NXIVM News: Some Anonymous Plaintiffs Drop Out of NXIVM Suit; Nicki Clyne on Locals, Dr. Roberts Fundraising and Dr. Ike Compared to Raniere

Nicki Clyne
Judge Eric R. Komitee, of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, is presiding over the Edmondson, et al v Raniere, et al case.
In all candor, the et al on the defendants’ side is Clare and Sara Bronfman who have the deep pockets to pay some 80 plaintiffs, former NXIVM members who feel they were victimized.
Lead attorney for the plaintiffs, Neil Glazer, made a motion for a protective order to allow for 73 plaintiffs to proceed in the litigation using pseudonyms or first names only.
Neil Glazer wants to help protect the anonymity of plaintiffs in the civil suit against NXIVM.
This is different from the criminal case against NXICM where alleged victims were referred to by first names or nicknames, This is a civil suit where the plaintiffs are seeking money.

The deadline for the plaintiffs to make a submission in support of the motion for anonymity was due this week. But Glazer requested an extension to December 17.

He tells the court that his submission “will consist of a letter further discussing the applicable law governing protection of plaintiff identities and the sealing of court filings and how that law applies to the Plaintiffs’ individual circumstances, along with a substantial attorney declaration that will include non-public and highly sensitive individualized facts and circumstances for each Plaintiff supporting his or her request for some protection at this stage in the litigation.”
The attorney declaration will “contain exhibits, many of which contain confidential information such as declarations and medical records that were provided by Plaintiffs to the government which filed them under seal in the criminal restitution proceeding,” Glazer wrote
In short, it is no picnic to be identified as a victim of NXIVM or DOS  – and there is a lot of confidential material that must be provided which would embarrass and degrade individuals who are trying to move onward in their lives.
Apparently, some plaintiffs dropped out of the lawsuit and some will use their real names.
Glazer wrote, “after conducting an initial evaluation of each Plaintiff’s circumstances… we have obtained consent from a number of Plaintiffs to proceed using their full names, while several others have instructed us to withdraw them from the action.

“This reduces substantially the universe of Plaintiffs who continue to request protection. However, for each of the 73 Plaintiffs who were not fully identified in the First Amended Complaint, the work required to prepare the submission entails pouring over all our records for each one, consulting with them, searching the record in the criminal proceeding and searching widely on the internet for any mention of them, and evaluating all of those circumstances so that we can both provide clients with advice and present to the Court an accurate declaration that fully discloses all facts that we believe pertinent to the Court’s decision-making process.”

Judge Komitee has yet to rule on whether plaintiffs can sue for money anonymously.


Clyne on Locals

Nicki Clyne has a Locals account where she creates videos.  Locals.com, is a creator crowdfunding site. You produce creative content and get followers to support you with money to help you continue your work.

Her page offers the following info:
Nicki Clyne
Politics • Writing • Culture
This is a space to share stories, thoughts, and ideas that the rest of the world can’t handle. Meet other free speech enthusiasts and talk about controversial or taboo topics with grown-ass adults.
Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Nicki Clyne
In her introductory video entitled “Welcome to my Locals!,” she writes, “After my life was decimated by a false media narrative (just Google NXIVM), I’ve come to realize that the only way to…”
Clyne has become interested in the American criminal justice system after watching her friend, lover, teacher, and master, Keith Raniere, get arrested, denied bail, tried, convicted, and sentenced to federal prison for 120 years.
Nicki Clyne with Keith Raniere.
In describing one of her Locals’ videos, she writes, “Four simple ways to improve the criminal justice system… tomorrow,” adding, “Criminal justice reform can seem vague and daunting, and it is, but there are simple ways we could improve the process that would make it more ethical, and make it more difficult for ambitious prosecutors to abuse power. I present four simple things that could be implemented without much effort in this video. I would love to know your thoughts around these ideas specifically, or if you have other ideas!”
Will he ever get out? Keith Raniere resides behind the fences at USP Tucson and has 99 years to go. Unless he wins an appeal, at 61, his chances of serving his full sentence seem bleak.


Dr. Roberts Fundraising

Danielle Roberts has raised $6,000 for her lawyer to fight to get her medical license back.  She is crowdfunding here
Donations are coming slow.  On December 4th, we reported she had raised $925 via crowdfunding. Today is December 11th, and she has raised $75 more, making it an even $1000,
Her position on the loss of her medical license is here.
New York State’s position is here:
Dr. Roberts needs another $19,000 to pay her lawyer to pursue her appeal regarding the revocation of her license.
Even if you don’t agree that she was in the right to brand women or that it was the practice of medicine, perhaps you might consider that she was misled by her master, Keith Raniere, and the price she must pay is too high.
She did not have a single patient complain against her. No one said her medical services were anything but exemplary.  Even New York State said she was hard-working, conscientious, and had a great future. She only had one complainant, Sarah Edmondson, among the 17 or so women whom she branded.
Should she be denied her income and the love of her life – to practice medicine forever?
It is unlikely she will win the sympathy of the world for her ventures with Raniere, but perhaps she will win sympathy, as so many other women have, for being his victim. Only she still does not realize it.
Even with the loss of her career, she still marches on for Raniere.
She writes “In case anyone is interested in my experience the events leading up to my medical revocation rather than the smut in the news… drdanielleroberts.com/sovereignty/dr #drdanielleroberts #OPMC

It is an article, written by Lauren Anderson for CheatSheet.com. In it we learn that “Michael Showalter is the director of the Apple TV+ series The Shrink Next Door. The show tells the true story of Isaac ‘Ike’ Herschkopf, a former psychiatrist who took advantage of his patient, Martin ‘Marty’ Markowitz, for nearly 30 years. According to Showalter, Herschkopf’s behavior is similar to NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere‘s.”

Paul Rudd plays Herschkopf, and Will Ferrell plays Markowitz. The two met in 1981, when Markowitz sought treatment for mental health.

According to the story, Dr. Herschkopf took advantage of Markowitz’s mental health for over 30 years.

‘The Shrink Next Door’ director says Ike Dr. Herschkopf is similar to Keith Raniere and NXIVM

“It’s just a very similar kind of thing of someone who’s in a weird place in their life,” Showalter said. “Maybe they had a breakup or they’re in between jobs and they’re not feeling happy in some way. They start going to this self-help program and [they say,] ‘Oh my god, this is great. Everybody’s so great.’”

Like the members of NXIVM, Dr. Herschkopf is portrayed as having preyed on Markowitz.

“It’s sort of like a cult,” Showalter said. “That’s what happens to Marty. He gets sucked in by Ike and by Ike’s confidence and enthusiasm, and charming qualities. But slowly, the relationship gets toxic without Marty understanding it.”

“By the time he realizes how deep in he is, it’s too late,” Showalter concluded. “All of his lifelines [had] been used up.”

The relationship between the real Manhattan psychiatrist Dr. Isaac Herschkopf and his patient Marty Markowitz served as the basis for a 2019 podcast.

The narrative is that Dr. Herschkopf convinced millionaire Markowitz to give him control of his estate.

Markowitz, the CEO of a fabric company, started seeing Dr. Herschkopf in 1981. Markowitz inherited a million-dollar fabric company from his father. He was 39;  both of his parents had passed away and his fiancée left him.

Dr. Herschkopf claimst Markowitz was an adult human being who consented to everything that happened. Markowitz claims Dr. Herschkopf exerted mind control over his life for three decades.

Over 18 months, Dr. Herschkopf “very quietly … started pouring salt into my open wounds,” Markowitz claimed to The Times of Israel.

Markowitz said Herschkopf began systematically isolating him from family, persuading him to fire his sister from their family’s company.

“[Herschkopf] had me write and notarize a letter to my sister saying, ‘Never call me again,’” Markowitz told the New York Post. He claimed Dr. Ike had him cut his sister out of family photos.

In 1984, Dr. Herschkopf persuaded Markowitz to create the Yaron Foundation, and leave his fortune to Dr. Herschkopf and his wife.  A year later, the doctor convinced Markowitz to make him a joint signer on his $2.5 million Swiss bank account.

In 1986, he instructed Markowitz to purchase an adjoining house to the Southampton home he owned. Dr. Herschkopf took over the space. Markowitz moved into the guest quarters.   When Dr. Herschkopf began throwing parties for his celebrity clientele at the house, the guests assumed Markowitz was the caretaker, not the owner.

In 1991, Markowitz amended his will to leave his estate to Dr. Herschkopf’s wife, giving Dr. Herschkopf power of attorney. But when Markowitz had a hernia operation in 2010. Dr. Herschkopf didn’t visit him.  That’s when Markowitz woke up and when he got out of the hospital he cut Dr. Herschkopf and wife out of his will.

Markowitz then reported Herschkopf for malpractice. The Dept. of Health following the publicity brought charges against Herschkopf one month after the Shrink Next Door podcast aired in 2019. On April 13, 2021, Herschkopf was ordered to surrender his license to practice psychiatry for incompetence, exercising undue influence and moral unfitness.

Dr. Herschkopf plans to appeal the ruling.

As for Markowitz, he says he is “much happier now” that there are TV shows about his relationship with the doctor  than when he was being treated by Dr. Herschkopf.

tMarty Markowitz and Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd, with Marty Markowitz. Marion Curtis / StarPix for Appl

Markowitz told The Post that he squandered roughly $3 million seeing Herschkopf.

“He said I’m not lovable,” Markowitz said. “He was all about power and greed.”

From my vantage point, Markowitz has had an ethical breach and needs a lot more therapy from Dr. Ike.

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  • Is there anything Alanzo loves more than smearing young women who were sexually abused by sadistic, serial predators?

      • ✌︎●︎♋︎■︎⌘︎□︎ ♓︎⬧︎ ⧫︎♋︎●︎🙵♓︎■︎♑︎ ♍︎❒︎♋︎◻︎📬︎❄︎⍓︎◻︎♏︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎❒︎ ⧫︎♏︎⌧︎⧫︎ ♒︎♏︎❒︎♏︎📬︎ 🕆︎⬧︎♏︎ ✌︎☹︎☹︎ 👍︎✌︎🏱︎💧︎ ♐︎□︎❒︎ 🕈︎ 👎︎ ☝︎♋︎⬧︎⧫︎♏︎❒︎🕯︎⬧︎ ●︎♋︎■︎♑︎◆︎♋︎♑︎♏︎ 🖳︎✆︎

      • Correction:
        ✌︎☹︎✌︎☠︎☪︎⚐︎ ✋︎💧︎ ❄︎✌︎☹︎😐︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ 👍︎☼︎✌︎🏱︎📬︎

          • Yes, very interesting, Señor Ring Ding®.

            Frank and his moderator are part of my conspiracy against you, along with Jeff Augustine and his plastic surgery disaster consort.

            What’s more interesting is that you have your own blog, but haven’t posted there in ages.

            It’s as though you’ve realized no one takes you seriously enough to treat you like anything other than a target for ridicule and insults.

            Do you get a cut of Frank’s ad revenue from this site? I’m guessing not.

  • “Judge Komitee has yet to rule on whether plaintiffs can sue for money anonymously.”

    I think this is probably the most important part of Frank’s article above.

    Should we allow public trials that can deprive a citizen of their property to be conducted by anonymous plaintiffs?

    Maybe we should modify the name of Edmondson, et al v Raniere, et al to SuperStar Neil’s BigPayDay® Star Chamber!


    “Think of all the billable hours it will take just to get everyone’s names in this lawsuit, your honor!”

    Cha-Ching, Neil!



    • Whether you like it or not America has an established legal system. People go to school and then they work. They may be a prosecutor. They may be a defense attorney.

      Both jobs have value within the existing system and are worthy professions.

      Citizens of the USA have both a legal right to counsel and the freedom to pursue civil damages.

      Making fun of people you don’t know personally, just for doing their job within the established justice system of the USA is lazy.

      Few people accept a attacking doctors personally for just doing the job they are educated to do.

      He was hired. That’s the right of the plaintiffs. It’s their money. What do you care how much he gets paid?

      Nothing wrong with a human making a lot of money while legally doing a job. It’s kinda the basis of capitalism

      If you disagree with the legal system, work to change it. People do this in constructive ways everyday.

      • All good points “Stop Counting Other People’s Money”, but you’ve completely dodged the issue at hand:

        Should we allow anonymous plaintiffs to deprive defendants of their property through civil suits without revealing their identity?

        You’re right: I love to make fun of lawyers who make fuck-tons of money using manipulative rhetoric. It’s incredibly comical to me. Characters like “Mr Haney” from Green Acres go through my mind, including the theme music.

        But this issue is something else entirely.

        Can you back up a step and actually address the point?

        I’d love to see what you have to say.


        • Interesting point. Like Ashley Madison, the affair site was breached. If there was a class action against Ashley Madison, even if you were wronged, would you want your name there for the world to see that you were cheating on your spouse?

          • I think you need to have your name out there for the world to see if you want to use the force of government to settle your scores. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that.

            You’ll notice that KR Claviger is silent on this issue because he/she will have to provide legal reasoning that goes against SuperStar Neil’s argument.

            And he/she can never do that.


          • AlanZo-

            —You’ll notice that KR Claviger is silent on this issue because he/she will have to provide legal reasoning that goes against SuperStar Neil’s argument.

            KR Claviger has a real, job dick-wad. Claviger has never been wrong regarding legal analysis pertaining to the various NXIVM legal cases. The only thing Claviger missed was the 120-year sentence handed down to your rapist-pedophile idol.

            Apparently, Claviger, much like everyone else on the Frank Report, with the exception of Frank, can’t [redacted] stand you…

            Run along and go suck up to Nicki Clyne and Hatchett.

            FYI, they’re Twitter friends, not real friends. None of them are ever meeting you for lunch or coffee. 😂

          • The reason that I no longer respond to any comments from Alanzo is that I read this fable many years ago:

            THE DONKEY & THE TIGER
            The donkey told the tiger, “The grass is blue.”

            The tiger replied, “No, the grass is green .”

            The discussion became heated, and the two decided to submit the issue to arbitration, so they approached the lion.

            As they approached the lion on his throne, the donkey started screaming: “Your Highness, isn’t it true that the grass is blue?”

            The lion replied: “If you believe it is true, the grass is blue.”

            The donkey rushed forward and continued: “The tiger disagrees with me, contradicts me, and annoys me. Please punish him.”

            The king then declared: “The tiger will be punished with 3 days of silence.”

            The donkey jumped with joy and went on his way, content and repeating “The grass is blue, the grass is blue…”

            The tiger asked the lion, “Your Majesty, why have you punished me? After all, the grass is green.”

            The lion replied, “You’ve known and seen the grass is green.”

            The tiger asked, “So why do you punish me?”

            The lion replied, “That has nothing to do with the question of whether the grass is blue or green. The punishment is because it is degrading for a brave, intelligent creature like you to waste time arguing with an ass, and on top of that, you came and bothered me with that question just to validate something you already knew was true! The biggest waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who doesn’t care about truth or reality, but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions. Never waste time on discussions that make no sense. There are people who, for all the evidence presented to them, do not have the ability to understand. Others who are blinded by ego, hatred and resentment, and the only thing that they want is to be right even if they aren’t.”

            When ignorance screams, intelligence moves on.

          • AP wrote:

            “When ignorance screams, intelligence moves on.”


            No. Your posts are biased, AP.

            You can’t contradict SuperStar Neil, even on this fundamental legal question.


          • Fable Cliff Notes:
            K.R. Claviger is the 🦁.
            Nice Guy is the 🐯.
            Alonzo is the 🦥.

            When Alanzo “yawns”, it means he’s bored being at home all of the time or he has to take some insulin for his diabetes. RingDings will getcha man!

          • Claviger I will try and follow you’re advice!

            No more ridiculing Alanzo. Best I can do is two weeks!

    • Alazno-

      Non sequitur:

      You do realize Raniere drove Heidi’s sister to suicide – was your sympathy to her feigned?

    • It’s time to own up to your history! Alanzo was no longer welcome in the ex-Scientology online forums. Now he trolls this one. It all makes sense now!

  • Actually, you raise an interesting point. If the brand was in fact the four elements or some such conceit, would any of the women have really minded? Seriously. I get that no married woman wants another mans initials on her Va-jay-jay, but if it was just “the mountain and the clouds, the rain and the earth, would any of them really care?

    It clarifies Danielle Roberts’ dilemma. Is this about branding or about the content of the brand?

  • OK, I think “Aristotle’s Turd” is it for me. I have been a frequent Frank Report reader and commenter, but I’m done. If you’re going to give oxygen to people like Alanzo, this site is no longer a place I want to frequent. There is a growing number of alternative options for me to get my information on this case. Thanks for your work thus far, Frank. Hope you do a better job choosing your contributors.

    • You have no problem with the widespread, constant, degrading humiliation of Suneel, Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, etc, but “Aristotle’s Turd” was it for you.

      You’re out.


      The hypocrisy of tribal ninnies is endlessly entertaining.


      • Hey, ShitBird (Aloonzo),

        Congrats loser! You drove off Sherrizy, Nutjob, and this latest person…..

        Kudos! What a triumph! You drove three people away from the Frank Report. It’s amusing you feel so proud of yourself. Why be so smug about berating people
        endlessly – it means you have nothing going on. What’s on your schedule tomorrow?

        LMFAO @ you because you have nothing going on tomorrow, or any other day. Your life amounts to jack sh*t and a bag of pork grinds.

        • “Alonzo” has done that sort of thing on boards all over the internet, pushing the boundaries and his hosts’ patience until finally he gets banned. If it was just one or two boards, you could chalk it up to unfairness or something, but when it gets to four and more there’s only one common denominator.

          He has previously worked for Scientology’s OSA dirty tricks bureau infiltrating and helping undermine a major organization that provided information on groups considered to be cults, and his current motivations are anybody’s guess.

          • AnonyMaker-

            Have you noticed how Alanzo is no longer being harassed by OSA on the
            Frank Report?

            I find it odd that OSA would drop the metaphorical ball and stop harassing someone.

          • You make me into 007 to try to discredit me “AnonyMaker”.

            I’ve written all about it. It began and ended at the CAN conference in 1988. And if by “infiltrating” you mean “got drunk in a hotel bar”, then yeah, infiltrating it is.

            Both cultism and anticultism is filled with tribal hypocrisy, blind loyalty, and cruelty. My blog is sub-titled “Critical Thinking on Cults and AntiCults”.

            I write about that.

            But yeah.

            I’m 007.


          • When you write “Alanzo is no longer being harassed by OSA,” you mean why Alanzo is no longer harassing himself with sock puppet commenters, right?

          • Alan, you yourself spend what, 4 or 5 pages on your blog writing up that time as an “agent” performing “espionage” as part of an “intelligence team”?

            And what you’re leaving out there is that your anti-anticultism is also filled with tribal hypocrisy, even if it’s just your tribe. Accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of, is an easy trap to fall into, particularly for those who were long subject to Hubbard’s thought reform and inculcation in mental misdirection.

            As to those asking about OSA, it’s an old and rather tired game, speculating as to who might be working for OSA and accusing individuals of being agents. I suspect that OSA both has useful idiots who effectively do their bidding without being aware that they’re really taking direction from OSA, and also exploits online posters who are doing things they think benefit them, such as amplifying their messages (and encouraging them) through sock puppet accounts. And, I think that most of the accusations that someone, in particular, is formally and knowingly working for OSA, probably are wrong and that, in general, it’s a pointless guessing game.

        • I’ve never been anywhere near Alanzo – let alone driven off with him somewhere.

          Will Anonymaker and/or Alanzo ever share their non-FR history?

      • Alan, aren’t you the one who has called people out for labeling and denigrating others?

        And then you label people and groups as “anti-cult” and “tribal”, and denigrate them as “pinheads” and “ninnies”.

        That sort of hypocrisy is, however, understandable and even typical from someone long subject to Scientology’s thought reform and indoctrination, after countless variations on “Two Minutes’ Hate” have grooved in the pattern of redirecting internal criticism and questioning outward to scapegoating and stereotyping of others.

        It’s indeed interesting to observe, in a certain way.

        • AnonyMaker Droned:

          “That sort of hypocrisy is, however, understandable and even typical from someone long subject to Scientology’s thought reform and indoctrination, after countless variations on “Two Minutes’ Hate” have grooved in the pattern of redirecting internal criticism and questioning outward to scapegoating and stereotyping of others.

          Anticultist Rules of debate:

          1. Never take up any point made. Ignore any defense or factual information provided.

          2. Make the adhom point “he’s brain damaged from the cult!”

          3. Never notice or call attention to the 2 Minutes of Hate this whole anticult comment section is every day.

          Anticultists are completely oblivious to their own tribalism and cult-like behavior. They will never accept that the human tribalism that makes up a cult also makes up an anticult.

          In the same ways cultists are blind and resist challenges to their belief systems, so are anticultists.

          In the exact same ways.


      • Wake up, dude. They humiliate themselves by standing by one of this century’s most dangerous predators. Their lives would be so much better if they stopped trying to minimize his actions, listened to the dozens of victims, and gracefully moved on with their lives. As would u!

        Scientology didn’t want you, neither did the ex-Scientology community, and neither do we!!

    • For what it’s worth, being insulted by some rando online means less than nothing to me.

      Why would it bother me? Why on God’s green Earth would I care what some random person’s opinion is of me?

      I care what people I know and respect think of me. Random jerks on the internet, I care not one bit.

      Never have, never will. (Though it is fun to watch them drown in their own bile!)

  • All this nonsensical chatter over trivialities. There is not a person on here – not even Erasend or Aristotle’s Sausage – that doesn’t know that Keith does NOT deserve 120 years.

    We chose to be slaves and we chose to be bad-ass. And we chose NOT to demand to know what our master did not desire to tell us.

    So simple. The brand was up to the master to reveal, not Dr. Roberts. She did right ethically.

    Vanguard must be freed and Danielle must get her license back.

    • “Keith does NOT deserve 120 years”

      How many years does he deserve for “enjoying Kristin Kreuk lavishly” after mind-f*cking her into consenting?

    • Menopause and being over-the-hill is hardly trivial for any woman.

      Just look at Nicki’s recent clown-face post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXWcRQ7pwb9

      She is desperate.

      Her Vanguard is never getting out of prison and, consequently, rethinking his sexual orientation as I type.

      Nicki is sickened by any beta-boy who would want to bang her Keith-branded and discarded vulva. She wants them to follow and like her posts, but is sickened by even the thought of one of them within arm’s reach.

      • Just had a look at Nicki’s “clown-face” photo in the above Instagram link.
        She often annoys me but I must admit she looks like a work of art in that photo. Makes me sad to see her life situation. I feel sorry for her for the first time instead of deep contempt.

        I do wish she could be happy, that she could pull herself out of this… abyss really.

        Nicki, if you are reading this, I am sorry for having really upset you in some of my posts. Deep down in your soul, I think you have no malice.

    • Even though you’re a troll and was never a real member of DOS/NXIVM…

      You can choose to steal or kill someone and call it ethical. Too bad that’s not how the law works.

    • Have you ever heard of the term “Doctor’s Orders”? The master should not even be a glint in that Doctor’s eye as she should have been the boss in that situation.

      As an aside, here is my public service announcement as the Omicron variant is heading your way…

      Get lots of rapid flow tests and test daily if around older loved ones.

      Get triple jabbed including an mRNA version. Still on Pfizer then get two jabs plus go for a Moderna jab but still only 70% protection thereafter.

      My last point is healthcare systems will be overwhelmed as the rate of transmission is so high.

      It is a weaker strain (apparently) but ICU wards will fill up because it will run rampant in older generations and those not vaccinated who mix in the real world.

      This is whilst it runs through the vaccinated btw.

      • STOP KILLING People with your ignorant, anti-vax bullshit. Unless you are an MD, PA or NP, shut the fuck up!!!

    • Nikki, You need a team of Swedish doctors working ’round the clock on you and to blink more often.
      You’ll still be enlightened on the other side of this/sans Raniere.
      Let it go, Elsa. Wake the fug-up and be nicer to Frank. He put in the hours.
      He’s NEVER EVA EVA getting out. Nothing to see here. (sea/hear)

  • I love how – in a system with “no victims” – poor Danielle is a victim to Edmondson. And that she tells herself that only 1 in 16 (Sarah) was unhappy with the branding. I wonder if she contacted the other 15 women to find out if they were happy with KR’s initials burnt into their respective crotches? If not – then shame on you, Danielle. You let down ALL your sisters when you lied about the meaning of the symbol. Until you can own that mistake and apologize to all 16 women who never would have agreed to such things – you don’t deserve to be practicing medicine. And if you don’t know how to do that, you can start by asking a basic “tech” question – “How did I author this”? Danielle – how did you cause yourself to be here? What could you have done differently? What laws of cause and effect were you not aware of? Hope that helps.

    • My note:
      Dr Danielle Roberts, a doctor at the time, branded 18 women, not 17.

      See article below:

      Frank Report
      Danielle Roberts Doubles Down on DOS in Wake of Medical License Revocation
      November 4, 2021

      [ … ]

      On September 30th, The Office of Professional Medical Conduct of the New York State Department of Health determined that Roberts’ license to practice medicine should be revoked because, because, between January and May 2017, she branded 18 women with Raniere’s initials, which they deemed to be an unethical practice of medicine.

      [ … ]


    • How do you know she didn’t speak with or apologize (if they felt differently than she initially thought they did)…..

      To the ones that she was Legally Permitted to have communication with ?

      You have a lot of assumptions here.

      • The thing about anticultists is that they do not have to tell the truth about their targets, especially if it gets in the way of the humiliation.

        Anticultists just have to vent their spleen in the most discrediting way possible. The harsher, and more deceitful they can be, the more the other anticultists chime-in and high-five them.


    • Back in 2009-2010 you were a dingy-diva songwriter driving around the country trying to start your failed music career.

      Now you’re just a fat, 41 year old alcoholic househusband.

      Did you commit career suicide, too?


  • I’m getting tired of Nicki’s moon face and Danielle’s fragile x face – these are not normal females – they want to give one man a group blow job – how do you expect to be taken seriously in ANY context? #dirtygirls

    • Nicki is one of those chicks — if you’re beer goggling a little, she looks like a 10.

      ….And when you start to sober up during sex at her place, she turns into a 6 and you feel like Cinderella when the clock hits midnight — you wanna run like hell right after you [redacted].

    • AGAIN,
      You use ‘They’ which is a proven fallacy with the intent that if you write it enough times, you’ll be believed.

      You’re willing to waste your time on fallacies for the rest of your days.

      Must be important to you to discredit the Dr. since you’re willing to repeat the same lie over and over.

      #Liar Anonymous

  • Roberts may indeed deserve a chance to get her license back, but not at this time. Her argument is not that she did nothing wrong, but that the commission had no jurisdiction over the activity. It is deeply concerning that she had no problem carving her slave master’s initials into the pubic mound of other women. Calling that poor judgement is a massive understatement. Restoring her license because she worked hard to get it and really likes being a doctor would be irresponsible.

    She may have been misled; KR appeared to be quite good duping hurting or desperate people. Even so, Roberts must acknowledge her wrong doing, genuinely repent, and demonstrate that she is a changed person.

    Then, and only then, will she have earned the chance to get her license back.

    • Danielle has the chance to win her license back whether she “deserves” it or not.

      There are a set of rules in place that govern this process.

      Regardless, she’s never going to get it back, even if she manages to scrape together enough money to hire an attorney to assist her.

      • This is very true, she does. I very seriously doubt her license will be ever restored. I also doubt she will ever realize why what she did cost her, but you never know.

        Right now, she is just wasting money. Other people’s money anyway. It does not look like her “Woe is me” is going to generate the money she needs.

    • Agreed, Roberts must acknowledge wrongdoing, make amends and show how she’s changed.

      However, it appears she’d rather be the infamous star of the Frank Report. Any glory is better than no glory?

    • It wasn’t carved though ~

      No one here ever purchased those belts that shock you with a timer for how long to use to stimulate muscle growth for your abs? They hurt but they work if you’re looking to stimulate 6-pack abs.

      Easily available on the internet and recommended.

    • Anatomically, it’s called a hip~

      Yeah cause repentance has worked out so well for Ivy who was a girlfriend for years, denounced Raniere, and yet is still
      named in NG Big Payday as.a.defendant

      The fact that ppl dont see the Top. 4 culprits here amazes.me.

  • “Even if you don’t agree that she was in the right to brand women or that it was the practice of medicine, perhaps you might consider that she was misled by her master”

    In the right to brand women!? Brand them with KR’s initials without them knowing? Women who had been coerced and blackmailed? Women who were held down naked “like a sacrifice”, videoed, the file secretly sent off to Raniere?

    No, she was not in the right. That’s not my opinion, that’s an absolute and obvious FACT. Moral relativism can only be stretched so far.

    As for “misled”, that’s a feeble excuse. Roberts made her decisions and now must bear the consequences. She is, in Clyne’s words, a grown-ass woman. Roberts is neither a child nor feeble-minded. She is (or was) a professional. She bears full responsibility for permanently scarring people’s bodies without their full and informed consent, in furtherance of a sex cult and criminal enterprise.

    So, of course, she lost her medical license. Her attempt to play the victim here is shameful and absurd. It is laughable. What is this argument that she was ‘misled’? An admission that she is just a silly girl apt to be ‘misled’ into something resembling criminal assault with a surgical instrument by any man who happens into her life? Then why should such a ‘silly girl’ have a license to practice medicine?

    • Agreed, A.S.

      Every time she hid in a bathroom to burn Keith’s initials into an orange as “practice” for maiming her “friends,” Danielle had a chance to have a “what the f?×ck am I even doing”?! Realization.

      She did not.

      And there is a difference between “no complaints” and “exemplary”. That’s a big jump.

    • “No, she was not in the right. That’s not my opinion, that’s an absolute and obvious FACT.”

      I think Aristotle’s Turd does not know what a FACT is, let alone an ‘absolute and obvious’ one.

      Aristotle certainly knew what a FACT was.

      Aristotle’s Turd?

      With statements like this?

      Not a chance.


      • Frank.

        You censored all my previous comments agreeing with Sherizzy about who really does the insults and name calling on your blog.

        Come on!

        So Alanzo can be rude AF but he’s untouchable?! Ridiculous. Hypocritical. Lame. And so coddling.

      • Lying is immoral. That’s FACT.

        Blackmail is immoral. That’s a FACT.

        Across all cultures, throughout human history, these principles have held. That people in cults like Nxivm and Scientology dispute these truths is irrelevant.

        “We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident”. So states the Declaration of Independence. The founding fathers were no mean philosophers, men of profound intelligence and deep learning, steeped in the intellectual tradition of the Enlightenment. And they understood that there exist moral principles so basic, so universal, that they are called to be called Truths.

        So I’ll happily follow their example. You can go piss into the wind.

        • “Lying is immoral. That’s FACT.

          Blackmail is immoral. That’s a FACT.

          “Across all cultures, throughout human history, these principles have held. That people in cults like Nxivm and Scientology dispute these truths is irrelevant.”

          This statement proves that you are a fuming crank.

          NXIVM and Scientology have nothing to do with it. Cultural anthropology, physical archeology and Epistemology do though.

          Throughout human history, what is considered moral is completely different at any given time anywhere in the world, and also throughout the history of a particular place. What is moral right now in the US is not moral in Saudi Arabia. Also, what was considered moral in the past in the US (Slavery, Indigenous genocide, etc), is not now considered moral in the US.

          Morals are determined by cultures, and cultures change constantly.

          Further, facts are a completely different class of thought from morals. Morals are basically shared opinions that change as a culture changes. Facts, like rocks, aren’t opinions in any way.

          Part of what bothers me so much about you is that you use the name Aristotle when you are the exact opposite of him. You need to learn more of what Aristotle, and his teacher Plato, taught about what a fact is, what beliefs and opinions are, and what knowledge is from their work in the subject of epistemology.




          • “Aristotle, and his teacher Plato,”

            Alanzo knows Plato was Aristotle’s teacher. Alanzo learned so much at community college. Is Alanzo aware that Socrates was Plato’s teacher?

            “Morals are determined by cultures, and cultures change constantly.”

            What an incredible insight. The Aztecs sacrificed people and tore their hearts out.
            Close-minded modern society has made those practices illegal. Cultural norms really do change. Alanzo is a genius.


            Epistemology? Never heard of it. However, I’m versed is Zoology, and Alanzo is a
            Tree Sloth. Here’s an artistic depiction of Alonzo: 🦥

          • Edy-Ott,

            It’s brilliant how you cut down Alonzo and pick apart his every thought! I am aghast that the divine moderators allow Alanzo to post. Only *you can restore order!

            *Please note in actuality, I’m Edy Ott. Much like Alanzo, I, Nice Guy, speak to my sock-puppets. And sometimes they speak back. 😉

          • ==Throughout human history, what is considered moral is completely different at any given time anywhere in the world, and also throughout the history of a particular place.

            This is patently false.

            Many civilizations shared moral values. Stealing, murder, sexually molesting children, sex before marriage, etc., were all considered immoral in different religions and cultures throughout history.

            Moral ontology is often conflated with moral epistemology. The latter has to do with how we come to know about moral values. The moral argument has to do with the former: i.e., whether it is relative or absolute.

            If morality ontology is absolute, then they are objectively factual. Just because humans can do whatever they want – i.e., the existence of human free will – doesn’t mean that morals aren’t absolute.

            Besides, moral relativism is self-defeating.

            Also, most moral relativists don’t actually believe in moral relativism. Only if they are anarchists could they be full-fledged moral relativists because laws implicitly establish the moral code of a society, and every current and past society in the world has had some set of explicit or implicit laws.

          • “Nice Guy
            December 13, 2021 at 5:41 pm

            It’s brilliant how you cut down Alonzo and pick apart his every thought! I am aghast that the divine moderators allow Alanzo to post. Only *you can restore order!

            *Please note in actuality, I’m Edy Ott. Much like Alanzo, I, Nice Guy, speak to my sock-puppets. And sometimes they speak back. 😉”

            When a moderator allows a commenter to spam his comment section this way, that moderator is trying to undermine the ability of the other commenters to have a discussion. I believe that almost all the loopy anonymous comments here are from Chris O’Brien, “Nice Guy”.

            This is trolling. It is spamming the comment section to disrupt discussion.

            The moderator – the person who is approving all these spamming comments – is the one responsible. Chris is certainly not responsible as he is clearly obsessed, and clearly not well.


          • Alanzo

            —I believe that almost all the loopy anonymous comments here are from “Nice Guy”.

            Congratulations Sherlock Holmes! 🕵🏻‍♂️

            After, I admit to having “sock puppets”, you deduce that a portion of the anti-Alanzo aliases are me. You are such a “ninny” as you say.

            LMAO @ you!

          • Alonzo, I’m going to stand up for Aristotle here.

            Your statement that morals are determined by cultures and that cultures change may be somewhat true, but it’s not entirely true. I believe Aristotle is more right.

            Even old cultures that glorified murder in sacrificial games, like it was an honorable and glorified act, had to add a whole myth and game element for everybody to accept the idea. Hmm. Why would this be?

            I’d suggest that the overwhelming majority of people with normally developed brains (regardless of the culture that they lived in) would not only possess the common sense to realize that murder as an acceptable any day activity would quickly wipe out our entire species, but would also have possessed something called a conscience. And this conscience, the innate feeling of right and wrong, signals to them that it’s just not right to go around murdering people!

            I stand against these women of DOS because they stand against freedom. They claim liberation but live as slaves. Asking permission for everything, even to eat. They relinquish their autonomy and call it empowerment. They claim to be bad-ass women but act like little kids who can’t even make decisions for themselves. They are also liars who selected a doctor to cheat the NY health system because tattoos would have required a license.

            They lie about their loved ones. They sign away their bank accounts and property. They recruit their “friends” into the sexual gratification of a grandmaster, the only man in a 100% female group!!!

            I hate everything these women stand for.

        • Lying is immoral …

          Then I must ask you,

          Were you one of the dozens who verified yourself as her patient (but wasn’t) to rate her service as a doctor?

      • Attention Everyone!!!!!!

        RE The Many Hypocrisies of Alanzo:

        Today, Alanzo insulted Aristotle’s Sausage by writing, “ Aristotle’s a turd”…..

        …..BUT two days ago, Alanzo complained about another commenter. Alanzo wrote, “to profanely attack another commenter on the Frank Report is disgusting.”

        Is it me or is Alanzo a sanctimonious blowhard? Aristotle didn’t insult Alanzo with childish name-calling.

        Grow up Alanzo! You owe Aristotle an apology. There’ll be no RingDings for you.

        • “Alanzo wrote, “to profanely attack another commenter on the Frank Report is disgusting.”

          It’s easy to call someone a hypocrite when you misquote them.

          What I actually wrote was this:

          “An anonymous comment that is totally off topic to the blog post, and which does nothing but obscenely and profanely attack another commenter on the Frank Report. On most blogs, this comment would have never been allowed through.

          But not the Frank Report.

          I have heard that K R Claviger is the moderator of this blog.

          Is that true?


          That’s harder now, isn’t it?

          If you’re having a hard time understanding this, why don’t you ask the moderator here on the Frank Report to explain it.


          • —That’s harder now, isn’t it?

            Alanzo, it’s not any harder you dumb twat; you still called Aristotle a “turd”. Name-calling is name-calling. Didn’t you graduate from the 3rd grade?

            Congrats on bullying and chasing Sherrizy away, you tool. Meanwhile, all you do I’d whine to moderators…

            ….God couldn’t possibly create a bigger tool-bag than you.

          • I have to admit I find the name-calling entertaining and I cannot fathom how anonymous commenters can be offended if they are called names.

            Alanzo is not anonymous. He is out there with his real name and if he calls someone who is anonymous a name, I can’t see how anyone other than Patriot King could be hurt.

            On the other hand I get a subtle satisfaction when anonymous people call me names. I mean at the end of the day, it sort of shows their cowardice.

    • That is another fine Wurst you’re serving up there, Aristotle. Predictably, it disturbs the culties who post here.

  • FR and Parlato helped put Roberts in the mess she’s in; it seems disingenuous that Parlato & FR now suggest that’s others bail her out!

    Perhaps, Parlato feels guilty that his “journalism” went too far? Why doesn’t Parlato write the whole check for her lawyer?

  • If Nicki Clyne isn’t able to get the legion of still existing Battlestar Galactica fans to support her, Danielle Roberts doesn’t stand a chance. Sci-fi fans usually will follow their favorite actors/characters (not always clear if they can tell difference) regardless of whatever is going on in real life. Suspect only way Roberts gets the money she needs is either land her a rich guy or start doing the Onlyfans/camming thing. Maybe win the lottery.

    • “Suspect only way Roberts gets the money she needs is either land her a rich guy or start doing the Onlyfans/camming thing.

      It’s hilarious how many times the words “misogyny” and “misogynist” get thrown around here, but never in the context of the routine and obscene trashing of women who still support NXIVM.

      Many NXIVM loyalists are way more accomplished in life than the majority of the commenters here on the Frank Report. They are physicians, Harvard graduates of mathematics, famous actresses, successful business owners, etc. and yet this kind of trashing of them is constant here on the Frank Report.

      I wonder how well these same commenters would fare if this constant degradation and humiliation was turned around on them?

      I think you’d find them diving into anonymity tout de suite.


      • Alonzo writes:
        “Many NXIVM loyalists are way more accomplished in life than the majority of the commenters here on the Frank Report.”

        My opinion:
        And everyone on the Frank Report is more accomplished than Alanzo is. Even the non-demonstrative Scott Johnson is more accomplished than Alanzo. Alanzo’s sole achievement is annoying the shit out of everyone including his own father.

        • Re:
          ‘Alonzo writes:
          “Many NXIVM loyalists are way more accomplished in life than the majority of the commenters here on the Frank Report.”’

          How can a collection of bankrupts be more successful than the majority of commenters on Frank Report?

          How would you know if all the commenters are anonymous or have pseudonyms?

          You are spouting bullshit.

          If going bankrupt and a low standard of living equals success, then the answer is yes.

        • “Nice Guy” couldn’t make it into Harvard so now he’s a drunken Irish househusband, ‘taking care’ of his daughter, while his wifey works down at the Harbor to bring home the bacon.

          Do you swish a little Listerine before she gets home so she can’t tell you’ve been drinking?

          • Hi Alonzo!

            Let’s unpack your comment to me:

            —Couldn’t make it into Harvard.

            It’s true, I couldn’t make it into Harvard.
            But, I’ve made it into *more women than you ever will — get it ‘Cherry Boy’ .🍒

            —Drunken Irish house husband.

            Yeah, I’m Irish, live in a house, and love a good beer….And you live in your mom’s basement and love RingDings.

            —Taking care of his daughter

            I gotta female pit bull, she’s my kid. Alanzo, you’ll never have a kid or a dog, cuz you can’t afford either of them. Plus what woman would mate with you. Perhaps, you can mate with one of those blind r****** you’re always talking about. 😉

            —While his wifey works down at the Harbor to bring home the bacon.

            Well, my wifey does work hard. I do have a job and make less than her; BUT I make way more money than you do, Alanzo. My overall insurance costs are more than your yearly gross income.

            —the Harbor

            Actually, Alanzo, as I post this comment, I’m on vacation staying at an island in Turks & Caicos.
            What are you doing right now, having dinner alone or deciding what you’ll beat off to on PornHub? 😂

            BTW: My dad graduated from Harvard University with an MBA in 1971, and your daddy graduated from Scientology with a degree in bullshit. I love-the-fact at this very moment, you are reading my comment and feeling like a total zero.

            *If I only banged one woman it’s more than you, Alonzo, have banged in your pathetic life. 😉

          • You’re a very gallant gentlemen, Nice Guy. and I don’t think enough people appreciate you. If anyone is capable of it, however, I would say that that very perspicacious truth seeker, Alanzo, will be one of the first. He just needs a little time, perhaps not much more than a decade.

          • —You have such weird ideas about me, Chris. Do you think if you repeat them often enough they’ll come true?

            Everything, I write about concerning you is 100% true, down to your pink crocs held together by tape. You still rocking your navy sweater?

            You left Scientology because you didn’t receive a promotion. The claim you left because of ethical reasons is bullshit.

            Go munch on a box of RingDings and ‘chew-over’ my words, Cherry Boy 🍒.

          • Frank-

            • I see myself as a modern Don Quixote; so, of course, I’m gallant. Alonzo is my Sancho Panza. In illiterate, laypeople, terms, Alanzo is my bitch. He loves being a bottom. 😉

            • Truthfully, I had to look up perspicacious. My vocabulary is not as rich nor as vast as your own; I mean it sincerely. I interpret your usage of perspicacious, as a compliment or an ingenious underhanded insult. Either way, thank you!

            • Much like my spiritual son Bangkok, I will never be appreciated until I’m gone.

            • Hopefully, I reach Alonzo before he is lost to Cult Groupie culture or he ODs on RingDings.

            I love long-winded comments. Alanzo and I have something in common.

      • —It’s hilarious how many times the words “misogyny” and “misogynist” get thrown around here…

        Alanzo is one to talk. It’s hilarious this print hangs above his office bookshelf:

        It’s now abundantly clear why he always speaks of hot-poke-hers. A little double entendré. Isn’t he a clever one…Sweet Alanzo.

    • FYI: a rich, intelligent, attractive guy approached but she said she was involved elsewhere. She enjoys being a martyr and the safety of being alone.

  • Nicki Clyne needs to get a better make-up artist and hair stylist. She was a never a head-turner and the years of decline have not been nice to her.

    It is no wonder Keith cast her aside in favor of younger, prettier women years ago.

    • That Keith could get any woman to sleep with him is a potent testament to the gullibility of the emotionally vulnerable.

      By the way, I wonder how Keith, who is a sex addict, statutory rapist, and convicted sex offender, must be handling the notion of a lack of sex for the rest of his life that Karma has bestowed upon him.

    • Nicki Clyne’s appearance is the result of years and years of sleep deprivation and malnutrition causing hair loss, bad skin, and bobbleheadedness.

      She caught a mouse? You need to pay admission to hear the details? Wow, bet that brought in the big bucks. They may be hope for Keith yet.

  • Former Osteopath Danielle Roberts deserves the consequences she faces.

    That’s what “personal sovereignty” is all about.

    The amount of money she’s raised is an indication of how many dumb-asses there are in the world.

    • It appears that her attorney gave Ms. Roberts bad advice. Did he inform her about the low to non-existent chances of success for her client. It is a lost cause for an attorney to win this lawsuit.

    • It’s also an indication of how little Danielle’s very wealthy “community” from Nxivm really cares about her. Or about Danielle getting her license back. Or about the alleged injustice to Danielle.

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