NXIVM News – Raniere Out of SHU, Clyne Tells Story, Porter Won’t Attend Hearing, Salzman Sells Property to Pay Fine

Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman] during a happier time, when the two were working in tandem to teach the world a new visionary method of critical thinking they called Rational Inquiry. But for the irrational pecker of the founder, and a cauterizing pen, they might be still doing so today,

Raniere Out of SHU

Keith Raniere resides behind the fences at USP Tucson.

Keith Raniere is finally out of the SHU. After more than 100 days in a small cell for 23 hours per day at USP Tucson, he has been returned to one of the cell blocks where he joins other inmates.  The timing of his release was just days after his supplemental brief was filed with the US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit.

It is not known if any of the inmates missed the celebrated Vanguard or if he missed them. Sadly he was in the SHU during the entirety of Vanguard Week the annual 10 day celebration of his nativity.

A source familiar with Tucson said that Raniere may get to work in the kitchen preparing food.

Dr. Porter Changes Mind

On November 11, 2021, civil defendant Brandon B. Porter in the lawsuit Edmondson v. Raniere wrote to Judge Eric R. Komitee asking to attend the next status conference remotely based on hardship.

He wrote, “The next Status Conference is scheduled for November 30, 2021. I am asking if I may attend the Status Conference remotely via teleconference or by videoconference. I live in central Iowa and travel to the court will incur substantial expense in time and money for
me and my family. I can share with you my current finances if necessary. This suit significantly contributed to the difficulty I experience finding and keeping gainful employment and financially supporting my family.”

Three days later, Porter wrote again to the judge, “I am writing to Withdraw my request…  to participate in the November 30, 2021 Status Conference remotely. Upon further evaluation, I noticed that the planned Status Conference was a follow up. I am not represented by an attorney and do not think I will be able to contribute to the legal opinions about how to move forward in this case. I will enter my response to the complaint when it is due.”

Porter’s plight is lamentable. It was another of the long list of formerly successful people who followed the teachings of the man who created Executive Success Programs.

He was a medical doctor and highly regarded. He lost his license after complaints arose over his human fright experiments. He went from a six figure income to nearly zero and because of his notoriety is having a hard time finding work. He sells term life insurance.

Dr, Porter with a photo of Vanguard

Clyne Begins Series on NXIVM

She writes on the website Locals  on “Politics • Writing • Culture,” adding, “This is a space to share stories, thoughts, and ideas that the rest of the world can’t handle. Meet other free speech enthusiasts and talk about controversial or taboo topics with grown-ass adults. Interested? Want to learn more about the community?”
She has written a number of articles and/or videos that people can access, such as
  1. Flight fiasco turned social experiment
  2. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge
  3. Quality, yes, but also quantity 🙂
  4. How I got into acting
  5. NXIVM vanity plate FTW!.
  6. The true story behind people dancing outside a prison
  7. Why I’m loving “The Morning Show”
  8. Some thoughts on victims, victimhood, and victim…
  9. What is NXIVM?
You can also sign up to support her work by making a monthly or one time contribution, which will permit you to view some material not available to the general public.
One of her recent offerings is How I got involved with ESP/NXIVM

She writes:

“My journey with NXIVM and ESP is complex and spans more than 15 years, but I figured I might as well start at the beginning and share how I got involved in the first place. A lot of people like to look for weakness or desperation when it comes to people who join organizations that promise personal growth. I think there are a lot of reasons people might seek out programs that provide insight and tools for greater success, and none of them are good or bad. However, an individual’s motivations will certainly inform their experience and may make them more susceptible to internalizing teachings in a dogmatic rather than informative way. Perhaps part of the reason I have the perspective I do is I never thought there was only one answer. I’ve always appreciated and sought out different perspectives and ways of understanding the human condition. I did find NXIVM to offer a highly advanced and effective education that helped me tremendously, more than anything I’d experienced before or since, but I never thought it was the right path for everybody. I’ll speak more about that, but first here’s the story of how I got involved and what I had going on in my life when I was first introduced to the program.”

To learn more and follow Clyne click here

Nancy Salzman to Sell Knox Woods Property to Pay Fine

Nancy Salzman, the former Prefect of NXIVM, has asked Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to allow her to sell one of the properties she posted as security for her bail. He has agreed.

 Brandon Porter, Nancy Salzman and Marc Elliot as seen on STARZ’s Docuseries Seduced.

Her attorney wrote “to request a modification of Ms. Salzman’s bail package removing the property located at 115 Grenadier Drive, Half Moon, New York. Ms. Salzman seeks the removal of that property because she hopes to sell it in order to fulfill her obligation to pay the fine of $150,000.00 imposed as part of her sentence….  She has found a potential buyer for the property and would like to sell it and pay her fine before she begins to serve her sentence in January.”

Judge Garaufis granted the request and it seems another of the many properties in Knox Woods once in the control of NXIVM adherents will soon be in stranger’s hands.

If I recall correctly this property was once the residence of Ivy Nevares, who spoke so eloquently, painting a heartbreaking picture of the suffering she endured at Keith Raniere’s and Nancy Salzman’s hands at their respective sentencings.

A lower condo on Grenadier is all that was afforded to Ivy Nevares.

Nancy was once the queen of NXIVM. She earned in the six figures with a $40,000 per year budget for clothes and first class travel to teach eager and adoring students was part of her regular work.  She was adored by hundreds of students; her birthday celebrated with great éclat and the deference given to the great lady of NXIVM was second only to the great Vanguard himself.

Now, at age 66, she readies herself for prison.  As Porter sells life insurance for a multilevel marketing company and the Vanguard prepares prison meals for other sex offenders.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Gosh darn it, Nutjob! You went and got me fired! Now I’m gonna have to declare bankruptcy! The least you could do is introduce me to someone you know who has experience dealing with Chapter 7 or 11 filings.

    Oh wait a second… nevermind. I just thought of someone!

  • The penetrating investigations conducted by a Frank Report comments section contributor, who goes by “Nutjob”, have so thoroughly exposed the nefarious deeds coordinated by myself and my minions (in conjunction with US intelligence agency operatives) that I have decided to dissolve the Church of Scientology before impending federal indictments are issued.

    I have also directed staff to turn over all the financial holdings of the International Association of Scientologists to the United Nations to compensate for all the damage done to those abused by the church over the past decades.

    Finally, I’m firing all the OSA/CIA/NSA agents who have been mean to Nutjob online and mocked him.

    I’m truly sorry for everything I’ve done.

    I give up.

    Nutjob, you win.

    Captain David Miscabbage

      • I am def DTF, but only interested in 2D with guys who are at least OT VII, achieved IAS status level Platinum Meritorious with Honors and have their ethics IN.

        Think Tom Cruise, but at least a foot taller.

          • I’m not a lady. Nor am I a woman.

            But you should see me in 6-inch heels and fishnets.

            Just show me your OT certificate and IAS status trophy and you can put your ethics in me any time you want, big boy!

  • Frank,
    So what if this bastard was in the SHU – YOU left the victims’ families in the SHU and you pretended to help them – YOU need to be put in a SHU and left there.

    YOU are a crappy writer and a crappy liar – YOU deserve to be left in a SHU and not let out.

    YOU lied to the Snyders and told them you were doing a movie with them in it- liar 🤥

    YOU ought to be ashamed –

  • Allison Mack is incarcerated in Dublin, California near Oakland and San Francisco.

    Nearby in Walnut Creek, mobs are rampaging through a department store looting everything that is not nailed down and painted.

    WATCH: ‘Mass Looting’ Moves to San Francisco Bay Suburbs; ‘It Was Insane’
    A looting spree in the San Francisco Bay Area continued for a second straight night on Saturday — this time, reaching the suburbs.

    A “mass looting” took place at about 9:00 p.m. Saturday evening at the Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek, California, an affluent suburb east of Oakland.

    The looters’ method is apparently to travel in large convoys of vehicles, block roads, and then seize whatever they can before leaving.

    CBS San Francisco reported:

    Dozens of looters swarmed into the Nordstrom store in downtown Walnut Creek Saturday night, terrorizing shoppers, ripping off bag loads of merchandise and ransacking shelves before fleeing in a several vehicles waiting for them on the street.

    Walnut Creek Lt. Ryan Hibbs told KPIX 5 that police began receiving calls about the looting at around 9 p.m. He said there were approximately 80 individuals who ran into the store and began looting and smashing shelves.

    • Shadowstate-

      These people organize via word-of-mouth and the internet. There are always 6 degrees of separation type of link between them. This summer a different group of individuals robbed an entire Apple store in NYC.

      Oddly enough, before gaslighting in London, small bands of armed men would attack the brownstone homes of the wealthy. It was an early form of home invasion. Sometimes they would take the female victim of the first home invasion of the night and force her to pound on the doors of the adjoining brownstone. Most of the time it didn’t work because it happens so often.

      Back then all the first floor doors of brownstone were incredibly reinforced with sheets of steel and huge door bolts.

      So my long-winded point is that these large-scale mass shoplifting events will only increase in frequency and scope. The more success they have, the more it will embolden them.

      What we are witnessing is just the beginning.

      • Mobs breaking into stores is despicable and Un-American because capitalism is the bedrock of our free country. True Americans protest by breaking into the capitol to overturn what they believe is a stolen election because that election’s Loser lied to his gullible followers claiming it was stolen despite him unable to produce any credible evidence then or since. Lies Trump Truth.

    • These lootings are false flag operations, just like the Capitol riot. White supremacists are wearing blackface and looting stores to discredit BLM.

  • Anyone who brings up the mysterious deaths/murders of

    Kyle Brennan
    Flo Barnett
    Shawn Lonsdale
    Ken Ogger

    covering them up (unless they are the Frank Report’s resident troll is Nutjob).

    Talking about things covers them up. Makes perfect sense, right?

    • Take your mulligan, Jr. Nobody will even notice and you’ll win.
      Keep playing chicken, and you probably still win. But why risk the “probably”?

          • Mr. Job,

            You are ‘one stubborn son of gun’. The only thing you are accomplishing is to feed into a certain individual’s delusions.

          • If you don’t investigate these murders, who will?

            Don’t let Scientology get away with it!

          • “You are ‘one stubborn son of gun’. The only thing you are accomplishing is to feed into a certain individual’s delusions.”

            It’s a delusion that a long time critic of Scientology would never shut up about its murders made to look like suicides, no matter how hard they tried to shut him up.

            Got it.


          • Alonzo,

            I’ve come face-to-face and head-to-head with OSA on Beacon Hill. My brother and I are walking to Sevens Bar. They were harassing a man in front of his Brown Stone home. The man’s sister was in Scientology. He was publicly speaking out against the church.

            My brother started a fight with them. Long story – they ended up running. These days everybody’s ‘packing heat’, so I’m not suggesting you start a fist fight with them.

            All I’m saying is they’re not as bad-ass as you think they are.

  • Censored again

    This time for pointing out that Frank no longer gives new and important information about Keith Raniere on his blog.

    Nicki visits Frank and all he reports is how to sign up for her pay for propaganda.

    Why Keith was really in the SHU stays hidden. Because Frank is no longer an investigative journalist. Frank is now Nicki’s friend. And he cannot tell the truth about what Nicki and Keith are currently doing.

    Frank is a friend of the cult dead-enders and doing Nxivm PR again. Too bad

  • Give us your latest update into your investigations into the deaths of

    Kyle Brennan
    Flo Barnett
    Shawn Lonsdale
    Ken Ogger

    You’re not a Scientology operative sent here to distract from these murders, right?

    Everyone on this blog looks forward to your discoveries.

    Any timeline on the pending indictments?

    • Sorry about this, Nutjob.

      Here is a pretty thorough exposure of Jeffrey Augustine done by a longtime critic of Scientology, Michelle Ryan, who is the owner of the original Ex Scientologist’s Message Board. She’s pretty much a legend in Ex Scientology circles, and a good friend of mine. There was a period after OSA had police invade her house in Melbourne and threaten charges on her – leaving her exposed to losing custody of her daughter. At that time Jeffrey and his OSA operative wife scared her so badly that she denounced all her friends to save herself. But she’s recently found her voice again, and began exposing Augustine for what he is.

      The fact is that all Exes and critics who have been around long enough know the history about this creep. And so now I’m offering this to you, if you feel you need the information.

      “JSwift” is one of a multitude of sock puppets Jeffrey Augustine has used over the years, just like he’s still using here. He is, and always has been, a disinformation operative. He has played at being a Scientologist and an anti Scientologist for almost 2 decades. His objective is to shudder anyone into silence who continually talks about the criminal acts of David Miscavige.

      Here’s one thread, among many, that exposes Jeffrey Augustine:


      Again, I’m sorry I brought you into this. But I appreciate your motivation to take a stand against these creeps.


      • Thanks. I’ll take your advice and let you and Frank fight your own battles. Your stalkers would benefit themselves if they take any of the advice I gave them.

      • Alanzo,

        “No matter how hard they tried to shut him up.”

        Is this a song written by OSA to attack you?

        I believe you. This video appeared, out of nowhere, in my Instagram feed. It’s very odd.

        It seems like a poorly conceived attempt to ridicule you, and discredit you, by using childish bathroom humor. Have they used this video to harass you in the past?

      • The nicest thing, I can say, about Alanzo, is he is STDs free…..

        ……Boy hasn’t touched a vagina since he came out of one.

    • Copy and paste isn’t always your friend. You’re a has-been who’s unnneededly attracting attention to what you’re trying to cover. You refuse to change your approach. You will be fired. You pompous one-trick pony.

        • Alonzo-
          Riddle me this:

          • The last part: sounds like fox.
          • Billions of people have seen my face thousands of times, but they’ve never truly seen me once.
          • History holds the key.
          • Billie Idol shares half the title.
          • The first part: is the same thing as man.

          Who am I?

          Take a guess who the above person is. This individual has nothing to do with the Frank Report. You act like you’re a superior intellect. So this riddle should be a snap.

          Guess one time at least. Then I I’ll share who I am with you. Right or wrong.

          • Last chance Riddle Alanzo!

            I’m a pleasant day, a friendly dog, and a polite gentleman. Lastly, I am a man by another name too.

            What’s my name on the Frank Report?

          • Alanzo:

            Easier second riddle:

            I’m a pleasant day, a friendly dog, a polite man, I’m a lovely gift, and I’m never mean.
            What am I?

        • Nope. Not Nutjob or Jeffrey Augustine. I’m a real OSA/CIA/NSA Agent. Keeping tabs on you and everyone else here at the Frank Report. This is at the top of the US intelligence priority list. We understand better than anyone else just how much power you wield that could potentially destroy all our well-crafted plans.

      • Nutjob, you need to really work on keeping us pompous trick ponies straight. Lay off the booze, old man!

        I’m the one assigned to this thread! But you went and got my assistant fired by calling her out! I spent several months working on teaching her a new trick and now I’m going to have to hire a new assistant.

        Copy Ann Paste is waaaaay more than a friend, she’s my fiancee.

        But YOU, I’m getting the feeling like you’re not my friend. 🙁

        You make Pompous Two-Trick Pony cry!

  • Frank – is the only update you are going to make to the website going to be a new logo and banner? Gold and black? IDK man, I’m not feeling it. How about a blog where we can like/dislike comments? I know you are mother fucking conservative and mother fucking conservatives hate things like social media and progress, but seriously dude, I think it’s time to upgrade this mother fucker.

    Slap my heinie,

    • I would like to do other updates and will try to implement your suggestion about liking or disliking comments.

      • In regards to a really important “implement”, how about you make it so comments are automatically and instantaneously posted and stop combing through them and deciding which one you’re going to post or not post based on your tastes?! It would also save you a lot more time if you weren’t being a hypocrite about our free speech! How about since you claim to care about free speech so much, why don’t you show it when you have the perfect opportunity to be an example of it on your own website?! How about you actually give an answer to that instead of being a pussy about it, Frank?! Hey, don’t you have any respect for the US Constitution?! There are NO EXCEPTIONS IN THE CONSTITUTION! Nowhere does it say, “except on Frank Parlato’s website”! Free speech is free speech and you’re either for it or against it! If you don’t do it on your own website when given the chance, then you’re against it! PERIOD! So how about you start implementing those changes and stop being a silent pussy about this and stop hiding my posts so people can see the truth and think for themselves instead of you acting like a virtual mommy! How about that, asshole?!

      • Frank,
        How about the ability to block individuals a person finds personally offensive so they don’t have to read their posts, but other people can.

        • Frank –

          Could you please ban anyone who blasts my bankruptcy papers all over your blog, doxxing my home address, and trashing my business?

          PS. If a person does this to me, do they deserve to have it done to them?



          • Given that Alanzo’s bankruptcy papers are in the public record and the Frank Report has also chosen to post the names, business names, and home addresses of people that wrote letters in support of Nancy Salzman, which were also in the public record, is one a violation of ethics and privacy but the other not? Just curious what people’s perspectives are.

            (Note: IIRC Frank Report also posted Lauren’s pet grooming business name and address, which was her home address.)

            My perspective is that none of these people should have their personal information posted here.

        • Yes, Frank doxxing is dangerous. I agree 100% that anyone who does that or posts legal documents should be banned.

          Please stop this harassment of people who dare to think for themselves and not follow the herd.

          • Ex, does that mean you also support not posting the names and addresses of the people who wrote letters of support for Nancy as well?

    • Ice-Nine,

      Like/dislike is a big deal to you. Why?

      I don’t think Frank should make this place into FaceBook, Instagram, and Reddit. Most news sites don’t have Like/Dislike.

      Plus Liberals use the feature to attack free speech.

    • OMG that’s what’s SOOOO important? Does she like my comment? No? OMG! What shall I do? I know… silence her opinion…ya that’s it!

      • That’s right! I’ll no longer be driven into having to shit on morons like you. When I’m done with you’ll feel like a [redacted].

        I’m being a little melodramatic, but I’m sick of dealing with you [redacted] toos – I’d love to give individuals like you a full- education, but I can’t. So I’ll block you.

        I F’ing hate people who defend rapists and pedophiles. You dumb [redacted].
        [redacted] you!

    • If you look at her branding video side by side with Kooks, who do you think is holding up better? Kook still looks good, although the lighting in her video is darker.

      • Clearly, Kookie girl is looking much better!

        1) She had a major head start with better genetics.

        2) Waaaaaay more money to afford top-flight facials, botox, etc… all the Hollywood techniques.

        Nicki can’t even afford Neutrogena at her corner Duane Reade. She has to rely on facials from Suneel.

        I wonder if the reason Keith got put in the SHU was that he was talking to Nicki by cell phone trying to figure out how he could smuggle out some of his jizz so the DOS chicks could fight over who gets to use its anti-aging properties.

      • “Kook’s” branding video doesn’t exist. But there is plenty of deep fake porn out there to indulge your fantasies from which you can get your jollies off.

  • Just Jared

    Saturday, 20 November 2021

    Jussie Smollett Makes First Red Carpet Appearance in Years, Days Before His Trial
    Jussie Smollett has returned to the red carpet after more than two years out of the public eye amid his scandal.

    The 39-year-old former Empire actor stepped out to attend a screening of his movie B-Boy Blues on Friday night (November 19) at the AMC Magic Johnson Harlem in New York City.

    Jussie directed the movie, marking his feature film directorial debut.

    The screening took place just days before Jussie faces a Chicago trial jury to face disorderly conduct charges from the alleged hoax hate crime he reported in 2019.

    Jussie‘s lawyers tried to dismiss the case, but the judge denied the motion and the trial will begin on November 29. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.


  • Frank – Given the cases of cancer among the older women who were close to Vanguard, would you feel safe in eating food prepared by him?

  • Why doesn’t Nicki Clyne tell the story of what vanguard & she did to get Keith into trouble and put into the SHU?

    What’s the point of having Nicki Clyne come visit you, Frank? And then withholding the facts of Raniere’s prison discipline and just promoting Nicki’s pay for propaganda site?

    Are you an investigative reporter or a PR person for the Nxivm cult (again)?

    This blog has been consistently light on honest reporting and full of cult apologists and random opinions or defenses of bad cult behavior for a while now.

    Too much watered-down regurgitating of old, old news and not enough sharing of the new stories and facts that you are purposefully choosing to withhold. To protect the guilty. All the while pretending that you don’t have such information.

    What’s the point of possessing insider Raniere/cult info and instead, peddling these soft promotion pieces for the Nxivm dead-enders?

    The result of the selective, protective reporting is very dull. And it’s really getting repetitive and boring on Frank Report.

    Bring back the bare-knuckle, gritty energy.

    • I’m gonna jump in here and give this criticism of Frank some airtime.

      It’s true.

      Once you make real life friends with someone, you can’t tell the truth about them.

      For instance, because of my past experience, I’ve made friends with and look up to a lot of NXIVM Loyalists. This makes me hesitant to really let loose publicly about them on certain topics. Why? Because I really respect them and support what they’re trying to do. There is a general agreement I have with them about the obstacles they face, and I want their goals to be achieved because I sincerely believe it will make a more free and tolerant society for us all.

      I have a feeling that rises up in me that I’m on the same “team” (or tribe) as they are, and I want to see their success.

      But I’ve also developed, to a lesser degree, personal, real life, relationships with NXIVM critics. And that makes me less willing to let loose on anything they would consider as me “throwing them under the bus”, too. So I refrain from writing about all I know about them, as well.

      The key here is personal relationships.

      They get in the way.

      All I have to say about this is:

      Human beings are a tribal species. This keeps us from telling the truth about each other.

      Carry on.


    • Here’s the issue: The people who joined NXIVM were well-intentioned and overwhelmingly good people. Keith was not a good person and some of the members ended up blindly following him. The bare-knuckle, gritty energy from Frank helped cut the head off the snake and dropped 120yrs. How much bare-knuckle is currently appropriate and who should be taking the shots to the jaw? The problem with savagely going after the dead-enders is they are more sad players in this saga, than bad people. And, between public ridicule, losing licenses, losing employment opportunities etc., they are and have been taking shots to the jaw. Again, how much is appropriate?

      That being said, do you personally know of info that Frank is sitting on? I can’t imagine anything going on that’s too juicy. To me, the juice is in part two of the Investigation Discovery series. Gimme more of that stuff and less bashing of the pathetic dead-enders who refuse to consider that they were tricked into believing in a psychopath. To me, the dead-ender sideshow is a rubbernecker delay as we bide time until we get to see the Kim Snyders of the world happy.

      • NutJob-

        I forgot everyone’s a victim. I had a shit childhood. My dad dying on my 12th birthday is the tip of the iceberg. I never blamed any of my bad decisions on that experience or any of the more awful things that came my way later on. I always owned my mistakes. I learned when my dad died – life is unfair, and you own everything you do in life, especially the wrong. There is no excuse for hurting people. I’ve never forgiven myself because there is no excuse. You just have to live the rest of your life the right way…Do good!

        However, according to you, I could’ve hurt people and forced them into having sex with a square-footed circus freak, and there’d be……

        …..No individual responsibility at all. I’d wager you feel bad for Giraffe neck (Pam), despite the fact that Frank and Heidi Hutchinson say she was an accessory for a rapist pedophile.

        You’re a good honest and caring man; I sincerely mean it.

        You’re also a big-time sap. 😉

      • Frank knows exactly why vanguard was in the SHU. Frank pretends Keith is a victim.

        I find that both annoying and disingenuous.

        There was no specific request to attack any dead-enders in my comment.

        Do I believe that Frank selectively attacks… let’s say…Lauren (for example) and protects loyalists like Nicki and Suneel? Yes. Yes, I do.

        Do I believe that Frank Report supports narratives that don’t always hold up under scrutiny ( Lauren is a worthless snitch) the dead-enders truly care about criminal justice reform and not just freeing Keith. Vanguard is being targeted by the BOP. And strokes the dead-enders egos? I do.

        Absolutely! Frank selectively withholds information that would cast his friends in (at times) an unflattering light.

        Alanzo (of all commenters) understood my initial comment. Which surprised and delighted me… And his honesty impressed me.

        It’s a real challenge reporters face when they become too close to their subjects.

        The irony is – that I firmly believe the more honest one is (warts and all), the more sympathetic and relatable they become.

        It’s very humanizing. The very things most people hold back to protect themselves and their friends – are often the very bits that make other people say, ” Ah, I understand.”

        It’s tough to be vulnerable. It’s tough to be honest. Other people recognize that and respect it.

        BTW. Frank is awesome!

  • El Heraldo
    dé México

    Nxivm, caso pendiente en la UIF
    Hace justo un año, el entonces titular de la Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera (UIF), Santiago Nieto Castillo, abrió una investigación
    Columna Invitada

    20/11/2021 · 00:13 HS

    Hace justo un año, el entonces titular de la Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera (UIF), Santiago Nieto Castillo, abrió una investigación por los millonarios montos de dinero que de México salían a Estados Unidos para financiar Nxivm, la “secta” liderada por Keith Raniere.

    El caso de Nxivm es el mayor escándalo internacional protagonizado por un puñado de juniors mexicanos que sirvieron a Raniere, procesado en Estados Unidos por explotación sexual y otras conductas criminales. La vertiente financiera es la principal, si no es que la única, investigable en México.

    Historia conocida: como programa de coaching o superación personal, Nxivm tuvo una clientela destacadamente mexicana procedente de los siempre cercanos ámbitos político, empresarial y artístico. Emiliano Salinas Occeli, hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari, operó durante años la empresa Programa de Éxito Ejecutivo (ESP, por sus siglas en inglés) una especie de franquicia de Nxivm en México, cuya sede se ubicaba en un discreto inmueble de las Lomas de Chapultepec, muy cerca de la avenida Reforma y el Periférico.

    Por su sala de conferencias, decorada con los cordones de cada nivel al que se podía acceder por un monto cada vez más grande, pasaron personalidades de diferentes partidos políticos y dinastías empresariales. Emiliano Salinas era socio en ESP con Alejandro Betancourt, ambos también socios en Prorsus Capital, una empresa de fondos de inversión bajo la que se agrupa la firma MoneyBack, beneficiaria de una concesión de Hacienda para devoluciones de impuestos a turistas internacionales justificada en evitar la doble tributación.

    ESP operó además de la Ciudad de México en Guadalajara, Guanajuato y Monterrey, reclutando perfiles de familias poderosas, de manera destacada por la notoriedad de sus padres, las y los procedentes de los clanes presidenciales.

    Hasta ahora sólo hay un estimado que fija en unos 50 millones de dólares anuales lo que ingresaba ESP por sus cursos, pero la investigación de la justicia estadunidense registró el envío de carretadas de dinero en efectivo desde Monterrey, Nuevo León hasta Albany, Nueva York, en viajes por tierra, que serían más difíciles de rastrear.

    Tanto por las transferencias dentro del sistema financiero como por los presuntos envíos en efectivo, es que la UIF entró al asunto en 2020, dos años después de que Raniere fuera detenido en Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, y recién había sido sentenciado en la corte neoyorkina.

    Las atrocidades conocidas el año pasado durante el juicio de Raniere en Nueva York y que le merecieron una condena de 120 años de prisión, incluyeron como aspecto más retorcido el reclutamiento de un grupo de elite en 2015, destinado según se decía al momento de enganchar víctimas al empoderamiento de mujeres pero que en realidad sirvió como un harén new age donde las víctimas eran marcadas con un hierro incandescente.

    Es ese grupo elite derivado de Nxivm, conocido como DOS, en el que se tiene acreditada la participación de varias mexicanas, tanto víctimas como coconspiradora.

    En este asunto, Nieto Castillo, no la tenía fácil… Y es que miembros destacados de la muy austera 4T, empezando por el dirigente de Morena, Mario Delgado, tomaron los cursos de ESP, cuyo costo inicial rondaba los mil 500 dólares… y hubo quienes directamente se fueron a “capacitar” con Raniere a Estados Unidos, como la fallida candidata morenista en Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores Carrales… hasta donde se sabe.

    No hubo manera de limpiar la imagen de Flores Carrales, como si lo logró en su deslinde Mario Delgado, o inclusive, la cónyuge de Emiliano Salinas, la actriz Ludwika Paleta, que desde entonces inició una estrategia de reposicionamiento en redes sociales e incrementó su participación en diferentes producciones cinematográficas.

    Hay también descendientes de familias poderosas por poseer medios de comunicación, una historia larga de contar y propicia para posterior entrega. Empero, basta observar que en medio de tantos intereses cruzados y sus estrategias de free washing, por este y otros numerosos casos, Nieto Castillo quedó fuera.

    La cobertura de su boda en Antigua, Guatemala, el pasado 6 de noviembre, fue para el presidente López Obrador un asunto “escandaloso porque revive la ostentación y el derroche del período neoliberal”.

    Agotar las líneas de investigación sobre el financiamiento mexicano a Nxivm, e inclusive sobre el origen de los montos para inmuebles, queda ahora en manos de Pablo Gómez Álvarez, el nuevo titular de la UIF, quizás como el asunto de la elite neoliberal y sus sucesiones parcialmente incrustadas en la 4T, que pone a prueba su entereza, o bien, que permitirá medir si con los precedentes mencionados le tiembla la mano.






    Nxivm, a pending case at the FIU

    Just a year ago, the then head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), Santiago Nieto Castillo, opened an investigation

    Just a year ago, the then head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), Santiago Nieto Castillo, opened an investigation into the millions of dollars flowing from Mexico to the United States to finance Nxivm, the “sect” led by Keith Raniere.

    The Nxivm case is the biggest international scandal involving a handful of Mexican juniors who served Raniere, who is being prosecuted in the United States for sexual exploitation and other criminal conduct. The financial side is the main, if not the only one, investigated in Mexico.

    Known history: as a coaching or self-improvement program, Nxivm had an outstanding Mexican clientele coming from the always close political, business and artistic fields. Emiliano Salinas Occeli, son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, operated for years the Executive Success Program (ESP), a sort of Nxivm franchise in Mexico, whose headquarters were located in a discreet building in Lomas de Chapultepec, very close to Reforma Avenue and the Periferico.

    Its conference room, decorated with the cords of each level that could be accessed for an increasing amount, was visited by personalities from different political parties and business dynasties. Emiliano Salinas was a partner in ESP with Alejandro Betancourt, both also partners in Prorsus Capital, an investment fund company under which the firm MoneyBack is grouped, beneficiary of a Treasury concession for tax refunds to international tourists justified to avoid double taxation.

    In addition to Mexico City, ESP operated in Guadalajara, Guanajuato and Monterrey, recruiting profiles of powerful families, especially due to the notoriety of their parents, those from the presidential clans.

    So far there is only an estimate that sets at about 50 million dollars a year what ESP earned from its courses, but the investigation of the US justice system recorded the shipment of carloads of cash from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon to Albany, New York, in overland trips, which would be more difficult to trace.

    Both for the transfers within the financial system and the alleged cash shipments, the FIU entered the matter in 2020, two years after Raniere was arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and had just been sentenced in the New York court.

    The atrocities known last year during Raniere’s trial in New York and which earned him a 120-year prison sentence, included as the most twisted aspect the recruitment of an elite group in 2015, intended as it was said at the time to hook victims to the empowerment of women but which in reality served as a new age harem where victims were branded with a glowing iron.

    It is that elite group derived from Nxivm, known as DOS, in which the participation of several Mexican women, both victims and co-conspirators, is accredited.

    In this matter, Nieto Castillo did not have it easy… And the fact is that prominent members of the very austere 4T, starting with the leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, took the ESP courses, whose initial cost was around 1,500 dollars… and there were those who went directly to the United States to “train” with Raniere, such as the failed Morenista candidate in Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores Carrales… as far as is known.

    There was no way to clean up the image of Flores Carrales, as Mario Delgado did, or even the spouse of Emiliano Salinas, the actress Ludwika Paleta, who since then began a repositioning strategy in social networks and increased her participation in different film productions.

    There are also descendants of powerful families for owning the media, a long story to tell and conducive to later delivery. However, it is enough to observe that in the midst of so many crossed interests and their free-washing strategies, for this and numerous other cases, Nieto Castillo was left out.

    The coverage of his wedding in Antigua, Guatemala, last November 6, was for President López Obrador a “scandalous affair because it revives the ostentation and waste of the neoliberal period”.

    To exhaust the lines of investigation on the Mexican financing of Nxivm, and even on the origin of the amounts for real estate, is now in the hands of Pablo Gómez Álvarez, the new head of the UIF, perhaps as the matter of the neoliberal elite and their successions partially embedded in the 4T, which tests his integrity, or else, which will allow to measure if with the precedents mentioned his hand trembles.

  • Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

    Craig C. Martin
    300 North LaSalle
    Chicago, IL 60654-3406
    Tel: 312 728 9000
    Fax: 312 728 9199

    November 19, 2021

    By ECF
    Hon. Eric R. Komitee
    United States District Judge
    Eastern District of New York
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, New York 11201
    Courtroom: 6G North
    Re: Edmondson, et al. v. Raniere, et al., 1:20-CV-00485-EK-CLP
    Dear Judge Komitee:
    Defendant Clare Bronfman (“Ms. C. Bronfman”) submits this letter in reply to Plaintiffs’
    response letter (“Plaintiffs’ Response Letter”) (Dkt. 116) in the above-referenced matter.
    Plaintiffs’ Response Letter expresses opinions rather than legal standards applied to wellpled facts.
    Plaintiffs’ views of NXIVM today are an extreme departure from their long-time
    devotion to an organization they once participated in and profited from for many years. Indeed,
    what makes them plaintiffs is simply their change of heart—otherwise perhaps many of the
    Plaintiffs might have found themselves Defendants in this action. Most importantly, Plaintiffs’
    criticisms, as expressed in the First Amended Complaint (“FAC”), do not state legal claims under
    Rules 8, 9(b), and 12(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure against Ms. C. Bronfman.
    The FAC’s lack of factual allegations and legal citations is glaring and inexcusable.
    Plaintiffs fail to address the deficiencies in the FAC raised by Ms. C. Bronfman in her October 29,
    2021 letter (“Oct. 29, 2021 C. Bronfman Letter”) (Dkt. 102), to which Plaintiffs are purportedly
    In that letter, Ms. C. Bronfman noted that, among other issues, the FAC (1) is
    incomprehensible—it is unwieldly in length and scope while simultaneously failing to allege facts
    sufficient to support Plaintiffs’ claims; (2) makes allegations against “Defendants” without
    specifying which Defendants are included within the term; (3) alleges conduct related to

    The sole time Plaintiffs respond to a legal issue raised in the Oct. 29, 2021 C. Bronfman Letter relates to Ms. C.
    Bronfman’s argument on Plaintiffs’ unlicensed practice of psychology claim (Count IV). (See Plaintiffs’ Response
    Letter, Dkt. 116, at 2 & n.2.) While the New York Education Law was amended in 2002/2003, that amendment is
    immaterial because § 6512 is a criminal statute with no private right of action. Courts have rejected attempts to bring
    a private suit under § 6512. See Arboleda v. Microdot, L.L.C., No. 154165/14, 2016 WL 881185, at *6 (N.Y. Sup.
    Ct. Mar. 8, 2016) (dismissing plaintiffs’ causes of action for unauthorized practice of medicine under § 6512
    because the statute contains no private right of action). Plaintiffs attempt to circumvent this law with a negligence
    per se theory. See FAC Count IV. However, a negligence per se claim cannot be based on a violation of a statute that
    has no private right of action. See id. at *7. See also Silverboys, LLC v. Skordas, No. 653874/2014, 2015 WL
    5222871, at *4 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. Sept. 4, 2015) (“[A] violation of New York Education Law § 6512 does not constitute
    negligence per se.”).


    “Plaintiffs” without specifying which Plaintiffs are included within that term; (4) includes Ms. C.
    Bronfman in claims unrelated to the limited factual allegations Plaintiffs make about her (and, in
    particular, Plaintiffs include Ms. C. Bronfman in their sex-trafficking claims without alleging facts
    suggesting that Ms. C. Bronfman was even aware of any of Plaintiffs’ sexual activities, much less
    involved in them); (5) does not identify the “enterprise” that forms the basis of their RICO claims;
    (6) ignores what constitutes an abuse of legal process; and (7) brings claims that are time-barred.
    (See generally Oct. 29, 2021 C. Bronfman Letter, Dkt. 102.)
    Rather than respond to these issues, Plaintiffs provide what they deem “a summary
    statement of the case.” (Plaintiffs’ Response Letter, Dkt. 116, at 1.) Setting aside that Plaintiffs
    have already filed a 189-page complaint, and then the 217-page FAC, their purported “summary
    statement” misses the point. The critical inquiry for the Court is not whether Plaintiffs make any
    allegations against Ms. C. Bronfman, but is, rather, whether Plaintiffs have stated a legal claim for
    relief against Ms. C. Bronfman under Rules 8, 9(b), and 12(b)(6). As the Oct. 29, 2021 C.
    Bronfman Letter shows, and as Plaintiffs’ Response Letter fails to plausibly refute, Plaintiffs have
    not done so.
    Plaintiffs confuse length with clarity when they argue that “Defendants’ arguments are
    inconsistent.” (Plaintiffs’ Response Letter, Dkt. 116, at 4.) As articulated in the Oct. 29, 2021 C.
    Bronfman Letter, the FAC is unwieldy in length, wandering, and includes superfluous allegations.
    (See Oct. 29, 2021 C. Bronfman Letter, Dkt. 102, at 2.) Despite its length, the FAC fails to
    distinguish which Defendant allegedly did what, when, and to whom, or include sufficient facts to
    put Ms. C. Bronfman on notice of what Plaintiffs are specifically alleging against her. (See id.)
    Noting that the FAC is both unwieldly and deficient is not inconsistent; it is descriptive of an
    incomprehensible FAC. Courts have dismissed cases for such reasons. See Edo v. New York City,
    No. 16CV4155KAMVMS, 2016 WL 5874996, at *3 (E.D.N.Y. Oct. 7, 2016) (“Although
    plaintiff’s complaint is nearly 700 pages []long, he fails to allege sufficient facts to put the City of
    New York, the sole defendant, on notice of the nature of his allegations.”); Tropeano v. City of
    New York, No. 06CV2218(SLT)(LB), 2007 WL 1540524, at *1 (E.D.N.Y. May 24, 2007)
    (referencing dismissal of a case because “despite the complaint’s considerable length, it fails to
    allege facts suggesting a violation of any of these statutes”).
    As part of their attempt to recast Ms. C. Bronfman as a central character in the FAC
    narrative, Plaintiffs erroneously cite to Salinas v. United States, 522 U.S. 52 (1997), to support
    their assertion that Defendants do not need to “have known each participant’s specific role in the
    venture.” (Plaintiffs’ Response Letter, Dkt. 116, at 4 & n.3 (citing Salinas, 522 U.S. at 64).) Salinas
    does not stand for that assertion. Salinas, in the context of a criminal matter, explained that each
    conspirator who agrees to be part of the conspiracy may be liable for the actions of his co-
    conspirators. See 522 U.S. at 64. However, the Court clarified that the conspirators must “share a
    common purpose.” Id. Accordingly, even though a co-conspirator in Salinas did not commit every
    part of the offense himself, the Court still held him liable because “there was ample evidence that
    he conspired to violate RICO” and that he “knew about and agreed to facilitate the scheme.” Id.
    at 66 (emphasis added). In contrast, Plaintiffs here have failed to establish that Ms. C. Bronfman
    knew about or agreed to any illegal scheme. Further, Salinas mentioned specific actions that each
    co-conspirator allegedly took in furtherance of the scheme—something the FAC lacks. See id. at
    52 (stating that a sheriff accepted money and petitioner Salinas accepted two watches and a truck).
    Ms. C. Bronfman illustrates in her letter that the FAC does not include any such facts as to what


    actions Plaintiffs allege she took. (See generally Oct. 29, 2021 C. Bronfman Letter, Dkt. 102.)
    Thus, as previewed in the Oct. 29, 2021 C. Bronfman Letter, Plaintiffs here fail to allege any
    specific actions by Ms. C. Bronfman showing that she knew about, agreed to facilitate, or took
    action with the purpose of pursuing the same criminal objectives as her alleged co-conspirators.
    Plaintiffs improperly attempt to plead new facts regarding Ms. C. Bronfman’s alleged
    “deception and intimidation” tactics in their response letter. (See Plaintiffs’ Response Letter,
    Dkt. 116, at 6–7.) Indeed, it appears that with each iteration of Plaintiffs’ narrative, Ms. C.
    Bronfman and Ms. S. Bronfman are assigned greater decision-making positions. Nowhere in the
    FAC do Plaintiffs allege that Ms. C. Bronfman, or any Defendant, engaged in “conniving and
    outright lies to the Dalai Lama … to promote the falsehood to persuade people to ignore negative
    media reports.” (Id. at 6.) Nor does the FAC allege that Ms. C. Bronfman, as opposed to a different
    Defendant, specifically targeted certain Plaintiffs through litigation. See, e.g., FAC ¶ 741 (alleging
    NXIVM targeted Plaintiff Toni Natalie); id. ¶¶ 745–48 (detailing lawsuit filed by Keith Raniere
    against Microsoft). Plaintiffs cannot cure their deficient FAC by bringing in new facts through a
    back door.2 See Bibeau v. Soden, No. 808-CV-0671 (LEK/RFT), 2009 WL 701918, at *7
    (N.D.N.Y. Mar. 13, 2009) (finding plaintiff’s new facts pled in opposition to motion to dismiss
    Even ignoring Plaintiffs’ improper attempt to expand their allegations through a purported
    “summary statement of the case,” these new allegations do not cure the FAC’s legal deficiencies
    as to Ms. C. Bronfman. For example, it remains unclear how Plaintiffs’ claims regarding Ms. C.
    Bronfman’s alleged legal intimidation tactics (Count V) can overcome the one-year statute of
    limitations for malicious abuse of legal process claims, or how Count IX can withstand the relevant
    30-month statute of limitations. (See Oct. 29, 2021 C. Bronfman Letter, Dkt. 102, at 6.) Nor do
    Plaintiffs allege any facts showing Ms. C. Bronfman took action subsequent to initiation of
    litigation, as required for the legal process claim Plaintiffs bring in Count V. (See id.) Plaintiffs’
    new allegations of intimidation and deception thus only further add to the morass of baseless
    Plaintiffs also fail to adequately address the Court’s inquiry from the October 15, 2021
    hearing regarding dividing this matter into two parts—one addressing Plaintiffs’ sex-based claims
    and one addressing their consumer-based claims. (See Oct. 15, 2021 Status Conference Transcript,
    Dkt. 97, at 4:8–22.) Instead, Plaintiffs state merely that “[n]one of these harmful acts were
    distinct,” and, therefore, the case should not be divided. (See Plaintiffs’ Response Letter, Dkt. 116,
    at 2.) However, Plaintiffs have not explained how their sex trafficking claims are inextricably
    connected to their consumer-based claims—because they are not. In fact, the majority—at least

    For example, despite never mentioning 18 U.S.C. § 1351(a) in the FAC, Plaintiffs now apparently allege that some
    Defendants engaged in conduct that was “fraud in foreign labor contracting in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1351(a).”
    (Plaintiffs’ Response Letter, Dkt. 116, at 6.)


    46—of the Plaintiffs make no allegations beyond enrollment in NXIVM.3
    These Plaintiffs cannot
    plausibly state a claim for sex trafficking. Likewise, Plaintiffs have not alleged facts indicating
    involvement in or knowledge of sex-based claims for several Defendants, including Ms. C.
    Bronfman, and thus have no plausible claim against these Defendants. Bifurcation of the case
    therefore makes sense to avoid confusion of the issues and the evidence.
    Because Plaintiffs’ Response Letter does nothing more than feed Plaintiffs’ media narrative
    regarding NXIVM with conclusory and inflammatory statements and fails to address Ms. C.
    Bronfman’s legal arguments on their merits, Ms. C. Bronfman contends that the FAC should be
    dismissed under Rules 8, 9(b), and 12(b)(6). At the very least, Plaintiffs’ claims should be
    bifurcated into consumer-based and sex-based cases, the latter of which should not include Ms. C.
    Bronfman at all.

    Cc: All Counsel by ECF



    /s/ Craig C. Martin
    Craig C. Martin

    These Plaintiffs are: Anthony Ames; Tabitha Chapman; Kayla; Jane Does 24–26, 29–30, 32–38, 40, 42, 44–45,
    47–48, 52–57, 60, 62–63; and John Does 4–7, 9–15, 17, and 19–22. Ashley McLean; Jane Does 28, 31, 39, and 43;
    and John Does 3 and 16 also allege minimal facts.


  • “I did find NXIVM to offer a highly advanced and effective education that helped me tremendously, more than anything I’d experienced before or since, but I never thought it was the right path for everybody.”

    Nah. You just fell for a cult leader who is a con-artist. Women fall for all sorts of “bad” boys. Outside of porn, what else could get a supposed “empowered” women to completely undress and sit in a circle with seven other women to perform group fellatio on him prior to him being taken into custody by the Mexican authorities? Now you’re just perpetually self-justifying the cognitive dissonance overload in your brain with the mechanisms he’s trained you to use like a Pavlovian dog.

    • The DOS ladies learned from NXIVM how to give group BJs — that is a group of ladies blowing one guy. Now they are qualified to earn their living with those group BJs — that is one lady blowing a group of guys. Viva Executive Suck-cess!

  • [ Interesting case unrelated to this article]

    U.S. Attorneys » Central District of California » News
    Department of Justice
    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    Central District of California
    Thursday, November 18, 2021
    Federal Grand Jury Issues New Indictment Against Leaders of Philippines-Based Church that Alleges Sex Trafficking Scheme
    SANTA ANA, California – A superseding indictment unsealed today charges the founder of a Philippines-based church and two top administrators of orchestrating a sex trafficking operation that coerced girls and young women to have sex with the church’s leader under threats of “eternal damnation.”

    The superseding indictment expands on allegations made early last year against three Los Angeles-based administrators of the church, which is known as the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name (KOJC). The nine defendants named in the 42-count superseding indictment are charged with participating in a labor trafficking scheme that brought church members to the United States, via fraudulently obtained visas, and forced the members to solicit donations for a bogus charity – the Glendale-based Children’s Joy Foundation (CJF) – donations that actually were used to finance church operations and the lavish lifestyles of its leaders. Members who proved successful at soliciting for the KOJC allegedly were forced to enter into sham marriages or obtain fraudulent student visas to continue soliciting in the United States year-round.

    The superseding indictment, which was returned by a federal grand jury on November 10, expands the scope of the 2020 indictment by adding six new defendants, including the KOJC’s leader, Apollo Carreon Quiboloy, who was referred to as “The Appointed Son of God.”

    Three of the new defendants were arrested today by federal authorities. The remaining three, including Quiboloy, are believed to be in the Philippines.

    The defendants charged in the superseding indictment are:

    Quiboloy, believed to be 71, whose primary residence is a KOJC compound in Davao City, Philippines, but who also maintained large residences in Calabasas, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Kapolei, Hawaii;
    Teresita Tolibas Dandan, also known as “Tessie” and “Sis Ting,” 59, of Davao City, the “international administrator” who was one of the top overseers of KOJC and CJF operations in the United States;
    Helen Panilag, 56, of Davao City, the one-time top KOJC administrator in the U.S., who oversaw the collection of financial data from KOJC operations around the globe;
    Felina Salinas, also known as “Sis Eng Eng,” 50, of Kapolei, Hawaii, who allegedly was responsible for collecting and securing passports and other documents from KOJC workers in Hawaii, as well as directing funds solicited to church members to church officials in the Philippines (arrested today);
    Guia Cabactulan, 61, the lead KOJC administrator in the United States who operated the KOJC compound in Van Nuys (charged in original indictment);
    Marissa Duenas, 43, a Van Nuys-based administrator who handled fraudulent immigration documents for workers (charged in original indictment);
    Amanda Estopare, 50, another Van Nuys-based administrator who was in charge of tracking and reporting the money raised in the U.S. to KOJC officials in the Philippines (charged in original indictment);
    Bettina Padilla Roces, also known as “Kuki,” 48, a fourth administrator who allegedly handled financial matters (arrested today in Reseda); and
    Maria De Leon, 72, a resident of the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, the owner of Liberty Legal Document Services, who allegedly processed fraudulent marriages and immigration-related documents for KOJC workers (arrested today at her residence).
    The three arrested today are expected to make their initial appearances this afternoon in United States District Court in Los Angeles and Honolulu.

    The superseding indictment charges Quiboloy, Dandan and Salinas with participating in a conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion, as well as the sex trafficking of children. These three defendants allegedly recruited females ranging from approximately 12 to 25 years of age to work as personal assistants, or “pastorals,” for Quiboloy. The indictment states that the victims prepared Quiboloy’s meals, cleaned his residences, gave him massages and were required to have sex with Quiboloy in what the pastorals called “night duty.” The indictment specifically mentions five female victims, three of whom were minors when the alleged sex trafficking began.

    “Defendant Quiboloy and other KOJC administrators coerced pastorals into performing ‘night duty’ – that is, sex – with defendant Quiboloy under the threat of physical and verbal abuse and eternal damnation by defendant Quiboloy and other KOJC administrators,” the indictment alleges. “Defendant Quiboloy and other KOJC administrators told pastorals that performing ‘night duty’ was ‘God’s will’ and a privilege, as well as a necessary demonstration of the pastoral’s commitment to give her body to defendant Quiboloy as ‘The Appointed Son of God.’”

    The indictment alleges the sex trafficking scheme started no later than 2002 and continued to at least 2018, during which time Quiboloy and his top administrators caused the victims to engage in commercial sex acts by ordering female victims, including the minor victims, to have sex with defendant Quiboloy on a schedule determined by the church leader and others, including Dandan. The victims who were obedient were rewarded with “good food, luxurious hotel rooms, trips to tourist spots, and yearly cash payments that were based on performance” – which were paid for with money solicited by KOJC workers in the United States, according to the indictment.

    As part of the alleged scheme, the three defendants told female victims who expressed hesitation at night duty “that they had the devil in them and risked eternal damnation.” Furthermore, Quiboloy would threaten and physically abuse victims who attempted to leave KOJC or were not available to perform night duty, according to the indictment, which also alleges Quiboloy would physically abuse victims for communicating with other men or engaging in other behavior that upset him because he considered such conduct adultery and a sin.

    Victims who managed to escape KOJC suffered retaliation in the form of threats, harassment and allegations of criminal misconduct, according to the indictment. “Defendant Quiboloy would give sermons, broadcasted to KOJC members around the world, in which he would allege that victims who escaped had engaged in criminal conduct and sexually promiscuous activity, and therefore faced eternal damnation, in order to discourage other victims from leaving, retaliate against and discredit the victims, and conceal the sexual activity between defendant Quiboloy and the victims,” the indictment states.

    Quiboloy, Dandan and Salinas are charged in count one of the superseding indictment, which alleges the sex trafficking conspiracy. Each defendant is charged in at least three of five substantive counts of sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion.

    The superseding indictment also outlines KOJC’s nationwide soliciting operations, which allegedly gave rise to additional criminal conduct, including forced labor, labor trafficking, document servitude, marriage fraud and money laundering.

    Under Quiboloy’s direction, KOJC administrators allegedly brought workers from the Philippines to the United States and confiscated all forms of identification before forcing the workers to spend long hours illegally soliciting money for KOJC outside of businesses across the United States. While KOJC workers told potential donors their money would be used by CJF to help impoverished children, the money was actually used to directly finance KOJC operations and the lavish lifestyle of KOJC leaders, including Quiboloy, according to the indictment.

    “KOJC administrators maintained the legal immigration status of workers who proved capable of meeting daily cash solicitation quotas by fraudulently obtaining student visas for such workers or by forcing them to enter into sham marriages with other KOJC workers who had already obtained United States citizenship,” the indictment states.

    Some of the workers were moved around the United States to solicit donations as CJF “volunteers,” who were also called Full Time Miracle Workers, according to the indictment, which alleges these “workers fundraised for KOJC nearly every day, year-round, working very long hours, and often sleeping in cars overnight.”

    An indictment contains allegations that a defendant has committed a crime. Every defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    The sex trafficking conspiracy charge alleged in the indictment carries a statutory maximum penalty of life in federal prison. The five substantive sex trafficking charges each carry a mandatory minimum penalty of 15 years in federal prison and a potential sentence of life. The additional fraud, cash smuggling and money laundering offenses in the indictment carry statutory maximum penalties ranging from five to 20 years in federal prison.

    As part of the ongoing investigation, the FBI is encouraging potential victims or anyone with information about KOJC activities to contact investigators. Those with information are asked to call the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office at (310) 477-6565. Individuals may also contact the FBI through its website at https://www.fbi.gov/tips.

    The ongoing investigation into KOJC is being led by the FBI, which is receiving substantial assistance from Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s Fraud Detection and National Security Unit, the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service, and IRS Criminal Investigation.

    Assistant United States Attorneys Daniel H. Ahn, Jake D. Nare and Benjamin D. Lichtman of the Santa Ana Branch Office, along with Special Assistant United States Attorney Angela C. Makabali of the General Crimes Section, are prosecuting this case. Assistant United States Attorney Katharine Schonbachler of the Asset Forfeiture Section is also working on the matter.

    Human Trafficking
    USAO – California, Central
    Thom Mrozek
    Director of Media Relations
    (213) 894-6947
    Press Release Number:
    Updated November 18, 2021


  • Clyne just makes me sad. She has the beauty, pose and confidence to dig herself out of her self-inflicted hole but instead seems determined to dig it even deeper. I don’t know why she persists in trying to justify her last 15 or so years of decision-making to the world. If she was actually happy about her choices, then she wouldn’t need to try so to justify them to the world. People content with their life choices usually don’t feel a need to talk about them all the time. Those that deep down are not happy with them usually feel the need to justify, defend and sell them as valid.

    • Maybe she’s seen a lot of damage done to her own life and the lives of her friends and she refuses to be silent about it?

      You’ve seen the shit slung at her. Yet she keeps going with grace and poise. I think she has the strength and courage of a lion.

      • LMAO. Your own desperation to justify your own dumb decisions constantly leaks in everything you write. Trying to make other people’s decisions good doesn’t suddenly make yours any better.

        But back to Clyne…what exactly does she accomplish trying to defend a now dead cult? Its all a pointless exercise in futility. Let say a miracle happens and we all universally agree she was done wrong. What then? Absolutely nothing so why bother tilting at this particular windmill. Just move on.

      • If Nicki were courageous, she would suck it up and admit she was wrong. She can’t do that. Too prideful. PS: Alonzo – your boner for Nicki is showing. Please put it away. It’s embarrassing for all of us.

        • In Nicki’s case it’s not about courage. It’s about an undernourished mind literally, in the first few years of life.

      • Good point.

        It does take strength and courage and integrity to stand up and report abuse and the criminal acts you’ve witnessed.

        This is totally true. I know this personally.

        But not everyone is guilty of criminal acts in a “cult”, and not everyone in a cult is guilty of abuse. In fact, very few are.

        Accusing everyone in a “cult” of the specific criminal acts of specific individuals is not truthful. And an Ex must rise up out of a generalized feeling of rebellion and apostostiac vengeance, and discriminate specifically those guilty individuals to achieve justice.

        That is not something generally sanctioned when it comes to “cults”.


    • I think lack of informed consent was the major stumbling block that caused the legal issues and negative outside viewpoints for these ladies. If Clyne and her companions choose to continue their DOS group with everyone fully informed, why not? They are all adults. And as adults, they should recognize that Raniere will no longer be able to participate given that he’s currently serving the consequences of his actions. So if the group was so empowering, why not continue? I might personally find their methods of empowerment imbecilic, but then I obviously would have no interest in joining. No need to debate it ad nauseam, just go ahead and do it without the legal ambiguities of the deceit and blackmail that accompanied the first go-round. I would wager the continual whining about media mistreatment from them as opposed to action from them does not connote empowerment to most of us – rather the opposite.

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