Fred: On the Taboo Topic of Possible Election Fraud

I know nothing about election fraud and want to believe the mainstream media is correct in admonishing anyone who dares question the election results. Still, in the interest of free speech, why not let Fred, who has contributed to these pages in the past, give his point of view that perhaps there was something fishy about the election and let readers discuss it. 

By Fred

I’m really writing to comment on Roger Stone calling the Biden presidency an “illegal coup.”  Stone knows a few things about dirty tricks in Washington, D.C. So when he talks about an “illegal coup” in 2020 and Donald Trump having earned the 2024 nomination “if he chooses to seek it,” heed should be taken.

Roger Stone

I followed the 2020 election very closely, watching the results right through the night of infamy, seeing the numbers magically flip after that mysterious two-hour shutdown.

I’ve watched elections around the world for decades. I was doing teacher training in London in 1979, the great Winter of Discontent, when Maggie Thatcher was elected. I lay on the floor with my eyes closed, listening through the night to the results coming in over the radio as a complete madwoman was put in power.

I’ve heard the Irish incantation, get out, vote early, vote often, and watched it in practice.

But I’ve never, ever, seen anything remotely as fishy as the 2020 Biden fiddle.

My background is in applied math and statistics. For the last decade, I’ve edited statistical and econometric papers for publication in journals ranging from Cancer Informatics to the Journal of Production Analysis, my favorite abbreviation, J Prod Anal.

I’ve edited many papers dealing with statistical methods of fraud detection. One Chinese paper tackled various real-life test datasets, including a fake banknote series used by many researchers to benchmark their systems. My guy’s cluster analysis beat all previous fraud detection attempts hands down.

So I can tell you that just at the most basic statistical level, there was something grievously obviously wrong with this election. I was watching when Biden’s total in Michigan went up by 138,339 votes, with exactly 0 going to Trump. This was later explained as a “clerical error” in Shiawassee County. Right.

There were really obvious violations of a most basic law of natural distributions of numbers, this being Benford’s Law. It’s a very simple test of a dataset to see if it’s “natural” or contrived and is one of my favorite statistical laws. In any natural dataset, if you look at the leading digit of anything you’re counting, the most common number will be 1; then will come 2; then will come 3; and so on, up to 9.


Benford’s law is an observation that in many real-life sets of numerical data, the leading digit is likely to be small.

The reason is simple. If you’re counting sheep, you can’t logically have two sheep, unless you first have one sheep. You can’t have 20 sheep, without first having 10 sheep. You can’t have 300 sheep, without first having 100 and then 200 sheep. And so on. Just in the very nature of counting natural populations, you’ll see a greater occurrence of “1” as a leading digit, whether it’s 1,000,000 or 1,000 or 100.

You’ll see in analyses of Chicago, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh that there were very clear violations of Benford’s Law in the exact counties that swung the vote. These violations were ONLY in Biden’s vote tallies, and ONLY occurred in the swing counties. In the other counties, Biden’s tallies showed the same Benford distribution as every other candidate’s.

Fraud investigators – investigating suspicious payments into a bank account, for example – will routinely begin with a quick Benford analysis. The moment you see something really fishy, you can be certain that there is skulduggery and start digging. Those strange amounts being paid into a bank account – you can start checking the backgrounds of the people making the deposits and reverse-engineer a money-laundering operation. Think of people making lots of small donations to a cancer fund, as in Breaking Bad.

However, anyone making a Facebook post or tweeting about these Benford deviations in the 2020 tallies was immediately blocked. And this was the other telltale sign of massive fraud: the total media coverup, which I’ll deal with later.

Another major statistical anomaly was the number of Biden-only ballots, ignoring all candidates further down the slate. The proportion of Biden-only ballots was much higher in the swing states. Nearly half a million Biden-only ballots were cast, generally just where they were needed.

There’s plenty of eyewitness evidence of such ballots appearing in batches, all seemingly filled out identically.

In one state – I can’t find this now in my archive – the proportion of Biden-only ballots increased linearly with the number of Trump votes, as I recall. This could never happen by accident. You could literally reverse-engineer the algorithm they were using to tweak the vote.

I can go on and on. Two little reports stick in my mind. One was an elections worker taking ballots out of a package clearly marked with the logo of a certain Chinese freight company, apparently they are the Fed-Ex of China. The only problem is that they do not deliver to the USA.

Another was a report about fake U.S. driver’s licenses flooding into America from China and Hong Kong. Officials in Chicago confiscated a shipment of nearly 20,000 such fake IDs. This was just before the election.

Everywhere you look, there is vast evidence of fraud. Dead voters, voters all born on the same day in 1901, mysterious people carrying backpacks entering voting centers in the early hours of the morning, hundreds of voters giving the same address (a vacant lot), it goes on and on and on.

You know the meme, Joe Biden boasting, “I’ve got 95% of the dead vote.”

Yet the media in lockstep kept proclaiming that these were all “baseless” claims of election fraud. One of my favorite memes said to journalists: Stop saying that these claims are baseless. “All your baseless are belong to us.”

However, you can safely end election fraud by totally banning all electronic voting systems of any sort. After this election, I will never trust any kind of elections software again. Of all the tales of technological jiggery-pokery, like algorithms that turn real votes into “fractional” votes, one tale really stood out for me. This was the case of Tarrant County in Texas, which mysteriously turned blue for the first time since the 1960s.

The Tarrant County Elections Administrator was, and still is, one Heider Garcia. He was hired in 2018. He previously worked for the infamous elections software company Smartmatic for 12 years. He got his engineering degree in Venezuela, the home of Smartmatic.

Smartmatic is a multinational company that builds and implements electronic voting systems.

In 2010, he testified during an investigation into the operation of Smartmatic software in a contested Philippines election. It’s quite dramatic. He reveals that the Smartmatic software has no external synchronization, and – as happened in the Philippines election – can have its internal clock reset completely, erasing all the real-time information and replacing it with a new set of false “real-time” records.

One Filipino city representative completely loses his cool and repeatedly calls Garcia a “son of a bitch,” saying that he had lied when he told them originally that the real-time record could not be altered:

I am certain that this was what was happening during those two-hour “shutdowns” of the counting process in 2016. They were desperately backfilling the votes they needed to cover up a Trump landslide.


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  • Per usual, the GOP crazies ignore that their “stories” of election fraud are coming from GOP controlled states, with GOP controlled governors, GOP controlled state houses, GOP controlled election officials. But sure the Dems put in the fix.

    They also forget that it was GOP laws that prevented some of the demanded recounts. Laws put in after 2000 when they though recounts might hurt them rather than help them (I remember a certain Supreme Court case that blocked a critical recount from then). Then we have the ultimate example of Arizona where recounts were done I think 4 or five times now, even by a GOP owned group, who also came to the same conclusion – Trump won. It practically killed them to do it but had to. Again and again the recounts confirmed the results. Never mind the down ballots often went GOP way. Seems stupid to rig an election and not use it as cover to get overwhelming control of the Senate while at it. Must have slipped their minds to coordinate this grand nationwide conspiracy and forget to flip just 10 more seats for a super majority. (Ever notice that GOP conspiracies require the perpetrators to be both tactical geniuses and stupid at the same time).

    Notice also this and other idiots are really just regurgitating the orange one with “I saw” and “I never”, None based on fact. Also none based on the unpreceded amount of mail in votes that they keep ignoring. Forgetting that Trump et all DEMANDED that Republicans NOT use mail in ballots. Some states allowed them to be counted before election night, others during the day of the election, you know logical times to do such things. But in GOP land, nope lets throw logic out the door and their own laws, usually require mail-in ballots to be counted LAST.

    What happened was simple – GOP’s own attempts of the last 30 years to rig elections with stupid laws to try and prevent them from losing bit them massively in the ass in 2020. They never thought there would be mass use of mail in ballots (which is why they are outlawing them now), they never thought that they would need recounts (they figured that was a Democrat tactic), and they really thought if cried election fraud they would find only Democrats doing it (so far

    Oh and Frank, I am fully aware you are a pro-Trump Republican who takes pride in your version of “fair”. You faked it with the Trans articles where was one kind of pro (depending on how chose to look at it) and the other clearly anti. I know you like to pretend post pro and con things to support “fair”. Here you failed to post a why the election was not rigged article. Might want to get on that to maintain your psudo-“fairness”.

  • Just a correction: in the last paragraph above, I mean the 2020 election, not the 2016 election, of course. While talking about internal clocks, my own internal clock clicked back four years there, sorry.

  • OMG< you don't know? That's when 30 states take the election interference to the Supreme Court. When evidence of foreign interference in the Nov. 3rd election is entered in court, the military legally and officially has the legal capacity to intervene, no matter the outcome of the trial. They already have this information but have had to wait and let it play out according to law. Even if the court does nothing, they are duty-bound to protect the Constitution. If foreign powers interfered, that is fraud, and it nullifies the election.

  • My wife became a citizen that year, but did not register to vote. She got a ballot.
    Our daughter is a college student, but did not register to vote and is not a citizen. Again, she got a ballot as well.

    Don’t tell me there wasn’t massive fraud.

      • Exactly. “Getting a ballot” is not “Casting a vote that is counted”.

        Many people register to vote and then never do vote. Similarly, getting a ballot does not mean you are a registered voter and will have a vote that is counted.

  • I can’t believe Shadow has not commented yet. Nothing sets Shadow’s loins ablaze, more than a Allison Mack or Joe Biden story. He must be busy working on a taxidermy project.

    • Shadow has apparently been moved by his relatives, to be overseen by different family members. His access to the internet, which I believe he said used to be through a big city public library, would have changed.

      • Or COVID got him. Safe to assume he was anti-vax to show his support of Trump.

        I encourage all to continue to show their support of Trump in this way. Any time some GOPer talks about it, I briefly pretend to be one of them and tell them how awesome they are for sticking it to those libtards with their inaction, that facemasks are for fools and remind them to post more Facebook memes about it to their friends.

    • Shadow is a right-wing snowflake. You know, someone that goes out of their way to be upset. Not nearly as common as the left-wing variety, but they do exist.

  • That’s such a sly, sexy shot of Stone (looks like he got into Nydia’s alternative meds) that I had to give him a Google and, whaddya know, Stone’s special, DOJ Christmas card has arrived. C’mon, Frank, how’s about a sneak preview on your pal’s subpoena response? We already know he was at the Willard on the eve of the January 6th Capital insurrection. Was he alone and unarmed?

    BTW, are you two kiddos swapping Christmas presents this year?


    Hi, Fred. My dear, you are aware that the former Trump Admin. was unabashedly gearing up to slather the land with 5G radiation, spy gear? I’ve even read 2020 reports that Trump and his ungodly AG appointee, Billy Barr, began installing 5G antennae every 200 yards in Federally owned park lands like the sacred, Yosemite National Forest. In Trump’s own words (linked above), he prioritized and plugged 5G as a National security necessity in competition with China.

    I have no clue about any “Benford deviations” and one’s politics really shouldn’t make a difference in scientific analysis but if the election results were as impossible as you say per this theory, you’ve renewed my faith in God’s miracles that Trump wasn’t re-elected.

  • Is this 5G Fred, or the other Fred? And if his academic and professional record is so stellar, why ain’t he providing links to his work?

    • I am very much 5G Fred, you’ll find the whole of this comment here:

      You’ll see at the end, I try to enlist Mr. Stone to ask Donald Trump to tell us the truth about 5G.

      For various reasons — not least a five-year jail term under emergency COVID-1984 regulations where I live, for anyone challenging the “official” line on the pandemic — I am reluctantly staying anonymous for now.

      When the time is right, i.e., when I figure it’s probably safer to be in the open as a writer than under cover, I will dox myself right here on Frank Report. You might be surprised to know that my flagship project is a vegan cookbook for the severely financially challenged.

      As to my academic accomplishments, I’ve described elsewhere on FR how I developed the only properly validated protocol in the entire academic literature for measuring “attention” in the classroom, in a thesis published in 1987. Now that the Attention Economy is a “thing,” that research has suddenly become very relevant.

      Before that, when I was studying population biology and epidemiology in 1977, I was lucky enough to meet David Sloan Wilson, who is now the world’s leading theorist of “superorganisms” and the evolution of altruism, including in human evolution. He gave me a copy of his very first monograph, which had not yet been published. I ran computer models based on his ideas, showing that one turn of the population matrix indeed resulted in “altruism” becoming advantageous as he said, in group vs. group dynamics. All you needed was random clumping on the environment, and the mechanism automatically kicked in.

      I then showed that two turns of the population matrix gave rise to genuine ecosystem selection. Chains of cooperation would automatically be set up between species to drive to extinction any “big predators” that were threatening all life in the system. In aggregate, this mechanism always acted to increase the overall biomass of the ecosystem.

      At the time, David Sloan Wilson refused to accept this concept of ecosystem selection, saying that “ecosystem competition” could only mean competing with other planets. In 2000, though, he published a paper on “Artificial ecosystem selection,” proving that you could breed ecosystems to order in test tubes, in the same way that you might breed a type of dog. So he’s getting closer to accepting the idea.

      Around that time, the Gaia hypothesis came out from James Lovelock and the whole idea of the ecosystem as a unit of evolutionary selection got completely muddied up with semi-mystical ideas, it was really irritating. Since then, I’ve worked out a game-theoretic model to prove that ecosystem selection is indeed a reality. When I get time to do the graphics, I’m going to show exactly how ecosystem selection really works, in a “slow explosion” that spreads across a planet, using certain species as stepping stones as they get driven to extinction.

      You can always fit more altruists in a small space than selfish types, the latter always have to keep moving as they burn up the resources wherever they are. So I call my theory the “survival of the most fitting.” I kinda feel I proved the Gaia hypothesis some 45 years ago, and the biologists are still not ready to hear this. I’ve put all these arguments up on the Internet, without any serious challenge.

      Incidentally, my first academic major subject was physics, and I studied with three world-famous experts on thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, one being a Fellow of the Royal Society and another being in all the textbooks for working out a particular constant to three decimal places. The FRS was a particular expert on the work of Josiah Willard Gibbs, whom many regard as one of the all-time great American scientists and a real pioneer of statistical mechanics. If you want to do any really practical calculations on the amount of work you can get from a machine, then the Gibbs Free Energy tells you everything you need to know.

      So all in all, I had a very good background in statistics. Our head of statistics was a world-renowned expert on fraud detection and later became the Statistical Advisor to the FDA. We also had a particularly brilliant professor of actuarial science, who I am absolutely certain was “suicided” for refusing to budge on academic standards when a major dumbing-down occurred at my old university. I’ve written that story up as well, never fear.

      • You’re a rare, brilliant gem, Fred. I am astounded as I am charmed by your nerdly naivite. You really think you can get Roger Stone to urge Donald Trump to be HONEST about ANYTHING? That’s like asking Satan for a referral to Heaven.

        Also, evolution favoring reproduction is the closest I’d wager humanity will ever get to compassion before we all wipe eachother off the face of the planet. But I admire and agree with your consecration theory.

        Stay safe.

    • Indeed, I suspect that, as it turns out with many other of the theorist writers and claimed “experts” here, vague terms like “background” and “edited” mean far less than they are set up to imply, and “Fred” is likely much more of an amateur doing menial work than he would have us believe.

      And I write that as the youngest accredited researcher ever at Harvard, recruited for the CIA at the age of 18, with over a decade’s service as a military intelligence officer that included going undercover behind the Iron Curtain, and now one of the world’s recognized top experts in debunking frauds, poseurs and misinformation (all of which claims have just enough of a grounding in truth and things I actually did, to pass by the standards that apparently are accepted here).

  • Hands down, election fraud. And it has everything to do with those late night mail in ballots and the drop boxes used to collect them without signatures.

    You need a Vax ID to eat in a restaurant, but you don’t need an id to choose the path of our country?

    Look at Biden’s course of conduct since the election. Of course this was a coup.

    • Why didn’t the whole election go the Dems way then?

      Or do you believe all the Republicans who won are not legit winners?

      It was arguably pretty important to control both houses. Maybe more important than president if you want to obstruct the president’s agenda…

      The day Republicans declare that a Republican candidate won thru voter fraud is the day that I will consider their other claims as possibly valid.

  • I’m from Chicago so I know all about “Vote Early, Vote Often.”

    I do imagine that Joe Biden won all the votes cast in Beijing and Shanghai.

    We have had 10 months of the Biden Presidency.
    What do we see?

    The shutting down of America’s energy industry and skyrocketing fuel prices.
    Many of Biden’s early Executive Orders shut down new pipelines and halted oil field developments.
    Gasoline prices have risen from 2 dollars a gallon to well over three dollars per gallon.
    In California gasoline is approaching five dollars per gallon.
    As if that is bad enough Biden is considering shitting down a natural gas pipeline that supplies Michiganders with fuel for heating their homes.
    Winter is coming.
    All Northerners will face higher prices to heat their homes.

    Bay Area Gas Prices Soar Closer to $5 a Gallon

    Do you like paying higher costs for travel and home heating?
    If so then Biden is your man.

    Biden might close Michigan pipeline, WH admits after calling report bogus

    And all products you buy in the store arrive by diesel powered trucks.
    Prepare to enjoy the highest priced Thanksgiving ever.

    Thanksgiving dinner will cost Americans 14% more this year, survey finds

    Say what you will about Donald Trump.
    Trump gave America policies that promoted Energy Independence and stable prices.
    I can tolerate mean Tweets about Rosie O’Donnell if Trump’s policies work.

    What is Biden’s answer to rising prices?
    To threaten criminal prosecution of Energy executives.

    ‘We should put them in jail!’ Joe Biden wants to prosecute fossil fuel executives for environmental damage—but doesn’t mention son Hunter who helped run Ukrainian natural gas giant

    Who is hurt the most by rising energy prices?
    Poor and middle class Americans.
    People on fixed incomes.

    Biden can save his crocodile tears about “the folks sitting around the kitchen table wondering how they will pay the bills.”
    Biden is the one bringing misery down upon the American people.

    More Americans Oppose Biden Than Trump Running in 2024: Poll
    “USA Today and Suffolk University released new polling data on Sunday, showing Biden’s approval rating sinking to a new low. It also revealed that Republicans are currently favored over Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms.

    When asked if they wanted Biden to run again in the 2024 presidential election, 64 percent of respondents expressed their opposition to him doing so. That included 28 percent of Democrats.”

    I tried to warn people against Joe Biden becoming President but I was a lone voice in the wilderness drowned out by the Mighty Wurlitzer organ of the Corporate State Media.
    Enjoy the next threee years of the Biden Presidency.

  • “There was something grievously wrong with this election”


    2 awful candidates. Absolutely dreadful.

    That’s what was wrong with the election.

    And no one can believe that any American would legitimately vote for either of these tired old fools.

    That creates the perfect environment to keep pushing the narrative that whomever won, did so deceitfully.

    Election fraud accusations are FAR from taboo. That narrative is everywhere.

    Enormous resources, time and energy have been spent to investigate. To check. To recheck. It’s over now.

    Time to let it go. And for America to insist on better candidates in the next election.

    Tick. Tock.

  • Frank, you are losing credibility with posts like this. First, dump Roger Stone – who, in my opinion, is an unethical trickster.

    If you think Gore Bush was a clean election, tell me another bedtime story.

    Trump lost. GET OVER IT!

  • What is this nonsense and why is Frank publicizing it on the FR?
    An unbelievable low point, rock-bottom bullshit.

    Next thing Frank wants us to weigh in on Q, Lizard people, a certain pizza restaurant, the resurrection of JFK junior in Dallas, and the list goes on and on….

    Election fraud? Yes, there was election fraud. By Republicans. That guy who voted for his dead wife was recently sentenced. He was all over Fox at the time as an example of voter fraud by the Dems. This is an excellent example of Republicans accusing the Dems while at the same time, they are doing what they are accusing the other side of. Disgusting.

    Don’t visit this dungeon, Frank. It is undercutting your credibility as a journalist.

  • The election results were all too obvious that they had been tampered with, especially toward the end of the evening into the early morning hours , anybody with any common sense at all could see it with there own eyes. And it was all too obvious if you listened closely you could see through the lies and the truth about what was taking place became apparent, especially in the light of conflicting reports broadcast on several media outlets,prior to the election. In all the news reports were aired in the months leading up to the became painfully obvious who was bought and bribed to tell a lie or not tell the whole truth or twist the truth. How stupid did they think the American people are ? From the public’s perspective it’s easy to see the truth., Because whether the politicians realize it or not the public knows that in all reality that congressmen really only care about one thing and that one thing is getting re-elected and other than that most politicians couldn’t give a rats ass for the American people but rather the highest campaign contributer or any other special interest group or to put it plainly the highest bidder. I was very amused when I even heard that the coronavirus was actually called the “Election Infection” and that hit the mail on the head so to speak because it kept President Trump from being re-elected and I have never seen the government and the social media work so hard against a president to keep him from being re-elected in my whole lifetime ever since I have understood how the United States government is supposed to run from studying American History and Government in preparation for college years ago, and from observing how the government operates ever since I realized how this nation operates and governs itself. Plus human nature being what it is. I tend to agree with something my father stated way back when I was a kid; that ” the United States Government is one of the most crooked governments in the world.” I just wish when I had gotten older that I had thought to ask him what he meant by that statement and to also find out what prompted him to make such a statement back in the early to mid sixties now so long ago.Evidently he had observed plenty during his lifetime because he was a veteran of WWIi and was stationed in England during WW Ii and also served in the national guard also.

    • — the United States Government is one of the most crooked governments in the world. —

      Trump ran that crooked US Government during the election you consider tampered with, so I guess Trump lost by even more, eh?

  • While I’m skeptical of Fred’s post, his history of presenting facts on FR is making me perk up. I can’t fathom the US actually reelecting this Trump guy, but…

    • Good point. Even according to friendly posters like Frank Luntz and Fox News, Trump was generally unpopular in spite of a fervid base, and at election time had worse ratings that Jimmy Carter. What would have been the anomaly, is if he had been reelected.

      An often overlooked reality check is that Trump lost the popular vote in the 2016 election by about 3 million votes, or around 2% – he just managed to game the Electoral College. There were no complaints about consequential fraud at that point (and the loser was a good sport and conceded). Again, it’s hardly surprising that as an unpopular incumbent, he lost the popular vote for a second time and by a wider margin, and failed to repeat the trick of squeaking through a win in the Electoral College.

      A lot of these theories seem to me to be based on wading (or dragging the reader) so far into the trees, that the view of the forest gets lost. And they also avoid addressing inconvenient details that point to their being implausibility vast, typically that a realistically impossible number of conspirators, perpetrators and collaborators would have been required, such as, in this case, election officials and workers of both parties down to the precinct level.

    • Sorry, but what ‘facts’? He manages to rather convincingly spin some dubiously cherry-picked, and sometimes completely spurious, data points, but in the end, I don’t think he’s a much better source of useful and relevant information than flat earthers (the best of whom manage to sound similarly convincing). Plus if you read between the lines, you’ll notice that he’s trying to support his belief in Rudolph Steiner’s theories (like laughable pseudoscience about casting spells with animal bones and using homeopathic preparations to improve farm soil), and something along the lines of an Illuminati conspiracy theory (so preposterous, he knows better than to mention it much – and which also makes him a fellow traveler with Raniere).*

      And, yes, when you actually look at the big picture, the real anomaly would have been if Trump had been re-elected. Even according to supportive and favorable pollsters like Frank Luntz and Fox News, he was historically unpopular outside of a fervid base, and at election time his numbers were worse than Jimmy Carter’s. And keep in mind the often-overlooked fact that he lost the popular vote in 2016 by about 3 million ballots or 2%, only achieving the historical anomaly of carrying the Electoral College in spite of that — at which time the loser conceded, and there was no serious talk of consequential election fraud.

      * By the way, it’s not an ad hominem to deconstruct someone’s fallacious attempts to falsely present themselves as an authority, when they have done so in order to try to give illegitimate credence to claims or arguments that are otherwise weak on proof or evidence. And typically, as with Raniere, there is an underlying assertion that they among the world’s smartest men and top problem solvers, able to figure out things that the experts (not to mention all the ‘sheeple’ or ‘normies’) have missed — brilliance that the nefarious conspiracies arrayed against them are trying to suppress.

      • Dude, apart from a first-class British-style honours degree in applied math, with a sub-major in mathematical statistics — the academic equivalent of a professional engineering qualification — I’ve spent nearly a decade editing statistical papers for journal publication. I’ve handled statistical techniques from Vroom’s Expectancy Theory to Zipf’s Law of inverse quantities. I know enough to smell when statistics are rotten, it’s my job as an editor. The olfactics on the 2020 election were overpoweringly appalling, period.

  • A new LOOOOOOOOOOOOW for the Frank Report. Regurgitating BS that has be disproved months ago. The fact that tens of millions of Republican voters still believe this proves how stupid and/or corrupt much of this country is. Democracy is dying, and T-Rump is the killer.

    • You’re advocating for a communist takeover of America here. The election was stolen and it’s up to us to stop that.

      • to AZ III.
        Are you saying the Libtards are so smart that they can commit massive election fraud yet not leave a trace…or that the T-Rumpers are so dumb they can’t find any of this evidence?

    • This is all absolutely typical “fact checking.” You’ll notice that it’s the political scientists, not the statisticians, who insist that Benford’s Law doesn’t tell us anything about election results.

      This article just amplifies what I was saying — Benford’s law is a very quick way of looking for indications of fraud, it’s not proof in itself, but it tells you exactly where to look.

      What none of these people address is the absolute fact that Biden’s results generally follow Benford’s law very clearly, as do those of ALL the other candidates, in ALL counties except those particular swing counties where Biden desperately needed to win. This shows you exactly which counties to go and investigate. It’s a classic application of this useful technique. Again, if there were any particular reasons why a particular county should show anomalies (e.g., all centers counting in certain batch sizes) then ALL the candidates would show deviations. It’s ONLY Biden’s figures that are wonky; and ONLY in swing counties.

      • Which “swing counties” are you referring to? Because at the state level, Trump’s vote totals by county show significant deviation from Benford, including in the swing states AZ, FL IA, ME, and NC. Graphs for all 50 states are available at

        • Thanks for this great resource, I had not seen it before. I was only going on the cities and counties that were reported at the time, I couldn’t access this overall information directly. I will take a very careful look at this over the next week and give another assessment. If I see evidence of skullduggery on behalf of the GOP, I will definitely flag it. I’m very busy with editing a national policy document and my bandwidth is very limited again, so give me at least a week. I haven’t had time to look at this properly, but I like the fact that you can filter by swing states, this looks very useful.

        • Thanks for this very useful resource, I had not seen it before. I will check it out very carefully over the next week. If I see any evidence of skulduggery on the part of the GOP, I will flag it. I like the fact that you can filter for swing states, this is great. I’m very busy with an editing job and my bandwidth is limited again, so give me at least a week.

      • Readers will notice that you either weren’t paying attention or are being disingenuous:

        ‘Theodore P. Hill, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, cautioned that regardless of the distribution uncovered, the application of Benford’s Law would not provide definitive evidence that fraud took place.’

        That’s someone qualified to address the matter at hand:

        “His main research area is probability theory, with a specific emphasis on optimal stopping theory, fair division problems, and Benford’s Law. ”

        And what are your actual, specific educational background, and professional qualifications?

        • Jeez, how often do I have to say it. I never claimed that Benford’s Law provided any kind of proof. It just tells you where to look, where you can see there was manipulation. It raises a red flag. Then you investigate.

          There are so many statistical red flags flying over this election, it looks like Tiananmen Square on parade day. Maybe that’s exactly what this election was.

          If anyone thinks I’m naive about fact checking, then go and look at the vast exercise I undertook on Frank Report, querying the British fact-checkers Full Fact over their lies about the risks of cell phone towers. Tell me if you’ve ever seen a more rigorous interrogation of a fact-checking organization ever, in any field, anywhere in the world. I lobbied every single fact-checker I could find on the entire planet. None of them would respond, despite their claims to be “open” and “transparent”.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg; “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson; “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been featured prominently on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and acted as lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He was credited in the Starz docuseries, 'Seduced,' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato has appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest, which was ironic since many credit Parlato as being one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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