Father Stole Marital Assets; Mother Lost Kids – Standard Procedure CT Family Court

It is no joke to put this kind of story out there, a deeply personal one that delves into the close personal space of a family in dispute. I am writing this for the children of this family who are suffering from the loss of their mother. At their ages, 15, 15, and 11, their voices should be heard. They have not been heard.


Chris Ambrose, the father has the money and the children. Why?

The father is Chris Ambrose, a former Hollywood TV writer who wrote for Law and Order, Judging Amy, Harry’s Law, Bones, NCIS New Orleans, and other law and crime detection shows.

In 2018 – on April Fools Day – he sabotaged his career when an episode of CBS’s Instinct, ‘Secrets and Lies,’ a show he was credited for writing, was exposed as having a script that plagiarized from two episodes of Fox’s Bones, aired 10 years earlier.

Fans of Bones caught the plagiarism and posted on social media. The media, including CBS-owned TV Guide published it. Ambrose was let go. His agents fired him. He would never return to Los Angeles, for, in his business, he was unemployable.

You can read about it here:




Ambrose returned to Westport CT, back to the family home his wife and children had lived in for a decade, mostly without him.

Ambrose [above], who is also a lawyer, but who has not practiced in 20 years, admitted to the custody evaluator in his divorce and custody case, “I did a stupid thing” and it was “shameful,” and “hugely embarrassing.”

Karen Riordan

In 2004, Ambrose married Karen Riordan, a successful teacher [she won ‘Distinguished Teacher of the Year” in 2003, for the Greenwich School District, an affluent district with more than 700 teachers.] He and his wife adopted three Latino children and, since M was adopted in 2007, Riordan became a stay at home mother and devoted every day of her life to raising the children, M, M and S, until one fateful day when they were removed from her custody by CT Family Court. That date was April 24, 2020.

The children have not been with their mother for 676 days.

It is clear that this is not what the children want. It is clear that the mother has nothing in the record that would disqualify her from having, at least, joint custody with the father.

Karen Riordan and Chris Ambrose adopted M, from a Guatemalan birth mother. It was Karen who raised the child from infancy, while Chris worked 2500 miles away in Los Angeles.

I found a clue as to why the father got sole custody in that Ambrose never filed the legally required financial affidavit prior to custody being awarded to him. Riordan repeatedly requested enforcement of the law that demands that spouses file financial affidavits. The judges who presided over the case never enforced it.

Testimony in the divorce and custody trial in CT Family Court, revealed that, prior to the divorce, Ambrose took all the marital assets into his control, locking his wife out of accounts she was half owner in interest of.  Ambrose testified that he did not trust her not to take the money, so he took it from her.

August 22, 2019:  Bridgeport CT. Courtroom of Judge Eddie Rodriguez:

Q: You just said that Mrs. Ambrose at one point asked you for access to the financial accounts, your marital financial accounts, right?

Ambrose: Uh-hum.

Q: And she wanted that information to have an adult conversation with you about what was possible for your children in the midst of this divorce–

Ambrose: Uh-hum.

Q– that you just started; correct?

Ambrose: Uh-hum.

Q: Yeah?

Judge: Yes?

Ambrose: Yes. I’m sorry. Yes.

Q: And you didn’t give it to her?

Ambrose: I told her. I said what– I said that it’s the same as it was before. The mutual fund is the same as it was before. I was not going to give Karen the password to our investment portfolio.

Q: Why?

Ambrose: Because I don’t trust her.

Q: Okay. Even though you know that there is $150,000 of money that she received from her mother’s estate that you are in control of?

Ambrose: And the rest of it is– she never had a problem with that. She never asked for access before. And I don’t trust her to have access…   And when she started asking for the passwords to the Fidelity account it was the same kind of dynamic. And I was worried that Karen– if I gave her the passwords she could go in, she could sell stock, she could deplete the whole thing, she could lock me out of the account and disappear in the night, just like she had before.

Q: So you have control over that?

Ambrose: I — I have– well, control, as I have the entire marriage and she’s never asked once before this year to see the accounts.

The family house in Westport CT, which was forced to be sold to pay lawyers in the high conflict divorce and custody case.

That did not sound fair to me.  While, yes, when they were married, he may have managed the money, but it was still half hers. Now that they were getting divorced, why should he have sole control, now that they had plans to split?

Ambrose said he did not trust her. In his mind that gave him the right to take her money. He was worried she would take it, so he took it himself.

How is what he did different than what he accused his wife, without evidence, of potentially doing?  Ambrose took the money and locked her out of all their jointly-owned accounts and depleted the marital assets.

The excuse, “I stole from her because I thought she would steal from me,” passed muster in CT Family Court.

But Judge Rodriguez laid down the law. He gave primary custody of the children to the mother, and declared he would not go forward without a financial affidavit from Ambrose.

Judge Jane Grossman decided that the father, Chris Ambrose, should be the only parent the children were permitted to see, essentially terminating the mother’s parental rights without the mother being given an opportunity to speak.

Surprisingly [or not if you know how CT Family Court works], he was replaced.  Judge Jane Grossman took over the case and not only did she not require Ambrose to give his wife back her half of the money, but she also gave him the children with a no-contact order for the mother.

CT Family Court Judge Gerard Adelman

The last of three judges, Gerard Adelman, ordered Ambrose to make monthly spousal payments of $4500. Over the 32 months this case has been pending, Ambrose made exactly four payments, then stopped.

Judge Adelman declined to order Ambrose to pay them, until this month, when he ordered spousal payments cut to $3100 monthly, after Ambrose finally filed a financial affidavit, 32 months late. But Adelman put a condition on it: There was only one mutual funds account that Ambrose did not fully control. It required his wife’s signature.

Adelman ordered Riordan to sign over the account to Ambrose, and ordered the money in the account be deposited into Ambrose’s bank account.

The lately filed financial affidavit shows Ambrose has been living off of marital assets, and depleted about half of them.  Ambrose is in effect using her half of the marital assets as his own, while Riordan has no access to her own money.

And Judge Adelman ordered her to give Ambrose her last dollar.

This was the clue that showed me why the mother lost custody of her children.

From the start of the divorce, Riordan was at a disadvantage, when she should have been on equal footing with her husband, through his act of taking their money into his control, and by the judges not enforcing his disclosure of assets in violation of state law.

After Ambrose took control of the money, he controlled the legal process. The children and mother were soon separated, destroying the happiness of both.

This lack of equal footing, and the judges’ apparent indifference to blatant, willful, admitted theft of marital assets, gave Ambrose free reign to spend what he needed on lawyers and experts, while his wife was essentially destitute and could not compete in the expensive world of CT Family Court.

Ambrose, as we now know, controlled over $2 million in marital assets. Since filing for divorce in July 2019, Ambrose spent, records show, nearly one million out of their joint assets in the custody and divorce dispute, as well as living off their money.

Records also show that Ambrose stole Riordan’s inheritance from her mother, $150,000, which Ambrose admitted under oath in court. She inherited the money before they were married.

Judge Adelman did not order him to return Riordan’s inheritance.

Riordan, basically without funds, cashed in her entire retirement pension for her work of 17 years as teacher, and tried to retain attorneys, but soon ran out of money to pay them.

Nancy Aldrich is retained to handle high conflict cases that often drag on for years. She bills at $650 per hour.

Ambrose hired one of the best, most well-connected lawyers in the CT Family Court’s high-conflict divorce and custody business, Nancy Aldrich, an attorney who specializes in using influence and technique to get her clients sole custody. She charges $650 per hour.

With 200 billable hours for the trial alone, now in its 36th day – she is still presenting her client’s case – and an estimated 800 hours in pretrial hearings, email communications, phone calls, meetings with the client, discussions with attorneys, briefs, motions and strategy sessions with the guardian ad litem [GAL] an attorney retained to represent the children’s best interests, Aldrich has been paid an estimated $650,000 for her work on the case.

It was Aldrich who recommended the GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz, an attorney with the law firm of Cohen and Wolf. The  court appointed her, despite Riordan’s objection.

Jocelyn Hurwitz of Cohen and Wolf

According to her retainer, Hurwitz bills at $400 per hour. She has billed close to $200,000.

Since Ambrose controls the money, he controls the scope of her ever-expanding work. He was generous in agreeing, over Riordan’s objection, to use her share of the money from the sale of the marital home to pay the GAL about $50,000 – all out of Riordan’s share.

Ambrose also agreed to an extraordinary condition – that Hurwitz attend every hour of the trial – billing at $400 per hour, as she logged in from home or her office via teleconference – a windfall of $100,000 for Hurwitz and the trial is not anywhere near complete.

Riordan objected to the GAL being at every hour of the trial, since the standard practice is that GALs appear only when called to testify. Judge Adelman overruled Riordan and consented to Hurwitz’s attendance at trial.

It made sense to me why the better parent, but the one without money, was denied access to the children.

Early in her appointment as GAL, Hurwitz recommended a custody evaluator, Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, whose job it is to recommend to the court who should get custody.  The father paid Dr. Caverly for the custody report and her testimony in support of it – about $20,000.

Jessica Biren-Caverly is a psychologist who specializes in custody reports for high conflict cases. She depends on referrals from lawyers and GALs for this work.

Dr. Caverly wrote in her report that Riordan was alienating the children from their father to the point where the children did not want to be with him, and that the children must be separated from their mother until a reunification therapist “can foster a positive relationship between Riordan and Ambrose.”

The record shows that Riordan is not a danger to the children, though Ambrose might be.

There are accounts by the children of abuse by their father that were not investigated. There is ample evidence that show the children are uncomfortable with Ambrose and that began well before the divorce, when he suddenly returned home in 2018 after being fired from his work.

Caverly recommended a boatload of therapists in her report. Riordan objected but Ambrose agreed. Using marital funds, or through the family’s health insurance company, which he paid, and controlled, he pleased the custody evaluator and hired a phalanx of her colleagues as therapists — psychologists, and social workers, all of whom work in high conflict divorce and custody cases before CT Family Court.

In fact, research shows that in CT, high conflict divorce and custody cases almost always wind up with a gaggle of therapists, even if there were no therapists needed before.

They take on various roles: Reunification therapists, supervised visitation therapists, therapist for each individual family member and a joint family therapist, all reporting to the GAL.

All in all, Ambrose v Riordan has been a feeding frenzy for lawyers and therapists, with Ambrose in control and paying the bills with his and his wife’s money, without the wife having any say whatsoever.

As I studied this and other cases, it seemed the more the conflict, the more outrageous the actions of judges in support of GALs and custody evaluators, and most importantly in support of the man [it is usually the man] with the money, occurred.

The higher the conflict, the more billable hours for experts, and the more, as I read the documents and transcripts in this case and others, the attorneys and the GAL seemed to stoke the fires of conflict.

I also found it curious how deferential, and how reliant judges were on the recommendations of GALs and reports of custody evaluators, as if their recommendations were gospel and should alone determine custody, and the trial itself was almost superfluous, just there for show and so that attorneys could bill more hours.

Of course this only happens when there is money to be billed.

High conflict means in CT that at least one parent has money. When there is no money, and there is a dispute, none of these actors get involved. The Department of Child and Family Services sorts it out for free.


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  • Who’s the bigger pig and sociopath? It’s a tough call but scumbag daddy, CHRIS AMBROSE is sociopath and pedophile takes it by a nose

  • Standard is the men’s financial situation improves and women’s declines as a statistic- but CT makes sure abusive fathers also take kids

  • Wow this throws my parents divorce into light. Connecticut in 1995. My mother left with nothing, my father got sole custody for absolutely no good reason. We, the children suffered.

    • It’s been going on for decades – based on bs theory of parental alienation by a pedophile named Richard Gardener. It’s a money-making racket by the AFCC. The Connecticut chapter did not report earnings for 30 years! The judicial branch — judges, court appointed psychologists, attorneys — all participate and deliver custody to one parent and a no contact order to the other.

      They hide behind judicial discretion and nonsense “best interest of child” by sadistic GAls.

      Please explain how you suffered so the public will understand what’s happening to these three kids and so many others.

      The courts literally destroy a parent — it’s like they are dead. Criminal conduct in broad daylight.

    • Thank you for commenting — your experience gives credibility to the long-standing abuse of children.

      Please continue to speak out. The Ambrose kids, Herzog kids and many others need you to expose the truth and bring them home.

  • How about a group of parental militia visit the kids at 381 Horsepond Road in Madison to let them know that real parents care for them.

  • Connecticut: Who needs probable cause when “Could be Relevant” is just so much easier. And if the law requires “clear and convincing,” family court says “Why bother – it could be relevant.”

    #StateOfTheUnion #NBCConnecticut #CTDems #connpost #CTMirror #wnpr #samhsa #CNN

    Last night, President Biden spoke to the support of our country for substance abuse treatment and the need to eliminate the stigma often associated with it. His speech gave me the courage to begin sharing the severity of the injustice that happened to my children.

    Probable Cause – Yes it applies to Family Court – but my judge forgot.

    August 5, 2021: THE COURT: Ms. Sullivan, the concern I have is that the guardian ad litem may not know what is there [in your medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment records] that could be relevant and may need to review the records to determine what, if anything, is pertinent to the issues. Certainly if she starts to present something in her testimony or otherwise that is not relevant, you would have the right to object and the Court would then rule as to whether or not that line of testimony was permissible and relevant. But I don’t see how I can in advance frame an order or approve a release that limits what she can get out of records that she has not seen and that she doesn’t have advance knowledge about the contents.
    What I’m inclined to do is this. Let me ask Attorney Lanier. Is there something — I know you wished to have this already. This is information you would like to have before you make your final report in this case, your testimony? [The question should be WHY do you need this information.]

    So if this was a criminal case: Judge: The police might not know what is in your house and may need to review the contents to determine what, if anything is pertinent to the issues … But I don’t see how I can in advance frame an order or approve a warrant that limits what she can get out of your house that she has not seen and that she doesn’t have advance knowledge about the contents.

    I guess the new standard and precedent is “could be relevant” – probable cause, clear and convincing, preponderance of evidence, doesn’t matter anymore in Connecticut. Constitutional rights of privacy have been canceled by the court of Connecticut.

    Hon. Michael Albis ordered the release of all of my personal health information, including therapeutic notes to be released to Attorney Victoria Lanier.

    My children have been under the control of their father for 854 days. My daughter is going to be 15 in a few weeks and she hasn’t spoken to me since August 9, 2020. I didn’t see my son at all from August 9, 2020 until April 2021 via video chat. After that visit, he told his teacher that he was glad to learn that his mom wasn’t dead. I have never hurt or abused my kids – let’s be clear on that – NEVER!!

    Attorney Victoria Lanier was appointed on July 15, 2019. Trial began on April 9, 2021. Lanier has been on the job for over 2.5 years, we are mid trial in August 2021, and Lanier needs more research? She should have been prepared on April 9, 2021.

    Per 42 CFR 2.64, which Connecticut has adopted and added further restrictions, any party seeking the substance abuse records of a party in a civil matter needs to make a Jane Doe application, a private in camera hearing is to be held by the Court and must meet very specific criteria. 42 U.S. Code § 290dd–2 contains additional requirements. And finally: § 2.3 Criminal penalty for violation of section 2. Under 42 U.S.C. 290dd-2(f), any person who violates any provision of this section or any regulation issued pursuant to this section shall be fined in accordance with Title 18 of the U.S. Code.

    So how does this work when the judge – who has absolute immunity – violates this section spectacularly?
    Middletown Family Court: MMX-FA18-6021801-S
    Judge: Michael Albis, Chief Administrative Judge
    Guardian Ad Litem: Victoria Lanier, Lanier Legal Group
    Plaintiff’s Attorney: Paige Quilliam, Gould, Larson, Bennet, McDonnell, & Quilliam,
    Plaintiff: Randal L. Hale, III, Hale Propeller; Hale Motorsports
    Other: Perry Youngwall, Transaero (NY)

  • Judge Adelman is the soul of integrity. He knows 9 times out of 10 the father is the better parent.

    Women are emotional and need a Man to guide them. A mother can be replaced. A father is forever.

    • Like the NXIVM Dead-Enders, I see this subject has attracted the Ambrosian Losers to comment their stupidity in hopes to gathering “evidence” Suneel-style.

      At the end of the day and when final judgments are made, ALL of the money will be gone — and that’s when dirtbag, pedophile Chris Ambrose will no longer find it advantageous to have custody of these three children. Or….perhaps he has taken a life insurance policy out on his wife, and hopes that the loss of her kids will send her off the deep end and he will get another large pay day from her death!?!?!

      Like Raniere, Chris Ambrose is not a man — he is a mouse. Actually, a disgusting rat. He is not a father in any form of the word.

      Shame on the Conneticutt Family Court system.

    • Wow, your comment makes as much sense as removing children from a mother and giving them to the father who role plays a 14-year old girl online to find a man role playing her (role play) father for an incest relationship and the having a marriage certificate showing the daughter & father marriage. The guy who did this is a complete bitch. You mean that laa sad ok if emotion? You do know smoking crackers is still illegal, right?

    • Wow, so you believe a “father” who role plays a 14-year old girl online with another guy role playing the father for incest sex and then marrying the role playing father (there’s a marriage certificate to be shared as proof) should have the kids? He is actually a little bitch. The dude is mentally and psychologically damaged. You do know that smoking crack is illegal still, right?

      • I do not agree. Judge Adelman may be heartless. He may be deceived. Ambrose is a talented deceiver. But I do not think it has anything to do with being Jewish or not.

        • Family court, no fault divorce and absolute discretion are all jewish. Only people on earth who promote ideology of a society with no families, breeders instead of parents, pedophilia, etc. are the jews, whose one true god is money.

          • I think you’ve made your point in repeated comments that you think Jews are horrible, but you have no evidence and, since I admire the Jews as a group of people who have contributed disproportionately large to the welfare and happiness of the world, in order to continue posting your comments, I need evidence and not just opinion that Jews are bad.

            As for my evidence of what Jews contributed –how about let’s start with Jesus, and the Bible. If the story of the Jews were ever fully told, I think you would find that they contributed more per capita perhaps than any ethnicity or creed.

            That is not to say there are no rotten apples among Jews, but I think the hallmark of the Jews – an almost universal trait is that they do not seek to strike – to hurt others. They will defend themselves certainly, but they are not filled with malice, like you are.

            I agree it is a startling coincidence that so many bad actors in the Ambrose case are Jewish, but this has no bearing on Jews or their overall honest character.

            I am Sicilian and born Catholic, and am proud to be so, but like Alexander said of Diogenes, were I not Alexander I would be Diogenes, I say were I not a Sicilian Catholic I would be a Jew.

            Because I am of Mediterranean heritage, oftentimes I am mistaken for a Jew, and I always say thank you brother.

            Stop hating my friend and let us get to the bottom of the real issue with CT Family Court – it is not Judaism.

    • @fathersrights you’re exactly the misogynist abusers who get it all paid for with a low payment of 25k to walk out with everything and continue to abuse your wife and kids! Stellar garbage!

  • Why should the mother have the kids when the father has the money? He can afford them

    Kids are expensive. How the hell do you think Karen can afford three kids getting older and going to college one day on a teacher’s pay.

    The father is the better parent. He can provide the kids with what they need financially.

    • Even if he stole the money? You losers don’t care who you destroy as long as you can continue to live in your “bitch” works. You and your ilk are disgusting.

    • The father is unemployed, has no income, and drains the family bank to pay jewish lawyers. The world would be better off without him.

      • Eli – I believe in free speech, and so I will allow this comment. However, I am a fan of the Jews and admire their contribution to the world.

        On another note, while Ambrose claims he has venous leakage, it is too bad his father did not have it.

  • These two words sum up this entire case. You’d have to be blind not to see the rampant misconduct by this Judge. What’s more is this egregious (and possibly illegal) conduct is preserved in the record so it is not a matter of debate and is easily proven

      • This attack on Jews is a distraction not helping to find out the truth of how this kind of abuse happens.

        • The distraction is believing that the horrors of family court is not jewish. Ignoring the root of the problem does not help society. A cadre of the chosen run Connecticut Family Court. The people are powerless to control these monsters in black robes. Law does not apply, constitutional protections do not apply, rape of childhood is promoted, parental conflict is promoted, where the jews walk away with the money. Don’t kid anyone, the monsters of family court are all jewish. Wetstone, Heller, Hurwitz, Munro, Adelman, Emons, Solomon, Schofield, Reich, Dembo, Raichk-Kelly, Bozek, Gersten, Horowitz, Gruen, Dranginis, Aldrich, Caverly, Smith, the kvetching Joette Katz, Borden, Peters, Aaron, Freedman, Gruen, Midler, Knopf, Laliberte, Grossman ….it is a jew cesspool and children are the victims … jews have a long history of devouring children.

          • This is the putrid argument that is out there in CT. I think it is a distraction – a means of getting attention from the real issue – non-denominational corruption.

            Any religion, any race, anyone who has the power of CT Family Court and their blatant practices will abuse others. You don’t have to be Jewish to know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

          • Wow, this is very disturbing, My lawyer, two judges and the GAL are all listed above. It’s no wonder I lost custody of my daughters. I now know that I wasn’t crazy, and this was done intentionally. They must be stopped.

  • Wait – the wife “disappeared” before?! That’s quite the scoop. I haven’t read about that in any blogs or the few court documents available on the internet. Can you find out more, Frank? Did she takes the kids with her? Did she liquidate all their accounts?

    Secondly, I respect your disclosing at the onset of today’s posting that this case is a deeply personal one for you. You have been more of an advocate for Karen than an objective reporter, so I appreciate this disclosure.

    I suspect when all the dust settles that Karen will be the Betty Broderick of your career. (Trust me- I have no illusions about the husband either but he’s the lesser of two evils when it comes to the children.)

    • She did not disappear. She went with the children on vacation to her family less than two hours from their home. The father knew about it. In fact, he also arrived. It’s in the public record – their versions of the so-called disappearance and his stalking her and following her by car, when he was supposed to be with the children – leaving them alone and unattended.

      Chris Ambrose is projecting when he talks about her disappearing. She was always in contact. Never left the children and never tried to hop into bed with them either like the father.

      You will learn a lot more about Chris in coming articles.

  • Frank, please stop posting this stupid “CT Family Court” soap opera shit over and over! We get it! You’re repetitive and you project that on whoever you want to so that you can take away their free speech!

    Just focus on NXIVM and most importantly, focus on giving people their free speech back on your website more than you do about Keith Raniere’s free speech in prison when he robbed many other people’s free speech for years on end and did every he could to silence them!

    You’ve got it all dead ass backwards, Frank!

    • This is an important issue and well received— [check the comment volumes] — Why would anyone obey your lame-ass bs?

      The guy you hate to be —you are!

  • Wait – Karen “disappeared” with the children before? No wonder he didn’t want her to have access to the money. Please explore this more, Frank.

    Also, you’ve implied that the husband spent down all the marital assets, but it seems to me he controls (hopefully, for safekeeping) those funds. At some point, the Court will require an accounting of the assets he controlled during this divorce saga.

    And if the wife received an inheritance during the marriage, at least in Connecticut, the inheritance is a “marital asset” subject to division just as a pension earned by one spouse during the marriage is a marital asset subject to division. Marital assets are broadly defined in Connecticut.

    One more, finally, thank you for writing that this case is a deeply personal one for you. When I read your bio that you’re an investigative reporter, I presumed that meant you were unbiased and searching for the truth so good on you for your disclaimer as you certainly have been an advocate for the wife.

    • There is no record that the mother disappeared, what the very dishonest father called her disappearance was her annual trip to Rhode Island to her father and sister with the children. She took the children there every year. He often came when he was not immersed with a gay lover in Los Angeles.

      It is pure projection on Ambrose’s part. He would disappear.

      She also inherited the money prior to their marriage.

  • Until you live this nightmare from the corruption in the Connecticut Family Court, it is truly hard to believe. Let me reassure everyone reading the Frank Report articles on the corruption in the Connecticut Family Court system – it is real and worse than your brain can digest.

    • I totally agree with you, Ken. I wish these jerks would stop staying its soap opera shit. You have no idea what it’s like to lose your world due to lies by the CT Family Court. You will never get a fair trial if you do not have the funds. I lost my kids, my house, and all my possessions due to lies that were supported by my ex-husband and his team. Walk in my shoes and tell me it’s not real

      • Amen. My wife and I are going through it now with her ex-husband. It is the most corrupt thing I’ve seen in my entire life. Thank goodness for Frank and exposing the CT Family Court.

      • These creeps knocking out a generic line about a soap-opera are trolls and very low rent ones at that!

        It only proves how effective Frank’s advocacy is

    • You know Geoff Herzog? Geoff got the kids and according to Frank Report, he has a man’s body but is a 16-year-old girl in his mind

      His daughter is 15. One more year and she’ll be as old as Geoff.

      Smart cookies those judges at CT Family Court. They sure know how to play God with children’s lives.

    • It is a jewish agenda to destroy the concept of family, the importance of parents and to fukk up kids for life. All designed and implemented over the last 55 years by jews of Connecticut.

        • The family court system in Connecticut operates purely at the discretion of the judge. No due process, no equal protection, simply absolute discretion which is not reviewable by the appellate court. Family court operates exactly like a rabbinical court defined in the Talmud. American law is not constructed in this manner.

          In Connecticut, two fit parents can enter court, one seeking a no-fault divorce, where the judge holds power to give the kids away to a third party, based solely on the whim (Jewness) of the judge, a concept completely alien to the individual liberties set down for all citizens in the Constitution. Such absolute power, above the law, is the hallmark of the Jew.

          The CT family court has been shaped by Jews over the last 50 years, all major state supreme court decisions creating jewdicial powers outside constitutional limits have been authored by Jews in black robes.

          The legislature has granted unbridled powers to the family court to hide matters from the public, conceal financial transactions, allowing the court to seize any and all family financial assets to pay for any service the judge desires. This court is singularly designed to rape families and childhood, all constructed by Jews for the benefit of Jews and the global communist Jewish agenda. SCOTUS says mother-child bonds are constitutionally protected, a fundamental liberty interest, requiring heightened due process protections.

          ew judges Grossman and Adelman say not for Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, no hugs for two years, Constitution does not apply, Jewish discretion rules. Is not the isolation of kids from mom cruel and unusual punishment, prohibited by the Eight Amendment? Not in Connecticut, children will be roasted in the courthouse lobby and served with coleslaw upon order of the Jew judges, with the blessing of the state appellate and supreme courts. Even the legislature will applaud and come back for seconds. It is a Jew world.

          • I am posting your comment unedited because this has become a rancid debate in Connecticut. I believe Nickola Cunha was unfairly disbarred becase the judge misinterpreted her position.

            For the record, I do not believe the problem is Jewish but unbridled power.

          • I was in attendance of hearing and what no one is talk about is it was judge who brought up Jewish conspiracy!

      • Be careful! Your bigotry, ignorance, and antisemitism is showing.
        I have been through this CT corrupt family court for the past 15+ years. CT family court is corrupt and evil. But it’s not because of some Jewish Space Laser, like you seem to foolishly believe.
        I hope Frank and others can expose the corruption and enact positive changes.
        Frank, I’m happy to discuss my experiences in court, if you like. I survived Horowitz and Munro – barely.

          • If you’re the Susan I’m thinking of, yes we did. Your support has been a saving grace through this.

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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