Are the Feds Really Through With Raniere?

MK10ART's Justice and Keith Raniere

Erasend had this comment to make about my post To Avoid ‘Bloody Beaumont’, Raniere Might Be Wise to Order Return of DOS Slaves’ Collateral

By Erasend

Wow, you give the judge and Feds way too much credit for giving a shit about Keith Raniere.

The case is basically done except for minor cleanup. Would they like to end with a nice bow tie of collateral confiscated (the odds of the women getting it back are basically nil), then sure.

Do they actually give a flying f#@$?

Naw, it’s just a detail to mop up but since it doesn’t really impact this case or any future cases they, have to deal with. It gets filed under “Oh well.”

It began with Keith Alan Raniere’s apprehension in Mexico on March 26, 2018. Some called it the day the blow jobs died because a group blow job had been planned as a recommitment ceremony with five women to reinstitute DOS.

They’ve got cases scheduled already from now to the end of the year and all the work involved in them. The time to use the prison system as leverage has long passed.

Using Jeffrey Epstein and Whitey Bulger are bad examples. Raniere’s crimes compared to theirs is like saying someone that stole $100 is the same as the guy that robbed a dozen banks.

No one in the prison system knows or cares who Keith is. He might be “famous” to us but in the grand scheme of current crime, to call him D-List would be an exaggeration.

At most, he might be a minor hero in prison since he banged some hot woman and I am sure they like hearing stories of that and details on the collateral. I am also sure some of his victims hope he dies in jail but except for maybe a few of the Mexican politicians, few likely have the means or wiliness to try to get him killed.

In short, he is literally too much of a small fry to be worth the effort you think others are willing to give him.

The sister-wives were just about to start it up – and Keith was going to try to get it up – when he got nabbed in Mexico and removed from the country.


Frank Parlato Response

Frank Parlato

Earasend, I think you are wrong for once.

I believe the feds are interested in the supplemental brief he is filing as part of his appeal – and the Rule 33 motion promised by his attorneys that will allege evidence tampering by FBI agents.

I am not suggesting Raniere is innocent…or that the FBI agents tampered with or created evidence, but these are issues being raised and any accusation may be of some concern. Even false accusations are often believed by somebody.

Then. in his appeal. he has raised issues that may combat the new precedents set in sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering that seem to have been set in the Raniere case.  For those who seek to expand the number of situations in which those three crimes can be charged, the Raniere case may become a landmark case.

Now consider what happened last month.

Marc Fernich

I wonder if any attorney ever insulted Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis the way Raniere’s attorney did at last month’s restitution hearing.

It was shocking to my two correspondents – who covered this court.

Raniere’s attorney, Marc Fernich, was miffed because he was denied the opportunity to go to a friend’s funeral. He asked for an hour delay in the proceedings and was denied. He reacted to the judge’s denial, arguing it was an easy enough thing for the judge to grant – a mere hour.

The judge mocked him by offering a box of tissues. The two men got into a shouting match and been more incredibly, a 30-minute stare down. I mean this literally. The court was silent for 30 minutes, everyone sitting silently, watching as the attorney and judge sat at their respective places glaring at each other.

U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

The Bureau of Prisons is part of the Department of Justice.  The DOJ prosecutors depend on favorable rulings from judges. Most federal judges are former prosecutors who spent the greater part of their career with the DOJ. It is naïve to believe they do not try to please each other and sympathize with each other.

Consider, this so-called, no account, unknown, uncared about rascal Raniere is mounting legal challenges, and accusing the judge of bias, of not conducting a fair trial. He is also accusing the DOJ, particularly the FBI, of criminal conduct in tampering and creating evidence, and of planting child porn on devices they seized.

It does not matter whether you believe it or not, he is accusing them.

The feds know this since they monitor his calls and read his correspondence. They never miss a call, as previous prosecution motions prove.

They monitor his visits and visitors – and investigate them – refusing to let some people visit him based on their online research.

They know about his appeal and his Rule 33 motion since his lawyers have filed an appeal and have announced a Rule 33 motion is coming. The feds also seem to open his mail from lawyers, and he reportedly gets his lawyer’s correspondence delivered weeks later after court deadlines have passed.

In the run-up to his appeal, he is placed in solitary, just three days after the insulting hearing with Judge Garaufis, and he is assigned to solitary – not for the usual 30-days but. instead, for 60-days – which just happens to coincides with the deadline for filing his supplemental brief on his appeal.

At the most critical juncture of his appeal, Raniere, in solitary, can speak with attorneys only once every three weeks and I understand he must do so in handcuffs so he cannot take notes or bring notes with him.

Because the system is not infallible, there is an appeals process. Even Raniere deserves to avail himself of it.

And even if the feds do not care about Raniere and they are not afraid of him or his motions, it is easy to punish him and please the good judge, who will certainly hear about it.

If solitary prevents him from participating in an appeal that insults the judge and a Rule 33 motion that accuses the DOJ of cheating, putting him in solitary is a win, win.

They do not even have to care about Raniere, if they care a little about the judge, who ought to one day return the favor, for one good turn deserves another – even in our highly vaunted criminal justice system, hard as that may be to believe.



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  • Mkart10’s artist rendering of the Grand Wizard looks like his nickname could be “TD” as it appears as if he’s got a touch of Downs Syndrome.

  • “If solitary prevents him from participating in an appeal that insults the judge and a Rule 33 motion that accuses the DOJ of cheating, putting him in solitary is a win, win.’

    “They do not even have to care about Raniere, if they care a little about the judge, who ought to one day return the favor, for one good turn deserves another – even in our highly vaunted criminal justice system, hard as that may be to believe.”

    Not hard at all to believe, Frank. You’ve made a series of very important points here about our “highly vaulted” criminal justice system.

    We should expect that when we put human beings in positions of power, just like Raniere, some will abuse that power. There must be consequences for all such corrupted individuals.

    Raniere’s appeal of certain aspects of this case is valid, and very necessary.

    Why isn’t all this considered obstruction of justice?


    • “She’s a prolific liar and a dead-end cult member. Everything you’ve heard about Nicki Clyne is worse than your most terrible assumptions”.

    • Nicki Whine will only do podcasts with hosts that haven’t done their research. Interesting too how her bullshit fluctuates accordingly.

      • Yes. The truth is very fluid with squeaky Clyne.

        She prattles on and on. Really saying very little of substance or worth. And btw, Nicki, pronouncing every letter in each word makes you sound “off” not smart.

        Yes, Nicki everyone believes in personal accountability. Except for your cult leader and his die-hard followers. You all believe in blaming everyone else and playing the victim.

        Nicki, your grandiose idea that the government and so-called powerful billionaires are behind the downfall of the cult and Keith’s legal problems is laughable.

        It’s just another way you all try to make yourselves feel special. You’re not. Get a life. Then you can stop going on low-rate podcasts peddling nonsense.

        You can actually BE special. And you will find that will negate the need to constantly promote yourself as some kind of hero for justice.

        DO something. Nicki is still caught in the Nxivm belief that merely talking about yourself endlessly amounts to changing the world. Absurd.

  • Here are the greatest dangers to Americans

    Video: Tucker Carlson Warns “Elitist Authoritarians” Are Intent On Making Us All “Shut Up And Obey”

    State Dept. Issued Warning That Americans Left In Afghanistan Will Be ‘Without Assistance’, Then Retracted It

    Protection against Covid infection after two vaccines falls within SIX months
    by Daily Mail

    With Headlines like these does anyone think the retards in the government care about a shithead like Raniere?

  • The argument that Raniere is being punished via Judge Garaufis‘s animosity and influence with BoP seems unconvincing to me.

    The judge’s dislike and contempt for Raniere was obvious during sentencing. Raniere is guilty of branding women. Blackmailing them. Plus the kiddie porn, Raniere is the most loathesome fellow.

    There was much confident speculation that this would earn Raniere a spot in a Supermax penitentiary. It was even “known” which one that would be.

    These confident predictions were wrong. He ended up in Tucson. Which is why I’m skeptical of the current predictions.

    Of course there’s nothing wrong with speculation. I just think it’s wise to keep in mind that nobody really knows what’s going on behind the scenes with Raniere, the BoP and Judge Garaufis.

    If anything at all is going on.

    Unfortunately, it’s always more interesting to believe Dark Forces are at work, rather than simple quotidian explanations of events.

    • Garaufis is an arrogant tyrant, a protector of damsels in distress, an outdated example of dysfunction in the legal system.

      • Why are you so fixated on the judge? Raniere was convicted by a jury (his choice).

    • Absolutely — dots are being connected for no good reason. The attempted fair-gaming of the Judge probably has nothing to do with Keith being thrown in Solitary.

  • Happy birthday to Raniere tomorrow [August the 26th] on his 61st birthday! I assume there will be no guests Raniere can receive at all, since he will remain isolated on his birthday as well. Do they actually have special birthday menus at the prison, for those who have birthdays?

  • Great article, Frank. I really like what you mentioned that the proceeding was insulting to the judge. It is naive to think the prison system would not try to please the judge. The judge does not deserve that type of treatment from Raniere’s attorneys. They are showing him who is in power now.


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    • It’s interesting that Dr. Roberts is registered through August 31, 2021. Be sure to re-check next month – and see if her registration has been extended.

        • Tomorrow is Raniere’s sixty-first birthday, yes? Maybe Dr. Danielle, the brander of women, knows how to bake a cake with a cauterizing pen nested into the batter? She can do cartwheels all around the cake with a few of her longstanding DOS sorority pals and keep pretending to be beneficent, significant and a cheerleader for her Vanguard, or maybe that’s “her Vantard” and try to forget reality more extensively for awhile longer.

      • The NY Dep’t of Health Board of Professional Medical Conduct has been investigating the Nxivm/ DOS member, the still-stalwart devotee of Keith Raniere, Dr. Danielle Roberts. Roberts branded women belonging to the Nxivm offshoot group’s DOS slaves with a cauterizing pen, including Lauren Salzman, Sarah Edmondson and India Oxenberg.

        Dr Roberts also added to her notoriety by joining in the dancing outside of the Brooklyn jail where Keith Raniere was held without bail, the Metropolitan Detention Center, until he was convicted and then moved to the United States Penitentiary, Tucson, Arizona.

        Dr Roberts has been accused by the NY board of betraying her license by “practicing medicine with gross incompetence and gross negligence.”

        Roberts is also accused of morally unfit conduct, practicing fraudulently, performing services not authorized by the patient and failing to maintain records. She’s also accused of failing to report the outbreak of an infectious disease at the 2016 birthday event held at a resort for Keith Raniere’s birthday event, where many people fell ill.

        Roberts told Dateline about ex-DOS members, who thought that they were in female-only sorority which was in fact headed by Raniere, that the branded women wanted to be marked, although many who were burned and scarred have disputed the claim and have broken ties with Raniere’s sex slave “sorority.”

        “I feel badly that that’s how they’ve chosen to perceive it. I feel badly about that – understand when they were in that room with me, they wanted it, they said they wanted it. They were laughing.”

        Roberts also told Dateline, “I think pain and harm are two different things.”

        The osteopath, Danielle Roberts, also told Dateline that she wants to be a safety net for her patients, as well as a guide and an “educator.”

        Roberts has positioned herself very badly, and her culty double-talk probably isn’t going to help her. Especially now with the Coronavirus affecting the world, and with all of its ramifications influencing how people think about contagiousness, Roberts negligence about reporting a flu-like virus in 2016 can be even more emphasized than previously.

        Being an osteopath, by the way, Roberts never had to take the Hippocratic Oath, as osteopaths only have to take their “special” Osteopathic oath to practice osteopathy.

        Hopefully the cartwheeling, freakish supporter of sexual slavery, blackmail and branding women is divested of every medical qualification as soon as possible. In fact, what is taking so long?

        The osteopath Danielle Roberts, is a very disturbing medical practitioner, and maybe Roberts ought to have been arrested and put on trial, if she decided not to plead guilty to certain fairly discernable and chargeable crimes.

        Who would want Roberts anywhere near themselves or their loved ones in any medical capacity at all, with her current attitudes as a culty fool – and with her continued loyalties and involvements as a avid follower of Nxixm/DOS and of the convict, Keith Raniere?

        • Well said, Shivani. It is pretty scary that Keith had a doctor on his team. She had the skills to brand over a dozen women easily. It is very scary what she could be capable of doing, and the courses and practices she could push forward with her medical license.

          • So many phonies from Nxivm and also DOS seem to be still out to act as if they have some kind of nebulous and co$tly HELP to sell to what have to be gullible customers, in my estimation.

            Nancy Salzman, Michelle Salzman Myers, the brander & osteopath, Danielle Roberts, the musclebound Kim Constable, all look to be selling psyche-outs.

            Nicki Clyne doing her damndest to get airtime and to claim that Raniere was misunderstood and then railroaded into prison. How about these crackerheads just sit down and shut up, for a change?

            Then there are the freakshow, “showbiz” profiteers like Vicente and yes, India Oxenberg, the Victims’ Club, reformed and wanting to be “helpful to others” now. No thanks. Run along. Elsewhere.

            So, no wonder the story about Jesus throwing money changers from the temple persists more than 2,000 years later. We can call it righteous anger.

            And still, the fake and nauseating beat goes on. What, besides technology, has changed? I really do wonder. What a world! So upside-down, minds without heartfulness, self-reckoning? ALL dreaming that this crap is “helpful to others”? I doubt that is the true motivation.

            Anyhow, thanks, dear Mexican Lady, for your kind words. We can keep on paying attention to so much hypocrisy, and yes, to talk about it in a public forum.

      • What makes you think there is some review of her licenses in order for renewal? Most medical licenses just require a fee, maybe perhaps some continuing education credits.

        • Since the investigation concerning her license is apparently still “open”, they may be able to hold up its renewal until the investigation has been completed.

          • That’s doubtful.
            Paying the fee and certifying your Cont Ed. is normally all that is required to renew.
            Investigation is a wholly separate category separate from the administrative aspects of paying the renewal fee. Nothing should happen till the investigation is complete and in NYS that takes “forever”.

  • Lawyers file appeals for prisoners who are temporarily in solitary. It happens. Routinely. You don’t know why Keith was in solitary. This article is built on layers of speculation.

  • Stick a fork in him!
    Raniere is finished.

    “The moving hand once having writ moves on.”

    You say that Nicki Clyne is too much in love with Raniere.
    I say you are too much in hate with Raniere.

    Raniere and his followers are inconsequential figures in contemporary American life.
    At most, they are symbols of what is wrong with American society and culture.

    Raniere and his followers are amusing diversions from America’s numerous problems.
    They are ass clowns to entertain us while America slowly slides into oblivion.

    • Shadow-

      I agree with you. Stick a fork in him!

      FYI: ICU Hospital beds in Georgia are 94% full. So much for your theory Corona is like the FLU. 😉

      How’s Chicago treating you?

  • Disagree.

    The appeal is based on the record, and only the record. Extraneous evidence is not allowed. Technically, with a transcript, all the holdings of various motions, all the exhibits, a lawyer can do an appeal without constantly interacting with a client.

    The issues are rote, often bland, and based on case research and the record.

    In short, the appealable issues are there, in the record. Only the record. The defendant can’t add anything to it. Nor can most defendants understand the appealable issues.

    Nor do I agree that Vanguard is in solitary because his lawyer stared a judge down.A Federal judge has many more options to him such as sanctions.

    My opinion is, he is in solitary because 1) he was communicating with harem members wrongfully, and 2) he, or someone, is withholding collateral. We still do not know what he was communicating to whom, and to what extent. Maybe it was threats to expose collateral? Do we know?

    Withholding that collateral, wherever it is, will not be taken lightly by the court, nor should it be. People’s lives right now are hanging in limbo, and withholding blackmail information is not the wisest decision.

    But to accuse this judge of petty retribution because of a stare down is wrong.

      • Raniere and unClaire Bronfman have poor taste in selection. Bad Nazis! Bad to the bone!

        The confused mess and convicted felon, Bronfman, chose the horndog and liar for her catastrophic personal guru, when horses could have been her best, if not her only best bet and buy. And now she is stuck doing time, a lost rich lady who got her GED at middle age, while wearing an ankle monitor, and evidently Raniere didn’t want her to be in DOS at all.

        Raniere, meanwhile, after a lifetime of trying to reign supreme, like a pudgy gnome from hell, cannot choose a single effective attorney and still thinks that he is above the law, sneaking around like some castrated rooster in prison, and he still appears to have zero appeal comprehension about himself. Poor thang.

        And Nicki Clyne waxes unpoetically about how Raniere ” was kidnapped from Mexico.” Oh sure he was. And this is the fourth or fifth remake of Days of Our Lives, starring Nicki Clyne as herself or maybe himself by now.

  • It does look like the judge was very offended by this case, and may exert pressure in an attempt to prevent the collateral from being made public.

    The trouble with destroying digital media is that the media is easily copied. Raniere was foolish enough to keep unencrypted files in an email account, so hopefully, he was also lax and made no backups. Even so, you can never be sure, and Raniere’s word is not worth anything.

  • All federal prisoners have their calls recorded, their internet activity recorded, their email checked, and their visitors screened. This is standard work drudgery that many poor over-educated souls are paid with tax dollars to do as part of moving up within their organization. Nothing special there.

    As for the case, the appeal, and Keith’s accusations, I get why from your perspective it sounds like a whole lot of moving pieces and stuff yet to be done. But it’s not, it’s pretty standard, normal day-to-day shit. It’s just part of the job. Every single judge knows they will be appealed as does every prosecutor. They expect it and are probably more surprised when an appeal isn’t filed. Especially when it’s someone that has access to deep pockets.

    I am betting at least 50% of the people in his jail all have appeals in process at some stage or another. Nor would I be surprised if half of that is accusing the police, FBI or some other agency of faking or planting the evidence. There is nothing extraordinary or different that Keith is doing. He is running a playbook that quite literally gets run thousands of times per day all over the country and millions of times per day if starting going down to the state, county, city, town justice systems. He is a fart in the wind at this point because their business with him is essentially done except for his appeals. Which again, pretty much every convicted person with some means engages in. The only reason they will pay him any attention again is when it’s almost time for his appeal and they need to prepare for it or file yet more paperwork to counter whatever paperwork his lawyers come up with.

    Also understand that at this stage of the process, Keith’s involvement is really unnecessary. Being in solitary disrupts none of it unless there is a hearing involved that requires his personal appearance. And they will get him out of solitary for that anyway.

    It’s kind of like having a crappy boss who constantly checks in to make sure you are on task. You know the kind. Those that have no clue what your job is, how to do it, what’s involved, how complicated it is, etc. But they are convinced that their presence and input helps motivate and cause you to do that job right. In their mind, your results only exist because they were there to push you when in reality they were a distraction that slowed everything down and made it needlessly complicated with their pointless input.

    That is what Keith is in the appeals process. That useless boss that really adds nothing to events. The paperwork, how it gets handled, how it moves forward, all of it is in the province of lawyers. Eventually, a third party gets involved – the judge or panel of judges. Who will mostly look at the paperwork that has been generated. Or to be more specific, their paralegals will read everything and then summarize it for the judges. Maybe just maybe they will then take it to a court…where the lawyers will do the speaking while Keith looks on thinking his presence is impacting events but isn’t.

    That is what remains to be done. Pushing around paperwork hoping to get in front of people who get convinced by the lawyer that their side is right. Keith is a spectator on this process and nothing else. Being one of the thousands engaging in the process, he is, from the perspective of the court and the system, just one of the masses, reduced to a case number and little else only to be seen and heard when its time at some point many months down the road from now.

    Got to remember, we are dealing with issues of scale at this point. To the victims of Keith and readers here, he is “important”. But to a court system that handles thousands upon thousands of cases less than and greater than the crimes he committed, he simply isn’t. He is a statistic at best.

    That scale is WHY the system is so dysfunctional by the way. When you only handle 10 things, you can give each one the time and care it needs. If you scale that to just 100, you’re just trying to keep your head above water. Scale it to 1000 and you reach “Fuck it” mode and just do the best you can and don’t care if do it right or not. The justice system, as a whole, is in permanent “Fuck it” mode.

  • Who wasn’t allowed to visit Raniere?

    The same harem member who found a workaround and communicated to Keith thru another prisoner? (Is that part of how their little group helps prisoners? By getting them into trouble? Well done!)

    There are all kinds of visitor restrictions for prisoners. Raniere is not special.

    They monitor all prison calls.

    Everyone’s mail is subject to opening.

    All prisoners exhaust all of their appeals and options. It’s expected. No one takes it personally.

    If Raniere was stupid and reckless enough to break the rules and get into trouble when he could be working on his upcoming court case, then he’s an idiot. And got what he deserved.

    Solitary is not preventing Keith from doing anything. Keith’s behavior is to blame.

    This is all such a reach and so biased.

  • Not sure what “favorable rulings” from the judge you’re talking about that the prosecution supposedly relies on now.

    Raniere was convicted by a jury of his peers on all counts. In a speedy time of approximately three hours. The judge had little to nothing to do with that.

    But I’m sure there are probably members of the justice system who are required to submit to the highest of ethical standards in upholding the law even before working their first day on the job would be a “bit” miffed at the egregious claims that a cult leader conman who has been known to constantly lie would attempt to sully their integrity by claiming they tampered with evidence.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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