Guest View: GOP’s Decades-Long Attempts to Rig Elections With Stupid Laws Bit Them in the Ass in 2020

One of Frank Report’s favorite commenters, Erasend, did not particularly care for the article Fred: On the Taboo Topic of Possible Election Fraud. Here is what Erasend wrote: “Frank, I am fully aware you are a pro-Trump Republican who takes pride in your version of ‘fair.’ You faked it with the two “Trans” articles, where one was kind of pro (depending on how you chose to look at it) and the other clearly anti.

“I know you like to pretend-post pro and con things to support ‘fair.’ With the election fraud issue, you failed to post a ‘why-the-election-was- not-rigged’ article. Might want to get on that to maintain your pseudo- ‘fairness.'”

OK, Erasend, I will heed your advice and publish a ‘fair” story on the other side of the rigged election debate, In fact, I am going to publish your story.  As I said in my introduction to Fred’s the-election-seemed-rigged story, I do not know the first thing about election fraud and have no opinion on it. I do think it’s fascinating that, as Americans, we cannot have a civil debate on what could be a monumental issue – the integrity of elections.

If it was rigged, let’s try to prove it and if it was not, let us ease the minds of millions of people who think it was rigged. Meantime, Erasend brings a dimension to the debate: Did the GOP dig their own grave thinking only they should be permitted to suppress votes and prevent recounts and in a sense prevent detection of rigged elections?

I don’t know.

Erasend assumes I am a pro-Trump Republican. I am not. If I was in the past, I am not any longer. Though Donald Trump supports many good ideas, I think he also supports many bad ideas. I find it disappointing that he is so divisive. I am politically neutral now and hope to remain that way as long as I live.   I am very interested in supporting debate and encouraging readers to actively participate.

By Erasend

Per usual, the GOP crazies ignore that their “stories” of election fraud are coming from GOP-controlled states, with GOP-controlled governors, GOP-controlled statehouses, GOP-controlled election officials.

But sure the Dems put in the fix.

They also forget that it was GOP laws that prevented some of the demanded recounts. Laws put in after 2000 when they thought recounts might hurt them rather than help them. (I remember a certain Supreme Court case that blocked a critical recount from then).

Then we have the ultimate example of Arizona where recounts were done I think four or 5 times now, even by a GOP-owned group, who also came to the same conclusion – Trump won. It practically killed them to do it but had to. Again and again the recounts confirmed the results. Never mind the down ballots often went GOP way. Seems stupid to rig an election and not use it as cover to get overwhelming control of the Senate while at it. Must have slipped their minds to coordinate this grand nationwide conspiracy and forget to flip just 10 more seats for a super majority. (Ever notice that GOP conspiracies require the perpetrators to be both tactical geniuses and stupid at the same time).

Notice also this and other idiots are really just regurgitating the orange one with “I saw” and “I never.” None based on fact. Also none based on the unprecedented amount of mail-in votes that they keep ignoring. Forgetting that Trump et al DEMANDED that Republicans NOT use mail-in ballots. Some states allowed them to be counted before election night, others during the day of the election, you know logical times to do such things. But in GOP land, nope, let’s throw logic out the door and their own laws, usually require mail-in ballots to be counted LAST.

What happened was simple – GOP’s own attempts of the last 30 years to rig elections with stupid laws to try and prevent them from losing bit them massively in the ass in 2020. They never thought there would be mass use of mail-in ballots (which is why they are outlawing them now); they never thought that they would need recounts. They figured that was a Democrat tactic. And they really thought if anyone cried election fraud, they would find only Democrats doing it (so far.)


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  • Those who do not want to believe in election fraud, won’t see it (especially the long winded ones) the proof is out there if you want to see it. Most here don’t.
    Have some more Kool aid.

  • The elections are rigged through Sanctuary Cities. Large population centers filled with illegals have a 15:1 weighted average in every election.

    In short, upstate NY, largely Republican, can never win an election.

    Meanwhile, NYC about to make it even more lopsided, by allowing 800,000 illegals the right to vote.

    • FMN wrote:

      “NYC about to make it even more lopsided, by allowing 800,000 illegals the right to vote”

      Do you have a link that shows the legislation that NYC will use to give non citizens, in the country illegally, the right to vote?


    • Or, you know math. NYC makes up ~43% population of the state.

      I pay attention to any voting heat map. Regardless of state, the cities almost all tend to go Democrat. The rural areas go Republican. This is pretty much true around the world. It’s likely due to a number of reasons but primarily because cities tend to be diverse, rural areas tend to be homogenized. A current example of that is Afghanistan. Kabul (10% of the country’s population) isn’t happy about the turn of events but the rest of the country (the other 90%) waited it out 20 years and are very happy that the US left and the Taliban took over. Sucks for Democracy but they made their choice, like it or not.

      It means if you have a general idea of the population in most states, you get a pretty good idea of how the national votes for Senate, President and Governor will go without having a clue about the issues of the state or the other polling details for a good chunk of the country. This population distribution is why Republicans lean so heavily on gerrymandering to maintain and grow Rep seats. In states where most of the population lives in the big cities (big as in even Alabamians probably could point them out on a map), it means take the city, you take the state (examples being New England states). Doesn’t work in places like in the midwest where the cities are not sufficient population to overcome the rural votes. California and Texas too. In CA, most of the population lives in or very near the cities; in Texas most of the population does not.

      Texas is really why there is so much concern from Republicans’ leadership about those dastardly immigrants. GOP leadership does not care about immigrants in the same way you think you do (taken jobs, crime, blah blah blah), they just pretend to. They are stupid rich and either own, invest in or are friends with people that directly benefit from hiring immigrants. However, we are talking power and if immigrants’ children start to reach a critical mass, they might swing those states Democrat and that is more costly from their perspective. Texas is theorized to have this happen in the next 10 years.

      GOP could have stopped this being an issue as Latin American and Mexico are actually pretty conservative and agree with GOP on many areas. Except they screwed the pooch with the whole fear and hate messaging way back when didn’t think it would bite them on the ass (seems to be a theme…) as they revived it every 2 years. It is not new to those that know history (unlike Fox News fans). Immigration being an issue among conservatives quite literally goes back 200 years. It went from the Irish (1820s), Germans (1850s), Chinese (1880s), Japanese (1910s), Mexicans (1920s+), Japanese again (1940s), Russians (1950s), Japanese again (1980s) and Mexicans (1990s to today). Suffice it to say using it as a fear and hate tactic is a long tradition for the conservative party of the time. Those that know history understand why I said “conservative party of the time”.

      As proof of concept, look at Miami. A rock-solid exception to the city as Dems model. Majority Cuban population allowed in legally in the 1960s to today by the USA as a f#@$ you to Cuba and the USSR. Traditionally conservative and loyal to the GOP. However, for this model to have worked nationwide, conservatives might have had to actually run on real ideas beyond “we will protect you from ‘them’ “, “Dems have stupid ideas, but I have a plan that I will never implement or provide details on” and “tax cut for the rich & shift the 1040 form some to make it feel like a tax cut for everyone else!”. Ideas are complicated, fear and hate are much easier to sell.

      • What a smug comment from a smug liberal.

        White weasel I assume?

        The reason people don’t like immigration is because the immigrants are from third world shitholes and foreign blood.

        No tribe, especially a superior tribe, wants inferior people to replace them.

        People don’t like immigrants because immigrants are replacing the people.

        You like immigrants because they are colored and are changing the demographics of a country and civilisation they do not belong in.

        Don’t mouth off about GOP “gerrymandering” when you know the only reason democunts and the left want immigrants is because they are colored, ergo, they pander to them for votes.

        Those who hate Whites also like immigrants because it is a way to destroy those they hate without any effort.

        Cubans vote GOP because they have lived under shitty communism and want nothing to do with it. They look at democunts for what they are, left wing extremists like those they fled from.

        You would be against mass uncontrolled immigration if the immigrants were 6”3 White Scandinavians, conservative,
        pro-Western Civilisation, Christian, etc, casting out your colored votes.

        You weaponise immigration for ideological reasons. No racial group anywhere in the world has a cancer like White people have liberal scum like you out to destroy from within.

        You have libtard brains. You brains are literally wired differently, like women’s brains.

        You say these immigrants are often conservative. Yet they embrace bullshit created by left wing brains because they want to preserve their privilege of being in White countries.

        Cubans are Latino, yet don’t feel the need as a collective group to harm the hosts.

        You never hear conservatives criticise Cubans because Cubans are not like the other colored people.

        But keep playing the race card.

        And Kabul? The reason they don’t like the taliban is because they have had a taste of Westernisation and they like it, because their own kind are backwards idiots. Make no mistake, they don’t like feminism, gays, trannys, immigration to Afghanistan, or anything else liberals like. They do like islam though, so you have that in common.

        Your entire belief system is “Straight White Male” = bad, everything else, good.

        Your entire belief system is based on easy to debunk lies and you are a weakling.

        I look down on you.

  • GOP huh? That explains the indictments over the “dossier” in the Russia election indictment hoax. Oh wait, those were Democrats.

  • I’m a Leftist that aligns closely with Marxism. I always think elections are rigged, the last one was no different. Be it through hacked electronic ballots, or corruption in the Electoral College (which shouldn’t exist).

    • Electoral College?

      If electoral college didn’t exist the Democrats would’ve won all the elections since Clinton….
      Electoral college gives all states skin in the game!
      If the electoral college didn’t exist…

      ……New York, Texas, California, and Florida would decide all of the future elections. No thanks!

      • Abolishment of the Electoral College would have to be in conjunction with an overhaul to reflect the masses of people who aren’t represented and don’t vote. The corporate duopoly has curated election standards and laws to keep Third Parties out of participating. I don’t want lack of representation in my wish to abolish the EC, I want something closer to Direct Democracy. I want everyone to participate.

        Neither Party represents me or my interests. Most people agree and vote for the lesser evil. Most people eligible to vote, don’t. I don’t think that’s because of apathy.

  • Poll: 77 Percent of Americans Believe Bidenflation is Impacting Their Holiday Season

    Seventy-seven percent of Americans believe inflation is impacting their holiday season, according to Tuesday’s Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

    While a majority of Americans blame President Joe Biden for the inflation stifling their holiday season, only 18 percent believe “Biden is doing enough to address it.”

    More specifically, six in ten Americans believe they are suffering from “shortages of goods and services.” Seventeen percent say the shortages are impacting them “a great deal” and 44 percent say “some.”

    Breitbart News
    In the era of Bidenflation, it is getting much more expensive for working class Americans to buy a car, drive a car, repair a car, or insure a car.

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  • I had another paragraph near the end that I guess got cut off at “so far”. I had to do a copy and paste to Edge as for whatever reason posting comments in Chrome is hit or miss for me (it is a problem that comes up with other sites too). Don’t remember exact phrasing, probably something like “so far only a few cases of voter fraud were found and in all cases, it was from Republicans.” Few sentences after that but don’t remember them.

    Talking like 5 votes or so out of the 150 million-plus cast, or in GOP circles what they consider that “all the votes”. Amazing thing that a margin of error on things like people dying of say COVID or children of mass shooting at school falls under “no big deal, nothing should be done” but voter fraud is in the realm of .0025% and suddenly it is something that is an emergency where every signature, every piece of paper and every law should re-written. Unless they win of course (see that lack of complaints about this year’s results which were effectively counted by the same people as last year’s results). The hypocrisy is real – it’s only fraud if my team loses.

    As for Frank’s “If it was rigged, let’s try to prove it and if it was not, let us ease the minds of millions of people who think it was rigged”. There is nothing but proof that it wasn’t rigged. Gobs of it from experts, tacticians, from the people that actually did the count, from GOP paid groups whose only job was to prove it was rigged and failed. The other side’s only proof is “I saw as the results came in, I didn’t believe them!!” and “Because Trump said so.” And yet people like you keep putting the onus on convincing the other side.

    There is no argument, no law, no action, no stat that is going to convince them otherwise when their rich gods spent over a year convincing them they are right and the “facts” are literally just repeating “this election was rigged” over and over every time the polling doesn’t look good for them. It’s technically a failure of leadership except that leadership spent the last 20 years training their followers to see them as demi-gods anointed by God and thus divine. Somewhere along the way, the whole “You shall have no other gods before Me” became “You shall have no other gods before Me unless rich and Republican.”

    They are supposed to be stewards of democracy but instead do the political math, don’t benefit from going “yeah your being dumb”, and instead lean into it for the financial windfall in donations every time they ape the conspiracy. It tells you how bad GOP leadership is when they are willing to throw democracy under the bus if they get money and power out of it. The Reagan GOP of 40 years ago would have said “Hell no” to this but then Reagan would be considered a RINO by today’s standards. When half the population looks at voting and genuinely believes it shouldn’t be done anymore except by a chosen few, then democracy is dead. The time of death just hadn’t been called yet.

    • Most Americans don’t know how voter registration, based on verification of one’s name and address, works. They don’t understand how this leads to a polling station in a precinct with a voter roll book which gets marked off when you vote. When you know this process, it’s clear that it is the most effective way to eliminate the chance of widespread voter fraud – and it completely eliminates the possibility of swinging any election with fraudulent votes.

      Every single Republican I’ve talked to had no clue about this system. They’d been told that the democrats recruited illegal immigrants and posed as dead people and went to other precincts to vote – swinging massive voter fraud in the millions, across all precincts in all states, to pull off Joe Biden’s win.

      If you know this system, you know this can’t be done. Only when you are completely ignorant of this system, can you be manipulated into believing this was done in the 2020 election.

      Once you learn this system, if you’re not crazy or a political operative paid to destroy our democracy, then you realize Trump lied about the election, and raised hundreds of millions of dollars based on those lies.

      And still, he hasn’t been indicted for fraud, and probably never will be.

      It’s the system we live under. If you are high enough in a corporation or the government, you’ll never be prosecuted for anything, including murder.

      And yet the US has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world.

      Murika – Fuck Yeah.


      • All true, Mr. ‘Zo.

        Even a signature can be disputed. Personally know a legit registered voter who was contacted because there “appeared to be a signature discrepancy”.

        It was cleared up. But that is how they learned you can also track your vote to ensure that it is counted.

        It is also a mystery why “the rigged election” allowed Republicans to win key offices that would hinder any Democratic agenda.

        And why no one ever questions the legitimacy of the Republican wins.

        • The election is over and its legitimacy has been decided in the courts. So, let’s focus on holding those accountable who are responsible for trying to end democracy. Frank’s friend, Mr. Stone, has now been subpoenaed by the Jan 6 committee. Perhaps he can share a cell with Bannon if he too ignores the subpoena. Brothers in arms.

          • Would love to see this happen.

            History has shown that democracies don’t last unless they’re vigorously defended.

            There must be criminal prosecutions of the ringleaders who tried to overthrow our democracy. Let’s see some over zealous federal prosecutors hand out some century-busting sentences here.


    • “ Amazing thing that a margin of error on things like people dying of say COVID or children of mass shooting at school falls under “no big deal, nothing should be done” but voter fraud is in the realm of .0025% and suddenly it is something that is an emergency…”

      ⬆️⬆️ This! ⬆️⬆️

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