MK10ART Blasts Them– Artist Has Unkind Words for Dossier Women

The following is a contribution from the great artist MK10ART.


The slaves have rebranded themselves as ‘the DOSsier project with a website + YouTube channel.

They make group chat videos where they try to enlighten the ignorant masses about their experiences as a DOS slave.

Lucky for them Frank Parlato has obtained a copy of their DOS Manual and is publishing each lesson where everyone can learn exactly what DOS is about.

I plan to do more art on the DOS manual.
MK10ART painting of Keith Raniere, the Grandmaster of all women everywhere.  They are all his slaves, even if they do not know it.
The DOSsier Project Youtube Videos
Their introduction video, from March 29, 2021, is “Women of DOS Discuss the DOS Mission Statement, Written in 2017 When DOS First Hit the Headlines.”

Click her to read the DOS Mission Statement

My impression is:

The NXIVM cult is alive, well, and attempting to thrive. It is impressive that they continue with their group in the face of mockery and trolling after their secret sex cult exposure.

In the 30-minute group chat video, they deny being brainwashed. Rick Allen Ross advises loved ones never accuse a cult member of being brainwashed, as that immediately shuts them down. But brainwashed they appear.

The video was a long, drawn-out, slavish, gushing over their DOS mission statement. They claim a woman wrote it. If so, it was probably Nicki Clyne, which would explain why they praised it on high (Nicki is ostensibly the leader of the pack).

The women sound sleep-deprived, starved, and faint.

Below are some lowlights:


DOS slave Linda Chung says women need to build character.

In her opinion? Hate to break it to her, but her grandmaster Keith Raniere, serving several decades in prison for his crimes, came up with that.

Linda Chung:

In my opinion, a lot of the character. That’s required to actually change the world.

Anyone who’s going out there and changing the world in any shape or form you know requires character, because it requires consistency. It requires doing something that you don’t feel like doing, because it’s the right thing to do.


DOS slave Michele Salzman says the writer of the mission statement was not someone who was “abused and abusing other people.”

Reading a formal mission statement proves the writer, probably Nicki, could never have abused or been abused?

Based on what? The lack of blood stains? Or the phrase “I will paddle you and brand you with a cauterizing pen?”

Michele Hatchette

Michele Hatchette said:

Understand that a group of women wrote this, why they wrote it, and when they wrote it… like you have to ask yourself why?…

It’s such a beautiful statement that I would imagine, I would hope, that people would at least scratch their heads, because these are not the words of people who are being told what to say. These are not the words of people who were abused and abusing other people. It is so eloquent, so beautiful, and so strong.


DOS slave Sahajo Heartel slips up and mentions ‘Keith’ as in Raniere, the grandmaster, but quickly diverts the rest of her monologue.

Sahajo by MK10ART

If I took it out of the context of the women’s group, or even Keith or any of these things, if I just read that within itself, I would imagine it would resonate with many people.


A comment perplexes DOS slave Sahajo from someone calling their mission statement “beyond idiotic.” She claims the mission statement is so rich and powerful that others simply cannot understand it.


One of the comments, I think it was on Facebook or something, was like this is beyond the idiotic. Okay wait, what exactly is beyond the idiotic? The mission statement is beyond idiotic that we want the things stated in there?

To a certain extent, the mission statement is so rich and powerful that, I think, for many people, maybe it’s not even understandable.


MK10ART’s sketch of Nicki Clyne

In a rare bought of honesty, Nicki admits she can see why others consider it idiotic to write a mission statement for a sex cult. But she blames HBO for filling people’s heads with misinformation.

I can see how it would seem idiotic for us to release a mission statement for a sex trafficking organization. Like that is idiotic. But that’s the thing. People don’t
question their base assumptions. They assume they know because it was on HBO. Because you know there was a trial. They probably haven’t read the transcripts. They think they have the correct assumption, and then they filter and judge everything through that filter.


Mk10ART Nicki Clyne

Nicki suggests they should choreograph and do a dance video with the Britney Spears song, “I’m a Slave for You.” The burning question is if they will show their brands? That could go viral.


I think we should choreograph and dance to it, though. I’m just saying what I think is true…. I remember the video. She was in a bikini, and there might have been snakes… There’s no place in the world right now for a woman who wants to take responsibility.
It’s like people don’t understand us. They don’t.

They have some elements of things that we were doing and the only way for them to make sense of it is to be like “they were being entrapped and had no choice, and it was abusive control” and all this stuff….Because it’s like, yeah, why would you call each other masters and slaves if you weren’t like whipping each other and stuff like that? It’s not like that.

We’re not being pimped out to someone.

MK10 ART presents a fine visual image of a recommitment ceremony. It had been planned for the slaves. Keith Alan Raniere was permitting the slaves to put their mouths where his head was – and recommit to his Glorious Genius. But alas, the authorities did a sort of fellatio interuptus. And arrested him instead.
MK10ART’s painting of Keith Alan Raniere in his native habitat.


DOS slave Sahajo ridicules skeptics, dismissing them as “yapping dogs” while barking for effect.

Nicki seemed to enjoy this.

They claim to be about empowering women while simultaneously embracing the misogynist dictates of psychopath Keith Raniere.

No mention of the fact that a man created DOS to be his personal harem. The slaves were not informed of this, of course. There were many lies and deceptions in Nxivm and DOS, which appears to be why these women still fall for it.

They will say disinformation misleads you if you argue with them. If you were starved and sleep-deprived, like the DOS slaves, you would understand how enlightened and noble they truly are.

Welcome to Sham-bala AKA the DOSsier project.

Here are a few of MK10Art’s lovely paintings. See more here


MK10ART portrait of Allison Mack and her brand.


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  • Dang, could have sworn there was a newer piece by MK10 referencing “Rose” and “Kay” on a banner behind Nicki Clyne – until I called MK10 and Frank out on it bc it apparently makes reference to a ‘private’ conversation I recently had with a relative about Uncle Kay and Aunt Rose, in addition to the obvious “K” and “R” in the brand.

    Would not be the first time, far from it, that Gina or Pam C. or some other dead or otherwise defenseless woman was used as a scapegoat in these nefarious, Luciferian schemes.

    Such as the Crazy Days report from a NX source claiming Gina and Pam poisoned girls from Libya when the girls were from Mexico – the LeBaron teens – and Gina and Pam were not alive – nor were/are they in any kind of MK10 or whatever program as the artist might have us believe?

    Ever occur to anyone employing the same gaslighting tactics as KR & Co. that they might ultimately end up in the same place as he?

  • But they trafficked kids! At least Rosa Laura did, and Pamela Cafritz . And Keith i can make a súper repable Raniere . So at least they where close (and remain to raniere, as much they can after you know, being caught in a Luciferian cult) close Well yeah I think they should do i am a l slave for you .

    Not because these is a great Song to represent what’s left of the pedo satánic Sort of sect, but because that song is about a poor, talented Young woman being forced to be a sexual object by her family at a very Young age, and I think that Clyne. What about the Luciferian aspect? Or the other fucked Up crimes.

    Nxivm did.unspeakable things for years, they destroyed people’s lives and there’s plenty of proof not just for locking Clyne away for Life , but also why the LeBaron thinks is cute to participate in two pedophile murderous groups without giving a good explanation? Nxivm marched telling people in México that the war of narcos, was just victimhood mentality. They forgot Hillary and Carlos Salinas whee accused of trafficking weapons and kids. These Is why Clyne seems like a liar Who supports pedophiles Who is not brainwashed, i think Many people participated in Nxivm knowing what It was. Or stayed after they find out . The fact the keep.ignoring the horrible nefarious activities of Nxivm is just cinic

    • Mauricio, have you been subjugated to a Luciferian Inquisition? I have and from the looks of it, still am. Only now I believe the ‘bad actors’ may be in the service of a cult far more dangerous and far reaching than NXIVM – and I don’t mean Scientology.

  • DOS was an easy sale after years of SOP being forced down NXIVM women’s throats and told they were the scumbags of the earth.

    No wonder they thought they needed to build themselves up after going through SOP.

    Keith Raniere and other Senior male members who set up SOP pounded the self-esteem out of the female members of NXIVM.

    If you watch The Vow, remember the part where Mark Vicente has his wife sleeping on a dog bed on the floor?

    He wasn’t the only one. It was a lesson in teaching women what? What the fuck?

    Women are parasites, jumping from man to man getting their needs met.

    Let’s remember Jness came first – telling women men were hard-wired to sleep with more than one woman.

    Women should be ok with it if they were integrated.

    All a setup for Raniere and his merry male fighters.

    • What actually went on in the Society of Protectors? KR said that no one cares when men get brands – why weren’t the members of SOP branded? Was it a parallel structure in SOP to DOS?

      What were the assignments? Were any of the assignments sexual for those who had “issues” around sex and intimacy? Did SOP members have to do acts of care?

      What did penances look like for these men? How many calories were they allowed to consume and how much exercise did these men have to do? Were there meetings in which the men took naked photos together to bond, or explore vulnerability, or whatever that particular practice was for?

  • A few more interesting topics for the Dossier Project to discuss next time round:

    Overturning of Roe v Wade
    The War in Ukraine
    The January 6th invasion of the Capitol Building
    The Great Replacement Theory
    Cassidy Hutchinson has bigger balls than Eduardo

    Come on gals, up your ratings!!! You might even make it to double figures!

    • Lol — Cassidy Hutchinson has bigger balls than any Republican man in office (except maybe Richard P. Donaghue, who led the NX prosecution team) AND
      any man or woman in the Secret Service combined.

  • Like good and obedient little sheepies they all say the same thing. Baaaaah…..baah…..meeeeeehhh, bleat bleat. It takes a lot of endurance to sit through one of those things, and I’ve sat through three of them, really just out of fascination at how seemingly educated middle class middle-aged women can be so ineffably stupid, and of course, dull to boot.

    Now, here’s the thing. One of the discussions revolved about ‘brainwashing’. They went on and on and on and on about it, but all of them said variations of exactly the same thing, as they always do. To sum up, it was not a ‘scientific term’ (they know a lot about science lol); it didn’t really mean anything, or at least it meant completely different things to different people; it was a despicable term that should never be used…baaaah, baaaah, baaaah. You get the gist.

    Fast forward >>> Nicki Clyne doing interview recently on some Youtube channel. LP, the interviewer, puts it to Nicki that NXIVM might be seen by some as some skeezy pyramid scheme.
    Nicki: But I honestly think that you’re brainwashed.

    Hmmm…A case of pot and kettle? But then again, if there’s one thing the Dossier Project excels in it’s unabashed hypocrisy. And they all keep bleating it together.

  • Unkind words are truly the only words applicable to the stubborn remnants of a sex trafficking cult.

    Nxivm and its subsidiary DOS were criminal enterprises, pure and simple. At best it was a scam, and it eventually grew into a RICO enterprise.

    I couldn’t care less if the sad remnants of Raniere’s cult ever wise up and “turn their lives around”. Fools must bear the weight of their folly.

    In the wise words of the ancient philosophers, “They fucked around and they found out.”

    The sad yet hilarious tale of the Nxivm cult has come to an end. It was a tale of a nasty con-man unwittingly engineering his own demise and an extensive crew of fools who followed him into the pit of despond. What a bunch of dopes.

    I got many a laugh out of this tale of human folly. It’s funny in the same way that it’s funny when some jackass attempts riding his skateboard down a stairway railing and ends up straddling the thing, busting his balls in the process 😂😂😂

    It’s known as just comeuppance. and it’s funny. Oh c’mon, you know it is.

    That the jailhouse gates crashed shut on Raniere, never to reopen, is in some measure proof that there truly is justice in this world. And THAT makes me smile.

  • Ahh! So delightful to hear from this great artist! I’ve mentioned my appreciation for the work more than a few times but what a lovely opportunity to be to able to thank this person directly!

    MK10ART? Your pictures have always been one of my favorite parts of the Frank Report. You’ve got a real knack for capturing the absurdity of your subjects. It’s enchanting. Much respect to you!

  • These nutjob dead-enders are one step away from starting an OnlyFans page. Maybe then they can continue to strip and show off their brands. This is like watching the aftermath of a train wreck.

  • So you admit that calling people names and ridiculing them is a terrible strategy for helping them because it always backfires, and then you continue to ridicule them anyway, knowing it will only have the effect of reinforcing their support of the group and it’s mission Why? What does it accomplish? Who does it help?

    • Who says that nothing will be achieved? Something will be achieved. If not with Raniere’s followers, then at least with the readers.

      Maybe the Raniere supporters are also readers of the Frank Report and this article. The article is communication with the reader.

      Everything has an effect, even if we do not notice it. Perhaps the effectiveness of this article sets in later with the Raniere supporters.

      At the latest when it is clear that Raniere will die in prison, it will also become clear to the followers that freedom for Raniere will remain forever unfulfilled.

  • Hi MK10, while working with Frank and Chitra at their home in late 2019, I noticed an overhead projector such as artists who work from photos such as you, apparently, do stored with paints in a closet I was invited to use.

    Perhaps I made some assumptions and invite you to clarify those. Was that your projector, were those your paints, have you ever stayed with Frank & Chitra and did you meet, or are you, Kristin Keeffe?

    Thank you. Love your work.

    • Mk uses water color and Marie uses oils Heidi. That will answer your silly question 😜

      • No, it doesn’t answer my question at all. I never posited or questioned whether Marie White and MK10 are the same artist. (Same Bangkok trick, different year. Attribute a 🤪 claim to me by answering a question I never asked, arguing against me on a topic I never brought up.)

        Again, I asked if Kristin Keeffe is or knows, perchance resided with, MK10 at Frank and Chitra’s home in the Keys, where Frank has now publically confessed, Kristin and Keith Raniere’s firstborn “hid” for years.

        I ask because MK10, as her name implies, is among those who seem to believe my sister is still alive and part of some secret CIA spy grooming program that QAnon crazies claim the likes of Anderson Cooper is also part of. Lol.

        These kook’s went so far to try to convince me that Gina yet lives, they had an aged actress resembling her at the time of her death – an emaciated, cropped top bleached blonde – trailing me around for over a year before, during and after the “Lost Women” production.

        I never took the bait, myself, though as Frank admits, he led the “Lost Women” film crew to Orlando, Florida where Kris Snyder was also purportedly spotted alive.

        Orlando is also where that self-proclaimed dirty trickster, Roger Stone, one of Frank and Donald Trump’s BFF’s, resides and was nearly wiped out of existence, we’re told, by a targeted, nuclear missile blast. (The other reason I decided to pass on the Orlando leg. Lol.)

        What say you, Frank? Is MK, KK? Are you delusional? An alcoholic? Can you hold down a job?

        And how did you get that “May Queen” pic in June that I never put online?

        • Heidi, MK10 does not believe your sister is alive. No one believes Gina is alive.

          Kristin Snyder was not spotted in Florida. A private detective had some information about real estate holdings connected to someone connected to her. We went there and found the lead did not pan out.

          As for a May Queen picture of you in June, I have no idea what you are referring to. Kristin is not MK either.

          • Yes, well memory can be selective. And I’m glad you and whoever MK10 is don’t think Kris or Gina or Pam are alive for real. And it’s great that Roger Stone got his mug in the Lost Woman docu under whatever auspicies…w/o, presumably, having to blackmail anyone like those two pedo Senators he clipped for a Trump pardon. Remind us, did he get that collateral letter writing trick from “pompous” Keith or vice-versa?

            Any updates on the FBI investigation into the NX deaths that Discovery Network requested? Or does memory fail me on that, as well?

  • Speaking of Unkind Words the US Treasury Department has over 150 Suspicious Activity Reports relating to Hunter Biden’s activities.
    And President Biden has changed the rules so that members of Congress can not access those reports.
    What is Joe Biden hiding?

    Treasury is ‘refusing to release’ Biden family’s ‘suspicious activity reports’

    • Why your obsession with Hunter Biden?
      If you are genuinely worried about wrongdoings by a (former) president or by his children, wouldn’t the orange ape and his kids not be a more obvious subject? Sure, nepotism is in every presidential family: Hunter, Chelsea Clinton, Trump kids are prime examples. That’s why people don’t like politicians. Hunter is not the biggest problem in America. The attack on democracy by a large portion of the republican electorate is.

    • Shadow,
      We love Hunter. In fact I love him so much I want to see him walk inside those biological weapons research labs he’s set up and financing in the Ukraine without protective clothing on and smash some jars while in there! 🙄

  • MK10ART, you have a gift! Your art is extraordinary in its reflection of emotional judgement, characterizes the participants, and the acts. Each piece, some better than others, reflects a truth that reaches beyond verbal articulation.

    The horrors on NXVIM and DOS, are lost to those that need led. Those who now are in search of a new leader which will give them value. Just lost souls destined to breath aimlessly who can not have goals or desire, the human side of life, without validation of a great master.

    You captured that MK10ART.


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