Penza on Raniere Supporters ‘Storming’ Her Office: ‘It was Frightening They Would Come to My Work’

Scary Raniere (It rhymes)

Thanks to our good friend, Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield, who unearthed Moira Penza’s exact quote relative to the “storming of the office.”

In yesterday’s post, Exclusive Footage of Raniere Supporters ‘Storming’ Penza’s Office, we reviewed videos of the ‘storming’ of Penza’s office by staunch followers of Keith Raniere.

Let us now review what Penza said in an interview with Anthony ‘Nippy’ Ames and Sarah Edmondson on their lovely podcast, “A Little Bit Culty.

Clip of Moira Penza on November 22, 2021 on A Little Bit Culty“:

Moira Kim Penza on “A Little Bit Culty”

It Was Frightening

Here is the audio, where one can hear Ms. Penza’s voice as she describes her concern when the supporters of Raniere showed up.

Anthony Ames 45:16:
Okay, here’s one and it doesn’t chap my ass because it’s not offensive. It’s funny. The day or the week of Keith’s sentencing. I guess the group is, or whatever it is. They give an affidavit to the judge to sign right before the sentencing of Keith Raniere under the assumption that justice isn’t blind, it just seems to me like ‘Way to insult the people who are about to decide your fate!”. In a lot of ways. I wonder what that’s like for you and then they go to your office?’

Moira Penza 45:49:
“They did go to my office. And that was frightening.”

Anthony Ames 45:52:
“It is a little bit frightening because you’re dealing with people that are unstable. I totally agree. Sorry…”

Moira Penza 45:58:
“I wasn’t actually at my office that day. My law firm has a DC office and a New York office. And so I actually wasn’t at the New York office that day, but it was frightening that they would come to my work. And you know, these are people who I did believe were in touch with Keith Raniere, who I did believe were acting at his behest, and who I believe, you know, I have no idea why they were there.”

“And so that was startling and I immediately did contact Keith Raniere’s lawyer and made clear that if anything like that were to happen again that I would take additional steps to protect myself. But you know, thankfully, there’s been nothing since then. But you know, the whole thing was just total nonsense.”

“I mean, my integrity has been on the line since day one, right? I’m an officer of the court. Everything I do is with the knowledge that I am there as a representative of the government. You know, my entire mission, the whole reason I’m doing that job is to seek justice. And so, you know, really, it’s just so pathetic to think that you know, you’re going to come in and try and impugn my integrity when you’re standing up for this person who has literally committed these heinous crimes. Who has lied over and over and over again, and, you know, in demonstrable ways, you know, it just really isn’t worth a lot of energy.


Alanzo’s Comment on Penza

Alanzo,  after providing Frank Report with the above quote, had this to say:  “Moira Penza herself spoke about The Storming of The Office of Moira Penza by these ‘unstable’ and ‘frightening’ individuals on her ‘A Little Bit Culty’ veneration podcast….

“After viewing the video of The Storming Of The Office of Moira Penza, it appears that Moira is a bit of a drama llama. Who knew?”:

Alanzo’s comment suggests he thinks it wasn’t as frightening an experience as Moira suggests.

In fact, he went so far as to say that Penza is a “drama llama.”


Frank Report has been able to obtain more exclusive video of the day they stormed Penza’s office, and, on the same day, they stormed the DOJ offices in Brooklyn.

Granted, most of the so-called “Dead-Enders” were wearing masks, which added possibly to the fear factor. But, at that time, [September 2020] even as it is now in vogue, it was pandemic mask, not a bank robber or terrorist mask.

Although it should be noted that on front of their masks was printed the word ‘Silenced’.

Suneel, Nicki, Marc, and Michele outside of the US Attorney’s office with scary masks.

What was the reason for the word ‘Silenced’ on their mask?

According to Eduardo Asunsolo, the reason for the word ‘Silenced’…”was to express how anyone who countered the government’s narrative was terrorized into silence.”

Eduardo Asunsolo on the phone, outside of Moira Penza’s office building trying to seek admission in order to present papers to Penza.


Eduardo and Michele outside Penza’s office building sans masks.


Who’s the Terrorist?

Just how terrifying were/are the supporters of Raniere?

Penza suggests she was frightened because she knew we were in touch with Raniere.

Followers of cult leaders, such as Raniere is alleged to be, can do some pretty damn crazy things.

Penza was, in a sense, evoking some of the following in her concern and maybe she is right:

“Squeaky” Fromme, a member of the Manson family, best known for attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975.


Heaven’s Gate suicide, when 39 active members, including its leader, committed suicide during the approach of the Hale-Bopp comet.


Jonestown Massacre: Jonestown Massacre. Crazy Jim Jones told 918 people to drink poison-laced Kool-Aid. They did – and all died.


More Footage of the Storming

Frank Report obtained more exclusive video to show the mood of Raniere followers on that fateful day they stormed Penza’s office and the DOJ.



I’ll leave it to the viewer to judge how menacing they appear.

In fairness, Penza was not at her NYC office at the time. Instead, she was several hundred miles away in Washington, DC.

She probably got a phone call from her NYC office saying some followers of Raniere were there with cameras seeking entry to present some document to her.

Her imagination may have made more of the incident than perhaps it really was. Still, no one likes to be surprised by a group of people uninvited with a cameraman, a sound guy, and a producer in tow.


What Was the Purpose of the Visit Anyway?

Raniere supporters brought an affidavit to be signed, something they wanted Penza to sign.

It was a questionnaire where they wanted Penza, the lead prosecutor, now in private practice as a lawyer, to swear concerning her purpose, intent, and process in prosecuting Raniere.

Let’s look at the affidavit, they asked Penza to sign.

[My comments are in brackets and in bold]



[Here is the intro:]

We the Prosecutors of the United States vs. Raniere et al, specifically Richard Donoghue, Mark Lesko, Tanya Hajjar, Moira Kim Penza, and Seth DuCharme, in upholding our vow of office, and sacred duty to the people of the United States, do hereby affirm and personally initial all that are true with respect to this case (if any of these are denied, please initial, write “denied” next to your initials and, optionally, attach an explanation):

1. We the Prosecutors did not knowingly make any false or misleading statements to the public or media. RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

[What the Raniere supporters are suggesting with their opening statement is that the prosecutors did try to taint the jury, and the judge by slanting the truth. That they made attempts to “dirty him [Raniere] up.” The whole affidavit is kind of reverse psychology, suggesting that everything they are asked to sign is what they indeed allegedly did.]

2. We the Prosecutors did not knowingly make, or allow any federal agents to make, any false statements to the court.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

[Again, clearly intimation that the Raniere followers believe the opposite is true: i.e., that federal agents made false statements.  I think that the big false statement they have been alleging is that the Cami photos were doctored, tampered, falsely dated, or obtained, or illegally presented. If this is true, their argument would be that naturally they won’t sign the affidavit. It is good as far as it goes, but as we shall see ,there could be other reasons not to sign the affidavit, such as it would be one hell of a precedent.]

3. We the Prosecutors handled all potential witnesses properly. No witness was in any way intentionally challenged to augment or change his or her opinions or beliefs by us.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

[Probably no prosecutor in the world could ever sign such a statement since prosecutors always either intimidate, coach, and help witnesses shift narratives to comport with the prosecution’s theory. When defense lawyers have access to witnesses, they do approximately the same thing. The advantage that prosecutors have is they have force of law, intimidation and potentially the ability to charge witnesses with perjury, which exerts a subtle influence on witnesses to please the prosecution. Every prosecutor knows this and uses it in their favor, most hopefully, just this side of suborning perjury and any prosecutor who denies they understand that advantage is an untrustworthy liar.

Both Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette signed affidavits, somewhat exaggerated in my opinion, saying they were intimidated into not testifying. Other Raniere supporters alleged that Nicole, the sex trafficking victim, Daniela, the lass kept in the room, and other witnesses were encouraged to fictionalize testimony.

The point that Raniere supporters are making here is that everything they’re asking prosecutors to sign, they believe they cannot sign.]

4. We the Prosecutors never threatened any potential witness with indictment in an attempt to dissuade him or her from participating in, or supporting, the defense.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

[We heard from Danielle Roberts, Nicki Clyne, Marc Elliot, and Michele Hatchette that they felt they were threatened with being indicted if they did testify. Others wanted to testify but were afraid if they did, that they would be charged with RICO.]

5. We the Prosecutors either had no reason to suspect collusion or hidden financial motives amongst our witnesses, or we made sure our suspicions were properly investigated. We did not object to any evidence, including cross- examination, that might realistically show collusion amongst our witnesses.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

[Again, this is something that supporters of Raniere say DID NOT happen. They believe that Nicole and Daniela lied about not having intentions to join in a civil suit with Neil Glazer, which they did wind up joining.


Nicole’s Testimony from the trial  of Raniere, 6/10/19

AGNIFILO: And your lawyer, Mr. Glazer is here today, right? He is the gentleman, my colleague here to my left, right?


AGNIFILO: Are you intending to bring a civil suit?




AGNIFILO: You have no intention of bringing a civil suit?

NICOLE: Like me, personally?

AGNIFILO: You and other people.

NICOLE: Not me, personally.

AGNIFILO: Do you intend to be part of a class-action lawsuit?


AGNIFILO: I’m not — I am going to ask you the question, I’m not asking you for anything that you and Mr. Glazer discussed, okay, so when I ask you this question, it is not conversations between you and Mr. Glazer, okay?


AGNIFILO: Have you discussed with anybody else the prospect of bringing a class-action lawsuit against NXIVM?



Daniela’s Testimony from the Trial, 5/30/19

AGNIFILO: Because you are going to bring a civil lawsuit, aren’t you?


AGNIFILO: You have no intention of bringing a civil lawsuit against Keith Raniere or NXTVM or anyone else?

DANIELA: That’s not something that I have done or decided, no.

AGNIFILO: I know you haven’t done it, but you plan on doing it, don’t you?


AGNIFILO: Why do you have Neil Glazer as your lawyer?

DANIELA: I initially — I needed counsel to handle the precarious situation with my little sister Camila and after that, I needed counsel to interact with officials from the government.

AGNIFILO: Mr. Glazer is not a criminal lawyer, right?

DANIELA: I don’t know.

Raniere later filed a Rule 33 motion seeking a new trial based on the fact that Daniela and Nicole subsequently joined the Glazer civil suit. Judge Nicholas Garaufis denied the motion.

Whether or not Daniela and Nicole discussed or planned to join the civil suit prior to the trial is an interesting question, and probably could be proven one way or the other.]

6. We the Prosecutors have stated in open court we have victims who feared for their lives. We made sure that these representations were properly investigated and, in each case, we discovered that there were legitimate threats to the life of the witness.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

[This is another question the supporters of Raniere felt they knew the prosecutors would not – or could not- sign, as there might be more than a little exaggeration here.


Fear Factor

During the Criminal Cause For Status Conference on June 12, 2018, Moira Kim Penza said, “There is a real danger to witnesses, to victims if the defendant is released,” and, “people are truly petrified of the defendant.”

May 15, 2019, trial

Vicente [testifying] “So I realized my life could be in physical danger, my wife’s life, my mother’s life. Because they were, you know, in some way they were like terror cells.”

Cross examination

Agnifilo: “You brought a film crew with you to Vermont?”

Vicente: “I actually asked because I was afraid for my life; I wanted to some kind of protection.”]

7. We the Prosecutors did not allow any of our witnesses to commit perjury about events and/or evidence known to, or possessed, by us.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

[The followers of Raniere believe witnesses committed perjury and the Government supported, maybe suborned it. They’ve been unable to prove this at all thus far.]

8. We the Prosecutors have never tampered with evidence. All evidence presented had a well-documented chain of custody, with no gaps. All evidence was secure and there were no unrecorded accesses. No evidence presented was modified before or during forensic analysis.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

[This is reference to the Cami photographs.

It’s obvious the followers of Raniere didn’t believe prosecutors would sign this affidavit, and this was for show.

They also believed that the fact prosecutors would not sign it would somehow prove their points – that everything they did not sign meant they did it.

Obviously, the prosecutors didn’t sign the document. They could easily justify not signing for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they’re not required to sign affidavits of supporters of a convicted person.  Was this a quixotic gesture on behalf of followers, or did it have a point?]


Scary Raniere

Finally, a video submitted by Suneel Chakravorty that he says is a visual representation of the terror Mark Vicente allegedly experienced from scary Raniere.

“Vicente in the video is depicted as the fair-haired child. Raniere is the dark haired, scary creature in the cage,” Suneel said.

While Frank Report objects to this trivialization of Vicente’s fear, in the spirit of presenting all sides of an issue, we present this video as the clear attempt on Chakravorty’s part to minimize the fear that Vicente experienced during the harrowing time Raniere was after anyone who stood against him.

Maybe this video says as much about Chakravorty as it does about Raniere or Vicente.

A fair-haired Mark Vicente


Scary Raniere




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    • Penza put Raniere away in prison….

      …. And now you’re attacking her.

      I guess the Cult Groupie got to you. You are so mentally weak, you’re an insult to men.

  • Message to Moira Penza:

    Stop being a Drama Queen.
    You live and work in one of the most dangerous cities on Earth.

    Back 30 years ago when I worked in Chicago, I was walking down State Street when I walked past a crazed homeless man who took one look at me and growled, “I’ll kill you.”
    He walked past and did not say or do anything more.

    It’s all part of the thrill of living in a big city.

    Every day I walked past the spot in a Chicago train station where the reporter Jake Lingle was gunned down in 1931.

    If you want to see something really scary, watch Nicki Clyne’s comedy routine.
    Exclusive V-Week Videos: Rare Nicki Clyne Standup Comedy Routine – Her Top # 12 List of Photo Captions for V-Week 2016

    Here she is at her funniest, doing a routine she calls the “The Top 12 List of Photo Captions From V-Week 2016.” They are replete with her funny pictures and funnier commentary. She creates funny captions for Nxivm pictures.

    Brooklyn street scene

    • “Message to Moira Penza:
      Stop being a Drama Queen.”

      The more time that goes by the more you identify with the NXers. Next you’ll be speaking fondly of Pimp Mack.

    • The only ones causing drama is the Raniere gang

      Too bad they aren’t smart, so they’d at least be more entertaining

  • Everyone is supposed to be equal under the law. Will every single defendant in a federal case now have a personal affidavit that their friends or family deliver to the prosecutor and get it signed?

    Will that also be happening at the state level with prosecutors?

    This would be wildly impractical. What about defendants with no family or friends who have the means or the free time to load up a bunch of recording equipment and go to wherever the prosecutor for their loved one’s case is working?

    Should we the citizens spend tax dollars and start a program in which the friends and family of defendants can be flown across the country, provided with recording equipment and then have a personal affidavit signed for their loved one, the defendant, by the prosecutors in the case?

    If this is a program that the dead-enders want to figure out, finance and get passed through legislation – then they need to start right away.

    I have a feeling though, that most citizens are going to be okay with the system as it stands. A system in which the prosecutors take an oath and then uphold that oath overall for other cases.

    If the dead-end cult followers do not believe that ALL defendants should have the same personal affidavit recorded signing situation with their own prosecutors for their own cases, then the dead-end cult followers do not, in fact, believe that ALL defendants should be treated equally under the law.

    The dead-enders then only care that their personal friend, mentor and cult leader is entitled to special treatment.

    The program could be called “Affidavit Air”.

  • “Penza is a “drama llama.”

    Isn’t there a particular gentleman, who fears Scientology’s OSA like a Drama Queen…

    ….Try as I might, I can’t recall this gentleman’s name. 😉

  • So interesting. Frank, I’m curious: have you reported on all the affairs Nippy was having while being a member of NXIVM and how much he lied to Sarah? I’m sure they don’t talk about all this on their podcast but it would be good for you to dig into this, Frank.

    • Curious why you don’t just tell Frank, and why you want him to dig for it? (Kramer and Moviephone)

      Since this was purposely posted to all of us, I’m also curious why you don’t just tell us about “all the affairs”? Who were they with? How do you know about them? You’re anonymous anyways – what do you have to lose? And if you don’t want all of us to know about them, why’d ya make the post?

        • If you have “bombshell evidence” that would prove Nippy is lying, why the hell would you tell everyone here in the comments section beforehand. Where the hell is your logic?

      • Nutjob

        “Kramer and Moviephone”


        *Comedy Platinum!

        *Comedy Platinum has only been awarded once and it was to Frank for his “Sultan Goes to Canada” lampoon.

  • “You need to let the judge know he’s being watched” Keith Raniere directs from jail phone in lock-up to a cult devotee.

    Frank posts stories for YEARS that these are unhinged, probably dangerous kooks.

    Now Raniere’s locked up and the dead-enders are his buddies and Frank acts like it’s all a big joke.

    John Tighe, do you think Moira should have been concerned by the cult at all back then? Toni? Susan Dones? Snyder family? Kristen Keefe?

  • So, Kristin Snyder, and Gina Hutchinson, and John Tighe, and plots to lure “enemies” to Mexico for imprisonment and to get Rick Ross alone onto a yacht, and destruction by litigation – all those red flags… and we’re surprised when someone like Moira wants these people nowhere near her life?

  • Penza sounds like, you know, AOC. Both of them, you know, were not in the building that was entered, you know? In fact Penza, you know, was hundreds of miles away, you know?

    • My dear, bucolic bumpkin, I missed you.

      I’m so sorry to learn your Mammy kicked the bucket. She was more than just a Mammy, she was your only ‘downline’ Amway recruit.

      I hope everything, else, is swell in the armpit (Plano) of Texas.

      —Penza sounds like, *sic you know, AOC.

      You don’t mean that, you’re simply jealous of anyone successful. Mammy would’ve been so disappointed in you..

      • Not only was mammy his entire downline, but her breezway and utility room were his PODS. To totally change the subject – if stored in an air tight container, what is the shelf life of the highest quality cleaning agents made from organic solvents?

      • Chris O’Brien of Arlington, MA is taunting people about the deaths of their mothers, as if this is a legitimate topic of discussion.

        These drunken, late night comments were approved by KR Claviger, the moderator of the Frank Report, who also has much which could be discussed here, as well.

        But Chris has written that he was born from 2 mothers, which would make sense to me – Chris is so loopy he’s like an Island of Dr Moreau lab experiment gone wrong.

        How did this work, Chris? Was your father a turkey baster?


        • Scott’s fine with it.. He approves of taunting commenters about dying parents. Included in the laundry list of horrible things we’ve had to read from scott, is persistent heckling of shadow & shadow’s ailing father.

          • Yeah, and those were all approved, even cultivated, by KR Claviger, the passive-aggressive and devious little “moderator” of the comment section of the Frank Report.

            Do you know who Claviger actually is?

            Frank says she’s a man.

            But I don’t think so.


          • It’s true, Alanso.

            Further, Scott is as anti-cult as you can get. Anti-MLM cult that is (pro Trump cult tho). Biggest anti-cultist in Plano. Got a whole anti-cult broadcast and everything, like Nippy & Mrs. Nippy.

            He’s a tribal pinhead ninny, to use your lingo. Do try to keep some logic in whom thou defends.

          • To Niceguy pretending to be anon – I guess calling scott a ninny and tattling about him being in the anti-mlm cult was low hanging fruit. LOL

            To Alanzo – I’m the wrong person to ask about Clavinger. I’m scared to look her/him in the eyes (Mostly due to watching Clav ruin poor Scott Johnson).

            All I know about Clav is:
            A. He/She has a crush on Shivani (BTW Where has Shivani been? Clav – what have you done to her???)
            B. Just like your other buddy, Anonymaker, if I ever find myself in a disagreement with him/her, I’d better be prepared to lose.

          • Nutjob-

            You forgot to mention, at one time, Scott Johnson harassed a woman whose sister committed suicide. It’s the reason I started commenting.

          • NutJob,

            —To Niceguy pretending to be anon – I guess calling Scott a ninny and tattling about him being in the anti-mlm cult was low hanging fruit.

            That’s not me!!!! It’s not even remotely funny.

            Christ! NutJob, give me some credit. Seriously, that is not me.

        • Sorry to be rude, Alanzo. Have you met Scott Johnson? Scott Johnson, please meet Alanzo.

          Scott, you may benefit from learning from Alanzo. I think you’ve gone overboard on your anti-MLM stance. You may want to consider being more ex-Amway, and less anti-Amway. Alanzo can help you with that. Plus, Alanzo can offer up solid advice on how you can stop being a Ninny.

        • Dearest Alonzo,
          —Born from 2 mothers, which would make sense to me cuz your loopy

          Once again, you’re attacking the LBGQ community. Allen, you are so prejudiced, it’s disturbing. What’s the matter, do you believe all the women who rejected you are gay?
          LMAO – that’s not why they rejected, you silly. It’s because you have zero personality, no money, and look like a keg of beer with legs.

          —Drunken, late-night comments

          The comment was made at 5:49pm.
          I hadn’t got my drink on yet, moron. It was too early, besides the wifey was home.

          —Island of Dr Moreau

          I’d be the guy getting marooned on the island, and you’d be one of the experiments. You actually look like an experiment, gone wrong.

          Arlington, MA
          LMAO! I live in a town where the average house price is >1M.
          How’s life in mom’s basement or are you at the YMCA these days?

          —Who approved your comments?

          The same individual who posts your insanity and verbosity. You’re the manifestation of the clichéd expression “broken record”.

          BTW: If I had a dog that was as ugly as you are, I’d shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards.

        • Lucky guess, Alanzo. Nice Guy’s first paying job was as a test subject in a science experiment for which he was paid minimum wage of a $1.60 in the 70s in Cambridge, MA. Per chance, his parents were friends with a scientist. Nice Guy had just been born. The experiment was to test an infant responses to light and sound.

          Nice Guy still has the 1967 dollar bill he was paid. His folks saved it for him. It’s a souvenir of sorts.

          Over the years, when doctors ask Nice Guy his medical history, he’ll mention he was a test subject in a Harvard experiment. He loves to see the expression on their faces. ! Am I 5G Fred or Nice Guy or is this story true? Frank knows part of the answer, which part, I’m not telling you. I hope you enjoyed the story. Good night, Alanzo

          • I like stories about pretentious, loopy alcoholic trolls like “Nice Guy”, who spend months cyber-bullying and doxing people on the Frank Report he disagrees with, trashing the whole comments section here with fake sock puppet accounts while accusing others of doing what he’s doing, and all partnered by the moderator here, “KR Claviger”.

            Tell us more about “Nice Guy”. Was his father really a turkey baster?

            Also, what do you know about “KR Claviger”?

            Let’s see if these two can take a dose of their own medicine.

            I’ll bet they can’t.


    • Scott-

      I agree with your sentiments! Penza is hot woman’s AOC.
      Oh Scott, my dear bucolic bumpkin, oh, how-art-thou? I missed you. Once upon a time, we laughed; we cried; and always laughed some more. I remember our banter, back and forth – like two women with PMS or drag queens fighting over hosiery. Those were the grand-old-days.

      I knew you’d comeback to your home.


  • Notice at 30 seconds into the video that it uses a negro as the representation of dunce who causes forest fires and warms you not to be like one.

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Those were the days when people could just tell the truth without all these damn marxists and marxist sympathizers up your ass calling you a “racist”! This is truly a dark and evil time in our country! And every day it crushes my heart and soul! 🥺😢😭😩😔

    Don’t worry fellow patriots! It’s all going to come back again and even better than before! And people Frank Parlato will pay for everything that they’ve done and wish they acted and thought differently before it was too late!


  • Penza’s ‘Tell’: “I am an officer of the court”

    Moira drowns in omissions as she denounces those who impugn her integrity. Her remarks upon reflection; thoughtfully designed to disparage the innocent and perpetuate a climate of fear and threat among the American people. Apparently, the pandemic isn’t enough for Moira. Penza’s self-promoting propaganda as an officer of the court who endures unwarranted, malicious targeted attacks to protect the innocent and see justice served, should wake all of us up to the mirage that has all but eviscerated due process, marginalized juries, and slowly erodes our constitutional liberties.

    In reality, 5 citizens went to a public office building and respectfully asked to deliver a letter; conduct becoming of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, with the added touch of respectful attire.

    Thankfully, these miscreants truth-seekers had a film crew or likely they’d stand charged…

    • No matter how much you cover, dress up, perfume, and polish a turd, it still remains one.

      And that’s exactly what Raniere is — a turd who used his onion of followers to gloss him up in myths and lies as one of “smartest and most ethical men in the world”, when he’s nothing more than a selfish conman with a history of deception and statutory sex abuse.

      And that’s all that his remaining dead-enders continue to do — present a “professional” facade of themselves to dress up a turd. Superficially, it may look good, but dig a bit under the outer layer and you’ll start to smell the stink and see the shit.

      • Absolutely correct. How these dead-enders continue to solely focus on what props up their internal representation of Keith, and refuse to acknowledge the turd in the room, is interesting.

        The almost comical example of this was Michele blatantly refusing to consider Frank’s logical question that could have – for only a couple of seconds – taken her focus off poor victim Vanguard, and made her focus on some of the turd’s disgusting actions.

        • These dead-enders think other people are fools, just like Raniere thought the whom he tried to entrap with his bullshit female empowerment organization that was effectively just a cover for his own pornographic blackmailing and entrapment sex scheme. He thought he was slick and could layer it through secrecy and relationship trust executed by his first level foolish minions like Allison and Nicki (who betrayed such a trust) and so wouldn’t get exposed. Ironically, he was exposed by the women he “empowered” like Sarah Edmondson (and others) and one who was already such — Moira Penza.

      • It’s pretty clear these nut cases don’t work at normal jobs and are funded by someone(s)

        Maybe Clare Bronfman, an offshore account Raniere has been putting money into for decades, your pick!

        They come up with all these crazy theories of what happened in the investigation that got their Vanguard a 120-year sentence.

        Raniere certainly couldn’t be guilty of any of the charges or sub-charges. It was all a kangaroo court that put him behind bars.

        Now it’s Moira Penza who abused those who were questioned by the prosecution because it wasn’t a Barbie Doll Beach Party.

        These are the bad-ass “Ladies” of DOS who all layed down on a table and got hot iron brands for the Vanguard who are now are saying that Moira Penza was mean to them. Oh my goodness!

        They wanted the members of the prosecution to sign an affidavit saying they did their jobs correctly.

        OMG, my side hurts from laughing so much.

        They need better superhero outfits and superpowers if you ask me. Look alike shirts and those COVID masks, nice but come on guys. Try some capes with glitter, whips, and leather pants.

        If they were better known, SNL would tear this shit up.

        Why didn’t their lawyers file complaints against the prosecution for violations of their rights during questioning? It was all recorded.

        That’s right, because Michele Hatchette and Nicki Clyne are making it sound worse than it really was.

        Of course, they felt intimidated, most people do in that kind of situation but let’s complain about it all over Twitter several years later and see what kind of mileage we get from it.

        No one showed up to testify for Raniere. None of the DOS women spoke up to say how great DOS was for them. So, why now and not then when they would have been under oath?
        Now it’s because they say they were too afraid.

        Michele Hatchette doesn’t seem too afraid to expose the Jane & John Does because she is standing up for her brothers and sisters and it’s the oral thing to do, standing up for justice.

        If no one has noticed, the Janes and Johns haven’t come forward and Hatchette hasn’t exposed them.

        Hum, I wonder what that is about Michele? Cat got your tongue or did you learn that what you’re threatening to do might be considered extortion?

        Testifying for Raniere wasn’t a part of Hatchette’s moral high ground or serving justice. But now that she doesn’t have to be under oath or cross examination, she feels free to say whatever she wants about DOS and NXIVM. Just saying…

        Same with Nicki Clyne, she didn’t testify either.

        Nicki also doesn’t seem to be too worried about her immigration status. Questions have been raised more than once about her marriage to Allison Mack since they didn’t live together and Nicki didn’t ask to go to CA to live with her wife after Allison was put under house arrest.

        Risking whatever they thought Moira Penza would do to them neither Nicki Clyne nor the rest of the Dossier women testified

        None of the NXIVM five men did, when they would have been under oath. Why not then? But now they run around making all kinds of accusations about the prosecutors even though they have proven nothing.

        All those supporters who sat day after day in the courtroom so desperately wanting their Vanguard to be free. None would take the stand for Raniere.

        Raniere could and didn’t put on a defense.

        Now, they stew about his conviction, saying how unfair it was, there was no evidence, evidence was tampered with, we must right this wrong. Thinking the rest of the world didn’t see what really happened. Didn’t follow the case and don’t know that the members of both groups are idiots.

        The Rule 33 Motion – which the Frank Report has posted about so often – has yet to be filed because none of Raniere’s lawyers will file it.

        June 17th is the last day it can be filed. It’s not like it’s a surprise filing waiting to shock the world. Raniere and his followers want him out sooner than later. So, what’s the hold up?

        There wasn’t any tampering. It was all smoke and mirrors. Everyone knows it but the most delusional of his followers.
        Those who have to be soooooo right that they cannot see reality.

        So, they fight on and focus on every windmill they believe will set Raniere free. Maybe they will settle down when Raniere runs out of options to get out of prison.

        I don’t blame Moira Penza for not seeing them and not signing their silly papers.
        They are cult members.

        Why should she waste her time? She has nothing to prove to them. They have everything to lose, they already have lost it.

        They are human mosquitoes who fly about bugging those who have taken away what they want most.

        They play act real justice fighters. They cannot be objective. If they could, they could clearly see, justice was already served.

    • Dude, did you pull every three-syllable word you could muster for this? It’s just run-on sentences and thesaurus filled gibberish. And what’s with the non sequitur about the pandemic? What does that have to do with five people standing outside a building?

      Poorly written garbage.

    • “Thankfully, these miscreants truth-seekers had a film crew or likely they’d stand charged…”

      From what I’m finding out, this is exactly correct.


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