Raniere’s Anticipated ‘FBI Tampering With Photos” Motion Raises Specter of Larger Role for Camila

Canon Camera EOS 20D

As time progresses, Camila, 31, looms larger and larger in the life story of Keith Raniere.

At his criminal trial, it was alleged and proven to the jury’s satisfaction that Raniere took 22 sexually explicit photos of Camila when she was 15. He was 45.

According to the trial record, the Camila photographs were taken by a Canon digital camera in 2005, transferred to a Lexar camera card, also in 2005, transferred to a Dell computer on a date uncertain and transferred again in 2009 to a Western Digital hard drive which was stored in Raniere’s library.

Nxivm Camila
Mk10ART’s sketch of Camila.

According to the trial record, the Camila photos on the hard drive were discovered 14 years after he took them, and 11 months after the hard drive was seized by the FBI, and about two months before his criminal trial, which was scheduled for April 2019.

This “late innings” discovery by the FBI changed the trajectory of the case; it seems to have been the driving force that caused all five of Raniere’s codefendants to make motions to sever or supplement their efforts to sever their trials from Raniere.

As they noted in filings, no one wanted to stand trial alongside a defendant who was charged with racketeering predicate acts of possessing child porn and sexual exploitation of a child.

The six NXIVM defendants, Upper Row: Kathy Russell, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, LowerAllison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman


Kathy Russell

Kathy Russell’s lawyer wrote to the judge, “the risk of unfair prejudice is heightened by the new inflammatory charges against Mr. Raniere. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine allegations more prejudicial to a defendant than those charged here – sex crimes against a child and child pornography.”

Clare Bronfman and Mark Geragos

Clare Bronfman’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, wrote in a letter in support of her motion to sever, “Mr. Raniere is now charged with child exploitation and child pornography. These new charges are even more inflammatory and prejudicial to Ms. Bronfman than the DOS charges, which already warranted a severance…As we have already shown, courts sever RICO cases to avoid unfair prejudice, and it is difficult to imagine a more compelling case than one in which a co-defendant is charged with sex crimes against a child…

“The alleged fact of a sexual relationship between a man in his late forties and a fifteen-year-old is alone likely to be so offensive to potential jurors and selected jurors as to deprive Ms. Bronfman of a fair trial. But here, the evidence that the government will introduce to prove the enticement and child pornography charges is so likely to appall and offend the jury that the evidence will define how the jury perceives not only Raniere, but also the women surrounding him at trial. These explicit and close-up photos—allegedly of a minor—suggest such a disregard of social norms and possibly the laws regarding sex with minors that it will be difficult for jurors to believe this did not carry over to other aspects of Mr. Raniere’s life; thus, this evidence will unfairly and inevitably infect the jurors’ perceptions of people like Ms. Bronfman, who were close to Raniere.”

Allison Mack leaving court

Allison Mack’s lawyers wrote in their severance papers that the new Camila charges “added disturbing allegations against Raniere, including two counts of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of possession of child pornography…The Child Exploitation Acts are unrelated to any of the allegations against Ms. Mack, including the alleged RICO enterprise….the Court must sever Ms. Mack from the trial of Raniere.”

Judge Nicholas Garaufis denied the motions to sever, and, within a month, every codefendant took plea deals, leaving Raniere to stand trial alone.

Artist sketch of Keith Raniere in federal court

Though she did not appear at trial, Camila cast a long shadow over Raniere. She was the only non-adult among his alleged victims.

The defense argued that Nicole, Daniela, Sylvie, Jessica Joan, Lauren Salzman, and any other women who came forward to claim they were victims of Raniere were adults and consented at the time to what they later claimed was coercive.

Camila, at age 15, could not consent.  Her texts and emails to Raniere, when she was an adult in her mid-20s, were read for hours in court.

These were alleged to be probative of when the two began a sexual relationship. Emails and texts, as, for example, where Camila spoke of how many full moons they had been together, and, in another instance, where Raniere wrote that he had been her husband for 8.75 years,  were used to backdate from the time of the emails to the commencement of their sexual relationship – which was, according to the emails and texts, late 2005, when Camila was 15.

Keith Raniere supporters claimed prior to his sentencing that they believed that the Camila photos were tampered with by the FBI.

Supporters of Raniere have stated since last October that they believe there was tampering with the Camila photos.  A motion for a new trial [Fed. Crim. Proc. Rule 33]  is expected. It is to be based on “newly discovered evidence” of tampering with the hard drive and camera card, Frank Report has learned.

Raniere claims that the 22 nude Camila photos when she was allegedly 15 years old, were planted by the FBI.

Whether or not Raniere actually took the photos or had sexual contact with Camila when she was 15 is not relevant to the motion since obviously if the evidence was planted by law enforcement the law is plain – at least the possession and sexual exploitation charges must be vacated.

During the criminal trial, Camila never testified. She spoke at Raniere’s sentencing and said she was exploited just as the prosecution alleged. She gave the date of their first sexual encounter as September 18, 2005, when she was 15.

The photos of Camila that the prosecution presented as evidence were dated by an FBI forensic expert as being taken on November 2, 2005 and November 24, 2005 (Cami would have 15 on both of those dates).

Camila has alleged similar conduct in a civil case against Raniere and other former NXIVM leaders. She is represented by attorney Neil Glazer and is joined in the civil suit by her sister, Daniela, and about 80 other plaintiffs.

Camila will have to testify under oath at the civil trial. Before that, she will be deposed, where she will also be required to answer questions under oath.

Marc Agnifilo

During Raniere’s sentencing hearing, his attorney, Marc Agnifilo, all but admitted that Raniere and Camila started an intimate relationship when she was 15, but that, in mitigation of this, Raniere remained as a loyal partner, with Camila being one of several women with whom he had such partnerships.

From their texts and emails –  and from Camila’s statements and from other sources – it appears that Camila remained loyal to Raniere until after his conviction.  At some point, perhaps at the eve of his sentencing, Camila turned against him.

The Rule 33 motion will be based largely on reports of cyber experts who state they “found” evidence of tampering, including significant changes in the camera card after it was in FBI custody.

An argument may be made that experts make opinions slanted to suit their paying clients. One of the issues that will be examined closely is whether Raniere, funded by the wealthy Clare Bronfman, paid these experts more than the usual amount to get opinions suited for the desired outcome.


Frank Report has learned that three experts have issued reports and they concur in findings. We have not ascertained at this point how reliable their findings are but we are told that they include:

  1. The camera card was accessed after the FBI had custody by someone unknown, an unusual occurrence, and something that was known at the trial. It has greater relevance when considered alongside the other findings.
  2. The camera card changed while in FBI custody with 30 plus photos added, some had only file names and dates left after deletion.
  3. The hard drive and the camera card were not turned in to the evidence room until months after they were seized, in contravention to FBI guidelines which provide for evidence being turned in for safekeeping within 10 days.
  4. The computer where the Camila pictures were purportedly stored was never found.
  5. The dates of creation for the Camila photos and other nude photos which helped the prosecution establish the timeline of the Camila photos were manually created/manipulated/altered on the hard drive.
  6. Some of the dates as found on EXIF data and files system modified dates are impossibly contradictory and can only be explained by manual intervention.
  7. Some of the manual intervention was sloppy and cyber “fingerprints” are replete including
  8. Attempts to change dates to comport with Daylight Savings Time on devices that are not accurate.
  9. wrongly labeling thumbnails “planted” on the Camera card to comport with the hard drive
  10. manually creating files with creation dates that are physical impossibilities for any computer
  11. botching the date of the hard drive “planting” of the Camila photos to 2003, two years before the camera took the photos and one year before the camera was built, which combined with other evidence purports to show that the Camila photos were manually added to the hard drive with manually altered creation dates. The experts apparently are prepared for the rebuttal that 2003 could have been a clock that was off or a dead computer battery, but new findings of related file system dates rule it out as implausible.
  12. At least one photo was changed with an adobe program but the file was manually changed to hide this
  13. A serious discussion of FBI forensic examiner Brian Booth’s testimony that EXIF data [the digital camera’s timestamp and other data that is part of the photo’s file that goes with it whenever it is saved to any device] is hard to change and, therefore, reliable. It is not hard to change. In fact, almost anyone can learn to change EXIF data in a matter of minutes with easily obtainable software. It was a matter of concern to some that Booth presented such an obviously false statement at trial.
  14. A serious discussion on how every manual alteration involved changes that supported the FBI narrative that the photos were taken in 2005.
  15. a serious discussion on how the “last minute” findings of the Camila photos followed a rash of FBI evidence handling protocol violations,

It is extremely hard to judge whether the reports and these hardline allegations are true or fictitious. This may be one elaborate scheme on the part of Raniere and his followers to impugn the reputation of the FBI agents.

On the other hand, two things may be true: Raniere took the photos of Camila when she was 15  –  and somehow, someone handed those photos to the FBI who then, knowing the defendant to be guilty, added the “proof” to the camera card and hard drive, some months after they seized it.  They might have felt the need to plant the evidence to ensure a very bad man was convicted.

Or they might have found the photos in the hard drive as they stated, but to prove the exploitation charge, they had to add evidence to the camera card only.  If there was no evidence on the camera card, there would be no proof Raniere took the pictures but only had possession of them.

Keith Raniere in his library where the hard drive with Camila’s nude photos were allegedly found.

Our next step is to investigate the three so-called experts that Raniere chose to use to support his case.  We have their names and are now doing an investigation.  Would these men contrive to lie about tampering for the sake of Bronfman money?

How much were they paid? Is there Bronfman money behind the expert reports? Or are these the sincere evaluation of experts?

If sincere, is there room for doubt or wiggle room in their reports?

What does the government say in reply to these serious allegations?  Most readers believe that Raniere is guilty of abusing Camila.

For many, it may not matter if the FBI tampered with evidence since he is guilty anyway. But not everyone believes that law enforcement should take it into their own hands to decide who is guilty and then create evidence to prove it.

There are many questions and one is inclined to believe that the rascal Raniere is involved in some deception and this is his last-minute trickery. It may be true, but I am willing to play along for one more hand and investigate – with a healthy dose of skepticism – because it is Raniere.

The story is going to be the reports and, of course, who wrote them, the experts. We will be covering it all. Including, if the tampering allegations get legs, almost certainly the emergence of Camila, as she testifies and potentially even identifies the photos.

Of course, the question still looms, even if they were her photos from 2005, how did they get on the hard drive?

Did Raniere save them there, waiting for years for the FBI to find them, or did they get these from someone else, and curiously dated or had them dated for November 2, 2005, and November 24, 2005 and who would that someone be?

We need convincing and compelling proof that there was tampering – and not just the speculations of self-interested parties.

Raniere purports to have such proof. We are not inclined to believe him. Unless we see something firm and irrefutable, by someone other than Raniere himself, genuine experts with reliable reports, we will call it bogus and nonsensical, not worth consideration.

It might be all a red herring meant to distract from the obvious that Raniere is a pedophile. 

Stay tuned.





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  • So what is the chain of custody from Raniere’s attorneys to experts who are saying the files have been added afterwards?

    This is what critical thinkers want to know!

    Anyone not asking this is foolish thinking there is no possibility of some fishy business happening.

    Even with it going from one attorney’s office to another? What was the chain of custody?

    You know the DOJ/FBI didn’t turn over the original copy.

  • Wow! Not one, not two, but ALL three consultants hired by the defense say that the data is in favor of the defendant. What are the odds of that happening?

    The data is clear: Camila, the judge and all the federal prosecutors will end up serving life sentences in Super Max.

    Next week, Keith will share the data that he’s handing the mantle of Vanguard over to Alanzo. Then Nicky Clyne will announce the data that she is pregnant with Alanzo’s child and they are going to be joined by Suneel Chakravorty in a plural marriage.

    So much data!

    Take THAT media hate bias!

  • Question for KRC or Frank.

    Why would lawyers claim that evidence was fabricated or mishandled without conclusive proof. I doubt that either event occurred, and if it did so then of course there must be an investigation. I have seen such desperate attempts in the past, so I have to ask why?

    Are the lawyers simply accumulating billable hours? Did their client ask them to do so and they complied?

    Would this not risk their reputation, and possibly incur the wrath of the court if the claim turns out to be frivolous?

  • Did Vanguard have his own restaurant or is this photo just a practical joke?

    Picture of Jen Korbelt in front of a Vanguard Kitchen sign.


    Getting to the nitty gritty of the legal issues in this appeal even though I believe that Raniere is a pedophile these issues are , if true, very disturbing.

    Frank Report has learned that three experts have issued reports and they concur in findings. We have not ascertained at this point how reliable their findings are but we are told that they include:

    The camera card was accessed after the FBI had custody by someone unknown, an unusual occurrence, and something that was known at the trial. It has greater relevance when considered alongside the other findings.

    The camera card changed while in FBI custody with 30 plus photos added, some had only file names and dates left after deletion.

    The hard drive and the camera card were not turned in to the evidence room until months after they were seized, in contravention to FBI guidelines which provide for evidence being turned in for safekeeping within 10 days.

    The computer where the Camila pictures were purportedly stored was never found.

    The dates of creation for the Camila photos and other nude photos which helped the prosecution establish the timeline of the Camila photos were manually created/manipulated/altered on the hard drive.

    Some of the dates as found on EXIF data and files system modified dates are impossibly contradictory and can only be explained by manual intervention.

    Some of the manual intervention was sloppy and cyber “fingerprints” are replete including
    – Attempts to change dates to comport with Daylight Savings Time on devices that are not accurate;
    – Wrongly labeling thumbnails “planted” on the Camera card to comport with the hard drive; and
    – Manually creating files with creation dates that are physical impossibilities for any computer.

    At least one photo was changed with an adobe program but the file was manually changed to hide this.

    A serious discussion of FBI forensic examiner Brian Booth’s testimony that EXIF data [the digital camera’s timestamp and other data that is part of the photo’s file that goes with it whenever it is saved to any device] is hard to change and, therefore, reliable. It is not hard to change. In fact, almost anyone can learn to change EXIF data in a matter of minutes with easily obtainable software. It was a matter of concern to some that Booth presented such an obviously false statement at trial.

    A serious discussion on how every manual alteration involved changes that supported the FBI narrative that the photos were taken in 2005.

    A serious discussion on how the “last minute” findings of the Camila photos followed a rash of FBI evidence handling protocol violations,

    Even a reprehensible man like Raniere deserves a fair trial.

    If the FBI altered or manufactured evidence to nail Raniere, then it can manufacture or alter evidence to nail you or me or anyone else.

    Think about that long and hard.

    • Shadowtate-

      I don’t know the answer to your question, but the girl in the photo is what Nicki Clyne would like if she were attractive.

  • Their claims can be refuted by even a basic programmer or anyone who knows how digital files are saved. This sort of information they are claiming is not recorded on files in any way, shape or form.

    The argument style here is what is know as a gish gallop where they present so much information to try overwhelm people by appearing to have a lot of evidence.

    There is also the side of appealing to authority of paid for digital experts.

    Raniere’s beliefs and style of teaching appears to be magical positive thinking like the book “The Secret”, tied in with believing your own lies. If you look at how Clyne says in her bio she has been trying to get law reform as if she has been campaigning for it for years and not just trying to get Raniere out. All the other followers seem to just make stuff up and then believe it.

  • I feel very happy and inspired to see how things have evolved.

    Kudos to Camila and Daniela for their fight. They are a huge inspiration in my life

  • Given the critical role Camila is playing in taking down Keith, will Frank Report remove her picture from all previous articles?

  • Clare Bronfman was sentenced and arrested in the courtroom on Wednesday, September 30, 2020. It is worth noting that the
    C. BRONFMAN MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC (Company Number: 202028210109) was not incorporated until October 5, 2020. So, it looks very much like the sentencing and the formation of C. Bronfman Management Group LLC are related.

    U.S. Attorneys » Eastern District of New York » News
    Department of Justice
    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    Eastern District of New York
    Wednesday, September 30, 2020
    NXIVM Executive Board Member Clare Bronfman Sentenced to 81 Months in Prison for Identity Theft and Immigration Offenses
    Clare Bronfman, a high-ranking member of Nxivm’s Executive Board, was sentenced by United States District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis today in federal court in Brooklyn to 81 months’ imprisonment for conspiracy to conceal and harbor aliens for financial gain and fraudulent use of personal identification information. Bronfman pleaded guilty in April 2019 and pursuant to her plea agreement forfeited $6 million. The Court also imposed a fine of $500,000 and restitution to be paid to victim “Jane Doe 12” in the amount of $96,605.

    Seth D. DuCharme, Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, William F. Sweeney, Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office (FBI), and Jonathan D. Larsen, Special Agent-in-Charge, Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, New York (IRS-CI), announced the sentence.

    “Defendant Bronfman twisted our immigration system to serve a reprehensible agenda, and engaged in flagrant fraud to the detriment of her victims and in the service of a corrupt endeavor,” stated Acting United States Attorney DuCharme. “With today’s sentence, she has been held accountable for her crimes.”

    Mr. DuCharme extended his appreciation to the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, the New York State Police and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York for their assistance during the investigation and prosecution.

    “Today, Clare Bronfman is the first of many to be sentenced for the crimes she committed in furtherance of Nxivm’s objectives. While her fate in no way removes the trauma Nxivm’s victims will likely continue to suffer, it does highlight the government’s efforts to bring to justice all of those involved in a series of illegal acts carried out for the benefit of this organization. She recently wrote to the judge telling him that Nxivm and Keith Raniere had changed her life for the better. She will now have more than six years behind bars to contemplate that sentiment, and decide once and for all if it’s as easy to accept as she once believed it to be,” stated FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Sweeney.

    “IRS-CI specializes in financial investigations where following the money much of the time is a result of greed,” stated IRS-CI Special Agent-in-Charge Larsen. “Defendant Bronfman is now paying the price for her behavior that reached a depraved level beyond just financial greed.”

    Between October 2015 and January 2018, Bronfman recruited individuals into Nxivm-affiliated organizations and then sought to obtain visas or other immigration status for them based on false or fraudulent representations. Bronfman recruited one woman from Mexico (“Jane Doe 12”) to work for a fitness-related Nxivm-affiliated company. Bronfman then submitted documents purporting to hire Jane Doe 12 as a management consultant with a salary of $3,600 per month in order to secure a work visa for her, but Bronfman paid Jane Doe 12 only approximately $4,000 over the course of more than a year for her work. In response to Jane Doe 12’s pleas to be paid a living wage, Bronfman told Jane Doe 12 she would have to “earn” her visa by doing additional uncompensated work.

    After the death of one of Raniere’s partners, Bronfman participated in a scheme to assist Raniere in fraudulently using the partner’s credit card information to keep money and assets out of Raniere’s name to evade paying income tax and his creditors or their judgments against him.

    Five of Bronfman’s co-defendants were previously convicted on various charges and are awaiting sentencing. On June 19, 2019, Keith Raniere was convicted after a jury trial of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy. On March 12, 2019, Nancy Salzman, Nxivm’s president and co-founder, pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy. On March 25, 2019, Lauren Salzman, a first-line “master” in DOS, a secret society within Nxivm with levels of women “slaves” headed by “masters,” pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. On April 8, 2019, Allison Mack, another first-line “master” in DOS, pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. On April 19, 2019, Kathy Russell, a bookkeeper for Nxivm, pleaded guilty to visa fraud.

    The government’s case is being handled by the Office’s Organized Crime and Gangs Section. Assistant United States Attorneys Tanya Hajjar and Mark J. Lesko are in charge of the prosecution. Assistant United States Attorney Karin Orenstein of the Office’s Civil Division is handling forfeiture matters.

    The Defendant:

    Age: 41
    Clifton Park, New York

    E.D.N.Y. Docket No. 18-CR-204 (S-2) (NGG)

    Identity Theft
    USAO – New York, Eastern
    John Marzulli
    United States Attorney’s Office
    (718) 254-6323
    Updated September 30, 2020



    Company Number: 202028210109

    Status: Active
    Incorporation Date: 5 October 2020
    Jurisdiction: California (US)
    Registered Address:
    4802 Lewis Carrol Way
    United States

    Agent Name: Clare Bronfman
    4802 Lewis Carrol Way, Sacramento, CA, 95842
    Directors / Officers: Clare Bronfman, agent
    Clare Bronfman

  • Is this information worth publishing?


    Company Number: 8070563
    Status: Active
    Incorporation Date: 15 March 2012
    Company Type: Non-Profit Corporation
    Jurisdiction: Canada
    Business Number: 824293302RC0001

    Registered Address:
    60 Edgeware Drive
    K2J 4X3

    Governing Legislation: Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act – 2012-03-15
    Directors / Officers:
    Adul-Basit Igtet, director
    Richard Griffiths, director
    Sara Bronfman, director

    • Nice Guy wrote:

      “Well, I wager, Camila will smack down the “Photoshopped Conspiracy”.

      She’d better. Under oath.

      If she doesn’t, it’s a real problem for the Feds in this case.

      Here’s an example of a federal judge who jettisoned the non-sense federal prosecutors tried in her courtroom on the BackPage case. Shut that sh*t right down.


      What a difference a judge makes, huh?


      • Alonzo,

        Every case is different…That’s why judges are given leeway and it’s also the reason mandatory sentences are foolish.

          • Yes she did.

            I’m following this trial because the two defendants, Lacey & Larkin, were Tony Ortega’s bosses at the Village Voice. They were running these prostitution ads there and making millions off them while Ortega was the editor, being paid by the revenue BackPage generated.

            Ortega actually defended his bosses, and their specific wordings to hide the pedophilia code words, as well as BackPage’s business model at the time, in a rip-roaring editorial.

            I’d like to see justice done here, and due process rights upheld for the defendants, Lacey and Larkin.

            While I agree that every case is different, it’s clear that it takes a federal judge who’s not staging an Anticult Government Show Trial to shut down federal prosecutors who seek to poison a jury.

            In the BackPage trial, the judge did this. Great to see that.

            In the Raniere Government Show Trial, that remains to be seen.


          • You are being too hopeful, Mexican Lady. You’re dealing with a troll who’s been singing the same verse of the same song over and over for years. He’s a serial cult beta-boy who hopes and prays that Nicki will like one of his social media posts one day.

          • Alanzo has already drunk the Nicki Clyne Kool-Aid. He’s indoctrinated again and lacks the self-awareness to see it.

          • Following your logic, Alonzo, you could argue that the judge in the nxivm trial did shut down show trials. He stopped the questioning of Lauren precisely because it was turning into a show.

            Keith’s lawyer tried to make a big show from not being able to make it to the funeral of a friend. The judge did not buy into it and calmed the big show the lawyer was trying to put on.

            Victims at Keith’s sentencing wanted to speak for several hours 🤨 that would have turned into a huge show. The judge limited the time to avoid creating a soap opera (the judge could have easily sided with victims and given them infinite time to testify)

            Alonzo, be careful. Your nxivm friends are trying to convince you that only through them can you think critically. The proof is how they are now critically analyzing the trial of Keith to ensure due process. It’s a trap 🪤. They are not critically analyzing anything. It’s a trap to recruit you into their group. You don’t need them.

            Think for yourself, Alonzo. Don’t fall for a cult … again ….

      • “She’d better.”

        Or Alanzo is going to post something mean and sic Two Lawyers on her and the judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        They must be trembling in fear at such intellectual and legal prowess, just like Tony Ortega!

        Alanzo and Nicki are a formidable team. Move over Beniffer!

        I wonder what people will call them when they finally make their romance public? Maybe Nanzo? Alanicki?

      • Right, Alanzo. Because your cultie, Nicki, certainly testified under oath to all the lies she has been feeding you and her other followers.

        Why do you believe her when she wouldn’t even go under oath for Raniere, but not Camila? At least Camila had a valid reason for not testifying. Being afraid of being prosecuted is a bullshit excuse. If I knew my boyfriend was innocent of such heinous crimes, I would be the first to testify, no matter what.

        You are so indoctrinated-AGAIN!

        Boy, wake up! Are you going to spend another 16 years in a cult?

        Think for yourself!

  • “Mack was no virgin”
    Aristotle’s Sausage
    September 15, 2021 at 4:12 pm

    You can say that again, Aristotle’s Sausage.

    Anyone who thinks Allison Mack is a virgin should watch the video where Mack sits next to Raniere and starts talking about “popping her cherry.”
    Mack was more the predator than Raniere in that video clip.

    As for me, I have relocated to another state where the people and politicians are a little more sane than Illinois.

    I will give you a clue.
    I live just down the road from Doctor Brandon Porter.
    That’s right.
    Brandon Porter and I are practically neighbors.
    Perhaps we will meet up in the aisles of the Hy-Vee grocery store, the big grocery store in these here parts.

    I have told my brother, who lives nearby, about Doctor Porter and his collection of Clare Bronfman’s snuff films.
    My brother has lived here for 30 years and has many connections to the local power elite.

    Maybe, Doc Porter, you can arrange a showing for us.
    I will bring along the hot buttered popcorn.

  • Allison Mack, anticipated discharge date is listed by the BOP as March 29, 2024. That would be 929 days if you include the discharge date or in other words two years and 17 days or 30 months and 17 days.

  • Yes!!!

    Let’s please review “the virgin successor” and how “in some cultures children enjoy sex with adults and are only abused by the society that tells them its wrong”.

    Excellent idea to review these conversations and these super ethical teachings!

  • Is it beyond a doubt that the copy NXIVM believers got from Raniere’s attorneys or the DOJ was tampered with before turning it over to their experts?

    You know they didn’t get the original. What was their chain of custody? How can we trust them?

    It has been well known within the community that NXIVM has hacked into people’s computers in the past. So, why not change the files themselves before turning them over to their paid experts?

    Frank has his own ax to grind with the FBI with his own case coming in early 2022 to trial. I’m not saying he is in the know of any dirty work, but there is a vested interest in making the FBI look dirty.

    What better way to throw salt in their eyes than to try to get the EDNY FBI in hot water in the Raniere case?

    Hadn’t both Salzman’s already taken their plea deals before the pictures deal came out?

    Hadn’t Cami been taken into the arms of Raniere’s loyalists in Mexico to protect her & manipulate her from showing up to his trial?

    If this situation stinks, it stinks of Raniere, not the FBI planting evidence. They had enough to get him behind bars for longer than Raniere was going to live without the pictures of Cami.

    A good attorney would have advised any of these women to take a plea deal rather than face decades in prison, which all of them were facing had they stood trial either with or without standing next to Raniere.

    Sorry, Frank, this reader has to call bullshit on this story

    • Anon 1:42

      If Kristen Kreuk, of Girls by Design, groomed me — I’d be okay with it — as long as Sultan and NutJob weren’t included. Sultan is way too aggravating and NutJob probably has NXIVM HPV.

  • Frank.

    I understand why you report on this issue.

    In that spirit…

    It would be very beneficial to do a post that really examines “The Virgin Successor”.

    So many things Nxivm and DOS are best understood with the addition of this concept.

    Whether it is the pre-teen and teen girls brought from Mexico to Albany for “mentoring” by Keith Raniere – or Girls by Design – or what was promised to young Camilla and then taken away as punishment – or Rosa Laura promising her teen daughter to Keith Raniere – or all the weird texts and emails about finding the virgin(s) and why Keith needed these virgins or Rhiannon or the a Capella outreach – or all the Nxivm and jness teachings about raping babies and infant blow jobs and children liking molestation or lowering the age of consent to 12 years old for girls, etc.

    There is so much existing court evidence, testimony, electronic communications, Daniela’s diary, and so forth.

    Please put it all in one place.

    I don’t think one can fully understand or acknowledge Keith Raniere’s evil and the cult’s delusions without fully knowing about “The Virgin Successor”.

    Especially for a group (Nxivm) that professed to be science-based, I want a real investigation into how the ladies of DOS and the Nxivm dead-enders can justify Keith Raniere’s unquenchable thirst for finding – and having delivered to him – very young virgin girls.

    Let’s be crystal clear. There is no proof of Keith looking for age-appropriate and of-age or non-virgin women.

    Keith was specifically looking for extremely young girls. And this was very, very important to him. There is so much evidence showing what a preoccupation it was for Keith Raniere to find – or, in Rosa Laura’s case, to be gifted – young virgin girls.

    Keith had his slave women out looking for young girls. Recruiting them. Keith did not do this for young boys. These young virginal girls were for Keith’s insatiable pedophile appetite. And “The Successor” was just another (ridiculous) con.


    • “Virgin successor”

      Yes, I too think this hasn’t got the attention it deserves. Particularly I would like Clyne’s perspective on this “issue”.

      I mean, how can you defend it?

      It was a pretty clear directive from Keith to the inner circle. What was their view of this assignment? Lauren was dismissive of this during questioning at her testimony when confronted. I believe she said she discussed it with Laura Junco but then explained she didn’t know what that meant: “a virgin vessel”. I think she was lying and knew exactly what that meant.

    • Dunno about this “virgin successor” thing.

      Mack was no virgin. Nor most of his harem. Younger than him, sure, but legal age. And hardly virgins.

      Raniere was a guy who wanted tail. He was after attractive young women. And he wanted them for his exclusive use. How ordinary.

      The only remarkable thing about this story is that his devoted followers thought Raniere was an ethical mastermind. Now, THAT’S hilarious!

      In fact, Raniere is thoroughly unremarkable. Just another grifter with a big ego, horny after women, jealous, petty, and immoral.

      He wanted what he wanted and screw everybody else. If he wanted to bed an underage girl, he went ahead and did it. He thought he could get away with it, and he did for a while. It wasn’t some kind of philosophy or some diabolical plan, he just wanted tail and didn’t care about anyone else’s feelings or societal norms. He should have thought about getting caught, but he was too stupid.

      He did precious little thinking. That was all pretense.

      He was pretty much all about following his base appetites. Which is the exact opposite of philosophy.

      Raniere was no criminal genius. He was just another dumbass. Contemptible, immoral, a loser.

    • I second the request for the virgin successor investigation. I seem to recall Allison Mack ended up getting involved in the search as well. It’s creepy, immoral, and illegal.

        • This latter of the above is such a contemptible statement. Prior to modernity, when religious and cultural norms were adhered to and fornication was considered a major sin, the vast majority of marriages were of couples who were virgins. Thus, any child of such a consummation could be considered “virgin succession”. Also, Mary conceived Jesus without any form of intercourse (God has no gender and only needs to will his Word) so what you said doesn’t even make sense.

    • “Virgin Successor” was simply his way of getting more virgins to deflower. It was important to him that he was the only one that ever touched a girl/woman that way, and the number of his virgin conquests was important to him. Yes, I believe he’d pretty much bed any woman he could get – but the special high was getting a virgin and keeping her ignorant as long as possible. He is sick, as in “I put my penis in you – that makes you mine – and if anyone else gets to do it after that, you’re ruined as my toy.” As for the youth of his prey, it’s easiest to bamboozle young, inexperienced women who haven’t been through the cycle of sex/love/relationship, who haven’t learned how to distinguish true acts of love from just (false) words of love. That fragile state exists for only so long though before a girl/woman starts questioning the reality. Then he needs a new high -a new “virgin successor”. Did he just want tail – yes. But he’s also sick/addicted in a specific way that makes him prey on young virgins for the high it gives him. And when say sick, I mean it in a permanent sense – I don’t believe he can ever be cured. The only answer is the oubliette.

      A lesser corollary was taking a woman away from someone else. That was a reaffirmation to him that he was superior to the other man. But nothing like the high of obtaining a virgin.

      • L.

        Thank you for “oubliette”.

        I’ve always enjoyed your unique insight. I agree with everything you wrote. The VS was always another con and means to an end. But I do think it is of note that the cult (especially the inner circle females) bought into the concept.

        Remember the emails to Camila about searching for women on a dating app?

        And recruiting the “young sex slaves to heal” and recharge Keith’s energies? It was all in there with “the fuck toy slaves” garbage.

        It’s total nonsense. But it is nonsense that Nicki and the harem bought into. Cult nonsense.

        Ugh. I am so skeeved recounting it. There was much texting to Cami about Raniere needing to find a very young girl for grooming and sex “before it was too late”. Such urgency! It was a faux virgin successor emergency! Rosa Laura promising Keith her teenage daughter. Etc.

        It is my belief that Raniere’s pathological sexual insecurity played a major role in “operation virgin drop” as well. Keith didn’t even want his sexual partners touching THEMSELVES.

        Keith’s rationale was probably that if he was a female’s only sexual partner, he would by default be the “best” the female ever had.

        If a female is really sexually frustrated – it’s more likely she will experience that ” blue light” special sperm Keith could (rarely – due to erectile dysfunction) shoot.

        • Skeeved indeed! Every time I dive back into all the memories and markers to synthesize things he said and did with what I now know of abnormal psychology – it’s like wading back into a sea of filth.

          I find it hardest to understand the involvement of women who were older and more experienced before they encountered him. The younger ones – he had years to work on them and the assistance of the harem of believers/flying monkeys. And over the decades he accreted and expanded mechanisms that worked to feed his addiction. Cognitive dissonance is hard to fathom from the outside – even one’s own cognitive dissonance. I was lucky; I had my own ignorance to face but no criminal behavior. I wonder if any of his harem will ever be able to shed light on their buy-in on the “virgin successor”. I cannot even imagine the mental journey of shame it would take.

          He also used past traumas to set the hook on his marks. Any place there was a weakness in one’s psyche – he used it as an anchor point. In his “empathy” and “understanding”, he set the stage for victims to discount their own feelings, thoughts, knowledge in favor of his. Perhaps that was how he made inroads on the older, more experienced women?

          I keep seeing the seeds of his pathology in my experiences with him early on in his career of abuse. The latest was Camila’s recounting of rape when she wanted to leave and how NXIVM taught that that was natural – for men to exert their claim when a woman wished to leave. I had tried to break things off with Raniere – he got physical. Not in any really dangerous, leave bruises or break bones way, but physical and with an unwanted sexual component – enough to wake me up that I had to get out no matter what. Our apartment lease was expiring, and I said I wanted to live in an apartment alone for a while (since I’d never really done that). I guess he was worried it meant I was ending our relationship because he asked me to promise I would have sex with him one last time for closure if I ever wanted to break up with him. I promised/lied, and walked. And I’m sure his harem would vilify me for that lie, but I feel no remorse whatsoever.

          • L.
            Thank you so much for your response! It’s a really good one. I am going to process it a bit. It is so rich with things to ponder!

            And I am so pleased you got away from him when you did. And sorry for what you did endure.

  • Unpopular possibility. Raniere knows tampering occurred because he absolutely did take those photos, and he knows exactly where the photos were stored, and it wasn’t on any of those devices.

    $10 says he lied and told Nicki they weren’t taken in 2005.

  • Imagine being the lawyer who’s so desperate they present this cockamamie tale in court.

    “The cops must’ve planted the evidence” is the weakest imaginable defense. It’s the “The dog ate my homework” excuse of dumbass, guilty as hell criminals.

    “That’s not my gun.” “They planted the drugs”. “I never downloaded any porn”. Not very original, Einstein.

    It’s not a defense, it’s a pile of manure. Aged and fragrant. If it were purely a matter of the physical evidence, it wouldn’t work. But in this case, the girl is able and willing to testify. Keith Raniere took pornographic pictures of her when she was underage.

    That’s the fact. Rock-solid and iron hard.

    So a couple of the defense’s paid consultants can obfuscate with technical details about EXIF files and whatnot. In the end, it’s just their opinion that the FBI may have tampered with files.

    May have. There is no proof, not a shred. If somebody comes up with evidence of an FBI plot against Raniere, actual evidence that specific people planted evidence, I’d dearly love to hear it. As it stands, this isn’t a legitimate legal argument, it’s the stuff of fantasy. Poorly written and unoriginal fantasy. There are gaping holes in the plot of this fantasy tale. Namely, where did the FBI get naked explicit photos of Camila to plant? And what of Camila saying Raniere did it?

    They’ve got the victim’s testimony and the physical evidence to explain away. Blathering on about the technical details of computer files is a great way to waste time and rack up billable hours but it means nothing.

  • Fox News

    Former ‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack reports to prison early to begin 3-year prison sentence
    Actress was handed a three-year sentence for her involvement in NXIVM

    By Melissa Roberto | Fox News

    Allison Mack has begun her prison sentence for her crimes stemming from her involvement in NXIVM.

    The former “Smallville” actress is currently housed at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, Calif., a Bureau of Prisons spokesperson confirmed to Fox News.


    • After being banned by so many boards for his infantile behavior, it seems like Alanzo has finally learned to tone it down and suck up to the board moderator.

      Not any wiser, just as pretentious, but he’s found a home on the internet.

      Congrats, Alanzo!

      • “Anonymous”

        I attempted to write this article a few months ago, trying to piece together the court testimony and create this overview. But the forensic evaluations had not been finished and I found that the whole thing was over my head. I knew that it needed to be written, I just wasn’t the guy to write it.

        Frank is.

        I understood the complexity of the material here, and the work and understanding that it took to present it clearly.

        So I commended Frank on a job very well done.

        You know you really should suck up some courage and put your real name on your comments. You’re probably the author of 90% of these gnat-biting little pin pricks, following me around whenever I comment.

        Why don’t you say who you are?

        Would you be embarrassed if people knew you were really this petty & infantile?


        • Gosh, Alanzo, you seem really upset. This behavior is really unbecoming of you. Perhaps your emotional encumbrances are feeling the gravity of too many Karpman Drama Triangles? Perhaps you should try going for a walk, looking at things near and far, and getting some space until you feel better. Peace be with you.

        • Allen/Alanzo, these are the most accurate words you’ve ever posted in your career: “I found that the whole thing was over my head.”

          You are growing in wisdom day by day. Keep at it and one day you’ll reach the level of Tom Cruise and David Miscavige.

          It is a blessing to watch you walk your spiritual path.

  • Weather: Dublin, California; 06:30 am
    Wednesday, September 15th
    Current weather: 14° C
    Indoor Humidity: 59% (Ideal Humidity)

  • Alison Mack’s new home as of Monday, Sept. 15, 2021:

    A low security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.

    5701 8TH ST – CAMP PARKS
    DUBLIN, CA 94568
    Email: DUB-ExecAssistant@bop.gov
    Phone: 925-833-7500
    Fax: 925-833-7599
    Inmate Gender: Female Offenders
    727 Total Inmates
    611 Inmates at the FCI
    116 Inmates at the Camp
    Judicial District: Northern California
    County: ALAMEDA
    BOP Region: Western Region

  • MailOnline

    Allison Mack heads to prison three weeks early to begin her three-year sentence for recruit sex slaves for NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere.

    Mack reported to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California Monday.

    She was originally supposed to begin serving time on September 29.

    The prison is somewhat infamous for being the temporary residence of actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

    Mack was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of racketeering and one count of racketeering conspiracy.


    PUBLISHED: 12:31 BST, 15 September 2021 | UPDATED: 13:36 BST, 15 September 2021



    Register Number: 90838-053

    Age: 39

    Race: White

    Sex: Female

    Located at: Dublin FCI

    Release Date: UNKNOWN

  • TMZ

    Ex-‘Smallville’ Star Allison Mack Begins Prison Sentence Early in Sex Cult Case

    For Recruiting Women In Sex Cult Case

    EXCLUSIVE 9/15/2021 1:00 AM PT

    Former “Smallville” star Allison Mack couldn’t wait to start serving her prison term … or so it seems, ’cause she showed up more than 2 weeks early to begin serving her sentence.

    Allison reported to the facility Monday, according to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, CA. She was supposed to begin serving her sentence on September 29.

    [ … ]


  • Or, the FBI didn’t need to tamper with the evidence at all because it proved beyond reasonable doubt that Raniere was guilty of the charges he was convicted of.

    The dumbest “smartest man” in the world’s narcissistic predisposition to document everything — in this particular case — to keep a “binder” full of vagina pics as a trophy case, led to his own downfall.

  • Correction: the hard drive image used in this post as well as the previous post is incorrect. The copy in this story notes that the Cami images were stored on a Western Digital hard drive – not the Seagate branded hard drive image incorrectly used in these two posts.

    I know that investigative journalism rooted in integrity is a critical foundation for the Frank Report staff. I urge the team to either swap in the correct product image (which can likely be found on the Western Digital product page) or remove the Seagate brand logo from the image.

    It may seem like a small thing but – small things are a slippery slope when it comes to public trust in journalism in this day and age.

    Thanks for considering.

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