The Ambrose Papers #5: Longtime ABC Reporter Wayne Dolcefino Investigating; Says Children Reached Out to Him Alleging Abuse by Father

Wayne Dolcefino, Investigative Journalist. Dolcefino Consulting: Investigative Media Consulting Firm

This is Part # 5 of the Ambrose Papers, the extraordinary story of how a conniving father and a dubious gaurdian ad litem teamed up to ruin the lives of three adopted children.

It appears that I am not the only reporter interested in this story.

Enter Wayne Dolcefino…

Wayne Dolcefino. You don’t mess around with him.

A longtime investigative reporter, Dolcefino is not unknown. He heads a consulting and investigation firm with clients all over the nation.

For more than 25 years, Dolcefino was perhaps the most feared reporter in Texas. If Wayne Dolcefino contacted someone they would literally fill their diapers.  People were heard to whisper down Texas way, “we better not do that or we will wind up on Dolcefino’s radar.”

He was head of the Houston, Texas based KTRK-TV ABC 13’s national award winning “13 Undercover” unit. He exposed public corruption, cover-ups, charity fraud, the waste of taxpayer money and the injustices of family court on countless occasions.

As part of his present investigation of Connecticut Family Court, Dolcefino flew to Connecticut to interview those involved in the Ambrose case.

He is far from finished in his investigation, but he produced a preliminary video available on YouTube, Family Injustice: A Crime In Court?

He published the video on Sept. 21, 2021.

Children Reach Out to Dolcefino

Dolcefino went to the home where the father, Chris Ambrose resides. It is a rural home where the father keeps his children in virtual isolation. Not only may they not see their mother, but none of their relatives or family friends they’ve known since infancy.

Ambrose also took their phones away.

Yet somehow, the children, in their desperation, found the video or found a contact number for Dolcefino and reached out to him, hoping he would help them. The children claim their father is threatening and abusing them.

Dolcefino wrote to the guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz and to others involved in the case, on Sept. 28:

Here is his email:


As you know my firm has been investigating injustice in the Connecticut family court system. I would like to know why none of the alleged advocates for these children has sought an immediate hearing for these children in front of the Judge as a result of their direct communication with my firm alleging mental and sexual abuse at the hands of their father.

While I have no independent way to confirm their outcry I have reported it to the Madison, Connecticut police despite their apparent disregard for my reporting.  So there is no confusion, I have not been retained by any party in your litigation and am shocked that none of you have gone to the Judge to ask that the children be brought to his chambers so that their independent voices can be heard directly.

We believe strongly here, based on decades of family court investigative experience, that once paid advocates are heavily financed by one side in a custody dispute it begins to raise questions of impartiality and possible bias. That would be true even if we believed the so called advocates for these children are doing their job. We don’t.  

The best way to ensure that is not the case is to actually protect the best interests of the children. I do not know what is more compelling than direct communication between the children and the judge, especially after they cry out for help after someone they didn’t know simply showed up with a TV camera to interview their father.

We have reached out to the Connecticut Attorney General for assistance in the event the protectors of these children don’t start doing it.


Video Tells Story

Dolcefino has told the story in a compelling way. There is no better primer on what happened than this eight minute video.

I will add a few observations as I provide the transcript of the video.

It is a shocking thing and until you wrap your head, and perhaps your heart, around it, you will not understand how three children are suffering and how a guardian ad litem is profiting from their sorrow.

As Dolcefino comments: “We’ve been exposing the disgusting family court system across the country for five years. But the lawyers, the ‘experts’, and the judge should be ashamed of what’s being done to a mother of three in Connecticut.”

Here is the transcript of the video with some comments by me [in brackets and bold] and screenshots from the video.

Karen Riordan, mother [crying]

I’ve done nothing. My kids love me. I’m a really good mom. Everybody that knows me will tell you.

{This is true. I have spoken to a number of sane sound people who have known Karen for years. Everyone says to a person that she is completely mentally sound, intelligent, compassionate and that her children were her life.]








Wayne Dolcefino:

What happened to Karen Riordan should be a crime.






Nickola Cunha, Karen’s attorney:

It’s a nightmare. An absolute nightmare.

[Nickola Cunha is one of the last perhaps of a dying breed of lawyer. She is spending her own money, not billing for hundreds of hours she has spent on this case. She knows it is unjust and the record she has is so compelling that when it finally gets reviewed, it is entirely possible that criminal charges might arise out of this.] 








In fact, her lawyer says it is.








On a one to 10, this is a 10 in terms of bad. It’s as simple as that.


Just minutes before our interview Nickola Cunha had sought an injunction hearing from a court in the Connecticut state capitol. It is unlikely to stop the injustice.

Wayne Dolcefino with attorney Nickola Cunha and Karen Riordan head to court as Cunha tries to get an injunction staying the order that prevents the children from seeing their mother.

Dolcefino; [To Cunha]

Karen’s been kept away from her three children for 17 long months. And she’s not allowed to see them?









She’s not allowed to see them. She’s not allowed to have contact with them and, in my opinion, those are illegal orders.


What do you think it’s done to the kids?









It’s destroyed them.

Dolcefino [narrating]:

For most of her kids’ lives, [Karen] was essentially a single mom.

Her husband Chris Ambrose spent much of his time off in Hollywood. A scriptwriter for shows like Law and Order and ironically a show called Family Law.

Chris Ambrose

Dolcifino [arriving at Ambrose’s house.]

Mr. Ambrose I’m Wayne Dolcefino. We’d like to talk to you about your custody case.

Seeing Dolcefino, Ambrose goes inside the house.

Dolcefino narrating:

When his own divorce began in 2019, Mr. Ambrose began accusing Karen of parental alienation. We’ve heard that one before in high conflict divorce cases like this one. That’s why a guardian ad litem was appointed.

Kelsey R. Garbraith, Dolcefino consulting attorney speaks:

A guardian ad litem is somebody who’s appointed by the court to represent the best interests of a child or children in a divorce or custody proceeding.


And in this case it’s attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz.

Jocelyn Hurwitz, GAL. Attorney from Cohen & Wolfe.

[Dolcefino has reported that Hurwitz has billed $187,000 plus and I think he is likely right. I have only seen the first $175,000 in billings, But the case is far from over.[

Since September of 2019 she’s run up legal bills totaling… wait for it- more than $187,000. She never returned our phone calls and I kind of think I know why. Do you know how many times this protector of the children has even met with the three Ambrose children?

Based on her own billings just four times-  four times, in more than two years.

Maybe Ms. Hurwitz doesn’t even know that Karen’s daughter has experienced dramatic physical changes since she was taken away from her mom back in April of 2020.

Mia before, A happy child living with her mother, but also permitted to visit her father.

Mia, after, a depressed and unhappy child living with her father, never permitted to see her mother.

Even when she is not testifying Hurwitz is still getting paid more than $3,000 a day just to sit in court. But even if she had really earned all the money she’s made on this case how could she possibly be a neutral party anymore? All of her legal bills, all of them are being paid by the father in this case.

[As a side note: this divorce case has had 30 days of trial so far and not concluded. That is a huge number for such a case. The father, Ambrose, agreed, against the mother’s objections, to permit Hurwitz to sit in on every hour of trial, something that is rare, since guardians being paid by the hour usually only appear when they testify. The judge agreed with the father. This nets Hurwitz some $3,000 per trial day. Sometimes the trial is held by teleconference so Hurwitz can mute and do other work while half listening to the case from her office or home. She’s nobody’s fool.]  

The video cuts back to Ambrose at his house. He is seen coming out of his house on his call phone. 

Ambrose comes out of the house talking on a cell phone.
Chris Ambrose is questioned by Wayne Dolcefino. Ambrose declined to speak to Dolcefino, just as he declined to speak to Frank Report.

Dolcefino Cameraman:

He’s calling the police.


Hi, Mr. Ambrose.

Chris Ambrose [talking on phone]

Yeah. Yeah. I’ve asked them to leave and they’re standing here with a camera.


Oh. Did you ask us to leave? We’ll leave.

Chris Ambrose [to Dolcefino]

Yes I did ask you to leave.


Well, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. We’ll be glad to leave.


The next scene is at the office building of Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, the court appointed guardian-friendly psychologist who did the custody evaluation for the case.

Dolcefino walks in the office corridor and sees Dr Caverly wearing a mask


I’m looking for Dr. Caverly.

Dr. Caverly:

No comment. Please go.


Well, hold on. You don’t even know what I’m asking.

Dolcefino narrating: That was the greeting when we went to visit another controversial expert in this case of family injustice.

Dolcefino to Caverly:

Okay. Is she here? You’re not going to tell me if she’s here?

[Caverly retreats to her office and shuts the door.]

Dolcefino narrating:

We’re talking about Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly the licensed psychologist who decided Karen Riordan had a sudden hidden mental disorder. No specific diagnosis but quote, “a significant personality disorder that impacts her ability to effectively co-parent with Mr. Ambrose.”

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, Psychologist, Court Appointed Custody Evaluator


The video returns to Karen


It’s just it’s just… It’s lies. There’s no way this would happen but what they do is they make it so extreme, it’s like, well something had to happen.

[One very curious thing is that there is no such thing as an unspecified personality disorder. Another is that medical experts disputed Caverly’s findings, actually blasting her findings. None of that mattered to the judge. And finally when Karen’s attorney Cunha cross examined Caverly asking her about the preposterous diagnosis, Caverly squirmed and stumbled, Cunha went in for the kill asking Caverly to admit there is no such thing as an unspecified personality disorder. Trapped and unable to answer without destroying her credibility, Caverly suddenly blurted that she had an appointment with a patient and using medical preference was excused b y the judge at the most critical moment of her testimony.    The judge also ruled that Cunha could not recall her.]


Despite their protests, the children’s opinions were to be ignored. Biren-Caverly recommended sole legal custody to the father. A psychiatrist treating the family called the report, “misguided, dangerous and could be considered malpractice.”

Another psychiatrist feared the kids might now be in “imminent danger,” but Biren Caverly’s report called for Karen not to see her kids for a period of 90 days, but instead that separation has dragged on now for a year and a half with no real good explanation. The Connecticut judge who’s allowed this unexplained injustice is Gerald Adelman.

[The reports are stunning.  Here is Caverly’s biased reportThen read the reports of experts on who is the better parent for the children: Dr. Margaret Coffey, M.D, Psychiatrist report.  Dr. Coffey letter to the US Department of Justice.

Dr. Tami Amiri M.D, Psychiatrist report  and Dr. Dorothy Stubbe M.D. Psychiatrist. and  Dr. Robin Lynch, a psychologist. Her review of Caverly’s custody evaluation. No wonder the judge let Caverly run for the hills.] 

Connecticut Family Court Judge Gerald Adelman

The video now shows a clip of Family Court Judge Gerald Adelman, who took over the case from Judge Grossman

Gerald Adelman quote from CT judicial reappointment hearings (2017):

“My commitment and my goal is to provide every citizen who comes to the court with a fair objective and meaningful hearing.”


Judges are appointed in Connecticut but when Adelman was reappointed in 2017 it wasn’t smooth sailing.

Connecticut Attorney General Attorney General William Tong:

“Some people have accused you [Judge Adeleman] of being biased against them and in particular that they feel you have a bias against women litigants.”


A lifelong friend of Karen Riordan told me the lawyers, experts, and judge in this case should be ashamed and you know what? She’s right. But her lawyer says this is part of the family court game plan in Connecticut.


There are certain attorneys that are known to support the removal of children from their mother and there are certain psychologists that are known to issue fabricated and trumped-up evaluations to make the mother seem like she’s crazy and alienated the children’s affection from their father.


And that’s what they now say about Karen Riordan, a woman who taught special education in Greenwich Connecticut schools for 17 years.


Anybody who is going to take children from a mother. It is anxiety inducing. It’s like I’m dead.

Dolcefino: asking the friend of Karen’s

She ain’t crazy?

Michelle Pawson:

She ain’t crazy. When I tell people this is what I’ve been going through with her, people are like what? Wait. What? It’s so unbelievable that it doesn’t seem possible.

Dolcefino: When Karen’s daughter ran away to see her mom, Madison Police made her go back despite her serious outcry of abuse caught on tape.

Mia: [on tape]

I’m like ‘my dad told me to kill myself’ and then they just stared at me for like, ten seconds.


And now this small town Connecticut police department has apparently chosen to ignore my warnings that these children desperately need help. I can’t say how, but, after our visit to the Ambrose house, the children got a message to me that they need help.

Quoting the children, “We’re being abused. We’re scared of him all the time. He threatens us and says we’re sick.”

Allegations of mental and sexual abuse inside the house that we cannot independently confirm.

The scene goes back to the Ambrose house

Dolcefino to Ambrose

We’ll be glad to leave but we can’t leave with you standing in front of the car.

Dolcefino narrating:

We relayed the message [of the children’s outcry of abuse] to the Madison Police Chief Jack Drumm despite what his officers had told Karen Riordan.

A recording of a police officer talking with the Karen is played:

Officer Foito:

Why would you call Chief Drumm?


Because Chief Drumm has been involved in the case.

Officer Foito:

He’s an administrative officer.


He’s been involved in the case.


He’s an administrative officer. We are on the street. You should have called dispatch.


Weeks later still crickets from the chief.

Jack Drumm, Madison CT Chief of Police


Everything they knew and understood life to be was ripped away from them. They’ve been held captive in my opinion.


They haven’t seen anybody in 16 months. It’s not just me. They have no wi-fi. They have no phones. They have no computers. People try and see them and send them stuff and they’re cut off. They got ripped out of their lives. How is that healthy?

We would have asked Jocelyn Hurwitz that very question if she had called us back because she’s made so much money to protect these kids.

We would have asked psychologist Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly or the Judge, Gerald Adelman.

And that’s what Karen Riordan’s biggest crime may be. Just fighting back. You know the family court system; it doesn’t like that.

Dolcefino: asking Cunha

Money’s gonna trump what’s the right thing to do?


Always does. Doesn’t it?


So this desperate mom is now forced to talk to her kids through us. I hope they get to see this.

Karen [speaking to the camera hoping her children will see it]: I’m so sorry. And I love you and I miss you and this never should have happened. And I’m doing everything I can 24/7. And mom loves you and Aunt Michelle loves you. Your whole family. Papa and Joani and all of your cousins, your aunts. Everybody loves you.


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  • —Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, Psychologist, Court Appointed Custody Evaluator

    In Massachusetts, court-appointed psychologists sign up on a list, there are no references required. It’s a great way for someone with few clients to make side money.
    A psychologist can be a horrible psychologist and still be appointed by the court.

    Is it the same in Connecticut?

  • This isn’t a solitary case. In fact, the detail of taking the door knobs off the children’s door evidently must be a “Thing” with pedophiles, as there is a case in Santa Clara County with that same chilling detail.

    This switch of custody to incest perpetrators has a long history. Investigative Reporter Keith Harmon Snow documented it well (I think a Connecticut case launched his book) over a decade ago in The Worst Interests of the Child. In the introduction, he wrote that it is not “like” organized crime, not “similar” to organized crime, but it is organized crime. It is a child sex ring operating in plain sight.

    • Jocelyn Hurwitz was cited in Keith Harmon Snow’s book. She delivered full custody to an abusive father and buried evidence. Buggy vs MacVicar.

      Another fit, healthy parent and children – destroyed by Jocelyn Hurwitz – the most sought-after GAL of attorneys. She is vicious and should have been convicted of child abuse many times over.

  • This is not unique. A mother caught in CT family court morass. Gave the 6 year old son to the father who has ‘naked time” with the child and other fine games like “twist the nipples till they turn purple.’ Judge Armata had mother kicked out.

    This is a bizarre pattern. GAL Monique Ryan. So it goes on.

    • Judge Barry Armata is a well-known pedophile. He held the record of being a GAL for 12 years on one case. When he came up for judicial nomination, the howling was immense, the pedos pulled out all the stops, I think he made confirmation by just one or two votes in the house.

      Good guys almost got him. That is the reason Governor Dannel Malloy nominated him. the pedos have to have their pals on the bench to traffic the kids. Don’t think of it as an anomaly, it is a well-designed system, set up to traffic kids. It works very well, even people like Frank Parlato get fooled into thinking it is a court of law. Connecticut is the pedo capital of the USA… .well known, well documented. Perfect home for pedos…. owned politicians, courts owned, law enforcement is bought off…. a lot of pedos in the ranks….every chief of police is beholden to the pedos, child protective services never finds that a kid has been raped. It is pedo utopia….and, of course, no one believes it because it is unbelievable. That is why the playbook to cut mom out of lives of kids is so well played and followed by judges. Just need a quack to say something, anything, then the judge takes the kid away from mom….every time. Easy to spot. All the judges are in on it, nothing anyone can do as the entire judiciary is owned.

      Just another day in pedoville.

      Monique Ryan is staff at Children’s Law Center….the pedophile law firm, traffics kids across the state, for the poorer folk. It is run by grants, state contracts, donations, full of the most evil people on the planet, not smart folks either. You could do a series on the horrors of CLC and the monsters who run it and the weirdos who sponsor it, board members etc.

      Center does one thing only….promotes raping of children. So in the case you mention, the ring has use for the kid, dad does not have much money, so they help on the legal side then take turns with the kid in a fuck fest….it is not an easy task to keep up useable inventory for pedo pleasure.

    • Judge Armata should have been out in 2017. Mimi Gonzales bravely made a public record of atrocities committed by these judges. Still, Tong dismissed and justified violations of laws and condoned abuse of process.

      This must end. Frank Parlato, you are the only one who has the integrity, fearlessness, skill and strategic superiority to takes these criminals down.

      It will not change within the judicial system.

    • The cuffs just slip off him — cuz his hands are so lubed up — mother fucker is more slippery than an eel or R. Kelly’s dick.

  • I can not believe that a) Karen has been completely and totally isolated from her children for so long. I have NEVER heard of such a ruling in ANY case; b) that the court CONTINUALLY chooses to ignore the voices of the children, even with the continual mounting evidence in their favor.

    The concept of “what’s best for the children”, has been squashed in favor of money and corruption!

  • This is not new. Jocelyn Hurwitz has done it all before.

    Two daughters were physically and emotionally abused by the father.

    The court appointed Hurwitz, from the high-profile firm Cohen & Wolf — and silenced the mother with a gag order.

    “Neither parent will report allegations of physical or sexual abuse to the police, DCF, or the pediatrician,” ordered Judge Richard E. Burke in the case, “the court will direct such allegations to the guardian ad litem who will review them (with Dr. Robson if necessary) for their merit before they are passed on to any or all of those agencies. A parent who violates that pathway through the Guardian ad Litem invites an immediate review of the parenting plan and alteration in access to the minor children.”

    Meanwhile, GAL Hurwitz did not present the evidence of the father’s destructive behavior to Dr. Robson or to the court but instead kept it buried in her file. Hurwitz also did not correct Dr. Robson’s testimony or his report. The evidence supported the complaints that Mrs. Wilson’s
    two girls had made against their father.

    GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz violated CT state laws by faxing a copy of the full custody decision to the officials at the school attended by the two children in Darien CT, prior to it being a final decision.

    The case also involved Dr. Kenneth Robson — the pivotal agent of the court historically used to protect pedophiles — who fraudulently diagnosed the mother with multiple mental illnesses. Dr. Robson and Judge Burke are both on record documenting that the father hit, yelled and swore at his two children — even knowing how much this scares them.

    In the now-sealed custody study, Dr. Robson confirmed that the father admitted that the mother did none of the things he noted about the father.

    Even with Dr. Robson’s documentation, Kathy Bella at the Stamford DCF closed the case against the father — claiming it was ‘unsubstantiated’.

    The court awarded custody to the abusive father. Making matters worse, the father couldn’t care for the two girls, and he didn’t want to. After dragging the family through a $300,000 custody battle, the father attempted to bully the two girls into signing themselves into foster care.

    When that didn’t work, he dumped the kids back with their mother. While Judge Richard Burke, the Superior Court for Juvenile Matters and the CT Appellate Court are all aware of the current custody realities, no court will hold a hearing to transfer custody back to the mother, even though she has the children.

    Hurwitz handled everything to make sure they billed the fuck out of this father while the mother suffered.

  • It is getting to the point where you are clearly picking on Chris Ambrose, one of the finest legal writers in the TV biz ever. His style was witty and fast-paced. He knows the law. He is clever and keeps the plot moving with interesting and nuanced characters.

    • Anonymous-

      If you want an alternative viewpoint, write an article and play devil’s advocate.

      The cool thing about the Frank Report is alternative view points are welcome.

      Frank’s not afraid to post both sides of an argument as far as I can tell. I’ve been following the Frank Report for over 3 years.

  • Wayne Dolcefino is one of the premier investigators in the USA. His interest in the case is no joke. Look out, Chris.

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