Mark Question: NXIVM More Likely to Tamper Than FBI

MK10ART sketch -- Keith Raniere

By Mark Question

Suneel Chakravorty and his other NXIVM fan-based followers’ so called data is all hearsay. No need to get anyone’s panties in a wedgie over this.

It’s a desperate attempt to make them feel better, like a pacifier, and give them hope to hold into.  Let’s face it, people, Raniere has got a lot of years ahead of him.

Mk10ART painting of Keith Raniere. Relax boy, you have a lot of time on your hands.

This group of hangers-on needs hope and who are we to bust their belief in “Raniere getting another trial”? Even if there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell it’s going to happen.

In a few years, or decades maybe, they will wake up to the fact that their Master is going to die in prison. Until then, give them space to adjust, and let them cling to their hopeful stories.

Let’s hope FBI agent Brian Booth sues Suneel’s ass off, as well as Cami suing him. Let’s hope Suneel has to answer under oath questions as to how he got the pictures of Cami because: We Want to Know!

They Cheat- Not the FBI, But NXIVM

Let’s not forget Raniere had one of his faithful followers in the Albany DA’s office pretending to be an intern while doing lawsuits and investigating other defectors, back in the day. This was the head of NXIVM’s internal legal department, Kristin Keefe.

NXIVM also had one of its other faithful followers pretending to be an outside computer expert in their Computer Trespassing Case.

He never identified himself to the Special Prosecutor as a NXIVM member and was hired by the NXIVM lawyers who, at the time, were dealing with NXIVM servers.

This person was none other than now son-in-law to Nancy Salzman, Ben Meyer. A long-time member of NXIVM before the Civil and Criminal case had been filed and both lost by NXIVM.

Ben Myers gave a lot of [false] information about the location of Nxivm’s computer server as an expert on IT. Only one little bit of info he failed to tell prosecutors: he was a NXIVM member.
So, is it possible that someone on NXIVM’s team ended up as a special team member somewhere in the line of all of Raniere’s lawyers that could have gotten their hands on the copy of the hard drive in question?

This same hard drive that Suneel is trying so hard to prove the FBI tampered with? Wouldn’t it be just as easy for a NXIVM member to have tampered with it making it look like the FBI did it?

Suneel Chakravorty might not even know or might be fully aware of this? Nick Clyne, standing by her man, could be in on something like this. Both have spent time talking with Raniere while he was at MDC waiting for his trial.

Games like this have been done before. Twice that we know of, and lies have been told in all of NXIVM legal cases. Why stop now?

Not that Raniere is going to get another bite at the apple, or it’s going to get him out of prison before he dies of natural cause anyways.

Knowing the history of the length Raniere has gone to try to WIN, it is good for Frank’s readers to know.

Chew on this for a while, Suneel. We thought you should also be in the know.

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  • Yes, very good points. Nxivm has a long history of doing this (as did Scientology do a similar thing v the IRS and the orange people back in the day and many others). These people are so into their cult they will do just about anything including infiltrating organizations.

  • Actually? Also? Susan Dones, please. We haven’t seen a portrait of her yet and she’s really one of my favorite people in this story.

  • Keith Raniere does not deserve such a nice charcoal portrait. How about one of Frank? Or maybe Gina Hutchinson? Or Kristen Snyder?

  • How does Ben myers never get in trouble? What collateral does he have on government people? Or what government or political person was he supporting? He knows some dirt on someone who is protecting him…

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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