Texas Judge Indicted; Learns July 4th Lesson From Reporter With Camera Pen

He who laughs last... Wayne Dolcefino was arrested first. But later he would get the judge arrested.

HOUSTON – The defiant Wayne Dolcefino.

He was a T.V. journalist for ABC13 for decades. Then he went into private consulting. He makes videos. He investigates corruption for clients.

Sometimes he carries a pen with a hidden camera.

In 2020, Dolcefino was investigating a Harris County, Texas, commissioner and his wife. On June 30, he entered Judge Darrell Jordan’s courtroom. He had his pen with the camera.

Harris County Judge Darrell Jordan.

Dolcefino asked the judge why he ignored complaints alleging public corruption.

The judge told Dolcefino not to ask questions. The court was in session.

The courtroom was empty, except for the judge, his clerk, and a bailiff.

Dolcefino asked again.

Judge Jordon threatened to hold him in contempt.

Dolcefino said, “You want to hold me in contempt for simply asking questions? Go ahead. I mean, we’re just trying to find out why our complaints have gone unanswered.”

Judge Jordan ordered the bailiff to arrest him. She escorted him to a holding cell conveniently located next to his courtroom.

Jordan had Dolcefino shackled within a few hours and taken to Harris County jail. Dolcefino spent the night there.

The following day, television cameras recorded guards returning Dolcefino to Jordan’s courtroom. Dolcefino was in handcuffs and a jail-issued orange jumpsuit.

The judge took his seat on the bench. He was the prosecution, judge, and jury.

He found Dolcefino was guilty of “Direct Contempt.”

Where the judge went wrong was in his evidence, in his role as prosecutor.

The judge described it a little different.

He said, “The spectator was disrupting court. He was warned three times, “Have a seat or leave the courtroom.” He refused. Kept demanding to interview judge. Upon final warning, judge stated he would be held in custody, to which spectator responded, “‘You do what you have to do.'”


Compare this with the video from the pen camera here.

He sentenced him to three days in jail and 180 days of probation.

Dolcefino went back to the county jail to complete his sentence.

Dolcefino appealed his conviction with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Judge Jordan added probation conditions. Dolcefino now had to carry an alcohol monitor and submit to random drug tests.

The appellate judges asked Judge Jordan his reason for arresting Dolcefino. He told them he disrupted his court while in session.

Dolcefino showed the appeals court a video recorded with a pen camera.

The appeals court held that the contempt charge “is not supported by the habeas corpus record.” This was judicial payback and indefensible. They overturned Dolcefino’s conviction.

Dolcefino filed a criminal complaint against Judge Jordan.

Fort Bend District Attorney Brian Middleton took the case. Prosecutors spent months investigating.

Fort Bend District Attorney Brian Middleton

A Harris County Grand Jury indicted Judge Jordan for “official oppression,” a Class A misdemeanor prosecuted in felony court.

The indictment says he illegally held and punished Dolcefino without a hearing. Police arrested, processed, and released Judge Jordan on bond.

Dolcefino filed a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission to remove the judge.

“This guy does not deserve to be on the bench, period,” said Dolcefino. “If I had not had a hidden camera on me that day, Judge Jordan would not have been indicted. No one would have been able to argue about the violation of my rights that day.”

That was a magical camera pen. Somehow it survived his arrest, his processing, and his jailhouse stay – and he got it back. Maybe they thought it was only a pen. It saved him and may cost the judge his career. This is America. This wouldn’t happen anywhere else.
And the episode ends:
A word to the wise to all the children of the 21st Century.
Whether their concern is power or absolute power, whether they wear black robes or carry a gun and a badge. Whether they prosecute through lies of omission, or coercive plea bargains. And justice by conviction stats.
There’s a wondrous magic in the American spirit. Combined with the old, there is a new world of magic. Of technology. Social media, videos, blogs, and internet. Of free mass communications. Anyone to everyone else.
These can extend a furtive tyrannical instant of abuse into viral forever. Preserve it in time. Capture it for the long review called justice. The spirit is alive and well.
And there is a special power reserved for the people called the First Amendment.
In short, there’s nothing mightier than the pen – and, whether hidden or not, a camera.
A merry 4th of July to Judge Jordan and Wayne Dolcefino – from the defiant spirit of America.

“There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country, if the people lose their roughness and spirit of defiance”- Walt Whitman.



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  • The last quote (end) is exactly what is happening to our country.. It is being sissified by corrupt (usually democrat) politicians.. You essentially reap what you vote for.. Glad Wayne nailed this jerk as well… Hope he is defrocked from his high bench…

  • Harris Count judges are appointed. They are all young. They are all democrats and all there to steal at the party boss’ bidding.

  • If you are interested in helping me pursue justice against two morally corrupt federal judges who broke the law and committed fraud on their own court to deny my sacrdd Constitutional rights, please visit my website AndJusticeForJBM.org.

  • Payback is a mother. I hear Harris Court judges are as corrupt as Connecticut. Hard to believe but I heard it

  • The US Congress under Commissar Nancy Pelosi has established a Kangaroo Court that allows Hearsay and refuses to allow defense lawyers to cross examine witnesses.

    Witless Witness Cassidy Hutchinson fabricated delusional testimony about Donald Trump getting in a fight with Secret Service agents.
    Hutchinson saw nothing but related a story which she claims to have heard from the Secret Service.
    At least two Secret Service Agents are ready to testify that Hutchinson is lying.
    Liz Cheney’s buddy Cassie Hutchinson committed perjury and both Cheney and Nancy Pelosi support a perjurious narrative from a perjuring witness.

    The Communist run Democrat party is willing to promote perjury in order to destroy their political opponents.
    And here are the consequences:

    Biden: High gas prices to last ‘as long as it takes’ for Ukraine victory
    American drivers will have to endure high gas prices for “as long as it takes” for Ukraine to defeat Russia’s invasion, President Biden told reporters in Spain Thursday.

    At the conclusion of this week’s NATO summit in Madrid, the president was asked by New York Times reporter Jim Tankersley about the surging price of oil as a result of Western sanctions on Russia in response to its Feb. 24 assault.

    “The war has pushed prices up. [Oil] could go as high as $200 a barrel, some analysts think,” Tankersley said. “How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?”

    How high is 200 dollars per barrel?
    Five dollars per gallon before refining and transporting, retailing and taxes.
    We are talking about ten dollars per gallon for gasoline.
    Count On It!

    Here Tucker Carlson recounts how the Biden Regime is trying to destroy the Civil Rights of Americans in political matters.
    The FBI has become a Secret Police.
    A Gestapo or KGB.
    Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/29/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS June 29, 2022

  • Going into a courtroom and interrogating a judge, and being surprised that you will be held in contempt? That’s tyranny? If he was asking questions of the judge in the hallway, or on the way to the judge’s car, I would agree.

    However, judges do have the authority to hold disruptive people in contempt of court within the four walls of the courtroom.

  • Wayne Dolcefino’s commitment to being justice in family court is second to none.
    He is brave and makes himself the target to benefit our children.

    Still, until judges are REMOVED from the bench- and stripped the power that results in tyrannical rule, the abuses will continue.

    These judges are sociopaths and pathological liars.

    The report on Wayne, like most court orders are pure fabrication.

    This is standard operating procedure. The courtroom employees bear witness but there’s no one to report to who will listen.

  • Finally justice! The judiciary is out of control. No checks at all-

    We need an army of Dolcefino’s and Parlato’s to tip the scales in favor of the people.

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