Guest View: Adult Camila Nude Photos Were Collateral – Just Ask Lauren Salzman

Laruen Salzman testified that the nude group photos the first line women took were collateral

A commenter, Animus Liber, making use of the testimony of Lauren Salzman, opines that the photos of Camila, when she was 27, whether revealing a scar or not, were collateral. These were not taken with a free will – or, as the Latin meaning of “animus liber” is – with a “free mind.”

In fact , as readers know, “Animus in consulendo liber” (Latin: “A mind unfettered in deliberation”) is the official motto of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It originated from The Conspiracy of Catiline by Roman historian Sallust and was translated by Charles Anthon as “a mind unfettered in deliberation.”

A sketch of Roman historian Sallust whom I would like to think of as our own Animus Liber. Anybody who expresses that they see any resemblance between Sallust and Lauren Salzman will be pummeled and ejected from Frank Report, then tarred and feathered and run off the internet.


Lauren Salzman

By Animus Liber 

Suneel Chakravorty wrote to Judge Komittee “I was informed that these photos were voluntarily and happily taken by the founding sisters of DOS as a ritual before meetings and were not meant for anyone to use as collateral.”

It will be interesting to see how attorney Neil Glazer responds to that statement. Firstly, the first-line DOS slaves had to be collateralized at the time that those group nude photos were being taken, so it seems extremely unlikely to me that you could make the argument that they were taken in a 100% free and voluntary manner.

Secondly, while some (Nicki Clyne) may still say they were done out of free will, I imagine there are other DOS first-line slaves that would contradict that, including presumably Camila.

Thirdly, Lauren Salzman’s testimony (under oath) also contradicts the assertion that the group nudes were photos were voluntarily and happily taken.

Q. Did the defendant impose requirements about what the photographs should look like?

LAUREN: Yes. Well, generally, I mean, we were supposed to be uniform, so like all looking the same. So one time, like Daniella had a baseball cap and we got feedback that either we all had to wear hats or nobody had to wear hats. Nobody should wear hats. So we were to be uniform, fully frontally naked, the brand should show, and we should appear happy in the pictures. Like if we weren’t happy, we got feedback that we weren’t happy and we needed to retake the picture.


Q. When the defendant [Keith Alan Raniere, who was their slave master] gave feedback on the photographs, would you sometimes have to retake the photographs?

LAUREN: Yes. Whenever there was feedback given on the photographs, we incorporated the feedback and retook the
picture with the feedback incorporated.

Q. What does that mean, when you incorporated the feedback?

LAUREN: We made a change that was suggested. If we didn’t look happy, we did a picture that was happier. If our legs weren’t spread enough, we had to spread our legs more. Whatever the feedback was, we did it.


Q: How did you feel about the photographs?

LAUREN: I had mixed feelings about the photographs. I mean, for me it was very uncomfortable. […] I tried to make jokes or make it fun or try to think of like fun themes that we could do, like, to take the pictures which made it easier for me to do it and to feel okay doing it. And it made it more comfortable between all of us. But it was really difficult, and I didn’t want to be doing it. […] I was there pretending that I was happy taking sexual pictures with the people he was preferring to have sex with instead of me, and that — it was — sometimes it was very difficult. Like I tried to make it fun, and sometimes it was fun and I could have fun doing it. But a lot of times, it was just very painful and hard to put on a happy face for that.

I have been wondering whether to blank out the face of Camila and as I ponder it, I think I will blank it out on this post. After all, if it is true – and I think it is – that Raniere got this woman when she was a child and held her essentially captive until she escaped after his arrest – she is a bona fide and true victim. In any event, these eight women would pose three times a week fully nude and send the photos to Raniere. What kind of an asshole does that? Were the women fools too? That’s hard to say.

An additional point from the testimony on what was and wasn’t considered “collateral”:

LAUREN: I mean, we were taking naked pictures, up close vagina pictures three times a week. So I was told that wasn’t considered collateral, but to me, that was very weighty collateral because it was not something I would ever want anybody to see and there was a lot of it.

Keith Raniere instructed his first line DOS slaves to make the pictures conform to what he wanted – some three times a week.

Given the sensitive nature of the photos and the fact that they absolutely can be used as blackmail material in the right context, the fact that Raniere many times instructed their contents, and that the DOS masters were collateralized at the time that they took them, I think it’s hard to argue that they were not collateral.

Also, side question out of curiosity. Did Nicki sign the Protective Order?


[Editor’s Note: It is highly unlikely that Nicki signed the protective order. Although she was a target at one time, she was never charged. The Raniere defense team would not have given her sensitive discovery material. As far as I can see, there would be no meaningful reason to do so.].


I am reminded of a Keith Raniere canard: Keith told the first line DOS sisters after they sent him a smiley face full frontal nude picture, “I think this might be collateral, but I would need to see at least 10 more pictures to be sure.”


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2 years ago

Where the fuck has Bangkok been? He’s annoying as hell and a total fucking retard (I reserve that term just for him, and those that know him would agree, no offense intended to others), but at least he’s entertaining. Any chance we can trade him for Alanzo?

Perhaps he bought a very hairy dog and has moved to Albany, looking for a certain dog groomer. I thought he’d be all over this article.

Nice Guy
Nice Guy
2 years ago
Reply to  Ice-nine

Only Bangkok can drive Alanzo away.
Quick! Flash the Bangkok light in the sky!

Bangkok wants Lauren Salzman in a bad way. You’re probably right.

2 years ago

Again with the use of the word “collateral”.
It is clearly material to be used for blackmail.
And many of these women were talked into providing it freely.

Like George Orwell, I detest the corruption of the language to conceal the true nature of reality.

2 years ago

Suneel does not possess the sense (or perhaps the self-control) to remain quiet. If you are involved in a criminal enterprise that sent five people to jail, then you should shut your mouth.

2 years ago

“I was informed that these photos were voluntarily and happily taken by the founding sisters of DOS as a ritual before meetings and were not meant for anyone to use as collateral.”- Suneel

This is such a ‘tongue and cheek’ and flippant statement.

It makes no difference whether Suneel is brainwashed. Either way, he is scum. He is taunting Camila, a victim of molestation.

What kind of man taunts a woman with naked photos of herself? Answer: a cowardly man who resembles a space alien.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Basically, Suneel, who is from a conservative Indian culture, thinks it’s A-OK for adult women to get together on a periodic basis to take fully naked and up-close vulva pictures for a perverted old man who had them brand his initials near their crotches. What do (or would) his parents and his grandparents think about all of this?

Or does Suneel only care about the Bronfman family name and the connective power he thinks it brings him?

We want to know
We want to know
2 years ago

I keep asking the same question and Suneel Chakravorty won’t answer it.

If Raniere’s first of many attorneys return a copy of the HARD DRIVE with the naked photos of Cami on it to the Prosecution and they returned to Raniere’s attorneys a copy of the HARD DRIVE without any NAKED photos, how the heck did Suneel get pictures of Cami from Raniere’s discovery?

Answer, he didn’t. He must have gotten them from another source.

Who?… Most likely, his roommate, Nicki Clyne.

A question he doesn’t want to be asked under oath. So why not throw everything he has in a letter to the Judge in the civil suit.

How are your experts examining these pictures, Suneel, and where did they get them?

Do you have a chain of custody we can see regarding the Hard Drive and these photos?

How do we know NXIVM hackers haven’t gotten into the Hard Drive and changed the things you’re talking about before your experts looked at it?

It wouldn’t be the first time things have been hacked in favor of Keith Raniere. This time he has more to win or lose depending on how you look at it.

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
2 years ago


This chain of custody issue cuts both ways. It’s meaningless what a trio of paid experts say about a computer file when said files have been drifting around mysteriously from hand to hand for months.

As for the naked photos of 27-year-old Camila, yeah that’s collateral (or, to use the proper term, blackmail material).

2 years ago

Maybe Suneel found them in Clare’s bathroom while he was there wiping her dirty behind.

2 years ago

You won’t make Suneel answer any difficult questions but you keep posting his content.

Ask him if it was voluntary and not considered collateral after showing this part of the transcript just posted. Please do this.

Frank Parlato
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Suneel, please consider the question posed and answer it – thank you

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Anonymous 6:55pm,

Frank can’t compel Suneel to talk any more than the FBI can. What’s Frank supposed to do – go full Guantánamo Bay on Suneel?

Suneel is currently being investigated by the Feds. The DOJ went to Judge Garafus because of the pictures. At this stage of the game, we’ll be lucky if Suneel shares with us his shoe size. He’s not an idiot. There is no way he will hang himself.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

He’s already written a lot that put his neck in the noose.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Suneel bragged to Judge Garaufis about happily wiping Clare’s filthy ass. He is clearly an idiot.

We want to know
We want to know
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Without Suneel, what is there to write about NXIVM? He’s the hot ticket right now.

Come on, Frank, asking Suneel to answer questions? He isn’t going to answer the tough ones that put his theory into question. You have to do it.

It’s all about shooting holes into what he has to say.

Where the heck did those pictures come from? We know they didn’t come from Raniere’s discovery evidence.

The only way they could have…

If Raniere’s first attorneys make a clone copy of the hard drive before they were ordered to return it. OOPS. That would be illegal now.

That would be very very bad…
If they gave that copy to anyone, say a so-called NXIVM computer expert – it’s happened before in other legal cases.

Slap my face and call me late for dinner

Look up NXIVM Computer Trespassing Case. Had the NXIVM Dirty All Over It.

Someone could have changed the ‘data” on this hard drive before it was turned over to Suneel’s experts to make it look like the FBI did it.

That is why this entire thing smells fishy but from the guy who doesn’t like to take a shower.

Why would the FBI – who had so much information on Raniere to lock him up for at least 70-80 years – go to the trouble of changing a few things on Raniere’s hard drive to get a few more decades?

Raniere wasn’t going to outlive a 60-year sentence let alone a 120-year sentence.

Why hasn’t any of Raniere’s attorneys taken the Rule 33 motion Raniere’s faithful have been working on and filed it?

Why after so many years of crying foul play by the NXIVM Five cult followers and all this so-called proof they say they have, hasn’t any investigation been started?

It’s more than likely a group of fools attempting to fight windmills. They cry injustice because they can. It’s just crying but they have no real evidence.

Dancing in front of the MDC made an impact on the public. They looked like fools and crazy cult followers. What was their purpose?

Nicki Clyne and her faithful women DOS following defending Keith Rainier’s mission of women being weak and victims. Really, who’s the biggest crybaby now? Raniere himself, the ultimate VICTIM. Do they think that made a positive public impact?

Now his faithful are working tirelessly doing everything they can to prove he was doing no harm and no one is buying it but them. What a bunch of lost, misguided followers.

What must their families think?

It was bad enough when the Cult of NXIVM was up and running. Now that it has burned to the ground, four of its leaders going to prison, and these faithful are still hanging on to “No, No, No…
Raniere’s a good guy”.

Raniere’s been sentenced to 120 years and your fight is over some metadata BS.

There is a forest of data that Raniere’s is the scum of the earth and his faithful are looking at one f&*%8,% tree.

This is what happens with cult followers. This is what happens when a guy like Raniere gets into your mind and takes control. People cannot think clearly for themselves any longer, they lose their ability to see the entire forest.

Now that Frank has been hanging out with the NXIVM Five and Nicki Clyne and Suneel Chakravorty live close by and work closely with him, is he seeing the entire forest still?

Let’s hope so. Let’s hope he starts exploring the questions that need to be asked on the other side of this investigation.

Frank knows how NXIVM works. Frank knows how Raniere works,

Let’s hope he remembers and hasn’t forgotten there is a forest out there and not just a few trees.

Suneel isn’t going to answer these questions until he has to under oath. Frank, you’re going to have to start your own investigation and answer these for your readers or stop posting this one-sided BS

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