Fay Ray: Raniere Didn’t Cry Foul Till Gullible Dead-Ender Came Six Months Later

Who knew the man who said "he who has the most joy wins" was the man of sorrows?

Fay Ray decided not to waste more time responding to the “Dead Enders.” The supporters of Keith Raniere created enough mayhem. But she couldn’t resist.

The photo above is the US Courthouse in Brooklyn where Keith Raniere was convicted and sentenced.  Raniere’s attorneys argued against giving the 60-year-old Raniere a life sentence. Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis evidently moved, chose to go easy on him, sentencing Raniere to 120 years in prison plus five years probation.  The lady in front is Susan Dones. She spoke at Raniere’s sentencing urging the judge to lock Raniere up in a cage and throw away the key.

By Fay Ray

Simple Logic

When the FBI discovered digital photos of Camila on his hard drive, Keith Raniere’s lawyers could have asked the judge to grant them a continuance of the trial to have the files forensically examined.

They didn’t do that because Raniere wanted his speedy trial. As always, Raniere felt he could win. He was always winning in his head.

The FBI photo of the hard drive where they found 22 digital pictures of Camila with dates of November 2, 2005 and November 24, 2005. Camila was 15.

If you noticed, Raniere didn’t think twice about the photos until Suneel said something about them to Raniere after the trial was over. Isn’t that interesting?

Raniere didn’t say a word to his lawyer when the FBI discovered them on his hard drive.

He did not say, “I never took any photos of that girl when she was 15. Those are not photos from when she was underage, and you better do what you can to prove it! Delay this damn trial. Hire the best forensic experts and figure this out. Someone has tampered with those photos!”

Keith Raniere

Nope, he didn’t now, did he? Is that odd?

He couldn’t say anything because he knew he had taken the photos. He knew they were in his Love Shack along with other photos of NXIVM women.

8 Hale [photo Albany Times Union] Keith Raniere’s love shack.


Hot tub at 8 Hale

Cozy loft bed.

Keith Raniere at 8 Hale Drive in his library.

8 Hale – oops –there is the hard drive in plain sight – with the blue light.

The photos might have been password-protected, and someone either hacked the password or gave it to the FBI.

Hmm… Who could have worked in his Executive Library that knew where they were?

Raniere never seems to take in reality.

He has a history of constantly losing when it comes to legal cases. Maybe because he doesn’t have to come up with the money to pay for his legal defense fund, and it’s just a big game for him.

The only downside to this game is that he’s stuck in prison.

When you think about it, some things are not that different for him.

USP Tucson. As pictured by the BOP, it looks rather inviting, Yet Keith Raniere is waging war with the federal government to leave this place.

He is still being taken care of.

His food appears. His clothes are being provided.

Money gets put into his commissary fund.

He still has to work.

NXIVM leaders always told the lower ranks how hard Keith works.  He was always working “so hard” to improve their lives by creating a better curriculum and working for the community’s welfare at camp NXIVM.

Prison duties have to be much easier.

According to reports, he works in the kitchen and in custodial maintenance.

One of his NXIVM followers said he once made as much as $100,000 per hour as a coach.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Raniere, like other inmates, makes between 12 – 40 cents per hour.

Keith Raniere reportedly has landed a coveted position at USP Tucson as a food service worker. He divides his time in sanitation, receiving, handling, storing, and refrigerating.
A new dish is on the USP Tucson menu. Some call it Raniere loaf.  Others call it Raniere Bull or just plain Raniere. It is unclear if you eat it or listen to it. It sometimes comes with a tossed word salad.  

Today, he doesn’t have as many followers, true. No one bows to him or calls him Vanguard. No late-night volleyball, no more dancing girls, or flashlight games like he had at MDC.

Branding could still happen behind these gates at the United States Penitentiary, Tucson.

Keith Raniere resides behind the fences at USP Tucson.
Keith Raniere behind bars
Keith Raniere is currently incarcerated at USP Tucson. Per the terms of his sentence, he’ll be there for the next 98 years.

The BOP built USP Tucson as a maximum-security prison for sex offenders.

USP Tucson is one of several federal prisons that offers a Sex Offender Management Program (SOMP) and therefore has a higher proportion of sex offenders in its population. Having more sex offenders at SOMP facilities ensures inmates feel safe about participating in treatment. It also suggests recruits might be more susceptible to learning how to be badass from Raniere.

Raniere could still have a sex cult following inside those prison walls. But who will he give seduction assignments to?

We won’t go there.

Based on the reports of all the disappointed women in his harem, he was having issues getting and keeping it up any way his last few years in NXIVM.

What happens in prison, we’re going to let stay in prison.

As far as the deadheads saying they felt afraid to testify for Raniere, that is pure BS.

Raniere’s lawyers would have been all over that with witness tampering if the DOJ had tried to stop his witnesses from testifying for Raniere. There are laws to prevent such behavior.

It’s easy to come out three years later and say I would of, could of, should of, if only the DOJ…..


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  • “He did not say, “I never took any photos of that girl when she was 15. Those are not photos from when she was underage, and you better do what you can to prove it! Delay this damn trial. Hire the best forensic experts and figure this out. Someone has tampered with those photos!”

    Keith Raniere
    Nope, he didn’t now, did he? Is that odd?”

    You’ve got weapons-grade certainty here for something you have no evidence for, Fay.

    You weren’t privy to any of these events or discussions. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Yet you’re so certain.

    Please explain.


    • “You weren’t privy to any of these events or discussions. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

      Like everything you spout on about Allen.

    • Alonzo – the all-knowing. Except not. Nothing to do with nxium. Just turned up on this site – very late- desperate for belonging with certain dead-enders.

      Telling Fay, a long-time member of nxium, a vital source of creditable information, an early whistle-blower – what she knows and doesn’t know.

      Kinda like watching ketchup dry on a wall you just threw another lunch plate at. Impotent rage creates nothing but diversionary messes for others to clear up. As if they have nothing better to do. Don’t expect support for this. Do expect your bs to swallow you whole.

      • Isn’t this Alanzo guy the one who was brainwashed by a cult and is now brainwashed by another? I thought he got kicked off here or Twitter or something. He seems unhinged.

        • Yep. You know when you tell a bed-time story to a kid, and you miss a step in say, Goldilocks and the three bears? you forget to say “the porridge was too, too hot” and the kid gets really upset? Thats how I think of Alonzo.

          He spends all this time railing against others’ need for certainty and complete narratives when all the while he is the one with the fixed and closed mind. Entropy worship. He can’t face going with a flow he cannot control.

          Whereas most of us manage. Might not always be comfortable, but we manage.

    • Alonzo,

      Judge Garaufis wanted to start the trial in the Fall. It was Raniere who demanded to have it early.

      He easily could have had a long adjournment to investigate the photos with a forensic expert. But he clearly declined.

      There was also nothing stopping Raniere from objecting to the photos being admitted into evidence on that basis. Yet, he chose to object on the basis that they were outside the scope of the warrant because they were discovered in his 2005 folder on his computer.

      There is your proof.

      Have you ever even read the transcripts?

    • Keith took the pictures. He knew it. He didn’t argue against this UNTIL post-trial when Suniel helped him figure out a defense.

      I think we all can understand this, AND simultaneously have a separate discussion about if the FBI cheated.

      Keith would love this to be one giant, muddled discussion. Sorry. Two distinct things.

  • Susan, thank you for bringing balance to this story and resurrecting long forgotten history, such as KR’s horrific record of vexatious litigation, with (sadly) the enabling help of many. Things need to be viewed in context, at which you excel.

    I agree with Frank that the federal government should not be permitted to cheat to win, but let’s not put aside all the facts in pursuit of that.

  • I totally agree with this!

    Why didn’t Keith speak up at the trial? You said it so well! He didn’t argue because he didn’t like getting his hand caught in the cookie jar! He didn’t even bother to say anything about anything! Didn’t even bother to defend himself one bit! It’s astonishing! Here he is in front of a judge and an entire jury … what on earth was he thinking?!

    I can only imagine it was something like:

    “I don’t really need to defend myself. I don’t even really need to participate. I’ll just solve everything after they sentence me. When the trial is over. It’s no problem. I’m the smartest man in the world”.

      • The BOP will decide where Maxwell is going, not anyone else.
        She can ask the moon, and it doesn’t matter.
        She could end up at camp cupcake, where Nancy Salzman was going

  • Maurene Comey, the prosecutor, is the daughter of former FBI Director James Comey.)
    Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case
    Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 in prison Tuesday for her role in helping powerful pedophile Jeffrey Epstein abuse young girls, capping off a dramatic fall from grace for the British socialite turned-convicted sex-trafficker.

    US District Judge Alison Nathan said the sentence of 240 months was “sufficient and no graver than necessary,” for Maxwell, who earlier addressed the court and told her victims, “I am sorry for the pain that you experienced.”

    “I hope my conviction and harsh incarceration brings you pleasure,” said Maxwell, wearing blue jail scrubs, her dark brown locks cut in a bob.

    Maxwell’s sentencing marked the end of the federal criminal proceedings against her in the Southern District of New York, where she was brought after her arrest at a sprawling New Hampshire estate in July 2020.

    The 60-year-old heiress — who spent much of her life hobnobbing with the rich and famous — learned her fate months after she was convicted of grooming and trafficking teenagers for Epstein, a wealthy financier and her onetime boyfriend.

    Four women testified at her widely-publicized trial in Manhattan federal court — and two of them and several other accusers also addressed the court Tuesday, calling on the judge to lock Maxwell up and throw away the key.

    “Maxwell had many opportunities to come clean, but instead continued to make choices that caused more harm,” Annie Farmer, who testified at trial, wrote in a statement filed ahead of the hearing.

    Virginia Giuffre Roberts, who has long accused Maxwell and Epstein of trafficking her to Britain’s Prince Andrew, described Maxwell as “like a wolf in sheep’s clothing” in her letter to the court.

    “Ghislaine, you deserve to spend the rest of your life in a jail cell,” she wrote. “You deserve to be trapped in a cage forever, just like you trapped your victims.”

    Prosecutors had asked US District Judge Alison Nathan to slap Maxwell with between 30 to 55 years in prison, effectively a life sentence.

    Maxwell’s defense attorneys, meanwhile, had begged for leniency, saying she should get no more than four to five years, while probation officials recommended 20. Maxwell has denied that she abused anyone.

    The disgraced socialite has remained locked up in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center for nearly two years since her bust and throughout her monthlong trial, which ended with her conviction on Dec. 29, 2021.

    Federal prosecutors portrayed Maxwell as a “sophisticated predator” who was inextricably linked to Epstein, including in his pursuit of girls to sexually abuse from 1994 to 2004.

    “Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s right hand,” Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe said in her closing statement on Dec. 20.

    “Maxwell and Epstein were partners,” she said. “They were partners in crime who sexually exploited young girls together.”

    Maxwell’s attorneys argued that she was being used as a scapegoat for the government’s inability to prosecute Epstein, who died in a Manhattan jail cell in August 2019 awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. His death was ruled a suicide by the New York’s Medical Examiner’s Office.

    During the trial, prosecutors detailed how Maxwell and Epstein, who dated in the 1990s, preyed on poor, vulnerable teens, luring them into their orbit with the promise of cash and adventure.

    “Selecting these girls was predatory behavior. Maxwell and Epstein picked vulnerable girls,” Moe said.

    One of the victims who testified at trial, a woman who used the pseudonym Carolyn, told jurors she was sexually abused by Epstein more than 100 times beginning when she was 14 years old. She said she was introduced to the duo by Giuffre, and first met them at Epstein’s palatal Palm Beach, Florida, estate.

    On the stand, Carolyn recalled the first time she visited the wealthy pervert’s mansion, telling the jury that Maxwell instructed Giuffre, “You can bring her upstairs and show her what to do.”

    The teens then massaged Epstein as he lay nude, face down on a table before he turned over and had sex with Giuffre in front of Carolyn, she testified.

    Carolyn said she was paid $300 that day – and for every massage she gave Epstein after that.

    “Something sexual happened every single time,” she told jurors.

    Another victim who testified under the pseudonym Kate told jurors that Maxwell touted her relationships with rich and powerful men, who she met through Epstein and her late father, the corrupt publishing baron Robert Maxwell.

    The Oxford-educated heiress “seemed to know everybody,” Kate told the jury.

    “She was friends with Prince Andrew, friends with Donald Trump. Sometimes their names would just come up or she would be talking on the phone about them with me present,” Kate said.

    These relationships, prosecutors charged, were the reason Maxwell and Epstein got away with their crimes for so long.

    That ended with the four accusers, now grown women, testifying against the predator and helping secure her conviction with a unanimous verdict on five of six counts, including the most serious, sex-trafficking, relating to the allegations of Carolyn.

    “The defendant never thought that those teenage girls would have the strength to report what happened to them,” Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey told jurors at the close of the trial. “In her eyes, they were just trash.”

    “But the defendant didn’t count on those teenage girls growing up into the women who testified at this trial,” Comey said, “women who would be willing to take that stand and tell the truth about what happened.”

    Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case

    Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficki…
    “I hope my conviction and harsh incarceration brings you pleasure,” said Maxwell, wearing blue jail scrubs, her …

  • Case 2:21-cv-08206-SSS-DFM Document 35 Filed 06/25/22 Page 1 of 4 Page ID #:533


    CORPORATION, et al.

    Case No.

    IT IS ORDERED that this case is reassigned to the Honorable Sunshine S.
    Sykes for all further proceedings. The Court further orders as follows:
    1. All future filings shall bear the initials SSS immediately after the case
    2. All subsequent hearings shall be held in Courtroom 2 on the 2nd Floor of
    the United States Courthouse, 3470 Twelfth Street, Riverside,
    California 92501.
    3. All matters previously referred to a magistrate judge shall remain before
    that magistrate judge.

    Case 2:21-cv-08206-SSS-DFM Document 35 Filed 06/25/22 Page 2 of 4 Page ID #:534

    4. Cases previously referred to an ADR process, whether at filing, by order
    of the previously assigned judge, or by stipulation and order, shall proceed
    under the terms of the applicable ADR local rule. Dates for previously
    scheduled ADR telephone conferences shall remain in effect.
    5. All discovery cutoff dates and other deadlines associated with this case,
    such as disclosure and expert deadlines, shall remain in effect.
    6. All case management conference dates are vacated and will be reset by the
    7. Except for matters noticed for hearing before a magistrate judge, all law
    and motion hearing dates are vacated and must be re-noticed by the moving
    party for dates on or after September 16, 2022.
    8. All pretrial conferences and trial dates currently set for dates earlier
    than January 1, 2023, are vacated.
    9. All pretrial conferences and trial dates currently set for January 1, 2023,
    or after, as well as other deadlines associated with the case, shall remain
    in effect.
    10. Each party is expected to review and become familiar with any and all
    applicable standing orders. In addition to the foregoing, the parties are
    hereby ordered to file a joint case management statement within fifteen
    days of the date of this Order. Separate statements are only appropriate
    if any party is proceeding without counsel. The statement should not
    exceed ten pages in length, should not contain attachments, and should
    address the following items in the following order:
    a. The date the case was filed;
    b. A list or description of each party;
    c. A summary of all claims, counterclaims, crossclaims, or
    third party claims;
    d. A brief description of the events underlying the action;


    Case 2:21-cv-08206-SSS-DFM Document 35 Filed 06/25/22 Page 3 of 4 Page ID #:535

    e. A description of the relief sought and the damages claimed
    with an explanation as to how damages have been (or will be)
    f. The status of discovery, including any significant discovery
    management issues, as well as any limits or cutoff dates;
    g. A procedural history of the case, including the dates and
    outcomes of any previous motions that were decided or
    submitted, any ADR proceedings or settlement conferences
    that have been scheduled or concluded, any appellate
    proceedings that are pending or concluded, and any previous
    referral to a magistrate judge;
    h. A description of any other deadlines in place before
    reassignment that shall remain in effect pursuant to this
    Order, including those for dispositive motions, pretrial
    conferences, and trials, any requested modification of these
    dates, and the reasons for any such request;
    i. Any proposed dates for any pretrial conferences and trial dates
    that were vacated pursuant to this Order, such proposed
    trial dates shall be no sooner than October 3, 2022;
    j. Whether the parties will consent to a magistrate judge for trial;
    k. Whether there exists an immediate need for a case
    management conference to be scheduled in the action, and
    why the parties believe such a need exists; and
    l. A plain and specific statement of any immediate relief sought,
    if applicable, regarding the case schedule; and


    Case 2:21-cv-08206-SSS-DFM Document 35 Filed 06/25/22 Page 4 of 4 Page ID #:536

    m. Any other information relevant to the reassignment
    of the case.


    Dated: June 25, 2022


  • Frank what are the FBI rules for developing and verifying a confidential informant (CI) ?

    And could not a CI, have access to the computers, photo’s, videos, and emails, prior to becoming a CI ? Prior to KAR fleeing and apprehension ?

    Seems to me that investigating who had access, time and knowledge and may have be come a CI. The FBI, DOJ, and court would have a interest and obligation to continue to protect the CI.

    The CI may have changed meta data before becoming a CI to protect themselves. The FBI/DOJ may have changed or erased the meta data to protect the CI.

    But Evidence items 1 and 2, from the room indicate the existence of a CI.

    Now whether the camera and the camera card should have been 1a and 1b, or 1 and 2 is an indexing issue. This making the backup hard drive number 2 or 3.

    Regardless the information is valid and evidence of a crime. The CI needs protection, because NXIVM and KAR, took on Seagrams Billionaire and stole a bunch of his money, fucked two of his daughters, and hacked into his computers.

    And then there is the mysterious deaths.

    The CI “Spy” needs protected.

    This would also explain the communication postings from “The Rat” way back.


    • Your suggestion has an Orwellian flair to it. And evidence tampering could be condoned in almost every circumstance.

      If there’s is someone who put the photos that she perhaps had for many years on the hard drive or provided them to the FBI, and the meta data was changed, then the evidence is tainted. To protect a CI the FBI can’t alter evidence and present it to a jury.

      Now before anyone misunderstands me, I am not saying this was done. I am saying that I have some questions. I am going to ask them on Frank Report.

      Questions about the integrity of the most important evidence used at the trial.

      I do not want Raniere freed. I hope the answers to my questions are innocent -if they are answered. And I believe Raniere sexually exploited Camila.

    • I’ve never read nor seen so much time granted to such ridiculous, conspiratorial fantasizing to give such a guilty, douchebag, statutory rapist, sex predator the benefit of the doubt.

      Face reality. Keith “the Vanguard” Raniere, the dumbest “smartest” man in the world, took those pictures and incriminated himself because he was too much of a trophy collecting egotard of his “conquests” to delete them.

      Established character. Established psychology. Established pattern of behavior over decades.

      Occam’s Razor.

    • Anonymous at 10:25am – yes, there was a CI.

      There is an affidavit underlying a search warrant, which provides information to the court establishing probable cause to search the premises at issue. It includes specific information that there is a reasonable belief that evidence of criminality will be found in the premises, and may even state the exact location within the premises. The defense does not usually receive a copy of the affidavit.

      That said, I do not believe the FBI tampered with evidence to protect a CI. That would still be illegal.

      The CI could have accessed the images prior to becoming a CI without the FBI’s knowledge.

      But, it’s most likely nothing was done to the images. If something had been done to alter them, Raniere would have said so at trial.

      • The search warrant – which I have a copy of – describes the FBI may seize computers and storage devices. It was based on probable cause that they will find evidence of crimes committed on or after January 1, 2015.

        The FBI seized the devices on March 27, 2018. The forensic copy was made on September 18. The FBI ‘accidentally discovered evidence of a crime that happened 10 years before their search warranted permitted on February 21, 2019. There was a motion to suppress. The government won based on “plain sight” – which is, if evidence of another crime is in plain sight while you are searching for the authorized evidence, it is valid evidence.

        In this case the evidence was two photos of Camila that FBI SA Michael Lever spotted. He already knew that Raniere and Camila had a likely underage relationship because he had their texts for more than a year.

  • Fay Ray: You knew KR. His litigation of you was unethical…many things he did were unethical/broke the law. But an earnest question: Do you believe he deserves 120 years in prison?

    I’m asking because I’m conflicted. Based on possible metadata tampering, maybe he should get a new trial…which I know would be a colossal nightmare for everyone involved. But I also know that metadata is easy to change.

    Assuming he took the 15-year-old’s photos (horrible, 100%), that still shouldn’t give the FBI a free pass to break the chain of custody and alter evidence in any way. Right? I think those photos shouldn’t have been let into evidence, because, unfortunately, the FBI broke the chain of custody etc. Even if it was just a simple, honest mistake someone made. But then, I have no expertise in law whatsoever.

    So I’m conflicted. It seems wrong to overlook potential FBI wrongdoing/ineptitude that helped put someone away for 120 years, even if that person has done a lot of harmful things to people.

    I don’t think there is a govt conspiracy against KR, but someone screwed up with the handling of the hard drive.

    Well, I guess in the end, it’s up to the courts to decide, so it doesn’t really matter what I think.

    I appreciate your guest post here!

    • Your comment is confusing. You said that you’re conflicted about the hundred and twenty years and then you go into the possibility keith should get a new trial. And bring up possible tampering

      That’s 2 separate issues.

      Does Keith deserve 120 years?

      Do Keith’s allegations merit a new trial?

      Keith was convicted that’s how we got the hundred and twenty years.

      Wanting a new trial is a separate issue.

      • “Your comment is confusing. You said that you’re conflicted about the hundred and twenty years and then you go into the possibility keith should get a new trial.”

        I guess I asked the question because I am wavering in my view and maybe if I can hear from someone who knew him (not an exGF) say hell yes he deserves 120 years and more and this is why a break in the chain of custody doesn’t matter etc I’ll be persuaded.

        I guess it’s like, I would love to just sit here and feel confident that justice was served and nothing improper was done.

        Eh, no worries I’ll figure it out in my own.

        • I am publishing a comprehensive report that will go into the breaks [plural] in custody and other circumstances – surrounding the only two digital devices at the trial- the camera card and hard drive. [first two items seized 11 months before the FBI realized what was on it.]

          FBI field agents violated FBI evidence handling protocol by examining the camera card [strictly prohibited] before the forensic copy was made. How they lost custody of the camera card on the same day the forensic examiner did the forensic copy of the hard drive.

          How two forensic reports were made of the same camera card and they were drastically different.

          How an FBI agent identified the wrong hard drive – calling it grey when it is black and other bizarre and strange things.

          it is funny, Raniere VERY likely exploited Camila when she was 15. But it is also possible that the FBI did not have the evidence at 8 Hale
          and had to help get it on a black hard drive. There is also clear evidence that dates were changed on photos.

          He is guilty but the fruit of the poisonous tree may force a new trial.

          • Frank, why do you think KR’s defense didn’t address any of this at trial? Why didn’t the defense establish that KR never took those photos, or if he did, he took them when C was of age?

          • I think he took pictures of her when she was 15. I am just working it backward. Did the FBI get the evidence with clean hands? There are a lot of questions. I am going to address these. I was told by a Raniere supporter that Keith did want to object. It could be just one of Keith’s stories.

            My report is almost done and you can judge for yourself whether I have any reason to ask the questions.

          • Sorry, Frank. I know you really want to prove there was tampering so you can use it in your own criminal case, but it’s all nonsense.

            When the government responds to Raniere’s Rule 33 motion, it will all be put to bed. I am confident they will prove how ridiculous and frivolous Raniere’s claims are.

            Breaks in custody happen. It does not mean there was tampering. The main thing is that the FBI did not need to tamper with evidence. There was tons of it. They were never relying on a child porn charge to convict Raniere. There had no motive to tamper with any evidence. Raniere f**ked up, Nicki f**ked up, and the evidence was sitting there for the FBI to find.

            And, Nancy Salzman was always going to plead guilty due to her own health/family issues . Her plea had nothing to do with this charge. And the others stated that they decided to plead guilty after they reviewed all of the discovery, including Raniere’s texts to Cami.

            It’s a big nothing from a desperate man.

            I predict this will all backfire on you, Frank – it will not help your criminal case. You will just be placed in the column with all the other crazies screaming about conspiracy theories and no one will take your claims about your case seriously.

            Maybe think about getting off the crazy train.

          • I will drop it right after I publish my findings. To reiterate – I think Keith Raniere sexually exploited Camila. I do not know if the FBI has clean hands with the evidence. But it is not up to me. I am just going to present what I discovered and any reader can judge for themselves.

          • Are you seriously going to bring up the black and gray thing again?

            A regular comment poster on here already went through the testimony and proved you wrong on that fact.

            Oh my God. None of what you mentioned is new information it’s the same old stuff you and the dead-enders have been rehashing endlessly.

            It’s actually remarkable in a trial of this size and scale and scope that there weren’t any really substantial errors made by the prosecution. It’s an almost exemplary case in every way. There was no tampering. There was no malfeasance.

          • Frank wrote: “He is guilty but the fruit of the poisonous tree may force a new trial.”

            If it’s demonstrated as poisonous tree, I would support that the same way I support Cosby getting out even though I believe he raped those women. We have to keep the justice system accountable.

    • WTF, what do you think is the appropriate sentence for KR’s behavior? How many years SHOULD he do for the child porn charge, assuming that it’s true for the sake of argument? How many years should he do for having sex with a minor? (Actually, having sex with SEVERAL minors, although not charged with those.) What about for using a dead person’s credit card?

      What about the fraud and the other crimes he committed, all of which he was convicted of? What do you think is appropriate?

      How do you think KR should fix his breach, particularly since he does not seem to feel he did anything wrongful or inappropriate or illegal?

      How can a person fix a breach if they don’t even realize that they’ve got a breach?

      • Thing is, KR wasn’t convicted of rape or child porn. But they were highly prejudicial “predicate acts” I guess? I admit I am not totally clear on how all this legal stuff works. But I think if they weren’t allowed in because of the breaking the chain of custody he may have had a very different outcome. Or I could be totally wrong.

        Listen. I think Bill Cosby is a rapist. No question. But if there was something incorrect in his trial then I support him being acquitted or whatever exactly it was that got him out of jail. Yes it sucks majorly for his victims, but the fault lies with the prosecution. The law/prosecution has to be conducted in the proper way. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

        • Your comments continue to be confusing. On one hand you act like you know nothing on the other hand you act like you know everything about this case.

          The time to keep the photos out of the trial was in the lead up to the trial. Guess what the only objective to the child born being used as a predicate Act was?

          That in fact the pictures predated what the prosecution laid out. Keith admitted through that kind of statement that those were child pornography photos. “The child pornography photos are too old”.

          Additionally, the defense team could have called Cami to the stand they did not. There were many opportunities for them to have a meaningful argument against the child pornography charge and at every turn the defense knew there was no defense.

          Keith took the pictures. Cami was underage. It was pornography of a child. He sexually exploited a child. The multiple text exchanges prove the dates. Medical records support the dates. Other under oath testimony proved the charge.

          • “On one hand you act like you know nothing on the other hand you act like you know everything about this case.”
            Hmmm. Is the jig up? Quick, WTF, do some backtracking. More playing dumb (I know this law mumble jumble is confusing to you) and less asking for freedom of poor Keith.

            Here’s a way to start – Answer the above question; “what do you think is the appropriate sentence for KR’s behavior?

            How many years SHOULD he do for the child porn charge, assuming that it’s true for the sake of argument? How many years should he do for having sex with a minor? (Actually, having sex with SEVERAL minors, although not charged with those.)

          • “Your comments continue to be confusing. On one hand you act like you know nothing on the other hand you act like you know everything about this case.”

            Maybe it seems that way because I did not follow the trial as it happened, I only came to learn about it in any detail after the conviction. I learned about “predicate acts” from reading KR Clavigers articles here.

            Also, my comments might seem confusing because honestly I am confused and conflicted about it. And I am putting myself out here as such because I am looking for answers and I bet there are other people who think the same as me but are hesitant to say anything (even anonymously) because they don’t want to sound like they are on the side of a child rapist. I sure as hell am not on KR’s side, but I am also on the side of watchdogs who are looking at the judiciary/government etc.

            Sheriizzy’s comment that said breaks in the chain of custody happen all the time is enlightening for me. I am going to look into that aspect more and maybe that will close this case for me.

          • Just to add a little more context…I was pretty much in the camp of “Something sure seems wrong here or at least it must be looked into” because of the metadata issue.

            It was only very recently when I read a quote from Sarah Edmondson’s podcast saying how the focus on the meta-data is a classic Raniere distraction technique, and I thought, wow have I basically just been played by KR via his supporters blog posts etc. maybe I’m just another sucker to add to his list.

            Or is it wrong of me to ignore possible govt wrongdoing…and so it goes.

      • He was convicted of criminal racketeering which means running an enterprise that included sex trafficking, forced labor, identity theft, and immigration fraud among many other things.The child porn was a sliver of the story. The criminal enterprise is why he got 120 years.

        • Nut job wrote “How many years SHOULD he do for the child porn charge, assuming that it’s true for the sake of argument? How many years should he do for having sex with a minor?”

          I believe that if he were convicted of those charges, he should serve however many years the law recommends for a person with those convictions to serve.

    • WTF – the FBI did not break the law when the chain of custody was broken. It happens.

      The FBI agent disclosed it when he testified. That is all that needed to be done. They informed the jurors that there was a break in custody. This allowed the jury to consider whether the break impacted the strength of that evidence during their deliberations. Clearly, they thought the break was not a deal deal – because it wasn’t. If it had been, Agnifilo would have explored that area far more than he did.

      Breaks in the chain of custody can sometimes weaken the strength of the evidence. That’s it. It is not illegal. It is not indicative of wrongdoing.

      Raniere wants everyone to believe it is the equivalent of tampering. The two are not the same.

      I agree with Susan. If the photos of Cami were not taken by Raniere, he would have objected to them on that basis, and not because they did, in fact, come from his 2005 folder. He conceded by omission that he took them.

      He deserves a life sentence.

      • Thanks Sherizzy. I didn’t think that breaks in the chain of custody were illegal but I thought that it should have merited throwing out the evidence, but you have explained that is not the case, which, assuming that is true, helps clear that one up for me.

          • “I meant what you think I meant. Like I said, jig’s up.”

            I have zero idea what you meant and thought maybe you were posting while under the influence bc it makes no sense. I also have no clue what “jig” you think is up. Do you also say things like “time to blow this popsicle stand” ? 😀 Happy 4th

          • When not being sarcastic, I’m real. I don’t interact with liars unless it’s calling them out. I’m being nice because I feel sorry for you and want you to wake up. Have a good summer.

    • Child rape & Child porn charges were sent to the NDNY. T date he has not been charged with those crimes.

      Granting Raniere an entire new trial on the pictures alone, not going to happen for one predicate act.

      I believe the text messages and emails between Raniere and the 15-year-old were more damaging than the pictures were to the Jury.

      If you don’t recall them or haven’t seen them, Frank has posted some of them from the trial on his blog.

      Warning, they are discussing and clearly show Raniere as the sexual deviant he is.

      To date, there is no proof, other than paid-for opinions saying it is possible tampering happened.

      If you read Suneel’s report, it doesn’t say 100% proof that tampering happened as NXIVM loyalists are trying to sell their readers.

      If anything happens, it will most likely be a hearing. The hearing will only be on the topic of the photos, not his entire charges.

      You have to remember, we haven’t heard from the prosecution. They haven’t had their bite at this tampering apple yet.

      We’ve had how many months of “The FBI tampered with the photos” cramped down our throats?

      We don’t know Raniere’s chain of custody to their experts either.

      Two things we do know.

      1. Raniere has tampered with evidence in a court case before when it was less important.

      2. Suneel Chakravorty has willing to go out on several limbs for Raniere. He even lied on a government form as Icsaac Edwards to gain access to him while Raniere was at the MDC.

  • I’m amazed he let the hard drive on the shelf while he fled to Mexico. He knew he was in the crosshairs of law-enforcement (hence the speedy departure) from Albany yet he left crucial incriminating evidence behind in Albany.

    And Keith is the smartest man in the world? Unbelievable. A mitigating factor is that he tasked Nicki to sweep the evidence before their departure to Mexico (according to Frank, I believe), but apparently, she either forgot about it or Keith’s instructions were unclear.

    It gives me great joy to know that Keith must be thinking “what if?”. What if I had taken the harddrive and threw it away before I fled to Mexico? Takes only a couple of minutes to do it..

    Perhaps he copied the pictures on another device long ago and just forgot about the copy on the hard drive.

    • Stevenj-

      You mean Nicki screwed up – again!
      For someone who supposedly supports Raniere, she has done the most to have him convicted!

      She took a picture of herself on a famous Mexican monument that led the FBI right to Raniere’s door in Mexico and now, you’re saying she is one responsible for the FBI finding the photos of Cami and all the other women! Hysterical!

      She definitely is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I guess that’s why Raniere chose Suneel to be his spokesperson. At least Suneel can properly follow directions.

      • Or else she had her own reasons for doing it? Think about it. Raniere is the canary in the cage; she now controls DOS, has nearly 40K followers on Twitter and is cosying up to various high ranking elements of the Alt-Right. The way politics are going I wouldn’t be surprised if she was running for Governor in a few years.

      • OOOOOH! Perhaps Nicki has really been Anti-Raniere all this time!! Perhaps she gets to keep her VISA status by actually pinning KR to all of these crimes! “Ooops…forget to grab your harddrive with all that child porn on it. Silly me. Tee-hee-hee. 🤭” Wouldn’t that be a great ending to this story? But, alas, we all know she is just a brain-dead-out-of-work-underachieving-deadender.

    • “Perhaps he copied the pictures on another device long ago and just forgot about the copy on the hard drive.”

      My thought from the very beginning has been that he is convinced of FBI tampering precisely because (A) he knows he took the photos, (B) he knows she was underage when he took them, and (C) he genuinely doesn’t believe he is enough of an idiot to have left them lying on a hard drive where the FBI could find them.

      Reader, perhaps he was enough of an idiot to have left them lying on a hard drive where the FBI could find them.

  • Very nicely said. That really cuts through the bullshit.

    There was no tampering.

    There is no new evidence. Therefore there will be no retrial.

    It’s all very simple, and as clear as day. This evidence tampering fantasy was a scam, just like all the other claims this con man made, and it never deserved a moment’s credence.

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