Glazer Seeks ‘Emergency’ Hearing: Clyne, Roberts, Porter, Hatchette Are ‘Terrorizing Clients’!

Neil Glazer, the Philadelphia attorney for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Sarah Edmondson, et al versus Keith Raniere, et al, has filed a motion for an emergency hearing claiming that three defendants – Nicki Clyne, Brandon Porter, and Danielle Roberts – along with their associate, Michele Hatchette – are terrorizing his clients by their threats to reveal their names publicly.

Neil Glazer

Plaintiffs’ attorney, Neil Glazer, filed his letter today with the court.

Judge Eric Komitee is presiding over the civil case.

Below are the relevant parts of the Glazer letter:

Dear Judge Komitee:

We write to request an emergency status conference, before Your Honor or Chief Magistrate Judge Pollack, to address an ongoing public campaign by several Defendants and a close associate to intimidate, threaten and harass Plaintiffs in this action.

This letter supplements our February 4, 2022 letter (No. 136), with more recent developments highlighting the gravity and urgency of the situation. While the conduct described herein and in Plaintiffs’ February 4 letter offer ample grounds for Plaintiffs to move for sanctions and injunctive relief, the three Defendants involved in these matters are pro se, their behavior is not conducive to any pre-motion meet and confer process, and we believe a conference with the Court may in the first instance be a more efficient route than motions that may require extensive briefing and possible evidentiary proceedings….

On February 8, 2022, Defendant Brandon Porter posted a message to Plaintiff Sarah Edmondson’s public Facebook page, asking why she is suing him, stating “[i]t looks like a joke, but this is very serious,” and seemingly blaming her for the loss of his medical license. Ex. 1.

Exhibit 1
Lead plaintiff Sarah Edmondson is co-host of a podcast called “A Little Bit Culty.

Calling Ms. Edmondson out on social media is both appalling and impermissible – a Defendant cannot contact a Plaintiff who is represented by counsel to discuss any aspect of this litigation….  and “[a] pro se [litigant] is not exempt from compliance with relevant rules . . .”

Nicki Clyne


Defendant Danielle Roberts is an avid practitioner of yoga.

Roberts is determined to fight.
Defendant Danielle Roberts doing yoga postures. She is accused of joining a campaign to intimidate the plaintiffs suing her.

Dr. Roberts practices yoga


Michele Hatchette, a close associate

Mr. Porter’s Facebook post occurs in the context of the ongoing campaign to threaten, disparage and harass Plaintiffs.

Between Mr. Porter, his co-defendants Ms. Clyne and Ms. Roberts, and their associate, Ms. Hachette, there have been more than 100 tweets, retweets,1 endorsements (“likes”), 2 and statements on other social media platforms and internet sites.

Each of these three Defendants is publicly supporting and participating in this campaign fronted by Ms. Hachette, who, in a February 5, 2022 statement on Twitter, said that she is “fighting for the defendants who are my brothers and sisters who cannot defend themselves adequately” in the litigation.

Ex. 2, p. 1


Exhibit 2, Page 1


Exhibit 2, Page 2


Exhibit 2, Page 3


Exhibit 2, Page 4
Exhibit 2, Page 5


Exhibit 2, Page 6


Dr. Brandon Porter lost his NYS medical license for experiments he purportedly conducted without employing proper protocols – including lack of informed consent. He is now being accused of terrorizing plaintiffs who are suing him.

Mr. Porter endorsed Ms. Hachette’s tweet linking to the written threat on the DOSsier Project website and he endorsed Ms. Clyne’s retweet of the link to Ms. Hachette’s threatening video statement.

Ex. 3.

Exhibit 3, Page 1


Exhibit 3, Page 2


On February 6, Ms. Clyne posted a tweet enthusiastically encouraging people to follow Ms. Hachette’s stream of combative tweets, which was endorsed by, among others, Mr. Porter.

Ex. 4.

Exhibit 4

One day earlier, February 5, Ms. Roberts likewise encouraged people to follow that stream of tweets.

Ex. 5.

Exhibit 5, Page 1
Exhibit 5, Page 2


That there be no mistaking Mr. Porter’s intent in posting the message to Ms. Edmondson’s Facebook page, both Ms. Clyne and Mr. Porter endorsed Ms. Hachette’s direct attacks on Ms. Edmondson (and, in several tweets, her husband, Plaintiff Anthony Ames).

Ex. 6.

Exhibit 6, Page 1


Exhibit 6, Page 2
Exhibit 6, Page 3


Exhibit 6, Page 4


Exhibit 6, Page 5


Exhibit 6, Page 6

Defendants are acting in concert with Ms. Hachette as their stalking horse. Their “fight” isn’t about fairness or due process, it’s about contempt for these proceedings and retribution. They are railing against both named and unnamed Plaintiffs, and there is absolutely no reason to believe that they will stop even if Plaintiffs accede to their demands.

To the contrary, in an interview published on February 5, 2022, Ms. Hachette stated “Even if they decide to drop out now, I think they should have to answer for their claims and be held responsible for the damage they’ve caused.”

In that interview, she also reiterates her demand: “This is not a matter of if this is going to happen, it’s a matter of who will say it. This is not a threat; it is a promise.”…

Ms. Hachette’s offensive statements in that interview about certain Plaintiffs speak volumes for the real intent, to publicly shame and intimidate Plaintiffs, and the three Defendants’ continued social media activity clearly demonstrates their encouragement.

The Court has inherent power to control the proceedings and parties before it….  Among a court’s inherent powers is “[t]he power to punish contempts . . . Defendants intent is transparent, and public threats to disclose the identity of Plaintiffs while their motion for a protective order is pending are clearly beyond the pale. So, too, are malicious statements inconsistent with the decorum and dignity of court proceedings, which may continue“ [e]ven if [Plaintiffs] decide to drop out” of the litigation.

This conduct is terrorizing some Plaintiffs and it must stop. Ordinarily, Plaintiffs’ counsel would meet and confer with opposing counsel before contemplating motions or requesting a conference. But Defendants are unrepresented parties, their behavior is quite volatile, and Plaintiffs’ counsel are extremely reluctant to directly engage with them to discuss these matters and inform them of our opinions regarding their legal duties, which is treacherous territory under the rules of professional responsibility. Plaintiffs respectfully request that the Court schedule a conference at its earliest convenience or refer this matter to Chief Magistrate Judge Pollack for her immediate attention.

Respectfully submitted,

Neil L. Glazer

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  • Don’t really anticipate any jury siding with a rogue, cult doctor doing unregulated psych experiments in an Albany restaurant.

    But especially not this ex Dr. With his smug, mug. Porter looks smarmy and harm-y.

  • Temporary Restraining Oder granted

    Now the the defendants have to show up personally in court on February 17th i think it is.

    Bahahahahahaha, this little dog and pony show back fired in their face.

    The Judge has had enough

    • Snorlax – Frank is catering to his male audience. Personally, I’d like see some Nippy dick pics.

      P.S. I’m not Alanzo. He loves only women.

  • Anyone notice Porter and Roberts are still using their surnames- “Dr.”
    They must have forgotten they can no longer practice medicine and can’t consider themselves “Dr.”

  • Yes. The Jane Does MUST be named. They are naked and afraid. Make them badass by showing their names.

    Coward girls.

  • To Make Justice Blind:

    Please remember the fact that the First Amendment protects your speech; it doesn’t protect Kieth from your speech and actions.

  • It’s not a cult and we’re going to prove it. This time the haters will see their hate and the anonymous Jane Does will see their cowardice!!!!!!

    • It’s not a cult? LOL this is getting comical!

      Its not a cult, no one was sexually abused, all 100+ people are lying, Keith is a great person and our lord and savior. Holy shit yall are way more brainwashed than I originally thought LMAO. Makes me wonder if any of you diehards will ever snap out of it? My guess…NOPE!

    • Hey Pea Onyu! Isn’t it ironic that you are on here commenting anonymously? Should we just call you “Jane Doe” LOL. If you are so sure about your statements, why hide? Come forth with your “evidence” and prove us all wrong. Keith is sitting in a dark hole waiting for you to bring this evidence to light and get him out of prison LOL…what are you waiting for? Pedophiles dont last long in prison so PLEASE HURRY!! HAHAHAHAHA

  • If Michele Hatchette really has this alleged enormous, mountain of evidence that truly proves that complainants are lying, then wtf why did Michelle NOT come forward with stated “evidence” in the criminal case? There are plenty of cross-over plaintiffs.

    The cult die-hard followers are just making veiled threats to release the blackmail/collateral.

    Photos of nude, branded women who were forced to “look happier” will only backfire on the dead-enders. Emails that a slave’s master blackmailed a woman into writing to Keith Raniere for a “seduction assignment” will not help dead-enders either. Nor will texts showing that slaves were coerced into writing to vanguard, the pedophile and child pornographer.

    If Michele Hatchette knowingly held back “evidence” that could have helped Keith Raniere in his criminal trial, she’s a psychopath.

    If Michele Hatchette is using veiled threats to release blackmail, then she’s trying to intimidate plaintiffs in a civil case.

    Either way, Michelle is a very unethical human being with a broken moral compass.

    • ‘If Michele Hatchette knowingly held back “evidence” that could have helped Keith Raniere in his criminal trial, she’s a psychopath’

      I think it likely that both Clyne and Hatchette may have passed the Porter Test.I think they are more likely to have psychopathic traits that can be roundly exploited in a situation like this with their full consent. I don’t accept they were good people brainwashed to evil deeds, I think both already had a predisposition to very self centred entitled defiant mendaciousness, nxium just gave them their head.

  • Things which Make Justice Blind should contemplate:

    •Keith says to his acolytes, “Let’s show this Judge who we are.”
    Keith receives a 120-year sentence.

    Post trial:
    •Nex’ers show up at a former-prosecutor’s workplace.

    •Suneel Chakravorty and Nicki,
    Harass an FBI (computer forensic) agent.

    •Michele Hatchette repeatedly harasses former federal prosecutor Moira Penza.

    •Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, and the whacky Doc Porter “terrorize” lawsuit plaintiffs.

    Why SuperMax Prisons Exist:

    “Those who cannot be controlled through other means.”

    “Supermax prisons were constructed to increase the safety…of the public.”

    An excellent example: Dwight York, cult-leader, and pedophile was sent to the SuperMax after ordering his followers to harass members of the public.

    I wonder what the Nx’ers believe they’re accomplishing, by harassing current/past DOJ members and plaintiffs, other than getting Keith Raniere sent to a SuperMax.

    Keep it up M.J.B. and Keith will end up in unadulterated living hell.

    Don’t take my word for it! Take *El Chapo’s word: “It’s worse than death”.

    *El “Chapo” Guzman was the head of the Sinola Cartel. Currently, he is attempting to get transferred to a normal maximum-security prison. The SuperMax in Colorado according to Amnesty International amounts to a gigantic torture chamber.

    • This is an awesome point. These hijinks are buying Keith a one-way ticket to Florence. Which is the completely right response.

  • The transcript of plaintiffs Sara Edmonson and Anthony Ames’ podcast episode with Moira Penza focuses on the defendants in this lawsuit extensively.

    Moira Penza 47:37
    You know, one of the things that I felt was even, you know, more curious or disturbing was kind of the petition on behalf of, I think it was Nicki Clyne and Michelle Hatchet, where they were basically saying that you know, for whatever reason, they haven’t testified on Keith Raniere’s behalf including, you know, my actions. And you know, it’s just, it’s just such garbage. They were in Brooklyn, the judge would have, of course, had subpoenas issued for them to testify at trial had Keith Raniere wanted them to testify at trial. Like I know that if they had taken the stand in Keith Raniere’s defense, we would have had a verdict in an hour instead of, you know, four hours.”

    In fact, many of their podcast episodes focus on the defendants in this case.

    I find it ultra Glazer-esque to run to the judge about his anonymous defendants being “terrorized” on social media and in interviews while his plaintiffs discuss the lives and the beliefs of the named defendants, derogatorily and continually, on any platform they can manage, and have for years now.

    Those defendants in SuperStar Neal’s BigPayDay® lawsuit, who have not been charged with any crime, have had their lives and careers ruined precisely because they can not be anonymous, and because SuperStar Neal’s plaintiffs discuss them continually and derogatorily in public and on social media.

    It is my understanding that Sarah Edmonson published a book, went to the New York Times, and runs a podcast almost solely devoted to whipping up sentiment against the remaining members of DOS and NXIVM – who she is suing. Each of these defendants are publicly humiliated every day on social media and here on the pages of the Frank Report from information Sarah Edmonson has promoted. It is my understanding that Sarah Edmonson has benefitted commercially from doing this, and will benefit more from it if she wins her lawsuit.

    I believe that Sarah Edmonson is a public figure, especially with regard to the DOS brand, its branding ceremony, and those still participating in DOS and NXIVM.

    I hope judge Eric Komitee is able to recognize both sides’ rights and interests with regard to SuperStar Neal’s emergency motion.


    • Alanzo, you’re a smart guy and you’re in contact with the DOSsier Project. Why didn’t they testify on Keith’s behalf at the trial?

      • Michele Hatchett submitted an affidavit to the court that she was threatened by the prosecution with a perjury charge if she testified for Raniere’s defense.

        Frank reported about it here:

        “…4 I believe I would have been a critical defense witness at the trial in the matter of United States v. Keith Raniere as I was in a unique position to speak of my experience in DOS as another woman whom Ms. Mack invited into and mentored within the organization.

        However, as will be explained in detail later, I was threatened by the prosecution and feared an unfounded indictment if I did testify. ….

        It’s my understanding that other potential witnesses were threatened by the prosecution if they testified for the defense, too.


        • Alanzo, Agnifilo could have subpoenaed her or Nicki if he thought they’d be valuable defense witnesses. Why do you think he didn’t put them on the stand?

  • Frank, why is Nicki even allowed in the US? Ship her ugly ass back to Canada. It came out in the trial that her marriage to Allison was illegal, and they are no longer married. So, get her out of this country. Oh, and Nicki, take that Michelle Bat-Chette with you.

  • Very mixed message from the dead-enders.

    “Women should not sue anonymously”

    “That’s the only real issue here. For all Americans blah blah fake rhetoric to gin up the idiots who follow them blah blah ”

    Sarah Edmondson has always been named in the lawsuit.

    Brandon Porter attacks Sarah Edmondson publicly. For suing him. And for putting her name on it.

    Brandon Porter succeeds in both proving why some of the people suing them want their anonymity. (To not suffer the cult loyalists harassing and trying to intimidate them) and that it’s not REALLY about anonymity at all. IT’S ABOUT THE LAWSUIT. Which Brandon clearly says to the clearly NOT anonymous Sarah Edmondson

    There’s never been any doubt why the dead-end cult followers are harassing those suing. But the dead-enders aren’t even skilled at keeping their fake messaging straight. And their true motives have been revealed.

    • BREAKING: Brandon Porter is not Michele Hatchett.

      They’re two different people.

      I know. It’s hard because you have that mental construct of “CULT” in your mind which, like the n-word, makes you lump completely different and separate people together as the same.

      Just remember, Brandon Porter is not Michele Hatchet. Once you have that down, work your way out from there.


      • Michele Hatchette tagged people including Sarah Edmondson who already ARE named in the civil lawsuit. And these people Michele tagged have never hidden their identity

        Michele criticizes, mocks and tags Sarah E. In the context of Michele’s posts about revealing the unnamed civil plaintiffs.

        NAMED plaintiffs are tagged from the very start of Michele’s threats to name other unnamed plaintiffs. What do any other people’s choices about anonymity have to do with Sarah Edmondson? Nothing. So why bother Sarah with it at all?

        What does Michele Hatchette want from Sarah E? Sarah has already (and always has been) named in the civil suit?

        Same with other already NAMED plaintiffs that Michele tagged. These NAMED plaintiffs are not in control of the unnamed plaintiffs remaining. Leave the named plaintiffs out of your campaign if the remaining anonymity of other plaintiffs is truly your complaint.

        It’s an illogical and disingenuous move.

      • The “N” word and the word cult are not even remotely same….

        And here I thought the RingDing King had changed his evil ways…

      • —Brandon Porter is not Michele Hatchett.

        You can tell the difference between a white man and a black woman…..

        Do you have superpowers?

  • It’s clear that the members of this group are true Raniere followers and have no self-respect and manners.

    Michele Hatchette is off the rails and is one angry woman. Spiteful is not good enough for where she is at.

    The DOSsier Project has a lawyer, Linda Chung, on their team. She hasn’t stepped up to help this pack of wolves with their situation. She could be giving them some advice.

    If they don’t watch themselves, they are going to end up in deeper trouble than they are already.

    For some, what could be worse? Two doctors have lost their licenses and Clyne has washed up her acting career.

    Twitter and Facebook accounts can be lost. The judge can issue Temporary Restraining Orders against them, fine them, and even start an investigation to see if charges need to be filed against them.

    Raniere sits back in prison and gets a good laugh as he watches these people slowly destroying their lives.

    If they think he gives a shit about any of them, Ha! The joke is on them. Just ask Nancy and Lauren Salzman, and Karen Unterreiner. I’d mention a couple more, but they died thinking he cared about them.

    Raniere doesn’t have the capability to care about anyone outside of himself.

    Good luck with your battle for his justice, you brain dead zombies. I’d say get a life, but you can’t listen to reason. Your brains don’t work anymore.

    • This is spot on – “Raniere sits back in prison and gets a good laugh as he watches these people slowly destroying their lives.

      If they think he gives a shit about any of them, Ha! The joke is on them. Just ask Nancy and Lauren Salzman, and Karen Unterreiner. I’d mention a couple more, but they died thinking he cared about them.

      Raniere doesn’t have the capability to care about anyone outside of himself.”


    • I find it ultra Glazer-esque to run to the judge about his anonymous defendants being “terrorized” on social media and in interviews while his plaintiffs discuss the lives and the beliefs of the named defendants, derogatorily and continually, on any platform they can manage, and have for years now.

      Those defendants in SuperStar Neal’s BigPayDay® lawsuit, who have not been charged with any crime, have had their lives and careers ruined precisely because they cannot be anonymous, and because SuperStar Neal’s plaintiffs discuss them continually and derogatorily in public and on social media., THAT SUMS IT UP and I hope the judge takes it into account as well. Life isn’t a one lonely lane only, it’s a two-way highway and the mudslinging has gone on for far too long in one direction. Fair is fair.
      Frankly, whether you believe Keith’s intent is to relish in this destruction or not, (You’re Not in his head), you have facilitated this destruction of former co-workers, friends, and people who were contributing their time and efforts to what they considered a peaceful, non-violent attempt at a more disciplined society. Right or wrong, if your ultimate goal was to stop him, you did, but your need to drag others down and hold their heads under water indefinitely seems more appalling than films watched by millions and hits at the box office described as SMUT, etc.,

      The government surprised me when I looked for a discount on drivers’ insurance and could save 10% by taking the classes they offered for safe driving and BAM, I was hit with a video of a young lady’s head being severed OFF and bouncing down the road, due to a drunk driver!!
      Can I sue the government for that?

        • The moniker I use was in reference to
          The viscous witch hunt and accusations I found here, the 2 is too, in addition to slinging mud , literally ppl here physically stalked, in person, virtually and over the phone, that’s my reference.
          Sometimes I dont find that other sock, that’s ok with me

  • Tomorrow, February 11, 2022, Nick Clyne will be 39 years old. Congratulations on that. Not everyone manages to remain free and relatively or completely unscathed like Nicki with her continued foolishness and involvement in crime. That’s an accomplishment to be recognized, or just great luck. Nicki, the lucky girl.

  • I love Michele’s Tweet where she states that the defendants have a right to know who their accusers are!

    Hey Brainiac, the names are known to the defendants; they’re only Does to the general public.

    I’m so glad I stumbled in here after watching the HBO documentary. It’s mesmerizing to read the culty thoughts of these suckers!

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