Magoo and Frank Battle: Two Moves to Fight FBI Tampering – Camila and Daniela

Once again, it was Magoo who – to use a cult term – “triggered” – a reaction from me. He suggested the results I want to see are that the FBI tampered with Camila photos. He says I don’t care about the truth. I want to get a journalism award. An award I can only win if the FBI tampered with Camila’s photos.
In our conversation, I prove to Magoo that this is not the case. I show the government how to move toward disproving FBI tampering. How to take a giant step toward winning a victory and ending the tampering allegations. I give the government the fast-track method.

But let’s first hear what Magoos has to say and my response.

Magoo: Let’s look at something Frank has refused to explore. At first, I wondered why Suneel’s team waited until the last minute to file the request to delay Keith’s appeal (in favor of asking the court to hear Keith’s Rule 33 motion immediately).

Frank: The motion to delay the appeal failed.

Magoo: Yeah, it failed, but that’s not the point I’m making.

Frank: What is it?

Magoo: My point is: Why would Suneel’s team attempt to delay the appeal at the last minute? What ‘benefit’ would Keith receive IF his Rule 33 motion were heard ‘immediately’ as opposed to next year, after the appeal is concluded?

Frank: How about they wanted it decided sooner, rather than waiting a year?

Magoo: But what ‘benefit’ would Suneel’s team receive IF prosecutors were successfully shocked at the last minute and forced to respond to the Rule 33 much sooner?

I finally realized what their logic was. You see, Suneel’s team spent the last year searching for experts and also consulting with experts.

However, the government has had no time to consult with anybody since prosecutors are busy with the appeal and other cases.

Until they see the ‘details’ of this Rule 33 motion, they’re not going to consult any experts about this motion. Thus, by attempting to RUSH the Rule 33 process (by shocking the government at the last minute), Suneel’s team tried to force the government to respond to the Rule 33 motion probably within weeks (or a few months). Unfortunately, this would have left prosecutors with very little time to consult outside experts to analyze the data slowly and methodically.

Thus, I can only surmise that Suneel’s team was trying to LIMIT the time prosecutors would have to consult with outside experts (to refute Rick Kiper’s allegations). This tells me that Suneel is probably not 100% confident that the allegations made (about FBI tampering) are as irrefutable as he wants us to believe.

Why? If their evidence is truly ‘irrefutable’ and no other credible explanations are within possibility. It wouldn’t be necessary to LIMIT the government’s time to respond to the Rule 33 motion.

Frank: Good thinking as far as it goes, Magoo. But the prosecutors already have experts: the FBI. The same guys who reviewed the evidence before the trial. The guys who seized the evidence did the forensic analysis, determined the dates, etc. I refer to FBI forensic examiners Brian Booth and Stephen Flatley.

I don’t see why the government would need to find new experts or spend time reexamining the evidence. They spent time in 2019. They came to court and testified. The FBI experts said the dates of the photos of Camila are accurate. The FBI dated the photos to November 2 and November 24, 2005.
If these photos were not tampered with, it would be up to those two experts to show this. They are the best experts to refute Kiper’s findings. And it’s not like they had no notice. The tampering allegations have been out there since October 2020.
Presumably, the FBI still has the hard drive, the camera card, and the camera. Presumably, the FBI did not alter these, since the DOJ admitted them as evidence at the trial. There were FTK reports of the hard drive and the camera card. Presumably, if the FBI made new FTK reports, nothing would change.
Kiper has specific findings. The FBI experts can show, I assume, if these are false.
The Rule 33 goes before a judge. He finds the motion worthy of an evidentiary hearing or not. If he does, he will give the government time to respond. 

But the FBI’s evidence should be in order before the government goes to trial. The FBI must know it from top to bottom before trial. To say they need more time to analyze their own evidence is nonsense. They had all the time they needed before trial.

Magoo: Frank is too stupid to understand anything I’m talking about, as he’s ‘reputationally’ invested in seeing this Rule 33 motion succeed; as he thinks it’s his next Pulitzer story, LOL.


Magoo, you’re mysterious to me. I don’t know what makes you stupid, but whatever it is, it works!
I am not saying the evidence is irrefutable. One way for the government to refute it is to bring Camila out. Remember, Camila never testified at Raniere’s trial. It was only through her statement at his sentencing — not under oath — that she mentioned photos.
If Camila testifies under oath, Raniere has a long fight ahead. Camila has never identified the photos. At Raniere’s sentencing, she said Raniere took pictures of her when she was 15. You may not understand this Magoo, but that’s not enough.
To take this to the next level, Camila must say under oath: “Yes, the 22 photos shown to the jury in USA v Ranieres are photos of me. I reviewed them. Raniere took them on November 2 and November 24, 2005. I was 15.”
And she would have to stand for cross-examination. Raniere’s attorney will ask her if her sister, Daniela, gave the photos to the FBI.
It is curious. The date of the Camila photos is November 2, 2005. That happens to be Daniela’s anniversary with Raniere.
Moira Kim Penza examined Daniela on the witness stand on May 23, 2019.

After a description by Daniela of hers and Raniere’s first sexual encounter, Penza asked:

Q Did the date — the date when the incident at Rome Plaza happened — become known as anything to you and the defendant?

A Yes, that became our anniversary.

Q And I know you said you weren’t precise on the exact date, but did you and the defendant pick a date that you used as your anniversary?

A I picked it. I thought it was comical. I picked the Day of the Dead in Mexico, which was somewhere in the range of — because I didn’t remember the exact date so I picked that holiday and I said, “okay, this is going to be it.”

This email from Daniela to Keith suggests she thought it more than comical.

She wrote this to Keith on 11/02/2008.

“Happy anniversary….? Although i know it does not count when it has been broken, i still think it is pretty comical our anniversary fell right on the day of the dead. It’s gonna be pretty sad for the one of us left standing when the first to go, well, goes. It’s already pretty sad… and not so comical, eh?
I am going out for a walk now. Meeting with gozer [Karen U] last night was good. Reviewed my goals, etc. By the way sorry i haven’t sent in my weight, thing is i don’t really know what my weight is…the dog ate my scale. kidding, scale has no batteries.
I love you
During closing arguments, Penza said:

“So here are the elements of sexual exploitation of child. First, that Camila was under 18 at the time of the acts alleged, November 2, 2005 and November 24, 2005. That the defendant used, employed or persuaded Camila to take part in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing a visual image of that conduct.”

It could be a coincidence that Raniere took Camila’s pictures on Daniela’s anniversary. Or it could be comical; his warped sense of humor. It might be Daniela’s sense of humor. Daniela had access to Keith’s library and backed up his devices, including the hard drive.

She might have had every photo he took backed up and in her possession. Daniela hacked her sister Mariana’s Facebook, Jim Loperfido’s, and Edgar Bronfman’s email accounts. She knows how to change EXIF data. She knows about computers and devices.
The prosecution didn’t show Daniela the photos of her sister, or even her own photos used to prove the 2005 date. Daniela needs to testify if she had anything to do with the photos getting into the hands of the FBI. Camila has to look at the photos and identify them.
It is high time someone identifies those photos. If they are authentic, let the subject and her sister identify them. If Camila and Daniela testify, it will be a tough uphill battle for Raniere. All Raniere would have left is to prove that the FBI planted them on the hard drive. It becomes a narrower due process issue.
If Camila testifies the photos are authentic, an avalanche falls on Raniere. It was almost enough for Camila to say, “Raniere took pictures of me when I was 15,” to end all tampering discussions.  
The DOJ takes a risk if they dare suborn Camila’s perjury. If Camila testifies, she must tell the truth. If she does not, enough people will know it, and someone will tell the truth. An avalanche will fall on her one day if she bails the FBI out through perjury. I doubt Camila will do that. I doubt her lawyer Neil Glazer would let her do that.
If Camila testifies the photos are authentic, I suspect the FBI did NOT tamper.  If she does NOT testify, I suspect the FBI did tamper.

I want to explore how those photos got on the hard drive either way. There is evidence that someone altered Camila’s images on the hard drive. Kiper explains this. Suneel understands it better than anyone.

So now you know, Magoo. I gave the government a roadmap to dash my hopes for a Pulitzer.

Magoo: IMHO, Suneel just doesn’t seem as confident as he wants us to believe. This tells me that he realizes there are probably OTHER EXPLANATIONS to explain the same data that Rick Kiper is referring to.

IMO, this is a more interesting line of ‘inquiry’ for FrankReport to explore than to continue posting REDUNDANT articles, where both Suneel and Frank repeat the same things they’ve already told us, ad nauseam, in the past.

Frank: I agree it’s time to examine the findings and see if there are other plausible explanations. But, you know Magoo, you are not as dumb as you look. I honestly appreciate intelligence in someone so ugly.

Stay tuned we will have much more on this story….


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  • In both high control groups and abusive families, often one child/person will suffer the worst of the abuse. It’s not even unusual for several children to suffer no abuse but one child to be horrifically mistreated. In the nxivm cult, that person appears to be Daniela. She is the scapegoat for everything. She was locked in the room. And now Daniela is being blamed for the child porn tampering (but also the FBI – cause – why not?). They made a pre-arranged “liar” out of her by setting Daniela up a decade ago for this day.

  • If, and big if, the feds need to counter, I hope they have a plan that is more than “get the sisters to testify”. The Pedo Posse seem to ignore anything involving the sisters. It indicates they have a high level of confidence that they will not be a threat. Only way that seems likely is the the Pedo lovers know they can prevent any testimony from the sisters.

  • Okay my mind is fuzzy on the details of the court proceedings. But as the recent Sylvie article stated, she seemed to have a neverending mantra of “yes thats my vagina” as it was shown innumerable times in court. I recall Daniela being poised and eloquent and her vag pics were shown as well. Were they not? Was she also not asked under oath to identify her photos? I really dont recall. As for the word abdomen that was mentioned in a comment…i just chalked that up as a brain fart in a high pressure situation.

      • Me at the trial? Nope. Just taking bits and pieces from everything published by everyone at the time. Plus, The Times Union and Frank Report published very detailed articles about the court proceedings.

        So, since time has passed I don’t remember all the finite questions of “Is this your vagina?” If Sylvie was asked the question a zillion times during court, then wasn’t each of the prosecution’s female witnesses?

        Honestly, I think this whole Dani/Camilla discussion is just Raniere finding ways to torture them further.

        • “I recall Daniela being poised and eloquent..” Led this reader to believe that maybe you witnessed her testimony first hand. But wasn’t sure so asked. Thank you for your reply! I was going to ask you for other impressions from court. Ha ha.

          I agree about ongoing torture of D and C.

          • Diane L. did an incredible day by day/ minutiae write up on FR at the time of the trial. I will go through the FR archives and read it again.

  • Looks like Frank, lost his debate skills, he won’t be making it to the playoffs this year in the American Central Division Debates standings:

    Magoo 5
    Aristotle Sausage 2
    Frank 1
    Ice Nine 1
    Alonzo 0.0

    Frank 4 and 1 GB respectively. He’s tide for 3rd place. So sad.

  • “What utter nonsense.”


    It makes as much sense as someone standing on the dock in Southampton demanding the Titanic turn around and return to allow them on board as their cab was stuck in traffic.

    Frank is too smart to believe any of this has legal merit. He’s just yanking everyone’s chain for clicks.

    • How could you possibly know what Daniela knows? Are you a mind reader? If you know something, then just say it. But you cannot possibly know what another human being knows for sure.

  • To Frank & Everyone

    “ It is high time someone identifies those photos.”-Frank Parlato

    It’s hi times — and Frank is the one that’s high!!!

    I can’t believe you, Frank, think they’re is something to this BS pic manipulation.

    Like Penza would stake her law license on Daniele not blabbing to someone?

    Like attorney Marc Agnifilo, Raniere, and the NXIVM flunkies, and you yourself, didn’t see this before and are only realizing it NOW?

    Eduardo the loon realized 2 years after the fact the pics weren’t shown — seriously WTF?
    RE The Real Conspiracy is Against Frank:

    What I do believe is that the Government prosecutors are trying to discredit you, and frame you for showing/writing about the fact they ignored the NXIVM whistle blowers and helped NXIM to punish their enemies.

    That’s the real CONSPIRACY and the ONE, I believe IS TRUE!!!

    Daniele isn’t a true hacker she buys the tools online. She’s not writing a lick of code. She just knows where to get the tools!

      • Yep, a Trojan key logger.

        She’s what they call derisively, the unisex, term, a script kiddie”.

        …..And I haven’t looked “it” up but I’m sure there is a “BackOrifice” type client/server program. Back in the day you could get hacker software from
        The Cult of the Undead Cow or The Legion Doom.
        Now it’s no longer free and you’ve got to purchase(rent) it from Eastern Europe. The world has changed.

        Thanks for reminding me about the key- logger.

        I never hacked — every programmer has looked into hacking — just like every man over 50 has ‘read’ a Playboy. 😂

    • The other Danielle bought a tool online also and lost her hard-earned license for it. And now they want to take whatever last drop of blood vengeance they can from her. Why not keep it to the creep who she claims is responsible?

  • “ It is high time someone identifies those photos.”

    They were identified at trial. The defense saw them and raised no objection. What, are you seriously arguing that those weren’t pictures of Camila? How absurd!

    “If [the pictures] are authentic….” What do you even mean, “not authentic”? Are you suggesting these are drawings? Pictures of a different person? This argument is absurd even by delusional cult standards. Judge Garaufis among others saw Camila at Raniere’s sentencing. You don’t think he’d have noticed she wasn’t the same person as in the photos produced at trial???

    Or is he part of this massive anti-Raniere conspiracy the FR is now selling?

    No rational adult would believe this nonsense. Certainly no appeals judge would give it a moment’s consideration.

    What utter nonsense.

    • They could absolutely be photos of a different person. It’s years later. Seeing Camilla as a clothed woman after the fact – at sentencing, is a little too late—

      To suggest the judge is able to discern if a fully clothed woman standing before him at sentencing is the same nude, allegedly 15-year-old from photos taken years earlier, confirms the problem.

      When lives are being forever altered with harsh sentences, they are owed clear and convincing evidence. I agree it’s problematic the defense did not raise this issue at the time and push for further confirmation that indeed it was Camilla.

      However, Exif data is easily changed.

      You have the lead FBI agent committing perjury or demonstrating incompetence and it undermines the credibility of the case.

      Raniere is reprehensible, and Clare Bronfman is not far behind. But liberties are being taken from the American people every day – our system is eroding. Err on the side of caution and at least have the investigation.

      • Dead-ender, the agent did not perjury themselves.

        You don’t care about making salacious claims without proof.

        You cult remnants just keep moving the make-believe ball. You will never stop trying to get Keith out of sex offender prison.

        You will never succeed.

  • Because the dead-enders are pushing for Camilla (and Daniela now too) to testify under oath that the photos are her. And now Frank is parroting this line…

    And Keith is in contact with Marianna…

    Guessing that Keith has come up with this plan

    Get to Cami and Daniela. Through the families. Through money from Clare. Get them to refute this one claim. Going back on everything is too much.

    But they will be in minimal trouble this way and paid off – if they deny the one claim. By saying… They never actually saw the photos to verify. That’s how they are trying to convince the sisters that they won’t be punished for “lying” to the authorities. Or just punished a little. Cami wasn’t under oath so she might skate on it…

    After all their nephew needs his father out of prison. They need to fix their ethical breach with vanguard. And here is money for your trouble, Daniela and Cami. Maybe money Marianna has had this whole time?

    This is also why they want to quash the civil trial. Then Cami will need the money – Daniela too – and they both will not testify further. And perhaps SEE the photos and confirm that it is Cami – thus smashing that fallacy once and for all.

      • Who knows? But they lost years of their childhood and education opportunities. They worked for free or had money withheld from them while working in Nxivm. And therapy costs a lot of money. So will alternative means of conceiving for Cami who was injured severely by getting HPV from Ranieri. I don’t know the extent of all their damages, but I would value 2 years of my life lost locked in a room, mental and physical health and being driven to an eating disorder and suicide pretty highly.

        • Just wondered as Frank said Dani escaped and found a great managerial position in Mexico awhile back.

  • Seems cruel to drag Camila back in court after Raniere was already convicted and she spoke at his sentencing. If the jury had felt like they needed that “crucial” testimony to decide on his guilt, they would not have convicted him. Why didn’t Raniere’s lawyers put Camila – or anyone – on the stand? Why is it anyone’s fault but Raniere’s that he offered no defense from his very expensive lawyers?

  • “It is high time someone identifies those photos.”

    You would think.

    That these photos have not yet been identified means the prosecution had a huge problem putting Cami under oath. They have said, and their cheerleaders here on the Frank Report have repeatedly squealed that the prosecution and their Judgey G simply found a way around it, counting on a prejudiced jury to take only 3 hours to parrot a guilty verdict.

    Everyone in mainstream society flips their lid when they are presented with ‘terrorists’, ‘cult leaders’ and ‘pedophiles’. The rules go out the window and they’ll do anything to punish and kill them.

    Including slitting their own throats.


    • In essence, the great Vanguard identified them. The defense reviewed all evidence and did not object to their submission.

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