Marie White Paints Raniere

Painting ofKeith Alan Raniere by Marie White

Marie White paints scenes of the wonderful world of NXIVM. Here is a little showcase of her work. In the first in our series let us present Marie’s visions of the Vanguard.


Keith Raniere Conceptual Founder: Ethical Humanitarian Foundation, World Ethical Foundations Consortium, In Lak’ Ech

Creator: Rational Inquiry® Ultima® Human Essentials®

Founder: Executive Success Programs, Inc. NXIVM Corporation, Jness, A Cappella Innovations, Rainbow Cultural Garden

Scientist, mathematician, philosopher, entrepreneur, educator, inventor and author.

Imagine being ordered to seduce Keith Raniere.

Keith Raniere has devoted his life to studying the human psychodynamic and developing new tools for human empowerment, expression and ethics. 

Noted as one of the world’s top three problem solvers, Keith Raniere was honored in 1989 by the Guinness Book of World Records in the category of highest IQ. He has an estimated problem-solving rarity of one in 425,000,000 with respect to the general population.

He has intellectual patents pending in the areas of human potential and ethics, expression, voice and musical training, athletic performance, commerce, education and learning, information processing and human modeling. He also holds several technological patents on computer inventions and a sleep guidance system.

As an entrepreneur, Keith Raniere transformed a five-person organization into a corporation of nearly 400,000 in a mere two years. His company, Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., was responsible for an estimated one billion dollars in product and service sales in its second full year of business and was featured on the American Spotlight.

A millionaire at the age of thirty, Keith Raniere was worth $50 million only two years later.

In 1998, Keith Raniere founded Executive Success Programs, Inc. with Nancy Salzman, one of the world’s top trainers in the field of human potential.

The company advances human potential and ethics through personal and professional development programs, corporate trainings, and a comprehensive personal and professional coaching program.

At the heart of the company is Rational Inquiry®, Keith Raniere’s revolutionary patent-pending technology designed to enhance performance in virtually every field of human endeavor.

Keith Raniere’s vision for humanity and human potential led him to found various other companies in the following years.

 Keith Raniere conceptualized the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation, a private, not-for-profit foundation supporting endeavors that promote embracing humanity, developing ethics, and moving humankind towards a more noble civilization.

He conceptualized the World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC), a non-profit initiative dedicated to building a compassionate, ethical humanity. 

Vanguard photographing of one of his slaves.

Keith Raniere conceptualized In Lak’ Ech—a civil non-violence movement in Mexico—after having met with a group of concerned citizens native to that country. This movement seeks to transform the violence gripping the social fabric of Latin America through active, non-violent protest and compassion.

An unusually gifted individual, Mr. Raniere’s unique abilities were evident at a very early age. 

He plays many musical instruments and taught himself to play piano at a concert level by age 12

Mr. Raniere is perhaps best known as the creator of Rational Inquiry™ – the transformational model at the center of Executive Success Programs’ trainings. Rational Inquiry™ is a science based on the belief that the more consistent an individual’s beliefs and behavior patterns are, the more successful they will be in everything they do.

The invention, which Mr. Raniere laid the groundwork for as a teenager, is considered by many to be one of most dramatic developments in the field of human potential today.

But despite his extraordinary talents and accomplishments, what often strikes people most about Mr. Raniere is how down to earth he is.

He has the unique ability to relate to virtually anyone, and is known by his friends as a prankster extraordinaire.

Presently Mr. Raniere resides in Tucson, Arizona and is known as federal prisoner #57005-177. He has reserved this number for the next 99 years.





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Marie White


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  • Mary-

    I love your post-modern deconstructionist art form. Your interpretation of Vanguard is on point. You show him as he truly is……
    A derivative of a man – more insect than man. Raniere is cast as the embodiment of a conniving and diabolical coward from an old novel, you paint him as such.

    No more veneer or grand façade, just a crustacean caught out in the sun. Metaphorically you were walking down the beach and poked an invertebrate with a stick.

    Raniere is no longer a he — thanks to your artistic depiction — Raniere is an it. He has always been an “it”.

    Someone needs to get out a can of Raid and send Vanguard on his way.

    You rock, Mary!

    • Mary-

      My favorite ones are “Raniere Microphone”,
      “Black Nail Polish Victim” 3rd from the bottom, and “Sperm Camera”.

      The “Sperm Camera” is a great depiction of men in general — if Raniere had been holding a laptop. 😉

  • Beaumaris Art Group

    Marie White Artist

    Interested in Marie White Artist? On this page, we have collected links for you, where you will receive the most necessary information about Marie White Artist.

    The Dark World of Marie White’s Nxivm Art – Frank Report …
    Dec 08, 2019 · In my opinion, we have two excellent artists who paint pictures of Nxivm. They are MK10ART, whose work can be seen here and frequently on the pages of Frank Report. Our second artist is Marie White. Today, we will showcase some of Marie’s artwork. Marie White Portraits of Keith Raniere. Raniere taking pictures of 15-year-old Cami

  • Marie and Frank,

    These are the most vile photos that I have ever seen in my whole entire life. Why are you still in contact with this monster?

    I am aware that he is the “HERO” of NXIVM – NOT -!!!!!!!!

    Why are you still in contact with him? He is evil and destructive. This is so gross –

  • Nicki Clyne retweeted
    N.A. Le Brun
    Reply to

    Very true.

    Nicki has more social courage than almost anyone I’ve known in the cults vs anticults arena.

    It’s grueling to do what Nicki Clyne is doing.

    She’s a blazing example for targeted minorities.

    Everyone should watch her.


    · 3. Jan. 2022·Twitter for iPhone

  • “Rational Inquiry™ is a science based on the belief that the more consistent an individual’s beliefs and behavior patterns are, the more successful they will be in everything they do.

    Is this really the underlying assumption of Rational Inquiry™?

    Is this why EMs were delivered, for instance? To expose inconsistencies in beliefs and behavior patterns?

    Because this is a pretty big assumption. It relies on the idea that human beings are rational, and when they aren’t they should be. And, more importantly, that the universe in which we operate follows the rules of rationality.

    Can a well-trained anti-Nxer here set aside their gurgling apostasy long enough to provide a clear objective answer to my question?


  • Hey Frank,

    Dude. I seriously ask you to man up and reply to this. I am being completely respectful that you. I am not calling you any names or any racial slurs. I am the guy who talked to you a few articles back about allowing Patriot God and his friends (Colonel James Ludlow, Patriot Fan, etc) being allowed to post for our entertainment.

    You told me that I had a “fair point” and told me that you’d allow them to post whatever they wanted. Now apparently you won’t let them because they’re “random” and “off-topic” and you’ve openly admitted, after we had that conversation and you agreed with me to let them post whatever they wanted, that you still kept withholding their posts.

    I’m asking you politely and respectfully why would you say that to me and then keep doing the opposite?

    Why can’t you just let them post for entertainment and allow other people to interact with them and tell them for themselves if they don’t like it?

    Who cares if it’s “random”, dude?! Look how many people constantly post “random” videos and “random” comments that have nothing to do with the article, bro. I could honestly show you probably multiple cases almost every single article of somebody doing that. You’ve got to be fair and confess to yourself that if that’s really your new standard then you’re being a hypocrite by not enforcing this onto everybody else that does it.

    I and many others really enjoy Patriot God and his friends unfiltered comedy on Frank Report. Frank Report will never be the same for me and many others if you make them leave by continuing to censor them. I and many others would agree that he is the best and most funny commentators here. Look at people like Bangkok and others who say similar (if not worse) things than him and troll people constantly and you allow them to post.

    Patriot God should be allowed to be a well respected and classic commentator on here like the others. Let him have his classic character and comments on each article unencumbered and add his spin and interactions as more colors to the palate of this website and create uncensored comedic gold and make people smile and laugh (whether he’s serious about what he believes or not). I mean it was hilarious to see you and him and others go back and forth and this should happen way more often than you’ve allowed it. It’s so funny to read an article and look forward to the comments section afterwards for some comedy of him getting into a tussle with you or somebody else. Think of it like the funny cartoon section of a newspaper. It adds diversity and more fun to reading your website. Even if he could afford to get his own blog, it would be the same as watching him interact with all of you guys. This is why I sincerely hope that you will change your mind and keep your word!

    I’m asking you and pleading with you once again to remember your word that you gave from last time and to please allow them to post without any censorship whatsoever and I also plead with you like last time to please post up all their other comments in previous articles that you haven’t posted. If you don’t, I’m going to be very upset with you as well as many others. If you keep doing this you’re going to have a lot of readers boycotting you until you allow him back and honor your word. I don’t want it to come down to this but if you’re not going to listen to your readers and even scoot down to the level of flat out lying to them like you already have, then people aren’t going to respect you as a man.

    I sincerely hope since I was as respectful to you as last time and you replied to me, that you will not ignore me and talk to me this time also. I hope to have a respectful man to man conversation about you not keeping your word and giving me an rational answer about why you lied to me?! I’m dealing straight and respectfully to you and I hope you enough integrity to do the same to me. Please be a man and answer a loyal reader how you could be so deceitful to me when I’ve done nothing to you and ruin something that I and many others greatly look forward to laughing at and being entertained on your website with daily?!

    • To the Editor,

      Some say Nice Guy should not return until Patriot God is released from his shackles. What cowardice the fiend Parlato exhibits, to not address Anonymous 9:30.

      Anonymous is well-spoken and polite!

      What say you Parlato – too busy playing bocce or shuffleboard? Parlato is probably hiding from Omicron at this very moment.

      If the RingDing eating AlFatzo is allowed free rain — why not Patriot God?!

      • I say this to everybody who wants Patriot God and his fellow patriots to have free reign on this website and to have all of his and his allies’ previous posts that were never posted up to finally be posted and never again have one of his sacred posts delayed or denied from being published, to bombard Frank Report and every single one of his other blog sites!

        Bombard his emails! Bombard every single comment section for every single article! Text him/call him! Let him know that this is complete bullshit and we want Patriot God to be completely free *WITHOUT ANY HINDRANCES EVER AGAIN*!!!!!!!

        HAIL PATRIOT GOD!!!!!! ✋🏻 ✊🏻

        FREE PATRIOT GOD!!!!! 💪🏻

    • Frank-

      Please protect the sacred First Amendment and publish Patriot God.


      P.S. Can you spare $20? Alanzo is low on cash.

  • Good work! I’ve got to say I’m still baffled it was THAT guy who influenced so many women to feel bad about themselves. None of us girls should feel bad even if the Hottest guy on earth is mean to us because if he were mean that would just make him a bully and there are better people out there, those who encourage and inspire. One of the things that annoys me most about nxivm is the sexism I heard it propagated! Telling females they’re weak– We’re literally biologically hardwired to have the Longest lifespans so long as losers and well Cult members don’t ruin that for us 😉 F Nxivm. Forever and always

    • Maybe she can draw one of Keith wearing some of the prototype bras you submitted for your business venture? @ Natashka.

    • Julie Brown’s work is standard tribal anti-cult fare. A pure hate hit-piece.

      Pairs perfectly with Marie White’s biased “art.”

      • “Biased art”.

        You think art is objective?

        Salvador Dali
        Van Gogh

        Are theirs realistic depictions of reality?

  • She is in love with Keith, that’s pretty evident. Marie, you’re in love. Admit it. Surrender and be at peace.

  • I’m not good with numbers. Perhaps someone could work out the significance of Vanguard’s inmate number that he would find auspicious. Has he patented it yet?

  • Nice overview of Raniere’s accomplishments. Let’s not forget Nancy, who has to report at a BOP facility on 19th of January, about two weeks of freedom left…..

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