Trump, Jr Retweets Clyne’s FBI Tampering Tweet – FBI Corruption ‘Isn’t Surprising Anymore’

Dinald Trump, Jr.

One of Nicki Clyne’s tweets attracted the attention of Donald Trump Jr.

That tweet was “BREAKING: In the case of US v. Keith Raniere, three forensic experts, including a former FBI Special Agent of 20 years, have filed affidavits affirming that the FBI tampered and planted the child porn evidence presented at trial, in motion to stay appeal.”

Donald Trump, Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Clyne’s message, writing, “It’s sad that this isn’t even a little surprising anymore.”
Nicki Clyne
A few tweeters took notice.
Brett L. Tolman

Brett L. Tolman, a former US Attorney, now the Executive Director of @RightonCrime, retweeted Clyne.

He wrote, “The ‘ends justify the means’ is a dangerous philosophy among federal law enforcement.”
Robert Barnes
Attorney Robert Barnes, who has been critical of Clyne in the past, tweeted, “It increasingly appears the Feds framed #Raniere in the #NXIVM trial.”
Vinny D’Agostino

Vinny D’Agostino, a former NY FBI agent, replied to Clyne, “Correct! It is why the judicial system is based on the premise of the presumption of innocent. A novel idea at the time. More defendants need to put the state to their burden! This is actually better for everyone, believe it or not.”

Media Coverage

Meanwhile, the motion for a stay of the appeal based on allegations of FBI tampering has gotten some news coverage.
The Epoch Times, The NY Daily News and the Mercury News topping the list.

Mercury News In Bid for freedom NXIVM sex cult leader claims to have proof of FBI evidence tampering

The Appeal is Going Forward Tuesday

The 2nd Circuit has decided to continue with the oral arguments for Raniere’s appeal, despite his attorney’s request for a delay.

Raniere attorney, Joseph Tully, will have five minutes to make his oral arguments on Tuesday morning.  Clare Bronfman’s attorneys will also get five minutes. The prosecution will have 10 minutes to respond.

Afterward, the 2nd Circuit will decide whether Raniere was wrongly convicted, and whether Bronfman’s sentence is too long. It is unlikely the three-judge panel will decide on the spot. It may take months.

Tully’s oral argument will likely focus on his contention that Judge Nicholas Garaufis gave improper jury instructions for sex trafficking. He argues the judge wrongly told jurors that commercial sex’s “thing of value” need not involve money.

Tully argues Garaufis’ instructions to the jury “blatantly ignored” federal trafficking laws intended to address sexual exploitation for economic gain. A precedent like this could apply to almost any sex act in which a third-party benefits from someone else’s sex acts.

Raniere was convicted for sex trafficking Nicole because Allison Mack, a non-participant, was alleged to have gotten “a thing of value.” She gained improved social standing with Raniere.

Tully argues that this makes a mockery of true sex trafficking and broadens the scope of governmental power.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Hajjar told the court Raniere’s arguments were “frivolous.”


Bronfman’s attorneys will argue she was sentenced unfairly. Bronfman pleaded guilty in April 2019 to conspiracy to conceal and harbor illegal immigrants for financial gain and fraudulent use of identification.

She paid for Raniere and his baby mama Marinas’s use of the late Pam Cafrtiz’s American Express card.

Bronfman was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison. Based on her previous record of no prior conviction, the sentencing guidelines for the crimes she admitted committing are 21-27 months.

Bronfman’s attorneys, Ronald Sullivan and Daniel R. Koffman, argued that Bronfman is “collateral damage” to the sex-trafficking convictions.

Collateral damage could be a poor choice of words. At Bronfman’s sentencing in September 2020, the judge noted that while Bronfman was not in the DOS, she had received requests from DOS members for their collateral. Bronfman collaborated with Raniere to try to intimidate them into silence.

Clare Wins One

It looks like Clare’s lawyers finally filed a winning motion.
ORDER: Defendant Clare Bronfman’s [1167] request for release of her passport is GRANTED. Pretrial Services is respectfully directed to release her passport for retrieval by her attorney. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 4/29/2022.
Keith Raniere, now separated, will have their attorneys fighting on the same turf on Tuesday.

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  • Good Lord. What would The Chinless Daddy’s boy (he wishes) know about FBI corruption? He needs to look in his family tree first.

  • Regarding the petition……

    …..The next time the Misfits of Vanguard start a petition they may want to get additional signatories, instead of signing the petition themselves…..

    Cult members signing a petition to free their leader is ass-f*cking ridiculous.

    It’s like the Manson family signing a petition to get Manson out of prison.

    It’s bad enough they let Alanzo sign the petition.

  • Holy Mackerel! I declare this petition is the second greatest document since the Declaration of Independence or the Magna Carta!

    Such a great collection of visionaries, dignitaries, and luminaries the likes of which the world has never known.


    • to paraphrase a compliment about Jefferson:

      “Such a great collection of visionaries, dignitaries, and luminaries the likes of which the world has never known”…except when Vanguard dines alone.

  • “Main stream media lies” A Nicki Clyne sentiment.

    “Keep an open mind about Keith Raniere”

    “Even the most hated deserve due process”

    “People are driven emotion and hatred to judge Raniere guilty.”


    “Everyone is too quick to judge Keith Raniere. It’s not fair. They are relying on the media. They are all pre-judging Keith Raniere as guilty.”

    Don’t trust any prosecutors.

    All are constant refrains of the dead-enders


    Based solely on the media reports – and her own personal bias – Nicki Clyne declared Amber Heard a liar and Johnny Depp a victim on Twitter in the very first days of an ongoing trial.

    Bear in mind Amber STILL hasn’t testified. And only the plaintiff was presenting a case at the point that Nicki decided that Amber Heard was guilty.

    Some “justice advocate”. Jumping right through all the hoops and rushing to the popular sentiment on social media. And in the press. Before ever hearing the case.

    Wow. What an “open mind”. Such a “fair” person.

    Media. Hate. Bias. On full display.

      • Thank you, Annabel Lee. Pretty much everyone seems to agree on Johnny v. Amber. Especially social media. And the MEDIA in general

        And that is EXACTLY the point.

        “Justice for the most hated. Even the devil himself… Don’t listen to the media reports…Make Justice blind blah blah”.

        But like by day 2, pumpkin head Squeaky Clyne had already made up her tiny mind about Amber. Before the trial, really. Because it fits her BIAS.


        The dead-enders favorite refrain. In full effect by the hypocritical cult followers. Jumpin’ right on the premature judgement train and blasting out their pre-determined verdict on a person and relationship they know nothing about personally. Just what they heard in the MEDIA.

        This is just one recent example. They do it often. Dead-enders are not big on practicing what they constantly preach

  • Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

    Every dictatorship has a propaganda arm—a “Ministry of Truth”

    • For your information: America is not a dictatorship, but at high risk becoming one if Trump had won the last election. A significant portion of your population and political leaders are trying very hard to end democracy in America. What do you get when democracy ends? You guessed right: a dictatorship!

      • For your information: America is not a dictatorship, StevenJ

        Shapiro Breaks Down Biden’s New Disinformation Governance Board

    • Tulsi Gabbard falsely claims U.S. ‘not so different’ from Russia on freedom of speech
      “What is happening here is not so different from what we’re seeing happening in Russia, where you have got state TV and controlled messaging across the board.”

      Since its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has restricted dissenting voices, independent news reporting and public discourse on social media platforms.

      A new law in Russia threatens up to 15 years of prison time for spreading information about the war that authorities consider to be “false.”

      There are no parallels in the U.S., where freedom of speech, expression and the press are safeguarded by the Constitution. Gabbard alleged censorship by social media companies, but experts say those claims are not supported by evidence.

      See the sources for this fact-check

  • RE Petition:

    Jumping Jehosaphat! What a cadre of petition signers. I haven’t seen this many esteemed signatories since the petition to pardon Roman Polanski.

    Polanski’s petition was signed by: Harvey Weinstein, Scott Johnson, Alec Baldwin, and Woody Allen.

    At least Keith didn’t ass rape anyone, like Polanski did…. Right, Suneel?

  • What is wrong with Donald Trump Junior retweeting Nicki Clyne?
    After all, contemporary America is Clown World.
    We now live in a country where the government has created an Orwellian Ministry of Truth that feeds us with lies and B.S.

    Appropriately the Ministry of Truth is headed by Nina Jankowicz, a woman inspired by Harry Potter books who likes to sing Mary Poppins songs.

    “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” George Orwell

    Mary Dis-Information

    • —What is wrong with Donald Trump Junior retweeting Nicki Clyne?

      Whatever dude…..

      You’re such a sycophant, it’s no wonder you run around with a Phallus in your [redacted] and a can of WD40 at the ready.

  • You know you are on the path of righteousness when Donny Junior supports your cause…LOL! Is the government/FBI corrupt? Well, yes, in many ways they are and have proven to be, but Keith is without a doubt a sociopath and a pedophile who should rot in prison.

    Why don’t you dead-enders go fight for some people who deserve to be fought for? There are plenty of good people out there that should not be in prison but Keith ain’t one of them.

  • Nicki Clyne tries to dodge questions about the validity of her marriage to Allison Mack.

    But she spends almost all her time on “road trips” and Twitter with people who call gay people “groomers” constantly. Like, obsessively targeting anyone gay in a negative manner.

    Nicki Clyne’s new cult is as anti LBGTQ as a group think echo chamber could possibly get.

    It’s an interesting look for a person who constantly harps on “minority subcultures” like DOS being maligned unfairly. And who was married to a woman. Albeit for immigration purposes. Which – come to think about it – is a big issue for the Trumps. Immigration fraud.

    • Nicki Clyne is blind to her own hypocrisy. She’s just another Squeaky Fromme. Another hilarious tweet of hers is quoting a tweet thread about an “epidemic of malignant narcissism in positions of influence” as something to read.


      Her boyfriend is a cult leader — a microcosm of manipulative narcissism and megalomania. But she took a “vow” to be his slave, and now she cannot break it because otherwise it will be an “ethical breach” against him. Just like it was an “ethical breach” that Daniela wanted to date a man her own age. Or the “ethical breach” that caused Ivy to have to grow her hair out beyond her waist. Or the many other manipulative “ethical breaches” that only happened to others, but could never happen to her boyfriend. How often did Keith take part in penances? It’s no wonder “The Vanguard” can never be seen as wrong by Squeaky Fromme Version #2373. She’s as blind as a bat.

      Yeah, there’s nothing narcissistic about such a position of influence. Nothing at all.

    • Our country’s ex-First Lady became our ex-President’s “third lady” to gain US citizenship…as did his “first lady.” T-Rump must love immigrants because 4 of his (known) 5 children were birthed by immigrant mothers.

  • Diaper Dan!

    Known for drinking until he routinely pissed himself in college and little else

    The dead-enders would brag about a tweet from Idi Amin.

    Who cares?

    • “Known for drinking until he routinely pissed himself in college”

      Now Commander in Chief Joe Biden pisses himself every day.
      Is it true that Joe Biden wears two layers of Depends?
      Dinner For Schmucks

    • Idi Amin is not able to tweet as he has fortunately passed away while in exile (Saudi Arabia). But otherwise I get the point and totally agree.

      • Nina Jankowicz has been called “Julie Andrews on crack”.

        As a Saturday Night Live skit, she would be hilarious.

        As the Minister of Truth, she is frightening.

  • Whoa! Now I see the connection of Frank Parlato to Trump in an anti-government conspiracy.

  • The deadenders want publicity for their cause, as they rightfully understand that media attention is important, and they seem to have had some success. Why does it come as no surprise to me that Don jr. picks this up?

    Now that the Trump family is in seriously legal troubles themselves, it is in their interest to attack the very institutions that are investigating them. They are truly the scum of the earth. What a joy to see them go down.

  • Woo… Donald Trump Jr.

    Now we’re in the big times.

    Does he even know who Raniere is or does he have a boner for Nicki Clyne?

    • I think Nicki would go for it. He has the correct passport and probably enough money for her. On top of that, she is a decade and a half trained sex toy.

    • Trump Jr says and ShadowState will heed the call.

      Geeez! I’m definitely beginning to think I’m have Alzheimer’s……

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