Hatchette Denies Bronfman-Money Prompts Reveal of Raniere Victims’ Names

Michele Hatchette

Frank Report reached out to Michele Hatchette, the DOSsier Project member who is threatening to reveal the names of the anonymous plaintiffs in the Neil Glazer lawsuit, to ask her if her motives in doing this are purely social justice-driven.

Hatchette agreed to the interview and gave her answers to our questions.

Let the reader decide for themselves whether it is believable that neither Clare nor Sara Bronfman are funding this initiative and whether behind it all is the master’s hand, the master being Keith Alan Raniere.

Keith Alan Raniere


Clare and Sara Bronfman


Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette


Frank: Are you really going to do this? What is your end-game here?

Michele: Yes. I meant what I said. My end-game is truth. 

Frank: Why now? You didn’t say anything during the Raniere trial or the sentencing. Why have you suddenly done this?

Michele: Before and during the trial, I was threatened by the government and being harassed by the media. I also naively thought Keith would get a fair trial and he didn’t. I’m still being threatened and silenced, but the truth is more important. Now we’re talking about a civil case where the plaintiffs are seeking money. This is not about justice or healing. This is about financial greed. At least they should be “brave” enough to put their names to their claims. 

Frank: Have you received – or do you intend to receive – any Bronfman money for this? Have you been in touch with Bronfman lawyers or anyone who has encouraged you to do this on behalf of the Bronfmans?

Michele: No, I have not received any Bronfman money, and I have not been in touch with any of their lawyers. 

Frank: Is anyone paying you money to do this? To reveal these names? There is a lot of money at stake here and possibly some of the women will drop out rather than be named. Are you getting any kind of compensation for this?

Michele: No, no one is paying me any money to do this. I might not be a defendant, but the plaintiffs’ lies have severely affected my career, livelihood, and people I care about. These Jane and John Does have been able to make outrageous accusations, including lies I personally know to be false and could prove as much with evidence, and caused catastrophic damage to people’s lives, all without any risk. We have to ask ourselves, do we want to live in a country where someone can accuse you of something and destroy your life, all while hiding behind anonymity? Even if they decide to drop out now, I think they should have to answer for their claims and be held responsible for the damage they’ve caused.


Frank: If the Bronfmans aren’t behind this, is Keith Raniere behind this?

Michele: No. I haven’t spoken with Keith in months. This is my own idea and I stand behind it.


Frank: What about Nicki Clyne? Neil Glazer says in his filing that he believes that Nicki Clyne is pulling your strings, that is Nicki is indirectly prompting you.

Michele: I’ll tell you what I wrote on my Twitter:  ‘Let me be very clear: I am a co-founder, along side my seven sisters, of the @thedossierproj. We have a platform and I, as an individual, am using our platform. I am also entitled to exercise my 1st amendment right wherever I want. Mommy Penza can’t help you, boo.”

Michele Hatchette referred to former US Attorney Moira Kim Penza as “Mommy Penza” on Twitter.


Frank: What do you have to say about Cami, a 15-year-old, you’re going to reveal her name?

Michele: Contrary to everyone’s insistence on keeping Camila forever 15, she’s a grown-ass 31-year-old woman. What happened between two adult women in their own private lives has now become everyone’s stain. Camila suing the Bronfmans and others who had nothing to do with her girl-on-girl adventures is absolutely absurd. These accusations belong on Jerry Springer, not in a civil lawsuit or even serious media. The conversation I’m trying to have is for grown folks — this incessant infantilizing of women needs to stop. 

Frank: What about Daniela, who was forced into solitary confinement for 2 years, you’re going to release her name? Do you think it’s right that she has to endure further abuse?

Michele: Throwing a tantrum and staying in a room for two years because you don’t want to do homework is not solitary confinement. Like her sister Camila, she is a grown woman and made her own choices. Out of respect for them, I am treating them as adults instead of children. During the trial, Daniela admitted to the most crimes out of anyone, and yet she was protected by the government because she was willing to go against Raniere. 

This is akin to a child thinking there’s a boogeyman in the closet and allowing that child to believe that the boogeyman is real by saying you’re protecting them from the boogeyman. These women are making very serious accusations anonymously. Protecting the lie that they’re too weak to say their own names further strips them of their agency and the empowerment they claim to want.

We shouldn’t lie to children and we shouldn’t lie to these women. 

Frank: The restitution, after you take out the attorney’s fees and costs, doesn’t really amount to all that much money. It just covered therapy and actual damages and doesn’t make them whole. Are you really saying these women don’t deserve restitution?

Michele: Yes. I do not believe we should be rewarding tantrums and claims that can’t even be investigated properly because they are made anonymously.

Frank: What about Nicole, she was your own slave-pod sister? Are you really going to out her, knowing she doesn’t want to be named? Why are you going to do that?

Michele: Nicole had no problem naming me without my consent and sharing my private life with the world. Her doing so severely compromised my livelihood and the lives of very dear friends of mine, all from behind a protected wall of anonymity. The cost? She has to be a child for the rest of her life. I do consider her a sister and I don’t think that’s right. As a sister would, I’m looking out for her best interests. If your sister was in a bad situation and you knew you could help her, even if she’d be mad at you, I am the type of person who is willing to do that. Truth and sisterhood are more important than pettiness and whatever comfort these women get from thinking they need to be protected from their own choices. 

When Nicole left, she said she was doing so because the Frank Report said 100 women were sex slaves and she didn’t want to be named, knowing it was a lie. No one wanted to be called something so atrocious and untrue. Nicole told us explicitly she wouldn’t join the hate campaign that was already forming at the time. We didn’t hear from her for six months, and then all of a sudden, she claimed to be a victim of sex trafficking. 

I have studied Nicole’s testimony. Her position and recollection changed dramatically from when I last spoke to her — when she left DOS on her own volition with no repercussions. I was there with her for many of the events she talked about at the trial.

Michele Hatchette submitted this picture of her and Nicole, and asked that it be published. Frank Report agreed provided we could disguise Nicole so she could not be identified.

A woman who lived out her own kinky fantasy is not a victim of sex trafficking


Frank: Are you saying that the event that the jury found to be the sex trafficking of Nicole, where she was blindfolded and tied to a bed while another woman, 26 year old Camila, was assaulting her sexually, while Raniere looked on, is someone’s idea of, as you say, ‘a kinky fantasy?’ I find that hard to believe.

Michele: I said what I said. That’s my understanding.  She told one my sisters that she had done stuff similar to that before and that it was a really “alive experience” for her.  She had done it in the past and my guess she probably has done it after. And a man gets 40 years in prison for that? 

Not only has she been rewarded financially for her testimony that put people in prison, she is now seeking additional money in the civil lawsuit. Sex trafficking is a serious crime and perpetrators should be punished and imprisoned. Similarly, making false accusations anonymously and changing your story in ways that absolve you of all responsibility is also very serious. Rewriting history and putting others in prison should not be a new career path, ladies. 

My video was a genuine invitation to Nicole and every other Jane and John Doe to do the right thing. I hope this will help them consider the consequences of what they’ve done and how they are infantilizing themselves and all women, and castrating men, who deserve due process. This is not a matter of if this is going to happen, it’s a matter of who will say it. This is not a threat; it is a promise. 

Frank: After all you’ve seen and heard of Raniere doing these many things that must have surprised you, that came out at the trial, do you really think he is a good man, or are you fighting for him, or for some other principle?

Michele: My personal opinions of Keith Raniere are irrelevant here. This is about due process and about women (and some wannabe men) who want the rewards that come from being a victim without substantiating or putting their name to their claims. I am doing this for all the men in my life: my brothers, my nephews, my business partners, and future children. I cannot sleep at night knowing we’re going down this path and I can do something to stop it. Therefore, I must.


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  • Really enjoying the cult dead-enders showing up in the comments to try and trash Nicole using the EXACT rhetoric they’ve claimed in the past was unfair against Keith Raniere.

    The cult die-hards have stated that Keith’s multiple partners and sexual lifestyle were used to convict him. But I guess it’s okay to try and use Nicole’s (alleged) sexual past in an attempt to destroy her character and credibility.

    Such old school systemic, misogynist tactics. So hypocritical.

    And parents who make every single thing on Earth – no matter how unrelated – about their own male children are so self-absorbed. And boring. And weird.

    Nicole’s sex trafficking case has as much to do with your sons as Madonna’s yearly pap smear, you flipping weirdos.

  • I was just reading a local article on the McCloskeys of St Louis and the judgement they received today. The judge found them guilty of “Moral Turpitude.” I had to look it up…(and it’s too long to cut and paste). But I immediately thought of Michele H and most definitely of the Cauterizing Doctor.

  • Men, do you want to live in a world where a very promiscuous woman can design a sexual fantasy for herself and invite you to watch and then later pretend to be a prude little baby and put you in jail for 40 years for sex trafficking?????

    • RE : Sad for my Sons. In what reality did that happen???? Because KR wasn’t invited to watch. She was given DOS “Homework” to be raped (my opinion) for him. Your comment is absurd and disgusting. Your sons should be sad for you.

      • Oh, NO! Not a promiscuous woman! Protect your sons!

        But please promise your daughters to the pedophile Keith Raniere who has a harem just like Rosa Laura Junco did with her own child.

        But watch out for those promiscuous women!!!


        That has to be a joke comment.

        Promiscuous woman. I’m dying. Ha ha. Oh. My. God. Ha ha ha

        I just – never mind. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Nicole was someone with a wild sexual past. She prided herself on being sexually free and seemed to take great pleasure in manipulating men and trying to sleep with women’s husbands. She played the sweet little girl act in court and the jury ate it up. If you knew her, you’d know that what she did with another woman was HER idea. This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that is laughing all the way to the bank. So sad that we let pretty women get away with crimes of this sort. Thank you, Michele, for standing up for what’s right and being willing to treat women as accountable human beings, not little babies who should be allowed to lie and still get their toys.

    • You can consent to 1000 sexual activities.

      But if you’re blackmailed, trafficked, raped, forced into the 1001 sex act it’s still a crime.

      Your comment reflects so much worse on you than Nicole.

      I suppose you think a prostitute can’t be raped. And women who dress as they please are “asking for it”?

      Nothing Nicole has done sexually prior to this specific crime in question is of any importance.

      And bringing up her looks is bizarre.

    • Ohh, Michelle, you ugly pathetic little tramp. Stop making shit up…no one would ever believe you even if you were telling the truth because you have zero credibility in anyone’s eyes. While others are moving along with their lives, you will be stuck in this mud forever and it brings me great joy because people like you deserve what’s coming. There will be some interesting stories about you coming out in the near future…sounds like you were a shitty person way before Nxivm haha. You just Can’t Understand Normal Thinking can you. That’s an acronym for btw haha

      • Thats one great acronym, Obvious! I only know of C U Next Tuesday — nice update. I agree with all the above about the basic bitch move of trying to get a woman tied to the stake for …gasp! promiscuity! Not only that but fictional, made-up speculative type promiscuity! Stealing husbands! — was her skirt a little too short? Sh*t, Michele, get the Harper Valley PTA to send a note home fast!!

  • What happened to Michele’s hair? Is she a cancer survivor? If so, I hope she recovers! If not, why do DOS girls have ridiculous hair and eyebrows?

    • It’s not because of disease or condition like alopecia. It’s possible it’s a factor of being a self-loathing African-American who has what’s known as “internalized racism,” which includes adaptations to white cultural standards. Why else would she submit to being a “slave,” which we know was not just a symbolic term, it was an all-encompassing way of life?

    • That’s malnutrition balding her. She does, however, have a braidable bush as required for all DOS slaves.

  • Michele. I remember that she had some experience farming. How does the nonsense existential non-work of culty business compare with the real work she must be capable of? Work that would give her lifelong skills and earn her the esteem of others? And now what? Running her gums like a middle-class kid in an exclusions unit? Throwing her all in with a programme that lets a grown educated woman feel like a tri-athlete for making an avocado pudding?

    Avocado puddings and cheap yo mama type posturing, aimed at a woman — Ms. Moira Penza — that she could never hold a candle too, ffs.

    Now this is someone, much like Ms. Penza, I can get behind: respect, marvel at etc.

  • Michele Hachette thinks naming names publicly will ease her pain. I have a lot of experience in this field and can tell you: she will be disappointed. She clearly has a lot of work to do in order to find happiness again, and she’s not on the right path.

  • I’d say Michele’s portrayal of women throwing “tantrums” is pure projection…Michele is clearly suffering her own tantrum.

  • Michele-
    I am really worried about you. I know you won’t listen to reason from anyone you feel is attacking you. Here are some resources for someone who might be able to help you get out of the situation you are in. Maybe someone can talk some sense into you.

    (646) 355-6400

    (917) 669-4470



    Take care of yourself, Michele. Don’t throw away your entire future successes on something that does not make your life 100% better.

  • RE Michelle’s Opinion of Daniella:

    “Throwing a tantrum and staying in a room for two years because you don’t want to do homework is not solitary confinement.”

    Michelle conveniently forgets that Danielle was threatened into staying in confinement.

    Danielle’s own father threatened her (per order of Raniere), with being left in the middle of nowhere, with no ID, and no money, if she didn’t comply. On top of that Danielle was an illegal alien and could not seek help from law enforcement.

    Michelle Hatchette is either out of touch with reality or she is a total ‘joker’. I believe it’s the later.

    Michelle, looks like, to use the archaic expression, “such a card” in her top pic. She looks like a total ‘Joker’.


    The two definitely share the same smile.

  • “Throwing a tantrum and staying in a room for two years because you don’t want to do homework is not solitary confinement.”

    Michele really believes that? Sad. That statement damages her credibility.

  • Michele, you really should sit down and shut up. Only someone as immature and stupid as you would put a target on their back in the name of protecting a pedophile and a rapist. I bet your family is so, so proud of you.

    Many of the Jane Does you are speaking of actually testified in court, under oath, not spewing fiction on Twitter. No one believes or gives a shit about your opinions. There was a reason Keith’s very expensive attorneys didn’t put any of you crack pots on the stand. Because you are all completely delusional.

    Michelle, maybe you liked it when Keith had sex with you and branded you…that’s fine! But don’t for two seconds think these other women saw being blackmailed into sexual acts as anything other than criminal.

    Many of the Jane Does are working hard to repair their lives and don’t want this following them around so F^%# you for trying to hurt these women more than they already have. I’d spit in your ugly face if I ever saw you.


    • “There was a reason Keith’s very expensive attorneys didn’t put any of you crack pots on the stand. Because you are all completely delusional.”

      Yes, that’s precisely why they didn’t testify on Keith’s behalf.

  • That’s not just a picture, that’s a full blown digital image bitewing xray. On the bright side, no symptoms of pyorrhea.

  • Clearly, this Michele woman is unhinged and as we say in the South, ‘slightly touched.’ She sounds EXACTLY like Keith (who she hasn’t talked to in months and has nothing to do with this, wink wink). Bless her. Hear y’all, let’s take up a love offering for her for some much needed mental health treatment. Pass the plate.

  • I didn’t realize Michele suffered from mental illness.

    Has anyone reached out to her family?

    Frank, even IF any of Keith’s cult members name plaintiffs – you don’t have to follow suit. And I don’t think they will name them.

    VERY few people follow these Keith loyalists. Very. Very. Few.

    If journalists of integrity ignore the cult member’s naming posts – it will all quickly disappear. Which doesn’t make it okay. But it will not further amplify their meager efforts to hurt victimized people more.

    Michele’s mental issue may have been worsened from the starvation, lack of sleep, being blackmailed into sex acts with Keith Raniere, and other DOS practices. It’s criminal they’ve allowed her condition to be exploited.

  • Just the fact that MBH is blaming a 15 year old who was confined to a room for 2 years and claims she brought it on herself for ‘refusing to do her homework’ shows the values she has chosen to live by. Maybe it’s a good thing she won’t get a chance to bear the much-coveted ‘avatar baby’ for at least another 90 years or so and hopefully she also stays true to her ‘word’ to ‘save herself’ for her master.

    • Camila was the 15-year-old who Keith was convicted of photographing nude when she was underage. Her big sister, Daniela, was the one confined to a room for two years. She was over 18 at the time.

      I don’t blame you for confusing the two. Considering that Keith was sleeping with three sisters from this same family, it can be hard to keep track.

  • In other words, MBH is saying: all of these women (and men) need to live by MY rules, and it’s for their own good. I’m not doing it for revenge, I’m doing this for you and for your own growth. Righhhht. Verrrrry believable. Sounds like a Raniere Ethics lesson regurgitated wholesale. I wouldn’t buy it even from my own mother, let alone anyone who thought entering a master/slave relationship was a good idea. Admit you’re doing it out of spite, throwing a tantrum, seeking revenge, because of money, because KR planted the idea in Suneel’s ear – and I’d probably have a lot more sympathy. This is just petty retaliation and intimidation. Doesn’t MBH have a ‘grown ass’ job to go to? Viva Executive Success, if this is how they choose to spend their time.

    • I dont think she expects you or I to believe her exactly, she knows it’s obvious that this is all pretext — that this is about retribution. She just needs a good cover story.

  • That first pic looks as though Marvel is doing yet another Joker iteration. This version will star our fave DOS slave and will be called The Woker.

  • Michele’s “revelations” that Nicole said to “one of her sisters” that she had done similar sexual experiences in the past, don’t prove that her experience with Keith was consensual. She was afraid of her collateral being realeased and could have said anything to appease her tormenter (Keith). As for Michele’s assumption that Nicole has engaged in kinky sex afterwards: speculation and irrelevant.

    The manner in which Michele talks about the terrible ordeal of Danielle and Camilla is sickening.

    Michele seems to be a very angry and defiant individual. She has to work on her anger management, among other things. These DOS dumbos are incapable of saying anything negative about Raniere. Amazing. It reminds me what “mommy” Penza said about them on Edmondson’s podcast: don’t argue with them, it’s a waste of time.

    Even if Michele reveals names, it doesn’t matter. This case is over and nobody will notice.

    • Could not agree more. Also. She clearly hasn’t read the transcripts. Saying these women had tantrums? How embarrassing. Keith is the one who has tantrums. When Dani kissed Ben, Keith freaked and came up with the penance of her staying in her room till she healed her breach. I could go on… but I sort of feel bad for michele cuz when she figures out the truth about keith she will realize she is on the wrong side of history. I am shocked about what she is saying about all these women. She sounds like a petulant child. And so blamey!! Michele. Nobody cares. Move on with your life! At the very least, get a right/wrong sourcing. You (and all your DOS sisters) need to take some responsibility for your part in this mess. What could you have done differently?? What laws of cause and effect were you not aware of? Maybe you should journal on that…

    • Very well said. To downplay sexual assault is reprehensible. If I understand correctly, she was only 15 which makes it even more serious of a crime. Because it was done to a person not of legal age. Just think of a child 13, that’s only 1 year away from 12. At age 13, I still wanted to play children’s games, I even wanted to still play Barbie dolls. 15 is 3 years from 12. They are still children, their brains aren’t fully developed. I think after I watched the documentary again about the cult, I realized how young some of the people were like Sara and Nippy, who were just in their early 20s when they joined and, of course, India Oxenberg who was only 19. That’s why they were so easy to manipulate and control, they are still developing their brains, and we as a learned society recognize full brain development doesn’t happen until usually around 26. I have a lot of empathy for them because of that. They were basically fresh out of college and impressed by these older people like Nancy Salzman and others and eventually the cult leader himself, and because they were younger, they probably thought well these people are older and have more life experience and education etc. than we do.

  • Ladies and gentlemen,

    Patriot God has announced to me that he has an important announcement in regards to Michele Hatchette!

    It IS “on-topic” to her words in the recent Dossier Project video that was discussed in the previous article (despite being on or “off-topic” is *NOT* a criteria for FREE SPEECH, seeing the fact that it’s FUCKING *FREE* and *FREE* means NO CRITERIA! Frank seriously needs to learn what our 1st Amendment actually means if he thinks otherwise!)

    Michele Hatchette has said something completely antithetical and blasphemous to this country using the downfall to NXIVM as a justification for it!

    He also gives his ingenious commentary about it and some words of wisdom that only his unique genius could articulate!

    If Frank will stop being an Orwellian dick, he will enlighten you about Michele Hatchette’s blasphemous and anti-white people comment in the comments section on the previous article called,

    “Roberts Meeting With Penza – ‘She went to Hug Me” (which Frank didn’t capitalize the *W* in “Went and the *T* in “Too” because it’s a title for a article)!

    Frank don’t be a dick and give Patriot God his glorious and wise voice back!





  • It seems to me, that we seem to have a language barrier going on here. Everyone seems to be using their own dictionary. Some are even working with multiple dictionaries at the same time!! Imagine the book burning party we could have!! Everyone would condemn the others dictionaries shouting word salads and shaking their fists at each other.

    Everyone brings their own experiences to the mix. Where we gather those experiences is really inconsequential. The problem is when people with different experiences bring with them a whole new dictionary. I see it all the time if I look at the comments.

    Let’s consider this made up word. ‘Blark!’
    Let’s say I am Person A. As a rhetorical scholar, I am going to consult scholarly research and find through mindful research that ‘Blark!’ means “To go on and on and on in mindless babble to a friend who likes to pretend they are sympathizing.”

    Now let’s say that Person B, has a lot of limited life experiences and bought herself a magical dictionary from a traveling encyclopedia salesman in a covered wagon. Well, Person B consults the magical dictionary and decides that through her research bought from a sketchy guy in the back of a covered wagon, that Blark! is “a sound made to express frustration, anger, randomness, pride, joy, or any other appropriate emotion”

    That brings us to Person C. Person C likes to combine Person A and Person B’s meanings and has decided that Blark! means “the sounds of mindlessly babbling from an inappropriate emotion.” Great, now we have three working definitions.

    Then we have Person D who randomly adds anti into every definition. Person D decides that Blark! is now something we have to be against. Ok, great. Now, which definition are we against again? I can’t keep up. So now, Person D is “against being against Blark!” and has very black and white thinking so there is no consideration that everyone could be a little right or a little wrong.

    But at this point, no one knows what the hell anyone else is talking about and there is lettuce flying everywhere.

    I don’t think that Michele is working with the same dictionary that the rest of us are. I think that she is going a little Blark!!!

    I’ll just sit over here and polish my silver salad spinner.

  • This is the most refreshing content I’ve ever seen on your website…great work, Frank. And props to you, Michele, for your fresh and strong perspective.

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