Criminal Justice Collusion Send 1000s of Innocents to Prison –Tully’s Book Alleges

Most readers think of Keith Raniere as a scoundrel. They may feel that way about his attorney, Joseph Tully.

But Tully has written a book that makes it seem like the real scoundrels may be those responsible for proving citizens are scoundrels.

His book is California: State of Collusion. Power, Conspiracy, and Cover-Ups in a Failed Criminal Justice System

It promises readers “An Inside Look at California’s Corrupt Criminal Justice System and the Very Real Dangers Citizens Face.”

Tully exposes California’s culture of power, conspiracy, and cover-ups with evidence of:

  1. Massive snitch-for-hire networks
  2. Appellate courts disregarding Constitutional rights
  3. FBI payments for superhero-op media portrayals
  4. Legal shields protecting corrupt prosecutors
  5. Psychopathic police officers – unpunished for horrific abuses
  6. Prosecutors trampling Constitutional rights to fuel career advancement
  7. Prosecutors who destroy exculpatory evidence
  8. Judges ignoring police and prosecutorial misconduct to get re-elected
  9. An institutionalized culture of power, conspiracy and law enforcement cover-up
  10. California prisons’ systemic racism, medical abuse, and cruelty
  11. Flawed (cash sponsored) media portrayal of law enforcement as incorruptible
  12. Faux science and known deceitful witnesses presented as incontrovertible evidence
  13. Weaponized firearm and drug prohibitions judges
  14. Prosecutors and police – fabricated testimony
  15. Doctored evidence
  16. Proof of innocence buried
  17. Judges turning a blind eye while imposing voter-pleasing sentences
  18. Judges ignoring misconduct to satisfy police unions at election time

“Innocent people can be subjected to a power trip police encounter, arrested by a megalomaniacal cop, jailed by a sadist, prosecuted by a manipulative Machiavellian, and judged by an ego-tripping sociopath,” Tully said.

The chapters are.

  1. Why we fight
  2. Introduction to psychopaths: Mega-law-mania
  3. Cops acting badly: psycho cops
  4. Prosecutors acting badly: psycho prosecutors
  5. Judges acting badly: psycho judges
  6. Politicians acting badly: psycho politicians
  7. Orange County snitch scandal
  8. County jails
  9. The history of cannabis prohibition
  10. Cannabis laws
  11. The weaponisation of bail
  12. Stand your ground: self defense
  13. The infinite variety of laws
  14. Science and the laws
  15. Media portrayal of law enforcement: programming and ‘mean world syndrome’
  16. Celebrities and sports figures
  17. Racism past and present – from Chinese immigrant taxes to racial profiling
  18. Prisons: systemic racism
  19. High courts, high treason

Tully writes about something he calls Copaganda


Joseph Tully

Night after night, the abusive power of law enforcement is idolized on prime time TV shows.  The “programming” on TV should be literally taken as programming the populace to accept law enforcement authority and effectiveness as absolute.

Many of the most popular TV shows are police procedurals that present a horrific crime and miraculous conclusion before the end of the hour.

In these shows, the heroes are the police, and they run rampant over the Constitution and sometimes the laws of science, to catch bad guys. The reading of a suspect’s Miranda rights is often a tag on the end of an episode, a sting, an epilogue, to notify viewers that all is well and this bad guy is captured.

In TV world, Miranda Rights are for bad guys, and calling a lawyer to “lawyer up” is depicted as a sign of weakness, or a tacit admission of guilt. 

When a defendant is found innocent, it is depicted as a trick or loophole exploited by a shady defense attorney.

Even in this post-George Floyd world, the evening news still pushes a state of crime, fear on your doorstep, and often repeats the narratives of police leaders as gospel. While there seems to be a rise in what can only be called vileness spewed at law enforcement, as opposed to a plain discussion of limiting police power to prevent abuses, the news still supports any narrative that demeans and demoralizes the individual, rather than glorifies individual rights.

However, the scales are tipped drastically back nightly in favor of law enforcement on primetime scripted TV programs, which endlessly propagate that the ends justify the means in police craft, and that the cops and prosecutors have rights and privileges that normal people (especially suspects and their attorneys) lack.

Defense attorneys are depicted as shifty sharks who exploit loopholes and technicalities to free their “assumed guilty” clients.  These are plot points intended to outrage the audience and turn them against the right to a fair and aggressive defense.

The end result is that the cops, DA and judge are all against you in court, plus the brainwashed jurors who are frothing to deliver TV style justice like they watch every night.

Tully has

  • 15 Years’ experience as a criminal lawyer – 1000+ felony and other cases
  • Felony trial counsel as a public defender before launching Tully – Weiss
  • Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization
  • National Trial Lawyers “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” multiple years
  • Extraordinary record of victories in high profile Cannabis trials
  • Precedent setting win in hotly contested Stand Your Ground murder trial
  • Scores of great outcomes in “hopeless” cases others declared impossible

California: State of Collusion looks at entrenched conspiracy among the Golden State’s

Click below to read some of the book.

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  • Tully believes that R. Kelly is one of those inmates who should be free.

    Tully likes to use #freeRKelly.

    Not his client.

    Just another horrible pedophile that Tully wants back on the street with children.

  • Good for Tully – every lawyer ought write a book about that deeply corrupt and collusive system. Rich get richer and the poor get prison. Wage theft outstrips every other type of theft. But it’s never prosecuted.

  • Re Tully’s Awesome Book:

    Hey dummies Tully’s book was self-published with the goal to inflate his success, or other words ‘shear puffery’.

    Tully is no different than some pseudo-genius with tons of patents like Raniere.

    Nearly everyone else, who was published by this publisher, are up to the same thing, using the publisher to gain the appearance of legitimacy and importance.

    LMAO @ Tully!!!!

    Want proof? Contact the publisher or try and find one review……

  • By all means, let’s have a look at this guy’s book.

    It’s an embarrassment.

    First, Tully promotes it on his Tully &Weiss website as “an Amazon top seller”. On it’s ranked 241,240.

    Does calling it a “top seller” seem an honest statement to you? Or is that a lie?

    Real clever, putting a statement up like that when it’s so easily fact-checked. Wonder what this says about his courtroom strategy.

    But back to the book. You’d think such a hard-hitting expose would’ve made quite a splash. Nope. As far as I can tell, no reviewer ever so much as mentioned it.

    I can see why. Just skim the chapter titles:

    The cops are psycho.
    Prosecutors are psycho
    Judges are psycho
    The politicians are psycho

    This isn’t a book, it’s a rant.

    This guy seems to be a firebrand attorney on a crusade. I wonder what THAT says about his courtroom strategy.

    Raniere will die an old man in prison.

    • Great examples of the rigorous intellectual honesty from the Frank Report’s Number 1 Crank “Aristotle’s Sausage”:

      “First, Tully promotes it on his Tully &Weiss website as “an Amazon top seller”. On it’s ranked 241,240.”

      He actually quotes Yahoo! News on Sept 14, 2018 as writing:

      “….Joseph Tully, adds Best Selling Author to his legal bio with his book California – State of Collusion (Sutton Hart Press) hitting #1 on Amazon in its category the first week.

      Then, AT makes up titles of chapters in Tully’s book.

      “I can see why. Just skim the chapter titles:

      The cops are psycho.
      Prosecutors are psycho
      Judges are psycho
      The politicians are psycho

      These aren’t the titles.

      Then AT lies about the reviews:

      “You’d think such a hard-hitting expose would’ve made quite a splash. Nope. As far as I can tell, no reviewer ever so much as mentioned it.

      There are 37 reviews on Amazon with a 4.6 out of 5 rating.

      Scroll down to the reviews section here on Amazon:

      Here, he’s interviewed in the business section of Mercury News on May 5, 2019:

      Aristotle’s Sausage just lies about Joseph Tully.


      Because he’s a crank.


      • A “best-selling author” with “37 reviews on Amazon.”


        Spoken like a bankrupt, failed marketing consultant.

        Allen T., you should check and see if your local middle school debate club has an opening for a 2nd Vice President position — you’d be the perfect fit!

        Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

        • Alanzo is confused.

          The facts are easily checked. Tully’s book is ranked #241,240 by Amazon. Anyone can go to to the website and check.

          To illustrate how bad being ranked 240,000 is, let’s try a comparison. The book “Claw Enforcement” a cat murder mystery, is ranked #67,296. That’s the kind of literary success Atty. Joseph Tully can only dream of. Maybe he should try writing cat murder mysteries and give up lawyering.

          Alanzo is impressed that Tully’s book got 37 “reviews” on the Amazon website. Alas these are not reviews they are called ratings. As in how many stars readers give the book. Tully’s book got 37 ratings. “Claw Enforcement” got… 489!

          Of these, Tully’s 37 ratings included 19 reader reviews. The cat mystery’s 489 included 73 reader reviews. Neither book was reviewed by the L.A. Times, The New York Review of Books, or The London Times. Or even the Poughkeepsie Courier 🤣

          Alanzo is impressed that Tully’s book got a 4.6 star rating on Amazon. Alas, there it loses once again to that literary masterwork “Claw Enforcement”, which got a 4.8 rating.

          Imagine being Joseph Tully and writing a flop like “State of Collusion”? That fails to sell and goes utterly unnoticed, untouched by a single professional reviewer?

          How humiliating.

          But then to have the nerve to claim the book is an “Amazon top seller” on your professional website!

          The Raniere defense squad is a clown show.

          • Very good data, Aristotle’s Sausage, that also means this self-published author doesn’t have very many friends. Can you imagine writing a book and you can’t even get more than 19 people or 20 people to read and review it? That is so sad.

          • “Alanzo is confused.”

            For once, I disagree with you, Sir Sausage.

            Allen T. Stanfield is not confused — he suffers from a mental disability.

            “The Raniere defense squad is a clown show.”

            On this point we are in complete accord.

            Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

            Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

  • Tully is a complete waste of good oxygen. He’s an incompetent attorney chasing Bronfman bucks.

    Suneel the Alien wrote this two days ago: “Keith said he looked through the forensic reports at trial. The other photos – women who were adults in 2005 – were in the wrong directories. Many other things he noticed were wrong.”

    Game over.

    A Rule 33 motion pertains to new evidence the defendant didn’t have access to at trial. Suneel has given away the whole game: Raniere noticed supposed problems with evidence at his trial but didn’t raise those objections. It is too late now to do so.

    Before hiring this idiot, Suneel and the Bronfmans bought some excellent appellate attorneys to fight on Keith’s behalf. The problem is that competent attorneys like these have other ways to make money than by destroying their reputations filing trash motions like Tully’s.

    Keith will die in prison. The only question is whether he keeps breaking the rules so much he ends up in a non-chomo joint where he gets shanked or transferred to supermax. I hope it is the later, so he can live a nice loooooong life and die from natural causes in a tiny, concrete box.

    • And how did Keith know they were in the wrong directories, if he never handled the collateral?

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