Guest View: ‘I Lied to My Friends to Brand My Boyfriend’s Initials Near Their Vaginas’

MK10ART's sketch pf Nicki Clyne

An anonymous commenter took a different point of view than Nicki Clyne did. It was written as a comment in response to Nicki Clyne’s motion to dismiss.

The commenter writes as “More real Nicki response 2 lawsuit” and assumes the voice of Clyne.

By [Fake] Nicki Clyne

We all lied to our “friends” about the brand.  We told them that Keith was not involved.

We all lied that the brand is a symbol of the elements. But really, it was always to be the initials of my “partner of 10 years” burned into their pelvis forever.

The brand was described as a symbol of the four elements to unsuspecting women. However, when it’s turned 90 degrees counterclockwise, one could see the magical initials: KR. 


Sarah Edmondson shows her brand.


India Oxenberg shows her brand.

They wouldn’t want a brand of my boyfriend’s initials branded near their vagina. So, I lied in order to get it done. That is normal, reasonable, acceptable and lovely “friend” behavior.

I WANT a brand of my boyfriend’s initials on my “friends’” pussies.

And that’s not weird?

MK10ART depicts a pleasant scene where Nicki Clyne and her master Keith Alan Raniere share a thoughtful moment together.

So, who cares if that is what THEY want?

It is my legal right to have my “friends” deceptively branded with my boyfriend’s initials inches from their genitals.

DOS First-Line Slaves with their worshipful master in the middle. He was to be kept a secret from all the other recruits – until the time came for them to seduce him.

Myself and all Keith’s other front-line slaves met nude at the feet of master Keith. The man that we all share sexually demanded that we hide his involvement in DOS and his initials in the brand.

MK10 ART presents a fine visual image of the recommitment ceremony planned for the first line slaves. Keith Raniere with Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Nicki Clyne prepare to use their mouths to recommit to the flaccid member of their Glorious Genius.

So, “Of course, Master.” Naturally, we will all conspire to keep that vital information from our “friends”.

I was giddy (listen to the tape of Nicki Clyne ‘ooohing and cooing’ over the dishonest rendering of the brand) with the idea of lying to my “friends” about getting Keith Alan Raniere’s initials seared into their flesh – without their informed consent.

MK10ART’s painting of the branding of a woman, with Allison Mack, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman looking on.

I feel that I have the moral high ground. It is my decision on what my friends do with their bodies. I am smarter. I am their master. If I decide that they will get my boyfriend’s initials burned onto their crotches – then that’s what’s happening.

What THEY truly want – is not my problem.

Why is anyone even upset that I conspired with eight other people to completely lie to my “friends” and disfigured their bikini area forever with my boyfriend’s initials scarred into their bodies?

The court can see that I am the real victim here. But I am not going to call myself a victim. Even though I am a victim of these mean women that should be more appreciative of my not revealing to them that it was actually my boyfriend’s initials being seared into their groin. They should be thanking me for my participation in a conspiracy to maim them. But they are too greedy.

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1 year ago

According to Nicki’s statement: “No woman that I invited into DOS ever got a brand.”

Nicki Clyne lied to the DOS women
Nicki Clyne lied to the DOS women
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

That may be true. Or not. But it is a distinction with no difference.

Nicki actively participated with the other 7 front-line slaves and grand slave master Keith Raniere in the conspiracy to lie about the brand design. And in the actual designing of the brand itself, which was intentionally designed to hide the initials of Keith Alan Raniere.

Clyne was a part of planning sessions that included premeditated decisions to lie and tell DOS women the brand was “a symbol of the elements” knowing full well that it was the in initials of Nicki’s shared boyfriend.

Nicki was an integral part of a conspiracy to hide Keith’s involvement in every level of DOS. To deny Keith was the leader. To hide the fact that the porn and other collateral was “not unseen” by Keith Raniere as he stated himself.

Nicki Clyne actively lied. She denied women the right to fully consent to having her boyfriend’s initials permanently burned into the tender flesh near their genitals. That is, at best, extraordinarily unethical. At worst, well deserving of a civil suit.

There is no denying those facts. Nicki Clyne is recorded participating in planning sessions about deceiving the women recruited into DOS. About the brand. About her boyfriend running the slave pyramid. About all of it.

1 year ago

That’s it!!!! F those dos b!tches still defending it. They should all burn in hell for defending that cult’s evil crimes

1 year ago

Exactly. This opposite take on it reveals what really happened. Well said.

Also I don’t think they knew it would be searing pain for 30 minutes. Eg in the UK you can consent under the criminal law to some bodily harm in various contexts including reasonably mild BDSM but if it is too painful then even if you consented that is not a valid consent. Here they did not consent to that level of pain and were misled as to the nature of the brand plus the complication of the collateral.

1 year ago

Nicki should present her tattoo as well.

1 year ago

DOS is great for lots of things, and not just having some fat hairy fucker’s initials next to your vulva.

In the lesson “HOW TO BE MORE PRESENT” (whatever the hell that means), the DOSSIER project has challenged women to focus for 5 minutes on a single task so that they can actually complete it. DRDANIELLEROBERTS writes:

“I made carob avocado pudding today. It took breathing for 5 minutes to settle my mind before I could even choose the next thing I was going to do for 5 mins. Then… I MADE Avocado pudding.”

Imagine that. Join DOS and you’ll learn that with just five minutes of focus, you can figure out how to make your own lunch. Amazing. I don’t know how anyone has gotten by without it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ice-nine

That’s an exercise for toddlers.

The idea that a woman cannot complete a task in 5 minutes would mean that all women have an attention span of a puppy.

Most women work. And have children.

Trust and believe that when you’re a doctor with three children under 6 years old you can accomplish about 30 things simultaneously in 5 minutes. Just getting out the front door involves about 150 tasks.

And don’t get me started on all the things you must remember simultaneously when you are responsible for the lives of multiple small humans.

Plus all of your patients at work. And the practice that you run.

But If you’re unemployed, living on a friend’s couch after losing your medical license with no family – then maybe mashing an avocado is a real triumph.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

IKR? Aren’t all of these women as emotionally stunted as the man-child they chose to follow and call master?

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