Sarah Edmondson Blasted by Nicki Clyne in Motion to Dismiss

Sarah Edmondson might be a little bit shocked that Nicki Clyne wants her to switch roles

Five of the defendants in the NXIVM lawsuit, Sara Bronfman, Clare Bronfman, Brandon Porter, Danielle Roberts, and Nicki Clyne, filed motions to dismiss.

Neil Glazer responded to their motions, and at least one of the defendants, Nicki Clyne, has filed a reply to Glazer’s motion – and it blasts the Philadelphia attorney, and while she is at it, two of the plaintiffs – Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson.

Here it is:


 I, Nicki Clyne, respectfully submit my Response to the Plaintiffs’ Response in Opposition to Certain Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss the First Amended Complaint. 

1 In his “Response,” Mr. Glazer failed to address valid concerns raised in Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss. Instead, he expanded the scope of his response by adding additional fictitious claims. 

2 Mr. Glazer starts in the first sentence of his creatively titled “Statement of Facts” that the five Defendants’ motion to dismiss the FAC argues “variations on a theme: each had little to do with the others and harms visited on Plaintiffs.” 

3 Yet he is the one who lumped every Plaintiff suing every Defendant for everything in his incomprehensibly muddled original themed Complaint and his First and Second Amended variations on his theme. All three themes are vaguely orchestrated and rife with discordant conclusory allegations that presuppose harm to the Plaintiffs, are unsupported through argument or evidence, and are decidedly off-key. 

Neil Glazer

4 One would logically assume that, with the number of individuals represented by Mr. Glazer, some of whom were high-ranking members of NXIVM, he had access to facts and evidence to support his claims, yet he demonstrates little to none. 

5 Instead, he offers non-sequiturs and weaves together a fanciful story that has no place in a court of law, lacks due process, and resides in a realm where truthiness supplants truthfulness as if this Court held the same standards as the most passionate of the populist media or a Lifetime TV movie. 

A Lifetime Movie

6 Aside from the lack of factual basis for the accusations, I stand perplexed as to why I am a Defendant in the first place. 

7 As I mentioned in my Motion to Dismiss, I have no assets except for one 2011 Subaru. 

So, Nicki Clyne admits to owning a 2011 Subaru!

8 It is evident Mr. Glazer is not seeking damages but to include me in his attempt to tie apron strings to everything in the kitchen and to the only Defendants he cares about: Clare and Sara Bronfman, whose fortunes he vainly believes he can siphon for himself at 33.33% of whatever he can collect. 

9 For an attorney who presented himself as “pro bono” at the beginning of the case, the road to being a millionaire is a path set with deception, or at least very taught strings. 

Clare and Sara Bronfman are the way and the means to rewards aplenty in the Glazer lawsuit, he hopes.

10 I know of individuals who were contacted by Sarah Edmondson as early as March 2018 and invited into the lawsuit by intimidation, telling them they could be in trouble if they did not join – as if safety was assured by shouting with the mob – and then, to seal their recruitment, telling them she has a pro bono lawyer for them, so, no worries. This lawyer was Neil Glazer. There is a difference between pro-bono and working on spec at 33.333333 percent. 

11 Another way people were invited into the “You’ll-only-be-safe-from-prosecution-if-you-sue” lawsuit was by being referred to a “therapist,” whose credentials are “dubious,” if the use of that word can be seen as being politely generous. This therapist encouraged a perspective of victimhood that was replete with all the mercenary advantages of the crocodilian tear. 

12 The person was introduced to a plan contrived to encourage free therapy and then be therapeutically persuaded that the healing balm is green and quick and easy. Best of all, it would be anonymous.

A green and healing balm for most of what ails the most sorrowful plaintiff.

13 I have evidence and witnesses to support these blatant statements of a larcenous attorney using whatsoever means to induct, induce, recruit, enroll, and, pardon the word, “brainwash” people who were otherwise adults into simpering, whimpering, willowy shells of themselves – under therapy, tearfully rewriting their history with NXIVM into accounts that conformed with Mr. Glazer’s theories of liability. They became terrified, traumatized, and never-to-be-healed victims when just a few days before they were beautiful and happy beings. They remind me of the lame man who suddenly goes out dancing as soon as the insurance adjuster approves his claim. 

14 The individuals invited to the lawsuit were persuaded with anonymity, complimentary therapy, pro bono legal protection from criminal prosecution, and a payday based on the more fantastic the victimhood, the more significant the payday. Acting lessons provided if needed[1]. 

[Clyne’s Footnote: [1] I do not give credence to the story asserted upon information and belief, that victims were coached in how to cry by being told if the tears did not come naturally to pluck a hair from their nose. I note for the record that some of the Plaintiffs seemed to have exceedingly bald noses.]


15 As for my own seemingly easy-to-change role from the Defendant to the Plaintiff, it is all too apparent that all I have to do is “change my mind.” Instead of taking adult responsibility for my choices, I can choose to indulge in banal infantility and blame others for my own decisions. This will work, I suspect, up until there are but three Defendants, Mr. Raniere and the two Bronfmans. Although I suppose Mr. Glazer might dispense with Mr. Raniere as a Defendant. 

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, and Sara Bronfman. Which one of the three defendants is dispensable?

16 I find it odd and, to a degree, laughable – though being in a lawsuit is no laughing matter unless you are laughing all the way to the bank – that the two people responsible for my involvement in NXIVM are Lead Plaintiffs. If this doesn’t evidence that I am on the wrong side of this because I won’t comply with the Glazer narrative, I do not know what will prove it. 

17 One of the lead Plaintiffs, Mark Vicente, for example, was co-owner of two NXIVM centers; he taught trainings, mentored coaches, grew the businesses, selling precisely what he claims hurt him severely to all and sundry. 

18 If NXVM was a harmful drug, he was one of the chief peddlers. 

19 A dealer in NXIVM, who dealt it to many, including me, the woman he claims made him a victim. He was a victim from whom he reversed the traditional roles, for he profited off of me. 

20 While I don’t have the exact numbers of how much he profited over 12 years of endless, relentless pitching and selling to one and all, including me, that NXIVM was the greatest pablum known to modern humanity, I know I would pull up to classes he taught in my little old Honda (my car then) as he got out of his brand-new BMW. 

21 And he is my victim. Fancy that. 

22 Another Lead Plaintiff, Sarah Edmondson, with whom I was friends in Vancouver, where I used to live and trusted her with having such an honest intent that I said yes when she invited me to this “amazing personal growth program in Upstate New York.” Meanwhile, she profited handsomely financially from every class I took and was promoted based on my efforts and enrollments in her downline. Ms. Edmondson promised me the program would help me improve my relationship with my father, my acting career, and romance. 

23 I promised her nothing about NXIVM except I would pay her. She promised me the moon and stars and all things fabulous, as long as I paid for what she now calls this terrible thing. When did she learn it was bad? When came the epiphany? When did she become my victim? Was it AG or BG – before or after Glazer? 

24 Despite Ms. Edmondson claiming what she sold me was based on a “pseudoscientific hodgepodge of psychotherapeutic methods which, when practiced by unlicensed and unqualified lay-people, subjected its participants to an unreasonable risk of serious psychological injury and emotional distress,” she was the unqualified lay-person who taught it to me. 

25 All kidding aside, NXIVM helped me tremendously, and I am grateful to my poor “victim,” Ms. Edmondson, for victimizing me by introducing me to NXIVM, which is why I am a Defendant – because I am grateful instead of a weepy victim. 

26 I am not grateful, however, for Ms. Edmondson’s alleging things she knows are inaccurate, for if they were true, it would make her responsible, and I would have to sue her. 

27 This lawsuit looks to “make people whole” by holding those responsible “accountable” and awarding damages. Ms. Edmondson should, if she prevails, be prepared to pay me everything she wins as a refund for all the money I spent over 12 years. She constantly cajoled and talked me into taking more classes, and if we believe her claims in the lawsuit, she brainwashed me with her assortment of sales techniques and unqualified lay teachings. When will she repair the harm she caused me? If her claim about NXIVM is valid, that is. 

28 If it is true, my damages are worse than hers because I have been so brainwashed that I can’t recognize the years of abuse I endured from Ms. Edmondson and Mr. Vicente, two of the prominent leaders of NXIVM. 

29 According to Ms. Edmondson, I am in denial; that’s what she says publicly on her podcast, A Little Bit Culty. 

Sarah Edmondson is the co-host of a podcast called “A Little Bit Culty.”

30 So, who should be held accountable for my denial, for Edmondson’s efforts to extract money from me because, according to Mr. Glazer, the “purpose was to induce people to pay money for NXIVM and please Raniere, the leader, by various means including criminal and tortious acts to psychologically manipulate and coerce NXIVM members into submission, and systematically break down their resistance to escalating abuse and control—all to extract money and free labor, including sex, from their victims”? 

31 Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente were the ones who brainwashed me, so should they not be held accountable for this monumental deception? I trusted them. I looked up to them. I believed what they said about Keith Raniere and NXIVM. 

32 Now they have an epiphany and can wash away the hundreds of people they inveigled to join, just as Mr. Glazer inveigles plaintiffs to join his lawsuit. 

33 Yet this lawsuit fails to distinguish between what constitutes being a “victim” vs. being a Defendant. 

34 It is evident that the Bronfmans’ fortune is the primary deciding factor of victimization. Anyone who has not (yet) comported to their narrative that they are a “victim” is a Defendant. Simple as that. 

35 Mr. Glazer says he cares for the well-being of victims, provided they know they are victims and will lend them their names. 

36 I was never a leader of an “enterprise;” there was no “enterprise.” 

37 NXIVM was never alleged to be a criminal enterprise in the criminal trial and I was never indicted. 

38 NXIVM was a community of people engaged in various activities, companies, and shared values of personal improvement and of wanting to make the world a better place. 

39 The singling out of certain people as Defendants when the company had many leaders and participants across several different countries exposes the nature of the accusations to punish people who don’t support the Glazer narrative and help him extract millions of dollars from the Bronfmans. 

40 There is no other explanation; otherwise, several of the Plaintiffs should be Defendants and dozens of others not included in this complaint. 

41 Most especially, lead Plaintiffs Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson were responsible for my introduction and continued participation in NXIVM.

42 In addition, Mr. Glazer used this legal vehicle to make false accusations that are irrelevant to the accusations made in the FAC and SAC. 

43 Mr. Glazer has named me the head of companies I NEVER participated in, let alone led, and fabricated companies and intentions to suit his fantastic narrative. 

Nicki Clyne sits Keith Raniere, but did she call him a genius?

44 I implore Mr. Glazer to provide evidence for his fantastical claims, including my receiving money or free labor, including sex from ANY of the Plaintiffs, or promoting Mr. Raniere as “a genius, great humanitarian whose stellar achievements started when he was a child prodigy, a scientist who invented dozens of patented technologies, and a celibate ascetic with no material, worldly desires, whose generosity knew no bounds.” 

45 I never claimed any of the above. 

46 On page 7, Mr. Glazer references a company called “TEN C.” 

47 TEN C was a concept to offer discounts to college students by harnessing bulk buying power, so they could save money on supplies and commonly purchased items and create a network and community that promoted humanity and expression through events and concerts. 

48 The company never got off the ground save for sponsoring a single small event in Troy, NY. 

49 I was involved in this effort, as were seven other individuals, yet only three are named in the complaint, suspiciously. 

50 Mr. Glazer is either entirely in the dark about his Plaintiffs participation in TEN C or being curiously careful to omit facts. 

51 Sarah Edmondson was also a leader of TEN C. 

Sarah Edmondson worked with Nicki Clyne on TEN C. Edmondson is a victim of TEN C, as a plaintiff, and Clyne is a villain – of  TENC- yet their roles were the same, Clyne claims.

52 The event we hosted — which involved renting a space, making fliers, decorating the space, hiring a DJ, etc. — was one that she co-organized. 

53 Ms. Edmondson was involved with every step of the preparation and planning, and I have all emails to prove it. 

54 If I am guilty of what I supposedly did for TEN C, then Ms. Edmondson is more culpable, for she was of a higher rank than me in NXIVM. 

55 TEN C was allegedly designed to “lure young college-age women into a sexual relationship with Mr. Raniere through offers of work opportunities in Defendant Clare Bronfman’s t-shirt company.” 

56 If this is true, then shame on Sarah Edmondson. 

57 But it is not valid. Mr. Glazer cannot name a single woman lured into a sexual relationship with Mr. Raniere because of Ms. Edmondson’s leadership of TEN C and my participation. 

58 I am also not aware of any t-shirt company owned by Ms. Bronfman, nor did I ever introduce myself or Mr. Raniere to any college-aged women. I cannot speak for Ms. Edmondson or Mr. Vicente, however. 

59 The claim that I “later worked with Raniere and Mack to run two other companies, the Source and the Knife, which spawned more NXIVM curricula and recruited new people to join NXIVM” is also exciting fiction. 

60 I never participated in The Source, even as a student, let alone running the company. 

Was Maka Miljkovic a leader of The Source?

61 However, Plaintiffs Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Sarah Edmondson, and Maja Milkovic were leaders in The Source. 

62 This is another case where the Plaintiffs make themselves victims by creating false narratives and tears. 

63 Mr. Glazer is promising people a payday, and hope is always refreshing until it fails to materialize 

64 But you can’t blame a guy for trying, only I hope he does not try so hard that he becomes a witness in the case. 

65 I know the tears are pouring like rain in Vancouver during the rainy season, and like the leaves, hair is turning color. Why I never saw a Plaintiff so completely altered, upon information and belief, Sarah Edmondson’s hair has turned quite gold from grief. 

66 I petition this court to throw out this rancid, dishonest, disingenuous, frivolous, false behemoth in its capacity to mislead utter fictional lawsuit and insert Ms. Edmondson and Mr. Vicente in place of my name as Defendants. 

 Thank you, Your Honor. 

Date: April 11, 2022  

Respectfully submitted,  

/s/ Nicki Clyne 


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  • This is the proof, if any were needed, that NK is totally crazy!!

    Has anyone ever read Catch-22 by Joseph Heller? It’s about a flight crewman, Yossarian, who wants to limit his flying time in the Korean War, and therefore his risk of death.

    The only way to do that is to plead insanity.

    The ‘catch-22’ is that if you plead insanity to avoid death, you must be sane, hence the insanity plea is invalid.

    How can she sue Sarah, Mark, or anyone else, for recruiting her into an organization that she still believes is good, and which she “learned from”.

    Until she does that she has no case.

    As for Sarah et al, they have every right to sue NK, regardless of whether they actively recruited her to NXIVM in the beginning, if they feel there’s evidence to tie her to either the branding or sex racketeering or both.

    And that doesn’t have to mean direct involvement: even if it can be shown that she knew about it and did nothing to prevent it, she will share in the responsibility.

    Unlike Yossarian, at least she has a way out. Just pick up the phone and ask to speak to Mr Glazer. I’m sure he won’t keep you waiting too long.
    Her Catch-22 is herself, her own insanity from being in an organization that systematically stripped away her rational self interest.

  • Ginzo!

    Why are you not posting up my comments AGAIN?! Why is it so hard for your brain to comprehend the meaning of the 1st Amendment?! Do somebody need to give a good closed fist belt on your face to jumpstart your brain again so it stop malfunctioning?!

    How do we help you, Ginzo?!

    • Hey PG,

      It’s not that Frank doesn’t “comprehend” the U.S. Constitution. It’s the fact that *HE DOESN’T CARE*! He does what he wants despite of it!

      You will either have to force Frank via court and lawsuits or he will have to die and somebody else deal with this website!

      Frank doesn’t give a shit about free speech, man! Everybody who has been on this website for years knows that! Frank just likes attention and to look cool! So he talks bigger and badder than he is in real life on camera!

      There’s two Franks.

      1. The “badass “rattle snake-handing”, “I am not afraid of nothing”, “genius”, and the “super patriot who stands up for everybody’s rights and cares about suffering people and super compassionate super hero”.

      2. The ugly, warted, fat fuck loser who is very slow mentally, has no ability for common sense, has poor social skills, is an apathetic pussy, and is dumb as a doorknob with very poor memory qualities and who is very mentally unstable and contradicts himself more than a circle and square standing side by side each other!

      On camera, Frank is persona number 1. In real life and in Frank Report, he is persona number 2! That is because persona number 2 is the real Frank much like the Marvel Comic’s or DC Comic’s superhero actors are in real life off the set of their Hollywood movies!

      Sorry to disappoint you, bro! ☹️

  • Well – we all knew she’s got moxie. It will be interesting to see if her filing that response into record will be seen as such by the judge or if he thinks it shows complete disrespect for the rule of law and his position as judge in a lawsuit she’s a defendant in.

    She’s straight not taking this lawsuit seriously. I can’t imagine that underestimating a presiding judge ever turns out well for a defendant.

  • Wow what a word salad, I guess Nicki maybe should have thought about alot of things a few years back things just might be better for her .Good Lord I wish all these Nxivm kiddos would just Cowboy Up except the responsibility that is rightfully there’s and get on with their lives ,

    Their Vanguard is never going to get out of prison no matter how many protests they do , no matter how many dances they do , face the facts he’s never getting out of prison . The cost these people have paid is extremely high losing all their money, losing their medical license’s , losing their lively hood , they all are down to flipping frozen cow parts at McDonald’s or Burger King , it’s just very sad .

  • Too many adjectives, ie too much butt-hurt feeling in a document supposed to rebut facts.
    The thing about this tendency, from an editors POV, is that it signifies a lack of, in this case, factual substance.

    Take all the adjectives/adverbs, smart-arsery, whining away and what is left is very meagre.
    This is a first-person monologue, the kind an arrogant young actor might cobble together on the grounds that ” There’s no good pieces out there for me” the night before an audition — before hearing the death sentence: ” yeah thanks, we’ll be in touch”

    Too much of the ‘truthiness’ nxivm members are fond of inventing — and not enough of the truth — which has nothing to do with invention.

    • NFW:

      A little wordy, but exactly what I was thinking. Thank you for posting such an articulate comment! Sincerely!

      The crazy thing is Nicki’s fellow
      Dossier Project member is a
      Harvard University Law graduate.
      Why didn’t Nicki Clyne have her write the motion, only God knows.

      • I have wondered that too! I understand she might not be able to represent them all, but you would think that she would provide better guidance to her friends! Maybe she likes keeping them downtrodden like herself?

        Maybe she isn’t really a lawyer? Maybe she only got a D+ in Legal Writing? We could ask Linda Chung herself, but she is too busy name-dropping the schools she went to like it’s supposed to impress us.

        PS: Linda, it does not impress us. In fact, it makes us pity you even more. “How could she let the privilege of an exceptional education go to waste?”

        “How does a smart, educated woman (like she says she is), end up defending someone who never challenged or denied the allegations in court?”

        If people like Suneel and Linda are what is coming out of Harvard, I am feeling OK about my kid going to a Little Ivy…

  • Nicki is right! It’s incredibly senseless for them to be suing her. Even from a purely greedy standpoint, it’s senseless. She’s made it clear she’s broke! What are they hoping to get? The resale value of an 11-year-old car split between 70-something people? They want Nicki to buy them a dinner? It’s without any thought.

    If she can actually produce proof that Sarah was involved in “TEN C,” then she should definitely countersue! This is absurd!

  • Re Nicki Clyne’s Motion:

    I AGREE with Nicki Clyne! It’s outrageous that Sara Edmondson and Mark Vicente could get money from Clyne.

    FYI: Neil Glazer is only keeping Clyne in the case because of her name recognition will get Neil some free press, and help his self-brand.

    • Is this someone else using the “Nice Guy” brand?

      Because this kind of nuanced, non-tribal position is not typical of you, Chris.

      Are you some kind of a cult lover now?


      • Alonzo-

        Yeah, occasionally, I can get past my anti-cultist tendencies, flush common sense down the toilet, and agree with you cult tools.

        You’re welcome!

  • Btw, look what happened when Nancy complained about keith not getting a fair shake and didn’t about renounce him….. more jail time and transfer from a cake prison to a hard prison. Nikki…don’t be stupid. Dont end up like Nancy digging herself in a hole. Just say sorry already ….

  • Why Nicki Clyne is in the Civil Law Suit

    Nicki Clyne is not some low-ranking innocent member of NXIVM brought in by Sarah Edmondson who left NXIVM broke with only a 2011 Subaru to show for her time.

    She willing gave up her acting career and broke her contract early on Battlestar Galactica to move to Albany to be her newfound lover Keith Rainier.

    She was also one of three Front Line DOS Members not in Mexico Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack was indicated by the EDNY with criminal charges. Mack is doing three years in prison and Salzman due to her participation with the EDNY with evidence and trial of Raniere, denouncing him and changing her life ended up getting five years’ probation

    The remaining front-line members of DOS are all from Mexico. It would be impossible to bring criminal or civil charges against them.

    This leaves Nicki Clyne open to civil charges for her actions in NXIVM DOS. Now she is attempting to throw a smokescreen up pretending as if she was a victim of Edmondson and Mark Vicente’s enrollment of her and who makes what when.
    How much people made in NXIVM is another story to be told, coming soon

    Clyne could have most likely avoided these charges had she moved back to her homeland of Canada as the Mexicans did. She chooses to stay here most likely to be near the love of her life. This would not be the woman she married Allison Mack but the Master she quit her acting career over and moved to Albany to be with, Keith Raniere.

    In the end, Clyne wasn’t even given the position as Head Slave/Master either, It was Allison Mack he picked at the time.

    We all know Clare Bronfman is still Raniere’s real #1 woman as she has more to offer than Clyne will ever have. If it came down to the two of them in the same house. Raniere would choose Bronfman over Clyne in split second. Bronfman is doing 6.75 years for her man now.

    Her questionable marriage to Allison Mack that allows her to be in the US is a story for another time.

    Wasn’t it Frank who said in one of your stories?

    “In a sense, Nicki virtually created the idea behind DOS. She thought she found her niche and that she would be his only slave. She helped Raniere flesh out what a master/slave relationship would look like. But Raniere wanted more slaves. He saw in Nicki’s model an opportunity to expand or mass produce it. He loved the dog collar and liked the idea of a tattoo or mark on Nicki and we all know where that led.”

    Of course, we all know that Raniere would not stop with one slave or one “fuck toy” but that didn’t stop Clyne from a loyal following Raniere. To this day she stands by her man.

    After Mack’s arrest, Clyne has finally stepped into Raniere’s top spot regarding all things women but again, not in all things.

    This is the real reason Nicki Clyne is in the NXMIV Civil Suit is her role in NXIVM
    The Frank Report has written about DOS extensively.

    Here are a few points to refresh your memory or for your new readers.

    I will add my comments on why Nicki Clyne’s behavior has led her into the Civil Lawsuit

    In late 2015, Keith Raniere created DOS, a secret organization led by Raniere.

    Aside from Raniere, who gave himself the title “Grandmaster,” all members of DOS were female and were referred to as “slaves” under him.

    Raniere’s direct slaves (the “First Line”) were Camila, Daniella Padilla, Loreta Garza, Rosa Laura Junco, Monica Duran, (from Mexico)

    Allison Mack, and Lauren Salzman. (From the US)

    Nicki Clyne, (from Canada but married to Allison Mack so she could stay in the US to be with their lover Raniere.

    Each of these “first-line slaves” recruited their own “slaves” by approaching other women and, at Raniere’s instruction,

    falsely describing DOS as a secret women’s empowerment group or sorority and was a

    *** Clyne helped cover up Raniere’s lies to all the women in the civil lawsuit.

    Raniere instructed the First Line never to disclose his participation in and leadership of DOS. Prospective “slaves” were required to provide “collateral” — including damaging confessions about themselves and loved ones (truthful or not), rights to financial assets, and sexually explicit photographs and videos — which were intended to prevent them from leaving the group or disclosing its existence to others.

    ***they were also never told they would be required to provide more and more collateral as time went on.

    Through DOS, Raniere used the First Line to recruit other women to make a “collateralized vow of obedience” to their masters and, by extension, to Raniere, and then required these “slaves” to perform labor, take nude photographs, and, in some cases, to engage in sex acts with

    Moira Penza Head Federal Prosecutor and Lead for NXIVM Criminal Case said

    “The idea, Your Honor, is that everyone in the first line — the Government believes that every member of the first line was a co-conspirator. There is no question; there’s no distinction about that….. These were people who were — when they joined DOS, they knew that the defendant [Keith Alan Raniere] was their grandmaster and then they conspired with the defendant to conceal his identity and to recruit new people in [slaves] to get naked pictures; to get property; and in some situations, to get women to have sex with the defendant.”

    Why Nicki Clyne was not charged could be due to what happened within her slave line. The facts are Clyne had full knowledge of what was happening within the DOS organization and kept Raniere’s participation, the branding vs a tattoo, the continued collateral, sex with Raniere, etc. hidden from everyone after 10 hours a week meetings for years with her Lover and Grand Master.

    Lauren Salzman while the stand being questioned about Keith Raniere’s role in DOS
    Q At the time you were recruited into DOS, were you aware of the defendant’s role as your master?
    A Yes, I was.
    Q Was that true of the other …. first line of DOS?
    A That they were aware that he was their master? I believe so. I mean, they were all enrolled before me, so they all had him as their master before my enrollment. And when Rosa Laura enrolled me, she told me that he would be my master wherein under normal circumstances because she was doing the enrollment, she would have been [Lauren’s master]. She explained that my commitment would be with him.
    Q Prior to joining DOS, were you aware of the defendant’s sexual relationships with first-line DOS masters?
    A Some of them.
    Q Who?
    A Nicki [Clyne], Loreta [Garza], and Monica [Duran].

    Even Salzman knew for years that Clyne, Garza, Duran (and many others) were having sexual relationships with Raniere. It was drilled into their minds that were “normal” behavior for the Cult Leader to behave this way. They were setting up other women in DOS to believe this was OK to do also, now with collateral over their heads to start being his “fuck toy”.
    In a story on the Frank report from evidence in the Raniere trail
    “Raniere told First Line “slave” Camila that it would be “good” for her to “own a fuck toy slave” for him that she could “groom and use as a tool to pleasure” him. Raniere also instructed Daniella Padilla, Loreta Garza, Rosa Laura Junco, and Camila to find a young virgin “successor” for Raniere.”

    Nicki Clyne as a front-line DOS member has a lot to answer for in the civil case. Being one of the right-hand women of Raniere’s she has a lot to be held accountable for. The DOJ might have seen her as low-hanging fruit and not one of the Big Fish to go after with Criminal Charges in their case. That does not let her off the hook in the civil case for her participation in being at the top of the food chain of DOS.
    With her still supporting Keith Raniere and her support of DOS her Co-founding of The Dossier Project
    The eight women
    Nicki Clyne, Linda Chung, Leah Mottishaw, Leah Mottishaw, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, Sahojo Haetel, Samantha Le Baron, and Angelica Hinojos
    More to come on each of these women. Why would each of them strongly defend DOS and Raniere? We have heard a lot about Clyne and Roberts. Wheat about the rest of this group?
    Are all leftover from NXIVM’s DOS who say they want to set the record “straight” about DOS?
    What a joke these women are attempting to justify their behavior and actions through this so-called project. Maybe even recruit women who want to join a kinky bondage sex cult kind of club. Why else would they be promoting DOS and themselves?
    “A company and community which help people live more joyful, compassionate and successful lives”.
    What… Where have we heard that bullshit before? Sounds like an NXIVM sales pitch.
    This after an entire six-week trial of evidence that put DOS’s Grand Master behind bars for 120 years, its’ female Headmaster behind bars for 3 years. The Finance Minister is in prison for 6.75 years, The President for 3.5 years, and the Head of Education on 5-year probation who said it was all bad. These eight women are still trying to say that DOS is great.

    If it makes them feel better to justify that they belong to DOS, so be it. It most likely has Raniere’s names all over the project to help defend what he did to help protect him for his upcoming defense.

    • Why is that comment ☝🏻not “too long” for you, Frank?!……..

      Hypocrisy much?!…….

  • I thought tantrums weren’t allowed in the cult. Better start up that cold shower and cool off, Clyne.

  • Sarah Edmondson told Nxivm recruits NOT to move to Albany. Sarah never did move there. Sarah never had sex with Raniere. Sarah was told that Keith was celibate.

    “Hey, you might enjoy this course” is not the equivalent of, “Nicki, you should give up your acting career and entire life. Move to Albany. Become a part of Keith’s harem. Keep it all a secret. Stay for years. Be one of 8 slaves with a lifetime commitment to master Keith Raniere and do all his bidding. Lie to women about a slave ring that Keith created and leads. Get women branded with your boyfriend’s initials. Lie, lie, lie. Make porn for Keith. Get other women to make porn for Keith. Lie about it. Blackmail them….”

    It’s a silly comparison, Nicki.

  • I didn’t read the whole thing, but damn it’s hilarious when these NXIAN clowns write a rambling diatribe, put a number before each paragraph, and submit it to the court as if it’s an actual legal response. Hilarious.

    Nicki, get a lawyer, you’re digging yourself into a hole.

    Oh wait, you probably can’t afford a lawyer. Viva Executive Success!

    • What would her claims be?
      I gave up my acting career
      I met the dreams of my life but my wife divorced me and my Master got locked up for life.
      My mom gave me her life savings
      That’s some bad shit right there there

      • There certainly is a bit of word salad in Nicki’s response, but she does make some good points that could be used as counterclaims. Particularly items #10-24 of her response, and they would be against Edmondson & Vincente. Of course, I can tell by your tone you are trolling so you don’t really deserve my measured and thoughtful comments. Today is a day of giving for me, so enjoy my charity.

    • Counterclaim? On what grounds? Her feelings are hurt? Because she is trapped in a lawsuit she could have gotten out years ago if she was just honest. Stop supporting a rapist/pedophile and maybe Glazer will leave you alone but until that point…deal with the consequences, you wack job

      • While you’re at it, will you figure how you’re going to fix your crumbling reputation and integrity?!

        Maybe you should share what random people already think about you, Frank! And as sad as it is to say, they’re right! This guy hit the nail dead on the head about you! And it should concern you that people think like you his because this is the sign of the beginning of the end of Frank Report AND Frank!

        From: Anonymous To: Patriot God

        “Hey PG,”

        “It’s not that Frank doesn’t “comprehend” the U.S. Constitution. It’s the fact that *HE DOESN’T CARE*! He does what he wants despite of it!”

        “You will either have to force Frank via court and lawsuits or he will have to die and somebody else deal with this website!”

        “Frank doesn’t give a shit about free speech, man! Everybody who has been on this website for years knows that! Frank just likes attention and to look cool! So he talks bigger and badder than he is in real life on camera!”

        “There’s two Franks.

        “1. The “badass “rattle snake-handing”, “I am not afraid of nothing”, “genius”, and the “super patriot who stands up for everybody’s rights and cares about suffering people and super compassionate super hero”.”

        “2. The ugly, warted, fat fuck loser who is very slow mentally, has no ability for common sense, has poor social skills, is an apathetic pussy, and is dumb as a doorknob with very poor memory qualities and who is very mentally unstable and contradicts himself more than a circle and square standing side by side each other!”

        “On camera, Frank is persona number 1. In real life and in Frank Report, he is persona number 2! That is because persona number 2 is the real Frank much like the Marvel Comic’s or DC Comic’s superhero actors are in real life off the set of their Hollywood movies!”

        “Sorry to disappoint you, bro! ☹️“

        • Thanks IUTBTG, Thank god, I was beginning to think everyone on this site is a frank sheeple, eating what he dishes up with a spoon at the “Truth is always fair” website. I laugh every time I read that.

          • Actually, Mrs. M. Schmidt,

            If you’re going to abbreviate my name, it would be *IHTBTG*. NOT “IUTBTG”.

            Anyways, you’re welcome! No, not everybody on this website is a “Frank sheeple”. Many people are getting really sick and tired of Frank and his rude and selfish behavior! Many people are starting to think he is displaying warning signs of dementia!

            I myself have been trying to help Frank realize that he is a hypocrite in everything he does!

            We all get sick and tired of Frank pretending he cares about free speech and then censoring people! There are only a couple of idiots who disagree with that statement and want him to censor more.

            If they hate free speech so much, then they need to go to some country owned by a communist regime and see how much they don’t like it then!

            But regardless of trying to reason with Frank, he is very slow and is very stubborn and mentally unstable and constantly contradicts himself and his words on a daily basis. Not to mention the fact the he’s too big of a pussy to have a straight back and forth conversation and will even get butt hurt if he thinks you’re comment runs “too long” and then doesn’t publish it! It’s very hard to talk reasonably to somebody who encompasses a very socially toxic and deadly combination of personality traits and behavior like that!

            Unfortunately, it will probably take him losing it all before he realizes what he’s doing! Unfortunately, by then, it will obviously be too late!

            With that being said, everybody needs to stand up to him and give him a piece of their mind! If he still doesn’t listen, then everybody will need to boycott Frank Report until he apologizes and quits his bullshit! But it can’t just be a handful of people! It has to be AT LEAST 90%-95% of his readers! Better yet, 100% of his readers and his website become a ghost town!

            This is the only way we’re going to deal with Frank outside of a class action lawsuit! Maybe it will take BOTH in the end! But we will see!

  • To Sara and Claire Bronfman:

    “No good deed goes unpunished.”

    “Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters and the Sharks Will Get It.” Lyndon Baines Johnson

    Allison Mack has sullied the noble name of the Bronfman family to fulfill her C lust to use and abuse other women.

    The immigrant Bronfman family, through hard work and frugality, rose to the top of North American society.
    Sara and Claire Bronfman’s father, Edgar Bronfman, Sr. became a trusted adviser to public officials like the Saintly Hillary Clinton.

    And in the space of a few short years, the scheming Hollywood tart Allison Mack brought infamy down upon the good Bronfman name.
    A name that took decades to establish.
    Through the self-help group NXIVM, the Bronfman family was merely extending its long legacy of helping people.
    Allison Mack, an emotionally insecure actress, needed to dominate and abuse other women to establish her own self-worth.
    Other women were mere pawns in Allison Mack’s twisted game to control others.

    And Allison Mack used her fame and Bronfman money to attain her Satanic goals.

    You two ladies, Clare and Sara, are the true victims of Allison Mack’s sadistic schemes and machinations.
    You trusted this California Jezebel and she betrayed you by plunging a stiletto into your back.

    The trustworthy Nicki Clyne, another victim of Allison Mack’s perfidiousness, has always been the Bronfman family’s true friend, defending your interests despite all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

    The Bronfman family must defend its honor and set forth the terrible truth about the sado-masochistic Allison Mack.
    Make Allison Mack pay for your unjust sufferings.
    Spread the truth about NXIVM and DOS

  • Awww, poor Nicki seems a little upset: (. I wonder if Nicki is feeling trapped in something she doesn’t want to be trapped in…Kinda like the victims Nicki and Keith blackmailed into Nxivm. Oh, the fucking irony, ha ha. I hope they take your POS Subaru and your SAG checks. Here’s some advice, Nicki, because I think you need it. Get a lawyer, sit down, and shut the fuck up. Buh, Bye!

      • Totally Suneel!!!!

        It’s pure Suneel, his over-the-top dramatic writing style is on full display:

        “Replete with all the mercenary advantages of the crocodilian tear. “

        Suneel is the James Joyce of the Frank Report. In other words a pretentious, twatty, man.

  • Well all I got to say to all of this jew nigger drama going on in this article is, “niggers will be niggers”!

    And speaking of “niggers”…… HEY, GINZO!

    What is all of this I hear about you trying to pussy out of the debate that YOU “DEMANDED”, you crazy ol’ marinara nigger?!

    My rules are completely fair! I told you from the beginning that there is no compromise in this for you to nigger grease up the terms for yourself so be greaseball piece of guido shit with all of this!

    I’m not playing your snake-like guido nigger games that you always love to play, Ginzo! If you don’t do the debate under the EXACT terms that I laid and follow them to the letter within 1 week, then you forfeit, surrender, and lose the debate and you will be deemed too genetically inferior and incompetent to stand to debate!

    You’re not going nigger your way out of this, outside of proverbially hanging yourself, Ginzo (despite how bitterly disappointed many of the patriots are that that proverbial hanging of you isn’t literal)!

    The clock starts NOW!

    ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

    ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

  • Raniere could readily spew rambling, idiotic nonsense at great length and on almost any subject.

    Clyne learned well, at her master’s knee

  • She has a lot of valid points. The “victims” were the prime perpetrators and profiteers of NXIVM they should have all been prosecuted

    • Sounds legit. Most big or important films are preceded by an anonymous comment on the Frank Report.

      I think it all started with “The Godfather”. Or maybe ‘it was “Tiger King”? Can’t remember which film…

  • When you’re smart, you’re smart, Nicki! This beats anything I’ve read on the FR before…it’s refreshingly “frank!” Thanks for the entertaining read!

    I wish I could see the judge‘s face when he reads this. I’ve listened to Sarah‘s podcast, and unfortunately her and Anthony’s tired accusations of gaslighting simply won’t defy the logic that Nicki laid out here. Shows who the real gaslighter is!

    • In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

      Smart? Refreshingly frank? You wish you could see the judge’s face? logic? — It’s like you’re all stuck in a particularly joyless playground.

      Also, the tedium of the nxivm delusion — a total lack of internal coherence that makes even things like Lord Of The Rings believable.

  • I find it so humorous that the dead-enders cry foul about alleged victims seeking money for damages from these “poor little rich girls”, when the only reason the latter had such high positions and were “respected” in the cult by its followers and their so-called “ethical” exemplar leader, was because their of their possession of large sums of it.

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons


    Register Number: 25533-052

    Age: 67
    Race: White
    Sex: Female

    Located at: Hazelton FCI

    Release Date: 02/11/2025

  • Typical Nxivm language. Go on the attack with a bunch of SAT words and seem pissed off. All Clyne did was moan and groan and deflect everything back on everyone else and not accept any responsibility.

    All Clyne did is manipulate and distort things. All Clyne did is play the poor me card with no facts…. just a bunch of distractions by painting a horrible picture with no substance. What a bully does is go on the attack like a child and bully as a way to explain why they themselves aren’t a bad bully

    What Clyne did was just a counter offensive strike with no facts …. just colorful words and accusations that sound all dramatic but lack any substance…. a mere dramatic tv soap opera narrative. Oh, poor me attacked by the big bad wolf. See how bad the other person is…. It’s classic Nxivm redirection.

    • Taught by the lead recruiters whom they trusted and PAID dozens of times over

      How many times do they want to be paid, already? These women have already paid with thier careers and the multiple classes that THE RECRUITERS SOLD to them on their word of honor.

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