Guest View: Frank Took Out the Rattlesnake Raniere

While it is a matter of record that supremely intelligent and observant individuals often make comments on the Frank Report, Foxibot has a rare talent for expressing things in a remarkably accurate way.

By Foxibot

You know, Frank, I was sitting here re-watching The Vow documentary and I noticed when they arrested Keith Raniere he was put on a bus from Oklahoma to where he was extradited to Brooklyn.

Raniere was apprehended in Mexico, outside the jurisdiction of the EDNY.

Keith Raniere after his ‘arrest’ in Mexico,

I started laughing because those bus rides I hear are hell, with convicts chained, begging to stop for restroom, many just lose control on themselves. It is truly the bus ride from hell.

Bus rides handcuffed and shackled, made to suffer more than necessary. Why? Because it is good clean fun.


From the My Tourette’s trailer

I hope the 2nd season of the Vow will cover the whole Tourette’s claim, as if it can be willed away! These people are huge victims and it’s disgraceful since they were led to believe it was legitimate. I had great doubt those people were cured.

Frank Quite Good on the Vow

Frank you did great in taking them down.

One of my favorite parts of the Vow was where you and Catherine were together with your buddy the lawyer. He was a cool character.

I love those scenes and Debbie is so sweet and I liked her and all your friends.

Frank Parlato with Catherine Oxenberg in Niagara Falls working together to take down NXIVM.

Princess Elizabeth speaks to her daughter Catherine Oxenberg on the phone about Frank ParlatoI loved the part when Catherine’s mother, the princess, was giggling about how impressed she was with you. I love the way she described you with great admiration. That made some riveting scenes to watch.

I was cheering you and Catherine on and the rest but I felt like you two led the group. And weren’t gonna give up till you made sure to bring him down.

I was sorry to hear Toni and you aren’t copacetic, since you gave her some major credit in the documentary for fighting Keith. That’s sad she has turned against you. By the way I call Catherine “Mama Bear and I call you “The Grizzly” cause y’all weren’t gonna let that coullion (fool) get away with what he did.

And I thought your advice was so sweet with Catherine, when she was asking you what to do in the car about India if Keith started blocking her calls and texts. You said, “well we will send a carrier pigeon then!”

Your wit really was touching and eased Catherine’s mind by making her laugh and also it was your support that was touching, letting her know that Papa Grizzly wasn’t gonna desert Mama Bear. That he would fight till the end with her! I wish they would do a documentary with the two of you talking and bring the Princess in too for the interview. She saw who you were and admired you for that.


An anonymous commenter wrote: “Frank made the battle against Nxivm personal once they pissed him off. Before Frank, the Albany Time-Union was on the case before any other newspaper. Forbes also published a great piece early on.

“Everyone likes to shit on the ‘mainstream media,’ but they were on it. For other reasons, no one – the cops, the prosecutors, the public, Nxians, paid any attention until much later. Not to detract anything from the incredibly tenacious battle Frank waged at his personal peril.”

Foxibot wrote in response:

That was well put. They were on it. I don’t know why it wasn’t given more serious attention after they published their articles.  People confuse real journalists with people who do commentary. Real journalists stick with facts.

Like they said in the documentary, The Vow, maybe the me too movement had something to do with it.

Nxivm The Vow Frank Parlato
Frank Parlato in HBO’s The Vow

I admire Frank’s very big part in exposing them and I think he got under their skin in a way that maybe no one had before. He actually knew them, so he had a personal picture of their weaknesses the bigger media outlets didn’t.

Like Frank said in the documentary, “I never was a follower, never took a course, I was their publicist.”

They couldn’t brainwash him. Or influence or threaten him. I wonder all the time why Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman weren’t more afraid of Frank. Because I don’t think anyone would want Frank for their enemy.

Frank is the guy that killed rattlesnakes and ate them. Isn’t that the perfect picture of how he treated NXIVM and the guru.

Most people say chop the head off the snake, to stop a cult or group, and he killed and then ate the snake. Lol.


Parlato Commentary

rank Parlato

I told you Foxibot was good. Dead on. Perspicacious.

By the way, Rattlesnake meat, if prepared correctly, is tender and juicy as well as nourishing. Just be sure to tenderize the meat properly. I do that by suffocating the creature slowly, just like it does to frogs and mice it swallows. I hold it by the neck until it madly dashes its slithery body repeatedly against my arm and tenderizes its meat to a luscious, succulent texture that makes the best chicken or beef seem like poor man’s fare.

Four things to keep in mind when catching and preparing rattlesnake.

  1. Skin it properly
  2. remove the poison before you cook
  3. remove any animal in its throat
  4. while it is still alive, don’t get bitten.

Their bite, at least the first time, can make you very ill and make you wonder if you should even keep your human body. Though I must admit that the second bite was far less intense and by the fourth of fifth bite, it was almost pleasurable. Once the rattlesnake bite doesn’t hurt anymore [immunity] the creatures make damn good pets. Keep them in a cage however since their bite to your friends and family who are not immune can be unpleasant and they will likely blame you.

I would like to send one to Keith Raniere in Tucson but I am not sure he is immune like I am.

MK10art portrait of Raniere behind bars.



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  • Loved this article, Foxibot, couldn’t have said it better. And what a great reply from Frank! I’m delighted by the entire exchange!

  • Frank, I was so pleasantly surprised to see my commentary today. I recently joined the writers’ union so I will treasure my little piece on the Frank Report. Anytime you need a guest, I am at your disposal. You are an authentic guy. And I like that very much. You truly need a documentary on you. My work is in the film industry. But my dear tite maman said writing was my true talent. Again, I was honored to be on the Frank Report. Merci beaucoup.

    • Thanks – I would be interested in having more articles from you. You may contact me at the email or phone on the website, or call at 305-783–7083 for discussion of what kind of articles would be of interest to you and our readers.

      • OK, Frank, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much for your kind invitation. I will write you or call you personally. That is just lovely, and I would be so honored to do that. Thank you so much. I really like you, Frank, because of the man I saw in The Vow, and other interviews and your special on ID about the missing women. That was also riveting. And with all that is going on now with Ukraine, you may have a whole lot to report about. I was actually thinking of some other things you might be interested in last night. Merci beaucoup ma “Sha” ami. That’s just Louisiana Cajun for thank you very much my dear friend.

  • Don’t slowly kill an animal and don’t keep them in a cage. Being cruel to animals is not cool.

    No points scored here for Frank from my perspective. But I would love to taste a well-prepared rattlesnake anytime.

    • I remember reading an essay by Charles Lamb where he mentions how people used to tenderize hogs by whipping them to death.

      It is very cruel. But so is eating chickens today for they are kept in horrid conditions then slaughtered . Or look how they take calves from their mothers and slaughter them.

      Meat eaters – and I am one – are engaged in cruelty – and I no longer eat rattlesnake – but at least he lived free until I caught him – the chicken lives in a near motionless state in a cage, until she is slaughtered. Animals are routinely bludgeoned to death.

      I could go on, but the bottom line is – I am being cruel when I eat chicken because I am supporting an insanely brutal industry. When I hunt and eat my own food at least I am cognizant of every step of what I do – I cannot deceive myself that my breast of chicken on my plate is divorced from cruelty because it tastes so good.

  • As a guy who has waited for 22 years for Scientology to be prosecuted for its murders made to look like suicides, and watched at least 15 “Frank Parlato”s operating against them, I have to say that until law enforcement decides to act, no one is going to be taken out like a rattle snake.

    I’m not belittling Frank’s contribution, or anyone else’s.

    It’s just the way it is.


    • Uhm….

      Lisa Remi and Mike Rinder are fighting Scientology!

      What are you doing Alonzo, because to me, it seems like a whole lot of nothing?

        • Oh golly! I wrongly spelled, by typo, the last name of Lisa Remini. 😉
          Hey Alonzo — you change your socks this month?

          • But, Alonzo, he asked if you changed your socks; I guess that’s a, tacit, no.

            Whatever happened to the OSA goons harassing you on the Frank Report?

          • “Complete dumbass”

            Says the guy who fell for a cult and is currently falling into another cult. Alanzo the Gullible. LOL

          • Alanzo has “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer.

            Or so he has claimed. But won’t elaborate.

  • Frank, did you kill, tenderize and eat rattle snakes for real or is this a Parlato’s parable of how to deal with ‘human’ rattlesnakes? If it’s factual, it was very interesting.

  • I am so grateful to Frank for something he took on to do, which he need not have done, which was to publish an article on another group. He did this without me knowing, and he probably does not know the impact that article has had.
    Just this week, a detractor told me I had paid Frank to write it! I know there are detractors, I’ve had them come to me. But I know, in this dark murky world of Cultic-behaviours, that if you take a stand and are resolute in your principles against these totalitarian groups, then you’re a Good ‘Un. And I think Frank is a Good ‘Un and I wonder if any of this would have unfolded the way it has without Frank.

    I’ve watched the Vow 3 times now, and, I agree, Frank is a highlight. Frank did have skin-in-the-game, unlike most of his detractors.

    One thing I have learnt throughout my journey in understanding the dynamics of these Narcissistic-Relational-Systems/Cults is that narcissists have poor object-relations, and if you’re going to take them on, you need to maintain good and healthy object-relations.

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