Keith Raniere Speaks on Tucson Prison Retaliation – Listen to Recording

 On May 5, 2022, Attorney Stacy Estes Scheff filed a Complaint for Prisoner Civil Rights for Plaintiff Keith Raniere.

 The complaint alleges USP Tucson Warden Barbara von Blanckensee and prison lieutenant Anthony Gallion cut off Raniere’s communications with Suneel Chakravorty, and others. 

 Suneel is Raniere’s power of attorney and serves as his legal coordinator.

Raniere also names US Attorney General Merrick Garland and BOP Director Michael Carvajal in his lawsuit.

Nicki Clyne took to Twitter to release an edited recording of Raniere telling Suneel how it happened on his last call to him.

Raniere has not been approved to talk to Clyne for more than a year. Raniere was allowed to speak with Suneel by telephone until a few days ago. Raniere has been banned from calling Suneel shortly after Raniere’s Rule 33 motion was filed.

The lawsuit claims these two incidents are directly related. 

Suneel has not been allowed to visit Raniere in prison for more than a year. In May 2021, during a visit with Raniere, prison officials ordered Suneel out of the visiting area. They ejected him from the prison, telling him not to come back.

Nicki Clyne tweeted: Right after Keith Raniere filed a motion proving that the FBI planted child porn to frame him, the BOP scrubbed his contact list so he could no longer make phone calls to the outside. This audio is from one of his last calls. Why do they need to silence him?

Listen to Raniere from prison

Here is a transcript of what Raniere said on the recording:

Well, this, this will be interesting in the history of this whole thing.  So, in the middle of that, the legal call, it just lost contact, it was cut off.
The counselor then came to take me out and told me that he had been called that I needed to go to the lieutenant’s office.
So I’m wondering if they’re going to bring me to the SHU [solitary confinement] or whatever. They asked me about all the different, a whole bunch of different people on my [contact] list. And then they’re going to scrub my contact list, so I can’t speak to anyone.
And then I have to apply through the unit manager to try to get whomever. I had mentioned that I speak to only you [Suneel] and Mariana [his youngest son’s mother] pretty much and that I don’t think they’re going to reapprove your name, it sounds like.
But I may not be able to speak to anyone. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take him to approve it.
And supposedly he said, “Well, you have probably till tomorrow night to use the list and then it’s being scrubbed.”
When I asked why, he said they’re investigating. This is a guy who was the past head of the SIS [Special Investigative Service]. I don’t think he’s head of the SIS anymore. His name’s Gallion. And yeah, he wouldn’t tell me, but I think this comes from above.
I think this is because we filed the [Rule 33] motion yesterday, or even the expert reports before. So they will stop me from speaking to as many people as they can.
Nicki Clyne
“Raniere’s attorneys responded with a civil complaint against AG Merrick Garland, BOP Director Michael Carvajal, and USP Tucson warden Barbara VonBlankensee for violating his civil rights. The defendants in the suit have yet to respond.”

Lawsuit Ongoing

According to another lawsuit filed against Tucson prison, Barbara von Blanckensee was the warden at USP Tucson. She is currently the North Central Regional Director in Kansas City, Kansas.

Anthony Gallion is apparently a former Special Investigative Services Lieutenant at USP Tucson. 

He is currently a Lieutenant at USP Tucson.

The investigation of violations of rules and policy by inmates and staff is conducted by agents of the Bureau of Prisons Special Investigative Service (SIS).

The SIS will also investigate serious crimes in coordination with the FBI. 

Here is the complaint.

Here is Raniere’s motion for leave to serve the complaint on governmental defendants


Not Completely Cut off

It remains true that Suneel and Clyne cannot speak with or visit Raniere.  However, Raniere met with one or more visitors last weekend, according to sources. One of those visitors was Eduardo Asunsolo. The exact status of who Raniere can see at the prison, and who he can call remains unclear.

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  • Frank,

    Does your crotch ever get sore or splinters from your fence sitting? Your endurance is impressive.

    • Madam, my endurance is nothing compared to what your poor husband must endure. God bless that poor man.

    • I think Frank Parlato has comfortable seating like an armchair or office chair. The view of events from there is more comfortable than from a fence and he still gets everything.

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  • I consider the word of the government and the NXVIM remnant to be equal. That is, of no value. Proof must be provided.

  • To clarify:
    Question for the very limited comments in favor of Keith Raniere (but claiming not to be followers in a very clumsy way)

    Your belief is that even though Keith and his followers were caught breaking the prison rules, using false identities and lying Keith should still have all of his privileges?

    It’s okay with you that other prisoners and their visitors are subject to rules but Keith is not?

    It is okay with you to put those convicts and prison employees in danger just so your favo8 child pornographer with a proven record of lying and burner phones can live a cushy life with no rules while incarcerated?

    That’s your arguement? Why?

    • To answer your obviously rhetorical question. Entitlement. That and narcissist are always above the rules, and rules.

  • Frank, why aren’t you reporting the legal update from the case against Suneel and the origins of the collateral? trying to hide from the public the who, when, why of receiving the collateral.

    You didn’t give it to him – did you Frank?

    It’s interesting that Suneel wants transparency for Keith’s case but also begs the court to redact his own filings.

    To clarify – not the slave women’s photos. But information on how Suneel obtained the blackmail.

  • Does Eduardo have children?

    If so, does he have girls?

    If so, would he leave them alone with Keith Raniere?

    If so, would he be honored to offer them up as virgin brides to Raniere if that were possible?

    Asking for a friend.

    Eduardo seems so committed to Raniere that it seems he would be honored to have his daughters be the wives of Raniere.

    • Sick thing is….Eduardo WOULD offer up his innocent daughters to KR. It’s been done before by these fucktards more than once!!

  • I hate most of Raniere’s actions at ESP/Nxivm but I believe he should retain his rights to the courts, legal advisors including Suneel and significant others that support his cause while in prison. To deprive him of these is against our democratic system and the rights of all prisoners in general. The US prison system needs reform and the autocratic way this is being handled demonstrates it.

    • Nice qualifier about hating your vanguard’s actions. You say that you hate most of them.

      Curious which ones do you not hate? He didn’t lose his rights, he lost his privileges. When you’re a prisoner, there are rules for everyone’s safety – and when you violate those rules, you lose your privileges, something Keith is well aware of because the prison informs you of your privileges and of the rules.

      • KR is not my vanguard; I liked his agility and ability to do handstands. His lying, cheating and abusive sexual and legal behavior needed to be sanctioned. And, it was.

        Prison rights is another matter and too often prisoners loose their “privileges” for arbitrary causes. If CO’s like you, you keep quiet about their abuses and you do something for them, you’re okay but if don’t give them what they want, speak out for your rights, you’re labeled and put into the hole. It’s that simple. It’s not really about Raniere, it’s about the larger issue of prisoner rights and changing the abusive prison culture.

        • There are ‘rights’ and there are privileges in prison. There’s a difference. Privileges can and will be taken aware for misconduct, continued criminality, lying and breaking the rules.

          As they should be.

  • I hate to say this…. But a big if a sleezeball that KR is…… this sounds like Putin is running things as to the flow of information.

    He’s locked up . Why “scrub a list?”

    • If you hate to say it why do you say it? You “hate some of his actions” you “hate to say it”.. is this the new,” I’m no fan of Keith Rniere” dead-ender comment.

      Keith is a convicted criminal and continues to be lawless. There are consequences.

  • Keith and the dead Enders are whiny bitches. It is so astonishing that the go to remedy remains a lawsuit given Keith has never won any of the frivolous actions he’s brought. It’ll be a miracle if Clare has any money left by the time she’s done serving her time. It seems like Judge G got her sentence right after all. Some people never learn.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. By definition, Keith is insane and Clare, Suneel, Eduardo and Nicki are not that far behind.

  • Narcissist Raniere is going to keep his name out there as much as he can. As long as he has money to back him up, he’s going to keep litigating and making sure as many people as possible know how superlative he is – the most victimized, the most retaliated against, the most targeted by faceless forces of the powerful elite because he is the most special. Even now, it’s all perverse ego stroking even if there are potentially legitimate points to be made. It’s exciting for him and makes him feel important.

    And, consequently, he keeps irritating people and keeps ending up in isolation because it’s the closest current day equivalent to the oubliette. As abusive as they are, narcissists are also supremely annoying.

    • Thanks L, perfectly stated, even though they are wasted words here at the FR.

      Reason and common sense are not common here. Truth is just too damn boring and logical.

      • Everything that L says on FR is respected and appreciated. Her words are taken as “fact” more than anyone else – probably including Frank.

        Nobody likes their words to be wasted or to be ignored. Mrs. Schmidt – we could all take a lesson from L and learn how to be heard and respected. For example, sometimes I come off as a jackass and people roll their eyes at me. Sometimes you come off as a no-it-all contrarian who attacks loudly and doesn’t care to listen. Sometimes I come off well. Sometimes you come off well. L is consistent.

  • My daughter is looking for someone to empower her to be a bad-ass bitch.

    Maybe it would be good for her to start off as pen pals with someone.

    Does anyone have a suggestion of a wise man who could help mold her? Someone really, really smart. A great problem solver. Brilliant at math. Martial arts champ. You know, the whole package.

    If you know of anyone appropriate, please send me his address.

    • What is your thorough investigation based on? Your dad and her friends telling you what to say? The dude broke the rules. Repeatedly. That’s not retaliation; that is consequences

  • Wonder how many of those conversations with Mariana are about his simultaneous sexual relationship with her two sisters? Or how he gave her youngest sister HPV and now she is worried about ever being able to have a child?

    Also wonder how many of his conversations with Mariana are designed to have Mariana put pressure on Camila to retract her previous statements?

    It’s so disgusting that Keith would continue to divide this family. Let Mariana move on with her child and have an attempt at a real life. No one wants to be a prison wife. Except: Suneel, Nicki and Eduardo. They want to be Prison wives.

    • He won’t let Marianna go as long as she still serves a purpose: put pressure on her sister to not testify if it ever comes to that, or for Marianna to act as the family ‘spy’ to gather any information about Camila that can/will be used to discredit her.

      It’s not about Marianna, it’s about KR and his needs, always has and always will be.

      You can almost hear the conversation: You don’t want our child to grow up without his father, do you (guilt-tripping)? Nicki and Suneel are helping me (triangulation, using others to make her feel bad for not helping). I will prove I was wronged (victim) and I really believe we’ll get a retrial (grandiosity). You want to help me, don’t you? You say you love me, prove it (emotional blackmail). Have a talk with your sister.

      I know I did something wrong, and I constantly regret it (false contrition) but what good will it do for her to testify? What’s done is done, and if I could undo it I would (yeah, right). We’ll make it up to her, I promise (future faking). I love you, you’re the only one who can really help me, I want to see my son grow up and help you take care of him … etc.

      If Marianna had any sense, SHE would refuse to speak to him and get on with her life … but the guilt-tripping will continue: ‘Don’t forget who gave you all the money so you can give YOUR son a decent life (you owe me).

  • What Clyne and The FR don’t mention is that Chakravorty got booted from the phone list back in 2020 and Raniere then snuck him back on the list by lying, using the fake name “Isaac Edwards”, a phony address, and a burner phone telephone number. They got caught.

    That’s why Raniere’s phone privileges have been restricted. It has nothing to do with the Rule 33 motion.

    But Clyne, Chakravorty, and evidently the Frank Report don’t want that known. Once again, the three are in lockstep trying to summon up a conspiracy theory about how the Feds are out to get Raniere and committing grave injustices in the processes.

    Another point:

    “Suneel is Raniere’s power of attorney and serves as his legal coordinator”

    Chakravorty is not Raniere’s attorney. He’s not any kind of attorney. “Power of attorney” means virtually nothing in terms of visitation. Raniere has no legal right to see him; that’s a privilege and that privilege has been taken away, for cause.

    Chakravorty was and remains a loyal follower of Raniere’s cult. A cult that has been determined to be a criminal racket. The BOP not only has the right, but the responsibility, to keep these people away from convicted felon Raniere.

    • Aristotle Sausage- where did this Isaac Edwards info come from? Is it readily available information or an insider detail? Thanks!

        • Raniere should have let Susan Dones walk away quietly. But no, he had to sue her in court when she was broke, and couldn’t afford a lawyer.

          He tried to get her arrested on fake charges.

          He told the community she was the criminal.

          She won her case which pissed him off.

          She never gave up exposing him as the criminal he is.

          He shouldn’t have fucked with a woman smarter than him & knows so much
          about NXIVM history.

          She isn’t letting his followers off the hook.

          They are trying to rewrite his history.

          She isn’t having any part of that BS.

          Gotta hand it to her.

          She’s a tough woman.

  • Keith doesn’t sound upset at all. He’s laughing. Keith knows that he broke the rules and that this is not retaliation. Once again, the story is incomplete because it leaves out the fact that they have been using false names and breaking the rules in many ways. Keith thinks he’s so important. He is not. But he cannot live without attention. And these fools are willing to accommodate.

  • “Right after Keith Raniere filed a motion proving that the FBI planted child porn to frame him, the BOP scrubbed his contact list so he could no longer make phone calls to the outside.”

    ‘Proving’, Nicki? How about ‘speculating’ – would it not be more accurate, since the only people who have examined the report(s) are … the people who commissioned it, and the ‘experts’ who got paid to produce said reports. “It’s proven because we believe it is so”. And ‘planted child porn’ … what an inflammatory accusation. Did anyone ever hear KR deny he took photos of a young woman? He had his opportunity in court: “I completely deny on oath I ever took pictures of anyone under 18.” That would have sufficed, no?

    What a way to show your bias and take away any last shred of credibility you may still have.

  • So, while Clyne and Suneel may not be able to see Raniere at this time, I am happy he is not completely cut off from the world. And it is possible that he will be able to take legal action against other individuals and entities in the future.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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