Prison Transcripts: Raniere’s Angry Cry of ‘WAR’ – ‘No Holds Barred’ – Everyone Must Resign!

Keith Raniere told his power of attorney, Suneel Chakravorty, that he was going to “war” with the government.  He made his cry of “war” during phone calls with Chakravorty on April 30th of this year.

Raniere lives in Tucson, Arizona, at the United States Penitentiary. He is federal prisoner # 57005-177. His release date is June 27, 2120 – 98 years from Monday.  He will be 160 years and 10 months old when he is released. Unless he can win his war or otherwise get out sooner.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons describes Chakravorty [above] as Raniere’s “ardent supporter.” Chakravorty describes himself as the manager and paralegal for Raniere’s legal team.

USP Tucson looks inviting, Yet Keith Raniere is waging war with the government to leave this place.

Keith Raniere is assigned to C1 Unit at USP Tucson.

He resides safely behind these fences at USP Tucson. No one has ever successfully broken into this facility since the government built it in 2007.

He said he was going to “war,” adding it will be “no holds barred” on a recorded prison phone line.

The BOP quoted Raniere’s “war cry” as part of their defense against a federal lawsuit.  

His lawsuit’s goal is to force prison officials to let him speak to Chakravorty.  Raniere claims the BOP stopped their communications because of court filings he made.

On April 29, Raniere filed a request for a stay with the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. He claims the FBI tampered with digital photographs of Camila, a victim. He released a report by Dr. J. Richard Kiper, the FBI’s former trainer of FBI forensic examiners. Dr. Kiper claims that someone altered metadata and he suspects it was the FBI. 

The alleged tampering centered on 168 digital photographs taken of 12 females. These include 22 photos of Camila, a child victim of sexual exploitation. Assistant US Attorney Kevin Trowell filed a response.

He wrote:

Raniere’s assertion of government’ malfeasance’ is frivolous, and the government will address that assertion on the merits at such time as Raniere makes the motion in the appropriate forum, and the government is directed to respond to it…

But, as noted in the government’s brief on appeal, Camila appeared at Raniere’s sentencing and herself confirmed that “in September 2005, ‘when she was still fifteen, [Raniere] took naked pictures of [her].’

After Raniere filed Kiper’s report, Special Investigative Services went to work. Lt. Anthony Gallion led the investigation. 

Gallion wrote in his an affidavit;

 In early May 2022, my staff in the SIS Department were monitoring telephone calls between Raniere and Suneel Chakravorty. They spoke to each other about being ‘at war’ with the federal government that would be ‘no holds barred.’ 

Even more concerning than this language or ‘war’ is the fact that Raniere asked about the quality of the recordings and stated that he has many recordings. 


Lt. Gallion consulted with the Counter Terrorism Unit of the BOP. The CTU provided reports of Raniere’s history with Chakravorty. At the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, the BOP banned their calls in 2020.


The offense was not discussing war. They discussed donuts and coffee – to offer it to prison staff. But the staff didn’t bite.


They brought “scantily dressed” women outside the prison. A handful danced on the street for a month as prisoners watched, drooling from their cell windows.

The CTU felt that dancing and donuts breached prison security and Brooklyn’s safety.

Lt. Gallion reported his findings to Warden Danon Colbert.

On May 3rd, Raniere’s attorney Joseph Tully filed the Rule 33 Motion for a new trial. It included Dr. Kiper’s report and two other digital forensic experts’ corroboration.

That same day, Warden Colbert barred Raniere from calling Chakravorty.

Lt. Gallion said his investigation had nothing to do with Raniere’s Rule 33.

Lt Gallion wrote:

“I am not and was not aware of Raniere’s litigation regarding his conviction and sentence imposed in New York. All recommendations and determinations made, as reflected above, were made for the safety, security, and good order of the institution and not in any way to hinder Raniere’s legal efforts.”

The “War” comment attracted the attention of the Albany Times Union. The headline was “Feds say Raniere, confidant spoke of ‘war’ with government.”

A defiant Chakravorty pressed the tampering claim. He did not address the context of Raniere’s comment.

He told the TU, “Obviously, we are conducting a legal war. It is a battle waged with the pen and the court filing, and the government knows it,” Chakravorty said. “I defy the government to release the transcripts of all our calls. Then you could see it in context, but they won’t do that because it would probably prove to the world that tampering occurred.”

Frank Report cannot reveal sources, or they may dry up. But below is a transcript of two calls made on April 30, 2022, where Raniere spoke of war with no holds barred.


Keith Raniere

Call #1


This is unprecedented. This is historic. And if they claim it isn’t, that’s even worse. And let them come up with things to show where they tampered more than this. And understand, even if the government didn’t do all the tampering, the amount of tampering, and that they allowed it, and knew about it and lied to protect it, it’s completely unacceptable.

We need the public. If we want justice, the public has to be outraged, and the “frivolous” comment — the “frivolous” comment or motion — it has to give outrage. We need to ask for that person’s [AUSA Trowel] resignation, and not that he resigns and gets transferred to some other government position or even promoted, as often happens, that he’s out of government and ideally not promoted somewhere else, but we need to ask for his resignation, and we need everyone that shows their name to these things, including the regional guy who is doing the internal process here. If they are going to take that covering corruption tact, they need to resign. They need to be asked to resign, and that they resign, actually. Does that make sense?


It does, yes.                                             


We’re in a war here, and we’re fighting for justice. You know, one of the things that I said in the tape, which I don’t know if you heard, but Lady Justice has had her blindfold ripped off by a thug who’s holding a knife to her throat.




They have to stop it, and they have to understand also the logic. Considering, at 97% alleged conviction rate or 90 some-odd percent, or whatever. That means that the whole thing — everyone sees on TV, people going to trial, the adversarial system, or whatever. That is a little fringe ornament that happens in a small percentage of cases. So what does happen? The grand jury, which is nonadversarial, not constitutional, as the final arbiter, is what is the arbiter.

If it’s a 97% conviction rate and the prosecution brags about this, it’s a percentage of shame. What it means is that only 3% prevail at trial, and most of them don’t even go to trial. So how are they convicted? And how do we have such a high conviction rate compared to any other civilized country, any other country? We have more people incarcerated. There’s that thing on the Internet from Newsroom where he’s answering the question of ‘why is America the best?’




It isn’t, it isn’t. And he talks about, and this was before I was ever incarcerated. I don’t know how much more than some of all the other countries or something like that. Same thing with our defense budget, but we have this shameful system that and [Raniere attorney Joseph] Daugherty had looked up some statistics since the 70s.

It was like a 70% conviction rate. And over the past 50 years, it’s risen to this horrible thing. And it’s not just going to turn around and get a little better. It’s because of the culture, and it’s because people are allowed to call things like this frivolous in the government, and they can never be frivolous. Due process violation, it can never be frivolous. We have to be as close to perfect. If we want to live up to the other countries that we claim to be like and as civilized as like, we have to live up to that standard.



Call #2


So you have many recordings of me. You can use them for the media and if the PR people and the attorneys find that it’s appropriate taking excerpts or whatever to bring across these points if necessary.




There are two other things I wanted to talk about, you know, when we the people, we the good people, including good people in government, have to take back the government, have to reverse this culture, and it has to be done in this very direct way.

No little changes, no little rule changes, no little oversight committees are going to do it because the culture and that there’s enough corruption that those things themselves will be corrupted.

It has to be direct public exposure. We ask for this person’s resignation. If this person won’t resign, we go to their supervisor, whoever is above them, and ask for their resignation and a date certain when we will know and not. No, ‘oh, you know, going to think about it for a month.’
We have to meet, and then when they have to meet, and then other people have to meet and meet and meet.

No, no. We need to know, and it needs to be quick. And if not, their resignation is asked for, and we go above that.

Each person is personally on the hook. So this person, even if they never heard of the Eastern District, the person who’s above them, even if we go to the president because we want our justice system back. No compromises.

I can see. I was trying to think of what sort of an argument could they say? These certainly aren’t frivolous changes [of tampering]. These are monstrous changes that take a whole lot of time that just happened to line up with the government.

So if the government didn’t do it, gosh, they’re the fortunate recipient.  But the janitor saying that’ we didn’t do this’ or, ‘oh, we don’t know how this happened,’ or whatever. That’s like saying the dog ate my homework. The janitor did it in the middle of the night; unbeknownst to the FBI?  Some janitor came in with computer expertise and the equipment. Understand, to do some of these changes [on the digital images] , there is no other motivation but to frame someone.

Why in the world would you change a camera card like that? Why in the world would you even cut out that, you know — if Photoshop was used, why would you change the date so that it looks like it wasn’t used? Unless you’re trying to perpetrate some sort of a fraud.

[Raniere alleges the tamperers forgot to erase an Adobe photoshop filter on a photo. See Kiper report.]

Why would you do all these things? And if you try to argue, ‘well, there doesn’t have to be changes. It goes into Photoshop.’ Well, then all the pictures should have had photoshop on them.

But really, we want our government back. And this is the war. We’re facing the beast. And right now, the voice of the beast was the person that wrote that response [AUSA Trowel.]

Also, [AUSA] Tanya Hajjar, who, when we asked for discovery, insisted she gave it all. You know she didn’t, right?


Of course.

[Raniere claims the government never gave the defense a forensic copy of the camera card though he says they are legally required to provide it.]  


She needs to be called out and asked to resign. Everyone that touches this corruptly, they need to be called out and asked to resign. And if not, it goes to their supervisor, and it has to be immediate. But they have to be told to resign, or whatever, or the supervisor is, and the public has to know it.

This is the way we have to deal with the government. And hopefully, it doesn’t — the corruption doesn’t rise all the way up to the President. Hopefully, someone with authority makes these things happen. But literally, to say something like this is frivolous is deeply offensive. To go and point to say, Camila.


Recording” “This call is from a federal prison.”


Even if they had all sorts of evidence that somehow proved I was guilty – to point to that [Camila said this at his sentencing] is the ‘squirrel distraction.’ 

It is deeply offensive. But especially, here’s someone  [AUSA Trowel] who’s supposed to understand the nature of this, pointing to someone who came to sentencing and said something not under oath that contradicts the people around them. I mean, a whole bunch of things are wrong with that. 

But to point to anything but government process here, to point to anything but due process is not only a distraction, it is bad.

 It requires their resignation because they do not understand or they’re corrupt. If they don’t understand, they’re not competent to be in the position. 

If they do understand, then they’re too corrupt to be in the composition — in the position — either by the culture of the beast or just they’re being a corrupt person, or who knows, maybe they’re even paid off or politically summoned. 

But this is how we’re going to find the top of the politics. This is how we’re going to find all of these different things, the person involved and then their supervisor. So right now, this one person who signed off this motion and Tanya Hajjar are on the hot seat.

They need to resign. To resign. And we demand it. Justice demands it. And you want to know something? These people resign. One of the best things they can do for justice is resign. Because the moment we are effective, justice will improve. That will be a day that all of justice improves. Do you understand why?




So you’re a corrupt prosecutor somewhere, or corrupt judge or corrupt FBI agent or whatever it is, and you see that people are being called out personally and that they must resign.

They’re not being transferred, promoted, and all of these different things. You’re going to think twice about being corrupt.

We’re going to change the culture overnight. And we the people need to do that … This is a historical wrong, which we can translate into a historical opportunity, which we can translate into historically good change. So let’s do this. Let’s not let them get away. Let’s not be light with language or anything like that. Anything else?




Okay. I hope the recording is good. There’s a lot of noise around here.


It’s very good. Coming in really clear.


Okay. And the last one came in clear because I think the last one expressed some good things.


Yes, very clear.


It’s interesting at the end of JFK, the movie, where he looks up and says, in effect, get our government back. It’s up to you. That sort of a thing.


And just briefly, with respect to that




…. My experience is sometimes those types of people stay in their lane and they don’t see the historical purview. We’ll get it across — what can — I mean, it feels like it’s in our hands.


Yes, we have something in our hands…. 

Recording: This call is from a federal prison.

We, the people, can’t let the scared culture of defense attorneys stand in the way. Look at my trial. There’s a broken chain of custody, of the major thing of evidence that there’s tampering.
And they don’t ask certain questions. They don’t make certain objections, because they’re scared. Everyone’s scared.

They’re all scared of a judge. And if a judge is corrupt or a judge is crazy, that’s it. But they need to be asked to resign. Ultimately, judges need to be asked to resign. If there’s that much corruption, if it rises to the level, the people should not be shy about asking for any public servant, any government employee resign. They are our employees. So what were you going to say?


Just when you said, do you want to hear this? I just didn’t know what you were referring to. But I guess this whole message, yeah.


The message of, and asking for their resignations. That needs to go in writing, and we need to ask for it. And ideally, to get on Good Morning America, and they ask for it out there.

We’re asking for their resignation. We’re asking for this person’s resignation cannot be tolerated anymore.

Saying ‘this is frivolous.’ But what the prosecutor should have responded is, ‘My God, we need time to investigate this,’ and that’s at best, or ‘We join them. There is no frivolous.’

[The FBI put in] 100 hours worth of tampering work. Multiple government witnesses from the government, government agents lying, the subornation of perjury, the conspiracy for perjury, interfacing with all the different people that they did in all of this. This is a festering boil. It’s ugly. It smells. And by saying it’s frivolous, it covers it up.


They’re saying, by the way, that the assertion is frivolous, not that they agree it’s tampered and the tampering is frivolous. It amounts to the same but, um.


But they say the tampering is not frivolous, but the asser–.


No. They’re saying “Raniere’s assertion of government malfeasance is frivolous.” They’re saying that the claim isn’t frivolous, not that the claim is true, but it’s frivolous.


They didn’t even research it. They did this really quickly.


Exactly. Within 24 hours.


I wonder how Dr. Kiper feels about his experience of 20 years in the FBI and being a unit chief. And he says he’s never seen anything like this that being called frivolous. Maybe ask him.




It’s not frivolous. And to think this is frivolous is a horrible sin, is a horrible evil. Has to be taken out of the gut. They have to resign. Does that make sense?


Yes, it does.


And we need to ask for publicly. So I’ll speak to you. I’ll try not to have too much more.


Okay. Thank you. All right.


Yeah. We have 10 seconds left. 5 seconds. So all right. Send my best to everyone. And I’m so sorry, but we’re in the war now.


Yes, we are.


No holds barred.



My Opinion

Frank Parlato

Raniere’s advice is utter insanity. Let me paraphrase:


Go out there, Suneel. Demand that government officials resign. If they don’t, make their supervisors resign. Get the public riled.

This is historic

If they say I am guilty, tell them it’s a “squirrel distraction.” Go tell Tanya – quit at once.

Go on, Good Morning America. If Trowel doesn’t resign, go to his bosses. Demand a date to fire him. No waiting around.

Go to the Attorney General. If he doesn’t fire Trowel, contact the president. Get the public on our side. Put them all on the hot seat.

Go to the FBI and demand they sign an affidavit. Then, bring video cameras and dance in front of their offices. Put it in writing. Put your name on the line. You’ll make history. It’s historic.


The FBI tampered with evidence? It could be true or it could be false.

A soft voice. A temperate response. A quest for the truth. Present the facts. Quietly. Fairly. Isn’t that better?


For Raniere, insane ranting is his method.


Ruining people’s happiness – especially his followers – is his goal.

Tampering is just Raniere’s squirrel distraction.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Thanks for sharing the transcript. That was absolutely hilarious reading Keith giving a forum from prison and Sunneel just soaking it all up.

    It helps my own healing process to read this and remember how much BS Keith espoused over the years.

    I used to soak it all up and was as brainwashed as the rest. Glad to be out of those dark mind games. Also glad I can laugh about it all. To quote Doc Holiday’s dying words, “this is funny.”

  • He’s is insane and I don’t see anything special about him. My problem is with the rest of the cult. I think they are all complicit egomaniacs. Let them have each other. I don’t want any of these air heads in society. Put then all with grand master vangaurd in the same prison

  • Raniere wants communication with Suneel but won’t let Suneel say more than 5 words because he wants to hog all the airtime so that Suneel can leak the transcripts to the Frank Report? That’s … a strategy.

  • Most of this phone call is just Raniere ranting like an impotent fool, but he does reveal his strategy, looney as it is.

    He wants publicity. He thinks the American people will rally to his side (!)

    “We need the public… the public has to be outraged”

    For this, he needs Chakravorty. This is the real reason Raniere got pissed off when prison officials told him he wasn’t allowed phone calls with his little friend. Had nothing to do with “power of attorney” or whatnot.

    “So you have many recordings of me. You can use them for the media… And we need to ask for publicity. So I’ll speak to you. “

    Chakravorty was errand boy to run Raniere’s words of wisdom to the media.

    And what was the only medium that ran Raniere’s messages? The Frank Report. Which did Raniere and Chakravorty’s bidding.

    Now I’m all for airing “both sides” of a story. But I find it a bit of a stretch to lend credence to a tale as absurd as Raniere’s fantasy of government corruption in this case.

    Raniere’s tale of a conspiracy to “get” him, and his claim of being the victim of an historic injustice, are just laughable. Just look at how foolish they appear when in his own words. The man is a clown.

    The “FBI tampered” tale was just something cooked up by Raniere, thinking he could get the media to run with it and somehow work it to his advantage. Just another of his stupid lies that basically only his cult followers would credit.

  • “They must resign! Resign I say! We (?) demand it!”

    I imagine this diatribe in a comical high-pitched squirrel squeak. Have you ever listened to an angry squirrel chatter? It sounds like this

    I’m delighted by Raniere’s impotent rage. It means he’s in a constant stew about this, not giving himself a minute’s peace. Good! As if prison wasn’t bad enough.

    I rejoice that the prison authorities have deprived him of the privilege of speaking to his friend Chakravorty. It is perfectly correct that they do so, what with Raniere raging about thugs holding knives to throats and such. The ban forces this inmate to learn that such talk is improper and won’t be allowed. His personal vendettas will not be communicated to his allies on the outside. Vendettas against individuals in the Justice department, prosecutors who put him away.

    Raniere needs to learn who’s in charge. Learn that he’s a nobody. He’s not the Philosopher King of Flintlock Lane anymore. Now he’s just another convicted felon, a criminal, a jailbird, just like all the other jumpsuited losers in USP Tucson. If he’s a good boy he gets privileges like talking to his friend Chakravorty, if he’s disobedient those privileges are withheld. His choice. So the only words out of his mouth from now on ought to be “yes sir” and “no sir” when a CO asks him a question.

    Though his angry squirrel squeaks sure are entertaining.

    I hope Chakravorty provides more of these transcripts to the FR. (Oh c’mon everyone knows who the “secret source” is it’s about as secret as McDonalds secret sauce.) It’s fun seeing Raniere embarrass himself so, and watching as the fools who still follow him still remain loyal to the blathering idiot.

    • The mind of a scheming narcissist imprisoned. He must keep himself awake with all the chatter in his head and his acolytes are a kind of enablernto this by entertaining these hysterical thoughts. He must be writhing around in his own delusions, frustratingly awaiting the chance to vomit out loud his unstable thoughts. His brown nosing acolytes have permission for an occasional word of agreement and that’s all it takes for him to think the world will agree. We are witnessing the further unravelling of a madman.

  • What I don’t understand is Raniere is fighting so hard for communication with Suneel and he doesn’t let the guy say more than 5 words on a phone call. Can he talk to his wall and have the same result?

  • Wow… there are sometimes in my life when I feel ‘truly small’… like when I am lying in a field looking up at the stars…. wondering what it all means… and how ‘small’ I am in this cosmos…. isn’t strange how a ‘guru’ like this feels the ‘need’ to blow everything up to the point that ‘never in the history of the world has this happened’… this is “historic”…. he is the ultimate ‘martyr’.. for essentially going to prison for ‘crimes’…. after all ‘everyone’ in prison is innocent… did’t you know you that?

  • Give Raniere an inch – filing motions and story after story about tampering – and he goes on and on about it for maybe even three + years now about how he didn’t take those photos of Cami

    Maybe so he can keep convincing himself over and over in his head that he didn’t take these pictures. What a lair.

    Anyone who knows the creeper and knows any of ” his women” understands he his a history of taking crouch shots of all of them dating back to his CBI days, maybe back to college or even before that.

    Why would he leave Cami out?

    He also has a history of underage girls. Five that we know about and that is a pattern. If it was just Cami, OK. That’s a him vs her.
    It’s not, there are five total that have come forward and four long before his trail. (2012)

    Sorry, Raniere, you are the lair and the only ones believe you are your faithful and maybe Frank that there was tampering.
    No one is going to have to resign. You and your solider are going to lose you so called war.
    You don’t have the bullets, you never have in a legal case.

    Lies don’t win in court and you just can’t prove it. If you could you wouldn’t be so desperate as you have been these last few month. You would of filed your one an only motion in a timely manner and waited for the courts to decide.

    Not you, you had to through in the entire kitchen including the rotten food inside the refrigerator, coffee, donuts and dancing girls in an attempt to get your win. You also had to file a civil law suit when you didn’t get your way when your shitty behavior of “these rules don’t fit me” showed up.

    This is also a pattern going back to your CBI days when several US State Attorney Generals come after you for you illegal pay plan in CBI.

    It’s your pattern you use when you are sweating a wins, isn’t it. When that doesn’t work, you blame everyone but yourself. There never is any self-responsibility for your actions, ever. Just fake shit you do, to let yourself off the hook so people think your taking responsibly where there is no way out. That won’t happen here when you lose. You and who is ever left will continue to blame a corrupt system.

    We know Suneel lies, he did it on a government form to gain access to your already, why not for you any other time?

    We can understand Frank playing along with your followers, he has be hanging out, spending a lot of time with Nicki and the gang and has his own battle with the FBI.

    As far as your other faithful, are they getting paid by some fund by Clare Bronfman right now to work on your case? Of course they would stay loyal to you. If nothing else but for their jobs. Where else do they go for one?

    When a company Googles them in their research’s and see NXIVM, Keith Raniere, they might say NEXT please.

  • As I watch Nicki Clyne on her Twitter feed I can’t even think about her ever being happy going back and living a life with Keith Raniere again

    She seems so happy and free now doing what she is doing. She was really unhappy at times with Keith telling her what she could and couldn’t do while they were together.

    Nicki also was not Keith’s #1 woman. It was always Marianna. Why would such a good looking women every put up with that again when she could have her pick of so many men would would treat her right.

    With her twitter feed, she could possibly get back into acting again or show up to the Con Conferences and make a better life for herself.

    Why Keith Raniere? What does he have to offer her that she cannot provide for herself that this point?

    If it’s some type of collateral, she can say the hell with it, he’s a criminal what do you expect. Go to the feds and protect herself from him.

    • Yeah, I check the Twitter feed too. Seems to me she was better off with Raniere. Now she’s just hanging out with racist fascist scumbags and becoming one herself in the process.

  • “And understand, even if the government didn’t do all the tampering, the amount of tampering, and that they allowed it, and knew about it and lied to protect it, it’s completely unacceptable.”


    • Suggesting someone other than the government as a possibility and the government didn’t correct it, at least that’s my take…?

  • Special treat for shadowstate:
    One of the three justice department officials who testified at the Jan 6th committee about Trump’s attempt to install Jeffrey Clark as attorney general is non other then Richard Donoghue. Same guy who commented on behalf of the government outside the courthouse when Raniere was convicted in 2019.

  • I think Trowel MUST resign. But not Tanya she is too pretty. If lost lost Tanya this website would be depressing.

  • In memorandum D attachment 4 of lt. Anthony Gallion’s affidavit, Suneel is addressed as “Mr Sunil Kumar ChakrABORTy” (caps by me), which is what his mother should have done when it was still legal.

  • IDK, man. I’m conflicted.

    I think that the potential signs of tampering mean the Camila pictures should NOT have been allowed as evidence shown to the jury. And let’s face it, they were highly prejudicial since they were child porn and indicative of statutory rape, so maybe it does merit a new trial.

    But then I am asking myself if perhaps I am being “played” by Keith by focusing on the incorrectness of the metadata testimony.

    But then I hate to overlook signs of possible FBI corruption.

    But then I don’t want to be another person who’s been made a sucker by Keith Raniere.

    And so on…

  • Great post, Frank!
    I read it first thing this morning, not a good idea, but then I took a shower and ate a lemon poppyseed scone. Have a great day!

  • This is absolute Diamond Level comedy 💎💎💎💎!!!!!

    Historically hysterical!!!!!

    I’m not sure what is funnier…

    1) Keith thinking he’s going to demand the historic resignation of any government official, including POTUS, or else there’s going to be an historic popular uprising: “We’re going to change the culture overnight.”

    “The message of, and asking for their resignations. That needs to go in writing, and we need to ask for it. And ideally, to get on Good Morning America, and they ask for it out there.”

    2) Suneel historically struggling to explain to the World’s Smartest Man® that the government thinks Keith’s delusional allegations are “frivolous,” not imaginary historic tampering.

    3) Keith having the historical, idiotic illusion that having Suneel or Nicki or whatever dead-ender provide these transcripts to Frank for publication would make him look like anything other than an historic stand-up comedian.

    4) Keith’s historical histrionics. You can hear the historic spittle hitting the telephone receiver.

    And the historic clown show has only begun! We can expect this history to be made regularly until Keith hits his expiration date.

    Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

    • That was historic historical pathetic. Keith can finally be on Guiness Book with merit. But only after he resigns. Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

    • 100%. This just shows how bonkers he is, and really not that articulate for a man with a 240 IQ (LOL)

  • What a walking talking piece of human excrement KR is.

    A man trapped in a cell of delusional ideas. He certainly never gave a second thought of when he and Clare used the legal system to destroy people who merely disagreed with him or he felt threatened by.

    On a second thought, do you think he can arrange some of those really stupid women to come over and dance in my driveway? I’ll gladly provide coffee and donuts. I love it when a major scammer bites the dust. Maybe someone will suggest to KR the best way for him to get out of jail is with a piece of rope.

    • A sufficiently long piece of rope can be made even from a bed sheet or towel. Jeffry Epstein or another has also mastered this skill, for this you do not even have to be the smartest man in the world and is not an obstacle, because even the stupidest man in the world can do it. It’s all a matter of minutes depending on the skill and done between two checks of the guards.

  • Honestly Raniere is insane. Suneel my new nickname for you is pickle because Raniere has pickled you.

  • It must be fun to visit Keith. After jumping through hoops to get into this prison.

    No. “And how are you?” Or “thanks for coming”.

    Just: Get me my snacks from the vending machine. And shut the fuck up and listen to me ramble.

    Didn’t Keith ask Suneel “what do you do for a living?” Once. And that was just to see if Suneel had any skills that would benefit Keith.

    This isn’t Sunerl’s spouse. Or brother. It’s a fucking child pornographer. Who’s guilty. And disgusting. How long is Suneel putting his life on further hold for this post cause? Until Clare’s money rubs out? Until Suneel is no longer paid?

    • You are vey right! That’s what I thought, Suneel is not stupid, he’s playing stupid because he’s been paid!!!

  • 1. KR knows he took those pictures. That is why he never raised it as an issue during trial.

    2. SC thinks he’s smart and comes up with the notion that the files have been “tampered” with by the FBI to trap KR.

    3. As there can only be one truth or one fact of the matter, due to 1., 2. is actually absurd by the law of non-contradiction.

    4. KR decides to use this [absurd] notion despite him certainly knowing 1. because he thinks there is a chance, like Dumb of “Dumb and Dumber”.

    5. SC gets paid “experts” to show that data has been “tampered” with on the devices. This is a far cry from proof of tampering, planting, etc., for entrapment, but KR and the deadenders don’t care. They will go with it.

    6. To make what is actually highfalutin seem like it is “historic”, necessary, meaningful, ethical, a fight for justice against corruption, etc., KR attempts to abuse higher/ethical principles by riding their coattails for his own selfish benefit just like he did for nearly two decades for control, ego ingratiation, sex, etc., in line with his megalomania as a cult leader.

    7. KR continues to show no shame in being a fraud and a liar.

    8. KR still has not realized that he has no power here like in his little fiefdom, and the bigger fiefdom which has power over him is willed over by the One Who controls all.

    9. KR still has not learned why he sits in prison.

    10. KR will remain in prison for the rest of his life.

    • Raniere had/has two PR guys. One is in NYC. They were supposed to get him publicity for Rule 33. Including TV appearances. I heard they scheduled a spot on Good Morning America for Suneel, Tully, Eduardo or someone. I don’t think it panned out. I was told that the Washington Post was doing a story. Maybe it is still coming.

  • This poor woman… lost EVERYTHING, now lives with Sick Clyne in St Petersburg, FL and still adores her master. I won’t say too much about her but I still want her to resign, just for the fact she designed her eyebrows in Keith’s fav style. Resign now !!!

  • Marc Elliot, how are the preps for your event on Jun 29th about The Rise of Character Assassination and Loss of Human Decency? You are not interested in anybody else’s experience with KR because he helped you with your TS.

    It’s all about you you and you, right? He was good to you, so it’s all that matters. The fact there are some other people with a total different experience is disregarded. Also ‘cause he brought your sister in law from a Mexico mormon community and made her life so much better – now selling insurance with Esther Carlson, Linda Chung, your brother, Michelle Bari Hachette under Purdy Financial Group, so Keith is the god on Earth for you.

    He was good for you but a hell to some others. Agree or resign !!!

    • Poor Marc, he could move on with his life but is getting paid by who... Maybe Clare Bronfman says:

      I feel bad for Marc Elliott, kind of

      Why wouldn’t his attorney told him he had nothing to worry about with his lecture, it was during Raniere’s trail and what was EDNY going to do to him at that late of date? NOTHING

      At that point they would of had to bring in another grand jury and indicted him on other charges than the RICO charges.

      Other had pleaded guilty already how was Elliott going to be brought into a case that was well on the way to being over.

      Now he has gone to the expense of renting a space (or maybe Clare Bronfman is paying for it) and doing his talk. Who is planning on showing up but the left overs of NXIVM?

      Are all these dead-enders on Clare’s payroll still? If so, is it a loan, are they on payroll, paying taxes, gift tax, just what is going on with their income?

      Who wants to hear about the victims of NXIVM from the Cult side? I guest people who think they are a victim of the government holding them accountable.

      That does happen from time to time. Not in the case of Raniere. He is guilty of what he was charge with and a whole lot more.

      • Excellent comment. An additional question for Elliot and the dead-enders.

        Why do you think should hear you lecture on anything? What do you honestly believe that you know that other people do not know far better than you? Does the empirical evidence show that you have any kind of secret to a successful life?

        Does being in nxium show that you have even basic common good sense? Especially now – after everything that has come out about the cult and Keith Raniere?

  • Eduardo, you were a teacher of ESP. You are an actor.

    Please let us know how much you were paid during the time you were a teacher and how much is your annual income.

    You guys are super evolved because you follow the smartest man in the world and this is all to change the world so what we truly want to know is so far how you’ve changed the world and how you see yourself when older besides depending on government assistance ?

    Any plans to go back to Mexico and live with your parents forever ?

    Can we agree Keith’s supporters were designed to survive only in Albany living under his thumbs in an ecosystem $upported by the Bronfmans? Agree with me or RESIGN !!!

  • Suneel Chakravorty, how do your parents feel about you spending so much time defending someone that has never ever worked as hard as they did to buy that house in Jupiter, FL? And how about instead of calling you war a FIGHT FOR JUSTICE you call you it FIGHT TO PLEASE KEITH ONLY KEITH ITS ALL ABOUT KEITH? ‘Cause if you are fighting for a better justice system there are some hundreds of thousand cases for you to work on but I only see you rambling on subjects related to Keith.

    Change the name of your cause; if not, I want you to resign !!

  • Nicole,
    Get out of your comfort in St Petersburg, FL and let us know how the smartest man in the world has improved your life so far considering you have no job and no home no normal weight in your body and how do you see yourself in 10 years besides being childless and single.

    If you do not agree KR is ugly as fuck and say nothing interesting, I want you to resign !!!

  • Gosh ! U can notice how bonkers this guy is by reading just few phrases. It’s all same shit over and over and over. It’s all about him and him only. Btw women, if you want to change the world and evolve just do me a group blow job. And devote your life to me. And hate everyone that hates me. So self centered. And everyone in the government who thinks
    I am a criminal must resign.

    I can see how dangerous this fucker would be if still outside, serving lawsuits to everyone at someone else’s expenses. He would 100% continue to bring people to court just for the pleasure of it.

    How this people could listen 5 mins of his ramblings? All an endless bla bla bla.

    KEITH, I challenge you after you complete your 120 years of sentence to do a face-to-face discussion with lawyers and bring all your arguments. I want to see how you behave in front of non dead enders. And if you do not agree, I want you to resign !!!

    • Absolutely! They must all resign! Wait, do they have jobs? Either way. It doesn’t matter. The dead-enders and Keith all must resign.

      They simply must resign! And now that it has been posted on the blog and seconded I believe that imakes it official and they’re going to have to resign!

  • Is this Raniere’s grand plan? But Raniere’s big plan is too big for Raniere. It will not work. Even with the help of Chakravorty and Tully and the remaining Raniere followers, it won’t work. Raniere lives in a fantasy world or cinema world where his plans would work out.

    But it is his desperate situation that makes him do it. Raniere made bad decisions during his trial that would not have changed the outcome of the trial but would have been useful to him in his appeal. The prosecution’s offer to settle for 30 years was also very stupid. Raniere’s arrogance is second only to his stupidity.

  • complete gobbledegook. The man [KR] is stark staring bonkers.

    He wants ‘the public’ on side. But we want him to get off the stage because he’s f*cking BORING. Zero complicity. Booo.

    And Suneel Chakravorty is his staight man.

  • Now we know why KR insists on talking to SC.

    Only SC has the patience to listen to his word salads without either bursting into hysterical laughter or putting the phone down. Only SC can decode said word salads (or at least make the appropriate hmms and ahhhs to indicate his hearing is still functioning).

    Only SC can be instructed and be willing to carry out cuckoo and barely legal campaigns of intimidation on all and sundry and think that somehow the public can be brought on board. Only SC can do all the above pretty much for free.

    Clare B’s inheritance would disappear in no time if she were to pay for lawyers charging by the minute to listen to KR’s ramblings. No lawyer would be willing to risk their reputation colluding with some of KR’s ‘suggestions’ (sack everyone inc. the president if I don’t get my way). Narcissistic grandiosity at its best, coated in barely palatable “we’re doing it for the world, to save the future for our little avatars”.

    Could anyone who has ever met KR satisfy my curiosity: has he ever come up with a straightforward sentence, without all the circumlocutions? Such a pompous a…

  • Beautiful photos, beautiful pictures. I especially like the blue sky over Tucson. I will decide about the content of the article only after I have read it.

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