Heidi: Cami Was Raniere’s Achilles Heel

By Heidi Hutchinson

Frank was right about Cami’s pics and testimony being the critical turning point in Keith’s case from the get-go!

Frank even ‘predicted’ [in personal conversations with me back in 2018] that the evidence of Cami’s underage, sex-slave grooming at 13 and rape at age 15, would be Keith & Co.’s ultimate undoing.

Frank said that all the other defendants holding out through 2019, would roll on Keith when and if Cami and her story – or any of the more recent, underage evidence, like proof on the ‘baby Jane’ GBD stories, for example – ever emerged.

I believe Keith and Co. knew this too, and prepared for the eventuality long ago… possibly down to eliminating and tampering with statutory rape victims, witnesses and, certainly, evidence.

The late Gina Hutchinson was 15 when Keith Raniere, then 23, began a relationship with her. Her death was ruled a suicide, but it remains unclear why police did not examine the scene of her death more carefully.   

Why Keith left those Cami pics in Albany on his personal hard drive is mind-boggling… but if the ‘tampering’ cover-up scheme was already well in the works before his unexpected arrest in Mexico…

In any case, I am personally very grateful to the FBI and DOJ investigators who discovered the hard evidence on the statutory rapes – whether buried in millions of gigabytes of pictorial data or handed over to them in some mutilated manner by a Suneel type, or both. … As the pussy pic plot thickens.

I’m also very grateful to Cami, herself, along with her sister, Dani – who was held hostage and tortured for two years by the cult leaders, before being set loose to possibly die without ID and little cash across the Mexican border – for their tremendous courage in, ultimately, both coming forward. Despite some hardcore, I’m sure, intimidation and opposition against them doing so. They’re awesome and I hope their whole family is healing well.

Gotta give Frank some cred where due. He always knew the underage, child molestations were Keith’s true, Achilles heel.

Keith Alan Raniere liked them young. And it was his undoing,


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  • Hey Clav, this post was a comment in response to Frank’s article proving that, in fact, without the Cami evidence (or, at that point, any corroboration either), the other defendants may have not turned State’s against Keith which may have resulted in a different trial outcome altogether. Thus, I agree as Frank predicted, it was pivotal because it turned all the previously united defendants against the people, against Keith (except the idiot heiress). …When’s the wedding, btw? lol JK.

    I believe Keith’s conviction on all charges did hinge on the cooperation of those defendants and witnesses, who, I don’t believe would have otherwise testified against Keith, cooperated fully or at all with the FBI, etc. In fact, they may have helped the defense, instead and hindered the prosecution as to a conviction on any charges.

    (Didn’t mean to suggest anything otherwise but thanks for clarifying whatever it is I appear to be mistaking on the legal side.)

  • I rather think Raniere had many Achilles heels because he was charged with 5 other felonies. Cami case was only one case, and it was discovered relatively late. I mean Cami’s case and the discovery of the child pornography was more the crucial Achilles heel for the others like Mack, because Mack was facing 20 years minimum sentence for sex trafficking.

    • I know I’ve already posted this “clarification” at least a half-dozen times but as long as people keep misstating what charges were brought against Keith Raniere et al, I’m going to keep setting the record straight.

      Keith and Allison were each charged with seven (7) felony crimes: Racketeering Conspiracy, Racketeering, Forced Labor Conspiracy, Wire Fraud Conspiracy, Sex Trafficking Conspiracy, Sex Trafficking (Nicole), and Attempted Sex Trafficking (Jay).

      In conjunction with the Racketeering charge, Keith was accused of committing sixteen (16) predicate acts — three (3) of which concerned Camila: Sexual Exploitation of a Child (November 2, 2005), Sexual Exploitation of a Child (November 24, 2005, and Possession of Child Pornography. In addition to adjudicating Keith to be guilty of all seven charges, the jury also found that the prosecution had “Proved” that he committed all sixteen predicate acts.

  • Raniere’s Achilles’ Heel is that he is fundamentally stupid.

    He had consenting adult women lined up to please him and he had to mess around with children and blackmail and brandings.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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