Former Girlfriend: ‘When I Broke Up With Raniere, He Got Physical With Me’

There has been a request to report on Keith Raniere’s use of the term “Virgin Successor” something that became known to the public with the reading of the Camila and Raniere texts and emails at his trial.

The author of this post sheds a little light on it, from her experiences. She is someone known to Frank Report and was once Keith Raniere’s girlfriend, and lived with him, long before he became the Vanguard.  She posts comments on FR using the initial “L”


Every time I dive back into all the memories and markers to synthesize things he said and did with what I now know of abnormal psychology – it’s like wading back into a sea of filth.

I find it hardest to understand the involvement of women who were older and more experienced before they encountered him. The younger ones – he had years to work on them and the assistance of the harem of believers/flying monkeys.

And over the decades he accreted and expanded mechanisms that worked to feed his addiction. Cognitive dissonance is hard to fathom from the outside – even one’s own cognitive dissonance.

Keith Raniere before he started Nxivm.

I was lucky; I had my own ignorance to face but no criminal behavior. I wonder if any of his harem will ever be able to shed light on their buy-in on the “virgin successor”. I cannot even imagine the mental journey of shame it would take.

He also used past traumas to set the hook on his marks. Any place there was a weakness in one’s psyche – he used it as an anchor point. In his “empathy” and “understanding”, he set the stage for victims to discount their own feelings, thoughts, and knowledge in favor of his. Perhaps that was how he made inroads on the older, more experienced women?

I keep seeing the seeds of his pathology in my experiences with him early on in his career of abuse.

The latest was Camila’s recounting of rape when she wanted to leave and how NXIVM taught that that was natural – for men to exert their claim when a woman wished to leave.

I had tried to break things off with Raniere – he got physical. Not in any really dangerous, leave bruises or break bones way, but physical and with an unwanted sexual component – enough to wake me up that I had to get out no matter what.

Our apartment lease was expiring, and I said I wanted to live in an apartment alone for a while (since I’d never really done that). I guess he was worried it meant I was ending our relationship because he asked me to promise I would have sex with him one last time for closure if I ever wanted to break up with him.

I promised/lied, and walked. And I’m sure his harem would vilify me for that lie, but I feel no remorse whatsoever.


“Virgin Successor” was simply his way of getting more virgins to deflower. It was important to him that he was the only one that ever touched a girl/woman that way, and the number of his virgin conquests was important to him.

Yes, I believe he’d pretty much bed any woman he could get – but the special high was getting a virgin and keeping her ignorant as long as possible.

He is sick, as in “I put my penis in you – that makes you mine – and if anyone else gets to do it after that, you’re ruined as my toy.”

As for the youth of his prey, it’s easiest to bamboozle young, inexperienced women who haven’t been through the cycle of sex/love/relationship, who haven’t learned how to distinguish true acts of love from just (false) words of love. That fragile state exists for only so long though before a girl/woman starts questioning the reality. Then he needs a new high -a new “virgin successor”.

Did he just want tail – yes. But he’s also sick/addicted in a specific way that makes him prey on young virgins for the high it gives him. And when I say sick, I mean it in a permanent sense – I don’t believe he can ever be cured. The only answer is the oubliette.

An oubliette or dungeon.

A lesser corollary was taking a woman away from someone else. That was a reaffirmation to him that he was superior to the other man. But nothing like the high of obtaining a virgin.

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  • Edgar Bronfman Junior, the half-brother of NXIVM’s Clare and Sara Bronfman, bought Congresswoman AOC a 35,000 dollar ticket for the recent Met Gala shindig!

    Is Edgar Junior trying to buy influence to get a pardon for Clare? Shadow State

    What did HE think of AOC’s ‘tax the rich’ statement?! Socialist firebrand went to Met on a double date with billionaire Seagram’s heir Benjamin Bronfman (despite her famously wanting to get RID of billionaires!)

    Benjamin Bronfman is the boyfriend of AOC’s dress designer Aurora James
    The pair boasted about their ‘tax the rich’ message on the white carpet and interviews since then
    Bronfman’s family founded the Seagram’s drinks company and is worth $2.5billion
    His aunt Clare is serving 81 months in prison for her role in the NXIVM sex cult
    Before James, he dated the British rapper MIA and the pair have a son together
    He filed a restraining order against her in 2013 to stop her from taking the kid to the UK
    She tweeted at the time: ‘THE BRONFMAN’S WANT TO TAKE MY CHILD AWAY FROM ME’
    AOC was also joined at the event by her boyfriend of 5 years, Riley Roberts
    She claims she made a successful political protest with her statement
    Others say it’s another example of her hypocrisy and have reported her for ethics violations

    • Shadow-

      Does this new and intriguing data have anything, actually, to do with the data regarding NXIVM; or is this more of the gratuitous data you provide, free of charge, from you friends at the bus station? More importantly will you be branding your [redacted]

      “Some say abstinence is the last taboo.”

    • Thanks for sharing this. I did not know AOC was connected to the nxivm sex cult. What a horrible hypocrite. Scary also how easilyy she was brought off.

  • Someone suggested that Nicki Clyne is gone for good.

    Not quite.
    Nicki just posted a GIF on Twitter 14 hours ago.

    Nicki Clyne


    Katherine Brodsky
    · 14h
    Why are humans so afraid of AI?

  • Frank – you’ve got image problems there. He always had a type – long hair and slender. I obviously will not be supplying any images of me from back then or from nowadays, but if you wanna fake a silhouette, at least stay true to type.

  • Information on Dr. Danielle Roberts:

    Company Number: 4157024
    Status: Active
    Incorporation Date: 24 October 2011
    Jurisdiction: New York (US)
    Registered Address: 403-1 Main Street
    Port Washington 11050-3170
    New York
    United States
    Directors / Officers:
    Danielle Roberts, dos process agent
    Danielle Roberts, registered agent

      • From that website:
        “Dr. Danielle Roberts
        Functional Medicine Doctor and Science of Human Optimization Practitioner Specializing in precision Care For High Performance Individuals.”

        I suppose she created this description of herself. Where do we start? Let’s break this word salad down.

        “Functional doctor”: as opposed to a dysfunctional doctor? That would actually be a more accurate description in her case…

        “Science of Human Optimization Practitioner”: I don’t know what “Human optimization” exactly encompasses, but it apparently is a science? That means she is a scientist being the practitioner of this “science”. For which no university in the world has a curriculum. Unbelievable meaningless inflated word salad, with the sole purpose of trying to make her important and wise…and with exactly the opposite effect (to most sane people).

        “Care for high performance individuals”: she obviously won’t waste her precious time on mere mortals. Only the most successful (and well-to-do) individuals should seek her help.

        Straight out of the NXIVM textbook. Danielle has learned nothing from this episode in her life…..

  • Nancy Salzman was no virgin when she met and had sex with Keith Rainier

    She had sex with her first husband at least twice because she has two kids with him.

    Her second husband, well Nancy has told everyone, turned out to like men more than Nancy.

    That might be a lie and a way Nancy saved face

    Nancy did have an affair with a married man in ConEdison.

    He did leave NXIVM after Nancy was told it was a NoNo to be dating him. Not that he was married but because she was committed to Vanguard even though he was no longer going to have sex with her.

    Does Keith Raniere like them young, yes he does. Times Union did an article in 2012 of 4 underage girls Keith had sex with while he was head of CBI.

    The pattern goes way back.

    It probably goes back long before that when Raniere was in his teens with girls still underage

    • Thanks for posting. My first half-facetious thought – how did these two transgressions stay out of all the “Nancy Is a Bad Person” articles? An affair with a married man and lying about guys being gay? Frank, Joe, and Clav must have been asleep at the wheel by missing these…

      I didn’t know that M was married. I thought he was perfect for Nancy. When Keith told her to break up with him, I couldn’t believe it. The reason given was such obvious bullshit and a clue that something wierd was going on behind the Keith curtain. Turns out, it was just poor Vanguard being unable to share, and needing the self esteem boost of knowing all his women were his, and his alone.

      I think you are correct and the “he’s gay” story was a straight-up lie and a way to save face. It may have even come in handy to use with one of her counseling clients… If not a lie, at best it was an incorrect conclusion based off of flimsy/manufactured evidence. To Nancy’s defense, the lie didn’t really hurt anyone. In fact, everyone who knows the truth thinks it’s one of the funniest things of all time. She picked the right dudes to peddle the lie about.

  • “As for the youth of his prey, it’s easiest to bamboozle young, inexperienced women who haven’t been through the cycle of sex/love/relationship, who haven’t learned how to distinguish true acts of love from just (false) words of love. That fragile state exists for only so long though before a girl/woman starts questioning the reality. Then he needs a new high – a new “virgin successor”.”

    mic drop*

    FR rarely disappoints.

    • Objective data: this was either Alonzo or Nicki Clyne posting anonymously.

      They never miss an opportunity to insult and degrade a rape victim.

      That’s their personal brands… doubly so for Nicki.

    • Anonymous 5:46pm

      RE Going Along with It vs Being Afraid Not To:

      —physical and with an unwanted sexual component – enough to wake me up that I had to get out no matter what.

      You said in response, “wanted sex…..yet, you went along with it??”

      Many women have been in similar circumstances as this woman found herself in. When a woman says “no” once and the man continues to move forward with a physical sexual encounter, the woman many times out of fear and feeling trapped, goes along with the sex act. Sometimes the women don’t say “no” and lay there, out of fear, until the man climaxes.

      A large proportion of the women I have dated, family members, been friends with, or worked with have been in these scenarios.

      I’m a man. I can tell you right now that the average woman is no match for the average man. Imagine what it would be like to have a grown man threatening you or beating the crap out of you when you were 13 — that’s the power dynamic at play for most women.

      I’m not “woke” and I do not subscribe to the patriarchy crap, but I am cognizant of the “reality” of the situation this particular woman faced. You clearly are not aware or don’t believe. You must have no women in your life who open up to you. Thus, you will never understand.

      • Thank you, Penn Station. It’s very unfortunate that humans are wired to fight or freeze but it’s also a fact and I appreciate your acknowledgment of that.

        I don’t think the nxivm curriculum was presenting a good solution by preaching that women can enjoy being raped and children can enjoy being sexually abused.

        It’s just not right.

  • The closest he will come to a dungeon is solitary confinement, but you can rest assured that he is not leaving prison alive. Conjugal visits are not permitted in federal prison, so his followers cannot help with his twisted needs either.

    • Incorrect! Nothing is stop’n Keith from finding a ‘two-spirit’ man.

      They say Tonto was two-spirits as well as Bangkok on Friday nights.

  • Raniere mentioned to DOS members his need not only for the “Virgin Successor” but also his “Witness.”

    It is not hard to surmise, the DOS members were deluded into believing each of them could have been the Witness, especially true this was after the death of Pamela Cafritz (who I suspect was his original “witness”).

    • Interesting. I never heard anything about a witness but the idea seems weirdly in line with the patent about “resolving an issue and blindly solving an issue”.

      The document is very strange and definitely describes some unusual role-playing.

      I will leave it to the reader to form their independent conclusions.

        • You’re welcome! It’s a very, very long read but seems normal-ish until he starts talking about blinding both the focus and no less than 3 mentors. That’s when shit gets weird.

          If you like something slightly more entertaining, (albeit more terrifying), I’d highly recommend “can a luciferian be rehabilitated?”

          It will also add some context to “blindly solving an issue”

          • Okay. Have perused these 2 patents. Hmmmm….Where to start… ?

            They are so kooky. And yet so boring. And obtuse.

            Maybe will write a parody to make my thoughts clear… But they already are a parody…so that might fail?

            How can something so insane be so tedious?!

          • How can something be so tedious?

            It’s on purpose. It’s a trick! To lull your mind.

            Because if “a focus” was blinded to the “no less than 3 mentors” and the “no less than 3 mentors” were blinded to “the focus” what exactly would be happening?

            A shit show, obviously.

            The idea is made to appear scientific but basically describes bully behavior and this guy was trying to patent it.

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