Insider: Bronfman’s Money Fueled the NXIVM Machine of Destruction

MK10ART - Clare and Sara Bronfman - on stage with the Dalai Lama, who they paid to bring credibility to Keith Raniere

By Fay Ray

[A pen name for a well-known former NXIVM member, but guess who…?]

You Can’t Escape Karma, Baby

[Artwork by MK10ART]

Keith Raniere would have never been able to do what he did with the NXIVM cult without the funding of the Bronfman sisters. Their willingness to give him millions of dollars and the power of that kind of money allowed him to step over the lines he did.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, and Sara Bronfman.

Raniere’s harem of women was manageable with his gals from CBI and a few new ones from ESP.

Until Sara and Clare came into NXIVM, Raniere struggled to keep the Rick Ross lawsuit afloat. Nancy Salzman was always riding her Field Trainers and Salespeople for more sales to fill the bank of NXIVM’s legal fund.

Rick Ross by MK10ART


MK10ART-Nancy with her laughing face.


MK10 ART’s Nancy Salzman with the snake-like tongue

There was a push to enroll people of influence. The leadership would say these were the people who could help change the world the fastest. What was really going on is that these were the people who had the most money to give to The Vanguard to do his “Thing.”

MK10ART’s portrait of Vanguard.

We all know what that thing is now.

Many people warned Clare and Sara Bronfman several times that Keith Raniere was up to no good. They were warned early on that they had lost over $100 million in the “bad decisions” by the so-called “smartest man in the world,” long before Sara Bronfman decided to distance herself from NXIVM.

Some $68 million in the commodities market, $24 million in a real estate venture in California, millions in legal cases NXIVM loss, patents that went nowhere, and millions to Raniere’s other causes.

MK10Art – Raniere with his golden gooses, Clare and Sara Bronfman

Raniere’s Ethical Science Foundation, his library fund, V-Week, putting on events for Nancy Salzman’s birthday party, flying back and forth to visit, and bringing in the Dalai Lama, flying Nancy Salzman and others around in their private jet, spending money on pollical campaigns, hiring consultants, PR people, lawyers, etc.

The Bronfman sisters spent millions of the money their grandfather and father gave to them to protect Raniere, the Salzmans, and others within NXIVM. The DOJ questioned and arrested the latter when NXIVM was being brought down.

This is why they are both involved in this lawsuit. To say they are not responsible for what happened is to say you do not understand responsibility.

It is their money that fueled the machine of destruction that the defendants caused upon not only the victims in this case but countless others.

Not everyone who was damaged in NXIVM qualified to be in this case due to their situation happening too long ago, and the court would not accept they were damaged in this case.

That does not relieve Salzman, Raniere, the Bronfman sisters, and others from their responsibility. They will have to live with this karma however they see fit.

Karma does not go away. It has to be cleaned up somehow. It will be up to each of those who harmed those involved in the destruction of others to figure out how to do this.

Mk10Art’s iconic image of Susan Dones, who left NXIVM in 2009 and became one of its leading critics and chief whistleblowers.

This was even taught in NXIVM. It’s odd that those who taught it, made money off it, believed in those teaching it, are now fighting so hard to avoid it and don’t want to take responsibility for their karma.

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  • Fay Ray-

    Excellent Article! You fleshed out the Bronfman narrative. I hope you write other articles.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.
    Fay Ray is a good alias, May West would have been better.

  • Here is the problem with this analysis and the problem with the lawsuit. You have to begin with the assumption that Raniere had a rare gift that enabled him to con people over extended periods of time into believing they were part of something special that was doing good when, in reality, he was a con man seeking to satisfy his own need to feel special and keep his sexual appetite satisfied.

    His victims were people who wanted to feel special and were not adequately moored to see how full of shit he was.

    Raniere was good at it, entirely unprincipled, and delusional but he knew instinctively both how to manipulate his victims and who the most valuable (to him) potential victims were. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit excuse their own vulnerabilities that caused them to be sucked in while most people walked away, some of them after being well paid for serving Raniere’s needs.

    Into Raniere’s world walked the Bronfmans, particularly Clare.

    Who was more vulnerable than her? Who was more desperate for what Raniere was selling? He knew it and he made her his special target.

    Nobody was more brainwashed than her and perhaps, Allison Mack. Clare Bronfman was his primary target.

    She is different than his other victims because she was so brainwashed and that has causes her even now, to be unable to renounce him. That is the crime for which she is in prison and the lawsuit seems to be about the less brainwashed blaming their mistakes on Raniere’s biggest victim and the victim he spent the most effort working over.

    I add that the Bronfmans’ were manipulated into Raniere’s world before the press exposing Raniere’s con appeared. That only started after and because he manipulated the Bronfmans into his trap. The bad publicity increased dramatically after Barbara Bouchey and the others left and then the Times Union laid so much of it out.

    But, by then, Bronfman was in too deep. So many of the plaintiff/victims joined after any reasonable person could have read more than enough to know what they were getting into. They have less of an excuse.

    • Clare’s sad story actually is similar to the cliche: Unattractive lonely rich woman seduced by a man who takes her money.

      If Clare hadn’t acted like such a bitch to other NX-ers, people might have sympathy for her.

    • Clare had many people who cared about her who did warn her early on about Keith Rainier.
      She and her sister Sara refused to listen. The attention they got from Nancy, Keith and those at the top of NXIVM was more important than those family members and friends they had known for years who had warned them that NXIVM was a Cult and Keith was taking advantage of them for their money.
      Clare Bronfman does not have direct contact with Raniere. She is not supposed to have contact with anyone in NXIVM now.
      If her lawyers are keeping her in contact with NXIVM members, they are the ones responsible for her continued kool-aid drinking at this time.
      This would be the perfect time for her family to work at befriended her so she has a place to land upon her release from prison.
      If the NXIVM Five is in contact with her, it’s only at the pleasure of their Vanguard to keep her hooked in for her money for his defense.
      If she stopped giving him or his followers money, he wouldn’t have the time of day for her.
      It’s always been what he values in her or anyone else. What they can do to help him out or give him pleasure

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  • Precisely!

    The Bronfmans bear plenty of responsibility for Nxivm and the harm that Raniere caused. This is clear to Fay, it’s clear to me, and it will be clear to the jury in the civil case.

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