Camila Alone Sent Raniere and Three Others to Prison

Camila by MK10ART.
Frank Report is investigating alleged FBI tampering. The tampering concerns digital images of Camila that were used as evidence in the criminal trial of Keith Raniere.
Camila has become a focal point as she was in the criminal trial even though she never appeared at it. Yet, she was the reason why five of Raniere’s codefendants took plea deals.
The six NXIVM defendants. Upper Row: Kathy Russell, Keith Raniere, and Nancy Salzman. Lower Row: Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Clare Bronfman.
Raniere’s co-defendants – Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell – all remained steadfast in proclaiming their innocence until the FBI announced they found child porn on a hard drive owned by Raniere.
Eleven months after they raided Raniere’s library, the FBI found pictures of Camila. They found them on a hard drive. They said the metadata showed creation dates of November 2005.
The FBI seized this hard drive. Twenty-two nude pictures of Cami were found on it.
Camila was 15 in November 2005.
Every other alleged victim was an adult. Most of them were successful. The defense planned to argue that the alleged victims consented to everything.
Keith Raniere in his library at 8 Hale Drive. The FBI found the hard there.
I spoke with attorneys, defendants, friends, and former NXIVM members. All told me the same thing. Camila’s photos ended the agreement of the NXIVM defendants to present a joint defense.
An allegation of child porn against one of them, Raniere, was the same as a conviction against all.
Before, the five defendants had met together – and were determined to go to trial. Determined to win. To absolve this stain against their good intentions – and to show that the prosecution lied about NXIVM.
A chilly wind blew through Brooklyn when the US Attorney announced the discovery of the Camo photos.
FBI Special Agent Michael Lever [at the car door] found Camila’s photos on a hard drive 11 months after it was seized. 
Sources told me about a final meeting of the five co-defendants and their lawyers. The last time some of them were to speak to their NXIVM friends. After that, each decided to abandon the trial. It was over, they knew.
Each looked to reach a plea deal.
The old axiom: the earlier on the plea bus, the better the ride.
The Plea Deal Bus. It may not be big. But those who fail to get on may spend many years regretting it.
Within a month or so, everyone cut a deal. Except Raniere.
No plea deal for him.
Keith Raniere went from exalted to despised in a matter of months.
What a different trial it would have been. With six defendants with six teams of lawyers.
Cross-examining the prosecution witnesses. Each presenting a defense.
Who knows what the outcome would have been?
Without the specter of Camila, of child porn and the exploitation of a child, the prosecution had far less ammunition.
Nicole, with a single incident of sex trafficking where no money changed hands.
Nicole was laid on this table, nude and blindfolded. Camila entered and performed oral sex on her. Raniere watched. He got 40 years for that incident.
Jessica Joan, who did not seduce Raniere.
Jessica Joan testified in the trial under the pseudonym “Jaye.”
Sylvie, who sent nude pics to Raniere while married.
Sylvie Lloyd spent more than a dozen years in NXIVM. When she joined DOS, she gave collateral. It was the coercive element of what otherwise appeared to be consensual, adult activities.
Mark Vicente, who made his living for a dozen years.
Mark Vicente [l] with Keith Raniere.  Vicente was one of the top leaders of NXIVM and its chief whistleblower.
Daniela, who stayed in an unlocked room for two years with her parents on hand.
Daniela – artist sketch
Lauren, the star witness, would have defended Raniere, not cried him to oblivion.
After the Camila photos, Lauren Salzman made a deal to cooperate with the US Attorney. She testified at the trial.
The game-changer, Camila, sent Raniere headlong to prison.
Dumb luck. Eleven months after the FBI seized a hard drive, they found her nude pictures. on it On the eve of trial. Up against a united front.
The FBI found the pictures of Camila on the hard drive. So, they worked it backward to determine that Raniere took the photos with the camera. First, he transferred them to a camera card. Next, he moved them to a computer and finally onto a hard drive.
Raniere is about to file a Rule 33 motion. In it, he will allege that the FBI tampered with Camila’s nude photos.
Hard drive files manipulated. A changing camera card. False dating of images. Appendectomy scars. Issues arise.
When did Raniere take the images? Did he take them? How did they wind up on a hard drive? Why did it take so long to find them?
In the back and forth to follow, Camila will, once again, be front and center.
It is fair that people understand her story. But before they hear it, they must realize she is why Raniere is in prison.
Behind prison bars are Raniere, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, and Clare Bronfman.
Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.


Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere.

Clare Bronfman with Keith Raniere

Once the FBI found Camila’s photos, the case became a slam dunk. When Camile entered the case, it was all over for Keith Raniere.

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  • Frank
    How crazy is this ? Rainere sent Rainere to prison for his own crimes – a new trial ? Are you coocoo ? One flew over the coocoo’s nest – !!!!!!
    Rainere sent himself to prison- the murder of my sister —

    Rainere killed and raped women- and seduced them and he is where he belongs –

    Keith does NOT deserve a NEW trial – and he will NOT get one –

  • I have a hunch that keith himself tampered with the files. That he knows exactly what he did to “hide” his crime. I picture that he’s probably laughing (except that he’s not because he’s in the slammer), at everyone pointing the finger at everyone else except for him.

    This guy was a master manipulator and way too interested in perverting everyone and everything he touched. “Oh, these were consenting adults (except they’ve been blackmailed). I would not put it past him that this is just part of his maniacal plan D. “If the photos are ever found, I’ll just prove they were ‘tampered with'”.

    Then he can be a big hero, exposing the corruption of non-nxivns and proving why everyone should join a secretive cult and control as much as the world’s wealth as possible.

    I don’t know. Just makes sense to me.

  • Keith Raniere never intended to face jail time. It was not in his calculus. It was in his calculus to maintain control of people who were a danger to him because knowing too much or trying to use their knowledge to hold him accountable, it was his goal to render them harmless or ruin them in every way. Money and paid political influence and people who could be corrupted or blackmailed were his other calculus and his guarantee, which he believed in, besides the millions the Bronfman sisters provided for lawyers and lawsuits, of not being pursued by police or prosecutors and being protected from investigation.

    He was so confident of himself, having gotten away with everything for so long, to continue to take it to the extreme and raise the stakes of the game he was playing.

  • “Camila Alone Sent Raniere and Three Others to Prison”

    I disagree. Moreover, this directly contradicts the Frank Report’s previous position statements. As recently as March 11 2021 Frank reported that the reason for the collapse of DOS and the successful prosecution of Raniere was the DOS “collateral” (blackmail) and the branding of his initials on women’s privy parts. Those were his two “big blunders”, Frank wrote.

    Expanding on this, he continued:

    “…Raniere not to have done one or more of the following:
    1. Not brand women on the groin
    2. Tell them that the brand was his initials
    3. Not require collateral
    4. Not lie to the women that he was the secret leader of the sorority
    Had he done any of these, I am fairly confident he would not be in Tucson, Arizona…”

    Nothing about Camila’s pictures. Those four reasons, and those four reasons alone are what sent Raniere to prison.

    It was the branding that doomed Raniere to prison. The picture on the front page of the NY Times shocked the Justice Department into action. These women had been branded with the initials of a creepy cult leader. After being blackmailed. It was big news, it was an outrage, and it was Raniere’s downfall.

    That’s why the creep is serving a 120 year sentence in federal prison. That’s why he was convicted. He wasn’t even charged with child porn, that was merely one predicate act in his trial. Little relevance to his case and no relevance to his appeal.

    So why is it being touted now as if it were the centerpiece of Raniere’s trial? It’s a diversion, a distraction promoted by the Nxian leftovers. I know why they’re doing it. Why is the Frank Report?

  • Keith sent himself to prison.
    Through his own actions.
    Same with his followers.

    The 15 year old Cami is blameless.

    That is some backward language voodoo

    The rapist sends himself to prison.

    The child pornographer alone is the cause of his own incarceration. Not the child.

    It’s like saying the innocent person killed by a drunk driver is the one who sent the ineberiated human behind the wheel to jail.

    The person who broke the law is not a victim of his own crime. That’s gibberish.

  • Can’t really argue with most of the logic.

    Chances are there would have been an attempt at a unified front if not for Camila. However, the feds would have tried them separately hoping that would use increase the odds of defection so “unified” probably would have collapsed regardless but still chances are up to that point the team of lawyers would have come with more angles of attack and defense that would have increased their odds of acquittal. The DOS of it would have still done a tremendous amount of damage, regardless of arguments on consent. Also, if convicted, would have increased their odds of longer sentences so as usual its all a gamble (unfortunately going to trial tends to be punished with longer sentences).

    • Nancy knew who and what Keith was. Lauren complicated things for Nancy, but she was not going to be steadfast in her support of Raniere.

  • Nah. God sent him to prison to teach him a lesson as a result of the sum accumulation of his life’s deeds. He crossed a line somewhere and after that point, there was no return. He was “at cause” and “earned” his ticket to prison himself. Everyone involved were just God’s worldly means to do it.

  • To Everyone:

    RE MY Last Words on Suneel’s Experts:

    If you happen to look at both experts resumés you, the reader will notice that both resumés are written in such way as to make them unreadable or incredible vague….

    ….The resumés of both men were written in such way as to obfuscate the fact the men are not qualified to testify in a court of law.
    (Both men lack a true understanding of computer systems, software, and most importantly computer machine code IO.

    Please take look at their resumés below:

    Steven Abrams resumé:

    Wayne B. Norris resumé:

    If either man disputes my opinion please leave a comment. I can admit when I’m wrong. Thank you!

    P.S. Mr. Abrams is very educated and has a few impressive degrees. However, I see nothing which truly qualifies to give truly expert testimony in the area of Computer Forensics. His only experience is using 3rd party software which is WOEFULLY inadequate.

    FYI: Suneel’s FBI agent was fired from the FBI which precludes him from being credible.

      • “ He was not fired from the FBI. He retired with honors after 20 years.”

        Do you have proof of that? How do you know under what circumstances he left the FBI?

        • I read his US senate testimony. He was the genesis of the amended FBI whistleblower law. He fought fraud and waste at the FBI. They tried to retaliate against him at the FBI. He did not knuckle under. He went to the senate. They passed a law giving whistleblowers like him protection. He stayed and was promoted.

          The guy is an American hero. His superiors wanted him to cover up waste and fraud but he believed in Fidelity Bravery and Integrity. He has Fidelity Bravery and Integrity and may be the finest agent they ever had.

          If he did not say there was tampering, I would not publish a thing. But this serious-as-a-heart-attack forensic expert, special agent, a forensic top-notch guy who the FBI sent around the world to teach partner nations’ law enforcement about digital forensics, who knows more in his little finger than guys like Brian Booth, he says someone tampered with the photos. Maybe it isn’t the FBI, but someone did.

          I don’t think we should be so quick to discount him until we hear what he has to say. Again, I think it is possible that the FBI did not tamper. But I am pretty well convinced that someone monkeyed with those files. I am not even saying that the Camila photos were not taken when she was underage. But I want to find out more.

          • Nah. No one in law enforcement tampered with those files. Even Keith knows it because he tried to get the evidence thrown out as being too old and past the statute of limitations. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say “sike!”. It was too old and years later say now the evidence was tampered with bad just made to look too old.

            There was no need to tamper with the evidence since everyone now knows Keith was a child predator since the time of Rhiannon. Keith’s own disgusting behavior and lack of character is his own worst enemy. This is just a Hail Mary attempt attached with so-called “experts” to give it a an air of superficial credibility. Keith too has been abusing and shielding himself with the respectability of others for decades, inclusive of NXIVM. It’s what a pervert like him has to do.

            Occam’s Razor — he is what he is.

          • What you say may be true Frank, but it still does not change my opinion that Wayne Norris’ word is stinky sewage polluting an almost swimmable pool. Nothing those other guys say or do will make that pool clear again.

            I cannot unthink, “OK, they paid Wayne to say whatever they wanted him to, why wouldn’t they do that with the others?” These guys are all bought testimony. Cut from the same cloth and wearing matching shirts at the card table. When I see one of them slide a card up his sleeve, I’m leaving the table. You might stick around hoping the other two are straight shooters, but I am getting out of there.

            (Ice-nine has more of his own made up metaphors and analogies but decided that two in one comment was enough)

        • Mr. Abrams seems legit. I never spoke with Mr. Norris. It is almost certain that someone manipulated those nudes, but it may not be the FBI.

          • “Almost certain’ = nothing.


            There is certain. There is uncertain.

            And “it may not be the FBI” but your going to keep publishing posts accusing them?

            The most obvious people to suspect are the dead-enders. Whom you follow and support like they were your vanguard.

          • Frank-

            None of these experts can read computer code. They all rely 3rd party software to tell them their has been malevolent tampering which is ridiculous.

            Richard Kippers resume:

            Let’s not forget AnonyMaker already showed this man is not credible.

          • “Almost certain” is not “certain”.

            You are “certain” or you are not certain.

            And without proof it’s really hard to claim such an absolute. That’s called, “a hunch”.

            Or a wish. A desire. A dream. A fantasy.

          • Frank-

            “Forensic examiners do not need to be able to write or read code”.

            If you can’t read machine language, how do you know the files were TAMPERED with?

            Sounds like you’ve been talking to this expert (hired gun) FBI agent.

            Hired gun = man whore, if you pay this guy enough, I bet he’ll give yuh a (redacted) with both hands. Face it he’s a schmuck and Comey is his boy.

          • Yes!

            Next thing you know Frank will say that he i, “certainful” that there was tampering.

            Like that Damon clown with his reworked language silliness.

            In fact, I might start using “certainful” as a joke. I kinda like it for sartorial purposes.

      • But Suneel and Nicki say they are FB- LIE.

        So we cannot believe an ex agent.

        By their own words.

        This “expert” cannot be trusted.

      • Kiper testified against the FBI on March 4, 2015 before a congressional committee, complaining that he had been demoted two GS grades and relieved of his training position in violation of the Whistleblower Act.

        Yes, it’s technically true that Kiper wasn’t fired by the FBI. They removed him from his position and demoted him. He complained, went over their heads, was the subject of a Congressional investigation, raised a big stink, and the FBI was forced to reinstate him.

        Kiper’s relationship with his employer, the FBI, was contentious at best. Now he’s saying the FBI engaged in evidence tampering.

        Maybe you think this guy can be completely objective. I don’t. He’s a disgruntled former FBI employee.

      • Frank-

        I can’t find any mention of this online. Can you furnish me a weblink. I believe you, I just want to read about it.

        Frank, I trust you completely except when it comes to your opinion on female beauty. I imagine your yardstick/scale is based off of the local VFW bar. Don’t worry I’ve been there and been drink’n ever since.

  • Blah blah blah
    Poor NXIVM Leadership Victims
    All sent to prison because of Cami
    Not that they were breaking laws all along the way anyway with things like Tax evasion
    Money laundry
    Forced labor
    Wire fraud
    Racketeering Conspiracy
    Sex Trafficking
    Sex Trafficking Conspiracy
    Attempted sex trafficking
    Fake marriages
    Visa fraud
    Running a Pyramid scheme
    Forced Imprisonment of Dani
    The list goes on and on

    They all helped to hide the fact Raniere was a criminal and so were they by stepping over the line with him.

    Cami was a small part of the equation, and she was mind bent to not testify against him at trial.

    It wasn’t until after his trail that she became well enough from her experiences in NXIVM that she could be ready.

    One reason Raniere pushed for the fastest possible trial he could get was the damaged goods he created in his wake couldn’t testified against him.

    You wouldn’t understand that Parlato because you haven’t taken the time to really understand Cults and what they do to people.

    You have been too busy pretending you are the one who took NXIVM down.

    It was really the brave members of NXIVM who had the inside dirt on Raniere who took him down.

    The NY Times article with Sarah Edmondson showing her brand that got the DOJ involved that started the ball rolling. Not the Frank Report.

    These are the words right out of Moria Penza mouth saying what piqued her interest into starting an investigation.

    Raniere will not get a 2nd trial

    He might get a second bite at the appeal apple due to the mysterious Rule 33, but never a new trial.

    He will not get a get out of jail card

    He is going to spend the rest of his unnatural life there until the Devil brings him home.

  • I think you’re missing the point. I don’t think everyone dropped out because allegations were made and child pornography was discovered. Some dropped out because they knew it was all true.

    You’re presenting it as if the allegation itself was enough to blow it all up. And scare them. No.

    If they truly believed that Keith Raniere was innocent of such a heinous act of depravity, then they would have been even more emboldened to go to trial. Because they would firmly believe he was innocent, and it was all a big setup and misunderstanding.

    But when they were shown that the overwhelming evidence was that what Camilla was saying happened to her – did in fact, happen to her. It was the truth. And then they made a very wise decision to stop believing in this idiot, Keith “vanguard” Raniere.

    The other defendants saw the texts Keith himself wrote. They finally understood why Cami was kept hidden in their midst. It all rang true, and it all made sense to them. They knew unquestionably that it was true.

    Keith Raniere had groomed Cami from age 13. He had sexually exploited her. He had driven Cami to an eating disorder and a suicide attempt. He had impregnated her. He had forced her to abort. He blackmailed Cami with child pornography he created of her. Keith drove a wedge into Cami’s family destroying All of their relationships. All of it was documented.

    The other defendants dropped out because Keith lied and deceived them. He was not who they thought he was.

    This is not speculative. Lauren has stated that seeing the texts between Keith and Cami was an awakening for her. Others too.

    Keith was caught. It did not even matter if he was found guilty in court. They knew he was guilty.

    They knew Keith was a child predator and a child pornographer. It was over for them. They could never go back to following Keith.

      • It was true. They believed it was true. They knew it was true. They knew Keith acted that same way with them. They knew Keith taught it was ok to have sex with underaged girls. They knew Keith had a very close relationship with Cami. Of course it was all true.

        I’ll go a step further, Keith believed it was true. Keith knew it was true. The defense didn’t waste time analyzing the chain of the photos because Keith believed he was caught red handed. Spend time having your attorneys defend things that were defendable – and this wasn’t one of them.

        I’m not saying the pix weren’t manipulated. i’m saying everybody (including glorious Vanguard) believed the photos were legit. Because that’s what Vanguard does. He takes those exact pictures of all the women he hooks up with, and he loves little girls. To say they were easy dots for all the defendents to connect, is a great understatement.

        • Camila said he took pics of her every time they got together for sex starting in 2005. The issue is whether or not the 22 pics of her were on the hard drive at 8 Hale Drive when the FBI took that hard drive. And whether the pics were taken on two dates in Nov. 2005 or the dates were altered.

          • I totally get Frank’s point. And I totally get Kim’s point from above. With the focus being shifted to the FBI tampering accusation, I think it is important (and also entertaining) to remember the context of it all. That’s why I posted the comment.

    • Let’s not forget Nancy Salzman helped to groom Cami to have underage sex with Raniere

      Once it happened, she worked Cami over to normalize it in Cami’s mind.

      Notice who was first on the plea bus once the news broke that they had hard evidence of the underage sex – None other than Nancy Salzman

      Why would that be?

      Salzman knew she’d be doing 120 years.

    • Listing what happened to Cami makes a mockery out of all the “victims” in the current lawsuit.

      Plaintiffs are victimizing Cami further and do us Glazer by filing as a group. No Cami, no money.

    • I agree with you missing the point. Spot on!

      He expected his believers to follow him to the point of pain because to him, pain = love. The faster the trial the more programmed they would remain. Let’s not also forget the most loyal would be punished the most (guy was actually purchasing cages for humans). He expected his harem to defend him and take the fall.

      But sometimes too much is too much. And sometimes dreams are just illusions. Magicians make their living tricking people into believing things that aren’t real. And that’s why they keep their secrets. Once the mechanics of the trick are known, the whole act becomes a little less magical.

      IMHO, these woman were brave and wise and practical in facing the reality that their vanguard was not who he claimed to be. His shitty leadership got them into that mess, therefore, he was a pretty shitty leader.

  • Plea deals- gambling with life and liberty of potentially and likely, innocent people.

    Using power and threat to force submission.

    • Re “Using power and threat to force submission.”

      Isn’t that what Keith Raniere himself was operating in the extreme? The answer is an emphatic yes. Why should what Raniere did all the time and is not criticized by his followers be right and good and bad and wrong for others who do such things?

  • On the eve of the trial this was discovered? The FBI agents should be fired for incompetence – they happened upon the smoking gun when in their possession the entire time?

    Sounds like corruption. Hope Eduardo can prove it is. Our government violates all sorts of laws instead of doing their job.

    Let’s leave it to our new citizen, Eduardo, to hold government criminals accountable.

    • Whhhaaat? ” let’s leave it…” To Eduardo? I don’t who you are including in your plurality but count me out.

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