Kevin: Stop Hurting Allison Mack

Editor’s Note: The original version of this post appeared as a series of comments made by Kevin in the story Erika Durance Didn’t Like Allison MackKevin’s comments have been combined into a post and edited slightly. His story about working with Mack sounds true, but I do not know who he is.

.By Kevin

What so many forget is that Allison Mack has friends, family members, and former co-workers devastated by what happened to her and who are suffering terribly. We were never in NXIVM and had no connection to any crimes.

We know a different Allison than the one the public knows. And this hurts. She was good to the crew on Smallville and to her assistants pre-NXIVM. When she gets torn to pieces, so do we. Think about that the next time you leave a comment or write a column about her.

Many of her friends who worked with her 15-20 years ago haven’t had contact with her in over a decade, and don’t have a way of communicating with her other than writing to her in prison.

There are so many websites, podcasts, and documentaries that have made her a topic of discussion, with people dumping on her because it’s the popular thing to do.

She cannot defend herself, and it’s beyond cruel when a former co-worker goes on another co-worker’s podcast and makes claims about her, knowing that she won’t be able to respond to them.

Allison is being punished and serving her time in accordance with her sentence. Why isn’t that enough? Why do people have to beat her up when she has nothing left?

And as far as what Erica Durance said, I’ll wait for Allison to address the comments herself. The truth is different from the popular, “Allison was mean to me” narrative in style right now.
Allison Mack with her attorney Sean Buckley
That members of the Smallville crew, her makeup and costume team, and her assistants pre-NXIVM have never been contacted by law enforcement or the press to get a more accurate picture of her is troubling.

Meanwhile, anonymous commenters condemn her. What’s bullshit is a guy who hides behind a fake name and doesn’t know her, and has never worked in the business pretending to be an authority on her life and what happened.

Some random guy who never met her. I knew her for close to a decade. You have as much of a place talking about her as I do talking about a member of your family.

And not once have I defended anything she’s done that was criminal, nor have I disparaged anyone who had a bad experience with her. What I have a problem with is the exploitative way her legal issues have been, and continue to be addressed.
Allison Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. By so doing, she avoided the more serious charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy.

Friends and family members of prisoners who are not famous also suffer. I agree that their suffering should be acknowledged and that they should be free of discrimination in their lives. I never argued otherwise.

The difference is that Allison is still getting beat up in public and will continue getting beat up once she gets out. The average inmate isn’t the subject of multiple documentaries and podcasts. When does it end? When will people leave her alone?

I was on the crew and worked as an assistant until the later seasons when I changed careers and enlisted in the Air Force. I was unaware that Allison was in danger or needed help. I didn’t know what NXIVM was or that her health was failing.
Don’t you think I feel terrible about that? It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about before going to sleep every night for the last four years.

I’m not excusing anything that happened between Allison and the other women because I wasn’t there. They have the right to tell their stories.

But how many seasons of The Vow are necessary to tell the story? How many podcasts? How many books? The line between telling their stories and exploiting the situation has been crossed. The end result is that Allison will eventually be seen as a sympathetic figure.

I don’t like gossip and speculation, and I don’t like that there are people who continue to be hurt by this unnecessarily.

But you won. NXIVM is dead, and Allison is in prison. Congratulations. So why is everyone still here? Five years from now, are you guys going to be following her around if she goes to the grocery store to pick up milk? It’s weird.

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    • When was the last time Sultan even commented about Kristen Kreuk? Almost a year ago? He appears to have moved on.

  • HA! Expect Allison to keep her mouth shut until she writes her 6 figure book. She has plenty to say and there is no reason for her not to say it without a big price tag on it, plus she can go into the redemption of having done her time.

    The less she says now, the more she will have to say later and the more money she will make. She could even be a speaker.

    If she blabs now, it ruins the potential book. Look how Teresa Guidice kept quiet, then she wrote her bestseller all about prison. Just Allison writing about prison would make me buy her book.

    Don’t count Allison as down and out yet. I bet she will have plenty to say. Plenty.

    Anyone hear anything about how any of them are doing in prison?

  • In Kevin we find a person who regurgitates the popular Marxist notion that “words are violence.”

    “You hurt me by saying something that offends me.”

    And wicked politicians like Biden take advantage of these knuckleheads.

    Here is an interview with students on the campus of UC Berkeley.
    Berkeley SJWs: Free Speech Bad, Violence Good

  • I’m gonna be fair to Kevin and understand why he and her family would feel this way. The fact is as long as there are comment sections on websites, people gonna continue to comment about her. My suggestion is that family and friends of Alison don’t listen to the podcasts, don’t watch the documentaries. Limit that upset, detox from anything written about her because it will still carry on and on for as long as there is interest. You are tormenting your own life even further. Shield yourself. God bless you.

  • It is a matter of accountability. She made some terrible and ultimately self destructive choices and decisions. She hurt many people. She caused scars: physical, mental and emotional. Her victims will spend a lifetime recovering from this damage so it isn’t unreasonable that she be held accountable for that.

  • “She cannot defend herself, and it’s beyond cruel when a former co-worker goes on another co-worker’s podcast and makes claims about her, knowing that she won’t be able to respond to them.”

    I suspect this person didn’t watch the podcast. I have. Durance was asked a direct question, she answered it directly with her perspective. She basically said she and Allison didn’t interact much, few times they did felt more like a competition, there was an attempt to recruit her for NXIVM and thats about it. There was no malice in it. And a person is allow to give their perspective of an event regardless if the other end is able to “defend” it or not. It happens all the time. History books are basically nothing but this. Not saying this is history, just illustrating that essentially saying “Don’t say anything if person isn’t around to respond” is rather asinine and naive.

    Also if your friends and family that have not heard from Mack in 10 to 20 years and you are hurt by comments made by her, you really need a life and should move on. Or too busy trying to find reasons to be offended. Durance said nothing controversial or harmful. Kind of comment where if someone said “would you say that to their face” the answer would be an easy “yes”.

    “That members of the Smallville crew, her makeup and costume team, and her assistants pre-NXIVM have never been contacted by law enforcement or the press to get a more accurate picture of her is troubling.”

    What? Why would they do this? The crimes she committed occurred after she left Smallville. Her being the greatest person you ever met doesn’t mean shit if later she got caught doing crappy things. Its literally the story of half the criminals out there “he/she/they was such a sweet boy/girl, I can’t imagine them doing anything like that!” says people they worked with or lived next too (while secretly their actual friends are going “I am not surprised”). Again naive.

    “Don’t you think I feel terrible about that? It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about before going to sleep every night for the last four years.”

    Dude, Mack didn’t not need a military man to come “rescue” her. She had access to all the help she would have ever needed if wanted to be rescued. From her perspective she didn’t need to be rescued, she was perfectly happy where she was. Until it blew up on her. You seemed like a concerned work acquittance right until this part. Then it lurched into creepy stalker territory. Some person you kind of sorta worked with and maybe had a few conversation with should never ever be anyone’s first or last thought on any given day. That at most should be reserved for family and significant others.

    “But you won. NXIVM is dead, and Allison is in prison. Congratulations. So why is everyone still here? Five years from now, are you guys going to be following her around if she goes to the grocery store to pick up milk? It’s weird.”

    Umm. Hmmm. Yeah got nothing to rebuttal this. Kind of has a point. Boredom?

    • Re “Umm. Hmmm. Yeah got nothing to rebuttal this. Kind of has a point. Boredom?”

      One has to have a few hobbies.
      It is entertaining to read the Frank Report and to read the comments of others who sometimes come out as idiots, ignoramuses and worse.
      But there are others who contribute something interesting and reasonable.

      • Gotta love a person in a glass house with fences on every chair.

        Are you interesting and reasonable or an idiot, ignoramus or worse?

    • —Umm. Hmmm. Yeah got nothing to rebuttal this. Kind of has a point. Boredom?

      Kev definitely made an excellent point.
      We all need lives.


  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    As usual, no need to read this.

    Some NXIVM clown calling itself “Kevin” pretending not to be defending all of NXIVM’s rapes, murders, etc. What else is new?

    Your van-tard is going to rot in prison, the only question is which one and for how long until he dies. I’m hoping he gets himself tossed into the Colorado Supermax.

    Allison is a third-rate hack. Her sentence is way too short, but at least her “acting” (if you can call it that) career is down the toilet.

    Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

    • Point to one example of me defending NXIVM, any crimes that took place or of me disparaging any of the victims.

      I never heard of Keith Raniere until Allison got arrested. I thought it was a joke/teaser/gotcha Internet headline at first. The guy creeps me out, and I don’t understand why she followed him or thought he could help her find what she was looking for.

      • Kevin, please Google “Sultan of Six, Kreuk”.

        I believe you’re traveling down a pernicious road of self-destruction….

        Obsession and lust ruins men. Sultan started out in the same way. Now he’s living in a halfway house.

        …I also believe you’ll be providing me with endless laughs!

  • I found my love but she’s a vegan and I can’t be vegan. She’s married too but that don’t matter if we love each other. But she is a vegan. I need to eat meet. She is a body builder and sculpts her body real good.

  • Hey “Kevin”, if you really are what you say you are and knew her for close to a decade, maybe you should have tried harder to keep her out of that fucking cult.

    Seems to me you’re the one who failed her.

    And you have some goddam nerve faulting people for commenting anonymously, “Kevin”. You must be a real glutton for punishment, coming here of all places, if you’re all that torn up hearing unpleasant things about dear sweet Allison. Did you watch The Vow over and over too, box of tissues at hand? Buy the DVD?

    If you’re that bothered hearing your friend disparaged, you ought to choose better friends. Because Allison Mack is a real piece of work. She’s a racketeer, an extortionist and a liar. You must be some fine judge of character if you knew her for a decade and remained ignorant of who and what she is. Allison Mack had women branded on their pussies with her lovers’ initials. AND SHE TOOK CREDIT FOR THIS. That’s some seriously fucked up shit, “Kevin”.

    And you still think she’s a nice person who shouldn’t have mean things said about her? The woman who ran Keith Rainier’s sex trafficking operation for him? Who collected slaves-actual slaves- for him? What’s wrong with you?

    No seriously. What’s wring with you man?

    • You should take the time and the effort to read what I wrote before responding. Kevin is my real name, I’m not going to provide my last name. And when I worked with her in the 2000s, it was as a Smallville crew member. For most of that time, she was not involved in NXIVM. So I didn’t see any strange behavior or anything concerning because those things weren’t happening at that time.

      I can’t speak to her time in NXIVM because I wasn’t there for that. And for the third time on here, not once have I defended anything criminal that happened, and not once have I disparaged anyone who had a bad experience with her.

      Try listening to what other people have to say, and try seeing where they’re coming from. You might learn something.

      • Sorry Kev but this is a place where people who know and hate Allison can shit all over her because she sucks and tried to ruin my friends life sooo fuck her and fuck you too. We will find forgiveness someday but not yet. Hope she is enjoying prison.

      • I read your whiny little “I’m offended” article in its entirety and was unimpressed. Hard to believe, I know. In fact I found your argument ridiculous. Which is why I ridiculed it.

        You may find this difficult to believe, but not everybody agrees with your opinions. This is not, as you seem to assume, because others are ignorant or lazy. Other people may disagree because – gasp! – YOU are wrong.

        Ponder this, and it is you who may learn something.

      • Kevin-

        I believe you. Sincerely.
        I don’t totally agree with your stance, but I do believe you.

        Do you believe Allison was completely “warped” by NXIVM?

        I only ask, because most of us on the
        Frank Report are of the opinion she’s always had a little evil streak.

      • Kevin-

        I’m so sorry everyone is giving you crap. The malcontents that inhabit this news blog will torture stalkers over their demented and strange obsessions of female celebrities. It’s totally disgusting FrankReport staff allow such a thing to continue.

    • Well, he talks about Allison before the cult or before things got very crazy, which was from 2015 onwards, in any case, if YOU did not know her before the cult, you cannot say that you are a better judge of character than him.

  • I herby christen Kevin – Sultan of 15!

    Please note: The letter M is the 15th letter of the alphabet.

  • The podcasts, movies etc will continue until no longer profitable. Like it if not, Allison played a key role in DOS. The public is interested because, like you point out, someone like Allison, who may be as wonderful as you describe, changed dramatically and did great harm to others.

    The public wants to understand the subtleties and dynamics that take seemingly “good” people and recruit them to engage in conduct otherwise foreign to them.

    Allison will have plenty of time to defend herself should she choose to do so.

  • So Frank can make a dime.

    Someone I love has also been hurt so although I have struggled for the last 4 years because of Allison’s actions I’ve never once posted derogatory comments against her because I wasn’t there either.

    I understand how you are affected.

    • I love someone from Smallville, and Frank has been mean even though she quit NXIVM in 2013. Since 2017 I suffer this asshole criticizing my angel. He keeps saying mean stuff. he knows she left in 2013 but he says 2016 just to make her suond really bad.

  • Allison Mack: Stop hurting other people. When you apologize and have remorse for the 17,000 plus people you hurt, then we can have remorse for you.

  • Kevin makes some excellent points. (Except when he insinuates that Shadowstate’s infatuation with Allison is weird. That’s not weird at all…Not weird at all…)

    • No more weirder than Shadow’s human taxidermy hobby.

      They say Shadow can make you a fine billfold wallet from the soles of your feet. Last yuh a longtime.

  • Boo Hoo Hoo

    When Allison Pimp Mack was orchestrating the branding of the sex slaves did she display any mercy to the women as they were screaming in pain?

    When Allison Pimp Mack was collecting blackmail material from the women on a regular basis to coerce those women into sexual acts did she consider the uses that the material would be put to?

    Allison Pimp Mack was an adult when all of these acts were committed by her.
    Assault and Battery, Fraud, Coercion, Collection of Blackmail.
    Spare your tears for Pimp Mack’s many victims.

    • There is the exception of all those minor children, who gave guarantees to the masters / slaves of the front line of DOS, without the consent of their parents.

        • It was a joke for Shadow, who criticizes Alison for taking guarantees from adult women, but turns them into children when he denies their free will.

    • Screaming in Pain OR Laughing, Thanking and Kissing their hostess, like Sara Edmonson and Lauren
      Perplexing huh?
      2 bleeping minutes, of pen to skin Total, No 2nd degree burns, quick, short, 7 lines taught by an expert in the field, More popular than you care to admit or recognize amongst millenials today
      I’ve seen more smoke at my dentist dude!

      Do you really stuff humans ( taxidermy?)

      • They lied about the “design” it was their pedophile boyfriend’s intials marking ownership. They found out AFTER.

        They’d been blackmailed already.

        Your comparison is weak. Very, very weak.

        • “Their” implies that everyone knew he was sleeping with certain individuals

          Not true…

          Maybe for 1rst line but that’s not Everyone!

          Ownership is subject to perception, others saw it as a multi-faceted design and were ok with that and including his initials, 7 lines, 7 chakras, First line ladies design, not the doc’s. ..You know ….the ones who were actually privy to who he slept with…While I can appreciate being initially miffed, (the NYTimes article and lies were over the top) to destroy this individual. Why not

          Sue Lauren then, the best friend who Never divulged that info, not destroy a Drs. Career and Livelihood forevermore and then double down in a civil suit against her as well.
          Smacks of insincerity especially when she received E of Meanings from Sarah, Nancy, and Lauren

          Weak? Maybe, But it is the TRUTH

          • It’s not the truth. The front line slaves are on recordings with Keith dictating and determining the design of his initials. The brand is not a design of anything else – it never was and it never will be.

            It was the initials of a person that the non frontline slaves did not even know was involved in the DOS organization – that is also very documented.

            The existence of Keith as the Grandmaster of all the DOS slaves was intentionally hidden. It actually is all pretty simple.

            A group of women lied about branding their shared boyfriend’s initials on a bunch of other women’s pussies.

            If that’s confusing to you – how upset they would be about being lied to and disfigured in a gruesome manner while naked and it was recorded for the same lying man to watch without their knowledge – then I can’t help you. Because you are missing and empathy gene and a comprehension gene.

            Then you add all of the graphic porn on demand for Keith’s viewing pleasure (without the women’s knowledge mostly or consent to him being involved) the seduction assignments and blackmail – that is some fucked up shit.

            No one had to make it any more “over the top”.

            Your vanguard is right where he belongs.

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