Woman Accused of Attempted Poisoning Defends Against Kim Snyder’s Allegations

Kim Snyder has accused people of murder and attempted murder. Kim was having constant colds and was often ill.

Jane [not her real name] recommended a mix of vitamins in a powdered form she used herself. Jane was kind enough to pay for the vitamins.

The manufacturer sent the canister to Kim. Kim never took the vitamins.

Shortly after receiving them, Kim called me. She said she took the canister of vitamins to the sheriff, and their lab analyzed it.

The vitamins were poison, Kim said. I knew Jane and knew it was not true. I wrote to Jane about it. She wrote back.

Jane Responds

Hi Frank

The product I sent her was drop shipped directly from Pure Encapsulations and was never in my possession…. I’d suggest if she feels she has proof… let the authorities do their job.

The supplement helps the immune system.

It’s a shame she has to be this way. Even her mom said she always lies, and it was better to cut communication off with her, which I have done.

Kim Snyder
Kim was not buying it. She wrote to get me to investigate her accusation of attempted murder.

I asked Kim about the whereabouts of the canister.

She told me investigators at the sheriff’s office had the canister.

I asked the names of these investigators. She said she could not disclose their names while the investigation was ongoing.

Kim can be persuasive. But I knew she was lying, because I knew Jane.

But would Kim get anyone to believe her?

Though she knew she was innocent, Jane found the invoice from the vitamin company and sent it to Kim and me. This proved she never had possession of the canister.

Hi Frank

I sent the invoice to Kim in a text message and let her know the product was never in my possession. It was sent directly to her.I also said to have her sheriff friend call me with any questions after she shows him the invoice…

I told her she was defaming me. I asked her to stop…

I asked her why she was acting mad toward those who worked to find out what happened to her sister. We failed, but at least we tried. It wasn’t a nice way to act toward us based on everything we did…

I blocked her… dealing with her was too stressful for me due to how she treated people.

Her mom suggested I stop talking with her because she always lies, which is why I stopped communicating with her.

Now she is mad and attacking me, saying I am trying to harm her. Well, as you can see, Frank, I didn’t have the product at my house.

I began to understand the real issue. Kim was angry with Jane because she did not have time to spend hours on the phone with Kim every day.

Kim had 100 theories about her missing sister, who disappeared in 2003. So now, in revenge, Kim would accuse Jane of attempted murder.

But Kim kept pressing the issue. Kim was still telling everyone Jane tried to kill her.

Frustrated, Jane wrote to Kim:

You have told many bad lies about me and others trying to help you and your family, Kim, which are harmful.

You need to stop these lies, move on to something more productive in your life and stop this harmful behavior toward those who did their best to help you.

We reached an end to an investigation of your sister. Others tried and came up with the same results. It’s time to let go and let God take care of the final ending – unless more information comes to light about your sister’s death.

Please don’t send me these hate-filled messages again, or I will call your mom.

Of course, Kim did not stop.
Finally, Jane posted this on Frank Report for publication:

Stop lying Kim, no one tried to poison you

By Jane

Kim, did you show the Sheriff’s office the recipe for the vitamins?

You know they were drop shipped right from the company to your house. They came sealed from the company to your house.

How could it have had poison added from a company that sells millions of vitamin supplements every year around the world?

I sent Frank and you both a copy of the receipt when you were bringing up this lie about me…

Yet you continue to spread this lie that somehow someone tried to poison you.

If you continue to spread this lie, I’ve told you this before, and now I’m going to tell you publicly, I will sue you for defamation.

Unless you think someone else is doing this to you. Why would anyone want you dead?

No one tried to poison you, but maybe you, yourself, by adding poison to it before handing it over to the Sheriff’s office.

Look Kim, everyone is sorry for what happened to your sister. There is no new information to find out what happened to her. Until there is, what can be done?

The police in Alaska, her own community, NXIVM spent a lot of $ trying to find out what happened. Frank and a few PI’s asked questions. Your own PI’s haven’t been able to find out anything about her.

You just want to blame and be angry at anyone who can’t find an answer for you. Everyone tried their best. There isn’t any new information to go on. Why do you need to take it out on everyone who has tried to help but failed to find her?

Stop being mean about the entire thing.

People can’t stand to even talk to you anymore, because you are mean to them when all they did was try to help you & be your friend.


When did you get a brother? You didn’t have one a few years ago. It was just you and your sister.


Kim recently got a brother; before that, she got an invisible husband. Neither are available to talk. The sheriff is not available to speak either on this attempted poisoning.

Sometime before she accused Jane of poisoning her, Kim accused another innocent woman of actually killing her sister Kris.

Kristin Snyder

Kim gave me false information about this woman. She said there were photos and witnesses.

There was a time when I thought Kim told the truth about her sister.  I spent a lot of time chasing false leads. I looked hard at the woman Kim fingered as the murderess.

Kim is a great storyteller. And, after all, who would lie about their own sister’s death?

Kim concocted a complicated story about how an accomplice disposed of the murder gun. Kim said the accomplice took the gun and dropped it in the Pacific Ocean from Canada.

She told me about another accomplice who died in a plane crash. There were enough facts mixed in with lies to make it plausible.

The woman whom she fingered became concerned when I asked her questions.

That is no joke. The sister of a missing woman accuses you of murder.  Kim had detailed and involved stories. Kim told everyone the story.

Kim has standing because it was her sister who disappeared 19 years ago after attending an NXIVM class. People will listen to her until they figure her out.

To date, she accused three people of murdering her sister. And four or five accomplices.

She accused Jane of trying to poison her.

Right now, she claims four of her housemates were poisoned. She asked me to help her put the murderer away — whom she has identified.

We know that if you do not do everything she wants of you, she will create ruthless stories about you. But does Kim harbor a deeper, darker secret?

Could she be the tender poisoner?

A commenter named Shadow Stalker 2.0 makes an interesting point:

Kim is suspect #1 in the poisoning of her roommates. I mean, who else would do this? Her mom? Her son? I don’t think so girlfriend.
Frank needs to tell everyone in Dylan S.C about this. Kimberly, you are a liar if you say you didn’t poison your roommates.

Bangkok weighs in

By Bangkok


If Frank phoned you right now —— what could he possibly say that would make everything okay for you?

He has NO NEW LEADS on your sister’s case.

Why do you want him to phone you?

You’ve already told us that you’ve AXED him out of your investigation, remember?

You’ve already told us that you want nothing more to do with Frank, right?

So, why do you keep phoning and emailing him endlessly?

What do you want from Frank?

What can Frank do for you today, right now, which would make you happy?

He’s no longer part of your investigation, remember? So, why would you want anything from him?

Sometimes it’s best for two people to go their own separate ways. This is one of those times, Kim.

I can offer some advice to help you, Kim.

Go into your phone. Find Frank’s number. Delete it. Permanently.

Then delete his email address from your computer. Permanently.

Just forget about Frank. Permanently.

Then, never contact Frank again —- and never think about him ever again.

I promise that you’ll be less angry if you follow these steps.

If not… Maybe contact Tabby for her therapeutic advice.

Nice Guy Condemns Story About Kim

Sir NiceGuy

Hi Frank aka A-hole. You said there are TWO Kims!

Apparently, I was crapping on the real Kim, who lost her sister and has many emotional issues because of her loss – just like Heidi. Thanks a lot for making me be a butthole.

Please stop posting the comments of both women. They get attacked and ridiculed every time they post. It’s not good for their emotional well-being.

It’s a bunch of misogynists attacking both women!!!!

Bangkok Weighs in Again… on Nice Guy


Nice Guy is a wimpy piece of shit. Man the fuck up, bro. Frank needs to publish this shit to show readers that Kim’s comments aren’t just her having a bad day.

She’s crossed a line, and now her bizarre emails are on display for everyone to see forever, including any ‘judges’ which Kim decides to write in the future.

Finally, the Last Word from Kim

Kim is addressing this to Jane.


I am NOT sharing MY private life online – because I only met YOU one time- and YOU cut me off- so, NO – I will NOT share MY personal life with anyone online – we have heard too many horror stories of how people – just don’t get it – so never mind.

I have to be circumspect online, and that is why I will NOT say anything else –

MY life is mine – and so I close the chapter on Frank Report & NXIVM – and go under-
Take care –

Kim wrote a second time to reiterate her point about the sudden appearance of an invisible brother.


You sort of gave yourself away- hmmm-!!!…

I do NOT wish to discuss MY private life with you or anyone else online- it does NOT concern you, at all. YOU have sort of forgotten – YOU blocked me and told me “YOU didn’t have time any more”. I haven’t heard from you since – so, what makes YOU think I would share MY new family with YOU?

Yes- I was adopted and yes – I have been found – that is ALL I am revealing to anyone – online any way.

I am done commenting here for good-

Have a good day – Kim


So with grace and eclat, Kim Snyder moves on – or at least we hope so.

If we hear anything new on her sister, I will report it. And if Kim continues to accuse people of murder or other crimes, that will also be reported.

Otherwise, hale and farewell, Kim Snyder.


Stay tuned for our next post on the Liars and Crazies of the NXIVM story.


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  • Frank
    I am aware of music that Kris Snyder loved – but I understand that you are NO longer in contact with Kim. Too bad YOU didn’t talk to her last night. You might have learned some new facts. Sad you will NEVER know what that music is.
    Too bad you hid behind your Secretary lady last night. Kim said “you burned her with Susan, but won’t talk to her now. It is YOUR loss.
    Have a good night.

  • Frank
    It’s okay to get chewed out on your blog – then to NOT allow the victim to speak? Don’t worry karma is coming- Jesus is coming and I hope this thought prepares you for the END – to stand before HIM & give an account of bringing a LIAR to a victims home – and them NOT even knowing the victim. How stupid -!!!!!!!!!
    It was easy enough to find documentation to learn that that person didn’t know anything about MY SISTER – wish the visit had NEVER taken place. People just wanted info on MY sister and my family- and to put the light on themselves –
    All people do is blah- blah- blah –

  • Frank
    It is rude that your bloggers discuss other people’s family members, when they don’t even “Fr…..” know them. Mom hasn’t said anything. People are “immature and rude” on this blog.
    I have proven MY point. I have sent you ALL documentation and YOU have everything to cover me.
    I am adopted and I have more family- but that has nothing to do with Kris.
    YOU have all of my paperwork now- to prove what I have said.

    • I got about 30 emails from you. I have not had the time to look at them. I will try to look at them.

  • Dear It’s time to move on-
    How dare YOU LIE on my mother- ass hole – YOU don’t even know MY mother –
    Unless YOU know what happened today- Found a document that stated MY sister was NOT in the NOV. 2002 class as was stated by an instructor- sent it to Frank.
    Also – since crazy bat shit people like YOU- as YOU put it – I proved MY “adoption”- Frank now has that document too.
    What now ? What now ?
    People who think they know so much that it isn’t so- go look in the mirror – blah – blah – blah 😒.
    When YOU have evidence on me – let me know- other than that – go do something productive. Dumb ass- !!!!!!!
    I have sent emails this pm to prove to Frank where my sister was in NOV 2002- since mom and I are having to defend her- from people that say she was else where.
    I don’t owe people anything- especially YOU – moron- !!!!!!!
    Have a good life -!!!!!!! Get the hell out of mine – dummy -!!!!!!

    • I never said your sister took a class in Nov in Albany, she stopped by the Center when she was on the East Coast visiting family and friends.
      I happened to be there working an intensive. She wanted to check out the Center and take some Ethos classes.
      We visited for a while because we already knew one another.
      I met her at her first intensive in Alaska when she took her first 16-day intensive. I helped work the first 5 days.
      I also met her partner Heidi when she came to an introduction to the program in the evening. She was going to take the next intensive.

      I did meet your mother, how fast you forget. I have her phone number and we’ve talked a few times.
      You are right, you don’t owe me anything, nor do I want anything from you except to stop lying about me and to get your fact right
      You can stop this now and stop being mean about this whole thing

      Everyone has done nothing but tried to help figure out what happen to Kris off on the information that was given to us.
      I didn’t make any money, I gave my time to help because I care about Kris.

      I’ve had to put up with your lies about me and your abusive nature.
      You cannot keep your fact clear about the case and you make up things so you call people names and makeup shit that didn’t happen

      It’s time to stop Kim

  • “Nice Guy is a wimpy piece of shit.”

    Bangkok- just because I wouldn’t bareback your mom doesn’t mean I’m a wimp — it just means I don’t want Gonorrhea.

  • What are the odds that two of the Lost Women of Nxivm, Kirstin Snyder and Gina Hutchinson, both have sisters that are unstable, paranoid, and really bat shit crazy. Also, Kim and Heidi are crazy in such a similar, delusional way. Maybe it ran in the family?

  • Frank
    Hope things work out how ever they do- I am NOT going to be made small any more – by your bloggers – they don’t know shit about me – they sound mentally ill.
    Take care –

  • Frank
    I will NOT allow my family to be humiliated by your commenters – especially the comment about MY BROTHER – they can stick it.

  • Frank
    Nice comments – I am NOT sending you anything else and do NOT owe any of your bloggers anything either –
    These were hateful and I will share them with the family –
    Take care – Kim

  • I think this story has run it’s course

    Kim if you have a brother from your bio family – great, enjoy him.

    You don’t have to work to convince anyone he is your brother. Go spent time with him instead of posting about him. It doesn’t matter what people think about if he is made up or not.

    Let this go

    You only are making yourself look worse with each comment you post.

    You already said you were walking away from the Frank Report and all things NXIVM, yet you keep coming back with more comments that show you are not done. It’s hard to do, as it’s part of nature to dig in and keep coming back like a dog on a bone.

    There is nothing anyone on the Frank Report can do about your sister. Until more information that is NEW comes in, nothing else can be done.

    What is so hard about accepting this for you?

    Frank has done several positive posts on you and your relationship with your sister.

    All one has to do is a search on the Frank Report to find them.

    It’s your behavior that has caused people to back away from you who have tried to help you.

    Even you mom has said it was best to stop talking with you because it’s in your nature to turn on people when they cannot give you attention all day long.

    I hope that Frank stops posting stories about your and your comments
    Most of them are not productive
    You thrive off the attention and it is not helping you in your journey to get through the loss of Kris

    You need grief counseling as yours is beyond normal loss. You use it get attention for yourselves and it’s not about the loss of Kris any longer. It’s all about you now and what other have not done enough for you in finding an answer for you. You get mean and nasty towards them.

    That is not normal grief, there is something wrong with this picture.

    Since you cannot move on, it’s up to Frank to stop giving you the attention you seek through this blog

    • I am always interested in new information about Kristin Snyder, if any exists.

      I wish Kim would stop being nasty, and of course stop accusing people of crimes she knows are not true. I posted what I did to help her come to terms with the fact that there is only so much we can do.

  • So Kim **isn’t even related** to the dead Marine dad for whom she keeps sending commemorative bead bracelets to our nation’s military? She’s adopted? No brave military genes there. Womp womp.

    This is a perfect ending to that story. It also explains why Kim is so portly, but not her sister.

  • Jane
    I kept the class rosters and other pertinent info from the chart – have sent the class rosters to Frank via email – please take a look @ them – closely

    • The class roster, wow.

      I was also a staff member for the first 5 days, not a student Kim.

      I have a witness and a plane ticket that shows I was in Alaska and NY.

      Stop fighting, I thought you were done with all things NXIVM.

      Guess not, you just can’t give this up. Can you?

      What are you fighting for anyway?

      Why not spend some time with your family & friends who are alive?

      Stop this needing to be right about things that you know nothing about.

      You were not there.

  • Jane (redacted)

    To put the story straight- Frank has the email from MY biological family (he was sent that from MY email)- why he didn’t show it, I have NO idea. He has it. He didn’t say that in this last article.

    I am an “adopted child”- NOT biological child”- mom said “she told Frank that when YOU were here”.

    Another issue – We have “destroyed” the notebook- have had the house blessed and that is that. Evil is NOT going to be allowed to dwell here any more. Is that clear? NXIVM is OUT of our lives- and WE are walking on. Amen 🙏-!!!!!!!!

    The canister is gone from our home – and I will leave that right there.

    Frank also has photos of MY accolades from MY jobs – he NEVER said shit about- he has it all. He has made me out to be a “freaking monster”.

    That is fine- because I am walking away with ALL of the documents and MY head held high. Too bad someone has info and they don’t share it. Too bad – but now YOU know he has it –

    Take care – Kim

    • I do not recall ever seeing an email from your biological family. Please forward it.

      What notebook have you destroyed?

      You sent me several hundred photos of various celebrities, some of them were autographed. Is that what you mean by accolades?

      Why did you destroy the canister with the alleged evidence of poison?

  • People who make false accusations quickly lose all credibility. Y’know, the boy who cried wolf and all that?

    After the first wild & phony accusation, sensible people are skeptical. After that it’s pretty much two strikes and you’re out. The person’s either a liar or crazy and common sense demands you stop listening to them. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    First time I heard the Snyder suicide story and the alleged murder embellishment, I was a little skeptical. Murder and violence don’t fit Raniere’s modus operandi. He’s a conman and a physical coward.

    So I looked into the suicide. It had been investigated, thoroughly, by competent authorities. Suicide by drowning. All the pieces fit. End of story.

    But not (of course) for the FR. For years the FR has been flogging this non-story. The death was “suspicious”. It bears investigating. Forever.

    Nope. The foul play angle is pure fantasy. This was quite obviously an ordinary suicide by drowning.

    As far as I can make out there were two suicides connected with Nxivm. How many thousands of people took Nxivm courses? And what’s the suicide rate in America? Yeah.

    Same goes for the “suspicious” cancer deaths of Nxivm intimates. Wot?

    I find it amusing that the FR freely entertains the accusation that cowardly lion Raniere murdered all these people yet won’t believe the horndog molester had naked pictures of underage Camilla on his hard drive. No, the FBI must’ve planted those…

    So the FBI tampering foolishness must be investigated. Forever. ‘Cause it’s “suspicious”

    In the same way these two suicides are “suspicious”.


    Notice a pattern here? If the authorities rule a drowning or a gunshot to the head a suicide, it’s suspicious. A coverup. If the FBI finds child porn on Raniere’s computer, it’s suspicious. If they toss his sorry defiant ass in solitary, there’s some underhand motive.

    Yeah. Right.

    At this point I read the FR purely for entertainment. It’s like a UFO website. Fun to argue with those people too though I know I’ll never get anywhere.

    Going back in the FR archives I find a story, treated as credible, about a supposed complex of secret tunnels under Epstein Island. IKYN. Source: QAnon. QAnon we’re supposed to believe; the Alaska State Police or the US Department of Justice not so much.


    Here’s the thing: I dislike conspiracy theories. I dislike them for the same reasons I dislike cults: I have respect for the truth and logic, and I know the value of common sense.

    • Aristotle’s Sausage knows all and sees all. But consider, the body was never found. Two witnesses who were there said Kristin said she was pregnant with Raniere’s child just before she disappeared.

      Lastly, the last person known to have seen her expressed doubt that Kristin could have taken a vehicle to Resurrection Bay in her depressed and erratic condition.

      She may have been drugged. She may have been encouraged to commit suicide. Or she may have done it all as the official story goes.

      But she seemed perfectly fine in Albany. She seems to have met Raniere. He would have tried to seduce her. According to Kristin Keeffe, Kris Snyder walked out of a Raniere forum in the middle of his spiel.

      Lots of unanswered questions. Yes, it is possible that she stole a kayak and paddled out to sea. But nothing was found, not the kayak, the paddle or her body, in an area extensively searched by air, land and sea.

      The Harbor Master told me that he found every body he ever went looking for – something like 20 – except for Kristin Snyder.

      • No, I don’t claim omniscience. I do use common sense though. Which is evidently not all that common around here.

        I went back into the FR archives and learned that the kayak Kristin Snyder took was “made of wood and fiberglas… was not outfitted for flotation [no flotation chambers] and would sink if tipped”. So the kayak went to the bottom. Just like drowned bodies do, when the lungs fill with water.

        I looked up Resurrecting Bay, the body of water where she drowned. It’s huge. It averages 500 feet deep. It opens directly onto the Gulf of Alaska. Tides and currents are formidable.

        And it was the middle of winter. In Alaska.

        And yet you claim it’s odd that the woman’s body and the boat were never found? A boat “that would sink if tipped”?

        It’s the expected outcome. I know this from personal experience (search & recovery training) and from reading the incident reports. If you drown in deep open water, and there’s nobody around, and nobody knows to start looking for you until a day later, the odds of finding your body are infinitesimal. Even if they do an underwater search. Which they didn’t do in this case. Because 500 feet deep, Alaska, winter.

        Your harbor master claims to be 16 recoveries for 16 drownings which either makes him one lucky dude or he was pulling your leg. I suspect the latter.

        But then I don’t believe everything some guy tells me. Common sense.

        • The owner of the kayak told me in person in Alaska that the kayak would not sink. It would periscope.

          I went up in a helicopter, and you can see every seagull and stone. They had one of the most extensive searches ever. The search went on for days by land, sea and sky. They went out to sea.

          Experts other than the harbor master spoke about how things do not disappear without a clue. Like the paddle. And bodies come up to the surface.

          True, she might have drifted out to sea, but what happened to the paddle and the kayak?

          • I’m quoting your own blog. “It would sink if tipped”. So somebody’s changing the story. The kayak was made of fiberglassed wood. I’ve spent my whole life by the sea and around boats. I know the construction method. Fiberglass and polyester resin laid over wood. A small wooden boat will float, awash, when full of water. Barely. Fiberglass over wood will sink to the bottom.

            I know from personal experience how hard it is to spot a small object in open water. I remember searching and searching for a marker buoy from a 21’ outboard on a fine summer day. I knew I was close because I had the GPS coordinates.

            There’s a reason life jackets are bright orange. There’s a reason they mount signaling devices like strobes and whistles. It’s very difficult to spot someone in open water. From a lost diver incident:

            “we were already about 200 yards down current from the boat by then, and it was pushing us further away by the minute. We tried waving to get the boat’s attention, but with 3- to 4-foot seas, they couldn’t see us.”


            From 200 yards away, people in the boat couldn’t see the surfaced divers. Who were waving their hands. This is why scuba divers carry inflatable surface marker buoys:

            “an SMB should be at least 6 feet tall and 6 inches in diameter”

            You need a 6’ tall bright Orange marker buoy to count on being seen in the water. Kayak paddles don’t have those.

            Also, to find something you have to know where to look. In water, things float downwind, down current. The search didn’t even begin until a day later. With a one knot current (which is slight), a floating object is 24 nautical miles away.

            There is no reason to expect Kristin Snyder’s body to have ever been found. In such a remote area, in a huge deep body of water that opens onto the Gulf of Alaska, the odds of recovery were small. Let’s be straight about that.

            Your helicopter ride was for a TV Discovery show selling this drowning suicide as a “mystery disappearance”. Same for your interviewee’s claims. We all know this is infotainment, on a par with Bermuda Triangle stuff.

            I’m talking about reality, not TV.

          • I think it’s possible to paddle the 10 miles or so. The airplanes searched a pretty wide area. But yes, she might have drifted out to sea.

        • “ But then I don’t believe everything some guy tells me. Common sense.”

          You’ve got common sense?

          You’re the guy who joined “team Chloe” on a website dedicated to debating arcane knowledge about a television show no one watched, except for a bunch of preteens and creepy adult men with strange fantasies ,i.e., you.

          How much common sense could you possibly possess?

    • Very well stated Aristotle’s sausage. Not a fan of conspiracy theories either. And they seem to always turn against those who start them. It may take a while or it may happen quickly but it doesn’t usually end well for people who promote and start conspiracy theories.

      At some point Frank wanted to exposed Keith and look into all his potential crimes. Frank made a lot of posts about things Keith may or may not have done but we’re definitely worth investigating.

      The problem is whipping people up into a frenzy is that some people are not able to recover from that initial whirlwind..

      One must act responsibly especially when dealing with those who might be fragile in some areas or have suffered great harm and come with a lot of baggage.

      It’s important to balance your own agenda and needs with taking on a potential burden and causing additional harm to already injured parties by creating unnecessary drama and intrigue with a person at the center of it who may not be able to bear at all.

      Enemy of my enemy is my friend sure we all get that.

      But sometimes grabbing the low-hanging fruit and exploiting it and juicing it for all its worth and then leaving the pulp behind like garbage to have flies lay eggs in is a very very unattractive look.

      Not saying that is what happened here but I’m saying when battling to the death sometimes soldiers you drag onto the field with you are left grievously injured.

  • This woman is severely mentally ill. Instead of posting things on a blog maybe someone could ask for a wellness check and indicate she has made threats to others and perhaps they can put her on an involuntary hold in a mental institution. Hopefully she can get the help she desperately needs

  • Frank
    YOU have a letter from a biological family member- I sent it to you- why NOT show it?

    YOU have MY accolades – why NOT show them?

    As I have the right to do- I keep MY C I’s anonymous- why do I have to give them? Why do I have to give up friends @ the Sheriff’s Dept?

    They do a damn fine job @ what they do.

    I will tell your readers – I have now made peace with Kris’ death- and NO longer need or require anyone in NXIVM’s column to be involved with us- since it is all a bunch of hocus pockus and evil 😈.

    We are walking on with friends and family- and those that care and love ❤️ us- NOT enemies. We have blocked the NXIVM contacts that we had – they ALL gas ⛽️ lit us –


    • Kim – you should stop accusing people of crimes. Second, you should stop calling people names just because they cannot spend hours per day talking to you about who killed your sister.

      Lastly, Kim, don’t lie.

  • Frank
    One last issue – I am blocking calls- emails- etc- then, I will take necessary steps to block this blog from MY phone. I will NOT be bothered ever again.
    I am also going to have my phone checked- just an FYI –
    See ya –

    • Apples – if you block all forms of communication; we’ll go back to searching thru your garbage. FYI NutJob said you don’t recycle. Shame on you!

  • Who will make the upcoming list of the liars and crazies of the NXIVM story? Since Frank Report may be the most important thing to take down NXIVM, I’m assuming some commenters will make the list. In no particular order, here are some NXIVM players to keep an eye on:

    Vanguard, Toni, Kim, Heidi, anyone who danced outside MDC, the males who danced outside MDC, Kim Constable, Niceguy (that Macy Gray stalking episode is crazzzzy), Lama Tenzin, Rodger Kirsopp, Flowers, Nickola Cunha, 5G Fred, David Soares, the Ghana bastards who keep stealing money from Ronnie, Shivani, Sultan of Six, Hector – la papa de Daniella, Marianna, y Camila, one of the Pauls, Nutjob (I asked for it with the name), anyone who falls for a tool scam, all you tribal ninnies, shadowstate, the few of you who tricked yourselves into defending Ambrose,

    • If you read the Toni Natalie files on The Frank Report you know darn well she’s a lair.

      Lied all the way through her book from what was reported by people who reached out to Frank she wrote about.

  • Let’s all wish Kim the very best in her further & may she finally find peace in her heart around her sister

    If she has found her biological brother, great.

    May that help fill somewhat of a void in her heart of the loss of her sister.

    May Kristin be at peace wherever she is

  • I think Tony Natalie tried to warn You about Kim right from the beginning instead you made murder accusations repeatedly, blogging is not journalism 😑

  • Frank
    One last thing – I have MY adoption paperwork from the agency my parents adopted me from – and I have NEW family- and I have had 2 reunions now. I have MY documents and the proof that I was adopted in 1970- under another name. I don’t owe anyone ANY explanation on that

  • Frank
    To remind YOU – I have a job- and a child – and that – I am damn well proud of. Get it ?
    I have done more for people – than a lot of human beings. Amazing YOU can be so comfortable in demeaning people.
    I am better than this – have a good life – I am leaving NXIVM behind me- by the way – I damn well proud of my accolades that I have – that one of you has – and will NOT put up.
    I am MOVING ON- don’t need your stress or crap anymore.
    Take care –

    • Look at me…..down here bozo! It’s me Kim. I have accolades! I don’t believe in telling the truth but I’m raising a child. Accolades I tell ya.

  • Frank
    I will and have moved on – Thanks for this horrible article – have sent it on to quite a few folks who are appalled and upset.
    Hope this made you guys feel better about taking someone else down. Have blocked all phone numbers- emails, etc.
    I have better things to do with MY time than to read garbage and get demoted. I am better than this –
    Take care – forever –

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