Guest View: Court Hearing Was Disaster for Glazer; Huge Victory for Clyne

Nicki Clyne outside the courthouse in Brooklyn with codefendants Brandon Porter, Danielle Roberts and colleague Eduardo Asunsulo.

Erasend is one of our esteemed commenters who regularly delivers solid prose and good arguments – sometimes contentious and sometimes probing new territory – and not afraid to disagree with anyone or everyone – including your publisher. Erasend made a comment shortly after the last hearing – before Judge Eric Komitee – in the civil case of Sarah Edmondson, et al, against Keith Raniere et al – the case I shall often refer to as the NXIVM case or better yet – the Bronfman NXIVM case.

It goes without saying – or at least it should – that the opinions of Erasend are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Frank Report.  The photo below is not an actual photograph of  Erasend but rather what I imagine him to look like since he is after all anonymous not only to our readers but to myself as well.

By Erasend

This is in response to Judge: No Naming Anonymous Plaintiffs, No Gag Order, No Sanctions, No Control of Third Parties; Glazer Must Reveal Plaintiffs Names to Defendants

So yeah, pretty typical paper pushing meeting. Requiring everyone to show up instead of teleconference was a complete waste of time, money, and resources.

Judges really need to get over their traditional approach to court.

My opinion has nothing to do with the who is involved (like for some), I just find that requiring people to fly in, dress up, stand before a judge so he can feel the thrill of power is just stupid and counterproductive.

All that should only be necessary when there is a lot of moving parts involved like during the actual trial. But these paper pushing meetings are really just between the lawyers, the judge, and maybe a few questions to plaintiffs and defendants. Type of stuff that teleconferencing is perfect for.

It might how favoritism if the judge agreed to teleconferencing because Keith Raniere claims to have invented teleconferencing and sued Microsoft and AT&T, with another defendant’s money – that inestimable Clare Bronfman.

The dressing down that everyone was hoping for didn’t happen because Michele Hatchette isn’t a defendant and the judge has no control over her, which he surprisingly admitted on the record.

She is just a busybody inserting her ego into a situation that currently has nothing to do with her. As I said before, “fuck Hatchette.”

Nicki Clyne is not Michele Hatchette and vice versa.

Anyone that gives her vicious ass oxygen are subverting the judicial process and the privacy of others for no meaningful reason beyond ego.


Neil Glazer, plaintiffs’ attorney

To me, this last court meeting was a disaster for Neil Glazer and huge victory for Nicki Clyne and company. The Bronfman’s came out even – but now have a clear path to potential victory.

Glazer’s position was been significantly weakened and likely will increase pressure to settle. This can be reversed depending on how the judge decides on bifurcation and dismissal (judges tend to not want to dismiss cases).

I had already thought the decision to bifurcate had been sorted. Dumb assumption on my part because still early in the case.

I would be shocked if the judge doesn’t do it, as keeping the DOS claims and the NXIVM consumer fraud claims  together will most definitely create many avenues of appeal.

Judge Komitee is right, “every defendant seems to be accused of everything” which is a problem considering the charges.

Judge Eric Komitee is presiding over the civil case against Raniere, the Bronfmans, Clyne and others.

Bifurcation would effectively end the lawsuit as I see it. It doesn’t appear the Bronfmans had anything to do with the creation of DOS. I would say everything Glazer is planning hinges on DOS. The DOS activities with the blackmail, branding and sex is how he gets the jury to hate the defendants. Hating the defendants is how you get mega bucks.

Without the Bronfman’s as part of that, he can still pursue it, but it would be a waste of his time and money as all that remains are defendants with shallow pockets that would never be able to pay whatever amount the jury decided on. Yeah some will say Clyne has money, but she definitely doesn’t have millions.

Nicki Clyne does have a 2011 Subaru


Nicki Clyne would prefer to drive a Lamborghini.

Bifurcation likely will mean the DOS stuff will not be usable in the cases about forced labor and fraud. Those will be difficult for Glazer to win on their own merits. The “profit” part of it doesn’t even exist for the Bronfmans, They didn’t make money off of NXIVM. It was a money drain by everything I have read. As keep saying, many of the plaintiffs are a huge weakness for this case since many participated in the very activities they are suing for.

The Bronfman lawyers will have a lovely stream of plaintiffs who will have to admit they volunteered to work, that they volunteered to take the classes, that they volunteered to keep taking classes and so on. A steady drumbeat of up to 69 people doing variations of “yes I did do that but…” on top of any others they decide to throw on the pile will be hard for a jury to ignore.

I suspect Glazer is crunching the numbers on what a max settlement might be. It is significantly lower than it was befoeyesterday. His chances of case revival will be preventing the bifurcation or failing that keeping the Bronfman’s as defendants on the DOS aspect of the suit.

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  • Alanzo is a poor substitute for Scott Johnson.

    The comments of Scott Johnson were many times better than this insufferable garbage that Alonzo is spouting.

    • Anonymous 11:19,

      RE Scott Johnson vs Alonzo:

      I have to admit it’s true. Scott did have decent insights. Scott was a semi-intelligent, sane asshole. Aloonzo is an insane moron. Scott was much better at insults too. Hope all is well, Scott!

      RIP Amway Cowboy 🤠

  • Sarah Edmondson might have introduced Nicki Clyne to NXIVM, but she didn’t invite her to fall in love with Raniere.

    Edmondson, as with many other women, found Raniere, well, creepy.

    It was Nicki who had her TV show character in Battle Star Galactica killed off early.

    Clyne couldn’t wait to move to Albany to be with her new lover, Raniere, until the show was over. She wouldn’t see her contract or the show out to the last episode of its final season. So BSG had her killed.

    It wasn’t a move to Albany to become a better actor with the NXIVM technology. It was to be with the love of her life, Raniere.

    Clyne never took a lot of advance NXIVM training after moving to Albany, as she has stated. She is lying about what is a lot.

    What she did take, it wasn’t because Edmondson and Vicente suggested she should.

    At that point, her life was under the rule of Raniere himself.

    She did what Raniere told her to do. If she acted outside his wishes, he might order her to take a course because of her defiance.

    To this day, even while he is in prison, Clyne does pretty much what Raniere wants her to do. Her dedication to him and his following seems to run deep.

    Is Clyne his #1?

    If so, that would give her certain powers.

    Does she earn an income with the monies they are collecting from his far-reaching supporters or his hidden cash accounts?

    How else does she support herself?

    An interesting question, don’t you think?

  • There’s no disaster for Glazer and the defendants didn’t have a big win The judge followed the letter of the law. End of story.

  • The featured picture Frank used for this post was taken by Nicki Clyne right after their mandated appearance in court in Brooklyn on February 17, 2022.

    Dr. Roberts reports on Instagram that her dog Arjuna died at 1:06am on February 18th, 2022.

    I, Alanzo, used my Twitter account to tweet the picture Frank used with the following statement:

    Some of the strongest and most courageous people I know.

    I’d like those who read and comment here to take 3 seconds to consider why I might have written that.

    I challenge you to put yourself in their shoes.

    Remember, narcissistic psychopaths supposedly can’t feel compassion or empathy for others.


    • “Some of the strongest and most courageous people I know.”

      You know them — you’ve never spent any amount of time with them. 😂

      I’m thinking this isn’t Alonzo, cuz not even she’s this lame.

      • To Anonymous February 24, 2022 at 9:54 pm
        I agree Alonzo isn’t lame, since you are clearly referring to a woman. Did you just call your mom lame or is it your daughter who is lame? I wouldn’t be surprised, you are the lamest.

      • Guess they forgot his nauseating profile pic here as well. Either way, feel sorry for the pooch but not for Roberts.

        • To Anonymous February 25, 2022 at 6:44 am

          Of-course you feel sorry for the pooch and not for the person. After all, you were born into a family of mad dogs, and are incapable of empathizing with both dogs and humans. No judgment from my side. It’s OK. We are all who we are, and some of us are just from a family of mad dogs. I hope I am not being presumptuous. It’s entirely possible that you are just a chicken.

          • I can only assume since you directed the mad dog comment at me that you are either the pathetic Alanzo or support him, the man who gladly defends the DOS dead-Enders. You know, the ones who torture other human beings. You can step down from your soapbox now. Lol

        • Yep. It’s a lesson to be aware that one’s negative actions can have a negative effect on everyone around them. Dogs too.

          Act wisely when you’ve got souls depending on you

          • Oh wow, we have some superstitious ones here. lolol
            What other lovely fantasies do you believe in? ROFL

          • There’s nothing woo woo about that statement .

            If you have ANY SOUL (whether it’s a child, a companion animal or an older relative) who depends upon your presence, then when you are pulled away from them because of your actions – they will probably be negatively impacted by your absence.

            How is that concept superstitious?

            Do you think that Keith Raniere’s children are going to be negatively impacted because their father will die in prison?

            Or maybe you know that they are better off without him?

            My fantasies are none of your business. I’m not your DOS slave.

    • And I challenge you to finally answer a question about the “personal interactions” that you’ve claimed to have had with Neil Glazer.

      Why did you have personal interactions with Neil Glazer, Alanzo?

      You brought it up.

    • I don’t care about why you might have written that. I give no hoots to your thoughts. Three people decided to travel to NYC amidst severe adversities, one of whom had a very sick dog. The one with a sick dog couldn’t spend the last day with her dog because she needed to travel. I give 100 hoots to care about them, and none to your patronizing thoughts. I mean seriously, someone is grieving and you want people to think about your thoughts, rather than sending condolences or something else to support them?!! Shame on you, Alanzo, and shame on all those who have similar or worse narcissistic thoughts. You are all pieces of shit, with Alanzo being the least stinky of them all.

      • It is a dubious quality to grieve over the death of a dog, but incapable of acknowledging the fate of destroyed existences and the suffering and pain of people harmed by NXIVM and DOS. Everything ex-doctor Roberts says and writes is hypocrisy. But hypocrisy and lies can be recognized. She can’t fool very many. I am definitely not one of them.

        • You can definitely not be fooled. I agree. One must have some degree of intelligence in order to be fooled. You have none of it.

    • Aloonzo-

      Still attaching your website link to your name in hopes of clicks…..

      Don’t you’ve got better things to do like RingDings and having
      a ‘Caber Tossed’.

  • It is absolutely true though that they are suing all of them for everything. This is the biggest red flag of this free-for-all. Also, how are the Bronfmans suddenly responsible for things they didn’t even know existed like DOS? Verrry convenient indeed.

  • Does anyone else find it absolutely crazy that Sarah Edmondson was the one who invited Nicki Clyne to join NXIVN and that she and Mark Vicente for years encouraged her to take more and more classes and they profited for those years to the tune of many thousands of dollars and now they are suing Nicki?

    By their very own story shouldn’t they be sued by Nicki for indoctrinating her and inviting her into such a horrific abusive situation?

    To me, this is the most ass backwards thing I’ve heard this whole time. On her podcast and in every media outlet, Sarah Edmondson claims that she “woke up” and is not responsible for the criminal things she did prior to this “waking up” and she’s not to be held accountable for recruiting hundreds of people into NXIVN and many women into DOS (even after she got her brand). So, by her logic, isn’t Nicki just still asleep so to speak. Still under the spell that makes you immune to the consequences of your actions? Shouldn’t she be trying to help Nicki or apologizing to her for what she and Mark V brought her into and encouraged her to do for more than a decade?

    I think the general public and anyone following and believing their story are the ones who need to wake up. This is truly shameful.

    • Sarah may have recruited Nicki Clyne to join Nxivm.

      But Nicki Clyne claims to be a founder of DOS and Nicki Clyne has stated repeatedly that DOS had nothing to do with Nxivm.

      DOS is the problem.

      And Sarah is in no way responsible for Nicki Clyne conspiring and lying to have her shared boyfriend’s initials burned into the flesh near women’s vaginas.

      That’s alllll Nicki.

      Take an ESP course does NOT equal:

      “Quit your career, move to Albany, fuck Keith for 10 years along with a bunch of other women, lose all your money, fake a marriage to Allison for immigration purposes and start a secret master/slave group with blackmail and porn and seduction assignments”.

      That’s allll Nicki.

      Sarah didn’t do any of it.

    • Knock-

      —Does anyone else find it absolutely crazy that Sarah Edmondson was the one who invited Nicki Clyne to join NXIVN and she and Mark Vicente for years encouraged and profited off her.

      Yes I think it’s nuts. It’s one of the few things I agree with Nicki on.

  • Newsflash, Lay People!!!

    You all got it totally wrong!
    Nothing disastrous happened in court to Neil Glazer and the plaintiffs. A few motions were granted, and some motions were denied.

    Attorneys (Glazer) file motions that they know might be denied for a variety of reasons.

    The judge’s decisions regarding the motions fell within the framework/scope of the law, nothing more. In other words, Neil knew the probable outcome.

    While the defendants all celebrate, Neil Glazer must have had a few chuckles at the naivety of the defendants.

    If you don’t agree, ask K.R. Claviger.

    • Parlato and Selvaraj are accused of orchestrating a scheme to defraud the IRS through the use of an array of limited liability corporations and partnerships. The indictments catalog the use of more than 15 so-called shell companies, 50 bank accounts, and multiple attorney trust accounts in perpetrating the scheme.

      WOW –and that’s without anything to do with Bronfmans.

      Plea bus time?

      • Allegations are not proof of guilt. That is why we have trials. A trial may be the most likely outcome for I will not plead to something I did not do and there is not a single allegation in the indictment which is true. BTW the Bronfmans started this – and when the government realized how bogus that was, they came in with a superseding indictment two and half years after they indicted, purged of the Bronfmans.

        Enough for now. It had everything to do with the Bronfmans.

        • 2.5 years AFTER indictment, purged of Bronfmans ?

          Crazy Town or Crazy Gov’t?

          Sounds like Trial , it is !

  • Hatchette and Suneel are catspaws of Clyne, who is a catspaw of Raniere. If you think otherwise, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    • Reply to

      “Hatchette and Suneel are catspaws of Clyne, who is a catspaw of Raniere. If you think otherwise, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.”

      Is that bridge in AZ around Tucson?

      The one Raniere is going to walk across a free man after the Rule 33 is filed – and the evil FBI agent is arrested and goes to prison.
      LMFAO, Not ever going to happen!

      The hack investigation team of Raniere defendants and their friends would have been able to have a list of all the Jane & John Doe’s if they had filed a motion to the court asking for it.

      But no, they had to have their ace hack, Michele Hatchette, make threats on the DOSsier website, Twitter and do an interview with the Frank Report.

      Michele Hatchette made threats that were passed throughout her I-Spy cult groups and Twitter feeds – and claimed the defendants in the civil case were contacting plaintiffs against them.

      To date, Michele Hatchette has not had the guts to back up her puffy ass words to release those names. Noted, she is a bag of hot air.

      Being ignorant doesn’t excuse the sorry-ass behavior of Porter, Clyne, and Roberts as pro se defendants.

      They are expected to behave in a manner that is professional regardless of their ignorance. As ex-doctors you’d think Porter and Roberts would know professionalism. Clyne, well she is a washed-up actor and has been with Raniere too long.

      As much as they spout off they understand the legal system fighting for Raniere’s innocence, they certainly know shit about representing themselves professionally in a court of law.

      Since DOSsier has a member who has been a lawyer, you’d think Roberts, Clyne and Porter would know better than their actions are telling the world.

      They act as if they were raise in a jungle village and just entered civilization a few years ago.

      Oh that’s right, they have had their thinking altered by “group think” of the tribe of Raniere.

      It’s impossible to think independently and for oneself when one has mind-melted with the great and powerful Vanguard.

      The left overs from NXIVM all check in with each other and won’t take in any information other that pro Raniere
      = Cult

      If they spent a couple of weeks taking in other information, that would be against Raniere law and they would be kicked out of the group.

  • Back in grad school, I took a class taught by a lawyer. The lawyer told the class that civil cases are a business, and that it is not unusual for a law firm to borrow money to finance a big case. At the time we were discussing the civil litigation against the Tabaco companies. Civil cases are all about making money and have nothing to do with holding someone “accountable.” This does not mean that restitution is not owed, of course.

    The instructor also said that the firm that brought the suit does not want to go to court, they want to settle. There is considerable risk before a jury, and they may end up not making any money and could end up taking a considerable loss.

  • Disagree.

    If they hadn’t acted like complete jackasses leading up to that appearance, they wouldn’t even have had to be in a courtroom.

    It was a microcosm of the whole Nxivm saga.

    It’s all good when you’re on Twitter with your echo chamber. Or the cult bubble is validating each other.

    But being called to another state for the actual grownups to look some idiotic 40- and 50-year-old humans in the eye and discuss their bullying sexual assault victims is no small thing.

    How shameful. And embarrassing. For them. The dead-enders.

    It’s an official proceeding. On record. And ya gotta dress for it. Ha ha ha.

    • If they knew firsthand that the women and so-called victims were lying and you saw evidence that proved it, would you feel differently? If they knew that these individuals planned to bring a civil lawsuit before the criminal case and that some of the witnesses lied on the stand and you saw proof of that, would you feel differently? If you knew and saw evidence of how Sarah Edmondson and others (but a whoooole lot of Sarah Edmondson) have been harassing them, and ruined their reputations with lies severely impeding on their ability to make money, then sued them for the very little they have left after picking up the pieces and some are doing so without putting their name behind it so that they can’t even properly defend themselves .. if you saw evidence of this, would you be willing to update your understanding of this situation? These are honest and genuine questions. I mean no ill will. Would you?

      • Your comment was honestly and genuinely A LOT of different hypothetical questions. Phrased rather rhetorically.

        With a strange sentence at the end.

        Here’s an example of a single query.

        Why wasn’t all this alleged evidence shown in court?

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