Sylvie’s Startling DOS Story – Every Woman Must Weigh 100 Lbs

Once again, this is a story for NXIVM insiders. It is for people who want to get a closer look at NXIVM and what it was.

The Truthiest Life is a podcast hosted by Lisa Hayim. Hayim “shares tips, tools, and conversations that will leave you inspired and ready to live your own truthiest life.”

Recently, she had Sylvie Lloyd, a former member of NXIVM and DOS, as a guest.
Listen to the podcasts here.
In Part 2, Sylvie told Lisa about her experiences in DOS. FR edited the story because people speak differently from how they write. Listen to the podcasts to get a fuller picture of Sylvie Lloyd.
Sylvie started in NXIVM when she was 18. A decade later, in 2015, she married John Fox, another NXIVM member. They worked together at the Knife of Aristotle, Keith Raniere’s media group. Sylvie was a citizen of the UK. Her marriage to Fox solved her immigration issues and allowed her to stay in the US to work for NXIVM.
By Silvie Lloyd:

I had boyfriends from the UK. But Keith always said I was living out my indoctrination and told me it would be a bad relationship.

The way I would think about it is, “Keith knows best. He has my best interests at heart.” So, I’d end up breaking up with these boyfriends.

But I wanted to get married and have children. So, the only way I thought this could happen is if Keith condoned it.

John and I got together because I went to Keith first.

Sylvie Lloyd and John Fox.

John and I worked together on a project within ESP for a long time. We’ve been speaking every day and were pretty close. I wanted to have a relationship with him, but I was trying to finagle it with Keith. So, I felt like the plan I came up with was a good plan.

I said to Keith, “What do you think of me having a relationship with John? Would this be okay? If John would be willing to marry me, I could stay in Albany [legally].”

Keith said it would need to be a business relationship. He said it must be a platonic relationship for the first two years.

I said okay. But in my head, I was like, “No, that’s not what I’m gonna do.” But I thought, “Great. This means I can have a relationship.”

I asked John, “Hey, would you consider marrying me? [for her green card].

John said, “Yeah, I’d consider it.”

We got married a month later. My family was in England and didn’t know my plans. So, I shocked them when I told them I would marry him.

My dad said, “We need to meet him on Skype.” My dad said things to John, like, “Are you sure you want to do this? [Marry Sylvie for her to get a green card]” He should have said that to me, but that’s another issue.

My mom flew out to meet John and be at our wedding, which was in a courthouse, signing papers. It was shocking and uncomfortable for my parents. They didn’t know what to do. I was 27. When you’re that age, it’s not like they can say, “You’re not allowed to marry this guy.”

About a month after I married John, Monica, a close friend in NXIVM, approached me.

Monica Duran

She said, “Hey, you seem to be struggling. You don’t seem happy since you’ve been with John. I’ve got a project, a secret project, that I feel could change everything for you. It could get you everything you’ve ever wanted in your life. It has nothing to do with NXIVM or Keith. But it’s a secret, and to find out what the secret is and join, you need to give me some collateral.”

Monica said, “Come up with a story that would damage you if it ever got public, and give it to me. I’ll hold it. And then I’ll tell you the secret. I will have your trust, and you will not break the secret. Because if you break the secret, we’ll make the collateral public.”

This was not abnormal, given everything else I’d been through in ESP. So, I came up with stories. But unfortunately, nothing was strong enough for her. She kept saying, “No, this isn’t good enough.”

Monica said it doesn’t have to be a true story. We landed on a crazy story of how I was a sex-obsessed prostitute. And I was writing a confessional to my family.

Monica said, “It must be in an envelope with their address. So that I will send it to your parents if you ever break the secret.”

That was the first collateral for me to get into the secret project. That’s how Monica presented DOS to me. Once I had given the collateral, she said, “Now I’m your master, and you’re my slave.”

I was like, “Whoa, I didn’t see that coming.”

Monica was a close friend. I loved her a lot. And if you can imagine your close friend doing this with you, you might be like, “Well, that sounds weird.”

She presented it as ‘I’m your master, you’re my slave. So you have to do absolutely everything I say, and I’m going to make you a better person. And some of these things will be challenging. But when you do them, you’ll be the person you want to be.”

That was already a hook for me. So, in some ways, I felt like, “Wow, like amazing. Monica’s gonna help me be a better partner in relationships.”

I felt like I wasn’t a good person.

Right from the start, I thought, “She’s gonna make me a good person.” That’s how it was presented.

She said, “I’m going to give you tasks, and you’ll need to do them. And I’m going to collect more collateral from you to ensure you absolutely do the task.”

The collateral was the incentive that you would do the tasks. And not tell anyone what was going on.

So, now I am a member of a secret society. And all I know about it is that Monica is my master. I’m her slave. I don’t know anyone else in DOS. I never heard the word DOS until all this was revealed afterward.  Nobody can know about this. This is a completely secret project, and Monica had my collateral. She’d already collected naked photos of me. But again, she said, “They’re going in a safe. I’m not even going to look at them.”

I didn’t know at the time they were going to Keith. So one of the first things Monica tasked me with was, “I need you to seduce Keith.”

I was like, “Seduce Keith?” Like, what? Why? It was so far out there for me. But I was conditioned, like, “You just need to do it. She has my collateral. For some reason, this is good for me.”

Keith Raniere

I remember I didn’t do anything for a few days. I was like, “What? How am I going to seduce Keith? Like, what does that mean?”

Monica chided me for the delay. She said, “You need to act on this. I told you, you need to seduce Keith, and you haven’t done anything.”

Monica was Keith’s slave. I understand it now. From what came out in the trial, DOS started in 2015, which is the year I became a slave.

DOS First-Line Slaves with their master in the middle.

I was one of the earliest second-line slaves, which is what they call it. They bring in women on this second level under the first group of women that were 100% Keith’s slaves. The First Line knew they would keep slaves, and Keith was their master. At that point, I didn’t know that Keith was part of this.

DOS organizational chart

Now I was supposed to seduce Keith. Eventually, I sent him a WhatsApp message, “Your glasses looked good,” or something like that. It was like totally benign.

He was like, “That’s not good enough,” which was weird because I was like, “Well, how does he know about this seducing thing?”

I wish I could go back and give myself a “Hey, think about this. Like, this doesn’t make sense.” But I didn’t question anything at the time. He groomed me, saying, “Well, you need to send me a naked photo. This is how you seduce me.”

And then there were more and more naked photos. I had to send Keith a naked photo every day. And all these things went on for a long time.

At one point, I stopped sending him naked photos. Then Monica, as my master, came to me and said, “Why haven’t you sent the naked photos?”

I thought, “Wow, everybody knows everything in this situation.”

Because she had the collateral, I was like, okay.

She said, “You can’t just stop doing it. I didn’t tell you to stop doing it. You have to do what I tell you to do.”

Monica and Keith were obviously in communication a lot.

Raniere kisses Monica Duran

I was gearing up for it when Monica said I had to meet with Keith face to face, and I had to ask him, “Will you take my photo naked?” in person. So that was what she tasked me with. To ask that question.

I don’t want to go into massive amounts of detail. I had to meet Keith at his house, [at 8 Hale Drive] a disgusting, creepy little house he had for things like this. He took me upstairs. There was a bed with white sheets, stained and disgusting. And I thought, oh my god. The most terrified I’ve ever been in my life.


Keith Raniere in his library at 8 Hale Drive

I asked him, “Will you take my photo?”

He told me to get undressed. Then he sexually abused me and also took my photo. Then he told me, “I am your grandmaster. You’re in the circle now. You can ask me any questions you want.”

I was so terrified and disassociated through the whole experience. My brain was 100% blank. I didn’t even feel like I was in my body. I never asked him any questions like, ‘What is this? What do you mean, you’re my grandmaster?’

Even though he said, “You can ask me anything,” I’m pretty sure I asked nothing, or I don’t remember asking anything.

That’s how I got introduced to Keith being the grandmaster.

The horrible thing was that my relationship with John was bad. For one, Keith told me I was not allowed to have sex with John for two years. We were supposed to be in a marital relationship. We wanted the same things. We wanted to have children and all these things, but I wouldn’t even be intimate with him. Keith fiddled with our relationship from the start. And I felt that John was another adversary during those years.

Nobody was a safe person to me. John was constantly frustrated because I was very cagey. I was hiding things all the time. I never wanted to spend time together. Or if I did, I was very controlling about it because I didn’t feel it was allowed.

I was trying to protect my relationship. I felt that Keith would end the relationship if I got too close to John.

Keith and Monica would say, “If we tell you that you have to break up with John, you just have to be okay with that.”

I’d be crying. “Please don’t do that. Please don’t make me break up with John.”

I was constantly keeping John at arm’s length for that reason. I could not show myself as too close to him because they’re going to take him away. John was definitely not a safe person to me, but he was someone I wanted to be with, as complicated as that sounds. I was also working for NXIVM all the time. They kept you so busy. If I wasn’t working, I would be running 10 miles a day. I was hardly eating because we were all extremely underweight. That was what Keith preferred.

India Oxenberg tried to stick to a low-calorie diet to hit the low weight Keith Raniere wanted.

India Oxenberg spoke about how she was on a restricted diet and had to ask permission to eat. I didn’t have to do that, but Keith said my ideal weight was 100 to 105 pounds. I don’t want to trigger people with numbers. But 100 pounds was his ideal number for all women, no matter what shape or size you were, which makes no sense.

I was under-eating, over-exercising, and barely sleeping. Off the charts anxious all the time, working like — I was going to say “like a slave,” but I don’t want to use that word. But “slave” was the label we used, which we were called in DOS.

This is actually making me a bit emotional, like I never had a chance to grieve, that I gave up on my dreams. My life could have been so different. There are so many things I haven’t had a chance to grieve, that never happened because of being in ESP. I’m so grateful that John and I salvaged a relationship. That’s what I would say “salvaged,” and we have Zaidi, a little girl now. But I’m 34. I had hoped to have finished having children and have three or four children by now. I wanted a big family. And there are so many things that slipped away, and I didn’t even notice. It’s hard to unpack that.

Keith was convicted in 2019 and sentenced in October 2020. And now he’s appealing. I learned so much in the six weeks from the start to the end of Keith’s trial. It was deeply disturbing because I didn’t know all that had happened even then. It was the same for so many people in NXIVM, going back and seeing things for what they were. It’s hard for your brain to do that. Wow, that’s what was happening at that time, and that’s what that person was experiencing. It’s so disturbing.

Some aspects of the trial, just the age of some victims. It’s sickening. Those were things I wasn’t privy to at the time. When everything fell apart with NXIVM, I was cut off from everybody in the organization. I stopped talking to everybody I knew overnight. After the FBI interviewed me, I went from having this huge circle of friends to knowing no one instantly.

The subpoenas started being issued to different people. I was subpoenaed. That was a lightbulb moment.

Monica had told me, “If you get a subpoena, tell me, and we’ll get you a lawyer.” So, I didn’t tell them that I got a subpoena. And I got my own lawyer. I was like, “This is my ticket out of here.”

That was my first wake-up moment. After two days of interviews with the FBI in 2018, I moved to England. I went straight full time to being with the animals again and the horses again. Which I hadn’t been since I was 18.  I think that just connected me back to my instincts.

By Frank Parlato: 
There are some assholes who think I am supporting Keith Raniere. I would not publish this heart-wrenching story if I helped him. Once you read it, you see the bright contrast between good and evil.
I don’t think of Sylvie as a victim.

She strikes me as a genuine truth-teller. Sure, you could argue that she was gullible. Sylvie could have returned to her parents, but she was in this seductive, all-encompassing NXIVM life. And only over time did she realize what a masterful con artist Keith Raniere was and how everything was based on his crappy view of punishing people. He lived to destroy others’ happiness, and I have no doubt that that is his one goal even in prison.

A devious, dishonest troublemaker.

As for Monica Duran and the other first-line slaves – we can debate how cruel it was not to disclose Raniere’s role. Whether she is more victim or perpetrator.

But one thing we can
be assured of is that Raniere was a monster.

It is an atrocity to keep his role as the leader of DOS a secret.

Keeping his role a secret was worse than branding. The branding followed Keith’s lie and was exponentially worse because he told the first line women to lie about the brand being his initials.

It all stemmed from his lies, and that’s what his followers choose to forget. 
They would not lie to those they love the way Raniere lied. But they excuse it in him.  So be it.
If the FBI tampered with evidence, I plan to expose it if I can. Still, any fool who thinks I support a monster like Raniere is, to quote Judge Garaufis, “willfully blind.”
I sympathize with Sylvie, who I met back in December 2007.  I saw her as conflicted even then. But Clare Bronfman and Keith had designs on her, and they won.  Sylvie lost a lot, but she can overcome it. Sylvie has one thing Raniere does not. She has honesty.
In this world, truth is supreme. And if there is another world, it must be the ultimate thing there. There can be no place where truth takes a back seat to anyone or anything. The lack of truth is the most tremendous loss anyone can endure. But unfortunately, Raniere doesn’t have it.
I’m not sorry for Sylvie, for she shines through and over him like a beacon compared to his darkness. She walked away from NXIVM with something this villain has yet to possess. Sylvie may be the most authentic voice I’ve heard in this saga. How can she say she lost so much when she came out clear-eyed and not faking what happened?
She came out publicly, not on a docuseries or large-scale platform. Instead, she went to a woman, Lisa Hiyam, who was a compassionate and caring host, but probably did not pay Sylvie one penny.

I know Sylvie had a chance to make big bucks in 2019 from a British media company. The company told me she declined. Then she comes out for no money and tells the truth. I admire that.

John, Sylvie, and Zaidi

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Frank Parlato


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  • She sounds very wise (and British like I am) and I am glad she is married with a child – so many Nxivm women seem to have lost their chance for life of ever having children. It is interesting she says she felt she could be fixed. One thing a lot of the people in Nxivm seem to think (and KR emphasized) was they needed to be improved, fixed, made more moral or something. I feel perfectly okay. I am not riven with defects to be fixed. I suppose cults home in on people who think they need fixing.
    On the weight thing in UK terms 100 pounds is 7 stone 2 which is under a healthy weight for most women.

  • Title is misleading as Sylvie herself says, She wasn’t required to weigh 100 lbs. though , implying perhaps body type was taken into consideration. Just an observation, not a fight!

    • But she said Keith told her she should weigh 100-105 lbs and also that “But 100 pounds was [Keith’s] ideal number for all women, no matter what shape or size you were, which makes no sense.”

      Of course, that is considered hearsay unless she has him on tape saying that his ideal number for all women is 100 pounds.

  • I have alot of respect for Sylvie. I find her to be very sympathetic and Frank summarized why she comes off that way. I love how her therapist in Part 1 framed the power of her vagina. Which was cute and kinda like a turn that frown upside down moment. If I was to tell her anything I would say 34 is not old. So what if you had envisioned a complete family by 34. If you have your health and energy keep having kids. Life is dynamic.

    John Fox seems like he is a good man. He took a lot of shit but he doesn’t come off as a pussy. I am sure this whole NX fiasco was a kick in the head and heart for him too. I wish the two of you continued happiness that goes far beyond salvage and is truly beauty!

  • From the New Yorker today:

    In the fall, HBO will release the second season of “The Vow,” a documentary saga about the so-called “executive success” organization NXIVM, which evolved into a nefarious sex cult—an abusive sorority that used a cautery iron to brand female members with the initials of the group’s leader, Keith Raniere. How did things up in Albany go so very wrong? Answers can be found in the popular and wildly compelling podcast “A Little Bit Culty,” hosted by two former high-ranking NXIVM members, Sarah Edmondson and Anthony (Nippy) Ames. They met and were married while in NXIVM, and are jointly pursuing a new mission: to get people out of cults, and to provide an open channel where former cult members can discuss what they went through. Their podcast, now in its fourth season, offers a fascinating glimpse into a marriage, and at two people grappling with regret and anger in real time. What makes it different from other cult podcasts—and they are legion—is that it’s less about teasing out horrific details and more about publicly processing life after brainwashing, with all the confusion and grief and pain that come with realizing you were a victim of—and also perpetuated—a dangerous scam. Both Edmondson and Ames have a good sense of humor—Edmondson’s favorite expression is “that really chaps my ass”—and their lighthearted approach helps their guests delve into some truly dark places.

    • Another over the top explanation for the (cautery iron) that was actually a cautery pen…eyeroll

        • I guess it’s a matter of opinion but having your flesh-seared has been ranked as one of the most painful experiences. Burns are notoriously brutal. Also when you have labor pains you know the end result is you’re giving birth to a hopefully healthy beautiful child that you desire.

          That’s a little bit different than being held down in a freaky ceremony that you don’t want to participate in but you’ve been blackmailed into so the pain and reward aspect are very different. When you touch a hot stove you pull back in less than a second. Imagine putting your hand on a hot stove and leaving it there for even 10 seconds it would feel like hours. It seems particularly desperate to try and parse the words of somebody who experienced a traumatic event to prove that they are somehow lying about it.

          There are many traumatic experiences that are extremely hard to calculate the duration ad everything is in an adrenaline rush and off-kilter.

  • Apparently Sarah Edmondson is moving to “Atlanta” based on what she said in her podcast. Does anybody know if that means “Atlanta” Canada or “Atlanta” Georgia?………

    • It’s probably Atlanta, Georgia since she posted Instagram pictures from there a few months ago and I think her husband Nippy is originally from there.

  • Someone said this right when they said “Most everybody associated with the Nxivm cult is a poor excuse for a human being.”

    I know there was a whole lot of brainwashing, and mind fuckery.

    but the whole recruitment process was to get a certain type of person. The one who would not say “no”.

    Even Sarah Edmanson says this in the Vow and on her podcast.

    She was always looking for that certain type of person when she met someone. The one who would join and not question. Yes they joined for the classes , but once they were in the monster KR had them right where he wanted them.

    Sylvia says “We landed on a crazy story of how I was a sex-obsessed prostitute. And I was writing a confessional to my family.”
    Monica said, “It must be in an envelope with their address.

    So that I will send it to your parents if you ever break the secret.”
    he presented it as ‘I’m your master, you’re my slave. So you have to do absolutely everything I say, and I’m going to make you a better person. And some of these things will be challenging. But when you do them, you’ll be the person you want to be.”

    Did she really think was self help?

  • Sylvie’s Startling DOS Story – Every Woman Must Weigh 100 Lbs

    Here is a real scandal.
    “It’s 2022 in America and parents can’t get baby formula to feed their babies.”
    Joe Biden is deliberating starving American babies to death!

    Katie Pavlich: There’s a big government scandal brewing here

    • Right Shadow, so it’s Biden’s fault that the largest baby formula company closed down a factory because of contaminated formula that made babies sick and die.

      And there is a shortage in the US also because T-Rump earlier restricted supplies with his trade policy that makes it harder to import formula from Canada. T-Rump’s policies benefit the semi-monopolistic American formula makers at the expense of families…so which President is “starving American babies to death!”?

      Shadow, don’t believe everything the flying monkeys on Fox tell you….T-Rumpism is just a cult.

    • Most men Shadow’s age just watch Fox to see the pretty hosts’ mouths move and jack off. But not Shadow. He actually listens to these women! What a gentleman.

    • Babies in our family don’t have formula though and nor do most children surely? They have breastmilk which is free of charge. The biggest cause of child deaths in the third world is because of using baby formula when parents have no access to clean water

  • Mr. Raniere somehow fascinates me. Can you tell me how to teach Suneel? I feel he can help me learn from Mr. Raniere.

    I think Mr. Raniere has important message which I am to hear and share with others. I don’t think I’m wrong about this.

    I tried to call at Tucson but they wouldn’t let me talk to Mr. Raniere. Can someone let me talk to Suneel? Mr. Perlato can you help me reach Suneel. I know I can help.

  • I finally get it. Life wasn’t all bad. It was good in Nxivm too. But Keith was in the background fucking with everyone. He had to keep looking good to destroy them.

  • The fact of the matter is, you broke up with boyfriends because Keith told you to..You asked for permission to get married, then accepted the guidelines for that marriage. You stood naked in front of a man then laid spread eagle on a mattress.

    Was this all voluntary? Why would anyone allow this, to let someone have such blind control over them?

    What am I missing?

    • I’d say bc she was only 18 when she joined and was far away (in a different country) from her family and she was gullible enough to believe Keith was the world’s smartest human being whose guidance she should blindly trust since, even if she can’t see it, he knows what’s best. Then the naked stuff was tied to the collateral.

  • I really think Mr. Raniere acted ethically here. She lied to him and said he wanted to marry a guy for a green card.

  • For an organization that was supposed to be all about teaching ethics, there sure was a lot of immigration fraud going on in Nxivm.

    And Sylvie was fine with that bit of criminality.

    She was also fine with being told what to do. She calls this “grooming” but she was an adult (27 when she was obeying orders not to have sex with her husband and to hand over blackmail material).

    What is “grooming”, anyway? Sounds like another word for the feeble excuse, “‘brainwashed’”. Both nothing more than an abdication of responsibility.

    Sylvie knew Nxivm was a criminal gang. Yet she was fool enough to give them blackmail material on herself. More proof that only fools join cults.

    None of which excuses Raniere or his criminal cohorts now enjoying prison life. Defrauding fools is still fraud.

    Most everybody associated with the Nxivm cult is a poor excuse for a human being. Nasty victimizers exploiting weak-willed, greedy selfish damn fool victims. Some even managed to be both at once. From the willfully blind to the cruel manipulators, they represent the nadir of humanity.

    Nobody can make you do anything unless they have a gun and you don’t. Sylvie simply lacked the willpower to say “no, I’m not doing that”.

    Raniere wasn’t an evil genius. He was clever and utterly lacking in morals, but that’s it. Con men go after fools the same way wolves select the doe with a limp. People who join cults willingly put their head in a noose.

    So The Frank Report can try to make this a morality play if it pleases. Problem is, nobody associated with Nxivm had any morals, or even knew what the word means.

    • It does seems moral compasses need resetting, but psychological control is a weapon in itself. She entered at 18- the isolation over time allows for such warped perceptions.

      I think Sylvia explained quite clearly how she got pulled deeper into the vortex over many years. She owned that her gut responses were telling her- this is weird- this makes no sense, but then she rationalized it, as many of us do when in a vulnerable position.

      She’s not claiming to be a victim. She’s honest. She’s educating the public with her story, and she bravely testified- and was subjected to horrors of court- in order to put Raniere where he belongs.

      • – There’s no such thing as brainwashing.

        – 18 is an adult.

        – People bear responsibility for their own actions.

        Incredible that these are considered controversial statements, but such is the infantile, therapy-obsessed age we live in.

      • “You’ve obviously never been in a cult.”

        That’s _exactly_ AS’s point.

        He has too much discernment and self-confidence to fall for shit like NXIVM.

        He would never even show up to one of their ridiculous “Executive Success” seminars.

        You former culties just can’t suck it up and admit how dumb you were.

        I’m likely being too generous — you probably haven’t really learned enough to know just how stupid you were to join in the first place.

  • Alanzo has been chocking the cockerel till it vomited everywhere. He did not even reach the end of this article. It happened at around the last detailed paragraph about His Lord K. R.’s daily activities.

    Alanzo, just before you return to grace us with your hyper intelligence, go throw the undies in the laundry tub, wash your palms (up the wrists – TWICE) then return to the keyboard! If you don’t do it, I warn you, within one week your keyboard will become unusable! Call Ron or Lord K.R. if the advice confuses you.

    • Alex,

      I needed a good Friday laugh.
      Thanks, brother!

      “Alanzo has been chocking the cockerel till it vomited everywhere….”

      In all my life, I’ve never heard that idiom.

  • Frank,

    Are you going to do the Michele Hatchette story about her racism towards white people or not?!……

    This is a very simple question that you keep beating around the bush with!

      • I am going to have a couple of things to say about it as well!


        ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

        • Oh man!

          I can’t wait to hear my Lord and Savior’s immaculate wisdom about this!

          I’m creaming my pants in anticipation of it! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


          #If We Believe!

          #There’s A Better Way!

      • Apparently Sarah Edmondson is moving to “Atlanta” based on what she said in her podcast.

        Does anybody know if that means “Atlanta” Canada or “Atlanta” Georgia?………

  • Frank wrote:

    “How can she say she lost so much when she came out clear-eyed and not faking what happened?”

    As with so many things, NXIVM was a test of character.

    Sylvie passed.


    • Alonzo wrote “As with so many things, NXIVM was a test of character. Sylvie passed.”

      Who do you think you are, Keith Raniere? Who are you to pronounce who fails and who passes?

      • WTF-

        Maybe, this onetime, we should give Alonzo the benefit of the doubt; two women were driven to suicide and three other women were possibly murdered.
        Sylvie made it out alive — that’s a testament to character.

  • — This was not abnormal, given everything else I’d been through in ESP.

    And that’s exactly the boiling frog in the pot.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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