmaster” and referred to Salzman as “Prefect.” NXIVM made bold claims about his practices. Raniere said that his “technology,” which he trademarked as “Rational Investigation Method,” was able to decrease symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome, teach children to speak up to 13 languages, and help college students increase their “moral decision-making capacity.”

    The group began to attract the attention of influential people. Among the 17,000 students who have attended NXIVM classes or workshops are Sheila Johnson, co-founder of Black Entertainment Television; Antonia Novello, former U.S. Surgeon General; and Stephen Cooper, now CEO of Warner Music Group. (Sara and Clare also organized a NXIVM event on an island owned by billionaire Richard Branson, who is a friend of the two.)

    Sara convinced Clare, who was 23 and competing in equestrian competitions, to join the group, and soon they were paying Salzman for coaching services. Clare bought a house near the NXIVM headquarters in Clifton Park, New York State, and a horse farm in the area so that she could continue training.

    In between lessons, she competed in tournaments. Eventually, Clare abandoned her sponsor, a German clothing company, and opted to wear a purple and black jacket emblazoned with “NXIVM.” As she began to win tournaments, rumors that she was part of an odd group in Albany began to spread in the riding community.

    It was then that Raniere began to take an interest in Clare, say former cult members. With no riding experience, he began training her to be on the U.S. Olympic team. “They encouraged her to compete because Keith thought that if Clare made it to the Olympics he would become known as a great trainer around the world, gain fame, and be exposed to the Olympic world,” says Barbara Bouchey, who was one of the leaders of NXIVM and Raniere’s girlfriend before she left the group in 2009. Bouchey says he remembers watching Clare compete with Salzman and Raniere. After making the U.S. team but failing to qualify for the 2004 Olympics, Clare eventually gave up the sport.

    In early 2003, her daughters’ new obsession caught the attention of Edgar Bronfman Sr. who enrolled in a five-day intensive course at NXIVM. “One of the reasons he took the workshop was because he saw the two of them evolve and grow over the course of a few months,” says Bouchey. “He was intrigued.” Before long, he also became a supporter, and offered a statement that referred to Salzman as “one of the most influential women in my life.”

    Edgar Bronfman Sr’s enthusiasm didn’t last long. He became suspicious after he discovered that Clare had lent $2 million to Raniere and Salzman. He stopped attending classes. “He was afraid that Keith and Nancy would clean out his daughters’ money,” says Bouchey.

    Then, in 2003, when Forbes published a critical report on Raniere and the group, explaining that while the group seemed to exploit the “high-profit fad of executive coaching,” critics saw a “darker, more manipulative side” of Raniere. And the cover story included a heavy-handed accusation from Edgar Sr.: “I think it’s a cult.”

    The article had immediate repercussions. Raniere, according to Bouchey, blamed Clare for the report, saying that she should never have told her father about the loan. Raniere became convinced that Mr. Bronfman had hired a “double agent” to infiltrate NXIVM and gather information that could hurt the group, Bouchey says,

    From that point on, Raniere would claim that Clare had committed an “ethical violation” – a cardinal sin in the world of NXIVM, explains another former member. The scathing criticism from her father and the unwanted attention the article attracted would be used against her in the years to come, former members say.

    In a January 6, 2011 email exchange that was introduced as evidence at Raniere’s trial, Edgar Sr. tried to explain to his daughter that he was not funding the group’s haters.

    “Whether you believe me or not, I am not lying and I love you both very much,” Edgar Sr. wrote to Clare. “Someone is not telling you the truth. Why don’t you try to find out who that might be? Who has something to gain? Certainly not me. What would my motivation be?”

    He signs off, “Tons of love, even if unrequited, Daddy.” The relationship between Clare and her father would be strained until his death in 2013.

    “Purifying” Seagram’s legacy
    According to Steve Pigeon – who along with noted consultant Roger Stone, worked for NXIVM as a political consultant – Raniere had convinced Clare that her family’s money was bad and that she had to purify it by spending it on ethical things, like NXIVM.

    Samuel Bronfman, Clare’s grandfather, made his family’s fortune thanks to the US Prohibition, he recalled. The Canadian whiskey distiller settled on the US-Canadian border and made millions when US distilleries began to fail.

    Both sisters, according to former members, saw their financial support for NXIVM as a way to clean up their fortunes and leave their own philanthropic legacy. “The girls took on a role feeling that they could make a difference in the world, and it became a very important career for them,” says Bouchey.

    Over time, it was Clare who became most deeply involved with the organization. In documents filed with the court, prosecutors say that Clare supported Raniere financially over the years, “providing him with millions of dollars and paying for travel on private planes that cost approximately $65,000.00 per flight.”

    A large portion of the money – estimated at about $50 million, says Peter Skolnik, a lawyer who fought NXIVM for years – was also used to sue the cult’s enemies, both real ones and those who were viewed that way by Raniere.

    After she stopped competing in horse racing, Clare wrote (on her defunct website) that her role in NXIVM was focused on “areas of law” and “corporate ethics.” Over 15 years, it is estimated that she hired 50 to 60 lawyers from 30 different firms to sue nearly a dozen critics of NXIVM, Skolnik says.

    Clare also funded two frivolous cases against AT&T and Microsoft, alleging that the companies infringed Raniere’s intellectual property. (He lost and was ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover the companies’ legal fees.)

    “NXIVM was a litigation machine,” says Rick Ross, the well-known cult expert who defended himself in an epic lawsuit filed by the group that lasted 14 years. “Clare’s bank account was being sucked dry by lawyers and lawsuits. If you put in a list all the times they hired a lawyer to defend them or sue someone, $50 million doesn’t seem like such an exorbitant amount.”

    At least three people who defended themselves against NXIVM’s aggressive legal strategy – former member Bouchey, former consultant Joseph O’Hara, and another of Raniere’s ex-girlfriends, Toni Natalie – ended up filing for personal bankruptcy protection, according to public court documents.

    NXIVM also unsuccessfully sued journalists who exposed Raniere’s secrets. One of the targets was James Odato, an investigative journalist for New York’s Times Union who did revealing coverage; as did Suzanna Andrews of Vanity Fair for a lengthy report published in 2010; and others.

    Clare Bronfman’s generosity also protected Raniere from his bad investment decisions. Between 2005 and 2007, the supposed guru, who liked to brag about having one of the highest IQs in the world, lost nearly $70 million on a bet on the corn commodities market. According to Pigeon, who was working for Clare and NXIVM at the time, Raniere claimed that the commodities market was controlled by the Illuminati, who were led by Edgar Bronfman Sr.

    Clare and Sara covered about $65 million that Raniere had lost, says Pigeon.

    In 2007, the Bronfman sisters spent more than $26 million on a real estate project designed by Raniere to build and sell expensive homes in prime neighborhoods like Sherman Oaks and the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California.

    In 2007, the Bronfman sisters spent over $26 million on a Los Angeles real estate project cooked up by Raniere to build and sell expensive homes in posh neighborhoods like Sherman Oaks and Hollywood Hills.

    “In the end, I realized that Keith was in control,” says Pigeon, who worked for NXIVM from 2003 to 2011. “She [Clare] was his devotee and gave Keith everything he needed.”

    Scars, sexual abuse, and private imprisonment
    In addition to funding projects, the Bronfmans’ wealth and social status played a crucial role in building Nxivm’s credibility. The sisters even spent $2 million to persuade the Dalai Lama to visit Albany in 2009 and meet Raniere in person.

    For years, this strategy worked. But the local press began publishing several reports critical of NXIVM, and the negative coverage turned into a storm that could not be ignored in October 2017, when the New York Times published an article detailing the alleged horrors of a small, elite inner circle within NXIVM called DOS, an acronym for “dominus obsequious sororium,” or imperfect Latin for “master over submissive women.”

    Described as a female empowerment group within NXIVM, the DOS allegedly required its recruits, called “slaves,” to provide nude photos to their “masters” and other potentially damaging information as collateral, according to information in a New York Times report that was also used by federal prosecutors and corroborated by witnesses at hearings.

    Some women in DOS were branded with Raniere’s initials using a cauterizing pen. Allison Mack, the actress from the TV series “Smallville” and a longtime member of NXIVM and DOS, would later tell the New York Times Magazine that burning the letters on the women’s bodies had been her idea.

    Some of the “slaves” were often forced to have sex with Raniere to show their commitment to the group. They were expected to follow their “master’s” orders and recruit other women, prosecutors said.

    The “slaves” were required to follow strict diets and instructed to keep their pubic hair long to suit Vanguard’s personal taste. The New York Times described an “initial marking ceremony” in which six members were asked to undress and lie on a massage table while chanting “Master, please mark me, it would be an honor” and being forcibly held down by the other women.

    In response to the newspaper reports, Raniere issued a statement to NXIVM members in which he denied his involvement with DOS and claimed that he had hired investigators to ensure that group members were not being abused or coerced.

    In the court cases, prosecutors claim that various forms of abuse took place within the DOS. Mack, who pleaded guilty to several extortion charges in March 2019, admitted to recruiting women to become “slaves” and collecting their “collateral,” which included explicit photos of themselves and videotaped confessions of various crimes.

    In their case against Raniere, prosecutors allege that he sexually assaulted two underage girls and committed what appear to be acts of severe psychological torture, including allegedly telling one woman that she should remain in his room – where she stayed for nearly two years – to remedy an “ethical violation” she had committed.

    Raniere denied the abuse charges and claimed that all of his relationships with DOS members were consensual.

    Prosecutors did not charge Clare with being a DOS member or committing sex trafficking. Clare was initially indicted on charges of extortion, identity theft and money laundering. She was to be tried along with Raniere and the other co-defendants, including Mack, Nancy Salzman and her daughter Lauren, and longtime NXIVM accountant Kathy Russell. But all the women have cut deals with the prosecution in which they pleaded guilty to some charges in exchange for lighter sentences.

    Documents presented to the US courts suggest that prosecutors were prepared to present evidence that Clare was in a sexual relationship with Raniere and that she helped facilitate his access to the women.

    On the first day of Raniere’s trial, a woman identified only as a former DOS member named “Sylvie” gave testimony. She described how Clare hired her, at the age of 18, to help maintain his stables and took her to NXIVM, paying for her classes. She stated that she was later recruited as a DOS “slave” by another member of the group, Monica, who instructed her to meet Raniere and do whatever he asked. When Sylvie met Raniere, he told her to lie on a bed and performed oral sex on her, Sylvie claimed.

    Clare Bronfman’s final battle
    After the New York Times article was published in 2017, the Federal Bureau of Investigation began interviewing victims and witnesses, and Raniere soon fled to Mexico. He stopped using his phone and communicated only through encrypted emails, according to prosecutors.

    In February 2018, an arrest warrant was issued in the U.S. A month later, federal police in Mexico found Raniere hiding inside a closet at a luxury resort outside Puerto Vallarta with several women, including Mack.

    Even as authorities began to close in, Clare Bronfman remained loyal. On December 14, 2017, Clare posted a statement on her website: “Some have asked me why I remain a member and why I still support NXIVM and Keith Raniere. The answer is simple: I have seen so much good come from our programs and from Keith himself.”

    “It would be a tragedy to lose the innovative and transformative ideas and tools that continue to improve the lives of so many people,” he said.

    In the following months, Mack, the Salzmans, Russell and Clare Bronfman were indicted and arrested. Clare was released on $100 million bail, of which $25 million was paid in cash from one of her trust funds and another $25 million in real estate pledged as collateral, including the island she owns in Fiji.

    Clare’s loyalty to Raniere and the group seemed unwavering after her arrest. According to public records, Clare established an irrevocable trust to pay the legal fees of Raniere and the other co-defendants.

    But little by little the facade of a united family began to crack. In March 2019, with pressure mounting around the next hearing, Nancy Salzman pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy.

    The reality and weight of the charges seemed to wear Clare down. During a hearing on March 27, Judge Nicholas Garaufis asked Clare if she had consulted the famous – and suddenly notorious – attorney Michael Avenatti. She had. Just a few days before the hearing, Avenatti had been indicted on charges that he tried to extort $20 million from Nike.

    The judge also asked Clare if she had read reports that indicated that Mark Geragos, the heiress’ lead attorney, was Avenatti’s unidentified co-conspirator. According to reports, Clare’s face turned pale and she fainted. The judge eventually adjourned the hearing and rescheduled the proceedings.

    The next day, Judge Garaufis asked if Clare was fully recovered. “I am. Thank you,” she said. “Honestly, I was really scared yesterday.” Days later, she agreed to cut a deal with the prosecution.

  • Frank,

    Will you please gift your loyal readers with a more in-depth reporting on “One Asian”?

    It sounds so deeply crazy. There’s stuff laid out in the civil suit and other court documents about Keith’s belief that Asian women were perfect humans.

    Please, please do a post on this topic.

    It’s long overdue.

    Personally the celebrities involved in the doomed project don’t interest this reader as much as the bizarre philosophy and racism that Keith was promoting.

    Thank you,

      • Frank, there is A LOT of “information that has not been reported on” by you.

        Most people came to your site to learn about the NXIVM sex cult, and how it devolved into DOS. But you have dropped the ball on most pre-DOS craziness that “laid” the foundation for DOS. As an investigative reporter, please use your vast network of sources to reveal more facts about One Asian, SOP, GBD, Jness, etc, that were mind-fucking NXIVM members well before DOS.

        You could have your own documentary series on HBO is you pick up the ball and run with it.

  • Strictly speaking that’s not word salad, it’s a tautology.

    “One of the greatest principles of all is the principle of all principles.”

    A tautology is saying the same thing twice. As in defining a term by the term itself. The quoted sentence is perfectly comprehensible, but it’s nonsense. It literally says one of the greatest principles of all is the greatest principle.

    Well yeah. So?

    Raniere is trying to sound profound while conveying nothing at all. That was his schtick. It impressed his dumbass followers, a bunch of silly half-educated young women unacquainted with, and hostile toward, rigorous rational thought. “Emotional intelligence” was their deal.

    Raniere’s verbal sloshings sounded vaguely like philosophy to these halfwits. So it was good enough for them.

    Plus, they wanted to be told what to do. What to think. They equated that with “personal growth” and “self actualization”

    They were, and are, that stupid. Surprise surprise, they got burned.

    Like the philosopher said, there ain’t no cure for stupid.

    • The laws are also supposed to protect the stupid, semi-literate, naive, etc. It does. No one should be disadvantaged by the fact that others lie to them, cheat them, and know how to harm them just because they have a clever scam that others don’t see through. Crimes are crimes, no matter against whom they are committed. The fact that Keith Raniere has found easier victims for his crimes among these does not exonerate him at all.

    • Hey Sausage Party! How are you?

      “Strictly speaking that’s not word salad, it’s a tautology.”

      Strictly speaking, “word salad” is an informal hypernym.

      Look it up!

      There is a cure for hubris. Don’t be a dolt.

    • Nah, it’s not really a tautology.

      It’s an attempt to sound deep (like you said) with word salad, but really only saying something like “One ring to rule them all [other rings]”.

      A principle is something foundational and roots things, and so one cannot go “below” them. Other things are derived from them, analogously like the trunk, branches, leaves, fruits, etc., from the tree’s roots.

  • This is a joke.
    Frank, you’re not playing a joke on us right?

    It doesn’t matter. It’s a joke. No matter who wrote it it’s a joke Keith, had to have meant it as a joke as well.

    A joke on the people he was allegedly leading and teaching but still a joke.

    Thank you so much for sharing it, Frank. It’s been a long wait but I think the people who read your blog will agree, it has been worth it.

    Curious that the eight remaining DOS slave women loyalists do not share these brilliant words on their own dossier slave project social media.

    It’s almost as if they know it is a joke. A person would have to be so completely lost or completely blackmailed to even try to make sense of these teachings. It is still funny but it is also very sad.

  • sorry Aristotle for entering your lane and revealing your principle behind all principles – (that can be conveyed in language at least!)

    so -Aristotles 3 laws of Thought – deemed fundemental, as in necessary, to the integrity of every word uttered in human rational language, without which – no sense, let alone, principles. Raniere’s bs reads like laws of thought for a peat-bog. Swampy and full of hidden shallows like that cute hippy (buddhist wisdom?) tune that goes-

    “first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is…”

    [The tilde’s stand for ‘Not’ Ive no operators on this keyboard]

    Law of Identity

    (A is itself)

    A or ~A
    Law of Excluded Middle

    (either A or not A)

    ~ (A & ~ A)
    Law of Non-Contradiction

    (A cannot be both A and A)

  • NLP technique. Create mind confusion with a stream of nonsense by repeating the same word in different format, and when the target is busy trying to figure out this word salad, embed the core message: principle = the vow. Dress the whole principle salad with a hot sauce of ‘love, compassion, the nature of womanhood, etc and your target will swallow it wholesale … and probably ask for a sprinkling of Raniere’s special seed on top to make it even more palatable.

  • Wow, that was comically vague.
    How can someone read this and actually find substance?
    Those in Dos were the 0.001% susceptible to empty word salad
    Zero calorie word salad!

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