Magoo: ‘Rittenhouse Haters’ Brainwashed; Deny Logic Contradicting Hatred of Conservatives

By Magoo


Salem Witch Trials are happening in America.

Many respected commenters — here on FrankReport — are leading the charge to encourage Kangaroo Courts, as part of a ‘tribalism mentality’ that has permeated liberal society.

Even my esteemed colleague, Mr. Aristotle’s Sausage, has become a slave to the same ‘tribalism’ (irrational mental conditioning) that he often accuses others of.

For instance, not long ago, Mr. Sausage wrote a comment suggesting Kyle Rittenhouse was basically a murderer who deserved life in prison, LOL.

There are many other liberal idiots here, such as Erasend, Nutjob, and many others, who also believe Rittenhouse is a murderer who deserves life in prison.

As I will prove below, it’s not ‘logic’ that’s guiding their idiotic comments about Kyle Rittenhouse.


They’re falling prey to the same ’emotional’ thinking which cult members use.

Let us examine the facts, shall we?

Rittenhouse was not a ‘chaos tourist’ looking for trouble, as the prosecutor attempted to claim.

Rittenhouse worked as a lifeguard in Kenosha. He was working there earlier that SAME DAY. He was not a ‘tourist’ looking for trouble. He was there to help protect a city he loved (and worked in) from a violent mob that was LOOTING, BURNING and ASSAULTING that night.

As a 17-year old, Rittenhouse was legally allowed to own that particular rifle in Wisconsin. It was not illegal for him to have that rifle. The judge agreed with that. Just because liberals hate this fact, that doesn’t mean they can substitute their opinion for the actual law.

Rittenhouse never crossed state lines with that gun. His rifle was stored in Wisconsin the whole time. He was alerted that local businesses were being destroyed and looted by violent mobs, and he wanted to help protect them and to aid others. Even though he lived across state lines, his gun was not brought across state lines.

The liberal media tried to portray the 3 thugs (who got shot) as good & kind human beings, who were not there looking for trouble, LOL.

Let’s examine the facts…

The 1st thug (who got shot) had spent over a decade in prison for child molestation and had pending charges for domestic abuse. He was a lifelong criminal.

Joseph Rosenbaum raped and molested five boys under the age of 12. He was fatally shot by Kyle Rittenhouse

Here’s Rosenbaum’s rap sheet:

The 2nd thug (who got shot) was convicted of domestic abuse in 2018. Plus, back in 2012, he also served time in prison for choking a family member. He was obviously a violent person.

Here’s his rap sheet (1st link requires a CAPTCHA click before loading the record):

PS — Here’s an additional story about the 2nd thug (Anthony Huber) and his previous violent crimes.

According to this story, he once held a knife to his brother’s stomach and threatened him. He then choked him hard and cut his ear. He also allegedly said “I’m going to burn the house down with all you f—kers in it” (according to court testimony).

Gaige Grosskreutz was shot, but not fatally by Rittenhouse.

The 3rd thug (who got shot) was a known RM (People’s Revolution Movement) troublemaker who brought a GUN with him, lol.

The liberal media tried to portray him as a good ‘bystander’ who was only there to render aid to people, LOL, but his criminal rap sheet says otherwise:

How do we know that Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t looking for trouble, as prosecutors attempted to claim?

Because Kyle chose to RUN AWAY from the 1st thug, who began CHASING him while hurling threats about killing him. If you run away — rather than begin shooting at someone — it means you’re trying to AVOID shooting somebody. LOL.

*Kyle chose to run away EVEN THOUGH the guy chasing him was NOT ARMED (and Kyle was armed). lol.

If Kyle was looking for trouble, he could have immediately shot the guy before trying to run away.

Kyle finally turned around to shoot (the 1st thug), only AFTER his avenue for escape was blocked by a larger crowd of rioters just ahead of him. Thus, he had no choice but to turn around and stand his ground.

Kyle shot the 1st thug at very close range, as he tried to grab Kyle’s weapon away from him.

That means Kyle had NO OTHER CHOICE, because if this thug had grabbed his gun away, he likely would have used the gun on Kyle (because he was THREATENING Kyle while chasing him). Oh, and by the way, this same guy allegedly tried to commit suicide earlier that day.

There was even a neutral WITNESS who testified to hearing that thug ‘threatening’ to kill Kyle earlier that evening. He was there. He was a REAL WITNESS. You can’t pretend like this evidence doesn’t exist.

That’s the TEXTBOOK definition of self-defense.

The 2nd thug (who got shot) decided to swing his heavy skateboard like a baseball bat, directly at Kyle’s head/neck area.

Swinging a skateboard at somebody’s head is a DEADLY weapon. That means his intent was to SERIOUSLY INJURE or to KILL Kyle.

(You don’t swing a heavy object at somebody’s head just for fun)

Again, that’s the TEXTBOOK definition of self-defense.

The 3rd thug (who got shot) did something even more hostile… He pulled out a GUN and POINTED IT at Kyle.

Kyle shot this final thug only AFTER he pointed a gun at him.

That’s the TEXTBOOK definition of self-defense. LOL.

What about the ‘attempt’ (by prosecutors) to say Kyle lost his right to claim ‘self-defense’ by allegedly pointing his gun at somebody before this all started? LOL.

To prove this LAUGHABLE claim, the prosecutor introduced a video so BLURRY that even the judge said he couldn’t see anything at all. LOL.

The judge actually admitted this blurry video showed NOTHING that anybody could decipher. The jury agreed.

*After the trial, it was shown that the ‘arm’ in question (on the blurry video) would have been Kyle’s non-gun arm, showing that prosecutors were simply making up their story out of whole cloth, to get mob justice.

In other words, even though the video was so blurry that you couldn’t tell what Kyle was doing with his arm, it was still his non-gun arm (that prosecutors were trying to point to). LOL.

If Kyle had been convicted, it would have been MOB justice.

It was a “show trial” (kangaroo court) done to pacify a liberal mob who cannot evaluate FACTS whenever those facts contradict their own highly liberal bias.

It’s very sad that liberal idiots, like Mr. Sausage, Mr. Nutjob and Mr. Erasend, cannot put away their ‘tribal’ mentality to evaluate the facts of this case in a rational & non-emotional manner.

Brainwashing happens to various degrees. These people can be logical on some issues and child-like on other issues.

Most of these Neo-Liberal “Rittenhouse haters” have been brainwashed into believing that any facts which contradict their liberal hatred (of conservatives) cannot be evaluated with logic.

It’s like the Salem Witch Trials have come to our modern century.

Humans never change. They only pretend to. 🙂

 “Hush. Don’t ask any questions. It’s always best on these occasions to do what the mob do.”
“But suppose there are two mobs?” suggested Mr. Snodgrass.
“Shout with the largest,” replied Mr. Pickwick.
Volumes could not have said more.




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  • RE Magoo is only 1/2 Right:

    It pains me to say this, Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

    I will say the little piss-ant shouldn’t have been there. should’ve been charged with an illegal firearm.

    The 1st man physically attacked Rittenhouse, 2nd man attacked Kyle with a giant skateboard which could smash a skull in, and the 3rd man pulled a gun on Rittenhouse.

    • Nah. There’s loads of mentally ill shooters in the US. Its encouraged as some sort of cheap form of population control? Who knows? Its not like anyones looking for a solution right?

  • Times Union

    NXIVM leader Raniere suing Arizona federal prison

    Robert Gavin
    May 17, 2022
    Updated: May 17, 2022 2:21 p.m.

    ALBANY – Imprisoned NXIVM leader Keith Raniere is suing the federal prison that holds him in Arizona, alleging prison officials wrongly cut short phone conversations he’s had with his attorneys.

    The former Saratoga County-based cult leader contends in court papers that officials at the Tucson federal penitentiary also prevented him from meeting with a longtime supporter, Suneel Chakravorty, whom Raniere identified as having power of attorney.

    [ … ]

    Raniere’s lawsuit, filed May 6 by Arizona attorney Stacy Scheff, named as defendants U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland; federal Bureau of Prisons director Michael Carvajal; Tucson penitentiary warden Barbara VonBlanckensee; and Anthony Gallion, a lieutenant at the prison. The suit asked for a court order to prevent prison officials from “retaliating, and from actively frustrating” Raniere’s efforts to exercise his rights to the courts and an attorney.

    On May 4, the lawsuit stated, Raniere was on the phone with his attorney, Joseph Tully, when prison officials cut the call short without warning. It said that soon after, a prison official directed Raniere to visit an administrative office where Gallion asked Raniere about people on his approved list of visitors. It said Gallion told Raniere the list was being “scrubbed,” that Raniere would have to apply to a unit manager to have anyone reapproved and that Chakravorty was unlikely to be reapproved.

    On May 6, the suit said, prison officials cut short another phone conversation between Raniere and attorney Joseph Daugherty. It contends that the Bureau of Prisons “was aware that federal prison wardens retaliate against individual prisoners based on personal animus and not supported by any legitimate penological purpose but failed to take action to prevent it, and perpetuated the policy and practice.”

    The suit alleged that days earlier, prison officials abruptly ended a May 2 visit to Raniere by Chakravorty — and permanently revoked Chakravorty’s visitation privileges. The suit said Chakravorty can now only communicate with Raniere if Chakravorty is on Raniere’s list of approved callers. But such calls are monitored and recorded even though Chakravorty, according to the suit, is an agent of Tully. The suit said Gallion refused to tell Raniere why the actions were being done other than mentioning that an investigation was underway.

    [ … ]

    Raniere’s suit accused prison officials of unlawfully frustrating and interfering with Raniere’s First Amendment access to court; retaliation against Raniere based on rights protected by the First Amendment; and violating Raniere’s Sixth Amendment right to an attorney. It asked for attorney fees and other costs accrued.

    The case was assigned to Senior U.S. District Judge Raner C. Collins.

    Benjamin O’Cone, a spokesman for the Bureau of Prisons, said the agency would not comment on pending litigation.

    • Well Raniere is just suing everybody, isn’t he?

      One wonders where he gets the money. Since he claims to be penniless and unable to pay the restitution he owes.

      Somebody’s losing an awful lot of money in the little toad’s lost causes.

      • I am sure Raniere’s lawsuit against the Tucson prison will result in his transfer to another prison. His lawsuit will not succeed. But the smartest man in the world should know what consequences will result from his actions/suit.

  • Allison Mack impressed the Judge by her tale of being enrolled in a California state college.
    Was she a real student?

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  • Why is Joe Biden attacking Conservatives?

    ArmyVet ᵁᴸᵀᴿᴬ ᴹᴬᴳᴬ ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ • an hour ago
    Joe Biden: “I believe we have a record to be incredibly proud of.”

    🔺Covid mismanagement
    🔺Surging crime
    🔺Empty shelves
    🔺Historic border crisis
    🔺Disastrous foreign policy
    🔺Hunter’s laptop
    🔺Record inflation
    🔺Gas prices
    🔺 Baby formula
    🔺 Massive spending

    Buffoonish Biden is trying to divert your attention from his numerous failures.
    Don’t be fooled by the Buffoonish Biden.

    • Shadowstate do not forget Biden’s success in pandemic response in the US.

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    • Our World in Data

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      Case fatality rate of COVID-19
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      Excess mortality: Deaths from all causes compared to projection based on
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      incomplete coverage and delays in reporting.

  • Pray that John Williams is Wrong!

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  • Twitter Senior Engineer Admits in Undercover Video That “Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech”
    Silicon Valley Communists regard Free Speech as “Bullying”
    Say anything that offends the Silicon Valley Communists and you are banned.
    Quote from the Video
    “We’re as Communist as Fuck.”

  • The Rittenhouse case proves how biased America’s corporate mainstream media is.

    Concerning Rittenhouse his father and grandmother lived in Kenosha.
    His parents are divorced and his mother lives near by in Illinois.
    Rittenhouse is essentially a member of the Kenosha community.
    Rittenhouse is more of a resident of that city than Rosenbaum the child molester from Arizona.

    Magoo compares today’s tyranny to the Salem Witch Trials.
    I have a different perspective.

    When I was in college I was expected to read “Darkness At Noon” by Arthur Koestler.
    This book was loosely based on the Moscow Show Trials of the 1930s.
    When I went to college professors could still teach the truth about Communism without having a Ministry of Truth intervening.

    The Moscow Show Trials were also an inspiration for George Orwell’s novel “1984”
    Orwell, born Eric Blair, was a former Socialist who was shocked by the tyranny that flourished in the Communist “Paradise” created in Russia.

    “!984” was written as a warning by Orwell shortly before he died of tuberculosis.
    Orwell meant the novel to be a warning.
    It appears that there are many officials in the Biden Administration who view “1984” as a blueprint for America’s future.

    Show Trial Russia 1938 – Bukharin and 20 others

  • If Rittenhouse had stayed home and watched porn and jacked off like his fellow incels instead of pretending to be a man showing off his big semi-automatice penis, two humans would be alive today.

  • “[Rittenhouse attorney Mark] Richards and Rittenhouse’s spokesperson, David Hancock, told The Associated Press that Rittenhouse wanted the gun destroyed and personal items thrown away so they could not be used as a political symbol or to celebrate the shootings. On Friday, Richards told reporters after the hearing that they also didn’t want anyone to profit off the sale of the rifle”

    Kyle Rittenhouse seems to be a decent enough person, who feels genuine remorse for what he did. He was unwilling to become the political symbol the lunatic Far Right hoped for.

    The awesome responsibility of having taken a fellow human’s life weighs on him. The boy with the semiautomatic rifle grew up awful fast.

    He caught a lucky break being found not guilty. Despite having shot to death two unarmed men. I think he knows just how close he came to spending much of his life in prison.

    He wanted his once-prized AR-15 destroyed. The gun nuts thought Kyle Rittenhouse was one of them. They thought he would be their poster boy. He declined.

    How different from the Nxivm co-defendant scum, evading personal responsibility.

    You see, it is possible to have a mind of one’s own at the age of 18. To take responsibility for your actions, to say no to pressure, to think independently and ethically. To not make excuses.

    Kyle Rittenhouse, after his night of killing, decided to listen to his better angel. He wants his once- “cool” AR-15 destroyed.

    It’s outcomes like this that make me never cynical about humanity.

  • Both the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ are 100% guilty of tribalism, full stop, day in and day out.

    The left blames every problem on Trump and calls him a Nazi.
    The right blames every problem on Biden and calls him a pedophile.

    The left calls everyone on the right “extreme radical right-wing white supremacists.”
    The right calls everyone on the left “extreme radical left-wing socialists.”

    The left claims that the right is evil and is destroying America.
    The right claims that the left is evil and is destroying America.

    The ‘right’ is conditioned to automatically disregard and oppose all the political positions of the ‘left.’
    The ‘left’ is conditioned to automatically disregard and oppose all the political positions of the ‘right.’

    This tribalism is created and nurtured by legacy media, and social media, not by “real life.”

    Both ‘sides’ consist of masses of brainwashed, unthinking nitwits.

    If you believe that “the other side” is evil and “your side” is good, you are one of those nitwits.

    • One side calls themselves Patriots and tried to violently overthrow the government because they believe a con-man’s lies. The other side lives in reality.

      • Exactly my point. Each “side” has been so deeply propagandized, they believe the most ridiculous exaggerations about the “other side.”


  • If you were trying to flush me out, it worked. Your assumptions about my thoughts on the situation are so incorrect, it’s laughable. Are you confusing me with a different Nutjob?

  • Interesting information about the background of those people killed by Rittenhouse. I appreciate the presentation of the facts. Facts are important. However, killing somebody with a rifle because he’s charging you with a skateboard isn’t exactly proportional. Also, bringing an assault weapon to an already explosive situation is asking for trouble. He bears at least some responsibility for the death of those two men and injuring a third.
    The fact that he is presented as a hero in rightwing media and politics is sickening.

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