Suneel Reacts to Viewing the Snuff Film Used in ‘Human Fright Experiment’

Editor’s Note: Suneel, in his stalwart defense of Keith Raniere, was challenged by me to view the snuff film used in the ‘Human Fright Experiment.’ Suneel objects to my calling it a ‘Human Fright Experiment.’ He claims that it was called a movie clips study or study of emotions. Well, let’s check out Suneel’s emotions. He was kind enough to film himself immediately before and immediately after viewing the snuff film where four women were killed before our very eyes.



SUNEEL: So I’m about to watch the snuff film that was part of the so-called ‘Human Fright Experiment’ and I will uh.. report back on what it was like. I’m a little apprehensive based on what it’s been described as, but uh, yeah, will let you know as part of my investigation what I .. my.. uh.. opinion is after the fact.



SUNEEL: So I just watched the six-and-a-half minutes of the film, of the dismemberment and beheading and it’s definitely gruesome, savage and heartbreaking, and  gut-wrenching and odious in many ways. It’s not the scariest thing I’ve ever seen, definitely, you know, maybe it’s the de-sensitization to violence that has occurred in videogames and movies and things like that where scenes like this are often depicted in movies. It just takes a different, has a different weight because it’s real and happened.

So, in the film it begins, the first two minutes where the Zetas, the armed men, are instructing the women to answer some questions about who they are and their relationship to, maybe, I didn’t understand all the Spanish, but maybe a rival cartel or something, and that took the first 2 minutes. And I was surprised by how, you know, calm and silent and still the women were, I mean if were in that position I would, maybe much more…I mean who knows what happened to them before, but they were .. they just answered the questions, maybe they…I don’t know, anyway.. 

Then immediately men altogether began beheading, chopping off the heads and… with one of the machetes, I guess [makes hand motion of carving] carving, it wasn’t… there weren’t clean beheadings and proceeded to dismember the bodies and throw them and show them to the camera and throw the torso and start hacking away at them. And some of the men were laughing while they were doing it and talking about it, and you know I guess, extolling the strength of the Zetas or whatever. It was, you know as if the bodies were being treated like they were in a butcher shop and they weren’t human lives and it was very disturbing to watch.

I definitely didn’t enjoy watching it. I don’t feel traumatized after the fact. I feel very sad, and also grateful that I don’t have to deal with that type of violence or that sort of an environment as many people in Mexico do, and I feel very sad that they have to deal with that and have that threat ever-present in some parts so…



Frank Parlato

Suneel looked a little rattled after witnessing the god-awful snuff film. I watched it and, in all candor, I’d have to say it was disturbing and nothing I’d like to ever see again. I’d like to know the exact playlist and I’m in the process of putting together that list and expect to have that tonight or tomorrow. Then we can witness and be ourselves students in the either ‘Human Fright Experiment’ or as Suneel claims it was, a study of emotions. Presently, my emotion is decidedly negative, and I think that I need to investigate further the purpose of this ‘experiment.’

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  • I know Suneel to be empathetic, reflective and kind; he is on a genuine quest to see that all evidence is known to the public so that fair judgements can be made.

    Even with Suneel’s earnest determination, his visceral response betrays his fucked-up emotional barometer – the result of Raniere.

    Disappointed for Suneel – damage revealed.

    • Why is Suneel (allegedly) only watching this NOW? Suneel has been defending Keith and all things ESP/Nxium like it was his full time job for years.

      And now we’re finding out that Suneel never even watched this until NOW?

      Was Suneel defending Brandon Porter BEFORE he examined this evidence?

      Suneel never watched it? Despite having full access to Brandon Porter and other loyalists like himself to ask for the list? Which is presumably how Frank got the information

      Only a fool would come out publicly as a hardcore advocate for one side of a court case without first examining every shred of evidence over the YEARS.

      If ya got time to dance around a detention center nightly, then you had a few minutes to watch the “fright experiment”.

      These recent articles seem like set ups.

      PR for the upcoming civil suit

      They just don’t ring true.

      Bottom line. I don’t believe Suneel.

    • “Disappointed for Suneel – damage revealed.”

      Disagreement = “damage”.

      It’s the same tactic used by Hubbard, Miscavige and Raniere: to accuse you of being “aberrated” or “crazy” or “brain damaged” in some way if you disagree with them.

      AntiCults = “cults” in so many ways.


  • Odious? Seriously, Suneel? Do you even know the meaning of that word or are you just regurgitating more of keith? Everybody knows he loves to refer to himself as odious. Odious. Like its some kind of virtue.

    I mean, you just watched 4 women be brutally murdered and hacked to pieces and you describe it as “extremely unpleasant or repulsive”?

    Go ahead and blame your video games but for those of us free thinkers capable of greater empathy, this video is more than odious. It’s absolutely horrifying! What if that was your mother or your sister or, God forbid, Nicki Clyne, on a trip to Mexico for another of her assignments? Would it still be just extremely unpleasant or repulsive?

    Honestly? You sound a bit trite. You’re “sad for the people of Mexico” and “grateful that you don’t have to deal with that type of violence”? And yet here you stand supporting a man who diddled every single sister in a Mexican family, absolutely tortured people via litigation, including plans to have some of them sent to Mexican prison, and who also showed this video to unsuspecting people supposedly for “research purposes” (which none were qualified to perform) in order to “learn about emotions”?!!!

    I’m sorry for picking on you over a single word but can’t you see the effect this guy is having on you? You’re reacting to a video that is horrifying beyond belief and applying vocabulary to it that suggests it’s merely “unpleasant”. Maybe I’m wrong but I can already picture keith trying to explain his way out of this one. That viewing brutal scenes of murder builds character or something stupid like that.

    • Nailed it my2cents.

      It’s a total Miss America answer. Like when the beauty pageant contestant has no clue in the question segment. And doesn’t care about the issue at all. And answers so phony. And vague.

      “The situation in Albania is sad. It makes me sad for the people of Albania. The Albanian people do not deserve sadness. As people. Of Albania.”

      It’s so detached to watch a murder and dismemberment of very specific humans but to think only of a whole generic country.

      It’s reminiscent to how the Nxivm dead-enders profess to care about women’s role in the world but don’t give a shit about individual women that they actually know who have suffered terribly.

      Like Cami. Like Daniela. And the dead-enders don’t care about the women whom Keith brutalized families. Mom’s like Catherine or Dad’s like Sylvie’s who found the massive blackmail porn cache on the icloud account.

      It’s as if the women that Keith hurt aren’t real people to the dead-enders. Not real humans with real families who care about them and real lives. I guess the victims are just more video game characters to Suneel.

    • Agree. Sadly, Suneel cannot see the effect Raniere’s had on him — this story makes it clear.

      No doubt Suneel will read and reflect on comments like yours — and be better off for it.

      • Ha ha! Funny, funny, Alonzo! Until it’s you being shown a murder film by a guy with deep connections in Mexico who claims to have had people killed for his beliefs.

      • Alanzo-

        Your perspective is always so skewed.

        I feel that the video of the Mexican women getting axed to death is very

        It’s not about Suneel being hysterical…

        It’s about Suneel speaking the truth and ADMITTING the video is grotesque and should never have been shown to unsuspecting test subjects.

        The video doesn’t get to me, BUT it shouldn’t have been shown to the unsuspecting DOS women without a warning.


        Before the Frank Report posted the video, I made a post warning people not to watch it because it’s DISGUSTING.

        Suneel is saying the video isn’t that bad, AND that is a LIE!!!! That is deeply disturbing.

        Saying the video doesn’t bother you on a personal level is a hell of a lot different than saying the video is “not that bad” or evil which are total lies. The video is pure evil.


  • Suneel knows he was too busy practicing ballroom dancing to be beating up hookers on Grand Theft Auto that he has become desensitized to watching women getting their heads chopped off. No, he just a run of the mill emotionless psychopath.

  • What is striking about the report is the characteristic, or trait, of lack-of-empathy. Maybe that came later; I am not going to watch the video myself, my thoughts are with the victims and what they endured in their final moments.

    I have learnt a lot from this article, the links within it, and especially the comments below. Thank you for sharing.

    Might I share this, which mentions the “breaking down of the personality” in a similar group, and the leaders attempts to heal the damage. Those who do not recover are “dumped as casualties”, discarded. ( from 2010)

    • Great point.

      I was actually just about to post, that one of the things I have observed in many members of groups like this, especially the true believers and apologists, is that they almost never express concern or empathy that others may have been harmed by, or in the process of, their participation, perhaps just having reacted worse to the same things, or even having been subject to worse things. Groups like NXIVM and Scientology have a callously utilitarian, ends-justify-the-means underlying ideology even bordering on a sort of psycho-spiritual might-makes-right attitude towards others, that includes victim-blaming.

      Thus we see no consideration by Suneel that perhaps others without his inurement to violence from playing video games or whatever, might have been traumatized by watching (and being made to watch, without proper advanced consent) the video. And that those who were harmed may be far more numerous.

      • “Groups like NXIVM and Scientology have a callously utilitarian, ends-justify-the-means underlying ideology even bordering on a sort of psycho-spiritual might-makes-right attitude towards others, that includes victim-blaming.

        More generalizing and stereotyping with no actual experience inside any group labeled a “cult”, especially NXIVM or Scientology.

        Then, having set up the general stereotyping – assign those stereotypes to an individual that you don’t know and have never met.

        So many self-professed ‘cult experts’ operate this way, and people just swallow it. Other peoples’ cults are opaque to outsiders, and so these frauds like “Anonymaker” can stand there and ‘explain’ to outsiders what they want them to see.

        Don’t be fooled by this guy. Question what he says. Ask him for evidence for his word-salad claim that

        Thus we see no consideration by Suneel that perhaps others without his inurement to violence from playing video games or whatever, might have been traumatized by watching (and being made to watch, without proper advanced consent) the video.


        • You’ve made a completely mistaken generalization, or assumption, about my own personal experience with groups that might be called cults, which includes ones related to, and relevant to understanding, both Scientology and NXIVM.

          But then again you’re the one who decries those who generalize and denigrate — and then generalize and denigrate others as “pinhead anti-cultists”. You obviously really can’t even think analytically from one sentence to the next, or if you do know what you’re doing then you have some very disingenuous and intellectually dishonest agenda.

          What would actually be charitable, is to point out that in my observation, it’s actually quite common for people who are in Scientology or have been, to have been subject to such extreme thought reform, including thought-stopping, and habitually projecting or scapegoating on outsiders, that they seem unable to recognized the obvious contradictions and hypocrisies of what they say and do.

          How many different forums across the internet have you come and done this in, only to finally be kicked out? Unless you’re being compensated, it’s obviously not helping your recovery.

          • Alanzo sought me out on Twitter and made some outrageous claim. I spend my days reasoning things out, it’s what I’m paid to do; I think your observation that Alanzo is, erm, doing what he accuses others of doing is bang on. I’ve enforced a no-contact regime with Alanzo as prescribed by Dr Ramani and life is much better

  • “I feel very sad, and also grateful that I don’t have to deal with that type of violence or that sort of an environment as many people in Mexico do, and I feel very sad that they have to deal with that and have that threat ever-present in some parts so…” Suneel

    Build the Wall!
    Build it Now!

    The only way to protect America from this type of violence and to end this type of violence is to Build the Wall!
    Cut off the traffic in Illegal Drugs!
    Cut off the Illegal Human Trafficking!
    President Donald Trump is right.
    Texas Governor Greg Abbott is Right!

    Hispanics in Texas shifted to Donald Trump in 2020 because of the Wall!
    The Wall is good for America and Mexico!
    “How Trump Grew His Support Among Latinos
    He understood what motivated his voters, and he made sure they knew he did.
    Trump earned 28 percent of Latino votes in 2016 and approximately 32 percent in 2020. He was able to expand his support not only in southern Florida, where many typically conservative Cuban Americans live, but also among Latinos of different stripes across the country—in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin.”

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott next to the Texas Wall!

  • Re Ax Murder Portion of Video:

    I guarantee that portion of the video haunts the vast majority of people who watch it. Believe me, you don’t want it in your mind.

    The video is almost as disturbing to me as when I was on honeymoon in Santorini and witnessed a man’s HEAD get CRUSHED and his heart kept beating spewing BLOOD everywhere. Please excuse the graphic description, it’s only meant to give you a taste of what’s in the video.

    You’ve been warned!

      • —You’re disgusting “Nice Guy”.

        I’m disgusting — and I’m trying to make sure anyone who can’t handle something grotesque and unspeakable — does not watch the snuff film.
        The first dead man I saw was my father. He died on my birthday. After that, nothing gets to me. Maybe I seem callous – I don’t believe in sugarcoating death.

      • Anonymous 1:35pm-

        What’s disgusting is the video is a direct result of the war on drugs and the cocaine use by Americans.

        Know anyone who does coke? Show them the video. That video was made by a narco cartel. There are hundreds of videos like that video. American drug users are responsible for that video. Anyone that you know who has ever done cocaine has contributed the cartels’ crimes.

      • NutJob-

        Lately, I’ve been editing my comments; I edited out the reason I mentioned Santorini Island and should’ve edited out Santorini.

        Anyway there is a notorious sandy road with a ridge/cliff bend, it’s 600ft drop. The guy went over on a 4wheel ATV. Splat! I saw him die. The guy has been a passenger in my head ever since.

        At the Bend in the Road, where he died, they’re are literally dozens and dozens of wreathes commemorating everyone who died there in the last “10 Years” There is no guard rail.
        They actually have a name for the cliff bend it’s called the “Americano”. Americans die all the time.

        Luckily, I’ve got so many F’d up memories, his death doesn’t screw with me much.

        I feel bad for the people who only have a few tragic memories because those memories are too easy to dwell on.

        PS I haven’t been abroad except for Canada in 16 years. 😂

        • Violence follows Nice Guy to LA and Justin Bieber

          “At least three people were wounded early Saturday in a Los Angeles shooting that reportedly took place outside of a star-studded afterparty following a Justin Bieber show.

          TMZ reported that gunfire erupted outside the celebrity-packed bash at restaurant The Nice Guy around 2:45 a.m. According to TMZ, a fight involving rapper Kodak Black broke out and then gunshots could be heard, though it was unclear who the shooter was. The site also published video that appears to show part of the incident.”

          • SoCal!

            Did you know the former commentator known as Bangkok took his name from the Bangkok restaurant near where Heidi lived.

  • “I watched a disgusting video and was like, you know, um… sorta disgusted… “

    Very enlightening.

    Did anyone think for even one minute that this was “research”? Of course not. Nxivm was basically all about making people do things they didn’t want to do and pay for the privilege. Coercion, manipulation and control. Dominance and submission. Making the fools watch something they don’t want to see fits right in the game plan.

    Well one of the Nxivm leaders lost his medical license over this, so it had a happy ending.

  • Ugh. Just when a reader thought Frank Report could not offend the eyes any worse with a post photo… Suneel.

    Well played, Frank.

  • Man, Suneel is slower than molasses at discovering his support for KR all these years was support for a vile POS but I feel like he is at least starting to shake free of the wool covering his eyes, unlike the others still defending him. I give him 5 years to truly figure it out.

    • With keith enjoying 120, one of the ways former members broke free from believing the Raniere story has been obliterated. These dead-enders can’t watch keith turn on their friends and say horrible lies about people they know to be good. This potential wake-up call is not available to the Suneels. They’ll eventually figure it out. You can only look at a naked tubby emperor for so long before the lightbulb goes off in your naive brain.

      • — Look at a naked tubby emperor, so long

        Did you shower with him?

        “Long”, that’s must be back when he could get fully erect. NutJob you devil!

  • The biggest problems with Suneel are:
    – He has played too many video games worse than the snuff film.
    – He has already watched too many movies worse than the snuff film.
    – He has spent too much time with Raniere one-on-one.
    – He has spent too much time with Raniere’s dead enders.

    He has slowly broken down his brain to feel what a normal person would feel when something horrible is happening. It’s just normal for him now.

    Sure, he is clearly upset after watching the snuff film, but he cannot admit that. You can see it in his face, his eye movement and in the tone of his voice. That is the good news.

    That bad news is that he clearly has to lie about what is going on with him and he jumps into being rational, logical and analytical so as not to acknowledge his emotions to himself.

    God forbid Suneel give an inch that this film was a horrifying thing.

    That his Vanguard and the Mad Scientist Porter acted horribly to unknowing people of NXIVM. How could he take such a stand against them and the rest of his people?

    Suneel watched it willingly with full disclosure. Unlike those who were in this unauthorized research project put on by NXIVM.

    No one was qualified to do this research. No one filed the proper paperwork with the proper authorities.

    Mad Scientist Porter wasn’t qualified to do that kind of research. His PhD wasn’t in that kind of research.

    Nancy Salzman wasn’t a qualified psychotherapist to deal with any fallout from such an experiment, nor was any NXIVM staff.

    Danielle Roberts certainly wasn’t qualified to deal with this kind of project.

    Clare Bronfman money funding such a project, where did it come from? Could it have come from the cash from Mexico? What a perfect place for laundering such cash.

    What happened to all the paperwork from the project? Does the Mad Scientist Porter have it laying around or was it destroyed?

    All this will come out in the civil suit, I’m sure.

    You see, Suneel, this case has a lot of unanswered questions that you might not have considered.

    You have been too busy spending time on that Rule 33 motion we are still waiting to see. You also tried to get Moira Penza and her team to sign that paperwork saying she is doing her job correctly.

    All the while, you won’t take any time to research your own guy to see what the heck he was doing for decades.

    How about you wake the fuck up and get your head out of your ass while you still young enough to recover and rebuild your life.

    I don’t know how much clearer I can be. Raniere is not who you think he is. A handful of people are telling you is a good guy.

    Many more are telling you he isn’t. He was found guilty by 12 people who didn’t know him by evidence that wasn’t made up. (Take the one picture out of it if you want)

    Do your research, Suneel

    • Well put. This post-event rationalisation is why many cult followers are in fact intelligent, professional people. They cannot allow themselves to ‘feel’ wrong, as their whole self-identity would collapse. They are in fact afraid to feel their real emotions so retreat into their head and use their energy to convince themselves they’re right; their fragile egos also demand that you validate them … or you’re just ‘haters’ (to use the current linguo). All the DOSsier show this in their writings, particularly the lawyer (Mottishaw?) who can contort her mind into pretzels to self-justify.

      • “Anonymous” wrote:

        “All the DOSsier show this in their writings, particularly the lawyer (Mottishaw?) who can contort her mind into pretzels to self-justify.”

        All humans do this, not just “cult members” you disagree with.

        Michael Shermer in his book “Why People Believe Weird Things” wrote:

        “Smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons.’

        “That is to say, most of us most of the time come to our beliefs for a variety of reasons having little to do with empirical evidence and logical reasoning (that, presumably, smart people are better at employing).’

        “Rather, such variables as genetic predispositions, parental predilections, sibling influences, peer pressures, educational experiences, and life impressions all shape the personality preferences and emotional inclinations that, in conjunction with numerous social and cultural influences, lead us to make certain belief choices. Rarely do any of us sit down before a table of facts, weigh them pro and con, and choose the most logical and rational belief, regardless of what we previously believed. Instead, the facts of the world come to us through the colored filters of the theories, hypotheses, hunches, biases, and prejudices we have accumulated through our lifetime. We then sort through the body of data and select those most confirming what we already believe, and ignore or rationalize away those that are disconfirming.’

        “All of us do this, of course, but smart people are better at it through both talent and training. Some beliefs really are more logical, rational, and supported by the evidence than others, of course, but it is not my purpose here to judge the validity of beliefs; rather, I am interested in the question of how we came to them in the first place, and how we hold on to them in the face of either no evidence or contradictory evidence.”

        Everyone uses confirmation bias to protect their present belief system in this way.

        It’s only people who have had their own self-constructed cognitive scaffolding collapse on them, such as Ex-Cult members, who have been challenged enough to realize this for themselves. When you can hide behind, and be protected by, the vast numbers of self-deluded people in mainstream society, you rarely ever realize that you do this too. You all protect each other from ever finding it out.

        You know, like on the Frank Report.


        • Ask all those who are saying Suneel should feel worse than he is in their opinion, whether they feel the same way when they watch videos about how animals are treated in factory farms. Most of them probably don’t care, and just eat the meat, regardless of how and where it came from. It’s much easier to judge another person than to look at how desensitized we all are.

      • This is the complete opposite of rational thought.

        It’s their feelings that force them to “rationalize” (a term mostly used to indicate the bending of the irrational into being its anti) that enables them to maintain their state.

        Nicki isn’t doing whatever she’s doing because she thinks she’s a more critical thinker than others, or she really believes she’s right, or she can’t see how collateral is blackmail and it wasn’t informed consent because she can. She’s suffering a guilt complex for getting her boyfriend caught as well as still being emotionally bound to him as such. She’s just hiding the latter with intellectual pretenses.

        • It’s really ironic that the downfall of KR was started by Nicki Clyne giving away his location. How shitty it must be to wake up everyday realizing you were the reason he was arrested and now is in jail for the rest of his life. Viva Success!

          • Yes, and on top of that Nicki forgot to take the hard drive and camera out of Clifton Park as ordered by Raniere. You know, with the child porn on it. Another nail in Raniere’s coffin.

        • “This is the complete opposite of rational thought.”

          For this anonymous poster, “rational thought” equals ‘reasoning and conclusions that I agree with’.

          I don’t think that this anonymous coward would know rational thought if it bit them in the ass.


          • Alanzo,

            You are one to talk….

            …. For you, rational thought equals reasoning and conclusions that align with your confirmation bias….

            In other words, there is nothing rational going on in your cranium.

          • No, Alanzo, for this anonymous poster, rational thought equals reasoning and conclusions that agree with the laws of logic.

            For example, your comment didn’t directly address anything that was said in the comment, but simply attacked the person with an ad hominem, the most well-known and easiest of logical fallacies to understand.

            So it appears that you are the one who wouldn’t know “rational thought if it bit them in the ass.”

    • Good points.

      It may also be that, as in my observation is not uncommon with diehards and insiders of these sorts of groups, he has a more than average share of psychopathic traits himself, to begin with.

      • “Anonymaker” wrote:

        “It may also be that, as in my observation is not uncommon with diehards and insiders of these sorts of groups, he has a more than average share of psychopathic traits himself, to begin with.”

        It may also be that, as in my observation is not uncommon with diehards and insiders of anticultist groups, Anonymaker has a more than average share of psychopathic traits himself, to begin with.

        See how easy that is?


  • Suneel, I encourage you to read this transcript between Barbara Bouchey and Kristin Keeffe. Keith developed a plan to torture and rape women defectors into submission. This was March 24, 2015, long before the trial so you can’t claim they were lying for the prosecution.

    “Kristin: It was an anti-cult conference. Here is what Keith and Emiliano did: they bribed a Judge in Mexico to issue an indictment against you, and Toni, and Susan, and Kim. They were at different times considering adding Rick Ross and Joe O’Hara but then Joe got arrested, and all these other people. Then Keith wheedled it down to just being the four of you. You were going to be lured into Mexico, and when you got to Mexico, they were going to put you in fucking prison. You should see the emails!…

    Barbara: Were they really? How serious were they?

    Kristin: They were serious as a fucking heart attack. I saw the Judge’s decision. Keith helped write it, and there were issues about Emiliano translating it. He worked on this for years. Fucking years. This was like a three plus year plot in the making….

    “So, Keith downgraded the plot to have you guys thrown in prison where he expected you to be raped and rot.”

    I would encourage you to seek out Frank to determine if this is fact vs fiction.

    • It would be nice if Suneel would check this out, but he won’t. If he would research some of the crap Raniere did over the years.

      He’s too busy trying to get Raniere out of prison and be right about what a great guy he is. If he took a couple of weeks and looked at the other side of Raniere, he might find out he’s been wrong.

      I was invited to go to Mexico to speak at a anti-cult conference but didn’t fall into their trap. So was Toni, she didn’t either.

      We knew something fishy was up.

      My first response was “We will be killed if we go.”

      This was before Kristen Keefe called Barbara Bouchey.

      NXIVM was in full operation. I had won my lawsuit about 6-9 months before that.

      NXIVM never gave up going after us. They were always looking for ways to get us in a lawsuit, arrested for something, etc. It was a crazy time.

      I would go into a panic when FedEx stopped at my house. It’s how NXIVM served a legal case.

      I can’t tell you how many times I was followed. Cars parked by my house for hours, days.

      I knew Raniere would step over the line one day and would become his own worst enemy. It would be his behavior that would take him down.

      He finally took himself down and the masses of NXIVM woke up.

      • Hi, Susan. I remember you telling that story; so glad you had the intuition to stay away.

        The villain here in my opinion is Emiliano. He is on a recorded phone call with his buddy (I forget his name) flat out lying. Perhaps he is doing things quietly and not publicly to reach out and make amends; I hope that is the case.

        I think he owes reparations to you and everyone that nxivm sued into oblivion. He should be paying for all the surgeries the former DOS slaves had to pay to remove their brands. At the very least, he should be coming clean about this murderous kidnapping plot so that you all know the true scope of it and can keep yourselves safe. And IDK what he gains from being on the plaintiff side of the civil suit but I hope he gives that money away.

        I’m assuming Emiliano joined NXIVM believing it was good and wanting to do good. So, he should be trying to do good now that it is exposed. Otherwise, he is just a fraud IMO. IDK, what do you think?

        • Emiliano most likely joined NXIVM with good intent. Back then, none of us really knew what was going on except those who were very close to Raniere. Maybe 10 people.

          Mexico was just opening up and things were still pretty new with the company. Raniere had his hometown girlfriends but it seemed pretty “Albany Wives Club” at that point.

          It wasn’t until Raniere got his hands on big money from the Bronfmans that he was able to get some protection from those in high places in the Albany region that things started to go downhill.

          Emi and Raniere worked together on the deal with the Judge in Mexico. So, they are both villains. It most likely was Raniere’s idea with the help of Salzman.

          If he is or has tried to make things right, that’s all I need to be made whole with the situation. He can have any attorney send me an official letter of apology and proof that all charges have been dropped. I will sign a non-disclosure. I want my freedom to visit my friends in Mexico more than to rub anything in Emi’s face.

          I will never visit Mexico knowing I might be arrested for Raniere’s pleasure.

          Alex Betancourt can do the same as he and Clare Bronfman filed extortion charges against me and others in 2015 or 2016 in Mexico. How I did this when I hadn’t spoken to them since 2008 or 2009 is beyond me.

          I did speak to Clare while she was on the witnesses stand at my trial – NXIVM vs Susan Dones – but I’m sure the Judge wouldn’t allow any extortion attempts in his courtroom.

          As far as Emi and DOS, I have no knowledge of his involvement. I have never heard he was involved. I don’t understand why he would be responsible for paying for any damages if he wasn’t involved.

          I am not involved nor have I’ve ever been involved with the civil suit. I have no knowledge of who is, nor would I commentt on, if I did have.

    • He could easily respond that Kristin is a known liar. Unless that doc includes copies of the emails from Keith, it’s just hearsay. I’m not saying she is not telling the truth, but the words of one disgruntled woman don’t add up to much.

      • Kristin was in a position to observe and interact with Keith Raniere up close and in person. For many years.

        She’s the mother of Keith Raniere’s oldest son. Kristin KNOWS the man.

        Why is it when a woman has an opinion that someone else disagrees with it’s always a “disgruntled” woman, a “crazy” woman, a woman scorned?

        Can’t any woman actually just have a legitimate opinion based on their own personal experiences of a man? Or of anything? Why does it always have to be minimized with pejorative terms that are only used for females?

        That is a perfect example of Nxivm’s deep rooted misogyny.

        And an example of how a predator like Keith Raniere conditions his cult followers to cut his female victims off at the knees. “Oh, they are just jealous. Women are so vindictive. All women are liars.”

        Sometimes women say negative things about a former male partner simply because they are the truth.

        Your logic sets men up as infallible. It’s so dismissive of over half of the world’s population and their ability to report an authentically bad experience with the opposite sex.

        • I should have just written “a disgruntled person.” Gender doesn’t matter in this case. I didn’t mean to imply a disgruntled man would act differently. Even if Kristen is 100% telling the truth here, it honestly would mean nothing to the dead enders unless she has some documentation to back up what she’s saying.

          She hates Keith. Most people, let alone Nxivm loyalists, aren’t likely to believe extremely unfavorable tales about their friend that were spoken by their friend’s enemy. Ones with no proof. Where are all those emails she claimed to have? Don’t get me wrong, if I were Susan Dones or Rick Ross I would not have taken my chances on going to Mexico either way. But I would like to see the proof that what Kristen said is true. Without it, sure, it raises red flags, but you can’t take it as gospel (I.e. unquestionable truth) without some documentation that he had those plans.

  • I got a poem for that staunch fool defender of Keith Raniere. I understand Suneel composes on the piano. Maybe he could put it to music.

    She was only 15, only 15
    But I Fucked her so
    But she was too young to take naked pictures of
    And I was too stupid to know

    We’d laugh and I’d take pictures of her snatch
    And it make my flaccid member grow
    But she was too young to spread legs so wide
    And I was too stupid to know

    So why did I cum so fast
    It never will explode so large again
    But I was a mere lad of 46
    I’ve aged four years in prison since then

    She was only 15, only 15
    Ooh, with a vagina that would glow
    But she was too young to take naked pictures of
    And I was too stupid not to know

    to throw them out instead of keeping them for the FBI to find.

    • This poem is filth like the owner of this website, and it should be taken down and he should be taken out. He’s an asshole.

      Fuck you, Frank.

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