Damon: Frank’s Worse Than Raniere – Names Dirty Dozen NXIVM Destroyers

Damon Brink, of the High Council of the Society of Protectors, has a view of me worth hearing.

He doesn’t like Susan Dones either.

He made a website, trying not to be me. It’s called LetsNotBeFrank.

Damon says, “The NXIVM narrative is false. It’s more dangerous than what it accuses in others. This site is a response to it and to the people who are so deeply, destructively affected by it.”

Who are those people?

Here are dirty dozen, according to Damon:

  1. Frank Parlato
  2. Sarah Edmondson
  3. Anthony Ames
  4. Mark Vicente
  5. Bonnie Piesse
  6. India Oxenberg
  7. Catharine Oxenberg
  8. Susan Dones
  9. Neil Glazer
  10. Moira Penza
  11. The FBI
  12. The media

In his article Keeping Up With The Dones’s Damon targets Dones.

Damon Brink

Brink writes: I respected her when she was in NXIVM. I admired her and I wanted to become more involved, in part, because of her. Today, she follows me on Twitter and swoops in whenever I have a point that is not exactly how she’d like it to be. I am not alone in being swooped in on, and I’m sure, shortly after, I will again be swooped in on.

She accuses others of not being able to take in information. She says that anyone who doesn’t believe as she believes is brainwashed.

And she backs all of it up by simply repeating the same thing again and again, exactly what she accuses others of doing who are not on her “side”….

It’s funny (in a horror movie type of way) to see the complete victory that folks like Susan have achieved. Frank Parlato, Sarah Edmondson, Anthony Ames, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, India Oxenburg, Catharine Oxenburg, Frank Parlato and all those types…such an amazing and complete victory…..

Consider that the Susan’s and Frank’s and Sarah’s and India’s need not only to have achieved the result they achieved, with the jail time and destruction of the ESP community, but they need… to “erase even the memory” of anything good about ESP… To erase the possibility that maybe the narrative they’ve been advertising is wrong….

Do not deceive yourself. There is a war…  People like Susan Dones, Sarah Edmondson, Anthony Ames, Mark Vicente, Frank Parlato, India Oxenburg, Catharine Oxenburg and more want any and all dissent to be erased from memory. They want it to never exist….

From his article The Justice Test:

“In the NXIVM case, the principle of Justice has been dipped in acid by the likes of so many, with Frank Parlato, Sarah Edmondson, Anthony Ames, Neil Glazer, Moira Penza and the full power of the FBI and the media leading the way.

In his post:

The Damage The Frank Report Has Done

Frank Parlato

Damon discloses that I am worse than his mentor Keith Raniere.

He writes:

Frank Parlato’s pixels have done more damage to Justice than Raniere could ever do.

This doesn’t mean I condone anything Raniere’s done.

It’s doesn’t matter how caught up people get in latest drama. His site is cruelty disguised as Justice. Time will out and it won’t be good for him, but he knows that. Whether all the poor people who relish (I was one of them) what is typed out over there know it or not, doesn’t matter.

It’s a cruel site.

It’s a hateful site.

It’s a site that tells the temperature of the people who use it and rely on it (like me). It’s a site that takes the temperature of our culture.

Frank has personally defamed and damaged me and so many others. Whatever.

He remains a hostage taker who’s hostages fall in love with his attention.

Just like he says of Raniere.

Maybe they’re the same people. Maybe they’re perfect for each other. Maybe it’s all an orchestration.


Whine and bitch and moan and complain. Oh poor me, someone decided to be cruel to me. Someone decided to tell lies and inspire hatred.

What’s new.

People love lies and hatred…What’s new?

And the only thing that’s really the travesty here is that anyone thinks Frank Parlato represents Justice or could somehow help achieve Justice. There are a few actually fighting for Justice (Frank’s not one of them), and it’s tragic to see they think his blog is the only place to achieve it. The only thing that will be achieved with Frank Parlato’s blog is more popular destruction.

Frank is the king of popular destruction.

Well, maybe just the Prince, considering the actual kings we have in this world. Or maybe just a court jester, dancing his dance for the kings, and then going back home where he can convince himself there’s something bigger than his own self interest.

Oh well. Sounds like a lot of people I know. Not everyone. But a lot.

Building monuments.

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  • Raniere should have learned better from Scientology. Scientology is just as evil but impossible to take down.

  • Damon missed one. Raniere. He got carried away and the Salzman 3 helped him carry out sexcapades all funded by the Bronfman 2. He destroyed his own company.

  • He is wrong that people like Susan or Frank want to stop all debate. That is ridiculous but they do have the right to reply on twitter and state their view and they can state their points again and again if they want to do so – sometimes you have to when others are peddling lies.

    They don’t want all dissent erased. I like to hear both points of view.

  • Damon how and when did Raniere help you earn your first million? because you were there for so long and were so deeply set in the ring as it were, I’m assuming he must have helped you make several millions?

    I’m confused as to why you could not deal with a major health problem in your family as you must have made at least a couple of million at the time it was truly life threatening for your wife, also have some of the other millionaires, (you say Raniere made hundreds of them ,and as one of his Lt., you too would have had a hand in helping their millionaire success ) – have the other millionaires been helpful to you and do you all stay in touch?

    I expect you must have multi, multi millions by now, as with most learning, the skill stays with you for life, right?

  • Frank is way worse than Damon. Frank destroyed a whole community. He’s the devil. It is not figurative. He really is Satan.

  • Damon, I don’t know you and probably shouldn’t care less. But stop shitposting about some man in prison and focus every ounce of energy and second you have supporting your dying wife who needs you.

  • Damon

    I suggest you focus on moving on in your own life rather than focusing on Parlato. Parlato is what he is. You still have your life to lead. Lead it well and lead it positively!

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    Andy Dick Arrested on Suspicion of Felony Sexual Battery’
    (No kidding)

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    Police sources told the TMZ that Dick was arrested for felony sexual battery after an adult man at the O’Neill Regional Park in California alleged the actor sexually assaulted him.
    (No kidding!)

    In the video, several sheriff’s deputies can be seen speaking with Dick before walking him to their vehicles, where they eventually handcuff and take him away.

    The actor and a group of live streamers have been living at the RV site for some time now, according to TMZ.

    An Orange County Sheriff department spokesperson confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that law enforcement authorities were called to the campground at approximately 9:00 a.m.

    This is not the first time Dick was arrested.

    Last summer, the comedian was arrested after he reportedly attacked a man with a metal chair. Dick was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

    The actor has a long record of arrests, troubles with substance abuse, allegations of sexual misconduct, and behavioral problems that have gotten him fired from numerous jobs in the entertainment industry.

    In 2017, Dick was fired from his role in an indie movie following allegations of sexual harassment against him by multiple people on set. The allegations included groping people’s genitals on the set, and harassing several women.

    After the incident, Dick claimed he was getting help with his behavioral problems, but the following year the actor was charged with sexual battery.

    As Breitbart News previously reported, the list of accusations lodged against Dick goes back nearly 20 years. The allegations include exposing himself, licking people’s faces, groping, stalking, public urination, and racist comments. Dick has also been in repeated confrontations with law enforcement, and has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

  • Damon,

    You lost your wife, your livelihood, friends, your security and everything else a man values. You are on the brink — you’re never ending vitriol is evidence enough. Blame and rage is all you offer.

    Sometimes a man’s name, in a rather corny way, is completely fitting to the man. I’m sure you’ve been ribbed over the years countless time about your last name.
    You are on the brink of taking a pernicious path.

    You have no else to blame other than yourself. I MYSELF am far from perfect and I’ve made a number of bad decisions with horrible outcomes — I don’t blame anyone other than myself for my life or fate; even though my childhood and life have been horrid and tragic. That’s part of life. I’m the one who’s deciding the path I take in life. When the bad choices cause pain I’ve got to live with the consequences and responsibility of my decisions.

    You, on the other hand, put the blame squarely on everyone else but yourself. You aren’t taking any responsibility whatsoever.

    Please contemplate it! Seriously.

    I’ve always embraced this famous quote that my grandfather shared with me.

    “It is a painful thing to look at your own trouble and know that you yourself and no one else has made it.”

    I am not mocking you. I mean you no ill will. I am only sharing. Please move on from this narrative you have created.

    And create a new narrative!

  • If I wanted to destroy NXIVM, the first thing I would do is establish a sex slave harem that collected blackmail material to control the sex slaves.

    The second thing I would do is brand the sex slaves to mark them as “property”.

    Damon Brink forgot to add Keith Raniere and Allison Mack as the destroyers of NXIVM.

    Indeed, everyone who knew about and enabled “The Vow” is a destroyer of NXIVM.

    • Don’t forget that Nancy Salzman Loshin was the official President signing off on everything. She’s the real legal culprit on paper and in principle.

  • Damon … Frank is really a prince, no matter how much it hurts you. Prince of truth, just as much as you dread it. Frank is painfully honest so he can help those who need him. Accept it is unnecessary to fight it because you are doomed.

  • Damon, I thought NXVIM & the SOP were all about ethics & data ?

    Frank is not perfect and has his flaws. He had an agreement for service and provided that service, but money became an issue and dispute. Wouldn’t the ethical thing be to pay the agreed upon amount and be done with it? But lawsuits and criminal charges were NXIVM’s response. Like a few of the others you listed.

    And whatever standard of “intimate” you use, how many on that list of yours have been intimate with KAR? Is it ethical for you to involve yourself and the community with their personal affairs? Did you ever involve yourself knowingly in satisfying KAR’s sexual conquest of the day, week, month, year, or a bucket list conquest?

    I know no NXIVM members or even anyone who has taken a NXIVM class. I got intrigued by KAR’s ability to scam people for money and women fox sex. And he is the epidemy of “Leisure Suite Larry” and a “Snake Oil Salesman”. And he was good.

    Frank is about the truth. Even when it exposes his rants as bias or flawed. But more than anything, he seeks the truth. Justice will come after.

    As it will with you and your remaining community members. I comply with the law and its intent. Most people do, but not all. When you interact with others, they may google you. What will they find? Will they continue to be fair to the moment or have a bias against you? Will they be upfront as Frank is, or a snake like KAR and strike when you don’t see them because they hate people like you, and the one that hurt them got away? Sorta like being a ChoMo in prison. It’s not fair justice, but a measure of it.

    Frank’s a good guy. You, Sir, I’m not sure about.

  • A complete victory for Frank and Susan? Putting that in writing shows how clueless you are. Just because bully Vanguard eventually got the absolute living shit knocked out of him by Susan and Frank, doesn’t negate what Vanguard did to them.

    Keith started it. They ended it. It’s all over but the crying. So, cry, cry away, and keep writing about cherrypicked history. You only are fooling and soothing yourself.

  • This dead cat has been beaten long beyond its 9 lives but leave it to Frank……..

    ” the travesty here is that anyone thinks Frank Parlato represents Justice or could somehow help achieve Justice. There are a few actually fighting for Justice (Frank’s not one of them), and it’s tragic to see they think his blog is the only place to achieve it. ”

    However, I found the “Easter egg” in this post. 👆👆👆! DING DING DING 🛎. What do I win? A baby’s arm holding an apple?

  • Damon – Keith and you did the right thing stopping the SOP weekend. You made your millions thanks to Keith. What gets me is that all those people Keith made rich nobody stands up to defend. You do. Bless you.

    • I don’t honestly understand how one human being is responsible for making another human being a millionaire unless they just give them a million dollars. Aren’t people responsible for their own success?

  • I believe this is what you’re both looking for, Ginzo! 👇🏻


    Click this video link ☝🏻and watch this video at 12:20-13:25!

    Wake up and see the truth! Listen to how ungrateful this vermin is and blasphemes the greatest race who ever lived!

    Will you be fair, Ginzo?! You who have called me a made up word, “racist”! Will you use that word for her as well?! Will you call out her hypocrisy in a permeating “woke” dystopia?! Or will you cower to the marxist agenda like you usually do?! 🤔

    This is why if they don’t want to be saved, then we should just let their destructive nature destroy themselves! They do nothing to contribute to this world but create crime, chaos, and destruction anyways! 😤

    ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

    ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

  • Damon – you are taking the right path. These people destroyed a beautiful and wonderful community. The important thing to remember is we don’t hate. They do. Savage Justice.

    I think they are evil all 12 but we can’t hate. Damon you are so much better than them.

    • No one can destroy a community except for the community themselves.

      There are always options to regroup. And this community was destroyed from the inside. No outside person took this community down.

      The criminal acts and abhorrent behavior of your leader are something that only Keith and his loyalists are responsible for and that it was all brought into the light is a blessing and a cleansing.

      But if your community mattered that much to you, then you would rebuild it. No one can stop you from creating a new version of your community. That’s a really silly thing to say that outside forces are responsible.

  • I read this long list of fantastical accusations against Parlato. Of course he is man enough to defend himself, but the impression it left with me was one of incoherent rambling.

    One thing is crystal clear though: Parlato is a suppressive according to Damon

    • Interesting that Frank at least allows people to comment. “Let’s Not Be Frank” reads like a giant pity party.

  • The only person who destroyed “your” community is Keith, who never intended for it to be yours in the first place but his hunting ground. This is basically defamation which is not the same as TESTIMONY.

    I shouldn’t have to tell an adult to grow up and move on.

  • Word is he also marked up his high school yearbook, smearing all those who never accepted him. Rejection is strong.

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