DOS Manual Lesson #6 Hold Highest and Honor Your Greatest Glorious Master

Hold on to your branding irons, slaves, and Masters. We have more. Lesson #6 from the DOS Manual. These lessons are vital to your well-being, wisdom, and knowledge of how to be a successful slave. Remember the DOS slogan:

We will constantly strive to deliver data-driven Master slave solutions for today’s market-focused MLM Monopolies.

In our last lesson, we learned what all exceptional slaves must consider.

The Greatest Question Ever Asked:

What would Jesus and their Master, or Grandmaster Raniere, do?

Happily, we have Grandmaster’s Christmas 2016 message to help you answer it.

He wrote this to his First Line Slaves on December 25, 2016.

Christmas, as you know, is the birthday of that other spiritual king, Jesus Christ.

August 26 is the birthday of Grandmaster Raniere.

It is sublime that our imperial potentate and worshipful master offered this wisdom on Christmas Day.

GM Raniere’s Christmas message

Your greatest joy is to surrender completely all things, in all ways, without reservation, completely exposed, to your Master and Master’s will.

The best slave derives the highest pleasure from being her Master’s ultimate tool, independent of use: by joyously offering all your decisions to be made or used by your Master, you surrender your life, mind, body, and possessions for unconditional use.

That your Master has your time and labor allows for more production; that your Master has your vote allows for more potency. By recruiting others within your power, you honor and increase your Master’s power.

Always make your Master look good and be powerful and capable.

Intelligently utilize the secrecy of your relationship with your Master to be a confederate and move your Master forward.

A female Confederate soldier

After I broke the branding story of DOS, Raniere made a statement on

Letter from the Co-Founder

He said in it:

I feel it is important to clarify the sorority is not part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with the group. I firmly support one’s right to freedom of expression, so what the sorority or any other social group chooses to do is not our business so long as there is no abuse.

And all the time he was DOS’ grandmaster and founder of DOS.

DOS organizational chart

Slick. Just what Jesus would do.

And Jesus said:

No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light. For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Now onward brave slaves to Lesson #6.

Lesson 6 – What does it mean to hold something?

What does it mean to hold something? How do you hold something?


To “hold” is to firmly put it into your decisions.

I can honor something without factoring it into my decisions.

For example, I may have a day where I honor the death of a loved one and am lying around in bed. I’m laying in bed thinking about this loved one, but is that what they would have wanted?

Is that action honoring them?

I’m honoring the idea of them, but to “hold” it is also to make it into something that you’re incorporating.  The word “hold” symbolizes taking It as you or yours. To “hold” is not just “honor” from afar, but to take personally and with the deepest love.

To “honor” is to understand, note, and have there in your decisions. To “hold” is to make sure it’s a matter of focus, of putting it into all your decisions.

If you truly learn to honor something, you do hold it. Those two words have a certain repetition, but you must understand both aspects of the deeper thing.

Keith Raniere honored the death of Pam Cafritz by coming back from Mexico. He spent the anniversary of her death at their house, 21 Oregon Trail. He honored her, and if the rumors were true, he also did his best to “hold” her.

He froze her body, or at least her head, through cryogenics.

The backyard at 21 Oregon Trail


  1. At the end of each day, reflect on how you spent your time and where you were successful/unsuccessful in Holding and Honoring your Master that day. 
  2. Contemplate the failures and set a plan to heal the transgressions committed the following day. 
  3. Make sure you understand clearly how every decision you make upholds your highest commitment, and seek to improve this daily.
  4. Choose a practice of self-restraint/abstinence in honor of your Master. 
  5. Hold this practice in all circumstances and situations to continue strengthening your honor, love, and commitment to your highest values and commitments.

Might I recommend the abstinence of all sexual thoughts not directed toward Grandmaster Raniere as an act of restraint?

Send your slaves this photo to get them in the mood.
This photograph will positively quell any desire on the part of any slave to ever have sex again with any inferior male. There is only one Grandmaster in DOS.

And for a proactive act, assign all your good looking slaves to seduce Grandmaster Raniere. Just send them the picture below and let their imaginations run wild.

That’s what Jesus would do, be assured of that.

Now for a few more DOS recipes

You’ll do acts of care for your master – like cleaning her house – better when you’re lean.

Day-old Almond and Vegan Frankfurter Blobs on a bed of Delicately Seasoned Chanterelle Stew

Wilamette Valley Burrata Pilaf alongside Lebanese Limberger Reduction

Tijuanan Ricotta Fritters in a mélange of Greenhouse Onion Salad

Watery Pumpkin and Cambozola atop Plant-based Gorgonzola

Seaweed Water topped with Savory Grape and Hazelnut Chimichurry


Roman Grapefruit Sandwich served with Chilled Yam Cookies


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  • How were these lessons taught? We’ve seen the SOP sessions. Did the DOS masters teach their slaves individually or as a group?

  • I’m thinking about signing up for DOS. I’ve always been indecisive so if I join DOS, I won’t have to make any decisions. Yay!

  • Don’t forget July 29, 2022, when Allison Mack turns 40. Readers will want to hear news and how she is doing in prison.

  • You know what? I’m not afraid to get real. These things sound like pure hot sex for the person who wants it. But girls ought to know, it’s best to choose wisely. And choose for themselves.

  • I need a lot more data before I get branded.

    Can I have different colored brands, or is that up to my Master? I want one with a satin finish, but not high gloss. I want a semi-gloss finish on my brand.

    Also, can I choose the font on the K. R lettering? I like Times New Roman.

  • Raniere sure did love ordering people about. Giving them vague, contradictory goals and getting them to punish themselves when they failed.

    Contradictory like this:

    “I can honor something without factoring it into my decisions.”

    “To “honor” is to understand, note, and have there in your decisions.”

    So what’s it supposed to be, in my decisions or not in my decisions? You’re wrong either way, go take an ice-cold shower. Okay Master.

    What an asshole this guy is.

    What a bunch of dumbasses his followers were.

    Well he’s in prison now, the scrawny four-eyed old bastard, and I bet he’s not giving anyone any orders there.

  • Ah, yes. That most trite of the sentimental manipulations, “What would the dead person want”?

    To be alive. That is what the vast majority of dead people would want. – to be alive.

    But that’s not as useful and fun a point of view as the one where you can manipulate living people to do things in the name of the dead by presupposing just exactly what all of those individual deceased people (the vast , vast, vast majority of which you never knew and will never know – could possibly want. As dead people.

    What if dead people want nothing? Because… They are dead.

    This sad, constricted spiritual view also shows a clear lack of imagination in one’s personal view of a potential afterlife.

    And it is extremely self-centered and self-serving.

    Seriously? If you believe in an afterlife at all; Do you really want it to be one where people are just sitting around still worrying about like what their friends and family are eating for lunch and b******* like that?

    So, in this very very depressing view of the afterlife. People are forever stuck caring about their kid’s grades? Fucking great.

    There’s no transformative process that takes place? Or they’re not all having fun on a cloud somewhere doing everything that they love in life?

    Maybe joining an eternal consciousness? And that transcends caring about their niece’s day to day life in a self-help group in Albany? Maybe?

    Instead in vanguard’s spirituality those who have died are just sitting around worrying about the people who are still alive that they know? What happens when those people die? Do the dead people finally get to move on with their afterlife then? And not exist just in relation to the still living?

    If you believe in life after death- Have some f****** imagination and a less cynical view of the afterlife, please. IF it’s something you believe in. This take on the dead is the most popular and manipulative. So boring and cliche.

  • One could successfully argue that grand slave master Keith Raniere is “the ultimate tool”.

    In that sense DOS slaves were potentially being molded into vanguard’s own image. As Keith is the “ultimate tool”.

  • Frank treats us with a complimentary Christmas message from the chosen one:

    “ The best slave derives the highest pleasure from being her Master’s ultimate tool, independent of use: by joyously offering all your decisions to be made or used by your Master, you surrender your life, mind, body, and possessions for unconditional use.”

    That’s precisely what Mack did and look where she’s now…..
    It’s incomprehensible to me as to why these people bought this Utter BS

    Question for Frank: you spoke to Karen Untereiner. Surely she knows what happened to Pam’s remains. Did you ask her?

  • Just had to HOLD my stomach there to quell the antiperistalsis. I believe the day-old almond and vegan frankfurter blobs on a bed of delicately seasoned chanterelle stew was a particular favourite of Nicki’s.

  • The UN will declare 26 August ‘Vanguard Day’ and honor and hold Raniere by organising a free Pizza and hot sauce session while debating the subject of modern MLM-type slavery. NC to be ‘keynote’ speaker.

    Question to all ‘slaves’: Who was Raniere’s ultimate master? Or did you really all think Keith was higher in the hierarchy than Jesus? Come to that, did you think at all?

    Frank, please stop with the food-porn. Lead us not into temptation. We have to honor and hold our master in all we do; pizza and hot sauce is what he would wish and we must follow in his sainted footsteps as a renunciate.

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