A Testy Back and Forth Between Parlato and Suneel Over Challenge

A challenge between Frank Parlato and Suneel Chakravorty has begun.

Suneel Chakravorty challenged me to debate him over his magic man, Keith Alan Raniere, the unpretentious, modest gent whose followers bowed before him and called him, Vanguard. So humble was he that he had a 10-day birthday celebration – instead of a whole month.

Keith Raniere said at V-Week 2016: “I am very devilish. I think I am probably the worst coach in the world because I am just a demon.”

Suneel also wants to prove that Camila’s pictures were tampered with by the FBI, and Nicole is not a victim of sex trafficking. I plan to hold him to exacting proof.

He challenged me, so I wrote him.

I wrote: Suneel, it’s your move. You have access to lay out posts on Frank Report. You may not publish but lay out your story, edit for grammar, do spell-check, add art (photos, graphs, illustrations).

I will review and publish.

Suneel wrote back:

Frank, at the end of the day, I’m interested in truth. You have a readership that may be interested in the new evidence I have, even including those carping critics who love to offer ad-hominem attacks anonymously.

But I have reservations about you being the arbiter of defamatory, libelous, and conclusory allegations. As long as these are openly discussed, it is fine. If something is redacted, I want that noted in the post. 

I wrote to Suneel:

That’s fine. Do not make conclusory allegations about the victims in this case. You can’t say “Cami lied about being raped by Raniere when she was 15,” not without evidence.

You can offer your opinion. But present it as opinion. Be honest. The best you can say about Camila is that there is no proof that satisfies you.

Also you are not permitted to publish her last name on Frank Report. I understand your argument that her family name has been published widely in Mexico.

MK10ART’s painting of Camila

I understand they were a dynamic part of NXIVM and trying to tell the story without the surnames of six of the most prominent people, who comprised the most important family in NXIVM, is difficult.

Raniere is alleged to have victimized two of the sisters, while the third stands with him and is mother of his child.  Two sisters, the son, and mother presently despise the man they used to adore. One sister and the father still adore him. And they have common blood, his son.

Keith Raniere used to play volleyball, but no he resides in USP Tucson where the low level services do not even provide him with a decent volleyball court or net.

Now, as an example of opinion: Keith is a vile, contemptible, psychopathic, moronic, idiotic sack of manure, which if spread on the ground as fertilizer would kill any plant that came in contact with him.

Opinions are not libelous.  You may make the same kind of opinions but you cannot say Cami lied at sentencing as if it were fact. You can say, it is my opinion that she lied. But then you need facts to back it up. I can provide plenty of facts to back up my opinion that Raniere is a lying sack of excrement.

You need to do the same with your claims. 

Suneel wrote:  I think I know the difference between opinion and facts. I appreciate your comments, though I am not appreciative of your tone.

I recognize you don’t want to defend a lawsuit for something I say. You may wish to defend your previous narrative that Raniere and NXIVM are evil and may adopt what has been described as cognitive dissonance on any topic that does not agree with yours – and the other so-called victims’ narrative – a very profitable narrative based on the books, podcasts, websites, documentaries and whatnot, in my opinion, for you and quite a few others.

I will also remind you that, though you are substantially older than me, double or possibly triple my age, I’m not quite as young as how I have heard you refer to me – as a kid.

I’m 32-years-old, born in 1990, the same year as Camila, and you wouldn’t refer to her as a kid or a child, would you? Oh, I forgot, you do refer to her as a 15 year old child.

How many times people – including you – speak of Camila as if she is still 15. It is tiresome. She is over 30. When does she get to have grown-up status?

Like Camila, I should be accorded adult status. I don’t believe any of my Harvard college professors, or my clients, who pay me substantial money to teach them my expertise and perform skills, have ever confused my youthful and positive demeanor for lack of competence, fastidiousness or immaturity.

In my opinion you should refer to Camila in your writing as an adult woman and stop referring to her as a perpetual teenager and stop calling Nicki Clyne and I “the kids.”

I understand that we may never have all the grey areas of opinion settled, but I understand the distinction of what is libel, defamation, slander etc. and what is fact.

You are entitled to your opinion that Cami is still a child and Nicole is a horrified, greatly abused victim. I am entitled to my opinion that Cami is an adult and Nicole is not the victim she purports to be.

As for my opinion of Keith, I think he is a victim in the sense that he did not get a fair trial and I intend to prove it. You have been kind enough to permit me to voice my opinion and more importantly to provide facts. Henceforward that is what I plan to do – go light on opinion and heavy on facts.

OK, Suneel, you got the hard part done — the big talk. Now how about reducing the universe of your opinions to some writing – with your promised facts.

As they say in the ring: let’s have a clean fight. Touch hands, go back to your corners, protect yourself at all times, and may the best man win.

This is the exchange between Suneel and myself and I admit it got borderline testy. But my hope is that I will smash this upstart by proving his facts are ass backwards, not badass and that it is he who has cognitive dissonance.

I hope to deprogram him, and, of course, I am interested in the truth – even if Suneel can’t see any facts except through the lens of the glory and the greatness of his Vanguard, the world’s smartest prisoner serving over 100 years.


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  • Why is it in the two pics of Suneel on this page he appears as different people.

    Look: His head, ears, and eyes are all different shapes. Only his nonexistent top lips are the same.

    Is his alien holographic disguise device malfunctioning?

  • To Frank & Suneel:

    I enjoy all the banter gentlemen. ‘Tis a fun read. I believe you both will put on a good show, a true battle for the ages like Foreman vs Ali.

    No hitting below the belt, at the sound of the bell come out from your respective corners swinging.


    • Bet you regret this post after attempting to make it through Suneel’s first article. If you managed to make it to the end, was there anything new? If yes, do you mind sharing the new info/claims in a sentence or two?

      • Nutjob-

        Suneel added more insight into the FBI handling of evidence: i.e., internal procedures and protocols, or lack thereof, by individual agents. I sincerely mean that.

        HOWEVER, what Suneel fails to realize is that FBI internal procedures and guidelines are NOT laws which must be followed, but bureaucratic guidelines.

        The evidence is not nullified simply because guidelines were not followed.

        • Thank you. When the Twilight Zone started following the lying lesson, I ejected and self-punished for getting suckered into reading that much. Makes me miss Shadow’s Mack articles and Scott’s Amway articles

          • NutJob-

            You’re welcome. It was a difficult read.

            Regarding Suneel’s articles, I’ve been thinking the same thing and having nostalgia for Scott’s Amway and Shadow’s Mack articles. 😉

            By my count Shadow easily wrote over 50.

            Do you remember when Shadow published the address of Mack’s parents’ house along with the nearest porn store? 😉

          • We’re due for Flowers showing up and calling somebody a liar. Although others have tried hard, she is about the only one who actually would get under Frank’s skin – and she did it without trying.

  • —Love to offer ad-hominem attacks anonymously.

    You’re welcome, Suneel! You know I only do it because I like you.

    Now that Nicki is gone, are you ready to take your friendship with Alonzo to the next level?

  • Suneel Chakravorty is an untrustworthy narrator. For many reasons.

    Suneel Chakravorty wasn’t even around for much of the history of Nxivm.

    Suneel Chakravorty wasn’t inner-circle.

    Suneel Chakravorty is a male and was never a member of DOS.

    Suneel Chakravorty is a proven liar.

    Frank, you haven’t even called Suneel Chakravorty out about Brandon Porter.

    Suneel Chakravorty states unequivocally that Brandon Porter asked him NOT to divulge names from the materials he shared with Suneel Chakravorty.

    But Suneel Chakravorty DID post them here anyway. While Brandon Porter has an open court case. What a dick! Who does that to a fellow loyalist? And friend?

    Or is Suneel Chakravorty LYING again? And he had Brandon’s full blessing? More likely.

    Either way, Suneel Chakravorty is not a man of his word.

  • Of course, he wants to encourage everyone to think of Cami as an adult. If people’s minds flip to there, maybe they won’t remember that she was a child at the time of many of the assaults. Geez, Suneel, if you are going to try and play this game, try and be a little less transparent. You’ve been drinking the Koolaide for so long now that you don’t even realize how ridiculous it and you sound!

    Get him, Frank!

  • “I hope to deprogram him, and, of course, I am interested in the truth.”

    You’re the Great White Hope, Frank!

    We need to put these uppity cult members in their place and prove that we are smarter, saner, more educated, and more civilized than they are. Even if they did graduate from Harvard with a degree in Maths, something pretty much no one on this blog could ever hope to achieve.

    Just remember – truth is a two-way street.

    You might get knocked out.

    And probably will.


    • We live by the sword. Knockouts are possible. Or worse.

      I do not think you quite comprehend the nature of my using the word “deprogram.” It cuts both ways. It’s his job to deprogram me. If he can.

    • Alanzo says:

      “You [Frank]might get knocked out. And probably will.”

      I say to Alanzo:

      LMFAO! You are such tool bag, you Shrek lookalike, fool.

      Frank, took the NXIVM cult down, when Raniere was at the height of his power with almost $800 million of Bronfman money, plus, by my count ‘7’ Harvard University graduates.

      Alanzo, do the world a favor and OD on RingDings®️.


    • Alonzo says:

      “Harvard Graduate[Suneel]”

      “You [Frank] get knocked out.”

      I say to Alonzo:

      Keep kissing Suneel’s bunghole and one day he’ll send you a bus ticket to come hangout in NYC. Or maybe even answer one of your 8000 emails….

      I award you 3 out of 5 schmucks 🤡🤡 🤡


  • Why does the NXIVM Five with Suneel Chakravorty at the lead keep saying that Raniere had ineffective counsel?

    Raniere had an excellent attorney team. One of the best money can buy.

    The Judge, because Clare Bronfman was paying for Raniere’s defense as well as other defendants, held a special hearing. He asked each of the defendants if there was a conflict of interest and if they were satisfied with their current attorney teams.

    If not, they were all free to hire new attorneys. Raniere chose to keep his attorney firm saying he was happy with them.

    It wasn’t until after he was found guilty on all charges that Raniere and his faithful followers began saying he had ineffective counsel.

    Well, how frickin’ convenient is that?

    It’s like I go out to dinner, eat the entire meal saying how wonderful it was, and when the bill arrives, I say: “My God that was horrible. I am not going to pay for such a bad meal and I’m going to give this restaurant a -1 review”.

    I should have said something at the first bite or two.

    That isn’t what Raniere did. He held tight to his team even after a special hearing the Judge held for all the defendants.

    The NXIVM Five think we all have short memories but we don’t. Raniere had a better defense than most people can afford.

    The problem has always been that Raniere was guilty and there was plenty of evidence to prove he was, is and that is why he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

    So, get over yourself Suneel Chakravorty and the rest of your NXIVM Five buddies.

    Keep fighting those windmills and we will keep laughing at your silly Raniere games.

  • Suneel, Frank is older than you. That is why he calls you a kid. I am not Frank’s age, and I sometimes use the term.

  • “When does she get to have grown-up status?”

    Maybe when she finally overcomes the trauma, arrested development, and stigma that comes from living as a concubine in a sheltered and highly controlled environment almost her entire adult life. Just a thought.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if she could’ve gone to college? I mean, even like a local community college, right? Doesn’t have to be Harvard. Or if she could’ve done anything as an independent adult? Like have friends outside NXIVM? Seems like she might have a lot of lost “self esteem” to make up for. I wonder how much of an adult she feels like, at 32.

  • Frank, since Raniere himself taught that “ethical lies” are okay if they serve a higher purpose (i.e., NXIVM), what makes you think you think this isn’t a fool’s errand based on their ethical lies?

      • My job is to be the bullshit detector. They can try ethical lies but let’s see if it makes a stink I can detect. The reason I am doing this publicly is because my readers will also be ready to detect any odor.

        That said, I do not think Suneel will deliberately lie. He may be misled. He may have confirmation bias. But I do not think he is a liar.

        • “My job is to be the bullshit detector”.

          This comment deserved an alert. by far the thee funniest, most ludicrous comment you have posted to date. Hypocrite much Frank? Omg…you are the gift that keeps on givin.

  • Suneel is trash.

    Cami is just ONE of the multiple underage females who have accused Raniere of sexual relationships, starting with Rhiannon. Cami was thirteen years old when she started being groomed, and fifteen years old when a sexual relationship started. Rhiannon was twelve years old when the same thing happened to her, but it was in the context of a dog walking job/math tutoring and not a cult like it was for Cami, where her entire family was under the influence of Raniere. Then there were multiple other women who testified to a similar thing in the James Odato TU article published in February of 2012.

    Raniere knows what he did. There can only ever be one truth in this situation: either Raniere is lying or multiple females are lying.

    Suneel, Nicki, and any of the other remaining dead-enders don’t give a shit about truth. The NXIVM culters never gave a shit about truth. They only professed to. Like in all New-age cults, “truth” is as variable as the varying “values” the people of the cult held.

  • In random pop culture news, there was a funny shoutout to Nxivm in Hulu’s “Dollface” show in season 2 episode 9 -“Princess Charming” at around the 13:30 minute mark.

    Stella: I agree. I mean, I don’t think Izzy would ever hang up on me if she wasn’t secretly under the threat of clear and present danger. The Alisons must’ve hypnotized her, or put her under a spell or something. What if she’s being brainwashed? Or blackmailed. Wait! What if they have collateral on her like NXIVM? Naked pictures?

    (Jules gasps ) What if they’re forcing her to play volleyball?

    Madison: Ugh…

  • Clearly, Suneel is brainwashed by Raniere.

    My favorite part was when Suneel called Frank a 90 year old.

    (BTW, although I believe it is bizarre that Suneel is still buying into conman keith, I was kidding about the brainwashed comment – just wanted to make sure Alanzo was paying attention)

  • Wonder how Suneel’s Harvard professors or “clients” would feel about his “expertise” if they knew he was supporting a convicted child molester?

  • All Suneel has is opinions… if he had incontrovertible facts, he would turn them over to the lawyers.

    For that matter, shouldn’t the lawyers do the ‘discovery’? Why is Suneel getting involved, as if he has more knowledge/info than the lawyers, and deciding to disclose this on a public platform?

    It’s the old adage: why pay for expensive dogs and do the barking yourself?

    Always question the motives… Maybe it is a fishing expedition to get Frank to disclose info he holds, in order to figure out his sources, and do the usual Nxivm thing: send the flying monkeys after them. Maybe Suneel has a pathological need to be right and wants to be validated at any cost? Who knows?

    One thing Suneel is right about: he’s not a ‘kid’ (maybe only still in his mum’s eyes), he’s a grown man and should be treated as such by society, not given any excuse for being ‘young’, even when he shows his petulance and childishness, which is often.

    Suneel does not seem to know the difference between professional maturity and emotional maturity.

  • Suneel says Frank is “possibly triple my age.” Suneel is 32.

    You gotta admit, Frank’s pretty feisty for a possible 96-year-old. I would definitely put my money on him in this fight.

    Watch your footing, Suneel. You don’t want to make a slip here. You argue that Camila is now an adult and should be treated as such. That means that what she says now carries far more weight than when she was a child under Raniere’s control. Why don’t you start from that point, and let’s see how your argument goes. Just as a reminder to people, here is some of what the adult Camila has alleged:

    • erma – I agree. Frank is looking very well at the age of 96.😂 Frank – what is your secret of longevity? Do you have a special fitness regime? Please don’t say you’ve started to play volleyball. 🙄

      • Of all the things I have ever done consistently for my own comfort and health – it is the headstand. I like to do at least 15 minutes daily or longer.

        By the way, 96 is the new 70.

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