Kathy Russell’s Statement to Judge at Sentencing – Including Her Seven Amazing Statements of Condemnation of Raniere

Kathy Russell

Kathy Russell, the last of the NXIVM defendants to be sentenced, told the judge in a teary statement that she was truly remorseful and that Keith Raniere was truly evil. She was sentenced to 24 months probation, 200 hours of  community service, and $100 special assessment.  

She told the judge:

Your Honor,

I am here because I made decisions that were criminal. I knew and I know that falsifying immigration documents was wrong; I negated my own sense of responsibility and agency.

I justified Keith’s decisions because I was unwilling to bear the consequences and was somehow unable to take a stand to say this is not okay. I will live with these decisions for the rest of my life, knowing I compromised who I am as a person and the values that I have tried to live by my entire life.

While I had a difficult upbringing, my family lived by and valued moral principles; the ability to determine right from wrong was always upheld no matter the consequences. The moral judgement they instilled in me is something I value greatly and should have never compromised for Keith Raniere or for NXIVM or for anyone.

Each day I ask myself, “Kathy, how did you make this okay? How can I make sure that when I am faced with a situation like this, that it will never happen again?”

Sadly, it took the arrest in this case, and the unmasking of Keith Raniere, for me to really understand the gravity of the mistakes that I made. It wasn’t until I began reviewing discovery documents and meeting with my attorneys did I really begin to know who Keith Raniere was. I
now know that he was not at all the man I believed he was.

Since 2019, I have been on a path of learning, healing and self-reflection, and I now understand that his behavior towards me was abusive, manipulative, and oppressive. He is a monster who destroyed so many lives. Lives that will never be the same. And the trauma these individuals experienced, will affect the lives of their families and friends.

It is truly a horror that I believed Keith was an honest, honorable man. I have never known or met anyone who went to the lengths he did to manipulate, abuse, and harm. His pedophilic acts are probably the most shocking and cold-hearted examples of his manipulation.

By journaling and hard work with my therapist, I began to identify the situations where I justified in my head the many instances of  unkindness, manipulation and abuse. And not just the instances that were directed to me, but the many terrible acts done to so many around me. To help me understand what happened, I started working with a therapist as well as studying college philosophy to re-educate myself. I even went on to explore psychology to better understand my behavior, as well as Keith’s behavior.

To understand (and to come to terms with) how he could do the things he did. I eventually came to see that I – and so many others – lived a lie. What is most horrific for me is the realization that my acts in blind faith indirectly supported him to continue his acts of abuse and criminal behavior to others.

To think that others were hurt far worse than me, and that I was somehow involved, hurts me deeply.

Ultimately, I have come to understand that my greatest vulnerability was my fear, and many of my decisions were made out of fear. Fear of rejection and fear of potential punishment. That fear clouded my judgment and I lost my way, I thought I had a stronger character that could
recognize deceitful and deceptive means. Sadly, I did not. And for that I am deeply ashamed and regretful for what my actions have caused and what it meant to be someone who supported and was complicit with Keith. Sending a message to everyone in the community who believed Keith was someone to trust, that he was honorable, and someone who lived a moral life. I apologize to each and every person for supporting such a deceitful and devious person.

My delusion on who Keith is has come at a very high price, not only to myself, more importantly to everyone who in some way were also pulled in and were hurt. Your Honor, I ask that you, and all those who have been hurt by NXIVM, accept my remorse.


Kathy Russell

Russell Condemns Raniere Seven Different Ways

To be clear – and it will be good for those who believe in Raniere’s integrity to consider well this woman’s statements about him – here is what Kathy had to say about Keith:

  1. I have never known or met anyone who went to the lengths he did to manipulate, abuse, and harm.
  2. His pedophilic acts are probably the most shocking and cold-hearted examples of his manipulation.
  3. His behavior towards me was abusive, manipulative, and oppressive.
  4. He is a monster who destroyed so many lives. Lives that will never be the same. And the trauma these individuals experienced, will affect the lives of their families and friends.
  5. Unkindness, manipulation and abuse. And not just the instances that were directed to me, but the many terrible acts done to so many around me.
  6. My acts in blind faith indirectly supported him to continue his acts of abuse and criminal behavior to others.
  7. My delusion on who Keith is has come at a very high price, not only to myself, more importantly to everyone who in some way were also pulled in and were hurt.
    Keith Raniere about the time he stopped having sex with Kathy Russell – about a year or so after demanding from her a lifelong commitment to never have sex with another man as long as she lived.
    Keith Raniere – Is it just possible that this rascal – even if the FBI tampered with the Camila photos – richly deserves to be stopped from lying and abusing others and the punishment fits the crime?


    MK10ART– Keith Alan Raniere.


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  • Exhibit G

    Under Seal for Addressee

    August 25, 2021

    Dear Honorable Judge Garaufis:

    I hope this letter finds you welI.

    It has come to my attention that there is a claim made by Ivy Nevares stating that I was directed by Nancy Salzman to dissuade Ivy from writing a victim impact statement and that this communication was in violation of Nancy Salsman’s parole conditions. I want to state that there are false assumptions in what Ivy is stating.

    What happened was the following: Prior to Mr. Raniere’s conviction, I had read several victim impact statements including the one written by Ivy. After that, someone mentioned to me that Ivy was planning on writing a victim impact statement both for Nancy and Lauren. In November 2020, I did contact Ivy Nevares and asked her to consider not to write an impact statement or maybe to lessen the severity of the letter, but I did this out of my own volition and without Nancy’s petition, consent or even her knowing about it. In truth, I did as Nancy’s friend.

    When I spoke to Ivy about this, I preempted my communication by saying that what I was about to ask had in no way an intent to offend her or cause her pain, and that it came from a place of a worried friend. Contrary to what Ivy states, I was not the one who got defensive or angry, it was her.

    I did in fact ask her to keep our conversation confidential. I asked this because I did not want my personal opinion taken out of context and written about in blogs, as it had occurred to many people before, including myself.

    I write this letter with the intent of putting facts at your disposal, to make clear that Nancy did not ask me to communicate with Ivy, and to clear my name in that – in no way – did I aid Nancy to break parole conditions.


    Michel Chernitzky

    • Favorite part:

      —My personal opinion taken out of context and written about in blogs, as it had occurred to many people before, including myself.

      It’s totally hilarious the attorney’s letter is posted in its entirety, and it’s not taken out of context…

      And anyone reading this letter will learn this attorney is a lying weasel.

      Thanks for publishing it!

    • Michel Chernitzky’s letter is Ill-advised. Bizarre. Not really appropriate within the genre of a support letter for a criminal defendant.

      It’s not really worth breaking down all of it. Most of the reasons it is problematic rather than beneficial are self-evident.

      But overall, Chernitsky’s support letter only serves to further enhance the court’s general impression of Nxivm as an unethical, racketeering, witness tampering, criminal enterprise.

      It is laughably an example of advocacy gone wrong. And in fact memorable and delightful in its misguided and clumsy messiness.

      I kinda love it.

      But for much different reasons than intended by Chernitzky.

      I am going to give it a solid “B” on the scale of “A” being most cult forward and entertaining support letter…It rates a solid “F” if it was meant to actually help Nancy Salzman.

      I would like to see more from Chernitzky. He shows great promise as an unintentional comedian (one of my favourite kinds).

      May “review” more of the support letters. But they are pretty boring! So… Maybe not.

  • I found Ms. Russell’s letter truly moving. Her honesty and remorse are palpable. More than any other defendant, I feel she has done the work to see herself and to see who Raniere is. It is not easy to let that much pain in.

  • To whom it May concern,

    Through this, I want to share my experience regarding my relationship with Nancy Salmanz, I have known her for 8 years, for me she is one of the most congruent people I know in my life, since I met her the only thing she has shown is to be willing to help me and help others to have a better life experience.

    For me Nancy is an example of love, compassion and humanity, I admire her kindness and the love she has to help others, it is a privilege to know her and because thanks to her I was able to build a more loving relationship with myself and my family.

    Nancy has dedicated a lot of time in her life to helping others and for me it is a pity that she is going through this situation since all she has done is help and improve the lives of many people.

    I hope that my words help to convey what Nancy means in my life and how it has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people.

    Elizabeth Leon Madrid

    • Dear Elizabeth,

      “…all she has done is help and improve the lives of many people”.

      Even Nancy Salzman does not say or believe that about herself.

      Elizabeth, have you read her guilty plea?

      And have you read the Nancy Salzman victim impact statements?

      Read even ONE of those, please.

      Even IF she positively impacted thousands. Nancy has hurt many, many people. Susan Dones? Ivy Nevares ring a bell?

      It would be better to try and paint Nancy as, “Not all bad” then go for broke, as claiming Nancy as, ” “all good”.

      “C” for tunnel vision. Would have given you a lower grade, but you seem sincere.

  • March 13th 2014

    Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis
    United States Courthause
    Room 1426 S
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, NY 1 1201

    Jack Levy
    31 38 manuel acuña
    Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

    Dear Judge Garaufis,

    I decided to write this letter to try to share my experience of Nancy Salzman, I have
    known her for more then 10 years and have seen and personally experience the type of
    person that she is.

    ln my opinion there are not many people that decide to dedicate their lives to help others
    and to sincerely work on bettering themselves, in my experience she is someone that has
    invested her life in helping

    Others, I can honestly say that she is one of the people that has help me the most in times
    , where a needed a friend and when I needed a honest and compassionate perspective,
    she has always been kind

    And generous with me and with many people that I am close to. I don’t understand how
    someone like her can be in the situation that she is now, I hope this letter communicates a
    little of the type of person that she is.

    She helped me to build a better and more loving relationship with my mom, and this is
    something that ls very dear to me, being able to feel more loving towards my mom and
    building a more caring relationship

    With my moln, is something that I have in many ways Nancy to thank.


    Jack Levy Hasson

    • Jack,

      I am giving you an “F”. Okay…

      1st sentences. We KNOW why you are writing the letter! Just get to it. Scratch the whole beginning. Only sentence of value “I have known Nancy Salzman for 10 years”.

      This overwriting but saying nothing continues with, ” in my opinion” ( yeah. No sh×t) and “I can honestly say” Note: this combined with the almost immediate use of the word, “honest” again, makes you appear… Dishonest.

      In short, once you separate the high school style essay padding from the actual content – there is not much “there” here.

      You write, ” I hope this letter communicates a little of the type of person that she is”*

      It does, Jack. It does. Very, very little.

      Overall. I loath your writing skills so much that I am giving you an “F”. But you also failed at the core assignment. I started with a “D” but as I reviewed it, it became more annoying. It lacks both substance AND style.

      *You should have used her full name here. Not a pronoun. But that is only 1 of so many sentence structure problems.

      • In defense of Jack, I believe English is his second language. But your writing advice is very sound.

        • Frank,

          I had no idea!

          Jack. Upgraded. C-.

          I was going to say D+. Because I still maintain that it lacks content. And in a matter that is so so important ask a friend to read it for editing.

  • Eastern District of New York
    August 7, 2021
    Your Honor:
    My name is Wende Irick. I have owned a business in Alaska for fifty years,
    experiencing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship over the decades. My
    business is image consulting and home interior design. I have spent my career
    working intimately with individuals and their private spaces. I believe that I have
    a finely honed sense of character. I do not suffer fools.
    I met Nancy Salzman in 2001 in the second training for Executive Success
    Programs. It was a particularly low point in my life: my son had committed
    suicide, I was in the middle of a divorce and I learned that one of my long time
    employees had been embezzling from me. I learned about the school from a
    student from the first training who suggested that it would be helpful to me.
    Over the sixteen days in the program I regained my sense of self and self
    confidence, and a more clear understanding of my life as it was at the
    time. Nancy Salzman was responsible for that. She reached out to me and put
    me back together again. At the end of the course as I was leaving back to
    Alaska, Nancy gave me her cell phone number and said to call her when I
    needed to. She said to me : “I’m worried about you.” Within ten days of my
    return to Alaska Nancy called and invited me to stay with her in San Diego. I did
    not know it at the time, but she had given a free five day training to reinforce what
    I had already learned.
    Over the nearly twenty years since my first training I have had a front row seat to
    Executive Success and Nxivm as it evolved. My second husband and I moved to
    Clifton Park in 2009. Keith (my husband) was the CEO of a large company in
    Alaska. He took a training in New York and was excited about the program and
    its benefits. In 2009, believing that he would work for Nxivm and Keith Rainiere
    as CEO of Nxivm, we sold our home here in Anchorage, bought a home in New
    York and moved. When we arrived, it became evident that Keith Raniere had
    other plans. My husband ended up working for Claire Bronfman as her assistant
    in real estate in upstate New York. I commuted back and forth to Alaska. While
    initially disappointed, it turns out that we were lucky: we avoided the criminal
    aspects of Keith Raniere’s enterprise.
    During the four years we spent on the contract with Claire Bronfman I had a fly
    on the wall view of Nxivm and its members. Throughout this entire period Nancy
    Salzman proceeded with trainings and programs to further human growth and
    potential and remained a good friend to me and my husband, who was frustrated
    with the fact that Claire had become head of the company and Nancy had no
    power. I did image consulting with many of the people who you no doubt have
    seen on the tv shows about Nxivm. At no time did I get any indication that there
    was a secret sorority of women sex slaves to Keith Raniere. I know all of the
    women involved as well as some of their parents.
    To our great dismay, we watched as Nancy’s position was superceded by Claire
    Bronfman and Keith Raniere. Nancy was asked to leave the board of Nxivm in
    about 2008. When we arrived in 2009 Nancy was off the board and in the view
    of the company was an employee of Claire’s. My husband was unable to achieve
    the goals and expectations he had when he accepted the job. Instead of turning
    Nxivm into a real company with strong leadership, he was relegated to property
    manager for Claire Bronfman. He worked from a home office. There was
    nothing Nancy Salzman could do to change this situation. She did her best to
    help us through the four years of the contract, and of course remained our friend
    and counselor.
    I am deeply shaken by the revelations about Keith Raniere’s separate enterprises
    involving women. During the time we lived in New York I saw him about once a
    week. I got him ready for the camera or when “important people” came to town.
    It became clear then that Raniere was making unpaid busy work for a lot of
    people, and that Nancy had no authority or power to change the dynamic. But
    there was never an indication from Raniere or from his “slaves” that there was
    the sordid “sorority” going on. It was indeed a secret society.
    In closing, whatever skepticism one might have about Nancy Salzman’s
    knowledge of criminal enterprise by Keith Raniere, should be set aside. Nancy
    has been nothing but a concerned, enthusiastic teacher, mentor and friend to
    hundreds of people who seek self improvement. I appreciate your time in
    reading this, and appreciate the consideration you will give to this sentencing.
    Wende S. Irick

    • Wende,

      You have a long and complex history with ESP/Nxivm. You offer some interesting history about the organization. I believe that you are sincere in your positive feelings for Nancy Salzman. I am truly sorry for the hard times that you have endured and am impressed with your long business record.

      Points for acknowledging and accepting that Keith Raniere is a creep. You also seem to have eyes-wide-open about Clare Bear. That backs your early statement that you don’t suffer fools. Your loyalty appears to lie with Nancy.

      The image consulting which you did for Nxivm players of note is quite interesting. Perhaps someday you will share details of that and getting Raniere “camera-ready”?

      Wende, you did get a bit in the weeds with the history and interpersonal dynamics of Nxivm. But again, I intuit that you are earnest in your attempt to aid a friend. The deficit in your testimonial is more about Nancy than your own recounting.

      Once again, it is fairly standard & normal human behavior for caring adults in working or social relationships.

      I conclude that it is you who have made a choice to “put skepticism aside” as you suggest that the court and others, “should”. Fair enough. Nancy is your friend. Sometimes we just decide to trust our experience of a person. And buy into their narrative.

      But Nancy HAS admitted to criminality. And many have come forward to tell personal stories of Nancy’s wrongdoing…

      A- for effort. B- for persuasiveness.

  • March 19th 2019

    Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis
    United States Courthause
    Room 1426 S
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    David Gaza Perez
    Mar Amarillo 1242, Country Club
    Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

    Dear Judge Garaufis,

    I have known Nancy Salzman for more than 12 years and I have only good things to say about her.

    ln 12 years I am grateful with Nancy for being in my life, lt is very different now than the day I met
    her, I have noticed how Nancy relates to other people too and one of the things I can say about her
    that she is always looking to help other people to get over their limitations so they can experience
    more joy and have a better life. She is a Professional in all sense of the word.

    Personally she has helped me to overcome different issues in my personal life, Her help was crucial
    in an issue I was struggling with in my relationship with my girlfriend. When everything was falling into
    pieces in my relationship with my girlfriend at that time, (l was living in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
    Mexico) She called me to see how I was doing with my situation and offered to help me personally.
    She helped me to overcome that situation; my girlfriend and I that issue positively.

    Also, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have started my entrepreneurship with different businesses, so
    another thing that I can thank her for is for helping me to get rid of the fears that I had, to build
    different career options so I would not depend on a company or a Person to grow financially, I am
    deeply grateful for that.

    The thing that I admire the most of her, is not only that she helped me, but the way that she did it, I
    felt no judgment on my person, no punishment and felt very cared for. She has a very nurturing and
    caring way of guiding me to overcome any issue I was struggling with.

    I sincerely hope this helps you to know a little bit more about the kind of person that Nancy is and
    what she to me.


    David G. Garza Perez

    • David,

      Your letter seems sincere. I am truly glad that you had a positive experience with Nancy Salzman. There are some writing issues. Based on Frank’s previous feedback, I am unsure if it is an ESL issue?

      The content is heartfelt but not terribly impressive. Therapists (unlicensed or not) are attentive. Ditto paid “coaches”. Friends should be kind and help each other. It’s expected.

      I am waiting for this, “Nancy Salzman worked at the soup kitchen even when it was freezing cold” or “Nancy Salzman sponsored a youth softball team and gave tirelessly as a local library volunteer”. Or even, “Nancy Salzman would humanely catch feral cats, bring them in from the snow and get them medical care and loving homes”.

      I will grade you B – It had a lot of heart.

  • Dear Your Honor,

    My name is Brett Diamond. I am 34 years old, a businessman and resident of Clifton Park, NY. I’m writing this letter on behalf of Nancy Salzman. I met Nancy in February 2016 as a student in Executive Success rograms. The day I met Nancy was an unforgettable ones I was visiting Clifton Park from NYC to p rticipate in an ESP educational training. I had the opportunity to work with Nancy at the training and it was a life changing experience. From the moment I met Nancy, she was enthusiastic about life, kind, curious and excited to learn more about me. We did two exercises together at that training both of which had and continue to have a positive impact on my life. I included a picture at the bottom of this letter with Nancy, me and the notes from one of those exercises. One of the exercises was helping me in my relationship with my dad. While I have great parents, I had challenges with my parents that put a strain on our relationship. Working with Nancy helped me better understand my challenges and I left our conversational exercise with a deeper appreciation and love for my dad. Nancy was brilliant in helping me as she was relatable and she helped me connect with the positive aspects of my relationship with my dad. The exercise we did together led to an experience where I took my dad to an improv class for a birthday gift and we had a joyful and meaningful time together. I don’t know if I would have taken a step like that in building on the positive relationship with my dad if it were not for the work I did with Nancy.

    Another time that Nancy helped me was the day after I had a serious allergic reaction to peanuts at a another educational trailing. I have a peanut allergy and while I survived the allergic reaction, when Nancy got word about it, she tirelessly made time for me to have a private conversation with her despite the fact she was teaching the all day training. I walked away from that conversation with Nancy with the wisdom to be more proactive about checking for peanuts in food and haven’t experienced an allergy attack since that conversation. Nancy was tremendously caring and compassionate to help me an instead of punishing me for making that kind of mistake (Something I’ve experienced from other pr fessionals), Nancy listened unlike most people are able ot willing to and she had the expertise to truly make a difference.

    This is who Nancy is for me! A unique individual who truly wants to better the world and has the care and expertise to do so. When I moved to Clifton park from NYC, Nancy went out of her way to make me feel welcome. She would take the time to talk with me and invite me to meaningful events like the Chanukah dinner and celebration at her house. She is relentless in her pursuit to help and make a difference for others. I hope this letter sheds some light on this. The impact that Nancy has had in my life has been profound. If you’re interested, I am willing to share more. Feel free to request that and thank you for taking the opportunity and time to read my letter.

    Sincerely, Brett

    August 27, 2021

    The Honorable Judge Nicholas Garaufis Federal District Court Judge
    United States Courthouse 225 Cadman Plaza East Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Re: Nancy Salzman Federal Sentencing To the Honorable Judge Garaufis,
    My name is Christopher Fulton, I’m an Emmy award winning hairdresser, I’ve been in the film business for 15 years. I once heard Nancy Salzman speak. I was never a member of ESP. I contacted her through a close friend, because though successful, I have struggled for years with alcohol and drug addiction. I’ve been to rehabs and seen countless therapists but none of them were able to really help me. Finally at the end of my rope and suicidal, I reached out to Nancy and took a chance that she might be able to help.

    Nancy immediately jumped in and began working with me, spending hours of her time. Her joy, compassion and skill truly changed my life, in fact I would say saved it. I was in a terrible financial place at the time, in between jobs and worried about finances. When I explained this to Nancy, she was kind enough to do this without payment.

    I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for Nancy and the work that she has done with me. Her kindness, gentleness and patience are one of a kind. My hope is Your Honor will take this into consideration.

    Sincerely, Christopher Fulton

    • Brett,

      Hi. You only “knew” Nancy for…three years? Before writing this letter? From the day you met? I know in a large group awareness training confidences are exchanged at an accelerated rate. And the hours you spend together are looonnnng.

      But how well can you really know a person, truly, in that amount of time?

      This was not long before it all blew apart, eh?

      I am curious to know if the positive changes in your life have held fast in the years since?

      Many people experienced Nancy as a gifted coach/(unlicensed) therapist. I accept that as true for you.

      Brett. I am sorry that previous “professionals punished” you for a life-threatening allergy and that you had come to expect such a reaction (sorry for the pun). Without knowing more…that sounds…nutz ( last pun. Sorry).

      It seems you “survived” (lots of follow-up questions that I cannot ask. Why were peanuts involved in training? HOW were you able to get treatment, etc.) And for that, I am truly glad.

      Am I sure that talk therapy can cure a nut allergy? No. Can it help you be more diligent? Yes. No offense, but 6-year-olds do that diligence daily. It shouldn’t cost an adult 1000’s of dollars, Brett.

      Of COURSE, Nancy made time to see you! Liability?! Brett, why did you move from NYC to Clifton Park? That seems excessive.

      Including a photo was cute. And I love being invited over for Chanukah dinner. You had a wonderful, paid experience with Nancy. And it seems you were moving toward a chosen family vibe.

      But does this negate Nancy’s criminal acts? It does paint a fuller picture. But is it one that weighs heavily toward leniency…?

      Your letter was personal. And quirky. High marks for that… Hmmm…. C+

      Stay safe, Brett. All the best!

  • August 14th, 2021

    The Honorable Judge Nicholas Garaufis Federal District Court Judge
    Brooklyn, New York
    Re: Nancy Salzman Federal Sentencing Dear Judge Garaufis,
    My name is Gabriel Delgado and I am from Guatemala, a small country in Central America. I am a businessman and entrepreneur, father of 4 wonderful children whom I love very dearly, and someone who has worked hard for the improvement of my country and region. I’ve always wanted to achieve my full potential as a person and have been attracted to different courses and theories around human potential.

    In 2009, a person very dear to me, whose intelligence and honorability I respect very much, advised me that there was a course that was quite transformational and that I should look into it. After thinking it through I thought it was worth the investment, which was not insignificant at the time.

    A few months later I enrolled in what became the first of many courses in what was known as ESP. I briefly met Nancy Salzman at that event and was left with a positive impression of her, and her funny, joyful, and caring manner of relating with those of us taking her courses. Over time, as I got to share more time with Nancy, we became friends and she was always open and eager to help me with issues that came up in my life. She was someone who supported me through very difficult times without asking for anything in return.

    I disagreed structurally with the business model and other ideas that were part of the program, both as the sceptic that I am and as an entrepreneur by training. I brought these up in conversations with Nancy and others at the organization, sometimes uncomfortably to those involved, and yet I continued to participate in courses and the program both because I made friends there and because I continued to see a positive impact in my life.

    I never lived in Albany, so I wasn’t privy to much of the going on’s of the community or what happened that turned into this very unfortunate event. However, Nancy, even from afar, continued to be interested and concerned about my and my family’s wellbeing. In the 8 years I knew her before the vents around which this case are wrapped, I have found her to be caring and emphatic beyond most of the people I know. She would help people even at the expense of her rest and recovery, she was always warm and caring, not only to me and my family, but I could observe to others.
    In the 53 years I have lived, I have found people to be consistent in their character throughout their lives. Nancy, in all the time I have known her, was always this joyful, engaged, caring, empathetic person. I do not hesitate to write this character reference letter.



  • April 4, 2019

    Dear 3 udge Garaufis,

    I have known Nancy for over 13 years when I was hired to do her hair and makeup for her 5Oth birthday. Since then Nancy has been my client and referred additional clients to me time and time again. Over the years, I have done her personal hair and makeup, commercial hair and makeup and eyebrow shaping both in my salons and in her home. Never, ever once did I see, witness, or experience anything illegal, or any wrongdoing by Nancy or anyone in her organization. Actually quite the opposite. I’ve only ever seen compassion and understanding and a preat desire to help people who are hurting emotionally and physically.

    I remember the day she offered my husband and I the use of her timeshare for my husband’s SOth birthday after he had a fall and needed stitches and surgery on his leg. Another instance that I remember so clearly, was the day I was struggling with my relationship with my mother. Nancy looked at me and said, “just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean that it has to be an argument.” Vour honor, before that moment I didn’t know that!

    Soon after that, anytime something was bothering me she would take the time to talk to me. She would pay me for services and help me without any compensation to her at the same time. In 2011, at the age of 11 my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. For 8 years my family and I struggled to help her have a normal life that was pain free. Nancy knew how much emotional pain and struggle I was experiencing by watching my child in physical pain nearly everyday. After having much success with patients with Tourrets, she offered to work with my daughter, apain for free. The few months that she spent one on one with her and offering her free intensive trainings has changed our lives. We did not realize that whenever our daughter felt sick she thought she was going to die. Nancy helped her understand the dynamic in our home was actually making her disease worse, and gave her tools to deal with it. Nancy helped her uncover these fears, take charge of her life and look at her pain and emotions in a different way. Our daughter now understands that we were all trying to help her in the best way we knew how and also how to take charge of her disease and her own health. She is a different person and is back in school with a 4.0 after having to drop out of school several times. My daughter has expressed that she wishes that more people her age could experience and have an understanding of themselves through the classes that she was able to take that Nancy created. Our daughter is living an almost normal life rather than living life in a lump, curled up on the couch in pain day after day, pumped full of chemotherapy medications and prednisone. I no longer fear that she will be on disability living off “the system,” but know she will be working and living a meaningful life taking charge of it every step of the way.

    I myself have learned how to have more compassion and understanding with my husband. Without Nancy’s guidance I don’t think we would have celebrated our 25th year anniversary this year. In addition, I was able to grow my business in a small town to a million dollars in sales in 2017. I learned to approach every relationship in my life with more compassion, understanding and to talk instead of yell or pet fearful or anpry in difficult discussions. Anytime, I would ask for time to talk, Nancy would always say yes and I know for sure that I was not the only one she was helping without hesitation.

    Vour Honor, I ask you to please show pardon on Nancy and allow her to do the work that she is so passionate about and to be able to help families like she has helped mine.


    Alayne G. Curtiss

  • August I 6’h, 202 I

    Honorable judge Garaufis,

    I met Nancy Salzman in 2013, after I took one of her seminars.
    Since the moment I met her she opened the doors of her house and family to me, she would cook for us and host us and, no matter what was going on in her life, she was always cheerful and upliking
    She never complains, always sees the good side of people and bright side of things. Whenever I would complain about someone in my life she would ask me to put myself in their shoes and see things their way, so It would come easier to forgive them, she is extremely compassionate and empathetic.
    Every time I trusted her with my issues she would find a way to help me make them feel less
    painful and she would give me advice in a caring, loving way.

    She has done nothing but help me become more joyful and improving my relationship with myself and others.

    I am forever grateful and I wish someday I’ll be as caring, loving and empathetic as she is.

    I hope that by reading these lines you have a sense of Nancy’s big heart and eagerness to help people

    Thank you so much for your time.


    Mariana Collignon

  • March 28 h, 2019

    Dear Judge Garaufis,

    \ met Nancy Salzman through my husband. He always spoke highly of her. The first time I interacted with her was in an Executive Success Program intensive. I was impressed by her presence, her energy and ability to communicate with the students. Her ability to structure her ideas and transmit knowledge is superior to any other course I have eNperienced. She has the unique ability to help each person in the room understand themselves better.
    Nancy is deeply caring, compassionate, energetic, and driven. I have always known her to work tirelessly. She is genuinely interested in helping and connecting with people. When I’m around her I always feel cared for and uplifted. Nancy has become more than a dear friend, she’s like family.
    The curriculum she created and teaches has been nothing less than life changing. I have a new capacity to relate to others and myself with more understanding and kindness, and to feel happier and more fulfilled. Through my personal work with Nancy she helped me deepened personal relationships with people I care about the most and taught me many tools that helped me be kinder and patient. Every time I came to her struggling she offered unconditional help. I believe this points to her character.
    The skill she has built can make paramount changes in people’s lives in less than an hour by just having a conversation with her. It is my heartfelt belief that Nancy needs to be in the world working with and helping people because she’s an expert at what she does and she does it because it moves her heart.
    Nancy Salzman truly wants to make this world a better place.

    Most Sincerely,

    Veronica Collignon

  • August. 18.2021

    Dear Honorable Judge Garaufis,

    I first met Nancy Salzman in 2009 through ESP.
    Having had Nancy as a teacher helped me work toward my goals more effectively, deepB•n my personal relationships, bB more in touCh with my emotions and become a better and more authentic version of myself.

    I am witness that many people, including myself, have greately benefited from her teachings and her work.

    I’m grateful for the opportunity to have learned from her and believe she adds great value to our world.

    Considering this your honor. I ask r• u humbly for Icniencr in her sentencing. Best regards,

    Jorge Waisburd Chayet

  • Character Letter regarding Nancy Salzman


    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Robert Younis. I am a computer programmer, Voice Over Talent and a student of human behavior, emotional and thought dynamics, and compassion.
    I have spend time with Nancy Salzman as a student in Ethos, Jness and V-Week curriculum, as a fellow student in The Source as with both took it at the same time, and socially for a little more than the last four years.
    I have found Nancy to be a person who loves to help people with their struggles as a human being. Not only does she like to help but she’s good at it. She has the wisdom that comes from years of dedication to understanding the human emotional and psychological dynamics.
    I have gone to her on a number of occasions when I was struggling with fear, anger, low self-esteem, confusion understanding how women relate, confusion understanding how men relate, and confusion understanding how to relate to myself in an accepting way. She has been kind with me, knowledgeable, direct at times, but through line has always felt like genuine concern and authentic attempts to help me otherwise I would not have trusted her to go to her with these struggles. The advice and guidance she has given has helped me to address what I was struggling with, build understanding and compassion within myself, and more potently work on solutions where I’m struggling. And she’s quite fun to hang out with socially too.
    The results are that I’ve used her advice to build better relationships with my family, friends, in business, even with people I felt had wronged me in the past, and with myself. My experience of myself and the world has more humanity and compassion in it. Which is what I value and want to see more of in the world. I think it is a good thing that she has that skill and think the world could benefit from it.
    That said, she is human, she has her off days and makes mistakes and bad judgment calls as we all do. But my experience of what I’d call her essence is that of a person that has joy in helping people live emotionally healthier and more mature lives and is really good at it.
    Thank you for your time.


    Robert Younis

    5 Longwood Dr, Clifton Park, NY 12065

    • Robert,

      Sounds like you were very immersed in all things Nxivm. And confused. About many things. Very confused. Those are your words – not mine. Sincerely hope that you have more clarity these days. Please, do NOT look to the teachings of Keith Raniere to better “understand” or “relate” to women.

      I appreciate that you acknowledge that both you and Nancy have made mistakes and wronged people in the past. It’s refreshing. And balances out a little bit of the woo woo. You are correct we are all human and have good days and bad.

      Your letter is a little amorphous in concrete actions and quantifiable good deeds of Nancy Salzman.

      It is unclear if your letter is from 2019 and if you feel the same way now?

      Maybe use an outside eye for steam lining next time you write the court in support of a criminal defendant.

      Final grade B

  • Tn whom it mav concern
    I have known Nancy Salzman for over 18 years. My experience of her is
    a hard- worki ig woman that spends most «i !ñ a vdi‹e lsou.“s
    others. She is kind, caring, empathetic and fully devoted to her work. Many people I know including myself looi‹ up to her as a leader, a motivator and an inspirational woman that is committed to her purpose of growing, changing and maximizing their potential and her OWn.
    After a life time of searching for a personal growth program that v auld help me with my problems of being shy introverted depressed and worse of all being sick much of the time. I was fortunate to find my way to an Executive Success Program 16 day intensive in December of 2000. Nancy was the head trainer and on day 8 I volunteered to be her Demo for her in front of the class to receive an EM or exploration of meaning. In less than an hour I had a perceptual shift and had a self- awareness of how I was making myself sick. I went on to a very significant improvement in my health and became aware of how my shyness and anti-social behavior related to me being sick all the time. Over the last 18 years I have witnessed many people improve their experience of living dramatically! I have known several people with full blown life- long Tourette syndrome get completely better.
    If Nancy was able to continue her work, she would be able to show the World through results, experience and scientific proof the value of the work she has done. In my opinion she is a representation of the farthest man kind has progressed in the field of human potential.
    Sincerely, ,

    ‘ “%
    Matt Wakelin

    March 31, 2019

    To: Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis
    Re: Character reference for Nancy Salzman Dear Judge Garaufis,
    I have known and worked with Nancy for the past 15 years. We had similar backgrounds in education in nursing and shared in common the desire to help others. The focus of her career through out her professional life has been to find ways to help others experience their lives in more positive ways. In my experience of her, I saw her work tirelessly to help others resolve personal issues causing stress in their lives using the skills she had developed over a lifetime of learning various methodologies to create positive results. In her work with individuals and in group settings, her actions to me always expressed good intent. Therefore, it is most sad, in my opinion, that some of the private decisions she apparently made have resulted in her current situation.

    In both my one on one sessions with Nancy, and the overall curriculum of Executive Success Programs, I have had only positive experiences. I believe I have grown personally in positive ways, and experience that growth in improvement in my personal relationships, and how I experience myself. I have witnessed the same positive experiences in many others, as they came through the programs. Nancy has been an integral part of that process.

    One of the most profound and impactful work that Nancy has done is her work with individuals with Tourette’s Syndrome, a disease that is considered incurable. I was witness to the progression of change that occurred with the first individual to come through the program, and experience the eventual total cessation of his tics. To confirm it was not some kind of unique occurrence, Nancy continued her work with nine more individuals, which demonstrated change was possible.
    Nancy has not had a chance teach others her process to be able to continue to help
    others with this disease. It will be a profound loss, if she is not able to do this in the near future, to help so many others whose lives are profoundly impacted by this disease.

    Nancy has much to offer society in her skills and abilities to help others in significant ways. The details that have emerged as a result of the FBI investigation, I’m sure, has had a profound effect on her, and has given her the opportunity to review and evaluate how she became involved in the process. It’s my belief her personal insight and ability to evaluate will serve her well in overcoming this personal failure, and make the changes necessary to move forward in her life, and return to helping others in some meaningful way. I hope you will take my experience of Nancy, as an expression of her character, and witness of her work into consideration, as you determine her sentencing.

    Dolores Wilson

  • March 17, 2019

    Sean M. Sweeney
    1400 Crescent Vischer Ferry Rd. Apt. 409
    Halfmoon, NY 12065
    (518) 986-4384

    Dear Your Honor,
    I’ve known Nancy Salzman since 2010, after I took a Five-Day Executive Success Program (ESP) training. I’ve interacted with her during various ESP trainings and social events. I’ve never been a coach in ESP, only a student.

    During the time I’ve known her, I’ve perceived Nancy as being very caring and wanting to help people. She has made a career out of putting in effort to help others. I’ve been particularly impressed with the results of the work she’s done to help people who have Tourette Syndrome to reduce or eliminate their ticks, as can be seen in the trailer for the “My Tourette’s” movie (see “My Tourette’s Trailer — Cinequest 2018” on YouTube). I’ve never perceived any malicious intent in any of her interactions with myself or others. Nancy is a person who I firmly believe wants to do good in the world.

    Nancy has helped me personally with relationship issues. I don’t believe I would have nearly as good a romantic relationship as I currently have without her help both personally and through the ESP trainings she helped create. My relationships with family and friends have also been improved, withstanding the various tests that arise in life.

    I believe that Nancy would better serve the community by being allowed to continue helping people rather than serving time in prison. Thank you for your time and consideration of this letter.

    Sean M. Sweene

    917-767-1721. mariana@marianavelasquez.com 320 Roebling street, suite 416 Brooklyn NY 11211 http://www.marianavelasquez.com

    August 29, 2021

    Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis United States District Court Eastern District of New York 225 Cadman Plaza East Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Dear Judge Garaufis:

    My name is Mariana Velásquez, I am originally from Bogota, Colombia. I arrived in the US 22 years ago in search of my dream to become a chef. All these years later, after having gone to cooking school at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT and now as a US resident living in New York City, I have accomplished a successful business in the Food Design and Styling world. Working as a stylist and culinary producer for clients such as Williams Sonoma, NY Times Cooking, Starbucks, Panera and haagen dazs among many others. Most recently I published my own cookbook with Harper Collins called Colombiana, A Rediscovery of Recipes and Rituals from the Soul of Colombia (HC 2021).
    My work has taken me to many places in the world and the challenges of striving for a career in a highly competitive field took an emotional toll on me. Not only proving to my family that I my dreams in the culinary world were worthy but proving myself that I could make it here. In the recent years I have faced complications with an eating disorder. In- spite of being 40 years old and happily married I went through a very difficult period of my life. I sought professional help and after two years of treatment I felt complete stuck and going in circles without real improvement in my disorder. Then my friend suggested I reach out to Nancy Salzman. I had briefly meat Nancy on a ESP intensive I attended back in 2011, where I learned so many practical tools and found it to be a very enriching course.
    I deem paramount to emphasize that Nancy’s compassion, empathy and trust helped me turn my life around and truly heal my condition. Nancy’s generous spirit, friendship, belief in the power of persistence, self love and dedication helped me recover. I have witnessed how Nancy has devoted all her time and energy to care for her aging parents with so much generosity and love. Nancy’s kind, joyful spirit, brilliance and dedication are a huge inspiration for me.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my letter. I hope that my words show your Honor that Nancy Salzman is a wonderful woman with so much to contribute to our community in this country.


    Mariana Velásquez

  • April 1, 2019

    To whom it may concern:

    Nancy Salzman in my experience the person with the most ability to give feedback that I know.

    She is extremely intelligent, and she has given me the best advice so that I could live to my fullest potential and enjoy more the relationship with my wife, my two sons, my parents and siblings.

    Nancy is extremely disciplined and persistent. I find her tireless, she could sleep only a couple of hours and is always extremely energetic. She always was willing to help me and others, she really cared about everyone having a more joyful life.

    Nancy has helped many entrepreneurs including myself, I have always worked in my family company and she was fundamental to have a stronger, deeper connection with my siblings so that we could stay together as business partners and she helped me immensely so that my business could grow in sales 20% every year since 2011. Nancy also helped me overcome several fears of failure while running my business and basically helped me be present myself in a more confident way when presenting to several potential customers and vendors.

    I believe that Nancy could help many more entrepreneurs as she did with me and I believe people would live a more joyful life by having her as a coach.

    Thank you

    Luis Sandoval

  • I’ve worked with Nancy as a Macinhome client, helping her with her Apple technology for 30-40 hours in her home and while abroad. I’ve been a student and coach in over twenty ESP intensives taught by or coached by Nancy. I have observed her interacting with hundreds of people either one on one, in groups, or outside of the ESP classroom. She has helped me personally with several life and business challenges, including helping me repair some of my conflicts with mutual friends and coaching colleagues. I’ve worked with her in various capacities since my first ESP intensive in July 2009.

    I have only ever experienced Nancy Salzman to be kind, honest, and deeply committed to helping people grow into the best possible version of themselves. She is gentle and kind, and cares deeply about the success and goals of everyone she interacts with. I respect her and her opinion tremendously.

    She’s helped me have a more loving and honest relationship with my girlfriend of 7 years. She’s helped me grow my business and profitability by 40%. Most importantly to me, she’s taught me the skills and tools I need to have productive and harmonious relationships with all of my consultants and clients, with a solid foundation of trust and integrity. I am a more successful and joyful person as a direct result of her efforts.

    I sincerely hope she can continue teaching self-improvement and personal growth with cutting edge tools and curriculum. Speaking selfishly, it would be a massive loss if I can no longer ask her for help with my goals. I I‹now that thousands of others will feel the same way.

    Lucas Roberts, CEO P1acinhome Consulting Inc. Cell phone: 604-786-9779

    Apt 2706 – 1199 Seymour St.
    Vancouver, BC, Canada,V6B I K3

    solutini sf macinhome.com
    +1877 707 rnoc‘.

    2706 – 11?9 seyil our sti eet vancouver, be, ranada V69 1KJ

    August 18, 2021

    Dear Judge Garaufis:
    My intent on this letter is to express my experience and the gratitude i feel for Nancy Salzman.

    I met Nancy 5 years ago in Mexico City during an Intensive. Since then my experience of her has always been of a woman that really has an honest desire of helping others with a deep understating on human psico dinamics. I studied Psycology in College, I have taking a lot of courses and deferents types of coaching and therapy, and I have never seen a teacher with more wisdom, skills and success on helping others as Nancy.

    I feel very grateful to have met her. She has helped me grow in the areas I have struggle for years. Specifically with a health condition that I was suffering that was causing me to enter hospitals very often. After working with Nancy on this condition, I found that it was very realted to emocional struggles. Thanks to her skills and help four years has gone by with no symptoms at all.

    After a specific session with her in 2017 I was able to understand why I was keeping myself dependent on others, in bad romantic relationships, and scared all the time, to a point were in the past I was giving myself panic attacks.

    Today I am a healthy relationship with my husband, I am able to feel compassion and love for myself and overall be stable in my emocional life.

    Nancy has brought to my life so much love, happiness and growth. I will always be grateful and I will always love her.
    I hope you find this helpful. Kind regards,
    Jacqueline Ronay

  • Exhibit C

    Mexico City, August 12, 2021

    Dear Sirs,

    I hope this letter finds you well. It is my honor to write this letter on behalf of Ms. Nancy Salzman. I met Ms. Salzman on August of 2008, in a retreat in Lake George, NY. She immediately stood out to me for her incredible energy, joyfulness, and her uncanny ability to teach very complex and abstract concepts in a clear and simple way. I had been in Academia most of my professional life, either as a student or professor in Universities in Mexico and the United States, and I never had experienced teaching with such an amount of empathy, rapport and caring, both in small and very large groups.

    Since then, I’ve had many opportunities in the years that followed to take more courses and the privilege of working with her directly to solve issues that were hindering my experience of myself, my capacity for joy and my ability to realize my objectives in life. I had found that her techniques were great at helping me through such blockages, but the ability Nancy has built to help people is, in my experience, unmatched in the world. In brief sessions with her, I was better able to understand what it was that was bothering me (sometimes, I thought it was something, but she helped me see deeper, or more complex, or discover what was underneath what I thought was my problem), clarify it, and come up with a solution either an immediate disappearance of the problem, or a plan to build what was needed to overcome it.

    I came to understand me better, more deeply, with greater compassion and acceptance, and because of these changes in my perception, I was able to relate better with family, friends, coworkers, clients, even romantic relationships. I was able to perform better in my professional career and to make big decisions that eventually helped me strengthen my vision and build the inner strength to do what was necessary to reach my goals. All of this while having a much more joyful experience of my life.

    It is an extremely rare combination of factors, that have come together to build abilities to obtain such extraordinary results with people. I believe people should benefit from her capacity to help them grow in such a compassionate way.


    Enrique Martin-Moreno
    c.c.p. Archivo

    March 30, 2019

    David Stern
    100 Lafayette Street
    Suite 501
    New York, NY 10013

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I first met Nancy Salzman in 2001 in New York. I went there as part of an ESP training program. From the beginning, I felt a kinship with Nancy. Although I am older, she has a motherly quality that you just can’t miss. It always felt like she was someone I could rely on and trust. And, of course, she was well-versed in the ESP curriculum, which would become so important to me.

    I’m 69 now, but at the time I had just turned 50 and was working as a Senior Software Engineer for Visa, International. I had a rough childhood and problems that followed me into adulthood. I was pretty reactive and got emotional over any imagined slight. These were things that interfered sometimes with my job and my relationships. A friend had told me about ESP and once I started taking their trainings, I was sold. Nancy was often the leader in the training sessions, and she was remarkable. She had an uncanny ability to know how to work with people and to help them sort through their confusions. My relationships and job performance all improved after working with Nancy. I continued to be actively involved with ESP, and Nancy, for the next 17 years. Every training I attended was remarkable; I always left with an increased knowledge of myself and a greater sense of purpose and peace.

    I think it is important for all of us who have built a relationship with Nancy to be able to have her in our lives again. Whether or not we are ever able to do the same trainings we were doing with ESP, she is an invaluable resource for support, guidance and friendship. Right now, we cannot even enjoy her company, or have dinner (she’s a great cook!) at her house, or even chat with her on the phone. This feels like a huge loss to me, for one. She has been my friend and supporter for a long time, and now I don’t have that. Nancy is the type of person who is always there for others. I’m having a lot of health issues now, and I live alone. Being able to give her a call and chat would be such a blessing. I don’t know what Nancy would do precisely once this trial is over, but I know that whatever she did she would make a huge difference to her friends and family, and in that way, the world.

    Thank you for your time. Respectfully,

    Virginia McIntosh 253-389-1949

    Wednesday August 18th, 2021.

    Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis United States District Court Eastern District of New York 22S Cadman Plaza East Brookiyn, NY 11201

    Dear Judge Garaufis,

    My name is Carolina Mora. I come from a small Central American country called Costa Rica. I also come from a family that has significanfly improved its well being throu@ education. My dad was part of the first generation of professionals in the country that was able to study their master’s degree abroad. I grew up with the mentality of hard work, effort, discipline and study to create my own well-being. I studied two careers in the university Psychology and Business Administration. I have worked for 20 years for multinational companies in the financial system and in the food and beverage industry. I have also worked for non- profit organizations.

    I met Nanny Salzman in July 2015 in a class that she facilitated in Albany. After that occasion I shared with her in several formal and informal ESP activities. My experience of her is that of a very passionate and loving person. You could see her joy while she was teaching or leading activities. I think she was very fond about the work she did. I also experienced that she was a diligent, disciplined and committed person, during the times I shared with her, she was constantly working, following up on tasks, in meetings, getting things done. My perspective is that Nancy gave life to all the ideas that where taught and worked very hard to implement everything that was needed in the school. I do believe that she was doing everything she did to improve the lives of other people, to help them grow and see more options.

    I have come to believe that this community that Nancy nourished helped me save my marriage and build healthy and deep relationships with my two daughters and my husband. I also improved significantly my relationship with myself. I now experience myself as a joyful and calm person. That was what I was seeking when I signed up to the different courses that Nanny facilitated, and I received that and a lot more.

    I hope you can consider in this very relevant decision the experience that many of us had from Nancy as a well-intended and hard-working woman that was able to have a very positive impact in so many people and families.


    Carolina Mora Castrillo

    March 22, 2019 Dear Judge Garaufis,
    I am pleased to write this character reference for Nancy Salzinan. I believe my experiences with her can speak to her abilities as a mentor and facilitator.

    My first exposure to Nancy was in 2010 when she facilitated a weekend workshop for women where I was a participant (this was a.mess course). I distinctly remember taking note of her confidence and competence at leading a group of more than 60 women through an enjoyable and insightful workshop. In the years that followed, I began taking courses with Executive Success Programs and later became a coach with the company, which meant I sometimes received training directly from Nancy to develop and improve my coaching and facilitating skills.

    I had met Nancy while I was in graduate school, working on my MS degree and by then, I already had a few years of facilitating experience from appointments at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada) and the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). I think I was a good facilitator, but my skills improved significantly and pemianently thanks to Nancy’s training. For instance, I use my voice more effectively, I am more conscious and purposeful with my body language, and 1 listen to students more carefully. In hours of training with her, Nancy helped me through facilitation practices with patience, humor, honesty, and encouragement. I always felt respected but not coddled, pushed but not rushed. I have no doubt that I am a better facilitator because of”Nancy’s training than I could ever have achieved on my own.

    Since my work with Nancy, I have turned my facilitation skills into a career where I deliver professional development workshops on behalf of local organizations. In my most recent 8-week workshop, which ended on March 15 of this year, out of 63 questions about my facilitation skills, I received 59 ratings of “5/5,” or “excellent.” This is not uncommon for me. 1 do not believe I would be so highly rated if it were not for the example Nancy set and the quality of the training she gave me.

    In my opinion, Nancy is not only an expert at facilitating, but she is also an expert at helping others learn to effectively facilitate. I have been empowered by the training I received from her and I am very grateful to have had her as a mentor. I would want Nancy to be available to others like me, who work with students/mentees/clients, and I would recommend her to anyone who wanted to learn how to take their facilitation skills to the next level.

    Best Regards,

    Leah E. L. Mottishaw

    Attorneys at Law
    100 Lafayette Street, Suite 501 New York, NY 10013

    Franklin A. Rothman Jeremy Schneider
    Robert A. Soloway David Stern

    Rachel Perillo
    Tel: (212) 571-5500
    Fax: (212) 571-5507

    BY ECF

    Hon. Nicholas G. Garaufis United States District Court Eastern District of New York 225 Cadman Plaza East Brooklyn, New York 11201
    October 7, 2021

    Re: United States v. Nancy Salzman Ind No.: 18 Cr. 204 (NGG)

    Dear Judge Garaufis:

    I apologize for not complying with your October 4, 2021 Order (Docket # 1127) as I did not see it, and it has only been called to my attention at this moment. It is respectfully requested that my office be permitted until tomorrow at 12 noon to make the necessary changes to the currently filed redacted sentencing submission, and to also file Ms. Salzman’s letters in support with only redactions for medical matters, as authorized by your Honor.


    RAS:scRobert A. Soloway

    Robert A. Soloway

  • Hi Frank,

    I’m wondering if you’ve investigated why there are no records of Daniella entering or leaving the country on the dates claimed in the trial. I can assure you this wasn’t an oversight by a border patrol officer. It simply does not happen. Have you looked into this at all? Worth pursuing if not. Yet another thing about this trial that is very very off and points to a dirty prosecution from where I’m standing. Surely if this had happened as they claimed, there would be records and documentation to reference.

    • Why didn’t Keith’s highly paid lawyers look into it? Or Kathy’s? Or Clare’s? Or any of the very highly paid attorneys? You think they just, “missed” this “lead”?

  • “Brainwashing” doesn’t exist.

    “Brainwashing” is a blaming excuse which hides, to yourself and to others, why you made the choices you made to do what you did.


    • There is no such thing as brainwashing. You learned the truth, from the Church. You received the ultimate education. You felt so good when you became Clear.

    • “Bankruptcy” exists.

      “Bankruptcy” is a way that culties, who get kicked out of one cult and can’t manage to be accepted in another, avoid paying the debts they’ve piled up by buying Hot Pockets and bestiality porn on their mom’s cable account.

    • Nothing filed on PACER as of 2:15 PM…Absolutely no idea what’s going on here unless Nancy’s attorneys are appealing the order to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and didn’t file a notice of that action in the primary case.

      • Just checked the Second Circuit – and nothing filed there either.

        Who knows…maybe they filed the unredacted version “under seal ” so that we can start this dance all over again.

        • They probably did not miss the filling date, since the consequences can be severe. They are probably using a legal procedure to keep the filing hidden for as long as possible.

          • We now know that they, in fact, missed the filing deadline – and have asked until Noon tomorrow to submit their filing.

        • This is valuable work, Claviger.

          You’ve earned 1.5 crumbs of admiration from Alanzo.

          Keep it up and there’s a lot more where that came from, sport.


        • K.R. Claviger,

          A whole “1.5 crumbs” ?!?!?

          Alanzo doesn’t just share his food with anyone. Someone has a crush on you!

          Poor boy hasn’t interacted with a woman this much, since he lived with his mother.

          • “Since he lived with his mother,” Nice Guy?

            He still lives with his mother – in her basement!


        • K.R. Claviger,

          Apparently, Alanzo has issues with women.
          He’s something of a misogynist

          —Al’s [Alanzo] last barrage of posts here were abusive and laden with false accusations against Emma [moderator]


          Alanzo is utterly paranoid and thinks everybody is out to get him. I’m going to ‘attempt’ to ignore him. Alanzo is not well.

          • Emma and I have been friends for almost 15 years.

            This “Alanzo is a misogynist” line didn’t originate from you, did it “Nice Guy”?

            Who told you I was a misogynist?

        • October 10, 2021 at 10:55 pm
          It’s about fucking time, Nice Guy! I was seriously beginning to worry about you.

          I lost my tether. 😉

    • Shadow-

      It’s meaningless when you are looking at years in prison. You are too intelligent to believe someone who is on the hook.

      • Nice Guy:

        Even the Feds were not asking for “years in prison.”

        The standard practice is for the Feds to cut an immunity deal for secretaries and other factotums and functionaries who merely rubber-stamp the decisions of higher-ups.

        If Russell had had a decent attorney and not one working for Claire Bronfman, she would have gone into the Grand Jury Room with an immunity deal in her hands.

        • Shadow-

          I believe Russell deserved 30 to 90 days in jail.

          Consider a few things:
          1. Russell smuggled an illegal alien(Danielle) into the United States. Russell didn’t undertake this endeavor because she’s a good person.

          2. Kathy rented an apartment for a 15 year old girl, and unless Kathy is the dumbest woman on planet earth, she knew the “score”. Kathy acted as “chauffeur” driving Raniere and the sisters around together. According to Danielle, Raniere would make out with the oldest sister and digitally penetrate the sister, while Danielle was in the car.

          3. Kathy Russel, coerced Danielle into a
          three-way with Raniere, by holding the fact Kathy drove Danielle over the border.

          I feel there is nothing wrong with calling Russell and the magnanimous Frank Report out, on what I feel is a BS narrative.

          I have an open mind – so if you can offer an alternative view point, I’d sincerely consider it. Are there any flaws in my logic?

          • Nice Guy – just as a correction, Kathy did not rent the apartment for Cami when she was 15. I believe she was 20 at the time Kathy first started renting it.

  • Frank, this is an excellent article! You are truly a sublime wordsmith extraordinaire!

    …..And now for another installment of
    History of Alanzo and the commenters
    who love him thru the ages…..

    “Alanzo (banned), “Destroyer of Worlds”: Ex-Scientologist all the way, but believes that Scns have a right to their Church, and would like to see them follow and apply the Creed of the Church of Scientology as senior policy, as was presented to him when he first joined.”- unknown author

    This is the source:


    • Hey man, thanks for this!

      That’s a very concise distillation. Lots more follows from that, but it’s not wrong.

      Are you looking for a press agent gig? Because we here at the Alanzo Institute are looking to hire a cheap, aimless drunk like you.


      • — Hey man, thanks for this!

        You’re welcome, you crazy fuck!

        —That’s a very concise distillation. Lots more follows from that, but it’s not wrong.

        Originally, it was bio. It’s not wrong, it painted a picture of an ex-Scientology blowhard who couldn’t get a promotion. It mentioned the legendary Mike Grinder.

        Is it true, you, hate Mike Grinder because he filed a restraining order against you?

        —Are you looking for a press agent gig?
        Because we here at the Alanzo Institute are looking to hire a cheap

        Oh, shucks, Alanzo, you’re Vishnu, you don’t need any help.
        ….Besides, you’re dead broke. Please keep your food stamps and disability checks to yourself. How’s the Obama phone working?

        —Alanzo Institute

        I so love you’re marketing website, with links leading to nowhere. It’s indicative of your life…
        …..going nowhere.

        — aimless drunk like you.

        Aimless drunk? No shit, moron! I’m 1/2 Irish. Got any mouthwash to drink? I’m aimless and you’re jobless. Aren’t we a pair, we could be, in a Chekhov

        One Question:
        Have you changed your socks yet this month?

  • Kathy Russel-
    I have posted some rather mean things to you. I sincerely apologize!

    I hope you move on with your life and find happiness. You are indeed a tortured soul, no one should suffer like you have.

    I’m sorry for being an asshole.

    Take care!

    I wish you well!

  • Kathy Russell, you take no personal responsibility, you’re a victim of course you wouldn’t, right, how silly of me.
    I hope you do move on with your life and find some enjoyment.

    You were a quasi good mom, because – your son was better off not being raised by you. Taking off was so unselfish of you.

  • She’s not completely out yet. Only Nexian women use the word ‘agency’. Dead giveaway. Prior to NXIVM I maybe heard that word used that way less than a handful of times. All these women use it. Nicki uses it every time she opens her mouth.

    It still is beyond my understanding how keith got all these women to fuck him and remain loyal. Mind boggling.

    • Yup. Spotted a few “Nxium” nuggets. Little phrases or buzz words. I HOPE she’s really out, but have some doubts.

    • >>It still is beyond my understanding how keith got all these women to fuck him and remain loyal. Mind boggling.

      Black magic.

    • Habits die hard. Especially in regards to language. Like most cults, NXIVM had their own phrase/word usage that she was used to for decades. It doesn’t mean anything.

      The move to Georgia pretty much makes her persona non grata even when Clyne or whoever tries to start it up again as cults don’t really work with distance. Their very nature requires a contained, controlled environment surrounded by like-minded individuals to enforce the cult.

    • I have seen personally, where an ex-Scientologist, newly out, used one of the unmistakable Scientology buzz-words without even being aware of it. Ex-Scientologists report that it takes time and effort to stop using the jargon.

    • “Free Agency” is a commonly used term in the Mormon world propagating the idea that we all have the God-given free will to choose our actions but for those “Luciferian” types who like to force everyone to do the bidding of some ungodly, evil master, generally referred to as “Lucifer.” Keith first picked it up when my sister tried to convert him to Mormonism and twisted it into his brand and methods to recruit pedo peddlers and fuck virginal children.

    • She’s doing/done Philosophy and Psychology at college. The term ‘agency’ is currently used in both disciplines.

    • “Agency” used this way is standard Sociology jargon, dating back decades. At least since 1984 when Anthony Giddens published his book.

      Nxivm and genius Raniere never made up anything original.

      “Personal agency” is still current self-improvement babble, used wherever personal growth is sold.

  • Whatever, Russell well knew the truth about Keith’s “pedophiliac” (is that legalese for child rapist or “baby fucker”?) ways from way back – and she was far from the only one who did, down to everyone who ignored or, worse, helped quash the 2012 Albany TU expose featuring some of NXiVM’s “pedophiliac” victims and witnesses. It’s ugly and it’s staring in the face of each and every one of you and it’s never going away no matter how much gold you glitter it with…Remember this: When they filmed Keith at Clare’s Manhattan high rise, waving around like a Hitler possessed madman? JT had it up on his blog, before doing 5 years hard time for his whistle-blowing ways if I rightly recall. …And, btw, WHO did the on-camera interview? I’ll hazard a guess it’s Amir (?), one of the creators of “The Vow,” former NX devotee but, mostly, two-bit Indian filmmaker: …Some folks will do anything for a well-financed shot at the big time…or a Hollywood comeback. Keep asking myself how disgusted one person can get in a lifetime, between pukes.

    This one’s called “The Idiot.” My favorite.


    • For a deadbeat dad, Keith Raniere sure had a lot of highfalutin ideas about how to raise children.

      Which apparently did not include acknowledging that you had children or paying any kind of Child Support.

      But it did include harassing the mother of one of your children to an absolutely insane degree

      This is one of the biggest red flags that I cannot fathom overlooking. Keith Raniere was a trash human and an objectively horrifying father. Several other Nxivm inner circle members were as well.

      Once you know that (even after the fact), how can you respect the guy? At all? Or any of the other high-ranking members who were terrible at family and real life? How can you aspire to emulate them? Bizarre.

      Keith Raniere pretended his own son was a foundling. Dear God, Keith is so disgusting.

    • —2012 Albany TU expose featuring some of NXiVM’s “pedophiliac” victims and witnesses.

      That’s the obvious truth, I agree. Why everyone else is blind to it I have no idea.

      • Counterpoint: I absolutely think someone surrounded by an entire community reinforcing the fiction that Edgar Bronfman and Hearst’s grandson were financing Raniere’s persecution would believe the statutory rape stories were a smear campaign. It saddens me but it doesn’t completely surprise me that many didn’t believe the allegations until the discovery materials came to light.

        • Maybe.

          But logic shows that Rhiannon went to the police many years before the Bronfman family were in the mix.

          So that timeline doesn’t really track.

          • I don’t disagree but it’s not hard for NXIANS to spin the evidence, for example, to suggest perhaps her mother was trying to extort him for money and created a bogus story. He was never charged with a crime. When the TU got the story, they found other girls that didn’t even have police reports, then it became a conspiracy in their minds. It’s not hard to convince people that want to be convinced.

        • Plus Kathy secured the apartment for the then 15-year-old Camila. I believe Kathy justified it to herself. I felt she deserved 90 days. It’s neither here nor there, Kathy, walks free, case over. Hopefully, she’ll move on with her life and make the best of things.

          Thanks for sharing your perspective with me, I believe in questioning my beliefs.

        • I do receive what you are putting down. In light of the Nxium cult group think process.

          Still. Logic demands: Why would one inconsequential man in Albany be repeatedly targeted with similar accusations that go back decades?

          And why would “the world’s smartest man” keep making himself vulnerable to similar claims of misdeeds?

          Or…How did “the most ethical man in the world” accumulate so many “enemies? Especially in the realm of former lovers and those involved in business?

          Is it more likely that dozens and dozens of unrelated humans over Keith’s entire adult life are lying? Or that Keith is the one who’s being dishonest?

          What kind of man lives in a community with his son but denies publicly that he is the father? Is that the kind of man who might lie about other matters?

          A person would have to be so far gone to ignore those realities – even in retrospect.

          And that is just a tiny, tiny sampling of data.

  • There were never any doubts that Raniere got what he deserves, except by Suneel perhaps.

    The NBC interview Frank had with Raniere in prison was like a cat playing with a wounded mouse…..

    Is he doing the same with Suneel?

  • This will not wake up those who still believe in Keith Raniere.

    Why they don’t take in this information is beyond me

  • Congratulations to Kathy Russell for her understanding of what really happened to her. She is firmly on the road to recovery.

    She gets it and is healing from the abuse. Not only Keith Raniere but that of Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman who supported Keith Raniere in his quest to destroy.

    Nancy Salzman tried to fake it in her sentencing that she was “the victim” but no one but those still in the vat of her kool-aid are buying she was a victim. Salzman was the same wolf as Bronfman and Raniere.

    Had Nancy Salzman done the same kind of work Kathy Russell and her own daughter Lauren Salzman did, it would have shown in court the day she was sentenced.

    The fact she didn’t do anything to make a change in her life shows she doesn’t believe there was anything wrong with it to begin with.

    Both Kathy Russell and Lauren Salzman have rebuilt their lives with different careers. Both had been in long-term therapy and both spent a great deal of time reflecting on how they had gotten themselves into the situation themselves.

    Not Nancy Salzman, she spent time doing the same thing. She spent time doing EMs. She also blamed Raniere and took no self-responsibility.

    When asked by Judge Garaufis if she was counseling, it was easy for her to say “No” without considering it lying. In NXIVM, EMs were not counseling, no one was qualified as counselors.

    As far as anyone knows, Salzman has never gotten therapy, nor did she talk about it at her sentencing.

    What does she have to discover about herself and to recover from? Salzman must think there is nothing wrong with her, so how can she be a victim?

    None of her actions made sense and Judge Garaufis saw right through her BS.

    • I am so happy for Kathy!

      I wish she’d had the gumption to quit nxivm sooner but this is not uncommon in abuse.

      Kathy was pretty stupid to leave her son and follow keith. Her son must be a good man to forgive her for that.

      I hope she can finally enjoy her life fully and without all these crap expectations of being “better”.

      I would also strongly encourage her to get a “real job” and hope her probation officer can help her with that. It would be good to see her make a fair salary, receive benefits and find some trust in the world again.

  • Well, the denouement of this whole tawdry episode of lunatic humanity has dribbled to an end. I’m sure we’ll continue to see epilogues and random side stories, like sad fan fiction that doesn’t know when enough is enough. I hope some of what I’ve shared here on FR has helped some see past the lunacy in which they’d been embedded. Good luck to all the victims – may there be better days ahead.

      • I know it’s hard to believe – but Keith has already been imprisoned for more than 3.5 years (How time flies when you’re having fun, right?). So, assuming he doesn’t lose any of the “good time” he would otherwise accrue while he’s incarcerated, he’s actually down to just 98.5 years!

        • Is all his time “Good Time”?
          He has had his fair share of time in the SHU already in both the MDC and now Tucson

          • There’s a formal process via which a federal prisoner loses “good time” – and, as far as I know, Keith has not been through that process yet. So, I think that as of right now, Keith is still earning “good time” at the normal rate.

        • Keith Raniere’s earliest possible release date is (from and including Thursday, October 7, 2021 to and including Thursday, June 27, 2120) 36 058 days (ending date included).

          In other words: 36 058 days is equal to 98 years and 8 months and 21 days (End Date included) or 1184 months and 21 days (End Date included).

          • Keith gets a full day of credit for every day he was incarcerated from the day he was arrested (March 26, 2018) through the day he was actually sentenced. That’s the only advantage of being imprisoned while you’re on pre-trial status versus being on home confinement during the pre-trial phase.

  • Robert Gavin

    Russell told judge: “I will live with these decisions for the rest of my life.”

    “I denounce NXIVM and I denounce Keith Raniere,” she told the judge.

    Russell: “I eventually came to see that I and so many others lived a lie.”

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