Is He Brainwashed? Guest View: ‘I Don’t Buy Suneel Wants the Truth About Raniere’

MK10ART painting of Keith Raniere

Here is a guest view in response to Suneel Explains Quest to Investigate FBI Tampering and Defend Raniere – It Was ‘the Lie’

By Joey

Dear Suneel;

It’s a bit unsettling that you use your own emotions to describe your first experience in a courtroom. Only to observe, that you were disappointed that people were emotional; emotions that seemed “exaggerated” to you.

An “awful” lot of tears you say.

Lauren Salzman began to cry hysterically during cross examination and the judge halted the questioning,

Are you saying that your emotions on that day are more valid than the ones who testified? You hear an FBI agent tell lies, and you were triggered to think, “this case stinks.”

But the many emotional, testimonies didn’t trigger the same thoughts?

Suneel, I have a theory: The fact that every time you get the chance, you start explaining your connection to Keith, while, at the same time, you disconnect yourself from him or the case, is a façade.

MK10’s painting of Keith Alan Raniere and Suneel Chakravorty.  While it is true that Suneel probably does not refer to Vanguard as ‘Grandmaster’, there are those who think that he is enamored with Raniere to the extent that his entire quest for justice for the tampering has nothing to do with the FBI or to restrict their notorious power but is only to free Raniere. 

Because of the restrictions, Keith is not able to communicate directly with, lets say, the remaining dos ladies. And that’s where you come in. I think that’s why you make those claims about your connection with Keith. I think you are presented as the innocent outsider. Another one who is “willing” to look at this case from all sides. Wanting to “discuss” all possible angles this case has.

Keith has been convicted for over a year now. How many victims have you talked to about their experiences? When are you going to share your findings?

MK10 sketch of Keith Raniere and his faithful Bronfman.

A lot of what you say makes no sense. You say: the crimes of the government are more important than the crimes of one man. I agree.
But if I was in your shoes, my first priority wouldn’t be looking at the accuser. But at the accused, I’m publicly going to defend.

I have to be damn sure, he is NOT what others claim he is. Especially in this case.

At the end,  we are left with your promise of you investigating Keith Raniere and the promise you will publish the things you find. Good or evil.

But here is the catch: You will publish everything that you merit, is suitable for publication. That’s the same “game” the DOS women play. They claim they want to engage. But what follows is the disclaimer that tells you that, to get a normal answer to a normal question you have to be: honest, respectful, ask meaningful questions etc. etc.

MK10ART’s sketch of Rhiannon. Will Suneel investigate what happened to Rhiannon?

In other words: you are welcome to engage, but first you are being measured, by their standards.

You do, however, also promise, that you will display every lie the government came up with in this case. And you made it your mission to take this task upon you, not only for Keith, but for all Americans.

The man who can’t acknowledge the suffering of his former NXIVM compadres, is now on a quest to save all Americans from the lying government.

Somehow, I’m not buying it. Does that surprise you?


Abraham Lincoln to Horace Greely: “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union.”

Some, like the writer of this post believes that Suneel Chakravorty’s belief is akin to the following: “My paramount object in this struggle is to save Keith Raniere, and is not either to save or to destroy justice. If I could free Raniere without exposing FBI tampering, I would do it, and if I could save Raniere by exposing FBI tampering, I would do it; and if I could free Raniere by exposing some FBI tampering and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about justice and FBI tampering, I do because I believe it helps to save the Vanguard.

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  • Brainwashed? I doubt it. He was probably benefiting in some way and the gravy train was derailed. He is desperate to get it back.

  • Shamed into posting anonymously.

    Looks like the career in film making and marketing isn’t paying the bills.

    October 5, 2021 at 4:23 am

    Thanks for the detailed Lit. Crit. breakdown, Nice Guy, I would never have understood Anon’s devastatingly witty put-down without it.

  • Am I the only one who is creeped out by Suneel’s new dead-eyed, moon-faced faux-patriot avatar?

    That really says “NXIVM” in one photo.

  • Suneel Chakravorty is hopelessly lost to the inner circle of what is left of NXIVM

    Why not…he has money & time.

    He is financially supporting Nicki Clyne for Keith Raniere while she hopefully awaits his release from prison.

    Now Suneel and Nicki just need Danielle Roberts to move in and it’s today’s version of “Threes Company”, NXIVM version.

    If they lived near Frank, that would be perfect, he could be the cranky landlord.

    The question for today is will this Rule 33 motion ever be filed? It’s been the talk of the Frank Report for how long now?

    Maybe it’s just entertainment and Keith can’t find an attorney who will file such BS.

    Let’s face it: Suneel Chakravorty might be good at computers but that doesn’t make him good at legal cases.

    Keith Raniere has used his own people in all his legal battles over the past couple of decades using his mastermind legal strategy.

    Where has it gotten him? Nowhere! Raniere has lost every legal battle he filed on his behalf or on NXIVM’s behalf.

    Raniere had to control his defense in this case and it got him 120 years. Now Raniere is attempting to grasp at anything to gain even a small victory.

    In Raniere’s pea-brain mind, he believes he hasn’t done anything wrong. He has convinced a small group of like-minded people the same thing. They are now blowing smoke up everyone’s ass.

    So bring on this Rule 33 and stop talking about it. I’m sick of hearing about it. Shit or get off the pot.

    Same with you, Suneel Chakravorty, look into Raniere or not. Do you think we really care? Stay his bitch for life if you want.

    You will always be attracted to Raniere regardless of what you report back about him. Your professional reputation has been soiled by your attachment to Keith Raniere.

    • It’s an excellent podcast. The first season was great and had some really entertaining episodes. The episodes with Mike Rinder and Leah Remini were awesome. Somehow, I doubt Alanzo is going to be getting an invite. LMFAO though. I particularly liked when India made an appearance after Allison’s sentencing. Ice-nine recommends.

  • Great article! I agree with the writer!

    I will add that Suneel is a wealthy gentleman with too much leisure time. It’s a disease of the gentry classes.

  • You have to remember… Keith Raniere raped two young girls repeatedly.

    BUT Keith’s highly expensive group therapy also helped Suneel get along better with his family on vacation…

    So, obviously, it’s a draw.

    On the one hand, a lifetime of trauma and ruin. On the other hand, less fighting in the car for one family maybe a couple of times a year.

    I think we can all agree, that it all balances out.

    And Keith Raniere is a great man!

    • “On the one hand, a lifetime of trauma and ruin. On the other hand, less fighting in the car for one family maybe a couple of times a year.”


      You’re right… they balance out.

      Suneel is a piece of work.

      • Bankrupt people….

        Double entendre, innuendo, and metaphor combined into one of the best “slams” I’ve read in a longtime!

        Comedic Gold!

        Somewhere out there, there’s a bankrupt individual, whose butt is kind of sore and ‘his’ ego is shattered.

        • Thanks for the detailed Lit. Crit. breakdown, Nice Guy, I would never have understood Anon’s devastatingly witty put-down without it.

          • I enjoyed that immensely and LMFAO!

            I only award my “Comedic Gold” compliment to the very best.

            All old-timers know my Comedic Golf tagline. Frank’s been the recipient a record eleven times.

    • That’s the beauty of it all, Alanzo, you don’t have to “buy” anything. Do I make promises about me being the arbiter of honest investigations?
      I didn’t think so. It’s a matter of having the cognitive ability to think logically. It’s a matter of being able to make the distinction between what nxivm die-hards in theory say they are doing, and what they actually do.

      In the end, it’s not important what you think or say. I’m not sure what your deal exactly is. I do know you have a need for gaslighting.
      Just try to comment on the subject being addressed. Who cares what your opinion of me is? Why even take the time to make a comment like you did? What’s the use?

      I would love to see you break apart my opinion about Suneel and what he is up to.

      Give it try. Surprise me with your insights.

      Just don’t forget to look at it from all angles.😏

      • “Just don’t forget to look at it from all angles.” Ha! All those pesky angles making it hard to jam a square peg into a round hole. All those Raniere acolytes and apologists plying semantic sandpaper in an effort to force a fit and acquit. Occam’s Razor wouldn’t be shaving off splinters and throwing dust – find a dowel of the correct diameter and you’re done.

    • Alanzo-

      …….And I don’t believe you are the ‘adjudicator’ of truth or logic.

      And apparently someone from 2004 didn’t think so either:

      “The twisting and turning of Alanzo’s arguments do not show any consistent thought process. I haven’t the faintest idea what he actually believes in, other than shit stirring and smearing people.”
      -Unknown author, circa 2004

      Alanzo all of your arguments and statements are purely subjective in nature. You have never provided empirical evidence, ever, and thus lack objectivity to your arguments and statements.

      Alonzo, your perspective of truth regarding the criminal narrative of NXIVM are beliefs, born from conjecture, speculation, and your own poor understanding of the law.

      “We should be rigorous in judging ourselves and gracious in judging others.”- John Wesley

    • Alanzo, we’ve already explained to you several times now that you will get one of Kathy Russell’s sweaty tutus if you shame the blind, retarded, useless, cowardly Frank Report readers into SILENCE. Instead, your little one-liner only provoked more entheta from Joey and Nice Guy (who is very mean to Vanguard, btw) and set you up for ridicule about your financial situation.

      Suneel, on the other hand, is doing exactly as he’s told. He should be an example for you.

      You’ve been a very, very bad boy. Do it again and Pea Onyu is going to block you on social media.

      Get with the program.

        • Ice-Nine,

          Right on the money!!! 😉

          Alanzo is a poor man’s Vanguard, albeit, without any followers.

          So many of Alanzo’s comments read like religious sermons and when he likes something he gives it a Alanzo ‘benediction’.

          Ice-Nine, you make the call, Alzanzo is Vanguard or JabaAlalazo

      • DOSA, your boy Alanzo is the one who’s been shamed into silence.

    • Alanzo-

      RE Alanzo’s new BFF, Damon Brink:

      You’re coddling and commiserating, on Twitter with Damon Brink, who told his wife it was unethical to start a Go-Fund me to treat her cancer?

      You are a [redacted] piece of work!

      EVERYONE please read the following:

      Alanzo said:
      “Damon – I understand that the government now controls the Intellectual property.
      Is that true?”

      Damon replied:

      “I’ve also heard that. It’s hard to describe what that means but it’s not good. One very good thing is that the courses were experiential and so live in those that took them *sic seriously.”

      Yep, hard to believe “NXIVM courses” which taught a man to let his wife die of cancer, can no longer be used. It’s as crazy, as making asbestos illegal.

      Allen Stanfield and Damon Brink. Two shit-heads with no redeemable qualities, except for being possible organ donors. ❤️

      • Agreed. This friendhip is a betrayal-bond of the first order.

        Most of us have that sh*t naughty-stepped out of us by the time we are 7.

  • Good article.

    Suneel wants to present himself as someone who is fighting the injustices of the government. Ye, het only actually cares about Keith’s case.

    I stopped reading his articles because he never addresses the key issues and his texts are filled with hate towards women.

    I was surprised that he nor anyone from DOS has stood up to talk about the government injustices against Danielle or Claire.


    Because they are brainwashed and only fight for the causes that Keith tells them.

  • Suneel, Nicki, Danielle, etc., are proof that NXIVM fries some people’s brains. Their participation only made them more smug, and the supposed critical thinking skills they developed merely consists of just living a fantasy where they are critical thinkers because NXIVM incessantly repeated it to them. Were there even any tests in the NXIVM “curriculum”? It’s also like roadblocks in their minds were setup to occur whenever anything negative about NXIVM, DOS, Keith Raniere, and so on, is elicited, which then diverts their neural processes to the detour of delusion.

  • You are right, Joey. This Muppet Suneel is a lost cause. He’s internalized Keith’s hand up his arse so well he continues to spout the same deceptions even with KR in prison. What’s to stop him from doing this for the rest of his life? Nothing.

    The only real question is when we will stop paying attention to him.

    • Why should we stop paying attention to Suneel, or other nxivm loyalists?
      Because of the possibility the Frank Report provides, there is a connection to some degree with the ones who haven’t figured it out yet.
      I also think that if you have nothing useful to say to Suneel or others, then it’s better to ignore him/them.
      I mean, 20 comments telling him that he is an idiot or worse are useless. I think it’s way better to ask questions. Especially about their own logic and behaviour. If my assumption is correct, Suneel could be the “lifeline” between Keith and nxivm die-hards.
      So, with some detours, we still have insight regarding Keith’s way of thinking and doing.
      I don’t know about others but, every time I read or hear the nxivm die-hards, I have the feeling I’m watching/reading things that are scripted. To me, it’s like we are still dealing with Keith. To me, it’s intriguing to see Keith desperately trying to control the narrative.

      All in all, I say: don’t ignore. Just communicate. Keith is still playing games. So, let’s play.
      Let’s unravel the structure that’s still out there.
      If, for instance, the DOS women receive questions they can’t answer and are being called out, Suneel or that other guy is brought in to direct the attention on something else.
      Here at the Frank Report, we have front-row seats watching this tragicomedy unfold.

      I dare to say that, the FR IS the best learning school when dealing with matters of this nature.

      • For those of us who’ve been around for a while, there’s nothing new to learn. Suneel is saying nothing essentially new. Stick around and you’ll see for yourself. Just check the archives if you want to save time and get some entertainment.

        None of the bitter-enders ever answer questions.

        • I’m very aware of the fact they never answer directly. But indirectly, there is a whole bunch going on. That’s the game that is being played. So, let’s play.

        • I am glad you are explaining it to new people!

          I’m an old-timer, I’ve been here for 2+, and I totally fell for Suneel’s so-called new evidence. LOL, Suneel sucked up 3hr of my life. Kudos, Suneel!

          • The assumption that I am the “new guy” is wrong. The fact that I am not a regular contributor doesn’t mean I am not up to date when it comes to what’s happened and still happening.

            If anyone is under the impression that years of indoctrination and mind control will fade away by all of this, by all of our comments, think again. If you have any compassion for the remaining nxivm people you understand that, and if you want to experience some progress, you are in it for the long haul.

            We’re just beginning.

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