Clyne Court Filing Demands Names of 59 Plaintiffs Glazer Says Are Ready to Be Named

Nicki Clyne

Nicki Clyne refers to the dozen Jane Does as “hiding in the craven’s shadow.” Craven is another name for coward. She claims the 12 women who claim to have been abused by Keith Raniere and, allegedly, by Clare and Sara Bronfman, are cowards not to use their name. Now, Clyne is demanding to know the names of the people who are suing her.

Nicki Clyne

In attorney Neil Glazer’s first amended complaint, he refers to some 60+ anonymous plaintiffs as various Jane and John Does with numbers or by their first names only – such as Daniela, Camila, Souki, Nicole, etc.

Based on Glazer’s latest court filing, there are now only 12 individuals who are going by their first names only or by Jane or John Doe.

As for now, we only know five full names according to the first amended complaint. Glazer tells us that 59 plaintiffs are ready to cross over the line and be known by their full names.

Based on that, Clyne is asking to hear those names. It’s not an unreasonable request since they are willing to be named. It would be a lot easier if they were named in, for example, a second amended complaint.

Nicki laughing

Taking out the 10 who have dropped out and naming the 59, even if Glazer does continue to allude to 12 by first name or Jane or John Doe, would clarify a lot in the lawsuit.

But is it right for Clyne to refer to the 12, who do not wish to have their names revealed to the public, as cravens?

Nicki Clyne is smiling, just as DOS slaves were told to smile for nude “family photos.”

We don’t know who precisely the 12 are, but we might guess that they include Daniela, Camila, Souki, Nicole, and other DOS slaves who were branded and deceived by the application of the monster’s initials on their crotches without knowing that it was indeed the ragged rascal’s initials.

The brand was described as a symbol of the four elements. However, when it’s turned 90 degrees counterclockwise, one could see the initials K.R.

This assault on their person is something shameful, humiliating and denigrating. Women they trusted came to them and said ‘We have the four elements,’ but instead it was the sick elements of the monster Raniere and, on top of that, Clyne is demanding these people should be named in public, outed, and further humiliated.

Clyne does what she wishes, as evidenced her by adherence to the monster after all these years.

The media loves to publish this photo of Nicki Clyne to show how she is a captured slave herself. Actually, it is a photograph of an episode of Battlestar Galactica, during which she was captured and tortured.

Still, if 59 are ready to cross over and be named, they should be named, and due process suggests their names should be mentioned in the civil suit. While I can’t agree that the names of the 12 should be revealed, the names of the 59 should obviously be revealed and it is our wish and hope that Judge Komitee will grant Clyne’s request on the 59.

Clyne’s Letter to the Court

February 4, 2022

Via Electronic Filing

Honorable Eric R. Komitee

United States District Court

Eastern District of New York

225 Cadman Plaza East

Courtroom: 6G North

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Re: Edmondson, et al. v Raniere, et al. No. 1:20-cv-00485

Judge Eric Komitee


Dear Judge Komitee:

Mr. Glazer wrote in his letter dated February 4, 2022 (No. 136), “As the Court is aware from Plaintiffs December 17, 2021 ex parte submission (No. 133), there are only twelve Plaintiffs remaining who continue to seek the relief requested in Plaintiffs’ motion for the Protective Order. Of the other Plaintiffs who sought that relief, ten have terminated their claims and withdrawn from the litigation, and fifty- nine Plaintiffs informed the Court of their willingness to proceed using their full identities.”

Neil Glazer is the plaintiffs’ lead attorney in the civil case.

However, the present FAC only shows nine plaintiffs with full names. I respectfully request that the Court direct Mr. Glazer to reveal the names of the 59 individuals who he claims are prepared to use their full names so we may begin to make heads or tails of this incomprehensible morass. 

I am pleased to find out that these 59 individuals have decided to allow their claims to be rigorously examined, although, sadly, there remains a dozen who wish to hide in craven shadows. 

Finally, I assure this Court that I will abide by any protective order, or any other order, so directed.

/s/ Nicole Clyne

Nicki Clyne from her Locals site.

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  • February 4, 2022

    Via Electronic Filing

    Honorable Eric R. Komitee
    United States District Court
    Eastern District of New York

    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Courtroom: 6G North
    Brooklyn, New York 11201

    Re: Edmondson, et al. v Raniere, et al. No. l:20-cv-00485

    Dear Judge Komitee:

    Mr. Glazer wrote in his letter dated February 4, 2022 (No. 136), “As the Court is aware from
    Plaintiffs December 17, 2021 e:c parle submission (No. 133), there are only twelve Plaintiffs
    remaining who continue to seek the relief requested in Plaintiffs’ motion for the Protective Order.
    Of the other Plaintiffs who sought that relief, ten have terminated their claims and withdrawn
    from the litigation, and fifty- nine Plaintiffs informed the Court of their willingness to proceed
    using their full identities.”

    However, the present FAC only shows nine plaintiffs with full names. I respectfully request that
    the Court direct Mr. Glazer to reveal the names of the 59 individuals who he claims are prepared
    to use their flill names so we may begin to make heads or tails of this incomprehensible morass

    I am pleased to find out that these 59 individuals have decided to allow their claims to be
    rigorously examined, although, sadly, there remains a dozen who wish to hide in craven

    Finally, I assure this Court that 1 will abide by any protective order, or any other order, so

    /s/Nicole Clyne

  • Nicki and Michele Hachette think naming names publicly will ease their pain. I have a lot of experience in this field and can tell you: they will be disappointed. They clearly have a lot of work to do in order to find happiness again, and they are not on the right path.

  • These women are an utter embarrassment to females.

    I wonder what all of the female doctors, lawyers, business executives, etc., who are at the same age as these women, but work full time while also managing careers and families of their own, would think of those who spend such an inordinate amount of time shamelessly supporting a sexual predator and offender who will be in prison for the rest of his life.

    It’s almost like Raniere destroyed any sense of intrinsic shame in them except for feeling it when it comes to the cult of himself.

    • You make a good point. I think their obsession with self-disciplene (they are back to taking cold showers) is because they are without the very real challenges that life presents — career and family. Become a working mom, THEN lets see how many cold showers you take to feel good about yourself, ha.

    • You are 100% right. All of the demeaning things that Keith Raniere had these women do to themselves and to each other and for his amusement were to erode any shame that the slave women had, but not in a positive way.

      It wasn’t an exercise to free them up. It was to get the slave women ready to be absolutely shameless cult shills. And to accept degrading harem life.

      Remember, Keith said of Allison Mack, “I am trying to break her.”

      Keith also wanted to instill fear of humiliation and pain with “penance”.

      Al of those little criminal things Keith had the cult members do were also designed to erode their boundaries in terms of lawbreaking

      And the cruelty that Keith Raniere had the cult members visit upon each other was to destroy their moral compass and their empathy for the women he abused.

      Susan Dones has spoken eloquently about “line stepping” in nxium. On ‘A Little Bit Culty”.

      Getting cult followers to progressively break more laws, become more amoral was also Keith Raniere attempting to weaponize his slaves. And SOP.

  • piece of sh!t women like that are exactly why I will never again identify as feminist. so many women are just horrible evil bullying c#nts. I’m just saying. it’s so bad I wouldn’t even want to have a daughter in this world for a Million dollars

    they should be MORE THAN ASHAMED for defending a pedophile human trafficking piece of garbage. so pathetic. all of them

  • Here, this article is about Dublin FCI prison, where right now Allison Mack is serving her prison sentence. For this reason, it would be interesting to report on it:

    AP news

    AP investigation: Women’s prison fostered culture of abuse


    WASHINGTON (AP) — Inside one of the only federal women’s prisons in the United States, inmates say they have been subjected to rampant sexual abuse by correctional officers and even the warden, and were often threatened or punished when they tried to speak up.

    Prisoners and workers at the federal correctional institution in Dublin, California, even have a name for it: “The rape club.”

    An Associated Press investigation has found a permissive and toxic culture at the Bay Area lockup, enabling years of sexual misconduct by predatory employees and cover-ups that have largely kept the abuse out of the public eye.

    The AP obtained internal federal Bureau of Prisons documents, statements and recordings from inmates, interviewed current and former prison employees and inmates and reviewed thousands of pages of court records from criminal and civil cases involving Dublin prison staff.

    Together, they detail how inmates’ allegations against members of the mostly male staff were ignored or set aside, how prisoners could be sent to solitary confinement for reporting abuse and how officials in charge of preventing and investigating sexual misconduct were themselves accused of abusing inmates or neglecting their concerns.

    In one instance, a female inmate said a man, who was her prison work supervisor, taunted her by remarking “let the games begin” when he assigned her to work with a maintenance foreman she accused of rape. Another worker claimed he wanted to get inmates pregnant. The warden — the man in charge at Dublin — kept nude photos on his government-issued cellphone of a woman he is accused of assaulting.

    One inmate said she was “overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, and anger, and cried uncontrollably” after enduring abuse and retaliation at Dublin. Another said she contemplated suicide when her cries for help went unheeded and now suffers from severe anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.


    All sexual activity between a prison worker and an inmate is illegal. Correctional employees enjoy substantial power over inmates, controlling every aspect of their lives from mealtime to lights out, and there is no scenario in which an inmate can give consent.

    The allegations at Dublin, which so far have resulted in four arrests, are endemic of a larger problem within the beleaguered Bureau of Prisons. In 2020, the same year some of the women at Dublin complained, there were 422 complaints of staff-on-inmate sexual abuse across the system of 122 prisons and 153,000 inmates. The agency said it substantiated only four of those complaints and that 290 are still being investigated. It would not say whether the allegations were concentrated in women’s prisons or spread throughout the system.

    A hotbed of corruption and misconduct, the federal prison system has been plagued by myriad crises in recent years, including widespread criminal activity among employees, critically low staffing levels that have hampered responses to emergencies, the rapid spread of COVID-19, a failed response to the pandemic and dozens of escapes. Last month, the embattled director, Michael Carvajal, announced he was resigning. On Monday, two inmates were killed in a gang clash at a federal penitentiary in Texas, prompting a nationwide lockdown.

    The AP contacted lawyers for every Dublin prison employee charged with sexual abuse or named as a defendant in a lawsuit alleging abuse, and tried reaching the men directly through available phone numbers and email addresses. None responded to interview requests. A government lawyer representing one of the men being sued declined comment.

    Thahesha Jusino, taking over as Dublin’s warden at the end of the month, promised to “work tirelessly to reaffirm the Bureau of Prisons’ zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual harassment.”

    She said the agency is fully cooperating with the Justice Department’s inspector general on active investigations and noted that a “vast majority” of these cases were referred for investigation by the Bureau of Prisons itself.

    “I am committed to ensuring the safety of our inmates, staff, and the public,” Jusino said in a statement to the AP. “A culture of misconduct, or actions not representative of the BOP’s Core Values will not be tolerated.”

    The Justice Department said in a statement that “Zero tolerance means exactly that. The Justice Department is committed to both holding accountable any staff who violate their position of trust and to preventing these crimes from happening in the first place.”


    FCI Dublin, about 21 miles (34 kilometers) east of Oakland, was opened in 1974. It was converted in 2012 to one of six women-only facilities in the federal prison system. Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman both served time there for their involvement in a college admissions bribery scandal.

    As of Feb. 1, it had about 750 inmates, many serving sentences for drug crimes. There are increasingly more women behind bars but they are still a minority — only about 6.5% of the overall federal inmate population.

    Union officials say the vast majority of Dublin employees are honest and hardworking, and are upset that the allegations and actions of some workers have tarnished the prison’s reputation.

    “We have a diversified staff. We have veterans. We have ex-law enforcement. We have good people, and they’re very traumatized,” Dublin union president Ed Canales said.

    Inmates and prison workers who spoke to the AP did not want their names published for fear of retaliation. The AP also does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission.

    Women made the first internal complaints to staff members about five years ago, court records and internal agency documents show, but it’s not clear whether those complaints ever went anywhere. The women say they were largely ignored, and the abuse continued.

    One inmate who reported a 2017 sexual assault said she was told nothing would be done about her complaint because it was a “he said-she said.” The woman, who is now suing the Bureau of Prisons over her treatment, said she was fired from her prison commissary job as retaliation. When she went to report her firing, she said a Dublin counselor took her abuser’s side, responding: “Child, do you want him to lose his job?” The woman was moved to a different prison a week later.

    In 2019, another Dublin inmate sued — first on her own with handwritten papers, then with the backing of a powerful San Francisco law firm — alleging that a maintenance foreman repeatedly raped her and that other workers facilitated the abuse and mocked her for it. When an internal prison investigator finally caught wind of what was happening, the woman said she was the one who got punished with three months in solitary confinement and a transfer to a federal prison in Alabama.

    Then, in 2020, another inmate’s report that Dublin workers were abusing inmates broke through to the Justice Department’s inspector general and the FBI, triggering a criminal investigation that has led to the arrest of four employees, including former warden Ray J. Garcia, in the past seven months. They each face up to 15 years in prison, though in other recent cases, sentences have ranged from three months to two years.

    Two of the men are expected to plead guilty in the coming weeks in federal court to charges of sexual abuse of a ward. None of the men accused in civil suits has been charged with crimes. Several Dublin workers are under investigation, though it’s not clear whether the men accused in the civil suits are among them.

    The FBI said Friday that it is continuing to investigate and is looking for anyone who may have been victimized to come forward and speak with agents.


    The former warden, arrested last September, is accused of molesting an inmate as she tried to push him away. Garcia made her and another inmate strip naked as he did rounds and took pictures that were found on his personal laptop computer and government-issued cell phone when the FBI raided his office and home last summer, prosecutors said. The abuse ended when the pandemic exploded and women were locked in their cells, they said. Garcia was later promoted; the Bureau of Prisons said it didn’t know about the abuse until later.

    “If they’re undressing, I’ve already looked,” Garcia, 54, told the FBI in July 2021, according to court records. “I don’t, like, schedule a time like ‘you be undressed, and I’ll be there.’”

    Garcia, who was placed on leave after the raid and retired a month after his arrest, is also accused of using his authority to intimidate one of his victims, telling her that he was “close friends” with the person responsible for investigating staff misconduct and boasting that he could not be fired, prosecutors said.

    Ross Klinger, 36, a Dublin prison recycling technician, is scheduled to plead guilty on Thursday to charges he sexually abused at least two inmates between March and September 2020, including inside a warehouse and in a shipping container on prison grounds while another inmate acted as a lookout.

    Klinger told the women he wanted to marry them and father their children, even proposing to one of them with a diamond ring after she was discharged to a halfway house, prosecutors said. Another prisoner aware of the abuse reported Klinger to the Bureau of Prisons in June 2020, according to the FBI, but he was still allowed to transfer to a federal jail in San Diego months later.

    Despite the move, prosecutors said, Klinger kept contacting one of victim through an email address he created with a phony name, sometimes sending lewd messages referencing sexual acts, and messaged the other woman on Snapchat, saying he loved her and was “willing to do anything” for her.

    Interviewed by investigators in April 2021, Klinger denied any wrongdoing, but said that because of the allegations his life was over and that he was concerned about going to prison and being labeled as a sex offender. He was in handcuffs two months later.

    “Sexual misconduct of a ward, you can’t come back from that,” Klinger told investigators in the interview, according to court documents.

    John Russell Bellhouse, 39, a prison safety administrator, is scheduled to be arraigned this month on charges he sexually abused an inmate he called his “girlfriend” from February to December 2020. He was placed on leave in March and arrested in December.

    James Theodore Highhouse, 49, a prison chaplain, has already signed a plea agreement and is scheduled to plead guilty Feb. 23 to charges he put his penis on an inmate’s genitals, mouth and hand and masturbated in front of her in 2018 and 2019, and that he lied to investigators when questioned about the abuse. He was arrested last month.


    Garcia, the highest-ranking federal prison official arrested in more than 10 years, had an outsize influence as warden over how Dublin handled employee sexual misconduct. He led staff and inmate training on reporting abuse and complying with the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, known as PREA, and had control over staff discipline, including in cases of sexual abuse. In his prior role as associate warden, he had had disciplinary authority over all inmates, but not staff.

    He was also in charge of the legally required “rape elimination” compliance audit, first scheduled for early 2020 but not completed until last September — about the time he was arrested. The Bureau of Prisons blamed the pandemic for the delay and said the audit, Dublin’s first since 2017, is not yet finalized and cannot be made public.

    In private, Garcia was flouting measures put in place to protect inmates from sexual abuse and he later panicked that he would get caught for his own alleged misbehavior, court records show. The woman Garcia is accused of assaulting told investigators that one instance of abuse happened while PREA officials were visiting the prison. Garcia assaulted her in a changing stall designed for PREA-compliant searches, she said.

    Publicly, Garcia appeared to take a hard line on abuse. In one of his first acts after he was named warden in November 2020, he recommended firing the maintenance foreman William Martinez, accused of rape in the 2019 suit — albeit for what the staff disciplinary process narrowed to a finding of an “appearance of an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.”

    Martinez has denied the allegations and has filed a discrimination complaint against the Bureau of Prisons with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He has not been charged with a crime.

    Garcia tasked another official with making a final decision on punishment and that person reduced the penalty to a 15-day suspension, but even that was later overturned. Internal documents obtained by the AP show that prison officials failed to look into the allegations against Martinez for nearly two years and then, after the investigation finished, waited another year to propose discipline.

    An administrative judge wrote in June that the prison’s protracted investigation “strains credulity” on a matter as serious as alleged sexual abuse.

    But the judge also found that prison officials cherry-picked evidence to bolster their case, only to end up unraveling it. He reversed the suspension and ordered the Bureau of Prisons to provide back pay.


    Sisak reported from New York.


    On Twitter, follow Michael Balsamo at and Michael Sisak at and send confidential tips by visiting

  • “ Finally, I assure this Court that I will abide by any protective order, or any other order, so directed”

    LMFAO – now that she was called out, she acts like the wimp that she is and defers to the judge. Does she think the judge can’t see right through her? Well, at least she is staying true to the coward that she really is, having already refused to testify for Raniere because she was afraid of being cross-examined. Her “empowerment” is stunning!

    it never ceases to amaze me how dense the little girls in DOS are! Michele doesn’t even realize that it is a contradiction to say the defendants were denied the identities of the plaintiffs and then, at the same time, threaten to reveal their identities!

    • says the coward who does not give his last name. You laughable little man or girl —- If you confronted me face to face, you’d fill your diapers. Use your own name, fool.

      • Says the “coward” who censors everybody while he claims to “adamantly support free speech”!

        If they “confronted [you] face to face”, you “fill your [OWN] diaper” (diaper isn’t plural when referring to one person, dumbass!), piss yourself and call the cops while you hid in your house crying!

        Why don’t you be the good Orwellian bitch that you are and censor them, you small-dick fraud!

    • How retro of you to use craven as a noun, so, in this case. Identifiably culty.

      I bet you fear Frank more than anyone you have ever encountered. A man who put an end to your racket yet gives you rather generously the only oxygen of publicity you are ever likely to get.

      So foolish to bite the only [non-cult] hand that feeds you.

    • Patriot God (Charlie)

      Parlato is a scoundrel not a ‘craven cur’.

      BTW: How’s mother doing? I hope she isn’t still bowlegged from the [redacted] bang.

  • To Judge Eric R. Komitee:

    Nicki Clyne has money!

    Nicki Clyne is wearing new designer jewelry and clothes all the time, plus she travels around the United States on an apparent permanent vacation.

    On one trip she’s wearing $900 designer sunglasses pared with a Cartier watch!

    Here’s the proof she’s got boku bucks:

    • Wow.

      Not too long ago, Nicki Clyne was lamenting in a podcast interview how she had busted into her own mother’s retirement account to pay for Nicki’s running an illegal slavery ring and the related legal bills to defend this criminality.

      Guess Nicki Clyne is in no hurry to pay her mama back either, huh?

    • Judge !!!

      Plus Nickie Clyne was selling her own line of t-shirts and sweat shirts until a week ago.

      I wonder why she took down her sales website…..

      Maybe this latest court filing…

        • “Ruin Nicki’s business?”

          Nope! I want the Judge to know Nicki is awash with money.

          She always draped in fabulous clothes and hanging in far off locales.

          Thanks for helping me!!!!

    • Merriam Webster:

      beaucoup adjective

      Definition of beaucoup
      slang: great in quantity or amount : MANY, MUCH
      spent beaucoup dollars

      Urban dictionary:

      Boo Koo Bucks
      A lot of money. A phonetic spelling of the french word “beaucoup” combined with a word starting with the letter “b” which is a slang term for money, thus creating a “fun to say” turn of phrase for a lot of money.

  • The past fabricated and forced narrative of the dead-end cult of Keith Raniere’s remaining followers being made up of essentially good-hearted people with noble principles at their core has been blown completely apart by their latest antics.

    These cult die-hards are just very deluded, arrogant, woefully indoctrinated and very mean-spirited assholes.

    The public, media and courts of the United States (and Mexico) have actually been FAR too generous to grandmaster Keith Raniere’s remaining slaves.

    The watching world should have realized how potentially dangerous and destructive these fanatics were when they stormed Moira Penza’s office. Requiring armed guards to exercise a “show of force” outside the court room at one point.

    And people who harass a victim of child sexual exploitation simply because they CAN are just loathsome

    Nicki could have just filed this request in the first place. And dealt with a legal issue – legally. Not on social media.

    Nicki doesn’t have to operate like a truly evil attention whore who likes to inflict maximum psychological terror and damage.

    It is now my belief that Nicki Clyne became addicted to the power she wielded over other women through sexually explicit and other damaging blackmail that she held (and still possesses and holds) over their heads.

    It’s so blatantly obvious that Nicki Clyne, Michelle Bari Hatchette and the other DOSsier project degenerates truly believe that they are ENTITLED to dictate how any and all other women live their lives.

    These branded slaves to a convicted convict think that they “know better” than ALL other women.

    And Keith’s remaining slaves believe they alone can save the world. STILL. And save it from what?! These cult women are so married to this idea of themselves as saviors for all of mankind. It’s psycho.

    Don’t really care even a little bit anymore if they actually “believe” that they are “helping” other women (I don’t believe it BTW). That’s unimportant. All fanatics ate true-believers. Doesn’t make them right. Or a good force in the world.

    These DOSsier/Raniere loyalists are no different than any other destructive extremist group forcing their ideology on the rest of a population.

    And it appears they truly revel in the sadism of hurting other women. And having complete control over every aspect of their lives. Again, it seems they became so used to living as “master/slaves,” they cannot function in a world of other women exercising their own free will.

    They really believe that they are the answer to a question no one asked. And they are so convinced of their own superiority. So egotistical. They took ESP classes, y’all. They KNOW IT ALL. They got that magic sperm shot. Wait. So did a lot of the victims… Why are the dumb-dumb DOSsier project’s remaining slaves so superior to all other women on Earth, again?

    Just remember these that these fanatical slaves to grandmaster Raniere at one time thought it was a really good idea to lock a woman naked in a cage kept in a basement of a townhome in Albany until they broke her will.

    Scary. Disturbing. And true.

  • This whole “name the plaintiffs” non-controversy sums up as the wacky Nxivm culties wanting to enforce their peculiar morality on everyone else.

    They think it’s unethical to be anonymous. Even in a trial that involves sexual assault and sex with a minor.

    My response is, who gives a fuck what they think? They think Raniere is a paragon of virtue. They think branding women with a cult leader’s initials is ethical. They think lying to people and blackmailing them is ethical. They think harassing people with frivolous lawsuits is ethical. They think pyramid schemes, tax evasion, and stuffing “off the books” cash in shoeboxes is ethical. They think subjugating women to the sexual whims of some creepy guy is ethical. They think charging exorbitant fees for bogus self-improvement courses is ethical. They think sex-trafficking is ethical. They think slavery is ethical.

    Slavery! They eagerly promoted their “master/slave” scheme. They defend it to this day.

    Slave women branded with their master’s initials on their pussies. They defend that to this day.

    So, once again, I ask, who gives a fuck what these people think?

    • The names of all the plaintiffs – including the ones that wish to have their names withheld – must be provided to the defendants and their attorneys. The anonymity they are seeking only applies to the general public.

      • Interesting, why all the complaining from the NXIVM Five?

        If Ex Doctor Daniel’s, Porter and Nicki Clyne who are representing themselves are given these names, why is Michelle Hatchette threatening to release their names if the Jane and John Does don’t come forward?

      • The question is: MBH is not a defendant, so WHO leaked the names of the plaintiffs to her? What has the whole court case got to do with her in the first place? Who is she to demand anything of anyone? To add to Aristotle S’s excellent summary above: they think publicly shaming the very people they ‘harmed’ (sorry – may not be an entirely correct word) is ethical.

      • I’ll leave direct comment on NY law to Claviger, but in my experience in general, and backed up by Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 10(a), the presumption favors disclosure of the identities of plaintiffs as being in the public interest. We are a democracy after all. When a plaintiff seeks to remain anonymous the court will weigh the public’s right to know versus the arguments in favor of anonymity. This weighting includes whether identification poses a risk of retaliatory harm to a party seeking to proceed anonymously, whether identification presents other harms and the likely severity of those harms, and whether plaintiff is particularly vulnerable to possible harm from disclosure. When viewed in this light, Hatchette’s threat to reveal the names publicly can only be viewed as harassment and proves the first weighing factor, that identification of the plaintiffs pose a risk of retaliatory harm. I think her threat alone defeats any argument for public disclosure.

        As pointed out by Claviger, Clyne will have the identities of the unnamed plaintiff’s as part of the discovery process so her letter is a waste of time. Her letter proves that it is always better to be represented by counsel than try to navigate the morass that is the legal system. Courts hold non-lawyers representing themselves to the same standard as attorneys and do not view favorably parties appearing before them who create additional work by not understanding the issues or the system.

        However, if she proceeds in representing herself, a simple Google search reveals the fact that as a named defendant she gets the identities of all plaintiffs. And to research legal arguments, is her friend. Unless she is operating from the misguided assumption that creating sympathy works in her favor, it appears she is doing no research that will help her case.

        • As Frank Parlato points out in his comment:

          “At this point, I do not think the defense knows the names of all those who are suing. Obviously, they will get them at some point but some of the Does are still a mystery to at least some of the defendants who I have spoken to.”

          If you really are a “retired appellate attorney” and not just another anonymous blowhard, or legal PR hack who has a financial interest in NXIVM litigation, you would know that last Friday was the deadline for the defendants in this case to file their arguments for dismissal.

          And yet these defendants still don’t know the names of 59 people who seek to use this court to deprive them of their property.

          How can the defendants present a sound case for dismissal without knowing who is suing them?

          Why didn’t you include this factual situation that the defendants face as part of your “legal” apologetics above? Are you being paid not to acknowledge it, and to present a biased argument while appearing to be a “truth-teller” here on the Frank Report?

          You’re certainly not a truth-teller here. You have an agenda, as proven by your deletion of the legal plight of the people who are being sued, and who are being put in this situation of not knowing who is suing them.

          Either say who you are so we can critically examine your record and take what you say seriously, or be accused of being just another anonymous con man trolling the Frank Report.


      • The DOSsier Project Twitter account, which I think is just Nicki Clyne and/or Michele Hatchette commenting, made a claim in a Tweet that the defendants don’t know all 12 defendants and yet Michele is threatening to release their names. They’re a bunch of hypocrites who are too stupid to realize how much they contradict themselves.

  • Why do they need the names so bad.? Instead of worrying about names, why not try spending time on your actual defense? Executive Success Program manipulation skills won’t get you out of this one.

  • Typical nxivm lingo….use a thesaurus and throw in a lot of words to confuse people and seem to be telling the truth and be the authority on things.

  • Maybe there is someone with access, who could reveal Nicki’s branded crotch so that everyone could get an impression how much it must have hurt. She seems to like openness and public humiliation.

    Hell, she could even make a career out of it on the interweb. She has some experience in front of the camera after all.

  • The US government needs to ship Clyne back to Canada. She’s lied about many things — outright, willfully, by omission, etc. — including her sham marriage to AM to stay in the country, and so committed immigration fraud. Boot her ass back to Canada and she can criticize the country she actually belongs to so real US citizens don’t have to read the garbage she spews about their government just because her shared boyfriend languishes in prison where he belongs.

  • I don’t blame people for it not to be public knowledge that they are fools and joined a cult. Its something that will be on the internet forever anytime someone searches their name. Which is a common practice nowadays as people try to find info about potential hires, dates, and more. Clyne scuttled her acting career publicly over a decade ago so doesn’t understand why it matters. Others, like those from that Dossier project turned poor man’s NXIVM, are learning first hand how much of a problem it can be.

    Clyne does have a right, up to a point, to know her accusers. But only if she actually plans to mount a defense which seems debatable here. More than likely she just wants the names so can start an online humiliation campaign. Its become clear that Clyne is a petty pathetic person who seeks to strike out at anyone that doesn’t follow her worldview on Keith Raniere.

    The simple fact is she can’t be trusted with the names. If they are to be released, there should be a gag rule on making them publicly available and severe (as in real jail time) if they come out. This will not stop it of course because the type of person Clyne has become in her bitterness, but at least a straight line can be drawn and Clyne can experience some of what her favorite person in the world is experiencing. She desperately needs a wake up call and maybe a little reality via jail time might help with that.

    • Erasend wrote:

      “More than likely she just wants the names so can start an online humiliation campaign. Its become clear that Clyne is a petty pathetic person who seeks to strike out at anyone that doesn’t follow her worldview on Keith Raniere.”

      Maybe it’s become clear to you, but my personal experience with Nicki Clyne proves what you think is “clear to you” is actually false.

      I have discussed my stance on Keith Raniere with Nicki Clyne personally and she did not, and has not, “struck out” at me.

      My Position on Keith Raniere:

      Frank is pretty clear on his stance on Keith Raniere – even in this article, in fact. Nicki has not “struck out” at him for not following her worldview.

      What about the public humiliation that you yourself engage in against NXIVM loyalists here?

      If those who have switched sides don’t deserve to be questioned and examined, why do NXIVM loyalists deserve it?

      You have a lot of contradictions between the principles you espouse, and your personal behavior.

      Doesn’t that cognitive dissonance you feel uncomfortable?


      • You just like to make stuff up to make a random point. You have no clue what you’re talking about but it doesn’t matter. Mostly find your anger in defense of Clyne interesting. If Clyne isn’t up to anything deceptive, then everything I just wrote is moot. But your reaction tells me I might be on to something, and I’m starting to wonder if you are in the loop on it. Time will tell.

        • If you are for due process and being able to confront one’s accusers and their accusations in a public court, then you should be for those principles for all plaintiffs and all defendants – no matter who they are.

          But you’re not. This is an inconsistency, a contradiction, between the principles you pretend to espouse and your speech and actions.

          Time will tell if you can overcome this all-too-common human frailty. Until then, your credibility to comment on justice procedures with regard to NXIVM is undermined.

          All this is totally under your own control. You can correct yourself.

          Good luck.


      • Judgement is always a two way street. Using the word craven sounds inflammatory, shrill, repugnant… it seems like baiting the Doe’s and likely connected to the repudiated feminine qualities in DOS teachings. Her previous letter responding to the lawsuit did make some ironic points about her recruiters, Sarah and Mark, who profited off of her and now suing her. This doesn’t seem fair… but, she chooses this turmoil by not examining the destruction off Raniere, Bronfmans or the collateral. It does seem ridiculous and sad she can’t separate herself from DOS and still stand up for her ethics and ideals. Ivy and Nicki seem the most genuine, so it is disappointing they are on opposite sides. It would be powerful if they teamed up to bring light to judicial and penal reform or sex trafficking using their superlative communication skills. Nicki should ask herself what she truly wishes to stand-up for and create. She could still build something positively impactful using her cult experience notoriety instead of being the martyr of DOS. Her strength and convictions are to be admired… especially, if they were for herself and not obtusely defending DOS/Raniere/Bronfmans. It would be great to see her smiling genuinely for an accomplishment we could all appreciate as a betterment to society or just the simple pleasure of a glorious day… DOS taints everything. I support those wishing to remain anonymous so they have a better shot at rebuilding and healing without judgements of others. Sarah and Mark strike me as opportunists with high social intelligence allowing them to maneuver in their own self-interests and profit. They don’t really serve a benefit to society other than entertainment and paying taxes… even reality TV stars raise money and awareness to causes outside of themselves. Hoping Nicki severs her alliance with DOS and uses her gumption for a worthy cause. My advice to Nicki is go team up with Ivy and Daniella, if they will trust you, and go do something amazing. Human and sex trafficking at the border would be a worthy cause and have direct ties back to DOS/NXIVM.

        P.S. If I were being sued civilly, I would want to know who was suing me so the why would make sense to build my best defense. In this case, the why has been established and the collateral is still out there under someone’s control.

          • I am surprised you decided not to give shit to “Namaste” because he too is hiding behind a pseudonym, as you did to the “Defense Attorney”. Two different people gave well-reasoned arguments, and one you praise and one you berated. What’s the difference between the two? It is Alonzo’s likes and prejudices.

          • — P.S. If I were being sued civilly, I would want to know who was suing me so the why would make sense to build my best defense. —

            The names of ALL those suing are known to the defense. Those names of the Does are only kept from the general public.

          • At this point, I do not think the defense knows the names of all those who are suing. Obviously, they will get them at some point but some of the Does are still a mystery to at least some of the defendants who I have spoken to.

          • @Frank, I find this confusing. On one hand, Michele Hatchette says she will out the names of each and every one of the Does… yet on the other hand others claim they do not know who the Does are. What is going on here?

        • I don’t agree with your perceptions about Mark and Sarah, however your good intent shines through in your comment. I hope people can leave the garbage behind and work together for greater good.

      • I agree with your position on Raniere. Here’s the challenge and why Erasend may be accurate. The followers not only follow Keith, they do what he tells them to do. When you are talking your orders from a narcissistic psychopath, your intent is not your intent. It’s Vanguard’s intent and you are his pawn.

        • L Ron Hubbard tried to convince scientologists that anyone who would criticize scientology was a “suppressive person” who’s only intent was to destroy Scientology and Scientologists. Therefore, spending any time listening to, or thinking about, their arguments was a waste of time, and worse could “key you in” and make you a “Potential Trouble Source” needing lots of expensive “ethics handlings” and auditing actions.

          This, I think, was what a Nxian or anti-Nxian might call a “shifter strategy”.

          Maybe I’m wrong and I shouldn’t do this, but I equate the label “narcissistic psychopath” with the label “Suppressive Person”. It certainly performs the same role in reasoning with their arguments: It serves to shift off of the point they’re making and onto who they are – an ad homenim fallacy.

          Can you restate your argument without the labels and the shifter strategy of mind-reading their “intent”?

          What exactly are they saying?

          Is what they are saying valid?


          • I call it sleight-of-hands. Raniere liked giving fancy names to existing things and claiming them as his own inventions.

          • I will. But first – your first paragraph about suppressive people is EXACTLY how Keith ran ESP/NXIVM, out of the gate. He didn’t use the word suppressive – it was a different word that slips my mind – but he soon ditched the word and simply stole the suppress word from Scientology.

            So, I called Keith a narcissistic psychopath. I think I’m accurate with the label. However, in case I’m wrong or people disagree with me, let’s change my np label and replace it with the name, Keith Raniere.

            I am specifically not labeling their intent. All I’m saying is Erasend may be correct because we don’t know if a Vanguard pawn is communicating to us, or if a Michele/Nicki is communicating.

            I don’t know if shifter fits what I typed, but I’ll reread and consider it.

          • The sleight-of-hands comment is spot on. Keith was awesome at stealing stuff from multiple places and blending it to make him look smart and to reach his goals.

            I did use the shifter strategy up above. However, I think it was needed. Nobody knows the shifter strategy better than Keith and nobody uses the shifter strategy better than Keith. Keith isolates a point that works in a vacuum. He (and Nicki/Michele in their current points) then lazer focuses on this point and expects the rest of the stuff to be forgotten.

            Are Nicki/Michele speaking for Vanguard? Or are they speaking for Nicki/Michele? Pardon the shift, but I am openly and purposely shifting.

          • Leveler was the word that preceded suppressive. To further critique my comments, I’d say I am “leveling” Nicki/Michele by discounting their points because they may be getting these points straight from Keith. Cutting them off at the knee – “Oh, yeah, well what you say doesn’t matter because it might be coming from Keith.”

            That being said, their points might be coming from Keith. Not acknowledging this is ignoring the elephant in the room.

          • Nutjob, it is funny to watch you jump through the linguistic hoops of a fellow whose favorite “labels” to affix to people are “tribal ninny” and “blind retard.”

            Raniere’s actions are in fact objectively consistent with those of a narcissistic psychopath.

            If the “label” fits, use it.

          • Just didn’t want my name calling to get in the way of my point. Plus, I typed “talking” instead of “taking” and it probably made my statement confusing.

        • Alanzo-

          The above ‘condom’ comment was a
          1/2 jibe and 1/2 a compliment.

          I truly believe if SquareFeet Raniere and E.T. Chakravorty can bang Clyne, then you’re a ‘shoe in.’ Seriously.

          *Please Note: ‘Shoe in’ is a reference to a ‘Canadian Porch Swing’; Nicki is from Canada; she’ll explain it, and hopefully show you.

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