NXIVM: Nancy’s Wedding Photo; Mack’s Thanksgiving Meal; Clyne, US Rep. Tenny Tweet About Justice

Allison Mack leaving court
People change. And that’s a good thing.
Nancy Salzman started out as a lovely little bouncing baby girl. She grew up, according to a letter to the judge by her mother, to be a very caring little daughter. She grew up to be a nurse. And in a then-fairy tale world, the pretty nurse married a doctor. She had two daughters. Then darkness came and she divorced. But love bloomed a second time and she married again. Then she found her calling and became an inspirational speaker. Then sadness visited again and she divorced a second time.
But destiny brought her together with Keith Raniere, a man who said he was the smartest in the world, and they launched Executive Success Program, where she became second only to Raniere and was designated as Prefect.
Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect 

After 20 years of success, she was arrested as part of the NXIVM prosecution. She spent a year subject to house arrest before taking a plea deal on a single racketeering conspiracy charge. She spent another two years awaiting sentencing. During the time leading up to her arrest she contracted breast cancer and had double radical mastectomies.  It was a cruel irony, for she was known to have taught that the mind can cure diseases and that bad thinking can cause such illnesses as breast cancer.

She has done a lot of suffering and now repudiates her former mentor, Raniere.   At one time she believed every word that issued from his lips.  For instance, according to a source who was there at the time, she once believed him when he said that in her past life she was a Jew persecuted by Nazis and then later, Raniere changed this story to reveal that in her past life she was Adolf Hitler.

Instagram banned this painting by MK10ART. It depicts Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, whom Keith Raniere claimed was Adolf Hitler in her past life.
She is to report in January for prison where she is to serve, with time off for good behavior, about three years. The judge agreed to recommend that she serve time in the low or minimum security Waterbury, Connecticut prison.
It is up to the Bureau of Prisons to make the final designation. 
Thanks to the good offices of one of our readers we were provided with a little glimpse of the past. We have Nancy’s wedding photo and the story of her lovely wedding.
Yes, people change. She will be less around 70 when she emerges from prison and one hopes she can find the rest of her life in better, happier surroundings than she has experienced these last few years. Perhaps she might even find love and success again and hope too- like perhaps the hope she felt when the photo above was taken.

Thanksgiving for Allison Mack

Here is the photoshopped illustration TMZ published with their story:
For more delectable meals see the TMZ story

Nicki Tweets Congressmember Retweets

Rep. Claudia Tenny

We’re all connected, it seems.

On Nov. 19, 2021, Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, was acquitted of killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz in Kenosha, Wis. on the fateful night of Aug. 25, 2020, following protests after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Following the acquittal of Rittenhouse, Nicki Clyne, 38, tweeted “While the Rittenhouse verdict is a win for justice, we must remember that most are not fortunate enough to have a judge and jury who care for constitutional rights. Many are wasting away in prison, forgotten by society,”

U.S. Rep. Claudia Tenney, 60, who represents New York’s 22nd congressional district, which covers a large part Central New York, extending from the east end of Lake Ontario to the Pennsylvania border, and includes Utica, Rome and Binghamton, quoted Clyne on Rittenhouse and tweeted, “As a lawyer for over 30 years, I have learned that there is little justice in the justice system for these reasons.”

There was a minor distraction on Twitter criticizing the congresswoman for quoting Clyne, who has supported Keith Raniere, a man almost universally despised and rightfully so. But the real issue is precisely what Tenny tweeted:  “there is little justice in the justice system.”
People who fall prey to the system are treated like chattel, like commodities, not humans. The presumption of guilt weighs down a defendant from the moment of arrest or indictment.  Few can survive an accusation. This emboldens police and prosecutors who know that the mere arrest is almost as good as a conviction.
That prosecutors are promoted based on conviction stats and not justice is helping to fuel the system.
Few can defend themselves, so most take plea deals and trials are disappearing. The fact that Clyne supported Raniere is irrelevant to hers or Tenny’s point. There is little justice in the justice system. And that’s why America has the highest incarceration rates in the world.
I do not believe it is because Americans are worse than other people. I believe we have given too much power to prosecutors, who go unchecked and police, and because we have lost the understanding of the importance of the rights and power of the jury to judge the facts and the law and the conduct of the prosecution.

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  • “The judge agreed to recommend that she serve time in the low or minimum security Waterbury, Connecticut prison.”

    While any time spent in Waterbury can often feel like the equivalent of incarceration – even amongst the unconvicted – there is currently no federal lockup in The Brass City. One must travel down I-84 to Danbury – The Hat City – to find a federal facility.

      A low security federal correctional institution (FCI) with an adjacent low security satellite prison and a minimum security satellite camp.

      ROUTE 37
      DANBURY, CT 06811

      Email: DAN-ExecAssistant@bop.gov
      Phone: 203-743-6471
      Fax: 203-312-5110

      Inmate Gender: Male and Female Offenders


      1,092 Total Inmates

      892 Inmates at the FCI

      82 Inmates at the Camp

      118 Inmates at the FSL F

      Judicial District: Connecticut

      County: FAIRFIELD

      BOP Region: Northeast Region


      FCI FCI DANBURY: Level 3 Operations

      Level 3
      Medical isolation rate ≥ 7%
      Facility vaccination rate < to 50%
      Community transmission rate ≥ 100 per 100,000 over the last 7 days

      BOP COVID-19 Operational Levels
      This page provides a general overview about BOP COVID-19 Operational Levels: how they are determined, how operations are affected, and related resources.

      About Operational Levels
      Institutions determine their operational level (Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3) based on the facilities' COVID-19 medical isolation rate, combined percentage of staff and inmate completed vaccinations series, and their respective community transmission rates1.

      At each level, an infection prevention procedure or modification to operations (such as inmate programming and services) may be made to mitigate the risk and spread of COVID-19 in accordance with BOP pandemic guidance. BOP pandemic guidance follows and integrates guidance and direction from CDC, OSHA, DOJ, and established medical best practices

      Level Rating Procedure
      Institutions determine their operational level and modifications based on the facilities' COVID-19 medical isolation rate, combined percentage of staff and inmate completed vaccinations series, and their respective county transmission rates (see specific indicators below).
      The Health Services Administrator (or designee) will review the COVID-19 Protocol Matrix Data dashboard daily and communicate the facility's operational level to the institution Executive Staff and Operations Lieutenant (or designee).

      Level Indicators
      BOP COVID-19 Operational Levels are raised or lowered after 48 hours of respective sustained increases or decreases in the following indicators:

      [ … ]

  • If Nicki’s lover boy was ever released from prison (when pigs fly), her insincere concern about the rights of prisoners and the social media references to them would disappear just like the farts in the wind that were released (pun intended) by the DOS dead-enders while they were dancing in MDC only because said lover boy was incarcerated there. Her vanity would explode through the roof and yet, she still would never be the “chosen one” of the lover boy she strives to release through tweets, since such a title for a narcissist only belongs to himself.

    • Think of Pink Floyd’s flying pigs. They could fly too.

      Inflatable flying pigs were one of the staple props of Pink Floyd’s live shows. The first balloon was a sow, with a male pig balloon later introduced in their 1987 tour. Pigs appeared numerous times in concerts by the band, promoting concerts and record releases, and on the cover of their 1977 …

      • I concur, Frank. If one has legal troubles, money is needed. Prospecting for gold seems as good a way as any legal method of acquiring it. Good for you.

      • Think of all the illegal gold miners who are endangering and destroying the environment and poisoning it with mercury. It’s not just about the hard work, it’s about the damage these people do. And it’s not admirable.

      • Hi, Frank! Thank you for your amazing and informative journalistic services and contributions! Question for you: Where is the NIXVM Nine video and how can we see it? Seems to me all was said in that long meeting. Thank you so much!

        • Susan Dones and Barbara Bouchey are the only ones I know of who have the hours-long video. I believe Susan owns the footage. It has never been released to my knowledge – other than the “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs” clip.

          • Thank you for writing back! Love the work you’ve done! I’m a huge fan of your tenacity!!! And WOW! The public should see that psychopath being owned by all of them! And that evidence could probably open up a whole can of worms! What could possibly ramp up enough uproar by justice departments or the public to get that video before the eyes of the public? Why wouldn’t Susan or Bouchey just upload it to youtube or hand it to you!?

    • —Frank is only ripping on prospectors and police because he’s mired in legal troubles.

      Frank is attacking a system that rewards prosecutions via quasi plea-bargains at the expense of justice.

      Plea bargains currently are de facto prosecutions without trials.

      When a prosecutor offers you a 2-5 year sentence vs a 30 plus year sentence…what does a defendant do if they can’t hire a good criminal lawyer?

      Most public defenders many times are losers who can’t find work at a law firm. Public defenders get paid crap.

      Wake up!

  • Nutjob used to be a prolific commenter here, but he’s been quiet as a church mouse since I asked him four questions about his previous involvement in NXIVM:

    – Have you told the feds everything you know?

    – Are there any crimes that haven’t been prosecuted you could shed some light on?

    – How did you get sucked in?

    – How did you pull yourself out?

    Instead, another commenter has intervened on his behalf to try and change the topic to the completely irrelevant subject of Scientology.

    This led me to ask additional two questions:

    – Why are Nutjob and his troll frenemy acting like people with something to hide?

    – Is the heat of federal prosecutor scrutiny about Suneel and others’ illegal possession of child pornography and blackmail material getting too close for comfort?

    Seems like I put my finger on a subject that makes certain individuals very uncomfortable.

    • Curious,

      Nut Job has nothing to hide. Frank knows Nut Job’s real identity.

      The only problem with Nut Job is he’s a nice guy. Which begs the question: Should Nut Job and I switch names.
      After all, I’m nuts and he’s nice. This is a subject I’ve pondered for some time.

    • Actually, Nutjob has never been a “prolific commenter.”

      That title, after Scott J. left, belongs to Shadow, myself, and the newest member of the club, Alanzo.

  • People do change, and hopefully these people will learn from their mistakes. This change of heart does not affect the legal penalties. Bad food? Well, let that be a lesson to you.

  • I want to visit Allison at FCI Dublin and bring her a gift (a rose gold Rolex Datejus watch) on Thanksgiving. How can I do it?

  • Due process and constitutional rights have no relevance in our society. Police reports are false – they are required to provide no evidence and lives are ruined based on the unchecked words of police. Lives are destroyed in courts by the mere words of GAL’s – in fact there is a hearsay rule for guardian ad litems – a rule which promotes falsehoods and protects guardian ad litems.

    Be it an arrest made on an unsubstantiated police report, or a “temporary order” of the court – innocent people suffer; they are essentially convicted in the public arena without any evidence being presented or required.

    Children are seized like property, reputations are destroyed, and the innocent are compromised; bias ensues from the arrest or the order — innocent people are told they can spend money to fight the false claim. Money most don’t have to begin with. There is no accountability for our government. The abuse of power needs to end. Too many lives are destroyed daily.

  • “On Nov. 19, 2021, Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, was acquitted of killing Joseph Rosenbaum” From the story.

    Before you start crying about Allison Mack’s Thanksgiving dinner please note that it was better than my Thanksgiving dinner and it was paid for by the US government.

    Tell the truth about Joseph Rosenbaum!

    Rosenbaum was a violent child molester who anally raped young boys.

    In order to attack Nicki Clyne are you going to defend a “man” who anally and orally raped boys?


    “Appropriate Sentence Might Have Kept Arizona Child Molester From Being Killed In Rittenhouse’s Self-Defense

    Rosenbaum had multiple convictions in Pima County, spending just over 14 years in prison. He served the first 10 years on his first rape charge. However, for the two other rape charges he only received sentences of 30 months.

    WRN Investigates reported that Rosenbaum was charged by a grand jury with 11 counts of child molestation and inappropriate sexual activity around children, including anal rape. The victims were five boys ranging in age from nine to 11 years old.

    According to Yahoo News, “Hours before the fatal encounter, Rosenbaum had been released from a local hospital in the wake of a suicide attempt. He had pending charges in Wisconsin for alleged domestic abuse and jumping bail at the time of his death.”

    Rittenhouse, who has family in Kenosha, was cleaning up graffiti, protecting small businesses from looters, and providing medical aid after nights of protests when he was attacked.”

    ” Rosenbaum was a registered sex offender. At the time of his death, he was on the Wisconsin sex offender registry for an Arizona child molestation case.

    Joseph Don Rosenbaum, otherwise known as Jo Jo and Joseph D. Rosenbaum, had a very serious criminal record that sprang from an exceptionally troubled life.

    Rosenbaum was a registered sex offender. That stems from a serious case out of Arizona, where he once lived.

    He faced 11 charges in that case, but they were amended in a plea deal, and Rosenbaum was convicted of amended counts. According to online court records, Rosenbaum received 10 years in prison on Dec. 12, 2002 for sexual contact of a minor, and then was sentenced to 2 years, 6 months for sexual contact of a minor related to the same 2002 incident.”

    Some of the counts allege anal rape and oral sex with minors, masturbating in front of a 15-year-old, distributing naked photos of a woman to a minor under age 18, and other similar offenses. There were five victims, all minor boys.

    A photo of two Great Americans meeting

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      • Why Frank? You censor many reasonable, thoughtful and not profane comments.

        If you are going to lift censorship as a general policy – you should lift it for all.

        This favoritism gives the impression of only censoring those with whom you disagree

        De facto. You support and agree with the racist comments.

  • How many followers on Twitter do Nicki and her sorority sisters have to get before the law guarantees Keith a retrial?

    100,000? 500,000? 1,000,000?

  • If Nicki and Suneel leave NYC at 8 AM and head east towards Phoenix at 80 mph and stop every two hours for 15 minutes to buy gas and Ring Dings, how many years will it be before their Vanguard finishes his prison sentence?

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    • I miss Patriot God! He’s done so many good things that this world could never write enough books to contain and describe them all!

  • Aww. It’s a bit sad to think about all the prisoners receiving a Thanksgiving meal just slapped on a tray. I don’t think this is the way things are supposed to be. But on the other hand, a Thanksgiving meal served this way is a blessing for many of the less fortunate in society.

    If you’ve never volunteered your time at a soup kitchen on a holiday, you might be surprised when you do that such an unsophisticated meal is still a wonderful occasion to spend time with your friends and leave with your heart and belly full.

    I’m sure Nancy and Allison are missing their families right now but I hope they’ve found some new friends to share this time with.

    I even wish the same for keith. I don’t think he’s missing friends or family. Sounds like the guy didn’t really have any, which is sad. But he’s still a human being and I wish him a Happy Thanksgiving, too.

  • I dunno, the Thanksgiving meal served to convicted felons sounds pretty damn good to me. Turkey AND ham, stuffing, two veg, choice of potatoes and dessert. Aside from a nice unoaked Chardonnay, what the hell more could you want?

    Life’s probably not as nice for Mack as it was lounging around in her parent’s $5 million home. Now she’s lounging around in a cell block. But it’s not exactly the Black Hole of Calcutta is it?

    And I don’t get the complaints about the American justice system either. Raniere and his merry band of felons got caught, prosecuted and convicted. This is what happens to criminals. It’s what’s supposed to happen.

    Presumption of guilt? What???

    Rittenhouse went free. His self-defense argument was pretty thin, but the presumption of innocence principle got him off. A 17 year old brings an AR-15 to a riot, plays vigilante and kills two unarmed men, wounds a third who was armed like he was, and walks out of court a free man.

    Yeah, real oppressive authoritarian state we live in. Torturing prisoners by stuffing them with holiday turkey and pie and letting 17 year old kids open carry semiautomatic weapons in the streets.

  • It appears as if Tenney’s tweet has been deleted. She is running for Congress, so I guess she didn’t want the same fate as the woman in Mexico running for Mayor…

  • Clyne’s statement has nothing to do with Keith Raniere. She selectively supports justice, and uses statements such as these to apply to those who made a practice of evading justice for decades. Her statement was true, but it has less meaning coming from her, as she doesn’t apply it uniformly.

  • Danielle Roberts, DO, MS
    [address, phone number and email address removed]

    Oct 29 2021

    United States District Court:
    Eastern District of NY
    225 Cadman Plaza East,
    Courtroom; 6G
    North Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Honorable Eric R. Komltee,
    Case #: NO. 20-CV-485
    Plaintiff’s Sarah Edmondson, et. al & Defendant’s Keith Raniere et.al

    Dear Judge Komitee,

    I am one of the defendants in case NO. 20-C\/-485. Late last week I filed a request for an extension in this matter, but have not yet received a response and in good faith wanted to submit at least a brief response in case my request is not granted. I have requested this
    extension primarily due to the fact that that it has been difficult to secure counsel without the funds to pay for them, and I have limited legal knowledge. It would be difficult to meaningfully participate in this complex matter without properly trained representation. I have filed a request for pro bono counsel with the federal court and am looking for other options to be able to resolve this issue.

    I have read the transcript from the court conference on the 15th and the amended complaint in order to discern what would be most helpful to this process at this juncture. The claims reviewed assert the existence of an enterprise or criminal organization with the intent to harm in
    order to fit a RICO charge that has no basis. To my knowledge, no such thing existed. All the endeavors I was involved in or had knowledge of were created with the intent to help people and did so in significant and measurable ways. Therefore, the hellacious claims made from this
    faulty assumption would need to be completely reexamined. Anything I participated in was done with positive intent and between consenting adults for intentional and mindful reasons. I deny any participation in any of the charges or contribution to any damage the plaintiffs are
    claiming they experienced.

    In addition, I agree with Ms. Clare Bronfman’s counsel that was present at the conference in regards to the lack of clarity set forth by these assertions. I would, in tandem, file motions to dismiss based on Rule 8, Rule 9(b), and Rule 12(b)(6). If any further evaluation of my
    participation was appropriate, I would need further clarity as to the specific actions I took, the measurable damages incurred and by whom is claiming those damages including all Jane and John Does claiming involvement.

    In light of these exceedingly false allegations, and other conflicts of interest, there are also specific counter claims I would like to file when appropriate counsel is obtained. I humbly request your honors help in this matter in response to my recently submitted application to the pro se’s office. It is very important these counter issues be properly brought to light as they will help put this entire matter in perspective.

    Also relevant to this proceeding and the use of everyone’s time and resources is my financial status. As a result of the actions of the plaintiffs, which I will bring to light in counter claims, I have lost all primary means of income, including my privilege to practice medicine. In addition, I have sold my home and assets to afford legal counsel in the defense of these false claims against my medical license, and currently hold over $600,000 in debt for my medical education and legal fees to defend it. There are no monetary stores left to be recovered from me.

    For all of the above reason’s I would move to dismiss and/or be dismissed from the above

    Thank you for your time in this matter.

    Respectfully yours,

    Dr. Danielle Roberts

    • Dr. Danielle Roberts? Danielle is no longer a doctor though she pretends to be.

      Danielle’s archenemy is Sarah Edmondson. Sarah made a statement to the NY medical review board and had a role in taking away Danielle’s career as a doctor.

      Now here’s where it gets interesting. Apparently, Sarah’s husband Nippy has recently landed a new acting gig as a doctor. He pretends to be one on TV.

      So, both Danielle and Nippy now pretend to be doctors, but only one of them is getting paid to do so.

      • THE Name ICE fits you ( x 9 )

        Yes, actors are Great at pretending and credentials are credentials whether you like it or not, they were earned.

        While you pour salt in everyone’s wounds, you might try some. I hear salt melts ICE.

  • With so much delicious food, the jailbirds should limit their food intake to avoid gaining weight, which is especially hard with these nutritious and tasty meals. Do not indulge in the good food, but be frugal, because no one is blackmailing them into forced diets.

  • “Fall prey to the system”

    Maybe a little bit of taking personal responsibility for one’s own actions to temper this all lawbreakers are really the ultimate victims statement?

    That’s a very unpalatable opinion.

    “I was just minding my own business. Raping. Stealing. Murdering. When I fell prey to the justice system. Poor me”.

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