FR to Publish Unseen Cami- Raniere Chats to ‘Deprogram’ Suneel, Maybe Even Nicki Clyne

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The challenge between Suneel and me over evidence that the FBI tampered with the Camila photos has been lingering for a month.

A challenge between Frank Parlato and Suneel Chakravorty began a month ago.

I am still waiting, and I have doubts Suneel will provide anything more than a list of coincidences as proof of FBI tampering.

Suneel says the FBI tampered with 22 nudes of Camila when she was 15 that were used as evidence for predicate acts of racketeering – possession of child porn and exploitation of a child.

I need more evidence than that the FBI seized Raniere’s camera with camera card and hard drive first or that Camila’s sister did not identify photos of her naked 15-year-old sister, but an FBI agent did.

I want forensic evidence and experts to explain it.

Meantime, Suneel, Nicki, and others continue to believe Raniere was framed and is a uniquely ethical person, more of a martyr than satyr, a man who must be freed to start NXIVM again.

MK10ART’s panting of four of the NXIVM 5 – Suneel Chakravorty, Nicki Clyne, Marc Elliot, and Michele Hatchette


A typical Satyr

In their fundamentalist view, NXIVM followers are not interested in the veracity of Camila, who said she was photographed when she was 15 – and that Raniere did more than photograph – he began a sexual relationship with her that lasted until his arrest in 2018.

At the trial of Raniere, the prosecution provided more than photos. In addition to her sister, Daniela, who testified that Camila had an appendectomy scar since she was 16, the prosecution produced WhatsApp chats between Raniere and Cami, starting when she was 24.

I agree with Suneel that it was odd that the prosecution did not ask the best witness, Daniela, to testify that the pictures, suitably blurred, were that of her sister, and there was no scar where it ought to be if she was over 18.

I also agree with Suneel that most of the chats on WhatsApp between Keith and Cami seemed meant to dirty him up before the jury. But there was evidence in some texts that suggest Raniere photographed Camila when she was 15 and that he prized the photographs and held onto them through the years.

Keith Raniere at 8 Hale Drive, where the hard drive with the Camila photos was seized.

The prosecution read only a selection of texts between Cami and Keith, but they released to Frank Report and some other media, during the trial, the complete chats between them. They have never been published.

They provide a much fuller picture of the relationship.

I am planning to publish some, maybe all of these, along with my commentary, and explanations, to help, in part, to prompt Suneel, maybe Nicki, and others to consider the possibility that their Vanguard is more than just a randy, lecherous old cad, but that he was not well-intended.

I understand the distinction between the FBI tampering with photos or planting them and the truth or falsity of Raniere exploiting Camila when she was underage.

Both might be true.

Raniere might have photographed Camila at 15, and the FBI might not have had the photos and planted the evidence to win a conviction or altered the metadata to make the images comport with the underage allegation.

Frank Report obtained from the DOJ a photo of the actual hard drive seized by the FBI on March 27, 2018.

If the FBI illegally made any evidence fit the crime, I think justice requires a new trial, even if Raniere sexually abused Camila.

The photos’ discovery- 11 months after Raniere was arrested – was the basis of the only additional charges in the second superseding indictment. This discovery changed the trajectory of the case. There is no doubt that the codefendants rushed to take plea deals because of the Cami photos. It was the most critical evidence at trial, in my opinion.

So I am waiting for Suneel to show me evidence that these photos were tampered with.

In the meantime, I will present a little evidence myself – for Suneel and others.

It might be probative of whether Camila was exploited as a child. It won’t prove anything about the FBI.

I have called NXIVM a cult in the past that Raniere “brainwashed” followers and they need “deprogramming,” none of this is precise and may be hyperbolic.

But, if a cult is a group that distracts you from your highest and best purpose in life, and if being brainwashed is not being willing to consider evidence that does not support your adherence to the group, then deprogramming is nothing more than being persuaded to look at all the evidence and give it the weight it deserves.

Brainwashing is very real and very dangerous, as this image proves.

Brainwashing does not involve any soap or water.
To brainwash, Keith Raniere had to possess the brains of his followers, then wash them.,

If the deprogrammer is right, if his evidence is valid, then he succeeds in deprogramming. That is if he can get the attention of the “brainwashed” “cult” member follower to look at all the evidence without his confirmation blinders on.

That is all anyone can do.

This also applies to the cult of the Good FBI and the cult of the Bad FBI.

I am concerned that Suneel is in the latter because they harmed his friend.  He may need some deprogramming there too.

Then again, I do not need deprogramming. I know the FBI can cheat, I know they can lie, and I know they can tell the truth when it suits them. Now I want to see evidence from Suneel that the FBI did lie and cheat and tamper with the Cami evidence.

In the meantime, Suneel, I plan to publish the “Unseen Keith & Cami Chats.”

It will be a real eye-opener, which is all a deprogrammer can ever hope to do, get someone to open their eyes, and unblinkingly see the truth.

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  • It won’t matter if you publish this evidence. They know he did it. It’s drilled into their minds that children enjoy sex. They know they won’t win any of the public over if they admit they know and don’t care.

    • Exactly. In ‘Seduced,’ Keith says that some children (plural) are perfectly fine with being sexually abused.

      And then Keith says he “knows ONE”.

      That’s their “scientist”.

      Keith CLAIMS to have known ONE woman (of course) who just loved incest and child rape.

      Then Keith immediately jumps to alleging that her’s is a common positive experience for children who have been sexually abused.

      There is NO “data” to back Keith’s disgusting statements. Keith is glorifying sex with children as a wonderful experience that many minors enjoy.

      • —Exactly. In ‘Seduced,’ Keith says that some children (plural) are perfectly fine with being sexually abused. And then Keith says he “knows ONE”.

        Excellent point!

        I wonder how Alonzo and Suneel would explain this quote.

  • Frank,

    Can you do a q and a with Suneel with your own and your readers providing the questions? I know I have several.

    It goes without saying that you would approve the readers’ questions that would be allowed to be asked.

    I think it would be a great article.


    • A podcast would be even better. Harvard Boy (Suneel) can write a sentence and paragraph, to confuse the issues and attempt to sway emotions of the uninformed.

      But an actual conversation might give those interested an opportunity to size him up. And see the altered pixels in the photos in questions. Or even understand the experts. Just at the pixel level, not of the identifying body parts around the scar. And the meta data change from the original photo to the altered photo.

      If Harvard Boy has the original unaltered pictures that were photoshopped then used by FBI to convict.

      But I bet he hides behind the 5th amendment.

  • Suneel is going to expose FBI tampering with hard evidence. While his initial motive may have been to give Raniere a shot at freedom, Suneel is not going to make such extreme allegations without significant, credible evidence.

    There’s such hate for Raniere that credible evidence may not deliver a new trial, but Suneel will expose government fraud. There’s a brilliance behind the boyish ballroom dancer. You’ll see.

    • ‘There’s a brilliance behind the boyish ballroom dancer. You’ll see’.

      Well, there’s certainly alliteration in that sentence, I see.

      • There’s a brilliance behind the boyish ballroom bouncer … besides the alliteration, is the writer dropping hints about the ‘brilliance’ of KR puppeteering Suneel? or is Suneel pooping stardust? The sentence construction makes it open to many interpretations and conjectures, much like most of Suneel’s ‘brilliant’ (non) evidence.

        • True. So wide open-full in meaning and intent and perception-wrangling is Suneel’s sh*t, this reader, as usual, is left breathless, or wheezing, or something…!

  • While I’m in support of all efforts to verify the truth, my heart really goes out to Cami.

    I can only imagine the shame she’s probably felt over this whole ordeal. I really hope she can remember that nobody is perfect and that this man was messing, not only with her, but with her entire family from a very young age.

    I trust Frank will keep this in mind and treat the issue with the same sense of fairness and sensitivity we’ve come to know of him.

    Despite his seeming ruthlessness and in spite of his personal vendetta, I believe in Frank’s goodness. There’s even an old saying that reminds me of him and it goes something like “What’s the use of salt if it’s lost its flavor?”

    I’ve come to love this blog and appreciate the type of issues that are discussed here.

  • The Keith loyalists will use text conversations to try and prove their point of view.

    Yet, they will also discount text conversations that prove Cami’s recounting of the child pornography and underage relationship timeline.

    Even if the two different text conversations in question are both between the same two people.

    In one instance, the texts prove something in the loyalists’ eyes but in the next text conversation the texts conveniently do not prove anything to them.

    Frank, they will just “interpret” any evidence publicly to fit their narrative and continue willful ignorance to the truth of Keith Raniere’s sexual abuse and exploitation of minors. Which you already know.

    Privately, they do not care. They have no empathy for Cami. Or any female Keith abused. The loyalists are not forthcoming enough to state that publicly. But they do not care if Keith committed crimes.

    • “About knowing the FBI can lie, I would like to mention the case of Leonard Peltier…”

      Yes, Leonard Peltier of The American Indian Movement (AIM).

      Another “cult”, or minority religion/subculture, which the US government considers a threat. And a leader of which was imprisoned for life.

      Do you really think that raw power like this doesn’t exist in the USA?

      Are you so naïve to believe it doesn’t?

    • What a ridiculous attempt to misdirect attention away from the evil of NXIVM and its 1) scum, child rape enabling loyalists like Suneel and Nicki and 2) psuedo-philosophical apologists.

      If Keith were ever locked in the same cell as Peltier, I’m sure Leonard would beat his rapist ass to a pulp. Those men have nothing in common.

      Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

      Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

      Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Double Platinum Award Winner 🪙🪙

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