Who’s More Fashionable: Nicki Clyne or Moira Kim Penza?

Who's more fashionable, Clyne or Penza?

Who’s More Fashionable, Nicki Clyne or Moira Penza?

One of our commenters noted that Nicki Clyne was sporting a $900 pair of sunglasses and a Cartier watch.

Nicki Clyne stands in front of a Lamborghini sporting her $60 Rag & Bone sunglasses and Inspire FitBit

Commenter Money 💰 to burn 🔥 on 2022/02/06 at 5:30 pm

To Judge Eric R. Komitee:

Nicki Clyne has money! Nicki Clyne is wearing new designer jewelry and clothes all the time, plus she travels around the United States on an apparent permanent vacation. On one trip she’s wearing $900 designer sunglasses pared with a Cartier watch! Here’s the proof she’s got boku bucks:


Frank Report reached out to Clyne to ask about the matter – and to find out where the hell she got the money to buy $900 sunglasses when she drives a 2011 Subaru, which, in a filing in the Glazer lawsuit, she claimed is her only asset.

A Cartier watch is no inexpensive bauble. It runs around $3,000.

Now, is this chic chick going around claiming poverty, worth only $40 each to the 71 plaintiffs, having only a 2011 Subaru to liquidate? Yet sporting about with $900 sunglasses and a Cartier watch? We don’t know what her shirts and pants are worth.

Is she openly mocking the hungry, thirsty, and needy Jane Does by a blatant show of fashion while the Does hide in anonymity?

We sought out Clyne and asked her to reveal all.

“I’m sorry to disappoint,” she said. “My ‘Cartier watch’ is actually a Fitbit (step-tracker), which I’ve had for a few years, with a $10 custom band from Amazon. The sunglasses are designer, on sale for $60. Thus, you have the proportion of things said about me and reality. A $3,000 watch is a $100 Fitbit, $900 sunglasses cost me $60. This should help your readers, I think, the next time they hear stories. The ratio of truth to things said about me vs. reality is about 10:1. That is 90% bull and 10% reality.”


Rag and Bone Sunglasses costing $60 from Nordstrom Rack
Fitbit step-tracker watch costs $80


Penza Is Stylish Too

Moira Kim Penza featured in her Taylor Swift pajamas actually put down a pretty penny for her puckish pajamas.

Our sources indicate the Taylor Swift pajama ensemble that our pert and perspicacious former prosecutor portrays costs nothing less than $400 plus tax.

She can afford it after her enormous promotion following her scintillating victory in her prosecution of Raniere.

Viva Executive Success!

Moira Kim Penza

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  • Nicki Clyne’s website is sooo good! Talk about delusional in every sense of the word. She even says on there “Own your opinions. We all have them, but opinions are not facts, and should not be presented as such.” THA FUCK HAHAHA .

    Nicki Clyne has worked as an actor, writer, news analyst and television host, but it wasn’t until she experienced the failings of the criminal justice system first-hand that she decided to dedicate herself to much needed advocacy efforts in the field. She works directly with people inside prison, advocates for free speech and due process, and speaks on a number of current, often controversial, issues. Oh, and she was part of NXIVM and DOS, which landed her dead center in an international media scandal and high-profile federal trial… and she’s just getting started.”

    You cant make this shit up folks! She even lies on her own website…You are not a “News analyst” Nicki… You are not a “television host” Nicki…Shit…you aren’t even an actress…you haven’t worked in over a decade. You are not an advocate for anyone other than Keith R. who is a convicted pedophile. You don’t work with anyone inside a prison other than convicted Nxivms. Oh and wait…”She is just getting started” Hahahah! Hopefully started on your way back to Canada.

    • Nicki said: “it wasn’t until she experienced the failings of the criminal justice system first-hand that she decided to dedicate herself to much needed advocacy efforts in the field.”

      Here’s two failings of the criminal justice system: 1) She wasn’t indicted with Mack for DOS, and 2) She wasn’t deported for Immigration fraud for her false marriage to Mack.

  • Moira Penza picked a pair of puckish pajamas. If Penza paired her puckish pajamas with her perspicacious pomposity, how many parts of pert pajamas plus pecking parody of purposeful parsing would Moria Penza purport?

  • I’m just gonna say it plainly.

    If I’d ever been stupid enough to join the secret society known as DOS, I’d be ready for a full on fist-fight upon learning that they’d branded me with the initials of their polyamorous sex partner. I’m not into that kind of thing.

    I promise you that had this been done to me, it would have taken more than every ounce of self restraint that I have within my entire being to avoid beating the shit out of whoever it was that lied to me about it.

    (Nicole is obviously better and smarter than me!)

    These women should be counting their lucky stars that it’s just a law suit and not a broken nose and post concussion syndrome.

    Their behavior is absolutely disgusting, and only made all the more so by their complete inability to see the error of their ways.

    So? Who is more stylish? I dunno. They are both stylish and attractive. But in comparing an accomplished lawyer who used her intelligence to successfully lay a RICO charge against a criminal organization VS some chick with mashed potato for brains who thinks it’s “bad ass” to brand her so-called “friends” with the initials of her polyamorous, child raping boyfriend?

    I believe the winner is clear. Moira is not only stylish and beautiful but is also intelligent, educated and the kind of girl who gets shit done. Unlike poor Nicki who seems to have believed that throwing a dance party with a couple of her friends outside a jailhouse would be enough to create a movement that would liberate her nasty boyfriend from the life he freely chose and created for himself.

    • I concur, my2cents. Never seen this many creeps from one “community” so individually deserving of an ass whooping.

      Maybe the branded women were too tired from all the readiness drills? Or had moved past hangry and were just too weak with hunger? No. It was the BLACKMAIL. It probably kept them all in line…

      But ever since hearing about DOS/Nxivm, I still CANNOT believe that none of them culty frontline harem slaves or Keith didn’t catch hands.

      … Not even Jessica Jones? She seems like she’s capable of a little hands-on street justice. And I mean that in the BEST way.

      But really Jessica used her street smarts in a better way by getting proof of blackmail

      Really, it’s probably all for the best. We would never, ever hear the end of “the brutal assault on Keith” for the next decade if one of the branded slaves had rightfully just kicked vanguard in the nuts.

      Still. Nobody? No one took a swing?!

      • Ahh! “Remember kids:” my bad. I actually did mean Jessica, not Nicole. Jessica, the one who fought back by securing proof of the blackmail. That is definitely who I was thinking of. I’m so proud of that girl!

        I hope her beauty, confidence, integrity and smarts bring her all the best things in life. She’s truly the embodiment of a bad ass woman and I’m sure she will go on to do many more great things.

  • Second message to Vanguard Pro Tempore Nicki Clyne:

    Here is a female preacher from Glendale, California named Melissa Scott who has an impressive presentation.
    Her message is simple.
    And her dress and mannerisms are simple and modest.

    Her dress does not detract from or interfere with her message.
    More Melissa Scott and less Reverend Ike.

    Taylor Swift And Westboro Baptist Are In The Same Boat by Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.

  • Hi, Frank – super fun obscure topic and content. I guess you’re branching out?

    Personally, I am looking forward to your update article on your legal situation. I remember when you updated the website and lost tons of comments and stories. So, I was happy to see that when I went through the archives I could re-read your article from Decemeber 16, 2016 to refresh my memory of the indictment. Any timeline for your next article on your legal update? Or shall it be who has better fashion O’Hara or Tighe? Thank you.

  • I wish Frank would show the pic of Moira in high heels with her see through white paints and black thong underwear like she appeared in court. She won the judge’s favor hands down over Marc Agnifilo. Such a nice little lass the judge kept saying o’er and o’er. Such a nice little lass – when she turned and walked away.

  • Perhaps the ex-Nxers can finance their goals with a line of clothing. Such as sweat pants or leggings with the DOS brand logo displayed tastefully in the crotch area.

  • But what about Nicki working hard to pay her mama back after Nicki busted into her mom’s retirement account? Maybe get a job. ANY job to pay your own mother back? She’s retired for goodness sake. You are almost 40! Pay. Your. Mom. Back.

    Is this those infamous ESP principles in action? It’s no way for an ethicist-in-training to behave…

    And Moira. No question. Keith would pick Moira over Nicki all day everrry day. And that’s all that matters, right? What Keith Raniere wants?

  • Don’t know who is more fashionable, but Nicki Clyne definitely needs dance classes. Kindly meant.

    But, seriously, Nicki, is all “this” research for a one act play? Are you keeping a log? Will all this end up in a book?

  • It must be really slow NXIVM News time
    Now, Frank is talking about fashion between Nicki and Moira

    A highly educated successful attorney who has nothing to prove to these NXIVM die hands


    A washed-up actor, Raniere dead-ender trying to prove DOS was great when 150+ said it wasn’t, says she is fighting for justice but, as we know, she’s only fighting for her lover.

    Come on, Frank, out of all the photos you have of Moira, you pick one of her in her pajamas.

    Who’s a little bit bent in favor of these NXIVM leftovers, Frank?

    All the storyline for them this past year?
    What’s in it for you, Frank?
    Are they contributing to your legal defense fund, Frank?
    There’s a strange shift in your posts, it’s been slow but it’s showing.

    More and more NXIVM five support and now the DOS women


    • In response to slow news? I actually love that picture of Moira in her PJ’S! No makeup. No work uniform. Just radiating an easy and comfortable beauty, while relaxing at home. I think the photo is lovely and adorable! I mean? Just look at that face! She’s so pretty and I love her hair! 😍

      • Yup, have to agree, there’s Moira all real life winner, so stylish in her cute, very expensive P.J.’s [one can afford these treats on an income one has worked real hard for!] and then there’s poor Nicki Clyne, requiring make-up and hair for continuity — which, let’s face it, only makes sense on a set and it’s been a while since she’s seen one of those and sadly, she may never be invited onto another, at least, one with catering, green rooms, actors’ union type perks…sad. Not stylish at all, at all, which for an actor — not great.

  • Facts are important. Good to know that Frank has a direct line to Nicki.

    Moira and Nicki are both attractive and stylish women. Moira wins, however, because she doesn’t dance in front of a prison for a criminal cult leader in her shorts. That kind of ruins it in the style department.

    However, both fucked Raniere, but only one of them did it literally.

    • With so many literally, it is the figurative fuck that has transformed and defined him forever.

      As for the FR noting and comparing women’s style, this remains part of our culture and how we define feminine power. Pondering with amusement how Keith wished to expel the feminine weaknesses as he defined, yet coveted and collected women to empower himself and prove his own masculinity successful. Comparing these women seems like something KR would do to further destroy, humiliate and control. We as readers of FR represent better than DOS, which likely would have one woman rewarded with Keith’s flacid manhood and the loser paddled or put in a cage. For us readers, the ultimate win would be them both sharing with each other — and us — their fashion and beauty tips, along with their triumphs accomplishing their goals.

      What is most sexy is appreciating both women. If anything, encouraging Nicki Clyne align her capabilities with her own original vision, strengths, and beauty to do something amazing or even just worthy. She may look to Moira for inspiration, who took action and kicked ass after reading The New York Times article on NXIVM. She made a legal and media name for herself without asking for permission.

      Suspecting KR’s fantasy and fear is women owning their power, vision, creativity, desires, sensuality, beauty, intellect. I believe this is who he wishes to be when he grows up. Moira is just further along on owning this about herself and NC needs encouragement to forget about the DOS brand and be her own. Both women demonstrate they can be fearless… NC for one person outside of herself and Moira for many. As that commercial conveys, we all know what “priceless” is.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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