Childhood Pal Roasts Raniere in Response to Elliot’s Invite to NXIVM Speech – ‘Hey Keef – Look Where All That Bullshit Got You’

Senior Film Critic for the Epoch Times, Mark Jackson. He went to school with Raniere, but unlike him he never got to lead a cult.
Mark Jackson is the senior film critic for The Epoch Times. And that alone is sufficient to mark him as a man of distinction. He is writing for what may be the greatest news site in America.

But he has another distinction. Perhaps a lesser man might try to live it down: He went to school with Keith Alan Raniere.

Mark is a professional New York actor, has a BA in philosophy, and narrated the Epoch Times audiobook “How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World.”

Keith Raniere’s childhood house. Photo courtesy Mark Jackson

And readers may recall his beautiful recollections of the wee Vanguard from the story in the Epoch Times about young Raniere. Jackson sat next to Raniere during 5th grade and rode the bus with him. He visited the lad at his house and knew his mama.

Jackson recalled Raniere could never get the attractive girls in the class, though he tried to the point of making a fool of himself.

Jackson observed, “Everything that was sort of in germ form in grade school had started to blossom. It was magnified; the competitive nature, the needing to be worshiped and envied, was starting to become visibly pathological.”

The child with the halo is Keith Raniere. Photo courtesy Mark Jackson.

“All this stuff, like how he taught himself to be a world-class pianist at a young age—that’s nonsense,” Jackson said. “He was not a good musician. He takes everything that he did and said ‘I was the best at it.'”

Yesterday, Marc Elliot gave a speech “Who’s Next” and invited Jackson to it

Elliot wrote:

Dear Mark Jackson,

I’m reaching out as you’ve covered the NXIVM story in some capacity over the last few years.  You may have heard that NXIVM had helped people beat Tourettes; however, that part of the story has been completely buried.

I want to personally invite you to a presentation I’m doing tomorrow, Wednesday June 29th at noon in Chelsea, NYC.  The presentation is called “Who’s Next”: The Rise of Characterization and Loss of Human Decency.” This talk is not about Keith’s innocence or guilt or the legal case.  Sharing my story of overcoming Tourettes’s with NXIVM, I tell how I saw character assassination destroy something that could help millions.  The presentation illustrates the power of character assassination, how it manifests in cancel culture and trial by media, and then ultimately inspires a message of kindness and civility, no matter how great our differences are.

I know you may not live in NYC, but if you know of others who do that may be interested, feel free to invite them. This is the first time I will be sharing my story in this way.

To register for a free ticket, go to

Jackson is far too courteous a gentlemen not to respond -though Elliot is a perfect stranger to him.

Jackson replied:

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the invitation.

I don’t think you’re clear on how I know Keith. Keith was my grade school classmate. He sat next to me all of fifth grade; we rode the school bus together for four years. He was sitting next to me on the bus when he hatched his little “collateral” scheme in 6th grade lol.

None of you NXIVM people know Keith like me and my classmates do—you NXIVM-ites swallowed the full-blown reinvention of Keef.

We know the actual little annoying dude who could. not. stop. boasting. about. himself.

When, at our class reunion, somebody said, “Oh, you didn’t hear? Keith’s become a cult leader.” – we all bust out laughing because it was so logically perfect.

Now, I’m not disagreeing with you that character assassination and cancel culture is a bad thing. It’s just that in the case of Keith – they eventually nailed it. That boy never came up with an original idea in his life. Except for “collateral,” when he noticed he could intimidate Donna M. by threatening to tell her parents that she’d caught her older sister fooling around with her boyfriend lol

It may be the case that, from his successful piecing together of lots of different material, he came up with something that cured Tourette’s – he may have gotten lucky. Or maybe he actually did figure something out. I don’t know. I don’t care either.

But the fact that you’re not just talking about curing Tourette’s, but using your talk to defend Keith, tells me this is about trying to wipe the stink off NXIVM’s now-destroyed reputation. You might be successful in selling this to others, but I know our boy Keef way too well.

“Misrepresented as a sex cult?” Really? I forgot who it was who said words to the effect of, “The only reason he got caught was for 1) BRANDING 2) his INITIALS 3) on women’s p*ss**s.” Not a sex cult, you say.

Best of luck! Tell him I said hi, no, tell I said, “You idiot, look where all that fake b.s. got you.”

Keith was never a world-class sprinter or the world’s smartest man; hahaha, omg, he still kills me 50 years later. 🙂

I do hope the young Keith Alan uses his prison time to get real with himself and stop the denial, come clean, and apologize to the masses of people he hurt.



MK10ART portrait of Keith Raniere in prison.

There is absolutely nothing I can add to this. Other than for all you who still follow that annoying little dude: Viva Executive Success!

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  • This was a fun read but your characterization of the Epoch Times is something of a stretch… I have to google every story of theirs that gets aggregated in my news feed because there are so many errors in their reporting.

  • Keith Raniere reaped what he sowed. He cheerfully hoodwinked those “followers / servants” who likely did love him. He took pleasure in torturing perceived enemies with vexatious, punitive litigation, just because he could.


    A misguided millionaire pays for all this! Agree with the poster that he never had an original idea in his life. A spoiled child who never grew up, took responsibility, or accomplished anything but destruction and heartbreak. Ruined careers, lives, and trust. People are still following him for some reason, Sad.

  • Fill your boots Marc Elliot. Something tells me that this little spotlight you get on The Frank, is all your 15 minutes of fame.

  • I saw a man with a Tourette’s Association t-shirt on Sunday while on a flight delay at O’Hare Airport.

    I was bored so I asked him if he’d ever seen the documentary “My Tourettes.” He had not. When I said it was by someone named Marc Elliot, the man, who I think had Tourette’s, interrupted me to say forcefully “I’m familiar with Marc Elliot….he says a lot of things that are bullshit.”

    I felt bad I brought up his name and I apologized to the man just so he didn’t think I was trying to proselytize

  • Marc your target audience is people that do not know you, KR, or anything about NXIVM. It is very difficult to con people who know better. Those already brainwashed are probably useless, as they are broke, in jail, or both.

  • OK, let me see if I understand the logic of Marc Elliott’s presentation.

    1. I had Tourette’s. Real bad.

    2. I got hooked up with NXIVM.

    3. I don’t have Tourette’s any more.

    4. When you take (2) and (3) together, it can only mean that NXIVM cured my Tourette’s.

    5. Ignore the fact that Johns Hopkins and others say that 1/3 of Tourette’s cases spontaneously remit (i.e., get cured without medical intervention). NXIVM is what cured me, not spontaneous remission. I know because Keith Raniere told me so himself.

    6. Now that I have told you that there’s a miracle cure for Tourette’s, it’s just too bad that you can’t have it because those meanies in the FBI arrested the head of NXIVM and they now own the copyrights for all the courses that could help you too.

    Isn’t that just a little bit cruel to people with Tourette’s, telling them that they can never get access to the “miracle cure,” and turning them into a pawn to campaign for Keith’s freedom?

    • One third of Tourette’s cases spontaneously remit. Thank you for that nugget of actual information.

      I knew a guy with Tourette’s, he told me he could control it if he tried. It’s a nervous tic. And often it just goes away, permanently, all by itself.

      So much for the ridiculous claim that Nxivm cured it.

      Bullshit claims are nothing new to Nxivm, Raniere, and the dead-enders.

      Yet I remember when, not too long ago, the Frank Report was giving oxygen to this idiotic claim that Raniere had stumbled upon a cure for Tourette’s Syndrome. The angle was, it just might be true… let’s investigate! What’s the harm of asking questions!

      Just like the ridiculous claim of evidence tampering. Let’s leave it an open question… forever. Why not give it credence? What’s the harm?

      Because it’s bullshit, that’s why. Manipulative bullshit.

      Raniere did not cure Tourette’s and he was not set up by the government. These are not questions to be forever left open, they are lies from a man and an organization that survived and flourished by lies.

      • NXIVM was nothing but ideas that Keef “borrowed” from other places, and molded into NXIVM. All you need to do is google “Tourettes, NLP and Hypnosis” and it will be obvious where Raniere “found” his Tourettes cure.

  • Flip the Instagram page.
    Dr. Danielle Roberts and Michelle Hatchette share a kiss!

    It might be easy for the beautiful and meaningful experiences we shared in DOS to fade into the background, especially when there is so much social and societal pressure to believe it was bad. Thankfully, we have an abundance of photos documenting our time together. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is with bittersweet sadness that we share our fond memories with the world, so that the reality of our experiences won’t be overshadowed by a hateful and false narrative.

  • I wish more of his school colleagues (note I didn’t say mates as I doubt he had any) would come and speak out about him.

  • I like Mayim Bialik and the Big Bang Theory but this story is too funny to pass up.
    (My childhood was like the Big Bang Theory.)

    Triple Vaxxed!
    Mayim Bialik: 46-year-old Jeopardy! host reports being sick with COVID-19 despite being triple-vaxxed, and after trying to dispel rumors she is an “anti-vaxxer”

  • This is hilarious! I wonder when all the deadenders are finally going to say to themselves…”wow our vanguard really was 100% full of shit”

    • I sincerely don’t get it. Even 20+ yrs ago when I was around this group, we’d talk about if he was full of shit or not. Crazy that some of these people are still swallowing the sinker.

    • Lol Jordan Peterson, another nut job with cult like following. He also says he works 110 hours a week and has been doing so for the past 40 years and he also rewrote every sentance in his book 50 times, one that people seem to downvote for its piss poor editing.

  • So singer R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

    Here is a gospel style song for which Kelly is most famous for.

    Space Jam 25th Anniversary Music Video “I Believe I Can Fly” By. R. Kelly!

    • I believe it was Colbert who joked that when R. Kelly heard “30 years” he asked the judge for a younger sentence.

    • Slow down. I did extensive research on this. While I could not discover any solid proof that he was the east coast judo champion, we do have his word for it.

      • I’m confused. We also have Keef’s word that his funny little legs propelled him to tie the NY State sprinting record. But now Mark Jackson says it isn’t true. I know we can’t find solid proof of his sprinting glory. Who’s word should we believe – Keef’s or Mark’s???

  • Great article! It’s clear, concise and truthful. It describes how Raniere was nothing but a spoiled, narssisistic brat as a kid, and still is as an adult today. This guy nailed it.

  • Mark Jackson confirms for us what we have already found out and know through our own analysis about Keith Raniere’s character and behavior and patterns of behavior.

    Nevertheless, Mark’s description of Raniere’s behavior from his elementary school days is not only a confirmation, but also shows the development he has taken since then.

    Keith Raniere is not a victim of anyone or anything. He’s a perpetrator. And he started developing his methods early on, which allowed him to have the success that would have otherwise eluded him.

    There are no excuses for him now, and there are no excuses for that, or that he can blame anyone, no matter how hard he tries. Keith Raniere is the only culprit in his foul play. Period.


    How’s about covering some real news for a change? I’ll start. Cassidy’s no relation of course, except in spirit. Much admire this brave lass. Nearly as much as Moira and Tonya, the true heroes of the NXIVM saga. Cassidy’s a true American Patriot IMO. Sure to be resoundingly discredited by they who prefer a Narcissist Raniere-esk Pres with no impulse control for starters.

    • Completely agree on her bravery. I’m a little more optimistic that Trump is effectively being discredited by forces within the GOP. The thinking amongst increasing numbers of them I suspect is that his chances of a second term are decreasing by the day in line with his credibility in the eyes of the sane electorate. Ironically it’s the insane decisions of his politically stacked Supreme Court that is partly driving this process as I trust will be borne out in the midterms. Hoisted by his own petard!

      • While Cheney’s committee is doing an excellent job of extolling the facts through credible witnesses, I’m less optimistic and remain in dread of the future of Democracy, humanity itself –ourselves.

        As we’ve seen on this mostly “NXIVM” blog and increasingly all over the world throughout history, the cult mentality has a stronghold on the human psyche that surpasses all reason, rhyme and rythym, bonds of loyalty to family, lifelong friends, tribe and country, even self-survival instincts.

        Where ARE those first-hand witnesses, those Secret Service agents who could not convince the narcissist – DJT, I dare say – to save his own skin under threat of clear and present danger? No, instead Trump tried to resort to brute force against his own protection squad, certain his bulletproof popularity would guarantee the fealty of every stray gunman at the rally.

        Ás for Roe v. Wade, the (Republican) Party’s over.

        And before you shoot the messenger, perhaps literally 😁, I’m an Independent at heart who grew up LDS and have voted Republican far more often than Democrat in the span of my humble, human existence.

    • Frank Report’s M.O. is primarily to recycle hateful messages in the universe. Frank broke one story about Nxivm but it’s just being recycled time after time in a way that increases distrust and cynicism. Your suggestion of covering real news and real heroes is enlightening!

  • I’ll tell you what’s bullshit. It’s bullshit that we don’t get to hear from Mark Jackson on a regular basis.

    The more stories about Keith at 4th grade field day and the less stories about everything else, will make Frank Report a much more entertaining place.

    I would like to make a 2nd serious point. The dead-enders are not inner circle. They aren’t long-time Raniere followers. The long-timers have all had their aha moment and ejected. (Clare is the exception, but she was treated entirely differently than everyone else.)

    To the dead-enders – IT’S A DUCK! Stop dressing it up in your head so it looks like a vanguard.

  • Excellent response.

    Super desperate for Marc to contact someone who “knew” Keith like 50 years ago.

    Isn’t t the Epoch Times the free paper run by a different cult in upstate New York?

    They have a compound. Arranged marriages. And that touring horse dancing show?

    Pretty fascinating group to read about.

      • I know little except that Falun Gong is hated by America’s greatest enemy – the Chinese Communist Party.

        • I know stuff. They have an armed compound in Upstate New York the neighbors aren’t huge fans of and they were stopped from some of their building plans. But continue to grow. They have a leader. And there are arranged marriages.

          Like most cults they have front facing businesses. But they are definitely a cult. The reason they are so against the Communist Party in China is because most of them are Chinese. But Frank remember enemy of my enemy does not make someone your friend. Or excuse them from being total nutty cult members.

          • Fair comment. DO you have any evidence or suspicion that they are abusing their own people?

  • Finally, some decent eye candy on this blog! Yum! 😋

    Doubt there are many self-respecting females around to enjoy the visage of a sane, healthy, muscled male but I’m sure Brian Elliot and the latent circle jerkers appreciate it.

  • Marc says “ that part of the story has been completely buried“ but he buried his accomplishments to focus on Keith’s defense. He could had moved on and in fact helped other people with the same syndrome but he chose to sell his show about the assassination of a character.


  • Frank, I read your articles religi….a lot! Thank you for the important work you are doing, but most importantly, for the dry wit! You keep me in stitches- fortunately just metaphorically and not the branding kind.

  • “ But the fact that you’re not just talking about curing Tourette’s, but using your talk to defend Keith, tells me this is about trying to wipe the stink off NXIVM’s now-destroyed reputation.”

    Wow, nailed it !! 👊🏻

  • HA HA! That right there puts it all in a nutshell. Of the tens of thousands of words written over the years, the several books about Nxivm, two documentaries, countless news items, Mark Jackson sums it all up perfectly, succinctly, and totally.

    Raniere was, and still is, an annoying little shit who can’t stop boasting about himself.

    And “the only reason he got caught was for 1) BRANDING 2) his INITIALS 3) on women’s p*ss**s.”

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