Guest View: Robert Kennedy Jr. Is a Hero of the Human Race, the Greatest of the Kennedy Clan

Robert Kennedy Jr.

By Fred

Robert F Kennedy Jr. is a hero of the human race and by far the most significant and greatest of all the Kennedy clan.

For the last few months, I’ve had Robert Dallek’s biography of John F Kennedy, “An Unfinished Life”, by my bedside, i read a few pages every morning. I’ve read the whole book through at least three times. Right now, I’m going through the whole Cuban missile crisis, again.


What is clear is the absolutely appalling crap, useless, stupid, arrogant, self-serving and blind advice that JFK got from the military and the CIA — like, the Bay of Pigs invasion is going to be a cinch, it will set off a revolution over the whole island of Cuba in a day. Yeah, like the Afghans you trained and spent 2 trillion dollars funding, would actually stand up to the Taliban for a whole day.

Garbage, garbage, garbage, that’s all you get from these idiots in the military and the CIA and the State Department. Complete dolts and idiots. No one ever seems to learn a thing.

Go and look at RFK Jr’s history, how he was anti-mercury, not anti-fish, and then discovered that there was mercury in the vaccines, and finally realized that all these people who came up to him after a talk on mercury, to tell him of the terrible afflictions that hit their kids within hours of being vaccinated, were trying to tell him something significant … so he began to listen.

John F. Kennedy

Now: Robert F Kennedy Jr is behind a recent colossal, mind-boggling court victory over the Federal Communications Commission, ruling that the FCC’s refusal to consider any changes to their 1996 regulations on radiation safety guidelines ignored the vast amount of evidence of harm from wireless technology:

You open up any laptop, tablet, PC, any cell phone, any router, any wifi-enabled camera, any device you can name, the radar in your automobile, and you’ll find a circuit board or chip inside it stamped “FCC”. This means that it can be sold and complies with FCC “safety” regulations. The only licensing Elon Musk needed for launching his thousands of 5G satellites, was FCC permission.

This is for every device sold in just about the whole world, remember. I went to the Acer dealer and got the wireless card ripped out of my laptop, and when I saw the FCC logo on the circuit board, I knew they had the right one.

Now, just imagine what will happen, when it’s suddenly ruled: that FCC stamp means nothing, these devices are dangerous, they should be withdrawn and properly tested for safety.

You literally can NOT imagine such a world. It cannot happen. They will kill billions of you, before that will happen. Everything, literally everything in the modern world, hinges on the FCC being untouchable. Hitting Dr. Anthony Fauci is small fry, baby stuff, compared to taking on the FCC.

You can go and read the Harvard study that found that the FCC was the most captured agency in the entire swamp. This is the real monster.

So stop for one second, and consider just what an absolute hero to the human race is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This guy has a rocky personal history, sure, which he’s very honest about. It’s a family tradition. But I’ll repeat: for me, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is head and shoulders the greatest by far of the entire formidable Kennedy clan. One day — and I really thank Frank Report for drawing attention to his work — Americans will come to realise what a true champion they have, especially for their children. A very, very, very brave man indeed.

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  • —Now, just imagine what will happen, when it’s suddenly ruled that FCC stamp means nothing, these devices are dangerous, and they should be withdrawn and properly tested for safety.

    If you have to imagine “it” — doesn’t it mean “it” isn’t real?

  • Robert Kennedy Jr. is a conspiracy theorist nut job and antivaxxer

    Junior started out as an environmental lawyer and went off the deep end. He’s so fanatical he joined forces with the Nation of Islam spinning a fantasy about the pharmaceutical companies waging genocide against black children.

    What a nut. He sees conspiracies everywhere. And people who believe that “They are out to get us” are prime candidates for joining cults like Raniere’s. (Note the hero worship for Junior)

    Anyone who thinks Bluetooth or cell phones give you cancer needs to read up on the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

  • What a joke. RFK is, IMHO, a danger to humanity and his father is spinning in his grave. His antivaxxer stances have probably harmed far more people than Keith Ranieri ever did.

  • Thank you! RFK Jr. is a hero. His work for vaccine safety and protecting children is phenomenal Also, his work to bring out the truth about Covid and the mRNA vaccine is invaluable!

  • I don’t think it’s healthy or wise to have this much adulation for another human being.

    No matter who it may be.

    I would spend time delving into the content of the piece but it’s hard to get past the deifying of a man, whom I can assure you, is a mere human.

    As was JFK Jr.

    Both lovely people in many respects. But ultimately, just 2 flawed people born into the limelight. With some interesting views and history, but certainly not God’s walking upon this earth.

    • “I don’t think it’s healthy or wise to have this much adulation for another human being.”

      What about the adulation for Dr. Fauci who is proclaimed to be Dr. Science?

      Fauci and his billionaire buddy Bill Gates literally want to jab billions of people across the world with an experimental substance.
      This project is sheer madness especially when we are talking about a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

      • Dam, you’re alive!?!?!?

        I’m glad you’re okay! I thought you were the guy that died in your home state of [redacted].

        *Don’t worry, Shadow. I’d never reveal where you live, even if you were dead.

      • Wiki has case rates today of 219,000,000 vs 4,500,000 deaths so that is not the percentage of survival rate you describe. Note that the Spanish flu in 1918 had four waves and was in a time where we didn’t have advanced medicine and claimed between 17-100m lives.

        On the same wiki list of worst pandemics, covid sits at number 8 in 2021, a time when we have all the technology, yet instead of dying out in Spanish flu fashion, in those same two years of “total lockdown” it seems to keep evolving into new strains. Nothing to worry about here, Shadow…

      • “What about” is a lame way to try and change the subject.

        Robert Kennedy Jr. is a moron who inherited too much of his family’s Prohibition-era bootlegging wealth.

        He would do the human race a favor by just shutting up.

        Anyone who believes in the 5G conspiracy and uses the internet for any reason whatsoever can’t maintain a consistent thought in their head for more than 1 nanosecond.

    • — I don’t think it’s healthy or wise to have this much adulation for another human being.

      I believe you are correct. I want to return to my pious lifestyle. Therefore, I will stop [redacted] to Kristen Kreuk. Hopefully, all of my memorabilia will command a hefty price on eBay.


    “Everybody Wang Chung tonight”…since we’re all gonna die from 5G radiation poisoning soon. Lol. JK…kinda. Also, I was wondering if former AG Billy Barr is still repping AT&T and has he acquired any more stock shares since he’s renounced Trump and left office?

    But, like I said, no more rabbit holes for me. (I like it better above ground.)

  • Fred! I was thinking about you yesterday when I read TMZ was acquired by FOX to reportedly pay down AT&T’s 5G investment debt and/or invest further in 5G technology. (Reports vary slightly.) What’s your take on this news? BTW, I also read that Warner’s/AT&T is majority owned by a Chinese mega billionaire, name of Wang, these days…hmm, veeerly interesting. But I’m trying to stay out of rabbit holes, myself.

      • “ Only if Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi join them!”
        Shadowstate 1958 is back: he would like to see these people dead. Like Steve Bannon said he wanted Fauci’s head on a pike at the Whitehouse………

        In this spirit of communication, I would like to elaborate that this monstrosity of opinions will evaporate at some point, because extreme rightwing lunatics, to which Shadow undoubtedly belongs, will eventually be phased out by the Wuhan flu…..

  • Frank isn’t owned. Nobody bought him. And, he ain’t afraid. Even pre-NXIVM, this was his history and influenced his pattern of what he published.

    When Frank went to war with Raniere, the rest of the media was (understandably) too scared to touch the topic. Why won’t the major media outlets cover topics like what Fred and Kennedy bring up? Rather than covering the subject matter, the media vilifies the voice. Many people in our society have learned to act this way from the media – vilify the person and ignore what they say.

    Kudos to Frank for not being chicken-shit and for not selling out. And kudos for not shouting down everyone who has a different opinion than him, or those who present an angle that goes against the grain.

  • Thanks for posting and good to hear from Fred. If people like Kennedy, Fred, and Mercola are so wrong, what’s the big deal? Rather than get so angry at them, show us how they’re wrong, refute their trove of information, and let’s skip through the daisies with our modern technology.

    IMO, the answer is somewhere in the middle. When people take a hardline side and refuse to acknowledge anything the other side presents, THEY are the ones mostly to blame. If we could civily discuss, study, and be honest with everything, public trust would follow.

      • Saying something is Gish Gallop doesn’t make it so.

        If anything, it’s the mainstream media, that is superficially distributed among six corporations or so (but likely all controlled by interconnected board members with the same or similar vested interests), that often overwhelms people with the same repetitive content that reeks of a propagandized agenda due to its massive financial and technological power structure.

        • Gish gallop means that you throw so much shit at the enemy and hope some of it sticks. It takes orders of magnitude more effort to refute it than to create new shit btw. So why should anyone make the effort?
          All the stuff Kennedy said about the connections between 5G and Corona are proven wrong.

    • Because, NutJob, they are serial spreaders of conspiracy theories and mis-information. It doesn’t matter if you prove them wrong, they keep spewing stupid shit anyway. Eventually, enough people believe it and we get where we are now, with some really dumb motherfuckers thinking that Bill Gates has injected you with a microchip so he can follow you around all day. And people taking a drug created for farm animals to try and cure COVID-19. And so on…

      Also, that Children’s Health Defense is begging people for money. It’s owned by RFK Jr. So that link is to an article about him, written by him, telling people how awesome he is. Sound familiar to anyone we know currently serving a 120-year sentence? And guys like 5G Fred fall in love with this crap.

      Furthermore, there’s barely anything online about this so-called ‘historic’ win. A google search for “Children’s Health Defense FCC” returns nothing of significance as far as reporting. If it were important, it would have been covered. It’s crap. His own website comes up first in results, which basically means nobody outside of his own followers gives a shit about it.

      • Ice-Nine

        Is everyone who disagrees with your world views a “conspiracy nut”? Do you not have room in your head for different perspectives or countering view points. The, Gadfly, Socrates believed we should question everything. You should try questioning your own beliefs. You are such a typical cult hater.

        You like most of your ilk cast-aside alternative viewpoints because, those view points, make you question your own reality. The ground quakes beneath your feet. Your philosophical foundation is lacking. The moon is waxing and Saturn and Jupiter are out of alignment. Poor pedestrian.

      • Your first paragraph makes good points.

        Your third paragraph makes my point.

        It’s not as clear-cut as google tells you.

      • The “historic win” merely sent the matter back to the FCC for reconsideration. Hardly much of a win.

        Since radio waves don’t cause cancer, don’t cause COVID, and are essentially harmless, 5G is coming. Howls of the tinfoil hat brigade notwithstanding.

  • I’ll probably get slammed for this comment but what the hell! This story sounds more like a conspiracy theory than anything else and has absolutely no relevance to anything else I’ve read here.

    Maybe Frank should start another blog that is for conspiracy theories and other random subjects. I believe this blog should at least try to discuss things relevant to NXIVM and the damage it has caused.

    Sorry, just my opinion.

    Let the slamming begin!

  • WTF? This article (or ad?) seems out of place here. Not sure what the author is trying to promote or even what worthwhile viewpoint he is trying to share. Lots of words to say “I like this dude”. Congrats? To others who have no clue as to who Robert Kennedy, Jr. is, he is just a rich white dude that benefitted from the wealth of his family and the familiarity of their name. He uses his time to promote anti-vaccine and various conspiracies. And that’s about it.

    His wiki bio is very oddly written. Just compare it to most politicians and famous people bios to see. You can tell either he – or a fan of his – wrote it up and it’s definitely a padded resume. Would love to know why Frank has a fascination with a man who has no real political career and does not exist on the national stage (Remember this guy wrote an ad for his book on this site previously that Frank posted).

    • 5G, the secret cause of COVID…. Robert should explain how COVID was able to get strong foothold in sub-Saharan Africa when there is no 5G. And how the hell did South Korea get off so lightly with nearly 100% 5G coverage?

    • Ice-Nine,

      I won’t be teasing 5G Fred. The last time I ridiculed him my microwave stopped working. No joke. Fred might be more powerful than Vanguard or the homeless guy at the Forest Hills subway stop in Queens.

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